List of evaluations by ashrafp


									               Evaluations conducted during the 2005 reporting period
1. Evaluations conducted by the Evaluation Office
 Evaluation of gender mainstreaming in UNDP
 UNDP role and contributions in the HIV/AIDS response in Southern Africa and Ethiopia
 Evaluation of regional cooperation framework for the Arab States, 2002-2005
 Country evaluation: Assessments of Development Results – Honduras
 Country evaluation: Assessments of Development Results – Syria
 Country evaluation: Assessments of Development Results – Ukraine
 Country evaluation: Assessments of Development Results – Yemen

2. Evaluations managed by units responsible for programmes
  Africa (RBA) outcome evaluations
      Country                                                       Title
                      Resources mobilized and coordination mechanism established in view of effective governance
    Cape Verde
      Eritrea         Conservation and management of coastal, marine and island biodiversity
      Ghana           Governance programme outcome evaluation
     Mauritania       Etude sur le volontariat dans la wilaya de l‟Assaba
     Mauritania       Modernisation de l‟administration publique et gouvernance économique
                      Une stratégie opérationnelle de micro entreprise et microfinance mise en œuvre pour mieux
     Mauritania       garantir aux pauvres et, en particulier aux femmes, le droit d‟accéder aux ressources
       Niger          Etude d‟impact des interventions de „Entreprendre au Niger‟
                      Analyse de la contribution du PNUD à la résorption de la crise alimentaire au Niger et à la
                      sécurité alimentaire
       Niger          Evaluation du fonds de roulement N‟Guigmi et perspectives de viabilité
       Niger          Rapport d‟étude portant sur l‟analyse des appuis du Programme cadre de lutte contre la pauvreté
                      PNUD-Niger entrant dans la revue annuelle du programme de 2005
       Niger          Evaluation à mi-parcours de l‟UNDAF
      Uganda          Evaluation of increased public sector efficiency transparency and accountability
      Uganda          The outcomes and impact of the local access to justice component
      Uganda          Income generation and sustainable livelihood programme
      Zambia          Environment and natural resources
                      National strategies for sustainable development for integration of economic, social and
                      environmental issues adopted and implemented

Africa (RBA) project evaluations
      Country                                                       Title
      Angola          Institutional reform and administrative modernization programme, phase II
      Angola          The Angola enterprise programme
      Angola          National biodiversity strategic action plan
      Angola          Support to artisanal fishing and community reinforcement of the productive sector in Ambriz and
      Angola          Support to municipal justice
       Benin          Appui au développement communal et aux initiatives locales dans le Borgou
      Burundi         Rapport d‟évaluation du projet genre (2ème partie)
      Burundi         Rapport d‟évaluation du projet gouvernance démocratique
      Burundi          Rapport d‟évaluation du projet planification locale
   Burkina Faso        Projet de développement des ressources agropastorales de la Province du Namentenga
   Burkina Faso        Appui au programme Sahel Burkinabe
   Burkina Faso        Appui à la fixation des jeunes dans leurs terroirs
   Burkina Faso        Programme de renforcement des capacités de gestion de l‟économie
   Burkina Faso        Appui au Conseil national de lutte contre le sida
                       Programme pilote intégré éducation-VIH/ sida et nouvelles technologies de l‟information et de la
   Burkina Faso
   Burkina Faso        Projet d‟appui à la concertation et à la gouvernance locale
   Burkina Faso        Projet de renforcement des capacités des communes urbaines
   Burkina Faso        Programme d‟appui au monde associatif et communautaire
   Burkina Faso        Projet d‟appui au renforcement du gouvernance économique
   Cape Verde          Jeunes et Environnement
   Côte d‟Ivoire       Evaluation du programme abris zone Abidjan et périphérie
 Democratic Republic   Appui au programme national de la femme
    of the Congo
 Democratic Republic   Appui aux institutions de transition
    of the Congo
 Democratic Republic   Thematic trust fund on corruption
    of the Congo
   Guinea-Bissau       Projets PNUD/FENU région de Gabu
      Ghana            Lake Bosumtwe biodiversity conservation project
      Ghana            Assessment and impact study on awareness-raising campaign
      Ghana            Leadership Development Program – Ghana country assessment of the LDP training and outcomes
      Ghana            Consolidated democratic governance programme
      Ghana            Small arms reduction and conflict prevention project
      Ghana            Liquefied petroleum gas substitution project
                       Management of indigenous vegetation for the rehabilitation of degraded rangelands in arid zones
                       of Africa
      Malawi           Capacity development programme for national management of the HIV/AIDS response
      Malawi           Democracy consolidation programme
      Malawi           Barrier removal to renewable energy programme
      Malawi           2001 flood disaster project
      Namibia          Integrated management of the Benguela current large marine ecosystem
       Niger           Evaluation du fonds de roulement N‟Guigmi et perspectives de viabilité
      Rwanda           Développement des capacités pour le renforcement de la réponse nationale au VIH/sida
      Rwanda           Support to poverty reduction strategy implementation and aid coordination
                       Enhancing an integrated response to HIV/AIDS and poverty to reduce the impact on human
    South Africa
                       development in KwaZulu Natal, the Eastern Cape and the Northern Province
     Tanzania          Participatory democratic systems
     Uganda            Photovoltaic pilot project for rural electrification
     Uganda            District development project pilot, phase II
     Uganda            Reducing biodiversity loss at cross-border sites in East Africa
     Zambia            Enhanced local governance for poverty reduction

