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									                         REPORT ON
                 “GEBYAR SAFE MOTHERHOOD”

The Safe Motherhood Awareness Campaign took place in Indonesia in May and June, 2007. It
was held in commemoration of Kartini Day, which is held on April 21st in memory of a national
hero, Ibu Kartini, who died of obstetric hemorrhage four days after giving birth to her first son.
The Campaign was also held in commemoration of the International Day of the Midwife on
May 5; the Anniversary of APPI on May 8; and the Anniversary of IBI on June 24. The
goal of the campaign was to raise awareness and achieve active community participation in Safe
Motherhood through birth preparedness and complication readiness.


Every minute around the world, a woman dies because of pregnancy or birth related
complications. In Indonesia, there are 20,000 maternal deaths per year, which means 2 women
die every hour. The Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR) in Indonesia is very high, at 307 deaths per
100,000 live births (SDKI 2002 – 2003), a number far higher than that of neighboring countries
Malaysia and Singapore.

In order to meet the MDG 5 Target of 125 per 100,000 live births by 2015, Indonesia must
accelerate the reduction of maternal deaths by strengthening networks and partnerships among
stakeholders and community members.

Eighty to 85% of maternal deaths are preventable if the community actively participates in the
effort to save the lives of mothers and newborns. The 4 “Delays” and 4 “Too’s” explain direct
and indirect causes of the high MMR in Indonesia. The 4 delays that often lead to maternal death
are: (1) delay in recognizing an emergency; (2) delay in seeking care; (3) delay in reaching the
appropriate health facility; and (4) delay in receiving appropriate care in the health facility. The 4
“TOO’s” that explain risk factors for maternal mortality are: (1) too young; (2) too old; (3) too
many children; and (4) too frequent birth intervals. Every pregnancy is at risk.


    The White Ribbon Alliance (WRA) is a Global Movement, established in 1999, with members in
    91 countries. In Indonesia, Aliansi Pita Putih Indonesia (APPI), is one of first formed WRA
    National Alliances and was established in 1999. APPI operates in 27 Provinces and 40 Districts
    across Indonesia, working hard to make motherhood safe for all. APPI works to raise awareness,
    build alliances, and act as catalysts for change. It uses 5 strategies to accomplish its goals:
    advocacy, IEC, networking, capacity building, and youth peer-group education.

    Active Community Participation in Safe Motherhood through Birth Preparedness and
    Complication Readiness.

             A. Short term:
                 1. Raise awareness of Safe Motherhood among community members
                 2. Strengthen community partnerships on Birth Preparedness and Complication
                 3. Increase active community participation and concrete actions of Safe
                    Motherhood activities within communities.
              B. Long term:
                 1. Advocate for policy change
                 2. Behavior Change Communication regarding traditional and cultural practices
                    and gender biases that are not conducive to Safe Motherhood practices


       A. Main Theme of “Gebyar Safe Motherhood” Campaign: Birth Preparedness and
          Complication Readiness
          Additional Theme: Midwives reach out to women, wherever they live. Theme of
          International Day of the Midwife, 5 May 2007.

       B. Campaign Agenda

    ACTIVITIES                    DATE           VENUE         ATTENDED BY
1   BLOOD DONORS                  May 2          Kowani        Partners of Kowani and APPI
    250 participants
2   ANNIVERSARY of APPI           May 8          BKKBN     APPI Committee, APPI Advisers
3   INTERACTIVE DIALOG            May 16         Gd Wanita SMPN104 Mampang Prapatan and
    WITH YOUTH                                   Nyi Ageng Madrasah Tsyanawiyah RPI
    120 Participants                             Serang

