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           Scentchips® Intellectual Property
      Non-               Non-
      Non-disclosure and Non-Compete Agreement

Scentchips® home fragrance products, as well as corresponding accessory lines, are
copyrighted and registered trademark products.

In order to best determine and fulfill the needs of interested retailers, Scentchips USA will
present confidential and protected product information regarding the manufacturing and
marketing of Scentchips® home fragrance products. All product information, financial
information and marketing plans will be considered protected intellectual property.

Disclosure of any presented information to any outside party is strictly prohibited.

Use of any Scentchips® product information or marketing programs by any non-authorized
party, for any purpose including manufacturing of similar product or marketing of any product
other than Scentchips® home fragrance product is strictly prohibited.

Acceptance of this agreement is a legal consent by the interested retail owner to be held
financially liable for any damage or loss resulting from unauthorized disclosure of the presented
company, product or marketing information.

This agreement shall become a binding contract when signed by both parties, and formally
accepted by Scentchips USA.

_____________________________ ________                _________________________________
Barry H. Clark                Date                    Name of Retail Owner
SCENTCHIPS USA                                        PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY
301 Breesport                                         _______________________ _________
San Antonio, Texas 78216                              Signature of Retail Owner: Date
(210) 341-7373
(210) 341-7979-FAX

**Required information**

Your Name:             __________________________
Address:               __________________________
Phone:                 (______) __________________
Fax:                   (______) __________________
Email:                 __________________________

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