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									                                            8640 Tamarack Drive                Home: (810) 231-6325
                                            Brighton, Michigan 48116           Mobile: (810) 360-3896
                                                                               Email: jim@selleck.net

Jim Selleck
Full-Time employment or extended consulting assignments utilizing my deep and diverse skills in
Systems Analysis, web application, database and web user interface development, including Adobe skills
using Photoshop, Flash, and Premiere Pro. Outstanding verbal and written communicator, adept in
customer service and training.
Operating Systems:
         Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Vista 32/64, XP, 2000, NT, 9X, DOS
         Linux/UNIX, Novell, VMS, Commodore, Amiga
         MySQL, SQL Server 2005, Oracle, Ingres, Access, FoxPro, dBase
         PHP, VB.NET, VB, VBScript, VBA, ASP, ASP.NET, Perl, Ajax
         HTML, XML, XHTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript
         SQL, Stored Procedures, Triggers
         Java, Assembly, C, ADO
         Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Visual Studio
         Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Visio, Project
         Adobe CS4: Photoshop, Premiere, Flash, Encore
         Crystal Reports, I-Gear WebFramework, Citrix Winframe/Metaframe
         Advanced Cross-Browser Compatibility, Web Security, Tableless layout and design, W3C
          Compliance, CMS Design/Development, Ajax, Javascript Libraries i.e. JQuery, Prototype
         Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Analytics tools i.e. Omniture, Google Analytics,
          WebTrends, etc.
         Advanced Video/Digital Imaging/Transcoding, Image slicing, layering, composites
         Bar-Code scanning systems, PLC, Wireless, Handheld devices
         Cisco, CSU/DSU, Frame Relay, LAN Routers, Hubs, Switches, Servers, VPN, WAN
         Full Life-Cycle System Development, Application Programming, UI, Data Modeling
         Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), JIT/JIS, Shop Floor Data Collection/Quality
         Video Production, Music Composition and Performance
         Project Management, Team Lead/Tech Lead, Training, Technical Writing,

Jim Selleck, Resume                           -1-
Michigan State University (E. Lansing, MI)                                        8/2009 – Present
Systems Analyst/Technical Project Leader (Contractor: Impact Business Systems)
    Redeveloped the MSU proprietary Scholarships and Endowments Management System to function in a
      new environment including SAP EBP for HR, Kuali Financial System, IBM Cognos BI, and Oracle Data
    Worked closely with stakeholders in University Advancement office, Controller's office, and at various
      college and department levels to ensure all requirements were met on time and in budget.

Environment: Classic ASP, MS Sharepoint, SQL Server 2005, Oracle, Java 2EE, Mainframe interfaces

Independent Projects (Brighton, MI)                                                9/2008 – 7/2009

Designed and engineered customer-facing cross-browser optimized Internet web sites
for clients including:
    Blazing Trailers (online book sales):                                   www.blazingtrailers.com
    Env: PHP, MySQL, DHTML, Javascript, AJAX, CSS, SQL, Windows, Abyss Web Server
    Steve King and the Dittilies:                                                  www.skatd.com
    Env: PHP, MySQL, DHTML, Javascript, AJAX, CSS, SQL
    Video Top Secrets: www.videotopsecrets.com
    Fit40Plus.com (Fitness for Baby Boomers): www.fit40plus.com
    Trutopia Writers' Community: www.trutopia.org
    Ford Motor Company (Team Detroit)
    www.fordvehicles.com (as Technical Lead)
    www.mercuryvehicles.com (as Technical Lead)

Video Production projects for various clients including:
 Birmingham Michigan Community Education System
 Mandell Display Design, Southfield, MI (various clients)
 Atwell-Hicks Engineering (ongoing contract for educational projects)
 United Insurance Agency (corporate training)
 AAVA Photography (various clients)
 American College Hockey Association (ACHA)
 Spartan Distributors

Presentation Graphics Design (Photoshop Graphics optimized for web):
 Airfoil Public Relations, Southfield, Michigan
 Microsoft Corporation (with Airfoil)

Camstar Systems, Inc (Charlotte, NC)                                                 8/2008 – 3/2009
Camstar Manufacturing Modeler/Designer – Certified Modeler (Employee)
    Worked on advanced project teams using Microsoft Dot Net to deliver customized MES and Quality
      solutions to clients making medical devices in highly regulated environments.
    Completed all Camstar educational courses including Advanced Object Design and Web Forms design.
    Successfully passed rigorous Camstar testing for “Certified Modeler”

Environment: Visual Studio, Camstar Designer, VB.NET, SQL Server 2000/2005, Web Services, Oracle 10g,
XML, Advanced Microsoft Dot Net web applications, SQL Queries, MS Virtual Machines, Remote collaboration
via MS Sharepoint and LiveMeeting.