4   PRESS CONFERENCE             May 25    MOH          Dirjen Binkesmas Dr Sriastuti
    with representatives of 28                          Soeparmanto MPH, UNFPA Dr
    journalists                                         ZahidulHuque,PresidiumAPPI,Ch
                                                        air    person   of       BKKBN
                                                        Chairperson of Solidaritas Istri
                                                        Kabinet      Indonesia    Bersatu
                                                        (SIKIB)     Ibu    Widodo     AS,
                                                        Chairperson of IBI, WHO
                                                        Challenge Corporation (MCC) .
5   FAMILY MARCH WITH May 26               Kowani       Representatives    of    MOWE,
    PREGNANT WOMEN                         Bunderan     UNFPA, USAID’
    700 participants including 30          HI           ARTISTS & ACTORS : Ike
    artists and actors                                  Nurjanah, Sofie Novita, Arzeti,
                                                        Dominique , Moza, Tamara
                                                        Geraldin, Andika Pratama, Resa
                                                        Susmex, KDI Group, the Group of
                                                        Srimulat -Tarzan,        Nurbuat,
                                                        Rohana moderated by Gugun
6   LAUNCHING OF                 May 28    RRI          The First Lady Hj Ani Susilo
    PROGRAMA 3 RRI :             June 25   Programa 3   Bambang Yudhoyono launched
    “KELUARGA                              10–11 AM     the Program in a special agenda
    INDONESIA”                             every        we called “ Ibu Negara Menyapa
    MoU APPI – BKKBN– RRI                  Monday       Keluarga Indonesia” as a grand
    IEC every Monday, RRI                               launching of           “Keluarga
                                                        Indonesia “ in the RRI.
7   SEMINAR          RAISING June 9        RSPAD GS     MOWE Prof DR Meutia Hatta ,
    AWARENESS ON SAFE                                   Prof Haryono Soeyono , Presidium
    MOTHERHOOD                                          APPI Dr Srihartati P, Chairperson
    520 Participants                                    of IBI Dra Harni Kusno SKM
                                                        Moderator:Dr Sunitri Widodo ,
                                                        Nurainy Majid SKM MKes
    RAPPI Persada Husada         June 12   LVRI        300 participants
    Indonesia                              Jakarta
    RAPPI Banjarmasin            June 23   BKKBN       60 participants

9    SOCIAL EVENT – Free of        June 20   IBI Jl Johar   UNFPA - Ibu Maria Indah
     charge Health Services &                Baru           MOH - Dr A Putri
     FP                                                     BKKBN DKI ,BKOW DKI
     505 Participants: ANC 23,                              Walikota Jakarta Pusat ,TP PKK
     Balita: 245, GE: 136,                                  Jakarta Pusat,Camat Gambir -
     Immunization: 3;                                       Bapak Wahyu W
     FPAcceptors: Injection: 17,
     IUD: 14, Implant: 22,
     Osteophorosis Exam:103

10   ADVOCACY for Public
     Policy Changes:

a.   RTD APPI -DPRD North          May 22    Medan          Mien Dahlan Ranuwihardjo
     Sumatera                                               Ssos,Wastidar Musbir, DPRD
                                                            North Sumatera (12 Participants)
                                                            Promise to allocate budget
                                                            /APBD for APPI Province

b.   RTD APPI- DPRD District       May 25    Purwodadi      DR Andriansyah APPI East Java,
     of Pasuruan                                            APPI District, DPRD Pasuruan (8
                                                            participants from DPRD District)

c.   RTD APPI – DPRD of West       June 14   Bandung        Dr Ratna, Kuswenda, DPRD West
     Java                                                   Java (11 participants of the DPRD

d.   RTD with Komisi VIII          June 18   Gd           Vice Chairperson of Komisi VIII
     DPR RI on Safe                          Nusantara II Hj Yoyoh Yusroh and 22 members
     Motherhood .                            DPRRI        of Komisi VIII.

e.   APPI Audiency to              June      Gd
     Chairperson of MPR RI                   Nusantara      Presidium APPI
     Bapak Hidayat NurWahid                  III DPRRI      Support APPI to continuing the
                                                            socialization of the issues of MMR
                                                            and IMR to the Special
                                                            Committee on the Law of
                                                            President /Governor/ Bupati