Asia and Pacific Region (RBAP) outcome evaluations
     Country                                                         Title
    Bangladesh         Coastal fishing communities
    Bangladesh         Integrated horticulture and nutrition development project
      Bhutan           Decentralization
      Bhutan           Poverty

     Indonesia      UNDP-Indonesia environmental management programme
     Indonesia      Impact assessment of rehabilitation of the public electrical system in East Bacan, North Maluku
     Mongolia       Human rights strengthening
     Mongolia       Poverty research and employment facilitation
                    The prospects for poverty reduction and equitable development increased through strengthened
     Mongolia       government capacities to: (a) analyze the root causes of poverty; (b) set economic, fiscal, social
                    and gender policies; and (c) implement effective policies based on consultations.
                    To ensure that environmental considerations are integrated into planning and developmental
                    processes at national, regional and local levels through multi-sectoral approaches.
                    To support legal reform and institutional development for effective implementation of national
                    policies that promote human rights as a necessary prerequisite to equitable development.
     Pakistan       Environmentally sustainable development
                    UNDP response to HIV/AIDS in Viet Nam: An outcome evaluation of UNDP‟s HIV/AIDS
     Viet Nam
                    programs in Vietnam in 2000-2004

Asia and the Pacific Region (RBAP) project evaluations
     Country                                                       Title
    Afghanistan     Support to law and order trust fund project
    Afghanistan     Afghanistan information management services
    Afghanistan     Afghanistan „New Beginning‟ programme
    Afghanistan     National area base development programme
    Bangladesh      Developing confidence-building in the Chittagong Hill tracts
    Bangladesh      Evaluation of local partnerships for urban poverty alleviation project
    Bangladesh      Impact assessment of the local partnerships for urban poverty alleviation project
    Bangladesh      Strengthening of the election commission for improvement of the electoral process
      Bhutan        Decentralization support programme
      Bhutan        Rural enterprise development programme
     Cambodia       Leadership Development Programme in Cambodia
     Cambodia       Review of UNDP support programme for aid coordination and partnerships
     Cambodia       Support to the Parliament
      China         Clean energy action
      China         Energy-efficient lighting
      China         Land reclamation and consolidation for sustainable land use in China
      China         Landfill gas
      China         Solvent sector
      China         Promoting methane recovery and utilization from mixed municipal refuse
      China         initial national communication: needs assessment and enabling activity preparation
      China         targeted research
                    Energy conservation and GHG emissions reduction in township and village enterprise industries
                    in China, phase II
        Fiji        Promoting sustainability of renewable energy technologies and rural renewable energy service
                    companies in Fiji
       India        Biomass energy for rural India
       India        State human development report programme
       India        Bio-mass energy rural India
       India        Gulf of Mannar
       India        National communication to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
       India        Capacity development for urban governance
       India        Final review of the UNDP/GEF project: Development of high-rate biomethanation processes as
                    means of reducing greenhouse gas emission

