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Welcome to
	 Inside	Corrections	

                                         So, do you ever stop and reflect on why this great state of Oklahoma incarcerates more adult
                                         females per 100, 000 than any other state? As a matter of fact, we incarcerate more females
                                         per capita than any other place in the world. What makes this even more note worthy for
                                         discussion is that Dr. Jim Austin, a nationally recognized social research and developer of of-
                                         fender risk assessments, etc. has recognized that Oklahoma has one of the lowest recidivism
                                         rates in the nation.

I have heard discussion referring to the misery index and/or scale and how that has more of an impact on the female incarcera-
tion rate than on males. The misery scale refers to those social factors that in many cases can be linked to increased probability
that a state will have high incarceration rates. For example, Oklahoma rates high if not in the top ten for sexually and physically
abused children, teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, illiteracy, substance abuse, and untreated mental illness. This
list is not all inclusive and I am sure you can think of other social ills to add to the list. Obviously not all of these items are always
criminogenic and are included on risk and needs assessments, but they certainly do help explain social problems that consistently
arise when surveying our female incarcerated population.

So what do we do about the number one ranking for female incarceration? The department has certainly maximized its limited
program resources in this area. Career Tech programs, reentry efforts, wrap around services, substance abuse treatment, mental
health services, and an array of specialized efforts like Girl Scouts Beyond Bars are making a difference and is the main reason
our recidivism rates are so low. The expansion of Community Sentencing, Drug Courts and Mental Health Courts should also
continue to have a greater impact in diverting women from incarceration. Female offenders are one of the issues where the old
cliché of “spend money now to save money later” certainly is applicable. Resources and funding to divert offenders and the same
to reduce recidivism for those incarcerated will show great dividends for the next generations of Oklahomans. Unlike sports, hav-
ing the number one ranking for female incarceration rates should be embarrassing. We should apply every best practice possible
in an effort to be last in the nation.

                                                                                                                       Justin Jones
                                                                                                Oklahoma Department of Corrections
                                                                                         In Other Words	

 Warden Sirmons,                                Elvin Baum,                                      J.D. Colbert,
 I would like to take this opportunity on        I would like to take this opportunity to        We had the pleasure of having Robin
behalf of my Criminal Justice class here       express my heartfelt thanks to you for your      and her work crew in our office yester-
at Paris Junior College to thank your          participation on the Stop Sexual Violence        day. Let me tell you what a group of la-
staff for the great tour they provided         Task Force. The membership and staff of          dies. I have never in my life seen anyone
on October 3, 2006. The staff was well         the Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic          work as hard as these ladies did. They
informed, provided a very professional         Violence and Sexual Assault have asked me        can out work any group of men I have
tour, and were very gracious during our        to pass on their sincere appreciation for your   seen. They did not stop from the time
time there. The staff was able to answer       efforts in this important undertaking. I look    they arrived until every last piece of fur-
all questions very competently and pro-        forward to seeing the report and recommen-       niture was in place and dusted. Robin
vided very valuable information. Our           dations of the task force that will help the     was a great leader and very personable.
students were very impressed with the          legislature and other governmental systems       The other ladies were very polite and
quality of the personnel and the struc-        appropriately respond to the plight of sexual    very fun to talk to. Thank you for send-
ture of the prison program. They also          violence in Oklahoma. Our state needs to         ing them out to us. It was our pleasure
were very impressed with the facility and      provide a compassionate and non-judgmen-         to meet them. Believe me, I am telling
the security it provides. We look forward      tal response from all systems, individuals       everyone that if they need anything from
to seeing you again in the future. This        and communities to successfully accomplish       OCI to be sure and ask for Robin and
was a great learning experience.               prevention efforts and to aid victims and sur-   her crew.
                                               vivors in their recovery. Congratulations to
                              Lana Adams       the task force for completing the challenging                                       Deana Kilian
                  CRIMINAL JUSTICE             journey of finding ways to eliminate sexual                                      COURT CLERK
          COORDINATOR/INSTRUCTOR               violence in Oklahoma as well as considering                                    GRANT COUNTY
              PARIS JUNIOR COLLEGE             efforts to improve our response to victims
                                               and survivors. I believe that it would not        DOC Family,
                                               have been as successful without your partici-     I and my family deeply appreciate the care,
DOC Family,
                                               pation. Thank you again for your proactive       concern, and support bestowed upon us dur-
 I would like to take this time to thank
                                               efforts to find ways to both eliminate sexual    ing these trying times. It was gratifying to
my extended family in the Department of
                                               violence in Oklahoma and respond to our          know how much you care. Your presence at
Corrections for all the love, support and
                                               many victims.                                    the funeral of my late husband Floyd meant
donations, at the time of my wife, Stacie,
                                                                                                very much to me and my family. It is diffi-
passing. I was amazed at the number of
cards and phone calls I received from ev-                                   Marcia Smith        cult to deal with the loss of someone so close.
                                                                 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR             We were married just a few days short of 38
ery one from Justin Jones to my brothers
                                                                            OCADVSA             years, and I am thankful to those of you that
in blue from all around the state. It was
                                                                                                have helped and continue to help me deal
a true testimony of what is great about
                                                                                                with my loss. Having worked 17 years for
the Oklahoma Department of Correc-              DOC Family,
                                                                                                the department, my fellow employees are
tions. To the officers and staff of the Jess    On behalf of my family and myself,
                                                                                                truly like family to me and I love you all.
Dunn Correctional Center/Taft Unit -           we would like to personally thank all
your support is what has kept me strong        of you for your prayers, concern, food,
for myself and for my family. Thank you        plants, cards, phone calls, and just all of                                           Linda Laney
very much for everything.                      the love that you have exhibited towards
                                               me and my family during the loss of our
                                                                                                  Inside Corrections welcomes the views of readers.
                      Sgt. Doyle Hoose         son. There is no one like you, the DOC
                                               family!!!                                          Letters are subject to editing and must include
  JESS DUNN CORRECTIONAL CENTER                                                                   name, address, and a daytime phone number.
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                                                                CENTRAL DISTRICT
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                                                        COMMUNITY CORRECTIONS
Board of Corrections Member
	 	 	 	                                     David	C.	Henneke
                                                   David Henneke was appointed to           from Oklahoma State University in
                                                  the Oklahoma Board of Corrections         1978. He was the Outstanding Grad-
                                                  in 1999 and reappointed in 2005.          uate of the College of Arts & Sciences
                                                  He served two terms as Chairman,          in 1978. He graduated from the Uni-
                                                  the first from 7-1-03 thru 6-30-04,       versity of Tulsa College of Law in 1980
                                                  and the second from 7-1-04 thru 6-        and admitted to the Oklahoma Bar in
                                                  30-05. He currently is a member of        1981. He has been admitted to practice
                                                  the Budget, State Board Interface, and    before the U.S. Supreme Court; U.S.
                                                  Population/Capacity Committees of         Court of Appeals, Ninth and Tenth
                                                  the Board of Corrections. He has been     Circuits; U.S. District Court, North-
                                                  an advocate for effective programs, ad-   ern, Eastern and Western Districts of
                                                  equate staffing and pay for employees     Oklahoma; and U.S. Tax Court. He
                                                  and an adequate budget for the agency     has also served on the Garfield County
                                                  during his service on the Board.          Fairgrounds Trust Authority, the Gar-
                                                                                            field County Jail Judicial Authority,
                                                   Henneke is a native Oklahoman who        Grand National Quail Club, and the
                                                  was born in Enid, lived and attended      Grand National Quail Foundation.
                                                  school in Drummond and graduated

                                                                                             new appointments
    Mike Oakley was appointed to serve       Mike joined the Department of
as General Counsel to the Oklahoma          Corrections in 1989 as Coordinator
Department of Corrections, effective        of the Mediation/Court Services Unit,
January 1, 2007. Mike holds a B.S.          and later assumed responsibilities for
degree from Oklahoma State University       the Community Service Sentencing
and a Juris Doctor degree from the          Program as well. Mike has also served
University of Oklahoma College of           as Administrator of Classification
Law. He began his legal career in private   and supervised the Population and
practice and has served as Assistant        Classification office at the Lexington
City Attorney for the City of Moore,        Assessment and Reception Center.
Oklahoma, and as Land Manager for           Mike joined the Department of
an independent oil and gas company in       Corrections’ Legal Division in 1996.
Oklahoma City.

                                            Council on Law Enforcement
                                                   Education & Training

                                                                                    award reCipients
                                                                                            Joni Lantz
                                                                                   Dick Conner Correctional Center
                                                                                          Academic Award

                                                                                           Cathy MCLean
                                                                                      Kate Barnard Community
                                                                                         Corrections Center
                                                                                          Academic Award

                                                                                            JaMes Lane
                                                                                     Oklahoma State Penitentiary
 The Correctional Training Academy      Eighteen different facilities ranging in           Class Speaker
in Wilburton hosted a graduation        security level from maximum security                  eriC reeCe
                                                                                         Hillside Community
ceremony on December 14, 2006,          to community security had students               Corrections Center
for Correctional Officer Cadet Class    in W103006.                                         Class Speaker
W103006.     Curtis Hood, Chief of       The staff of the Correctional Training           CarL CardweLL
Security, R.B. “Dick” Conner Cor-       Academy in Wilburton would like to            Lexington Assessment &
                                                                                         Reception Center
rectional Center was the graduation     commend the Class of W103006 on a             Outstanding Performance
speaker. The 44 cadets in this class    job well done and wish them the best             Misty MCMahan
successfully completed the required     of luck in their careers with the De-       Northeast Correctional Center
                                                                                     Outstanding Performance
240 hours of pre-service instruction.   partment of Corrections.

            congratulations on

         Oklahoma State Reformatory
    received 100% on mandatory standards and
        99.5% on non-mandatory standards.

               Probation and Parole
    received 100% on mandatory standards and
        97.2% on non-mandatory standards.


