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S Corporation Formation


S Corporation Formation document sample

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Permit_No   Site                               Company
G-001       Favell-Utley 1                     Gulf Research & Development Company
G-003       Magma La Grande 1                  Magma Energy
G-007       Wolfson Ranch 1                    San Jaun Oil Company
G-010       Old Maid Flat 1                    Northwest Natural Gas Company
G-027       Glass Butte Stratigraphic Test 1   Phillips Petroleum Company
G-046       Ore-Ida 1                          ORE-IDA Foods, Inc.
G-070       Pucci Chairlift 55-7               U.S. Geological Survey
G-081       Old Maid Flat 7A                   Northwest Natural Gas Co.
G-085       Breitenbush 58-28 (South)          Sunoco Energy Development Company (Sunedco)
G-118       GEO N-1                            Geo Operator Corp.
G-124       CTHG-1                             CE Exploration
G-125       GEO N-2                            Geo Operator Corp.
G-126       GEO N-3                            Geo Operator Corp.
G-127       CE-NB-3                            California Energy Company, Inc.
G-129       CE-NB-4                            California Energy Company, Inc.
G-132       GEO N-5                            Geo Operator Corp.
G-150       Pueblo Valley 52-22A               Anadarko Production Company
G-151       Pueblo Valley 66-22A               Anadarko Production Company
G-153       Pueblo Valley 25-22A Deepening     Anadarko Production Company
G-157       ESI-A-S-ALT                        Trans-Pacific Geothermal Corporation
G-175       76-15 TCH                          CE Exploration
G-178       23-22                              CE Exploration
G-179       86-21                              CE Exploration
G-180       TGC 61-10                          Trans-Pacific Geothermal Corporation

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Borehole Compensated Sonic Log 2-inch scale
Compensated Neutron-Formation Density Log 3-inch
Compensated Acoustic Velocity Log
Caliper 5-inch Log
Lithologic Log
Temperature Log Run One 2-inch scale
Dual Induction Guard Log 5-inch scale with 2-inch Linear Correlation Log
Directional Survey Run 1 Log
Borehole Compensated Sonic Log
BHC Acoustic Fraclog 5-inch scale
Caliper Dual Gamma-Gamma Density
BHC Acoustic Fraclog Gamma Ray 5-inch scale
Caliper Log 2-inch scale
Formation Log
Formation Log
4-Arm Caliper Log 2-inch scale
Formation Log
Formation Log
Formation Log Preliminary
Borehole Compensated Sonic Log
Formation Log
Cast Log
Dual Induction - SFL with Linear Correlation Log 5-inch scale
Formation Log (Geothermal Data Log)

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Folder_Name                            Folder_size   Status        County                         64.6 MB   Complete      Lake                        79 MB   Complete      Union                        55.8 MB   Complete      Lake                         169 MB   Complete      Clackamas       1.25 MB   Complete      Lake                               349 MB   Complete      Malheur                   15.6 MB   Incomplete    Clackamas                        412 MB   Complete      Clackamas                51.7 MB   Complete      Marion                                 168 MB   Complete      Deschutes                                  111 MB   Complete      Deschutes                                 157 MB   Complete      Deschutes                                 108 MB   Complete      Deschutes                                1.41 MB   Complete      Deschutes                                3.24 MB   Complete      Deschutes                                61.9 MB   Complete      Deschutes                   17.5 MB   Complete      Harney                   23.0 MB   Complete      Harney         22.7 MB   Complete      Harney                            68.1 MB   Complete      Malheur                              28.6 MB   Complete      Deschutes                                  58.4 MB   Incomplete    Deschutes                                 134.4 MB   Incomplete    Deschutes
Pending                                       0 MB   Pending       Malheur

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