        India       Small Grant Facility for water sector
        India       Optimizing Development of small Hydel resources in hilly regions
        India       Preparation of initial national communication to the United Nations Framework Convention on
                    Climate Change
                    Technical assistance for strategic policy formulation for sustained social and economic recovery,
                    popularly known as United Nations support facility for Indonesian recovery project
     Indonesia      Aceh emergency response and transition recovery programme
     Indonesia      Evaluation of the partnership for governance reform
     Indonesia      Final review of community recovery programme
     Indonesia      Final evaluation of decentralized environment and national resources management project
     Indonesia      Mid-term evaluation of Aceh emergency response and transition recovery
     Indonesia      Enhancing teachers‟ capacity in peace education, phase II (in North Halmahera)
     Indonesia      Assessment of the UNDP North Maluku and Maluku recovery programme
        Lao         Mekong River commission secretariat staff relocation training project
        Lao         Solid waste management
                    Conservation and sustainable use of tropical peat swamp forests and associated wetland
     Myanmar        Enhancing capacity for HIV/AIDS prevention and care
     Myanmar        Report of the independent assessment mission
     Myanmar        Enhancing capacity for HIV/AIDS prevention and care project
 Papua New Guinea   Support to the national HIV-AIDS response
    Philippines     Conservation of the Tubbataha Reef national marine park and World Heritage site
    Philippines     Sustainable management of Mt. Isarog territories project
    Philippines     Independent completion report of AusAid
    Philippines     Democratic governance portfolio, 2002-2004
    Philippines     Strengthening institutional mechanisms for the convergence of poverty alleviation effort, phase 2
                    Empowerment of indigenous peoples for governance and sustainable development of the ancestral
    Philippines     Enhancing capacities on sustainable agriculture for poverty reduction
     Thailand       Removal of barriers to biomass power generation and co-generation
    Timor-Leste     Civil Society Organization project, final evaluation
     Viet Nam       Final project report – Trade and the private sector
     Viet Nam       Financial policy analysis
     Viet Nam       Support to public administration reform in Ho Chi Minh City
     Viet Nam       In-situ conservation of native landraces and their wild relatives in Viet Nam
                    Support to the national machinery for the advancement of women to mainstream gender in
     Viet Nam
                    national policy and planning
 Regional office    South Pacific renewable energy initiative

Arab States Region (RBAS) outcome evaluations
      Country                                                     Title
       Egypt        Gender projects evaluation
                    Improved work skills and new economic opportunities, Especially for the Young Entrants to the
                    Work Force and Women
      Somalia       Reintegration of Returnees and Internally Displaced Persons
      Tunisia       Barrier removal to encourage and secure market transformation and labeling of refrigerators
      Yemen         Strengthening national capacity for mine action, phase II
                    Report on the activities of the labor market information system programme at the Ministry of
                    Social Affairs and Labor