W        ithout a shadow of
         doubt, women have
made many accomplishments
in the State of Oklahoma.
From competing in rodeo
competitions in McAlester,
to graduating from college or
specialized electrical classes,
attending self improvement
courses, giving birth, working
in the community, reuniting
with family, celebrating a spe-
cial event, bonding with peers,
or facing personal crisis, wom-
en continue to be a significant
entity in the state. Yes, this ar-
ticle is about women, specifi-
cally women offenders in the
custody of the Oklahoma De-
                                     Above: Female offender located at the Altus Community Work Center working on tractor.

partment of Corrections.              My personal friends, family mem-           residents. As of December 26, 2006,
                                     bers, former co-workers, next door          the Oklahoma Department of Cor-
                                     neighbors, classmates, church mem-          rections Count Sheet reported 2,249
                                     bers and acquaintances are among            women were incarcerated in Okla-
                                     the historic numbers of women im-           homa.
         by Rita Cooksey             pacted by the criminal justice sys-           Many of these women are moth-
                                     tem. The United States Bureau of            ers or grandmothers. Data from the
                                     Justice Statistics, October 2005 Bul-       Evaluation and Analysis Unit in No-
                                     letin reported the incarceration rate       vember 2006, indicates 59.87% of
                                     for Oklahoma is 129 women per               all women listed a family member
                                     every 100,000 of Oklahoma women             (son or daughter) as their primary
contact person. Angel Tree Ministry in                vide mental health services for female
Oklahoma served over 1,900 children in                offenders. For FY 2006, a monthly av-
2004 whose mothers were incarcerated                  erage of 829 inmates received psycho-                      CRItICal ISSuES
or in a substance abuse program. The                  tropic medications.                                Information from the National In-
majority of these women are convicted                                                                   stitute of Corrections confirms the
of non-violent crimes. For the sake of                      lEGISlatIvE aCtIOn                          five critical issues facing most wom-
the children alternatives to incarceration             Two historic legislative measures of-            en offenders and guiding principles
must be utilized.                                     fered insight into Oklahoma’s growing             when working with them.
                                                      rate of imprisonment of women. The
                                                      Special Task Force for Women Incar-                              ISSuES
                                                      cerated in Oklahoma was created by                1. History of Abuse, Trauma &
                                                      Senate Bill 810 in the 2003 legislative              Violence
                                                      session. The mission of the task force is         2. Substance Abuse
                                                      to determine the causes of Oklahoma’s             3. Economic Marginalization and
                                                      high female incarceration rate. Recom-               Poverty
                                                      mendations were offered to enhance                4. Race and Culture
                                                      treatment for offenders addicted to               5. Incarcerated Mothers and Their
                                                      drugs and alcohol, expansion of drug                 Children
                                                      courts as an alternative to incarceration,
                                                      state funding for expansion and estab-             These critical issues have resulted
                                                      lishment of long-term out-patient, and            in several changes to offer gender-re-
Above: Female offender instructed by Micky            residential intensive treatment place-            sponsive methods of treatment and
Marsee, Electrical Trades Instructor for CareerTech
at the Mabel Bassett Skills Center.                   ments for women and their children                services to women. In Oklahoma
                                                      throughout the state.                             specific measures have been and will
               HEaltH CaRE                             Secondly, the Oklahoma Study of In-              continue to be considered through
 Each year, DOC medical units monitor                 carcerated Women and Their Children               the legislative process, the agency
female inmates’ pregnancies and births.               per Senate Joint Resolution 48 in the             female offender management group
During FY 2006, there were 44 births to               2004 Legislative Session, directed the            and national initiatives.
inmates at Mabel Bassett Correctional                 Oklahoma Commission on Children
Center (MBCC). Women offenders also                   and Youth to take the lead and work
receive health care outside of the agency.            with the Department of
During FY 2006, there were 255 special-               Mental Health and Sub-
ty care visits to the Breast Care Center,             stance Abuse Services, De-
90 visits to the Breast Institute, and 263            partment of Human Ser-
gynecological visits. Overall, there were             vices, and the Department
2,348 specialty care visits from MBCC,                of Corrections, to study the
Eddie Warrior Correctional Center                     living conditions of children
(EWCC), Turley Correctional Center                    of incarcerated women. A
(TCC) and Hillside Community Cor-                     survey was conducted and
rections Center (HCCC).                               findings reported in a three
 In addition to providing medical care,               phase process available at
                                                                                        Above: Female offenders from the Eddie Warrior Correctional
MBCC, EWCC, TCC and HCCC pro-                                  Center compete in the Double-Mugging contest.
                                                               (continued	on	page	10)

                                         nEW anD InnOvatIvE vEntuRES
• In September 2006 the United States Department of Health and Human Services awarded 11.6 million dollars to twenty-one
 states to assist in the number of children adopted from foster care. Beginning in 2006 the maximum adoption tax credit was
 increased to $10,960.
• A new Federal law provides law enforcement agencies with better tools to help protect children against sex crimes and violence.
 Signed in July 2006 by President Bush the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006 creates a National Child Abuse
 Registry. The bill is named after the son of John Walsh, host of “America’s Most Wanted” television show.

Oklahoma Specific:
• Hillside Community Corrections Center (Hillside CCC) was selected as one of the facilities to participate in the Family Justice
 pilot to test and develop a relational inquiry tool for women in the Community Corrections setting. The Relational Inquiry
 Tool will be used to complement existing assessment instruments and include social networks and the strengths of the indi-
 vidual offender.
• Hillside CCC and Dr. Eddie Warrior Correctional Center both implemented the Girl Scouts Beyond Bars program in 2006.
 The program recently received a national award for the successful program at the Turley Correctional Center.
• Tulsa County received funding to implement a Mental Health Court. The new court received state funding for administrative
 costs and for treatment.
• The Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services recently hired discharge planners to assist in the re-entry ef-
 forts of male and female offenders. One of the discharge planners will be placed at MBCC.

 Recommendations that will help break          continue to meet and propose ideas to        and procedure that may affect or impact
the destructive cycles and restore op-         the legislature.                             female offenders.
portunities for children to live healthy        A new study of the living conditions of
and productive lives are included in the       children of incarcerated women will be       Areas of major concern are:
SJR48 document. The task force also be-        conducted in 2007. The Department            1. Training of Correctional Staff
lieves that the recommendations which          of Corrections is also seeking legislative   2. Sexual Misconduct and Privacy Issues
include mentoring, will reduce the trau-       approval to establish a halfway house for    3. Parity in Work and Programs
ma children suffer as a result of the in-      women and children.                          4. Medical Issues
carceration of their mothers. Members                                                       5. Mental Health Concerns
                                                       FEMalE OFFEnDER                      6. Classification and Custody Levels
                                                         WORk SuMMaRy                       7. Contract Beds
                                               The activities of women offenders are        8. Reentry
                                               documented each fiscal year by the at-       9. Community Sentencing
                                               tendees of the quarterly Female Offender
                                               Management meetings in a work sum-            Joining staff in contributing to the fis-
                                               mary.    OP-090501 “Female Offender          cal year work summary are people from
                                               Management” establishes a group of staff     throughout the state in many walks of
                                               members to address, review and offer rec-    life.   Board of Corrections members,
                                               ommendation in all programmatic and          elected officials, women offender experts,
Above: A female offender housed at the Altus   operational areas in department policies     concerned citizens, former offenders,
Community Work Center at her job site.
                                                 work with female offenders diag-
                                                 nosed as mentally ill.                     Women Specific
                                                  A policy change in the facility as-   StatiStical information
                                                 signment of low-risk Community
                                                                                        female facilitieS and capacity
                                                 Corrections level pregnant women
                                                                                        Lexington A&R, Lexington, OK   39
                                                 was recently approved. Comple-
                                                                                        Mabel Bassett CC, McLoud, OK 1144
                                                 tion of the Assessment and Recep-      Eddie Warrior CC, Taft, OK    783
                                                 tion Center for Women at Ma-           Hillside CCC, OKC             250
                                                 bel Bassett Correctional Center        Kate Barnard CCC, OKC         164
                                                 in 2007 will be another historic       Turley Halfway House, Tulsa,  150
                                                 event.                                 Oklahoma Halfway House, OKC    12
Above: Female offenders at the Altus Community
Work Center.                                     Pathways to crime are unique
                                                                                        operating coSt for fy06 daily
and representatives from mentoring               for women and issues that affect
                                                                                        MBCC Max/Med. Security          $58.96
programs that focus on the children          women in the criminal justice system
                                                                                        EWCC Min. Security              $42.40
of incarcerated parents, and grand-          mirror issues found in society. With-      Kate Barnard Community          $54.91
parent advocates all provide valuable        out a shadow of doubt, alternatives to     Hillside Comm. Corr. Ctr.       $41.89
input to improve the lives of women.         incarceration for women must be uti-       Altus Work Centers              $29.90
The FY2006 Work Summary is avail-            lized. The Oklahoma Department of          Probation/Parole                 $ 2.19
                                             Corrections continues to take an ac-       This is average for men and women.
able on the agency website at www. under “Publications.”        tive role in confronting the challenges
                                                                                        female count (dec. 26, 2006)      2249
                                             of women preparing to return to their
                                                                                        Number on Death Row                  1
   OklaHOMa’S PROPOSED                       communities and children through
      aGEnCy-WIDE Plan                       the Re-entry process.                      fy 2006 priSon receptionS (top 4)
 At the request of Director Jones,                                                      Oklahoma County   317      26.1%
the National Institute of Correc-                                                       Tulsa County      254      20.9%
                                                                                        Comanche           59       4.9%
tions granted Technical Assistance
                                                                                        Rogers             32       2.6%
to provide “system mapping” of the
female offender population. A con-                                                      inmate profile for June 2006
sultant will examine major areas that                                                   White                      60.3%
impact women offender’s to include                                                      Black                      25.5%
                                                                                        Indian                     10.8%
classification, policies, procedures,                 natIOnal                          Hispanic                    3.2%
and practices, to include women on                 vOluntEER WEEk                        Other.                       2%
probation or parole. Proposed strate-               april 15 - 21, 2007
gies include validation and revision of
                                                                                        Average Age                        37.1
the female offender classification sys-
tem, addressing mental health treat-
ment, and exploring the possibility of
                                                    tHankS                              controlling offenSeS (top 5)
                                                                                        June 2006
specialized training for unit staff that           to one of DOC’s                      Poss/Obt. Drugs           23.3%
                                                     most valuable                      Distributing CDS          21.0%
The majority of these                                    assets                         Forgery                    8.3%
women are convicted                                   OuR                               Larceny                    5.9%
of non-violent crimes.                             vOluntEERS                           Murder 1                   4.7%

