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                         “Enlivening Futures through Education”
                                     7202 33rd NW
                                   Seattle, WA 98117

{Write the name of the person you are contacting here: research this if necessary}
{Write the name of the business here}
{Write the address of the business here}
{Write the city, state and zip of the business here}

Dear {Write the title and last name of the person being contacted here},

Imagine your life today if you couldn’t read a contract or business proposal. Would you
be in charge of a successful business?

Imagine your life without the skills to earn a living for your family, and starting to work
at back-breaking agricultural labor in the hot sun at the age of eight or nine.

That will be the reality for the children in rural villages in Guatemala unless we can give
them a little help in the right direction through the power and dignity of education.

At {location of your event} on {date of your event}, we will be hosting a {name of your
event} to help the children of Guatemala receive a better education and would like your
help with a donation of {name of the donation requested, i.e., products, publicity, using
your location, etc.}

All proceeds from our event will be directed to education projects in Guatemala through
the non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, Avivara, which has been working to improve
education in rural, poverty-impacted villages in Guatemala since 2007. The money raised
at our {your event name here} will help to purchase teaching materials, classroom
equipment, textbooks, and provide scholarships so that Guatemalan children can receive
a better education.

Again, we hope that you will understand the importance of education helping families
break the cycle of poverty, and will be able to donate {name the requested donation here}
to our event.

We have also included below pictures of some of the students who will be helped by your
donation and for them are looking forward to your positive response to our request for


{Your name here}
Second Grade Girls   Boys bringing wood to their school kitchen

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