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					Success Story ITML > CRM

 AL-KO Kober introduces ITML > CRM:
 Consistent and integrated CRM solution for three different company divisions

 AL-KO KOBER AG sets standards for the development and quality of new                    Creating integrated sales processes
 products. Lately, the innovative industrial enterprise has also been setting
 new standards in customer relationship management thanks to ITML > CRM.                 For the mapping of commercial processes, the AL-KO Group has been relying
 The CRM solution from ITML GmbH provides the ideal platform for this. It                on the integrated business software from SAP for years. Not so long ago, in 2007,
 provides the means for harmonizing the diverse sales processes in the three             they successfully implemented a release change to SAP ERP 6.0. In addition, the
 company divisions to a large degree, thus ensuring consistent IT support                reporting solution SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence provides management
 and efficiency.                                                                         with important data and analysis reports on turnovers, costs and revenues of the
                                                                                         different divisions, amongst other things.
 AL-KO KOBER AG is an industrial enterprise operating worldwide, comprising
 the three divisions of Vehicle Technology, Air Technology and Garden & Hobby.
                                                                                         "What we did not have until recently was an integrated and central CRM solution
                                                                                         for all three divisions," explains Alfred Grimm, Head of Corporate IT-ORG at
 Innovative high-quality products                                                        AL-KO KOBER AG. "That meant that we had neither a common IT platform nor
                                                                                         consistent sales processes in our dealings with customers." The sales staff in the
 In addition to innovative products of outstanding quality, the sustained market
                                                                                         Garden & Hobby and Vehicle Technology divisions were planning and managing
 success of the AL-KO Group has also been due to its comprehensive service
                                                                                         their sales call routes and customer-facing activities individually using MS Outlook
 offering. To make sure that caravans offer space for more than just "the essentials",
                                                                                         and Excel tables. Important data and documents needed to be collected and
 the Vehicle Technology division develops, manufactures and distributes special
                                                                                         coordinated laboriously, which was rather error-prone. Activities could also only
 low frame chassis using the latest lightweight construction technology. The smooth
                                                                                         be analyzed manually, which meant that business opportunities weren't necessarily
 ride, on other hand, is ensured by finely adjusted axle and air suspension systems.
                                                                                         recognized in good time. Only the Air Technology division had established partially
 As a supplier to the automotive industry, the division also manufactures trailer
                                                                                         automated workflows based on Lotus Notes in its sales operation.
 hitches as well as rear-mounted bicycle carriers. Jockey wheels with pinstop
 technology for trailers without brakes complement the range.
                                                                                         "The situation was unsatisfactory," remembers Alfred Grimm. The AL-KO Group
                                                                                         decided to bring together the sales processes of all three company divisions in
 The Garden & Hobby division manufactures lawnmowers of all types, as well as
                                                                                         a single CRM software and harmonize them as far as possible. The aim was to
 hedge trimmers, shredders, motor saws and garden vacuums and sells them to
                                                                                         set up a CRM platform, on which all sales and customer data relevant to customer
 the specialist and wholesale trade. At the Air Technology division, for its part,
                                                                                         relationship management would be managed centrally and where they were
 specialists are involved in developing air conditioning systems that offer greater
                                                                                         directly accessible. One important prerequisite for this was that the future CRM
 energy and economic efficiency. These are used in locations such as exhibition
                                                                                         software would have to be suitable for integration with the ERP backend.
 halls, shopping malls, factories and hospitals.

                                                                                         Introduction with competent partner ...

                                                                                         On the basis of this requirement profile, the AL-KO Group examined the solutions
                                                                                         of various suppliers. In the end, they chose the web-based add-on solution ITML
                                                                                         > CRM from ITML GmbH. "The experts from ITML showed very convincingly
                                                                                         that we could map all three company divisions in the solution," IT Manager Alfred
                                                                                         Grimm explains the choice. In addition,
ITML GmbH impressed through great industry competence and proven reference                         TOP-FACTs ITML > CRM
installations.                                                                                     SOA-based CRM solution for Marketing, Sales & Service:

                                                                                                   >   100% based on SAP R/3 and SAP ERP
The CRM solution can also be fully integrated with the SAP ERP as well as with
                                                                                                   >   No middleware or interfaces required
SAP NetWeaver BI, since it is based on the SAP NetWeaver Application Server.
                                                                                                   >   Fast introduction (also suitable for SME)
"The solution only uses data from the ERP software," explains Raymond Kober,
                                                                                                   >   User-friendly user interface
a director of AL-KO Kober AG. "This does away with the need for the commonly
necessary separate data storage and for the purchase of additional hardware as
well as time-consuming setting up and maintenance of interfaces."
                                                                                        Supported by the activity management of the CRM solution, sales staff as
                                                                                        well as sales managers can find out the sales call history for a customer or
… on time and in budget                                                                 for instance the number of lawnmowers it has purchased in a specific period
                                                                                        simply and conveniently with just a few clicks of the mouse. Furthermore,
"Collaborating with the ITML consultants as partners, we were able to introduce
                                                                                        each member of the sales staff can access the master data for "their" customers
the CRM solution in the Vehicle Technology and Garden & Hobby divisions
                                                                                        and edit them directly.
within less than six months, and we did it on time and in budget," stresses Raymond
                                                                                        Inquiries are converted into orders more quickly
Implementation in the Air Technology division was a separate project. The reason
                                                                                        In addition, the Vehicle Technology division can create customer inquiries as
for this was that the complex and already partly automated customer-relevant
                                                                                        Opportunities in the CRM solution. With this functionality, all the order-
processes from the company's own development also had to be mapped in the
                                                                                        relevant documents, such as the inquiries, CAD drawings from the design
CRM solution from ITML. Construction projects, for exhibition halls or airports
                                                                                        department, or sales call reports by field sales staff, are filed and managed
for instance, can involve public tenders. In that situation it sometimes happens that
                                                                                        in the document management solution of SAP ERP.
several bidders send AL-KO Air Technology inquiries for air-conditioning systems
for the buildings. When a quotation turns into a concrete order by a construction
                                                                                        These documents can then be displayed in the CRM software and a decision
project being awarded to a particular bidder, all other quotations need to be
                                                                                        can be taken which of them customers are to be sent with the quotation. This
cancelled automatically.
                                                                                        function will benefit particularly the sales staff in the Air Technology division
                                                                                        in the future. When a member of the sales staff from this division prepares
Integrated planning of sales calls                                                      to send out a quotation via e-mail, the marked documents will automatically
                                                                                        be attached and sent as well. "That way, we will provide information to our
The benefits of the integrated CRM solution were experienced in both company
                                                                                        customers in an even more purposeful and efficient manner and convert
divisions very shortly after the productive start. On the basis of consolidated
                                                                                        opportunities into sales orders more quickly," Alfred Grimm clarifies the
address data, AL-KO Kober is now managing the customer-related processes
in the individual divisions in a structured manner, consistently and transparently.
Where necessary, the sales workflows have been adapted to the requirements
                                                                                        Integrated knowledge base in Sales
of the individual division.

                                                                                        Since the AL-KO Group is mapping all customer-relevant data as well as all
Call up sales data by a click on a button                                               activities and sales opportunities consistently in one solution thanks to the
                                                                                        ITML > CRM, the analysis of the customer relationships has improved as well.
Members of the field sales staff in the Garden & Hobby division are now planning
                                                                                        All the necessary data flows directly into the SAP NetWeaver BI, where it is
their weekly sales calls and the corresponding routes fast and conveniently directly
                                                                                        processed for analysis. Sales managers as well as sales staff can call up
with the new CRM software. Customers are notified about the planned
                                                                                        informative reports within the CRM solution, such as how often a customer
appointments in advance by e-mail or fax – on request also by post. It is an easy
                                                                                        has been visited or what turnover has been achieved per customer and
matter to print out the required notification cards – controlled via the ITML CRM.
                                                                                        product. Alfred Grimm: "This way, we not only build up an integrated
                                                                                        knowledge base on sales and customer activities, but we are also able to
Members of the field sales staff in the Garden & Hobby division are now planning        control sales workflows more accurately and exploit business opportunities
their weekly sales calls and the corresponding routes fast and conveniently directly    more effectively."
with the new CRM software. Customers are notified about the planned
appointments in advance by e-mail or fax – on request also by post. It is an easy
matter to print out the required notification cards – controlled via the ITML CRM.

                                                      ITML GmbH                            ITML AG
                                                      Stuttgarter Straße 8                 Züricher Straße 3
                                                      D-75179 Pforzheim                    CH-2504 Biel/Bienne
                                                      Tel.: +49 7231 145 46 0              Tel.: +41 32 342 70 10
                                                      Fax: +49 7231 145 46 99              Fax: +41 32 342 70 14

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