                                       GIRl SCOutS
                                                                     by Ruby Jones-Cooper
           roject        MEND         program for the past three             into two correctional facilities,   twelve-step programs, and
           (Mothers Encour-           years at Turley Correctional           Hillside Community Correc-          drug prevention programs for
           aging and Nurtur-          Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma,             tions Center and Eddie War-         its participants.
ing their Daughters), the             and is proud to announce               rior Correctional Center. The        Saturday August 12, 2006,
first Girl Scouts Beyond Bars         that it has been successfully          expansion has provided the          was not just another Saturday
(GSBB) program in Okla-               operating at Hillside Com-             mothers and daughters op-           for seven (7) women from
homa, has a focus. That fo-                                                  portunity to take advantage         Hillside Community Correc-
cus is connecting young girls
                                         ...connecting                       of the program immediately          tions Center, two (2) women
to their mothers who are in-             young girls to                      upon the mother entering the        from Kate Barnard Com-
carcerated. Project MEND,                                                    minimum security facility,          munity Corrections Center,
started by Girl Scouts of the
                                         their mothers                       and when she is transferred to      and two (2) recently released
USA and Girl Scouts of Mag-                 who are                          a community security facility,      women. This was going to
ic Empire Council in Tulsa,                                                  she and her daughter are able       be an extra special day. A
Oklahoma, began its GSBB
                                         incarcerated.                       to continue with the program.       very unique event that would
program in May of 2003                munity Corrections Center              One of the benefits to this         feature such activities as arts
through a Department of Jus-          since April 2006.                      program is that the mother          and crafts, games, lunch and
tice grant. Project MEND has           To ensure better outcomes,            and daughter are able to con-       a touching ceremony were
successfully operated a GSBB          the program has expanded               tinue with Girl Scouts as long      about to unfold. The first of
                                                                             as they desire, even after being    its kind, Girl Scouts Beyond
                                                                             released. Project MEND has          Bars Wide Games took place
                                                                             young girls and mothers who         at the Mt Carmel Baptist
                                                                             joined the program in 2003          Church. This first time event
                                                                             who are still involved!             was planned by the mothers.
                                                                              Project    MEND          adheres    After a morning filled with
                                                                             closely to traditional Girl         lots of hugs, laughter and
                                                                             Scouting by providing arts          bonding the mothers and their
                                                                             and crafts, camping, leader-        daughters sat down for lunch
                                                                             ship skills and Girl Scout cer-     together. After lunch it was
                                                                             emonies. But Project MEND           time for more hugs, laughter
                                                                             also provides life skill training   and bonding. The final hours
Above: District Supervisor Ruby Jones-Cooper (right) with Girl Scout Troop   such as parenting workshops,        of the event focused on the
724 and their mothers at the Hillside Community Corrections Center.
                                                                                        doc fundraiSer
                                                                                        doc coaSterS
                                                                                      (genuine leather)
                                                                                 on Sale noW, pluS doc mugS

                                                                                coasters                                $1.75 each
                                                                                                            or a set of 4 for $6.00
Above: Girl Scout Troop 724 and their mothers at the Hillside Community
Corrections Center.                                                             mugs                                   $4.50 each

mothers and daughters lining           exercises that for some opened           or, take advantage of the value/full
                                                                                package, which includes 2 doc coasters, 1
up together to receive their           up old hurtful wounds. The
                                                                                insulated travel mug and the opportunity
pins and to officially become          day was a huge success and               to dress casual every friday from June 1
Girl Scouts from Troop #724.           ended with more hugs and                 through the end of the year for $16.00.
Project MEND has proven to             laughter, but also some tears
                                                                                if you are already a pride day participant
be a very fulfilling program           as the women loaded their                (those who’ve paid $25.00), your cost will
for the women and their                vans and the daughters loaded            be $12.00; plus, you will receive an extra
daughters, allowing them to            their vans and drove away in
spend some true quality time           different directions.
together completing difficult officially become Girl
        Scouts from Troop #724.

                                                                             All proceeds are to benefit the Employee Recognition Fund.
                                                                             Checks/Money Orders should be made payable to DOC Em-
                                                                             ployee Fund and forwarded to the Director’s Office to the
                                                                             attention of Pam Ramsey.

                                                                             For further information, please contact Pam Ramsey at 405-
                                                                             425-2506 or
Above: This Girl Scout proudly displays her completed arts and craft item.
                                                                             Promotion ends May 18, 2007.

                         Prison Ministry Luncheon
                                 December 9, 2006

Senator Connie Johnson, Lynn Powell, CURE, Pastor A. Glen Woodberry,Greater                           Guest choir members.
Mt. Olive Baptist Church, and Justin Jones, Director, Oklahoma Department of

      Donna Thompson, Coordinator,                                  Justin Jones, Director,                   Reginald Hines, Deputy Director,
     Oklahoma Baptist State Convention                        Oklahoma Department of Corrections             Division of Community Corrections,
             Prison Ministry                                                                                Oklahoma Department of Corrections

                                                                                                   The Oklahoma Baptist State
                                                                                                   Convention Prison Ministry held
                                                                                                   its first fundraiser luncheon at
                                                                                                   the Greater Mount Olive Baptist
                                                                                                   Church. The Keynote Speak-
                                                                                                   er was Oklahoma Department
                                                                                                   of Correction’s Director Justin

          Senator Connie Johnson                                 Chaplain Linda Jackson
                District #48                                 Mabel Bassett Correctional Center

  P.R.O.T.E.C.T.                                       by Rose Lynch

For several decades in the United            vices for eligible offenders released to    employment/housing and pursue edu-
States, the incarceration of women has       Oklahoma County. To be eligible, an         cation/training. They also assist with
increased. The 1999 Bureau of Jus-           offender must have served at least one      bus passes to travel to appointments
tice Statistics indicates that the rate of   year in prison, be between 18 and 35        and make contact with other participat-
women imprisoned in the United States        years of age, been assessed as “high        ing state and local agencies to receive
has increased at a rate nearly double        risk” for re-offending and volunteer for    services. Both men and women may
the rate for men. The same study indi-       the project. Risk is assessed by consid-    volunteer for PROTECT.
cates that drug offenses were the larg-      ering sub-groups such as alcohol and        The female PROTECT participants
est source of growth in the number of        drug use, education and employment,         reenter society with problems specific
female offenders.                            criminal history, finance, companions       to their gender. While all ex-offenders
Per capita, Oklahoma incarcerates more       and attitudes.                              face issues with a lack of transporta-
women than any other state in the na-                                                    tion, housing and lack of education and
tion. Considering that the United States            ...the rate                          job skills, women are more often lim-
incarcerates more women than the rest               of women                             ited to low-level jobs without even the
of the world, Oklahoma is number one
in the world in the incarceration of
                                                  imprisoned in                          opportunities of men to obtain instant
                                                                                         employment as a day laborer. Women
women. In Oklahoma, as in the rest of           the United States                        are also more often single parents try-
the country, the majority of convictions
                                               has increased at a                        ing to regain custody of their children.
of women are for non violent drug of-                                                    One of the women participating in
fences. However, drug offences are not         rate nearly double                        PROTECT has been working since her
only limited to possession and sales of         the rate for men.                        release to regain custody of her chil-
drugs. Property crimes are often com-                                                    dren. The two older children are with
mitted by women addicts to obtain            Transition workers from community           one in-law in another part of the state,
money to buy drugs.                          agencies in Oklahoma County are             and the youngest child is with another
  Women participating in the Partner-        funded through the grant to begin work-     in-law in the same area. The Depart-

    PartnerShIP FOr reentry OF OFFenDerS thrOUGh
     eDUCatIOn anD COmmUnIty treatment (PrOteCt)
ship for Reentry of Offenders Through        ing with offenders prior to release and     ment of Human Services (DHS) award-
Education and Community Treatment            assist with their transition to the com-    ed temporary custody to those family
(PROTECT) receive individualized,            munity. The transition workers contin-      members during the woman’s incarcer-
holistic assistance through a federally      ue to assist their clients until they are   ation. The woman’s ex-husband is in a
funded grant initiative sponsored by         self-sufficient. The primary goal is that   federal prison in another state.
a collaboration of the Federal Depart-       the participants do not return to prison    The woman had no trouble regaining
ments of Housing and Urban Develop-          within three years.                         custody from the in-law who was car-
ment, Education, Health and Human            The Department of Corrections re-           ing for the youngest child; however, the
Services, Labor, and Justice.                fers eligible offenders to the transition   in-laws caring for the two older chil-
PROTECT seeks to fill gaps in ser-           workers who help the offender find          dren do not wish to give up custody.
                                                                                                               (continued	on	page	18)
     Corrections: Women Pioneers
                               katE BaRnaRD 1907 - 1915

                              Kate Barnard was a key figure in the history of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. She was
                              an active social reformer and the first female in the nation and in the world at that time, to ever be
                              elected to a statewide office without a single female vote. She was elected the first Commissioner
                              of the Department of Charities and Corrections during a time that women were not allowed to
                              vote in Oklahoma. Ms. Barnard, concerned about numerous complaints regarding the treatment of
                              Oklahoma inmates, made an unannounced visit to Lansing, Kansas, and discovered inmates were
                              not receiving proper medical care, not being fed, were working in the mines, and were basically
                              being brutalized. Upon her return to Oklahoma, Ms. Barnard set out to terminate the contract for
                              prison services with the state of Kansas and started an effort to build the first Oklahoma prison.
                              Ms.Barnard, believing prison should be rehabilitative rather than punitive, lobbied for changes.
                              From the time of her election in 1907 until the end of her two terms of office in 1915, Ms. Barnard
                              got 30 statutory laws passed through the Oklahoma Legislature, a record that few legislators could
                              boast about or compete with even today. These laws all had to do with the establishment of what is
                              today called the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, the Department of Human
                              Services and the Department of Corrections.