Arab States region (RBAS) project evaluation
    Country                                                       Title
     Bahrain      Action plan for the empowerment of women
     Bahrain      Archiving and document management system at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
     Bahrain      Enhancing the quality of education
     Bahrain      Strengthening the human resources development capabilities of the Civil Aviation Affairs
     Bahrain      Strengthening the institution of the National Council
     Djibouti     Evaluation à mi-parcours du programme de reconstruction des déplacés
     Djibouti     Reconstruction de logements
      Egypt       Lake Manzala engineered wetlands
      Egypt       Business enterprise support tools
      Egypt       Center for the political empowerment of women
      Jordan      UNDP/GEF methane capture and utilization demonstration project
   Saudi Arabia   Country programme evaluation report
   Saudi Arabia   HIV/AIDS teenagers‟ awareness workshop
   Saudi Arabia   Local governance forum
   Saudi Arabia   Roads and transport
     Somalia      Rule of Law programme
     Somalia      Evaluation of qualified expatriate Somali technical support project
     Somalia      Report of the World Bank supervision mission of the post-conflict Licus Trust fund
     Somalia      Rule of Law and security programme
     Somalia      Watching brief
       Syria      Conservation and sustainable use of dryland agro-biodiversity of the Fertile Crescent
     Tunisia      Amélioration des conditions de vie et de l‟environnement autour des parcs nationaux
                  Gestion participative des ressources phytogénétiques des palmiers dattiers dans les oasis du

Europe and the CIS region (RBEC) outcome evaluations
    Country                                                       Title
    Albania       Assessment of support to security sector reform
    Albania       Regional development assessment
    Armenia       National human development reports
                  E-governance in Azerbaijan; UNDP contribution to promoting transparency and accountability in
                  public administration
   Bosnia and     Public investment programme/Aid management database
    Bulgaria      Poverty reduction through job creation and improved living conditions
    Bulgaria      Strategic review of UNDP support to information and communication technology for development
     Belarus      Impact assessment of UNDP interventions, information and communication technology, 1996-2004
     Belarus      Impact assessment of UNDP interventions, small- and medium enterprise development, 1994-2004
                  Evaluation of the outcome „Capacities and partnerships of local governance actors developed in
    Moldova       urban/rural areas for transparent and accountable policy formulation, service delivery and resource
     Russia       Enhanced institutional capacity to mitigate the spread and impact of HIV/AIDS
     Russia       UNDP response to HIV/AIDS
  Turkmenistan    UNDP-Turkmenistan environment programme
     Turkey       Turkey and South-South Cooperation
     Turkey       The empowerment of women in Turkey: Evaluating LA-21 processes
    Ukraine       Outcome evaluation on healthy lifestyles promotion

                 Home care (civil society participation in poverty reduction strategy and support to social innovation
   Yugoslavia    Family code analysis (civil society participation in poverty reduction strategy and support to social
                 innovation fund)
                 The effects of professional advancement on the judiciary : findings and recommendations (within
                 the scope of the Judicial Training Centre project)

Europe and CIS region (RBEC) project evaluation
   COUNTRY                                                      TITLE
    Albania      Assessment of the Kukes regional development initiative
    Armenia      Partnerships for implementation of community-based development projects
                 Internet access and infrastructure development for research, educational and civil society
                 development purposes project (AzNET)
   Azerbaijan    Capacity building for the state social protection fund project, evaluation report.
   Bosnia and    Review of the rights-based municipal development project
   Bosnia and    Integrated youth programme
   Bosnia and    External evaluation of the Srebrenica regional recovery programme
                 Control of eutrophication, hazardous substances and related measures for rehabilitating the Black
                 Sea ecosystem, phase I
    Bulgaria     Sustainable development of rural areas
    Bulgaria     National research network
    Georgia      Samtskhe-Javakheti women‟s resources centre
    Georgia      Arid and semi-arid ecosystem conservation
    Georgia      New approach to assistance to internally displaced persons
     Latvia      Capacity-building for improving the quality of greenhouse gas inventories
     Poland      Gdansk cycling infrastructure project
     Poland      Support to civil society organizations
    Romania      Capacity-building for greenhouse gas emissions reduction through energy efficiency improvement
     Russia      Energy efficiency in educational sector
                 Capacity-building to reduce key barriers to energy efficiency in Russian residential building and
                 heat supply, “in short”, energy efficiency – Vladimir"
     Turkey      Linking eastern Anatolia to progress: project evaluation
                 Capitalization of the experiences of the Government of Ukraine, UNDP and the ILO Project
                 „Introduction of flexible vocational training programmes for the unemployed‟
     Ukraine     Community-based governance, health, water supply and environmental sanitation in multi-ethnic
                 settlements in Crimea
     Ukraine     Municipal governance and sustainable development programme
     Ukraine     Pilot project on substitution therapy
   Uzbekistan    Development support services programme evaluation report
   Uzbekistan    Environmental indicators to monitor the state of the environment
   Uzbekistan    Sustainable income generation programme
   Uzbekistan    National capacity self-assessment
                 Developing results, indicators and benchmarks to strengthen Serbia‟s system of courts of

