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									                      GSA Federal Supply Service


     August 1, 2006
    GSA Property Management
    Mission Statement
   To provide the services,
    expertise, and systems that
    will ensure the timely, effective,
    and efficient disposition of the
    Federal government’s excess
    and surplus personal property
    assets, yielding the greatest
    return on investment to the
Glossary of Terms
   A rudimentary understanding of key
    property terms and phrases will help you
    develop a clearer perspective of the
    disposal process
    • Excess
    • Surplus
    • Report
    • Screening
    • Search and select
Step 1 – Agency: Internal
   Agency property responsibilities
    • Property custodians
    • Property officers
    • NUO’s
   Follow internal procedures first
   Once internal procedures are complete,
    an agency can report property to GSA
Step 2 – Report Property
   Notification to GSA of available excess
   Report to GSAXcess®
    • On-line
    • Batch
    • SF 120
   Reference: 41 CFR 102-36.210 through
    41 CFR 102-36.240
Must All Excess Property Be Reported
to GSA?
   Yes, except
    •   Direct Transfer Property;
    •   Abandonment/Destruction Property;
    •   Nonappropriated Fund Property;
    •   Foreign Excess Property;
    •   Scrap (except aircraft);
    •   Perishables;
    •   Trading Stamps and Bonus Goods;
    •   Hazardous Waste;
    •   Controlled Substances;
    •   Nuclear Regulatory Commission – controlled material;
    •   Property Dangerous to Public Health and Safety; and
    •   Classified or Property Sensitive for Reasons of National Security

                         FMR 102-36.220
Who is Accountable?

       (FMR 102-36.245)
What are the Condition Codes
for Disposal?
 Disposal Condition                 Definition
                      New. Property which is in new condition or
         1            unused condition and can be used
                      immediately without modifications or repairs.
                      Usable. Property which shows some wear,
         4            but can be used without significant repair.

                      Repairable. Property which is unusable in its
         7            current condition but can be economically
                      Salvage. Property which has value in excess
         X            of its basic material content, but repair or
                      rehab is impractical and/or uneconomical.
                      Scrap. Property which has no value except
         S            for its basic material content.
     Can I Get Excess
Government Equipment?
Step 3 – Excess: Screening &
Federal Transfers
   Property in GSAXcess® is available for
    screening by and transfer to
    •   Federal agencies
         • Their contractors, cooperatives and grantees
    •   Senate and House of Representatives
    •   DC Government
    •   Mixed-ownership Government corporations
   Agency property personnel must have access
    to GSAXcess®
    •   Via NUO or APO
   Reference: 41 CFR 102-36.60
Step 3 – Excess: Screening &
Federal Transfers

   Search available property
    •   On-line
    •   Physical screening
   “Screening” period normally 21 calendar days
   Submit request via GSAXcess®
   Reference: 41 CFR 102-36.90 through
    41 CFR 102-36.140
        Golden Rules of Acquiring
           Excess Property…
   There must be an
    authorized need
    for the property

   You must not acquire
    excess personal property
    with the intent to sell or
    trade for other assets
Who Pays for the Transportation
     for Excess Property?
   Acquiring agency is
    required to pay shipping
    and transportation costs.

   When applicable, acquiring
    agency may have to pay
    packing, loading, and
    dismantling costs.
Step 4 – Federal Surplus
Property Donation Program
   At the completion of screening for
    Federal use, property not transferred is
    declared surplus
   Donation program extends useful life of
    property in which we, as taxpayers, have
    already expended funds to acquire
   Property is donated from GSA through
    State Agencies for Surplus Property
Step 4 – Federal Surplus
Property Donation Program
   Participants in the Surplus Donation
    Program include
    • State and local public agencies
    • Nonprofit educational and public health
    •   Nonprofit and public programs for the elderly
    •   Educational activities of special interest to the
        Department of Defense
    •   Public airports
   Reference: 41 CFR 102-37
 What if the Property is not
Transferred or Donated????
Step 5 - Sales
   Property not donated becomes eligible for
   GSA offers many sales methods including
    •   Internet auctions via GSA Auctions®
    •   Live auctions
    •   Sealed bid sales
   GSA sales provide national exposure, state-of-
    the-art elements, competitive bidding, and
    maximum returns
   Agencies can conduct sales on their own
   Reference: 41 CFR 102-38
 And, What if You Can Not Transfer,
 Donate Nor Sell the Property?

You may Abandon/Destroy
  property that has no
  commercial value or the
  estimated cost of care and
  handling would exceed the
  proceeds from its sale.

FMR 102-36.305 thru 330
           But Remember…
   You must not A&D
    property in a manner
    that is dangerous to
    public health or safety.

   If an entity wants to buy the property, you
    must implement sales procedures.
Property Disposal Summary
   There are four main phases of the Federal
    disposal process
     • Internal
     • Excess
     • Surplus
     • Sales
   There is specific terminology
     • Excess
     • Surplus
     • Report
     • Screen
   There are systems supporting the program
     • GSAXcess®
     • GSA Auctions®
                     EXCESS                                     SURPLUS
                        SCREENING                           DONATION          SALES
 AGENCY                     And                            NOTIFICATION
SCREENING            FEDERAL TRANSFER                        5 DAYS     DONATION
                          21 DAYS                                       REMOVAL
      Internal              Federal Agencies
Agencies/Bureaus      Cost Reimbursable Contractors
Of your Department              Grantees
                               Public Airports
                     State Agencies for Surplus Property
                       Nonprofit Educational & Public
                              Health Activities
                        Service Educational Activities
If you have Questions, or for
    Further Assistance…
           Dave Robbins
           (703) 605-5610

      Any Area Property Officer

  Additional information available at

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