MaBEl BaSSEtt 1923 - 1947

Mabel Bassett served as the third Commissioner of Charities and Corrections. She was a re-
former and a diligent lobbyist like her predecessor, Kate Barnard. During her tenure, Ms. Bassett
worked to establish and maintain standards for juvenile and adult correctional facilities, and also
the state’s mental institutions. She was responsible for establishing the State Pardon and Parole
Board in 1944 in an effort to create a more equitable system for inmates to be reviewed for a
pardon, leave, or parole. She was also involved in building the facility that once housed women
at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary with funds raised through legislative appropriation. Among
her other accomplishments, Ms. Bassett fought for the statute, enacted by the Eighth Oklahoma
Legislature, making wife and child desertion a felony. She was also responsible for the Industrial
School for Negro Boys at Boley, Oklahoma, which is known today as the John Lilley Correc-
tional Center. The Club Women of Oklahoma recognized her by appointing her to the State
Federation of Women’s Clubs. For her outstanding services for the betterment of mankind, she
was inducted into Oklahoma’s “Hall of Fame” by the Oklahoma Memorial Association on State-
hood Day (November 16) in 1937.

                                 ClaRa WatERS 1927 - 1935

                                 Clara Waters was the wife of Dr. George Waters, who was the warden of the Oklahoma State
                                 Reformatory in Granite from 1920-1926. She had been actively involved in her husband’s
                                 work, so much so that one year after his death she was named warden of the reformatory. This
                                 appointment made Clara Waters the first female warden in the United States to head a state
                                 prison. She also is reported to be the first female to head an all male prison. While serving as
                                 warden, she developed the educational and vocational training opportunities provided to the
                                 young offenders convicted of felonies and began the first in-house educational program at
                                 the reformatory. This program eventually evolved into the Lakeside School, the first fully ac-
                                 credited behind-the walls high school in the United States. Other accomplishments included a
                                 classification program to segregate the younger offenders from the older inmates. In addition,
                                 she initiated a 24-hour day medical access program at the reformatory which later became a
                                 required standard at all correctional facilities.
Warden ‘Mother Waters’
      Kept Her Boys In Line
                                              of petticoat rule, they found her an iron    lished a library and a school that all in-
 By Gene Curtis
 Tulsa World                                  disciplinarian, just as her husband had      mates who had not completed the eighth
 Reprinted by permission (12/6/06)            been before her. She considered “rigid       grade were required to attend; an action
                                              discipline an essential to reformation.”     that was unprecedented in those days but
 The inmates at the Oklahoma Refor-
                                               “I enjoyed that work more than any-         one that was viewed as a progressive step
matory in Granite were “my boys” to
                                              thing else I have ever done,” Waters told    in prison reform.
Warden Clara Waters, the first woman in
                                              a World reporter in 1976, when she was        When Dr. Waters died in 1926, “her
America to head a prison for males.
                                              living in a nursing home in Stillwater.      boys” and prison employees asked her to
 She was known as “Mother Waters” by
                                               Waters’ association with the reforma-       assume the warden’s job, but Gov. Mar-
the prisoners.
                                              tory began in 1920 when her husband          tin Trapp didn’t consider the warden’s
 Waters was warden at the reformatory
                                              was appointed warden by Gov. J. B. A.        post a proper job for a woman.
for nine years after being appointed by
                                              Robertson. Waters was a dentist and           A year later, Waters was appointed by
Gov. Henry S. Johnston in 1927, when
she was 37.                                          She considered                        Johnston, who bucked the political prej-
                                                                                           udice against women and the advice of
 When Johnston sent her name to the                 “rigid discipline                      his advisers --- and drew harsh criticism
Senate for confirmation, there was wide-
spread lifting of political eyebrows. Sena-
                                                     an essential to                       for the action. She reinstituted her hus-
                                                                                           band’s methods.
tors gulped in amazement but confirmed               reformation.”
                                                                                            “When I first went down there, they
the appointment.
                                              farmer from Pawnee who brought mod-          had been having escapes and other prob-
 She brought five years of experience with
                                              ern methods of reformatory work to the       lems, and I think the boys resented hav-
her --- gained from helping her husband,
                                              institution that previously had been con-    ing a woman as warden but when I left
Dr. George Waters, in that job earlier.
                                              sidered just another prison.                 they were calling me ‘Mother Waters,’”
 “I shall endeavor to do for these boys
                                               At Waters’ request, Robertson directed      she said during the 1976 interview.
what should have been done for them
                                              that the institution should house only        She said she came to realize that “most
when they were children,” she promised.
                                              prisoners under the age of 23 who had        of the boys were there because the kind
 She required all convicts, hard-boiled
                                              never been incarcerated before and who       of parents they had. The parents didn’t
and errant youngsters alike, to attend
                                              were not sentenced to terms of more than     educate them and they didn’t respect the
Sunday church services. She organized
                                              10 years. Waters also assigned every in-     law.” She said she tried to make prison
Bible classes, literary societies, set up a
                                              mate to a job, teaching them trades they     life as normal as possible and set down
recreation program and an education
                                              could use after their terms were finished.   some rules that everyone was required to
program to teach each inmate a trade.
                                               Assisting her husband, Waters estab-        follow.                (continued	on	page	20)
 Whatever convicts might have thought
(continued	from	page	15)
The woman took the in-laws to court,                live together could be a bad one.               their abuse is likely to have a correla-
and is now attending counseling and                 The woman was released first, and by            tion with drugs and alcohol. Most, also
working with the children in a neutral              the time the man released, she was              have minor children.
setting in order that they can know her             fully involved again with drugs. He             Women offenders are more likely than
better before she regains custody.                  eventually began using again, was ar-           men to experience co-occurring mental
The woman’s transition worker states                rested and sent back to prison. Before          health problems and chemical depen-
that she is doing well despite her many             she was re-arrested, she was able to get        dency. Addressing these issues together
bad decisions. She has a job as a tele-             into a long-term community drug treat-          usually has better results. Often it is im-
marketer and is living in a house with              ment program.                                   possible to separate whether the abuse
her child and a new boyfriend. She                  Control over chemical addiction must            resulted in the chemical abuse or if the
went through drug treatment while she               be achieved before PROTECT clients              chemical abuse resulted in abuse.
was incarcerated and now attends Al-                can move forward. Unfortunately there           The women’s lives are more centered
coholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anon-                  are often many setbacks before sobriety         on relationships than are men’s lives,
ymous (AA/NA) meetings.                             is finally achieved. Aftercare, such as         and a woman’s pathway to criminal be-
Another woman participating in PRO-                 NA and AA, is also very important so            havior is usually through relationships.
TECT volunteered at approximately                   that when the barriers and realities of         Women are more likely to commit a
the same time that her boyfriend, who               their lives arise, they are not as likely to    crime with a male partner.
was also in prison, volunteered. It was             return to chemical abuse as a solution.         It may be that the best pathway to re-
their plan to live together after their re-         The women participating in PROTECT              covery and self-reliance is also through
leases and help each other stay away                tend to follow the stereotypes of all           relationships, such as the positive pro-
from drugs. She had been through drug               women offenders. Their backgrounds              fessional relationship that a woman
treatment while in prison. She was as-              often reveal that they have run away            offender has with a transition worker.
signed to one transition worker and the             from home at an early age to escape             More so than the men, most of the
man was assigned to another transition              sexual and physical abuse.         Almost       women involved in PROTECT have
worker. They worked together to try to              all of the women are victims of abu-            adjusted well in the project, and have
convince their clients that their plan to           sive and exploitative relationships, and        not returned to prison.

                                  Legislative Luncheon
                                        Hillside Community Corrections Center
                                                   January 30, 2007

          Oklahoma Correctional Industries furniture showcase.                  Perry Walker, CareerTech, and Stella Ezugha, Oklahoma Department of
                                                                                       Corrections, with offenders from the Hillside Community
                                                                                             Corrections Center Culinary Arts Skill Center.
                                 Legislative Luncheon
                                        Hillside Community Corrections Center
                                                   January 30, 2007

 J.D. Colbert, OCI Administrator, and                    Pam Ramsey, Oklahoma Department of                    Representative Jeff Hickman and Amanda
           Rep. David Dank                               Corrections and Beverly Young, Member,               Wagaman, Oklahoma Correctional Industries.
                                                                  Board of Corrections.

Rep. Pam Peterson, Rep. Susan Winchester, and Justin Jones, Director,                     Rep. Jeff Hickman, Senator Clark Jolley, Rep. David Derby
     Oklahoma Department of Corrections, and Rep. Sue Tibbs.                                               and Rep. Ryan Kiesel.

Ed Evans, Associate Director, Oklahoma Department of Corrections,                            Oklahoma Correctional Industries product display.
           being served food provided by Agri-Services.

(continued	from	page	17)
 Waters lasted through the short term of      During the investigations that grew out
Gov. William Holloway, who succeeded         of a prisoner who claimed his arms were
Johnston when he was impeached, and          broken while at the reformatory, 519 of
through Gov. William H. (Alfalfa Bill)       “her boys” signed a petition supporting
Murray’s term, although she said she         Waters. “We feel it is our duty to uphold
lived month-to-month under the threat        our institution and our warden against      TAKE
of being fired from the $250/month           unfair or unjust accusations,” the peti-              OUR
post. She said she met with Murray fre-      tion said. Many prisoners also testified          daughters
quently and always had a letter of resig-    on her behalf at a hearing.                          and sons
nation with her in case he brought up         But Board of Affairs Chairman Lea
his familiar threat.                         M. Nichols told Marland that “I went                                  TO WORK
 At the end of their meetings, Murray        down there (to Granite) with the pre-
frequently told her “well, you can stay      conceived idea that it was no place for
for another month.”                          a woman, and I feel that way even more
 She was fired in 1935 by Gov. E.W.          strongly now.”
Marland two days after a guard was            Waters also was active in Democratic
killed during an escape by 32 convicts.      politics and after being fired as warden
The prison break came in the wake of in-
vestigations by the State Board of Affairs
                                             became State Vice Chairman of the
                                             Democratic Party and later Director of
                                                                                            April 26, 2007
and by State Commissioner of Charities       the women’s program of the National
and Corrections Mabel Bassett.               Youth Administration.