Jim Selleck, Resume                           -2-
Motor Information Systems (Troy, MI)                                                    3/2008 – 6/2008
Senior Software Developer/Data Modeler-Analyst (Contractor: TEK Systems)
    Developed data extraction tool using VB.NET to convert vital proprietary data to XML for importing into
       SQL Server databases to convert products from print to Internet delivery.
    Worked in fast-paced environment as integral part of a highly skilled team.

Environment: VB.NET, ASP.NET and SQL Server 2000/2005, XML. Data Extraction, Transformation, and
Loading. Secure HTML, Windows Forms, DVD.

Team Detroit - Wunderman Advertising (Dearborn, MI)                                    10/2007 – 3/2008
Tech Lead: Senior Web Developer – Web Technologies Engineer (Contractor: NuTechs)
    Redeveloped and improved massive customer facing web sites of Ford Motor Company.
    Redesigned the Dealer Locator functions for Lincoln and Mercury web sites using Classic ASP, XML,
       Javascript, HTML/CSS, to improve customer experience.
    Implemented security measures on Ford sites to pass stringent third-party security audits.
    Integrated with multi-disciplinary team including Creative, Business/Client, Quality, and Information
       Analysts to deliver best possible solutions on time and in budget.

Environment: ASP.NET (1.1 & 2.0), VB.NET, CSS, ASP/VBScript, DHTML, XML Web Services, JavaScript,
SQL Server 2005, Stored Procedures, CVS, MS Project

Freudenberg IT, LP (Plymouth, MI)                                                       2/2006 – 9/2007
Senior MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) Consultant (Employee)
Manager, Project Manager, Team Leader, and Lead Developer on projects for Tier 1 Automotive industry
suppliers.    Specialized in JIT/JIS (Just-In-Time/Just=In-Sequence) Manufacturing, Traceability, EDI,
Quality/Error-proofing, and Shop-Floor Data Collection.

Client: Benteler Automotive (Duncan, South Carolina)                              2/2006-6/2006
       Integral project team member on large-scale semi-automated JIT/JIS factory shop floor control system
        startup for vital BMW supplier with hard deadlines for testing and production.
       Coordinated closely with multi-cultural engineering team from Benteler, BMW, and Freudenberg
        (Germany) and Sarmas Industrial Robotics (Italy).
       Implemented EDI communications using CLEO and IBM MQ, created custom data-cleaning software as
        Linux scripts, and wireless barcode scanner communications. Performed remote customer support after
        successful on-time startup.

Environment: ADICOM MES software, Oracle database, Linux, Linux Scripts, CLEO LexiCom, IBM
WebSphere MQ, Siemens PLC, Datalogic scanners, Windows clients, Excel, Toad, VPN

Client: Behr Automotive Thermal Products (Dayton, Ohio)                          7/2006-9/2007
 As lead System Architect and Engineer, designed and delivered a successful plant-wide End of Line label
scanning/Error-proofing system including storage of Traceability data.
     Designed ASP.NET Web-based solution for factory shop floor data collection, database storage, and
        reporting. Replacement of existing limited legacy system resulted in 35% annual cost savings.
     System addresses product pack-out error-proofing, a critical liability issue for the company. By ensuring
        shipping accuracy they avoid fines and preserve critical customer relationships.
     Component traceability enabled the company to contract with new customers who demand full
        traceability, thus increasing and diversifying company business.
     System interfaces directly with company's existing SAP ERP system using SAP Dot Net Connector.
     Designed the system to use 100% ASP.NET web User Interfaces with no third-party controls so system
        reporting, monitoring, and configuration can all be done on company Intranet, or external Internet by
        authorized users using VPN connections.

Jim Selleck, Resume                            -3-
       Designed and implemented DHTML/client-side JavaScript and Ajax data transfer techniques on CK-30
        browsers: key to making shop-floor scanning system fast enough for real-time data collection.
       On the ASP.NET Server side, compiled CodeBehind module as DLL and combined critical database
        operations into Stored Procedures for ultra-fast response time.
       Invented Windows Service-based Inter-Process Communication server to enable multiple simultaneous
        communication streams to efficiently handle 4-way traffic from entire campus complex including operator
        web page updates, database transactions, ERP Communication, and report/label printing.
       Optimized server cluster implementation for Failover and Load Balancing.