Latin America and Caribbean region (RBLAC) outcome evaluation
    Country                                                     Title
    Argentina    Evaluation of basic medicines and medical supplies management improvement projects
    Barbados     Best practice in disaster
    Barbados     Sustainable island resource management mechanism
     Bolivia     Evaluación de resultados del área de medio ambiente
     Mexico      Valoración del informe sobre desarrollo humano, México 2002
                 El marco de políticas y planificación del gobierno incorpora un enfoque comprensivo para la
     Panama      superación de la pobreza humana y de ingresos e incluye metas específicas para su reducción,
                 tomando en consideración los Objetivos de Desarrollo del Milenio (período 1998-2004)
      Peru       „The street of my district‟
      Peru       Energy and environment projects portfolio, 1993-2004
      Peru       Conservation and sustainable use of the biodiversity by Ashaninkas population
      Peru       Conservation of the biodiversity in the river basin off Titicaca Lake
      Peru       Rural electrification by photovoltaqic energy
      Peru       Recovery and sustainable use of the river basins in Atiquipa and Taimara by communal
   Venezuela     Evaluación del resultado: mecanismos nacionales de resolución pacífica de disputas fortalecidos
                 Incremento del debate publico sobre desarrollo humano y uso de los conceptos de desarrollo
                 humano sostenible en la formulación e implementación de políticas públicas

Latin America and Caribbean region (RBLAC) project evaluation
    Country                                                     Title
                 Consolidation and implementation of the Patagonia Coastal Zone management programme for
                 biodiversity conservation
    Argentina    Management and conservation of wetland biodiversity in the Esteros del Iberá
    Barbados     Community infrastructure and human resource development
     Belize      Conservation and sustainable use of the Belize Barrier Reef complex
     Bolivia     Uso de conceptos de desarrollo humano sostenible en la formulación e implementación de políticas
     Brazil      Evaluation of project BRA/98/004 – Implementation of Brazilian TCDC programmes and projects
     Brazil      Evaluation of Viva Río Projects „Security and development: actions at local and regional levels‟ and
                 „Human security partnerships with the third sector : learning from a multiplying local experience”
     Brazil      Implementation of Brazilian TCDC programme and projects mid-term evaluation
     Brazil      Institutional racism fight project: mid-term evaluation
     Brazil      Interlegis, final evaluation
     Brazil      Promoting restorative justice mid-term project evaluation
      Chile      Biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of the Salar del Huasco
      Chile      Conservation and sustainable use of globally significant biodiversity in Chiloé
      Cuba       Strengthening the multi-sector national response to prevent and address the HIV epidemic
                 Mitigation of consequences brought by hurricanes Charley and Ivan to the affected populations of
                 Havana City, Havana, and Pinar de Río Province
      Cuba       „The street of my district‟
    Ecuador      Evaluación del proyecto „Reforma Instituto Ecuatoriano de Seguridad Social‟
    Ecuador      Estudio sobre el impacto del ECU/03/M04
   El Salvador   Fortalecimiento de los mecanismos de control de armas
   El Salvador   Prevención de violencia juvenil
   El Salvador   Programa de reconstrucción y modernización rural
   El Salvador   Global Fund SIDA
   El Salvador   Global Fund Tuberculosis