                                             degree in Counseling and Student Per-       and child development. The program of-
                                             sonnel and a Doctorate in Education.        fers free tuition and college credit to in-
                                             She began her tenure with the State at      mates. The peer education program has
                                             the Oklahoma Department of Health
                                                                                         earned local and national awards and the
                                             in 1991 as a Manager of Disease Inter-
                                                                                         efficacy of its intervention is published in
                                             vention for the HIV/STD Service. In
                                                                                         the American Journal of Public Health,
                                             1996 she developed curriculum with the
                                                                                         and the Journal of Health Occupations
                                             American Psychological Association and
                                             began teaching psychologists statewide      Education.
                                             about the medical, physical and psycho-      Dr. Spector serves as an adjunct fac-
                                             logical effects of HIV disease. Later she   ulty member at the graduate college of
                                             became Manager of Quality Assurance,        behavioral science at Northeastern State
                                             Research and Evaluation and published       University and is also a Psychology staff
 Dr. Melanie Spector, lPC,laDC               numerous need assessments. Dr. Spector
                                                                                         member at Langston University and
  Health Education, Research and             is not a stranger to the Department of
  Program Development Specialist                                                         Oklahoma State University. She has fa-
 Medical and Rehabilitative Services         Corrections. In 1992 she worked with
                                                                                         cilitated focus groups for the Centers for
                                             DOC staff and inmates to develop the
                                                                                         Disease Control and for the federal sub-
 Dr. Spector holds undergraduate de-         HIV Peer Education Program for In-
                                             carcerated People. During the last 15       stance abuse agency known as SAMHSA.
grees in Medical Technology and So-
                                             years the program has grown to include      She is married to Dr. Ira Spector and has
ciology, a double Masters of Science
                                             courses in substance abuse, psychology      two grown children.
The Evidence in Evidence-Based Practice                                                                   by Mike Connelly

 As the Oklahoma Department of Cor-              want to see proof that we’re doing what
rections implements its vision of evi-           we say we’re doing and we’re producing
dence-based practice (EBP) in its opera-
tions, we need to be sure we understand
                                                 the best results possible for the level of
                                                 resources we have. I bet I’m not the only
                                                                                                  T      he Department of Correc-
                                                                                                         tions’ Evaluation & Analysis
                                                                                                  Unit coordinates data, evaluations,
what we mean by “evidence.” We rarely            person in DOC who cringes when I hear
                                                                                                  and research related to corrections
justify what we do by saying (or admit-          of waste and inefficiencies with my tax
                                                                                                  and its programs and outcomes.
ting), “Well, I just felt like it” or “Never     dollars in some other agency. Since “best
                                                                                                  As part of that effort, each month
really thought about it, just the way we’ve      results” should go up and down the line,
                                                                                                  we will publish short summaries
always done it.” Too often, however, in          it is very reasonable for our supervisors
                                                                                                  of recent studies and reports that
all organizations, those and other not           to want to see similar proof about our
                                                                                                  may assist DOC staff as we per-
well-grounded reasons (like, “Just trust         own personal area of responsibility and
                                                                                                  form the department’s mission. If
me, I know what I’m doing”) are exactly          accountability.
                                                                                                  you would like more information
why we do things.                                 When we hear demands for proof, we
                                                                                                  than provided, just contact me at
 In a slow and stable environment in             have to produce “evidence.” That can’t
which our resources stay adequate, new           be one good case here, one good outcome
                                                                                                  and we will do our best to get it to
pressures and demands don’t compete              there, just as any of us would refuse to be
                                                                                                  you as soon as possible.
with new techniques and technology to            judged by one bad case or outcome. It
overwhelm us, and no one is question-            has to be a set of cases and outcomes that
                                                                                               be proof that we deserve the level of in-
ing whether their tax dollars are being          can be shown statistically to be the usual
                                                                                               vestment made in us by those who place
spent on the proper things done the best         result of our operations. That means we
                                                                                               public safety at the top of their priorities
way, doing things the way we always              have to collect and report the data about
                                                                                               (which is virtually everyone). In other
have may actually be a good enough jus-          not really what we put in and not just
                                                                                               words, we will best serve our department
tification. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”   what we put out but also what the ef-
                                                                                               and its future by serving the state and its
But in a rapid and fluid environment in          fect of what we’ve put out is on our units,
which our resources may be inadequate,           department, communities, state, and na-
                                                                                                How do we demonstrate all this? By
the world is throwing new technologies           tion. Further, the data collected and re-
                                                                                               emphasizing the importance of data col-
and ideas around faster than anyone can          ported has to be analyzed and evaluated
                                                                                               lection, reporting, and analysis at all lev-
reasonably keep up, and everyone and             to make clear that we are meeting the
                                                                                               els of the department so that we produce
his grandmother is questioning whether           objectives and producing the results that
                                                                                               the best information possible to prove
their tax dollars are being spent on the         our stakeholders want produced.
                                                                                               our value. By placing new importance
proper things done the best way, we have          Successful offender re-entry—the re-
                                                                                               on careful and professional program and
to provide the data and information nec-         turn of the offender to his/her com-
                                                                                               policy evaluation that tells us where we’re
essary to justify our existence. “If it ain’t    munity with no further returns of that
                                                                                               doing well already and where we still
broke, prove it.”                                offender to DOC—is the primary ob-
                                                                                               need to improve at all levels.
 This is true for all public agencies, and       jective of everyone working at the Okla-
                                                                                                It’s easy to get scared of data collection
it’s especially true for a department like       homa Department of Corrections in
                                                                                               and reporting. We’ve all (well, I have)
ours that has seen such a large increase in      2007. Successful re-entry means that we
                                                                                               been hammered by some superior who
its budgets and clientele over the last two      have served the people of this state by re-
                                                                                               used a bad result against us. At least it’s
decades. It is very reasonable for policy-       turning an offender who will no longer
                                                                                               a reasonable fear that that could happen.
makers, taxpayers, and average citizens to       offend and victimize. Achievement will                                (continued	on	page	24)
 The new Face of
              Robert Dibble, Training Manager
       Gaylia Johnson, Correctional Training Officer III
         Employee Training & Development Center

        Clang! Bang! “Does it always smell
 Is this how you would describe your                        While at the training acad-     quit even before making it
                                                           emy, new employees often         through pre-service training.
 first hour, day, or week on the job as
                                                           discuss their early impres-       Corrections is a very chal-
 a brand-spanking new, right-off-the-
                                                           sions about working in cor-      lenging career field. New em-
 street correctional employee? How did
                                                           rections and frequently admit    ployees have to rethink fun-
 you see, hear, smell, feel, and perceive                  to having had those second       damental beliefs, learn a new
 your new environment? Did it cause                        thoughts. In conversing, both    language, develop a new set of
 you to question your decision to make                     in and outside of the class-     skills, and figure out how they
 corrections your chosen career field? If                  room, employees said that        fit into this new complex, so-
 so… join the club.                                        they stick it out because of     cial, and paramilitary system.
                                                           financial obligations and the    Experts tell us that there is a
                                                           support received on the job.     strong correlation between re-
                                                           They typically explain that      tention of new employees and
 Robert Dibble has been at the Employee Training &
                                                           someone has taken the ini-       early impressions, perceived
 Development Center 15 years. He serves as Training
 Manager with a staff of six training employees.           tiative to help them through     abilities to perform as ex-
 Gaylia Johnson has been with the Employee                 those confusing early days.      pected, and quality of support
 Training and Development Center for 3 years and            When a new employee lacks       received from supervisors and
 has responsibility for coordination of case manager       support, academy staff can       co-workers. Accordingly, cur-
 training.                                                 often predict that he/she will   rent corrections employees are
                                                           not be with the agency much      here today because someone
                                                           longer. There are those who      took an early interest in them,
reassured them that they        additional unique aspects      formation and set perfor-
were up to the challenge;       to blended learning, such      mance standards.
that they were capable of       as; on-site reinforcement,     Phase II: at the
doing what was required.        encouragement,      model-     Employee training and               aDvantaGES OF
Someone said to them,           ing, and guided-on-the-        Development Center                BlEnDED lEaRnInG
“Hang in there. You’re do-      job practice. This blended      Phase II pre-service stu-
ing okay. We need you!”         learning      incorporates     dents come to the acad-        Like anything else, you will get out
 No one makes the tran-         both methodologies and         emy for 1 or 2 weeks as       of this process exactly what you put
sition from the outside to      is, therefore, much less       opposed to the previous 2     into it. Following the prescribed pro-
inside the world of correc-     expensive than classroom       or 4 weeks. Phase I learn-    cedure, many positive outcomes are
tions on his or her own.        training and more effec-       ing is fortified by guided    possible. Here are a few identified by
For every two-year “vet-        tive than computer-based       learning activities where     the research and the customers who
eran,” there are employees      training.                      students spend a major-       played roles in the neeeds assessment
who have extended them-                                        ity of their time working     process:
selves to encourage, reas-      Phase I: at the                in groups, applying new
sure, support, and instill      Employee’s Job Site            knowledge and skills. As      • Reduces training costs per student
confidence. They are the         Under the new ODOC            well as expecting total
                                                                                             • Increases time at the facility/de-
faces of co-workers, super-     model, students learn their    group output, emphasis is
                                                                                               creases time at the academy
visors, managers, trainers,     roles on-the-job. There are    placed on each member’s

like this? It does?? Dang!”
                                                                                             • Allows for less time away from the
                                                                                               family during a critical transition
… friends. They are our         24-37 self-paced lessons       contribution to the work
                                                                                             • Accelerates learning of critical in-
heroes. They are you.           included in Phase I. In        product in a way that is        formation and skills
 Tapping into this wealth       addition to pre and post-      satisfactory to the other
                                                                                             • Magnifies agency values and pri-
within the Oklahoma De-         tests, the new employees’      group members and com-          orities
partment of Corrections,        learning efforts are sup-      pliant with the Operations
                                                                                             • Builds confidence and momentum
pre-service training has        ported by peer-mentoring       Procedures, Mission, Vi-
                                                                                               for accelerated proficiency
taken on a new face called      and supervisor-coaching.       sion and Values of our
                                                                                             • Improves safety, security perfor-
blended learning. It is often   These programmatic fea-        agency.
                                                                                               mances and overall compliance
described as a process that     tures provide context for       Clang! Bang! Dang? Not         with OP's and supervisor's expec-
blends the use of distance      application of the newly       anymore.     It’s   blended     tations
learning technologies with      learned information and        learning: New face. New       • Heightens the feeling of being a
more traditional classroom      skills and afford supervisor   journey. New destination.       valued member of an important
approaches.       However,      with an early opportunity      Hop aboard. We know you         team
ETDC has incorporated           to emphasize critical in-      will enjoy the ride.          • Promotes positive impact on mo-
                                                                                               rale, recruitment, and retention
                        Crime Victims’ rights Week
                        april 22 - 28, 2007