11   Safe Motherhood
     Awareness Campaign in the
     Provinces:                                                   Building Partnership in the Effort
a.     LAMPUNGSEMINAR               April 11       PMI            to Accelerate the Reduction of
                                                   Lampung        MMR & IMR in Lampung

b.   JAMBI WORKSHOP                 June 18        PMI Jambi      “ APPI and Safe Motherhood
                                                                  Overview “

c.   SOUTH KALIMANTAN               June 21-22     Auditorium-    Bupati Tabalong , Chairperson of
     Launching of APPI 2                           District of    PKK Tabalong and Balangan,
     Districts Tabalong &                          Tabalong in    National APPI, BKKB, Health
     Balangan                                      Tanjung        Services District, Province APPI
     Workshop & Training of                                       and 60 participants from 2
     Facilitator - Desa KIBBLA                                    Districts and 2 Villages Warukin
                                                                  and Dahai
     Training of RAPPI in           June 23        BKKB           Supported by PT Tambang
     Banjarmasin                                   Province       Batubara Adaro ( CSR ).
                                                                  Vice Governor of South
     Partnerships : CSR- Local                                    Kalimantan
     Authority- APPI                                              and 60 youth participants

      V. Conclusion: The impact of the campaign and the outcome of the advocacy activities.

         1. Family March with Pregnant Women
            This event was a Peace March aimed to raise community awareness toward giving much
            needed attention and assistance to the pregnant women either in their families or in their
            surrounding. Approximately 700 people participated in the March, including
            representatives of the Ministry of Women Empowerment, BKKBN, Kowani’s (National
            Council of Women), APPI, donors (UNFPA, HSP/USAID, Private Sector/ Business
            sector), and more than 30 famous celebrities and film stars. The march made traffic jump
            around the Hotel Indonesia and raised awareness among the community about the
            importance of Safe Motherhood. It helped community members realize that Safe
            Motherhood is not only health problem but also Basic Fundamental Human Right and a
            Traditional/Cultural issue.

            The impact of the March:
            Strengthened the network of all stakeholders of Safe Motherhood, including:
            Governmental Organizations, NGOs, the Private Sector, and the Business Sector;
            encouraged Corporate Social Responsibility.

2. Press Conference
   Socialization of Safe Motherhood through Media occurred by conducting a Press
   Conference attended by more than 28 journalists. The conference was held in MOH with
   5 main speakers from MOH, BKKBN, UNFPA, SIKIB, and APPI. This event aimed to
   raise support for Safe Motherhood activities in the community. Ibu Widodo AS,
   chairperson of Solidaritas Istri Kabinet Indonesia Bersatu (SIKIB), said that the First
   Lady supports the program of Safe Motherhood to accelerate the reduction of MMR.
   The MMR figures in Indonesia are still disputed by the government. Despite the
   controversy over the figures of MMR, as is the case for many countries, activists in
   Indonesia are joining hands with the government to raise awareness and act as catalyst for
   change at the grass roots level.

3. Safe Motherhood weekly Radio Broadcast
   The participation of the electronic media in IEC is broadcast by the Radio Republik
   Indonesia/RRI) Program 3, which relays the Safe Motherhood Program across the
   country every Monday from 10:00-11:00AM. This Program was officially launched by
   First Lady Ibu Ani Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on Monday June 25, 2007. The First
   Lady serves as a patron to APPI and supports the motto “Zero Tolerance for Maternal
   Death.” The program is intended to be an effective interactive dialog between APPI, safe
   motherhood experts, government officials, and the community, as well as to give
   information about governmental health schemes, inform people about the government
   programs on MNCH, MPS, best practices in Safe Motherhood, and other integrated

4. RAPPI (Youth APPI)
   It is important for youth to take part in the Safe Motherhood Campaign and Activities,
   either as the subject or object of BPCR. The youth peer educator program will be
   established as part of APPI, called RAPPI (Youth APPI). The peer educators will focus
   on issues such as prevention of drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, sexual health, and many other
   reproductive health issues. The interactive dialog conducted by YKAR Kowani with
   primary high school students, and the Seminar on Healthy Life Style (PHBS) held by
   Yayasan Persada Husada for nursing students and the youth in Banjarmasin, are simply
   examples of how the youth are eager to participate in Safe Motherhood activities.

