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					NOTE: Calculator applies to NSPS employees who did not receive a 2007 final rating of
record and are not eligible for a performance payout.
To use the calculator, enter your information in the highlighted cells below.
Other cells will calculate automatically.
                                                      Methodology Recap: The calculation starts with
Enter Current Base Salary as of
                                                      the employee's base salary earned on January 6,
January 6, 2008 (before                               2008 (not including local market supplement and
adjustments)                                     $0   before adjustments). Add to the base salary the
                                                      dollar value of the rate range adjustment and an
Base Salary Increase of 2.5%                          additional base salary increase of 1.0%, or [Base
(Rate Range Adjustment of                             salary + (base salary x .025)]. The sum is the
1.5% and Additional Base                              new base salary. Add the value of the new local
                                                      market supplement (LMS) to the new base salary
Salary Increase of 1.0%)                         $0   [new base salary + (new base salary x LMS%)].
New Base Salary After Adding
Rate Range                                       $0 * The NSPS Local Market Supplement is equal to
Enter Local Market Supplement                         Locality Pay under the General Schedule. To find
(LMS)* percentage for your                            your Local Market Supplement percentage go to:
area.                                                 pl.aspx
(LMS % for Washington, DC is
included as an example.)                   20.89% NOTE: The purpose of this calculator is to assist
                                                      NSPS employees (who did not receive a 2007
New Local Market Supplement                           final rating of record and are not eligible for a
                                                      performance payout) in WHS and WHS-serviced
Amount                                           $0
                                                      organizations with calculation of their projected
                                                      2008 salary. This calculator is not intended to
                                                      result in official salary information which will be
New Total Salary on January 6,                        documented in an employee’s Notification of
2008                                             $0   Personnel Action (SF-50).

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