     Victims’ rights: every Victim, every time
                                                                                        (continued	from	page	21)
                                                                                        So we may be tempted to hide and dis-

                   HEaltH & WEllnESS                                                    tort information, selectively giving only
                                                                                        what makes us look good (and some-
                                                                                        times that has to be made up). It’s hard
                       COlORECtal CanCER
                                                                                        to give up those fears and recognize the
                      Preventable, Treatable, Bearable!
                                                                                        value and importance of showing what
                                                                                        we do, making changes when necessary,
       Colorectal cancer is preventable, and is easy to treat and
                                                                                        and being proud of the job that we can
       often curable when detected early. Talk with your health                         demonstrate.
            care professional about colorectal cancer today.                             But we have to overcome those fears.
                                                                                        Too many other sources of data are out
                      to learn more, visit                                              there about what we do or should be do-
                                              ing these days for us to think we can hide
                                                                                        from or avoid the growing number of au-
                                                                                        thoritative observers. If a case is going
                                                                                        to be made about DOC performance,
           aPRIl IS natIOnal FOOt HEaltH                                                it should be by us based on data and in-
                  aWaREnESS MOntH                                                       formation, on evidence, that others may
                                                                                        challenge but can’t refute. And, if they
     Abraham Lincoln was quoted as saying.” When my feet hurt, I can’t think.”
                                                                                        can refute it, we need to acknowledge and
     Most people don’t give a lot of thought to their feet---that is, until they
                                                                                        improve what we do. When policymak-
                                                                                        ers, taxpayers, and average citizens come

     Feet are one of the most neglected and abused parts of our bodies. We shove        to believe that DOC has reliable evidence
     them into uncomfortable shoes we stand on them for long days on the job,           that proves it performs well, the depart-
     and we give them a tough workout with sports and exercise. As a result, an         ment as well as the state will be the win-
     estimated 87 percent of the population suffers from some sort of foot-related      ners.
     problem.                                                                            So, over the next few issues, we’ll talk
                                                                                        about some of the things you should con-
     Those most susceptible to foot pain include people with flat feet, seniors, ath-   sider when you’re a part of or overseeing
     letes, the overweight, and people who work on their feet (from doctors and         data collection, reporting, and analysis or
     teachers to retail clerks and construction workers) -- not to mention those        just translating the results into practice.
     who choose poor-fitting footwear for the sake of fashion.                          We’ll go over different techniques and
                                                                                        considerations. I’ll try to make the whole
     Our feet represent about two percent of our body mass, but are responsible
                                                                                        process less threatening and confusing,
     for balancing the remaining 98 percent of our body. When our feet are not
                                                                                        and, if I fail, I’ll expect you to give me
     properly balanced and supported, our whole body can become misaligned.
                                                                                        evidence of that. And, hopefully, when
     By addressing this misalignment that begins at the foot level, weight is more
                                                                                        we’re done, you’ll not only understand
     evenly distributed and our whole body is better able to stress and strain of
                                                                                        the importance and use of evidence in ev-
     our daily routines.
                                                                                        idence-based practice. You’ll be a proud
                                                                                        practitioner benefiting from the whole
        kEEP yOuR FEEt HEaltHy, tHEy aRE MOSt
               IMPORtant tO yOuR BODy
                                                                                         You can thank me later.

                    decemBer anniVerSarieS
                 40 years                  Wilbur Irving               Info. Tech.                     14 years
Peggy Kloehn                Comm. Sent.    Paul Daugherty       Men. Health/JHCC        Norma Tilley                    DCCC
                                                                                        Beatrice Sands               SWDCC
                 34 years                                    21 years                   Robert Potvin      Trans. Unit - LARC
Sonya Hall                  Med/JEHCC      James Hardy                        DCCC      Dewey Holdeman                  WKCC
                                           Leatha Brannon                 Edu./JBCC     Macile Fisher           Comm. Corr.
               32 years
Sidney Young                  JBCC                           20 years                                  13 years
William McCollum Treat & Reh. Svcs.        Cathy Sasnett                      EWCC      Anna Waggoner                  WKCC
Cannon Hurd                 MACC                                                        Nancy Strain                    JCCC
Regina Bowser               WKCC                             19 years                   Robin Steelman                 JEHCC
                                           John Slater                     Edu./OSR     Dewayne Lewis                  JEHCC
                 31 years                  Suzie Salinas                        JCCC    John Latimer                   HMCC
Lester Lytle                      NOCC     Toi Clymer                          NOCC     Harley Johnson                 JEHCC
                                           Charles Berreth              Fin. & Acctg.   Jenny Handy           Private Prisons
                 30 years                  Cleta Anderson                      HMCC     Larry Donathan                 JEHCC
John Pruitt                        OSP
Kenneth Barton                    MACC                     18 years                                    12 years
                                           Gary Williams                    JBCC        Eddie Webb                     NOCC
              29 years                     Gladys Welch                     JDCC        John Short                Edu./MBCC
James Westbrook     OCI Mfg./MACC          Terry Fry             Agri-Svcs./JDCC        Dennis Seevers                  BJCC
Steve Frazier             Info. Tech.      Mikolyn Franks                   LARC        Mary Rolison     Mental Health/JHCC
Bobby Boone             Institutions       Patricia Foreman                 JBCC        Paula Potts                    DCCC
                                           Velma Adams               Med./MBCC          Joseph McDougal                NOCC
              28 years                                                                  Wilburn Lewis         Ardmore CWC
Gary Newman                      SEDCC                     17 years                     Thomas Killion                 NOCC
Peggy McConathy                  SEDCC     Chiquita Overstreet            JHCC          Louis Harrison                 NOCC
Bozenna Jones                     LARC     Joe McDonald             Med./Admin.         David Fields                     OSP
                                           Dewayne Jones                  DCCC          Russell Eulitt                 NOCC
                 27 years                  Timothy Dunn                    JLCC         Rebecca Densmore       Fin. & Acctng.
Angela Earls                        OSR    Carolyn Cheek                  LARC          Brian Davis           Ardmore CWC
                                                                                        Kevin Burch                      OSP
               26 years                                   16 years                      Kimberly Bruce                 EWCC
Gregory Province                  MACC     Larry Sunderland                   WKCC      Melanie Brenton                NOCC
Jerry Jones                       DCCC     Steven Schrock                       BJCC    David Ashpaugh                  LARC
                                           Arnold Nelson                       CDCC
               25 years                    Jane Ensley                          LCCC                    11 years
Patricia Loyd           Med/Admin.         Karen Crampton                       JHCC    Johnny Woody             Facility Class.
Karen Lindsey                 JBCC         Janet Bolton                       MBCC      Ronald Wiser            Fin. & Acctng.
Charlotte Forh             Training        Frank Bert                     Info. Tech.   Sheryn Warnken             Edu./WKCC
Shirlee Deaton               MACC                                                       Jo Thompson                        BJCC
Marilyn Byington             MACC                            15 years                   Charles Thompson                  DCCC
                                           Priscilla Toyer            Comm. Corr.       Robin Thomas              Med./MBCC
                 23 years                  Verle Stewart                     WKCC       Hazel Shaver          OCI Manuf./OSR
Timothy Posvic                     LARC    Leedean Smith           Medical/DCCC         Collin Nelson                    MACC
Linda Pendleton                    CDCC    Sherri Rivas                   SWDCC         Jules Myers                       LARC
Cynthia Durfey              Sent. Admin.   Tim Peters                   Personnel       Arvin McGowin                     JDCC
                                           Joyce Perry            Director’s Office     Jerry Leighton                     JBCC
                 22 years                  Francis McCoy               Edu./JHCC        Karylen Hickerson                 CDCC
Cheryl Sexton                      JBCC    Alden Jones                       NOCC       Joe Hankins                     SEDCC
Peggy Roe                         NOCC     Joyce Jackson         Communications         Francis Hagan                     JHCC
                                                                                                            (continued	on	page	26)
(continued	from	page	25)
James Gibson                        HMCC                        10 years
Mary Cristelli                     NWDCC        Dale Weaver                        JHCC
Derek Cave                          HMCC        Sharon Nelms                  Med./MBCC              Bad habits are like a
Barry Cauthron                      DCCC        Hubert Motte                       MBCC          comfortable bed, easy to get
George Carothers                   NWDCC        Mary Mathis                        NOCC
Vickie Caesar                       HMCC        Robbe Lamunyon                 Edu./OSR           into but hard to get out of.
Daniel Brown                        DCCC        Laura Gorman                     NEDCC                   —Unknown
Leslie Bradfield                    MBCC        Jesse Bartlebaugh                  CDCC
Karen Bowling                        ECCC