5. Advocating for Policy Change
   Advocacy activities were planned by APPI to meet with the Public Policy Makers, either
   at the executive/national level, locally, or the legislative/DPR RI. DPRD
   Provinces/Districts were often canceled because of the strict time schedule of the
   members of DPR / DPRD. In general, they said that they were shocked to learn that
   every hour, two women die in Indonesia because of pregnancy and birth related
   complications. Their reaction portrayed that they were not previously aware of this issue.

   Outcomes of advocacy activities:
   DPRD Sumatera Utara, Komisi E: 100% in support of the MNCH Program politically
   and budget wise, and promised to make Local Authority Regulation (Peraturan Daerah/

       o Commitment of DPRD District of Pasuruan to increase budget for MNCH
         Program in Pasuruan and allocate budget for APPI District.

       o Commitment of DPRD West Java: Promised to work on increasing budget for
         poor families (Keluarga Miskin/ GAKIN), and APPI can access or request this
         budget by appropriate proposal.

       o Komisi VIII DPRRI agreed that the high rate of maternal mortality needs a
         strategic program to meet the MDGs target in 2015. Budget Support from APBN
         for MNCH Program is a must. DPR RI Komisi VIII supports the APPI program
         and hopes that the program will be distributed to the Provinces, Districts, Sub-
         districts and at the grass root level/in villages all over the country.

6. BAKTI SOSIAL (Social Event)
   Concrete activities of APPI are very important to expose the existence of APPI and
   ensure to the community that “Every Pregnancy is at Risk and Needs BPCR.” Bakti
   social was held in RS IBI in collaboration between APPI and IBI, supported by UNFPA
   and local authority of DKI Jakarta, and proved that activists (NGOs) are joining hands
   with the government and donor agencies. The event provided a free health clinic with
   services such as free of charge ANC/PNC, Family Planning, and Immunizations.
   The event was attended by 505 Participants (ANC: 23; Balita: 245; GE 136;
   Immunization: 3; FP Acceptors: Injection 17 , IUD 14, Implant 22; Osteoporosis
   Examination: 103). This event also proved that the community in need of aid and
   assistance for health and family planning services.
           Activities in the villages are sounded by the establishment of Desa KIBBLA: a
   village where all the community members are concerned and willing to help pregnant
   women, newborn babies, and children in their village.

7. Campaigns in the Provinces
   Safe Motherhood Awareness Campaigns in the Provinces varied; fully dependent on their
   specific situation and condition.

   APPI Lampung Seminar: Building Partnerships in the effort to accelerate the reduction
   of MMR & IMR in the Lampung Province.
   Theme: “APPI and Safe Motherhood Overview”

   Chair person of TP PKK (the wife of the governor of Jambi), as a patron of APPI Jambi,
   and the wife of Vice governor, as Chairperson of APPI Jambi, showed their interest in
   Safe Motherhood Program and the Youth Program.

   APPI South Kalimantan – Declaration of RAPPI and establishment of 2 Desa
   - Launching of APPI in 2 Districts: Tabalong & Balangan
   - Workshop & Training of Facilitator - Desa KIBBLA

       - Training of RAPPI in Banjarmasin
       - MoU between APPI South Kalimantan and PT Adaro Envirocoal marked the milestone
       of partnership between APPI and Business Sector to develop Corporate Social
       Responsibility and Community Development.

Those are the whole activities in accordance with the “Safe Motherhood Awareness Campaign”
by APPI and its partners in May and June 2007. Thank you to all the participates and for the
support given to the organizing committee, and we always hope that God The Almighty will
bless us all.

                               Jakarta, June 30, 2007


Chairperson of the Presidium                 Chairperson of the Organizing Committee

Dr Srihartati Pandi MPH                      Dr Sunitri Widodo


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