   Guatemala       Formación de multiplicadores del informe nacional sobre desarrollo humano
   Guatemala       Programa „Dignificación y atención psico-social a víctimas del enfrentamiento armado‟
   Guatemala       Programa de participación de la sociedad civil
    Mexico         Capacity-building for implementation of the Cartagena Protocol
    Mexico         Execution of the Intelligent Centre of Solutions for Mexican Aquaculture
                   El marco de políticas y planificación del gobierno incorpora un enfoque comprensivo para la
     Panama        superación de la pobreza humana y de ingresos e incluye metas específicas para su reducción,
                   tomando en consideración los Objetivos de Desarrollo del Milenio.
    Paraguay       Mid-term evaluation of the project
      Peru         Renewable energy systems of the Peruvian Amazonian region
    Uruguay        Evaluation of the „Centre for the Assistance of Children and Families‟ new modalities plan
    Uruguay        Food security trough community gardens
    Uruguay        Environmental protection of the Río de la Planta and its maritime front pollution prevention and
                   control and habitat restoration
    Uruguay        Demonstrative methane recovery project in Las Rosas landfill
    Uruguay        Technical assistance to the Uruguayan Parliament
    Uruguay        Institutional strengthening for the elaboration of Uruguay‟s second national communication to the
                   United Nations Framework Convention of Climate Change

3. Evaluations conducted by Associated Funds and Programmers Evaluation Units


  Country               Type                                                Title
 Multi-country    Project evaluation   Microfinance pour l‟Afrique de l‟Ouest, phase II
   Yemen          Project evaluation   MicroStart II, Transformation of the microfinance sector
     N/A          Project evaluation   CGAP/UNCDF microfinance donor training
   Eritrea        Project evaluation   Anseba local development programme
 Burkina Faso     Project evaluation   Projet de développement des ressources agro-pastorales du Namentenga
                                       Projet d‟appui au développement communal et aux initiatives locales dans le
    Benin         Project evaluation   Borgou
    Bhutan        Project evaluation   Decentralization support programme


   Country              Type                                                Title

  Cameroon        Project evaluation   Programme global pour l‟avancement des femmes et l‟égalité de genre
                                       The railways-UNIFEM project on equalizing gender relationships in the context
     India        Project evaluation
                                       of the HIV/AIDS epidemic
                                       The UNLAD-UNIFEM savings mobilization and productive investment pilot in
  Philippines     Project evaluation   Iligan and Jagna, Bohol (Asia, Pacific and Arab States regional programme on
                                       empowering women migrant workers in Asia)
 Nepal, and Sri                        Prevention of trafficking in women and children in South Asia

                  Thematic            African women for conflict resolution and peace, phase II – engendering the
 Somalia, and
                  evaluation          peace process in Eastern and Central Africa
 Sierra Leone                         UNIFEM peace and security programme
 India, Nepal,    Thematic
                                      Regional Programme on home-based workers
 Pakistan, and    evaluation
   Sri Lanka
  Fiji, Papua
 New Guinea,
                  Thematic            Progressing implementation of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms
                  evaluation          of Discrimination against Women in the Pacific programme
 Vanuatu, and

    Country            Type                                                 Title

      Bolivia    Project evaluation     Programa nacional de jóvenes con la participación popular, proyecto
                                        no. 00015383 – midterm evaluation
  Bosnia and
                 Project evaluation     Integrated youth programme, project no. 00015387

  Cape Verde     Project evaluation     Promotion of volunteering for sustainable environmental management,
                                        UNV project no. 00015371, UNDP project no. 00012219
      Gambia     Project evaluation     Support to decentralization and local empowerment initiatives project,
      Ghana      Project evaluation     Volunteer support to the establishment of a civic process to improve the
                                        municipal revenue system, GHA/00/V01
  Madagascar     Project evaluation     Rapport d‟évaluation du projet „Volontariat contre la violence à
                                        Antananarivo‟, MAG/01/V01



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