January anniVerSarieS
              35 years                           Bessie Greenway                     OSP      Jill Hinkston           Personnel Unit
Theodore Limke     Priv Prisons, Jails &         Tony Burleson             OCI Mfg./MACC      Richard Henry           Internal Affairs
                         Safety Admin            Harold Brown                       NOCC      Thelmita Davis                   EWCC
                                                 Eloise Brown                       CDCC      Gregory Brooks                     OSR
                  34 years                       Clarence Bridgeford                JHCC
Curtis Gilley             Personnel Unit         Sheldon Barr                       HCCC                       20 years
                                                                                              Jimmy Wilson                       OSP
               33 years                                            25 years                   Larry Sutton                       OSP
Shirely Eastwood                       JHCC      Alice Turner                       JLCC      Rodney Redman                    JCCC
                                                 Carl Sellers                      DCCC       Gary Reading         Trans. Unit/JBCC
                  32 years                       Patsy Lee               Sentence Admin.      Robert Oldham                OKCCCC
Donald Williams                         JLCC     John Ferguson                     ACWC       Shirley Newman                 SEDCC
Joe Johnson                           JEHCC      Edward Evans            Field Operations     James McNutt                  SWDCC
Edra Carr                             MACC       Ingrid Bennett            Personnel Unit     Warren McDoulett               SEDCC
                                                                                              Rex Lasater                      JCCC
                  31 years                                      24 years                      Stanley Klutts                    JLCC
Leonard Wright        Agri-Services/JBCC         Ernest Schneider                   TCDCC     Jimmy Johnston                     OSP
                                                 Charles Rogez                       JHCC     Terry Jantz                  NWDCC
                  30 years                       Vester Fry                         JEHCC     Kevin Hurlebusch                DCCC
Wyatt Phillips                          OSP      David Brannon                       WKCC     Vernon Hill         Trans. Unit/LARC
                                                                                              Randy Hicks                      ECCC
                  29 years                                         23 years                   Roger Guinn                      JBCC
Stormy Wilson                        NEDCC       Sherry Park               Medical/MBCC       Donald Ford                      JCCC
Robert Howard                        JEHCC       Delores Nace                Institutions     John Davis                       JCCC
                                                                                              Arthur Cook                      JBCC
                  28 years                                         22 years                   Gregory Bull                   MCWC
Marty Sirmons                           OSP      Richard Waldon                       DCCC    Ben Beede                       NOCC
Mary Leistner                           OSR      Cathy Newsom                       SWDCC     Avery Allen      Mental Health/JEHCC
                                                 Terry Martin                         JDCC
                  27 years                       Sharon Harrison                      NOCC                     19 years
Cynthia White                            OSP     Jimmy Gray                    Sent. Admin.   Kay Tharp               Elk City CWC
Eva Thomas                             CDCC      Doug Byrd                             JCCC   Janet Standridge               SEDCC
J’me Overstreet                  Admin. Svcs.                                                 Leslie Robinson         Admin. Svcs.
Nathan Jackson             Agri-Services/OSR                    21 years                      William Robertson              JEHCC
Janet Downing                 Medical/NOCC       Randall Workman                LARC          Bobby Rector                   HMCC
Roy Davis                              NOCC      Danny Williams                 JBCC          Raymon Ranells                  JHCC
Marian Calabretta                     TCDCC      William Uptergrove              OSR          Monty Magruder                 SEDCC
                                                 Gretchen Samuels              CDCC           Ronnie Judd                  Training
                26 years                         Mary Morris                    BJCC          Pamela Humphrey            Education
Anthony Hunter                        CDCC       Alan McDonald      Med. Admin./LARC           Bobby HedricK    Agri-Services/JBCC
Cynthia Hendrix                       HMCC       Tommy Mariano                 MCCC           James Hearrell                SWDCC
Joe Harwick                           HCCC       Jerry Johnson                 HMCC           Joseph Gilleland                JHCC
John Gallagher        Priv. Prisons, Jails &   Ricky Cullins                     WKCC                       13 years
                            Safety Admin.      Rickey Caywood                       OSP   James Trenton                     WKCC
John Dawley                           LARC     David Carman               Elk City CWC    Michael Shelite                    JCCC
Darrell Cole                          JHCC     Sandra Burks                        JBCC   Kathleen Phillips                 MBCC
Terry Brinkley                         OSP     Wayne Bowers                        JCCC
                                                                                          Carl Long, Jr.                    WKCC
                  18 years                                      16 years                  Billy Howell                     SEDCC
Jacqueline Wooden                     EWCC     David Wortham                       OSR    Randy Harding                      BJCC
Barbara Wilson                         LARC    Denise Welker                     CDCC     Jeffrey Franks                     BJCC
Charles Whitefield                      JLCC   Anthony Tribbey                    JCCC    Raynond Evelyn                    MBCC
Randy Wham                            EWCC     Patricia Sweeden          Medical/DCCC     Anita Donley                       BJCC
Maurice Warrior                        JDCC    Bradley Suter                       OSP    Monte Blake          Mental Health/JHCC
Joyce Twigg                           EWCC     Christina Sisto                 NEDCC
Brian Thomas                        SWDCC      James Shandy            Trans Unit/JBCC
                                                                                                            12 years
Richard Tate                          EWCC     Diana Pecha                        JCCC
Jeff Spaulding                    Fin/Acctg    Jeffrey Palmer                   JEHCC     Sharron Shelton                      JHCC
Shellye Sourie                       NEDCC     Staceu Morey                      CDCC     Justin Reeves                       DCCC
Gregory Sheik                          BJCC    Gary McClary                      DCCC     Willa Newberry               Medical/JBCC
Angela Reagan                          JHCC    Phillip Mast                       JCCC    Carla King                          MBCC
Vaughn Rader                           JBCC    Walter Jackson, Jr.                 OSP    Fawnie Jones                       SEDCC
Marjorie Phillips                     DCCC     David Huffman                     DCCC     James Harris                    Fin/Acctg
John Oldfield                          JDCC    Jimmy Harris, Jr                   JBCC    Janet Cannaday                      NOCC
Johnny Nixon                    Gene Stipe     Gil Gilbert                        ECCC
                      Corr. Trng. Academy      Sieglinde Elliott Comm Sent/Field Svcs.
Marlon Moore                             OSP   Sherry Davis                        JLCC                     11 years
John Montgomery                       MACC     Charles Campbell                     OSP   Anita Roten                       JHCC
Rance McKee                            JCCC    Karen Calhoun                        OSR   Kenneth Prigmore                   JCCC
Wayne McClure                        NEDCC     Leroy Bond                OCI Mfg/JHCC     Kristi Olzawski                  NEDCC
Lealynne Martinez                      JDCC    Randy Been                          JLCC   Jamie Means                      JEHCC
Michael Lance                         EWCC     Leland Allison                       OSR   Mark Lester                       ECCC
Gail Jackson                 Comm. Sent./
                                                                                          Phillis Hughes                    NOCC
                                 Field Svcs.                  15 years
                                                                                          Frank Harback                   OCI Mfg
Nancy Howard                         JEHCC     Bob Tomlinson           OCI Mfg/LARC
Jim Hoover                             JDCC    John Rupert                     DCCC       Buffy Guthrie                     JDCC
William Honaker                        LARC    Richard McLain               OCI Mfg       Harold Brown                     JEHCC
Haskell Higgins                       HMCC     Adam Hutchison               NWDCC         Charles Brewer          Operational Svcs
James Haynes                             OSR   Tom Hodge         Medical Admin/JDCC
Helen Greer                           EWCC     Shonda Benedict         Medical/MACC                         10 years
James Crafton                         NOCC                                                Linda Wolf                         JBCC
Clifton Carter                       NEDCC                     14 years                   Gerald Wilson, Jr.                 JBCC
Michael Carpenter                      JHCC    Jacqulyn Young                   OSP
                                                                                          Owen Vanorden                     EWCC
Terry Branch         Operational Services      James White               Altus CWC
James Bowers                          WKCC     Todd Welsh                      JBCC       Barbara Reinbold        Personnel Unit
Mark Bears                            DCCC     James Stockton                   OSR       Daniel Praytor                    MACC
                                               Edmond Shropshire Agri-Services/JBCC       Kevin Nunnelee                   TCDCC
                 17 years                      Venson Landers               SWDCC         Deveshia Natt              Idabel CWC
David Thomas                       WKCC        Steven Jean                     JBCC       Stacy Lovins              Facility Class
Charles Shedd                       DCCC       Jay Hodges Employee Trng & Devel Ctr       Mary Hedrick       Comm Sent/Field Svcs
Terry Sawyer                       HMCC        Nancy Helms                    HMCC        Patricia Ferrell                   JDCC
Charles Reeves                      DCCC       Kenneth Goss           HOBART CWC
                                                                                          Sherry Clickner                   DCCC
Chris Payne                          JCCC      Sharon Givens                  MACC
Leon Neal                            JLCC      Billy Gilbert                 NEDCC        Albert Clark              Beaver CWC
Martha Jones                  Hobart CWC       Arden Espe                      JDCC       Brian Carpenter                 SWDCC
Bruce Evans                           OSR      Richard Edminster         Altus CWC        Brenda Camp                        JBCC
Jay Custar                       NWDCC                                                    Jimmie Allen               Institutions
                                       —Warning —
                                       tornado Season
     IF a tORnaDO WaRnInG IS ISSuED FOR yOuR lOCatIOn, takE
     tHE FOllOWInG StEPS IMMEDIatEly IF yOu aRE at HOME:
     • Go at once to the basement, storm cellar, or the lowest level of the building.
     • If there is no basement, go to an inner hallway or a smaller inner room without
        windows, such as a bathroom or closet.
     • Get away from the windows.
     • Go to the center of the room. Debris can sometimes come through walls.
     • Get under a piece of sturdy furniture such as a workbench or heavy table or desk and
        hold on to it.
     • If you have time, get a mattress or blankets to protect your head and the heads of any
        children with you. If you don’t have time, use your arms to protect your head and neck.
     • If you live in a mobile home, get out and find shelter elsewhere in a permanent

