Salary History and 3 Professional Work Experience

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        Functions of a Resume

•Make contact with a potential employer
•Provide employer with a concise summary of
 education, skills, and goals
•Facilitate the employment interview
•Serve as a record to leave with a potential
•Provide additional information when
 completing applications
From USA Today Snapshots…
     The Trouble with Resumes:

•Dishonesty and Lies               36%
•Too Long                          21%
•Errors & Misspellings             19%
•Lack of Specifics                 12%
•Irrelevant Material               11%
•Failure to List Accomplishments   10%
•Too Short                          2%
Know Yourself
1. Contact Information

  Must include:
  •Daytime phone number
      -with a professional message on
        the answering machine
  •E-mail address
                       JOHN L. DOE
                      105 South Maple
                   Mt. Pleasant, IA 52641
                        319 385-0001

                          John L. Doe
105 South Maple • Mt. Pleasant, IA 52641 • (319) 385-0001

                    Patricia Lynn Mahone
 Present Address:                       Permanent Address:
 105 South Maple                        123 Oak Drive
 Mt. Pleasant, IA 52241                 Skokie, IL 60000
 319 645-0001                           708 333-4444

Possible Titles:
  • Career Objective
  • Professional Objective
  • Professional Goal

Focus Areas:
  • Position
  • Field
  • Skills

Always Include:
  •Name of the Institution
  •Graduation Date
                        Possible headings include:
                           •Educational Background
                           •Educational Preparation
                           •Academic Background
                           •Academic Training
         Mt. Pleasant High School , Mt. Pleasant, IA
         High School Diploma, May 20__
         3.25/4.00 major GPA


  High School Diploma     December 20__
  Cumulative GPA: 3.2/4.0
RELATED       Introduction to Computers
COURSES       Computer Programming I & II
              Business Communications
              Principles of Accounting I & II


SPECIAL Knowledge of DOS & MAC Computing Systems
SKILLS  Year Book Graphic Design
        Web Page Design
                             Must Include:
                                  Job Title
                           Company Name
                 City/State of Employment
                 Dates (mo./yr.) Employed
                      Brief Job Description

Never Include:
Reason for Leaving
Salary History

Possible Titles:
Work Experience
Career Related Experience
Relevant Experience
Employment History
Internship Experience
Sales (specific profession)
         Elements of an Effective
             Job Description
      Skill + Duty + Accomplishment

• Skill = Skill Word, Action Verb
• Duty = Skill Associated with Responsibility
     •Sold advertising space to businesses
• Accomplishment = How you contributed to
     the company’s bottom line
     •Sold advertising to 40 Iowa City businesses,
      opening up four new accounts and increasing
      ad revenues by 15% for territory

    Sales Associate, January 20_-present
    Target, West Burlington, IA
    Help customers select retail items, inventory control and
    stocking department shelves.

    Child Care Provider, January - August 20____
    Mr. And Mrs. Smith, Mt. Pleasant, IA
    Cared for three children during summer months.

    Have held additional part-time positions including
    newspaper routes and mowing yards.
    Insurance Partners, Mt. Pleasant, IA
    Intern August 19_-December 20_
    • Scheduled Appointments
    • Developed quarterly newsletter for distribution to all
      current and prospective clients
    • Completed office administrative tasks as required
           Possible Resume Headings
Activities                Honors/Awards
Activities and Honors     Special Honors
Civic Activities          Scholarships
Community Service         College Distinctions
Volunteer Work            Awards Received

           Special Skills/Training
     Special Training       Areas of Knowledge
     Certifications         Professional Skills
     Endorsements           Computer Skills
     Language Skills        Areas of Expertise
ACTIVITIES: English Club
            Intramural Softball
            Peer Tutor

LEADERSHIP Peer Tutor (20_)
EXPERIENCE: • Assist Junior High Teachers
            • Help students with course work
            • Set example to younger students
HONORS/        Honor Roll (Fall 20_)
ACTIVITIES     National Honor Society
               Volunteer, Ronald McDonald House

COMMUNITY      Ronald McDonald House, Iowa City, IA
ACTIVITIES     Volunteer (19_ - present)
               • Organize activities for ill children
               • Greet guests and visitors during night
                 hours, often unsupervised

ADDITIONAL  Basic knowledge of Spanish and German
Never Include:

-Titles (Resume of:)
- Reason for leaving a position
- Salary history or requirements
- Jargon/abbreviations
- Photos
- Health/physical description
- “I”
- Exaggerations
A Good Resume Should:

    + Invite you to read it,
      with a clear layout
    + Start sentences with action verbs
    + Be free of spelling, punctuation, &
         grammatical errors
    + Use only the most relevant information
    + Be one page, printed on quality paper
                      JoAnn Jones
112 Weston Way • Mt. Pleasant, IA 52641 • (319) 000-0000


                      Dr. Adam Smith
               Department of Economics - Chair
              Room 254 EPB, University of Iowa
                    Iowa City, IA 52242
                      (319) 335-0000

                    Ms. Mary Alexander
               Gregory Services - Unit Manager
                     1000 Grand Avenue
                   Des Moines, IA 50000
                       (515) 000-0000
       Should Be:
•Addressed to an Individual
•Business Format - Typed
•One Page
Ask Yourself:

1.   Why?

2.   Why me?

3.   What next?
     (Active VS. Passive Close)
444 South Johnson Street #10
Iowa City, IA 52240
September 10, 20XX

Barbara A. James
Software Engineer
Billings Controls
2260 Mountain View Road
Billings, MT 59101

Dear Ms. James:

Ms. Julia Tandy, Director of Data Systems at Thomas Corporation,
suggested that I contact you directly regarding a position opening
with Billings Controls. I was excited to learn that you are looking
for an electrical engineer to work on your current upgrade project
and would like to be considered as a candidate for that position.
As a co-op student at Thomas Corporation, I gained exposure to
many of the same computerized manufacturing systems that are
employed by your company. For example, I completed
modification and testing on the systems used at Thomas
Corporation. Given my co-op experience, as described in the
enclosed resume, as well as my educational background, I am
confident that I would be an asset to your project team.

I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about my
qualifications in detail and how I might make a contribution to
your organization. During the week of September 22, I will
call your office to see if such a meeting can be arranged.

Thank you for your consideration.

Ashley Seat
Ashley Seat
Cover Letter Tips:

   Read it out loud

   The “Tandem Approach”

   Fresh material
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