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					                                           Sample – Wage slip

   Important Note: This is not a prescribed document. The intent of this document is to provide
   basic guideline and should be of some help to the end user (manufacturer / supplier or any
   such entity). BTE does not claim or insist that the end user should have similar or look alike
   document mentioned here. The aim of this document is to demonstrate the ideal form with
   minimum content, which has the element of transparency. With the help of this document the
   end user can create their own document, which would be suitable and relevant to their
   production process, local / regional industrial norms and importantly at par with the local /
   regional legislations.

                                          Name of the Company
                                       Monthly Salary / Wage Slip
Employee Name:                                           Employee Designation :
Employee No.:                                            Grade / Category: Staff / Worker
P.P.F. A/c No.:                                          E.S.I.C. A/c No.:
For the Month:                                           Date of Salary / Wages:
Status: Permanent / Probation / Apprentice / Trainee / Skill level: Skilled / Semi skilled / Unskilled / Not
Casual / on Contract                                     Applicable
Days in a Month:                                         Leaves Taken in a Month:
Total Days worked in the month:                          Days Paid:
Total Over Time worked in a Month:                       Rate of Over Time:
               Earnings (Rs.)                              Deductions (Rs.)                   Net Salary (Rs.)
Basic                                          P.P.F. Contribution
House Rent Allowance                           E.S.I.C. Contribution
Medical Allowance                              Profession Tax (if any)
Travel Allowance                               Income Tax (if any)
Any other Allowance                            Loan Installment (if any)
Over Time earnings                             Advance (if any)
Performance bonus (if any)                     Fine (if any)
Any other Earnings                             Any other Deductions
                        Total :                                      Total :                 Rs. :

   General Manager / signing authority:                           Office Seal of the Company:

   Address of the Company:
   Phone:                              Fax:                                Email:

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