            dicK conner cc                               JeSS dunn cc                     James Farris, Admin. Prog. Officer I
       Ricky Boyett, Unit Manager I              Jerry Goodall, Corr. Sec. Officer IV
                                                                                           northeaSt oKlahoma cc
           education                                  Jim e. hamilton cc                 Robert Knighton, Corr. Sec. Officer IV
Marguerite Goodwin, Corr. Teacher II              Jan Harkins, Corr. Sec. Officer IV
                                                                                                 oKlahoma city ccc
           enid ccc                                      JoSeph harp cc                       David Perry, Corr. Sec. Officer IV
 Amanda Felber-Carter, Secretary III             Billy Atkinson, Corr. Sec. Officer IV
                                                 Said Ezzhani, Corr. Sec. Officer IV     oKlahoma State penitentiary
       facility claSSification                         Anita Roten, Secretary III         Bessie Greenway, Corr. Case Mgr. IV
     John Roper, Admin. Prog. Officer I           Steve White, Corr. Sec. Officer IV
                                                                                         oKlahoma State reformatory
       finance & accounting                         lexington a&r center                       Mary Leistner, Secretary I
      Michele Whitaker, Accountant I              Lora Roper, Corr. Case Manager I         Rachael Tiner, Accounting Tech. II
                                                 Joseph Glasco, Corr. Sec. Officer IV    Tracy McCollum, Corr. Chief of Sec. III
         fredericK cWc                           Romon Jones, Corr. Sec. Officer IV
Michael Atkinson, Corr. Sec. Officer IV            Jacob Olea, Corr. Sec. Officer IV          treatment & rehaB. SVcS.
                                                 Casey Wallace, Corr. Sec. Officer IV         Yvonne Allen, Corr. Case Mgr III
      JacKie Brannon cc
 Paula Grogan, Accounting Tech. III                 maBel BaSSett cc                              William S. Key cc
                                             BranDee Hopgood, Admin. Prog. Off. I         Jackie Keeton, Const./Maint. Tech. III
       JameS craBtree cc                                                                   Kelley Nelson, Corr. Sec. Officer IV
  Brian Smith, Corr. Sec. Officer IV                    macK alford cc                    Nicholas Hasty, Corr. Sec. Officer IV
 Charles Phillips, Corr. Sec. Officer IV         John Hampton, Corr. Sec. Officer IV
Welcome new Employees
BILL JOHNSON CC      JAMES CRABTREE CC        Elizabeth Davis   MEDICAL/OKLA STATE      Beverly Monks
   Colby J. Beck           Kay Hamil           Joanna Harris      REFORMATORY            Carol Moody
 John E. McGinnis         Billy Schlup         Carl Andrews        John Jackson
  Jeff B. Graybill        Kellli Collins      Phillip Bradley                           OKLA. STATE
 Linda L. Womack          Carla Davis                             MEDICAL/UNION        REFORMATORY
   Travis C. Hada         Gene Wilson      MABEL BASSETT CC          CITY CCC            Lance Coats
                       Steve Ahrensback     William Coleman        Terry Hopper          Donald Fick
  COMMUNITY                                 Anthony Lohden                             Bobby Fletcher
 CORRECTIONS           JESS DUNN CC                               MENTAL HEALTH         Violet Lowery
 Glen D. Dowell          Gary Barnes        MACK ALFORD CC          (FACILITY)         Michael Newton
                        Kevin Johnson       Robert Biberstine      Judy Barnard
                                                                                        Richard Wilson
 COMMUNITY               Anita Weaver                               Tricia Smith
                                                                                       Carla Blackburn
 SENTENCINg/             Carlos Colina      MEDICAL ADMIN/          Lee Thrash
                                                                                      Dewey Goodnight
FIELD SERvICES         Joshua Cultrera        FIELD SvC
                                                                                        Kelly Hamblin
Andrew L. Spivak       Larry Howell Jr.       Ross Fisher           NORTHEAST
                                                                                       Shaun Hubbard
Courtney Charish       Timothy Nichols       Bettye Pickard         DISTRICT CC
                       Matthew Keefe                              Ronald Asmus III     Melissa Shandy
DICK CONNER CC                                 MEDICAL/           Jonathan Herlan
 Rebecca J. Bosch    JIM E. HAMILTON CC     DICK CONNER CC                               PROgRAMS
  Ricky B. Cross           Billy Butts       Anthony McKee         NORTHWEST             Kathy Taylor
Sherrie L. Orsburn      Jimmie Gibson         Cheryl Bonner         DISTRICT CC
 Zachariah Pease                               Lisa Bunde            Niki Smith         SOUTHEAST
 Michael D. Pugh      JOSEPH HARP CC         Anthony McKee        John Masquelier       DISTRICT CC
 Karen S. Hendrix         Eric Beasley      Cynthia Schmidt                             Mayra LTorres
  Kelly L. Potter       Michael Burke                           OCI MANUFACTURINg
                           Gary Bush           MEDICAL/             Margaret Ruff       SOUTHWEST
   EDUCATION           Gilbert Cheveres     EDDIE WARRIOR CC         Teresa Terry       DISTRICT CC
   Joe B. Gunter         Raphard Cox          Amanda Myers        Rebecca Williams      Crystal Davis
  Jarel L. Hansen       Cody DeCamp                                                      Warren Field
                        James Dutton           MEDICAL/             OKLAHOMA            Joshua Smith
  ELK CITY CWC           Thayer Goss        JOSEPH HARP CC            CITY CCC        Karrie Springstead
 Lyle E. Jameson         Emery Grove          Cassi Allison         Curtis Houze        Lee Barnett III
  Lonny L. Ritter        Lea Hopkins          Daisy Bolden          John Allums
    Traci Wales        Jeffery Howard           Vee Dees            Kevin Bickell      TREATMENT &
 James A. Vickers      Michael Neeley        Angella Jarman       Reginald Edwards     REHAB SvCS
                         Layla Nickey          Kim Miller
                                                                                       Linda Jackson
  FINANCE &               Jason Page          Debra Rennie          OKLA. STATE
                                                                                        Leo Brown, Jr.
 ACCOUNTINg               John Roper          Lisa Williams       PENITENTIARY
 Peggy S. Tapley        Joshua Ryans                               Alfonso Canon
                                                                                     TULSA CO. DISTRICT
                     Joseph Tomasheski     MEDICAL/LEXINgTON         John Martin
                                                                                        COMM CORR
FREDERICK CWC            Warren Bass          A&R CENTER             Kelley Pryor
 Jodie W. Bartlett                            Florence Price       Kyle Williamson    Melissa Travis-Neal
  Danny J. Niver     KATE BARNARD CCC                               Tammy Willis        Douglas Berry
                      Robert Rodriquez        MEDICAL/             John McClellan        Jay Colcord
 INFORMATION                               MABEL BASSETT CC        Patricia Reeves
 TECHNOLOgY             LAWTON CCC           Yolando Cato             Joe Riddle       WALTERS CWC
 Sidney J. Hardy         Eliza Steele                              Shelley Teague      Antonio Vasquez
Jean-Marc Hache                              MEDICAL/OKLA.          Tammy Willis
                        LEXINgTON          STATE PENITENTIARY     Denver Dobson       WILLIAM S. KEY CC
 INSTITUTIONS           A&R CENTER           Deborah Leggett      Michael Gruebele      Destry Weeks
 Delores J. Nace        Chris Brooks                              Brianna Kemper
               Retirements                                            Calendar
       Janice	Blair,	Central	District	Community	Corrections
          James	Coy,	James	Crabtree	Correctional	Center
      Fred	Durham,	Central	District	Community	Corrections      15-21 National Volunteer Week
      Earl	Morton,	Lexington	Assessment	&	Reception	Center	    22-28 National Victims’ Rights Week
          Michael	Norcross,	Oklahoma	State	Reformatory
                                                               23-29 Administrative Professional
      Berthal	(B.R.)	Reaves,	Beaver	Community	Work	Center            Week
          Kay	Tharp,	Elk	City	Community	Work	Center
                                                               24-27 Pardon and Parole Board Mtg.
                                                                     Hillside CCC
                                                               26     Take Your Daughters & Sons to
     Donna	Bruton,	Tulsa	Co.	District	Community	Corrections           Work Day
        Charlie	Carter,	Dick	Conner	Correctional	Center
                                                               27     Board of Corrections Meeting
           Jim	Johnston,	Oklahoma	State	Penitentiary                  Union City CCC
     Charles	Riggs,	Northeast	District	Community	Corrections
      Lamona	Rounsaville,	Joseph	Harp	Correctional	Center                        May
                     Edith	Savory,	Accounting
                                                               6-12   National Correctional Officer
        Helen	Woodall,	Mack	Alford	Correctional	Center                Week

                                                               13     Mother’s Day

                                                               18     Correctional Employees
                                                                      Memorial Dedication
                  Next Issue                                   18     Board of Corrections Mtg.
                                                                      Lexington A&R Center

             Educational Services                              22-25 Pardon & Parole Board Mtg.
                                                                     Hillside CCC

                                                               28     Memorial Day
      Those Who Have Served
     — A Military Connection —                                                   June
                                                               14     Flag Day
       Training and Supporting                                 17     Father’s Day
     Ex-offenders as Entrepreneurs                             19-22 Pardon & Parole Board Mtg.
                                                                     Hillside CCC

                                                               28     Board of Corrections Mtg.
                                                                      Dick Conner CC

                     TA GS
              Promote your organization or special affiliation.

              Available in a variety of colors or designs, these

              are useful in promoting schools, cities, teams,

              tribes and businesses. The tags are available
                     PRODUCT #CHRXCF
              in reflective and non-reflective faces. They are

              the same size as a standard car tag. Available in

              galvanized steel or aluminum.

 Designed by a doctor
to properly fit the body
                             each tag
             ($10 set-up charge)
             Fabric Colors
        100% Recycled Polyester

 Java     Brick   Forest   Sapphire Blue Mist Purple   Black

  Khaki    Magenta Burgundy Persimmon Sandstone Capri

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                                                                   Fax: 405-425-2838        Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73111
                                                               Toll Free: 1-800-522-3565                                       Email:
                                              more than a JoB...
                             ’S a career opportunity!
Carla Brooks, Lieutenant
Mabel Bassett Correctional Center
Mother and grandmother
Full time college student (3.73 gPA)                            Correctional
                                                                Officers and
                                                               Probation and
                                                               Parole Officers!

     For further information about career opportunities with
     the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, please contact
                                                                 OKLAHOMADEPARTMENT OF
     Personnel at 405-425-2861; or call 1-877-276-JOBS;               CORRECTIONS
     view current job openings at                 “Standing	Proud”

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