Environment: ASP.NET, VB.NET, SAP Dot Net Connector, Intermec CK30, WiFi, Windows Services,
Visual Studio 2003/2005, SQL Server 2000/2005, Stored Procedures, I-Gear Web Framework, Allen-
Bradley PLC, Zebra Printers

Maritz Technologies (Maumee, OH)                                                     11/2005 – 1/2006
Senior Software Developer (Contractor: TEK Systems)
    Created fully enabled web-based new product demonstrations in HTML/CSS/Javascript for distribution
       to new and existing company clients

Environment: Visual Basic, ASP, HTML/CSS, Photoshop, SQL Server 2005, JavaScript, Excel

CSM Worldwide (Novi, MI)                                                              7/2005 – 10/2005
Senior Software Developer (Contractor: TEK Systems)
    Designed and unit tested Publishing and predictive data analysis systems using VB and SQL Server via
       Citrix. SourceSafe critical.
    Worked as integral member on collaborative development team.

Environment: Visual Basic, Visual Studio, Photoshop, SQL Server 2005, SourceSafe

Wilson Technologies (Auburn Hills, MI)                                                  1/2005 – 6/2005
Senior Software Developer (Employee)
    Designed internet-based Java system for high speed/volume interfacing with credit reporting agencies:
       TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian
    Designed and built Windows 2000 server components using Windows API and VB to enable company
       services delivery via Internet-connected kiosks.

Environment: Java 2 (J2EE), ASP, MySQL, Linux, Visual Basic 6,              Microsoft Windows 2000, Stored
Procedures, Adobe Photoshop, Win32 API

Kasle Steel Corporation (Dearborn, MI)                                                 9/2002 – 12/2004
Senior Software Developer (Contractor: Selleck Systems Corp. / SYSCHK, Inc.)
    Developed customized Visual Basic / Access database applications to exact requirements and
       specifications. Data translation/Meta-data applications.
    Created cost savings by developing custom exact-fit applications for company Quality, Errorproofing,
       Manufacturing Control, HR, and Financial Reporting
    Maintained and updated mission critical customer service management system vital to operation of four
       plants in the US and Canada.
    Traveled to remote plant locations as necessary to train users and install proprietary software on critical
    Supported EDI engineers with custom VB translation tools in VB/Windows API.

Environment: Visual Basic, Crystal Reports, VMS, Ingres Database, Excel, Microsoft Project, Source Safe, Visio

Jim Selleck, Resume                            -4-
Plymouth Management, Inc (Livonia, MI)                                                4/2002 – 8/2002
Vice President of Information Technology and CIO (Employee)
     As lead system designer, created a world-class hotel Property Management System including database
       design and user interface in Microsoft Visual Basic.
     Created business and financial plans for the company.
     Designed and built the company data center to support an ASP and Data Warehouse based on
       Microsoft SQL Server.

Environment: Visual Basic 6,    SQL Server, Web Design, Microsoft Server, Active Directory, T1
Communications, AdTran CSU/DSU, Excel, Visio, Microsoft Access

Kasle Steel Corporation (Dearborn, MI)                                                7/1999 – 3/2002
Senior Software Developer and Account Manager (Contractor: Pathway Systems. Inc.)
    Replaced legacy system including Y2K remediation/testing.
    Retained by Kasle after Y2K because innovative software redesigns resulted in ongoing cost savings
       and enhancements of services to Kasle customers.
    Managed and trained hardware and software consultants, including interviewing and hiring. Presented
       candidates to clients and managed client projects.

Environment: Visual Basic 6, ADO, ODBC, Ingres Database, VMS, Microsoft Access, Excel, Visio, ASP,
VB.NET, SQL Server, proprietary Pathway Framework

Philip Services Corp. (Detroit, MI)                                                    6/1994 – 6/1999
Network Operations Manager (Employee)
    Managed corporate LAN and WAN operations at and between 8 facilities across the US, including
      server and desktop operating systems, security, applications, and user training. Handled hiring, budgets
      and reviews.
    Designed network architecture for campus-wide networks using fiber optics and switched Virtual LANs,
      and nationwide WANs using Frame Relay and Cisco routers. Managed dial-up VPNs for field

Environment: Novell Networks, Novell Directory Services, SQL, Excel, Visio, Visual Basic, FoxPro, Windows
Desktop support, ArcServe, Cisco Routers, Dell Server Hardware, Microsoft Mail, ccMail, Citrix Winframe, Shiva,
Fiber Optic, Frame Relay, DLT systems, SBT Accounting, Oracle Financials, Kronos, ADP Human Resources.
Fiber Optics, LAN/WAN

Michigan Tech University (Houghton, MI)                                             1975 – 1976
       Pursued degree in Electrical Engineering.

Eastern Michigan University (Ypsilanti, MI)                                         1976 – 1978
       Pursued degree in Marketing and Management.

Camstar Systems (Charlotte, NC)                                                              2009
       Certified Business Object Modeler

Jim Selleck, Resume                            -5-

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