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Acer Iconia Tablet Review | Compare Electrical Goods
Acer Iconia Tablet Review

If you’re already acquainted with Windows 7, and looking for something similar in your choice of tablet, then
this Acer Iconia tablet review may leave you thinking it is the perfect choice on the current market. Apart
from the fact that it runs on the Windows operating system, is this really the tablet you should fork out your
hard earned cash, on?

Specs For The Acer Iconia Tablet

* Iconia Costs $449

* Released in 2011
* Runs on Windows 7
* 7.48 x 10.83 x 0.63 inches in size
* Weighs 2.14 lb. / 0.97 kg
* 10.1 inch screen
* 1024 x 768 resolution
* 32GB storage space
* AMD C-50 1 GHz processor
* Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connectivity
* 1.3 MP cameras
* 6 hour battery life

Acer Iconia Review: What We Love About The Tablet…

Screen: The Acer Iconia tablet looks and feels good, with bold colors. Despite the fact it’s not an HD screen,
HD videos look fantastic. You must make sure your finger touches are very precise, however, which could
take a little getting used to for most.

Sound: As far as tablets go, the Iconia features a great set of speakers. However, no tablet speakers are
designed for perfect sound quality, so you would need to invest in a good quality set of earphones if you
want to enjoy your music or movies as they ought to be enjoyed.

Ease of Use: The screen works well to get to where you want to go, and many customers will be happy that
a more high-end tablet finally features Windows 7. If you’re used to using Windows 7 and its applications
then you’ll be delighted to find a tablet that provides some continuity between tablet and your standard
computer or laptop.

Keyboard Attachment: One of the major benefits of the Iconia comes from an add-on that’ll convert your
tablet into a small laptop. It connects to the base of the device and makes it super easy to type on your
keyboard. Perfect for those looking to work on their tablet like a laptop computer, typing emails or documents
with ease (but keep in mind that the accessory will cost you more dosh).

SD Slot: Having a full-sized SD slot is a fantastic addition for many. Most of the tablets that do feature a slot
have opted to include a micro-SD slot instead. Although the latter is good for adding external memory, it’s
not compatible with most camera memory cards. Getting a full SD card slot will allow you to transfer photos
from your camera directly (and you can purchase an adapter if you’d like the ability to use micro-SD cards,

USB 2.0: There are two USB 2.0 ports on the Acer Iconia tablet, which is useful for connecting external
peripherals or storage (this is especially important for users with a lot of files – see below).

Acer Iconia Tablet Review : What’s Not So Great About The Tablet…

On Screen Keyboard: Although no on-screen keyboard is 100% perfect, and it’s always easier to type on a
physical version, there have been many complaints about the Iconia’s virtual keyboard. This is bad news for
people who can’t afford the extra keyboard attachment!

Storage Space: 32GB is by no means a bad option for hard disk size, but you need to know that Windows 7
takes up a lot of space on the tablet – far more than Google Android or Apple iOS. You’ll only really be left
with just over 19GB of space for your own files!

19GB will be enough for some music and a lot of apps, but if you want to store movies or have a real big
music library you’ll probably find this very limiting (especially as there are no higher storage options available
to buy). All is not lost though if you are smitten by this baby, as you can expand the storage space with an
SD card, or by plugging in a USB storage device.

Cameras: The camera quality isn’t the best on this tablet, with both the front and the rear-facing cameras
coming in at 1.3 megapixels. This is unusual since most tablets go for a higher quality camera at the back.

Battery Life: Unfortunately, the battery life isn’t great on the Iconia tablet and it simply can’t compete with
the best competitors on the market. The advertised six hours still means you can get a lot of out of the tablet,
but many testers have confirmed that it usually lasts for more like four hours.

Size/ Weight: This really isn’t a lightweight tablet, and there’s no getting around it. There are far lighter and
slimmer tablets on the market. As such, this doesn’t feel as comfortable in your hands. Again, this is another
situation where the added keyboard dock is going to make the tablet a lot easier to use.


The major plus for this tablet, is that it’s a relatively high-end Windows 7 tablet – the only one available! If
you’re looking for other Windows tablets, you’re going to find it extremely difficult to find many suitable
options. Unfortunately, there are some major disadvantages to the Acer Iconia tablet. If you’re looking for
something more user friendly and still good value for money then you might consider an Android tablet, such
as the Xoom or Galaxy Tab, instead.

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