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									                                       Gift Certificate
          Two Hour Sunset Cruise on Lake Union for up to Six People
                                     Valid through December 31, 2007

     Fun, Scenic                                                       Your Skipper and Crew are a husband-
                                                                       wife team who live on the house-barge
                                                                       HOT FUDGE on Lake Union. The
      and Safe                                                         Skipper is U.S. Coast Guard licensed;
                                                                       they have a combined experience of
                                                                       over forty-five years on the water and
Enjoy Sailing Lake Union with
                                                                       enjoy cruising, racing and teaching
beautiful sunsets, city skyline at
night, live-aboard communities,           Sailing in Seattle           sailing.

Sleepless in Seattle houseboat,                                        The Vessel is U.S. Coast Guard licensed
                                                                       and approved. It is a 33 foot Sparkman
and more.                                                              and Stevens designed sloop WHOODAT
                                                                       equipped for cruising and racing.
You’ll Hear Stories about the                                          Guests are Welcome to try their hand
history of our lake and learn                                          sailing the boat and learn some basic
about the people who live and                                          sailing skills if they wish.
work here while you sail!
                                                                       Ages 3 and over welcome.

Sit Back and Relax or help us sail                                     Enjoy the Natural High of Our City in an
                                                                       alcohol and smoke free environment.
the boat. Skipper shares his                                           We depart from the Westlake Landing
experiences and knowledge of                                           dock, 2046 Westlake Avenue North,
sailing with you.                                                      located on bus lines 26 and 28 only 1.5
                                                                       miles from downtown Seattle. Free
                                                                       parking is available.
        to schedule, call:
Sailing in Seattle
                                                                       Dress in warm clothing. Rubber soled,
                                                                       non-marking shoes preferred. Life vests
                                                                       and raingear are provided.

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