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    23 July 2011

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           Health and safety procedures and guidelines

    Section: Faculty of Health

           School of Nursing and Midwifery
           School of Psychology and Counselling
           School of Public Health
           School of Human Movement Studies
           Social Work and Human Services
           Research
           Practicum and clinical placement costs and requirements
           Scholarships and awards
           Health and safety
                 o Consultation
                 o Hazards and risks
                 o Resources and links
                 o Health and safety procedures and guidelines
                 o Emergency
                 o Incidents
                 o Audits
           Policies and procedures
           Forms

    Health and safety procedures and

    Faculty guidelines and policies
     Motor vehicle operations (PDF file, 377.26 KB)
     Vaccination non-responder (PDF file, 276.93 KB)
     Vaccination (PDF file, 278.94 KB)
     Workplace hazards - reproductive health (PDF file, 270.29 KB)
     Biological safety in laboratories 2010 (PDF file, 232.03 KB)
     Hazard identification - risk assessment tools (PDF file, 138.74 KB)
     Risk management flow (PDF file, 37.13 KB)
     Test and tag (PDF file, 62.24 KB)

    Faculty Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
     Drug disposal (PDF file, 269.51 KB)
     Purchasing drugs and poisons (S4 and S8) (PDF file, 236.01 KB)
     First aid (PDF file, 265.63 KB)
     Using the SOP template (PDF file, 87.27 KB)
     Ethics risk assessment flow (PDF file, 46.21 KB)
     Risk responsibility matrix (PDF file, 28.81 KB)
     Injury response flowchart (PDF file, 53.61 KB)
     Incident response flowchart (PDF file, 16.28 KB)
     Faculty of Health chemical safety manual (PDF file, 29.48 KB)
     Lock out tag out (PDF file, 169.63 KB)

    School-specific Standard Operating Procedures

    Health and safety forms
     Vaccination exemption form (DOC file, 43.5 KB)
     Vaccination consent form (DOC file, 36.5 KB)
     Complex risk assessment (PDF file, 45.81 KB)
     Simple risk assessment (PDF file, 38.02 KB)
     Sample tutor induction checklist (DOC file, 157 KB)
     Biosafety risk assessment expansion (form) template (DOC file, 744.5 KB)
     Generic risk tool (DOTX file, 23.79 KB)
     WHSO - designated (DOC file, 37.5 KB)
     First Aid Officer - voluntary (DOC file, 38 KB)
     First Aid Officer - designated (DOC file, 36.5 KB)
     Cyclic events checklist template (DOC file, 116 KB)
     First aid risk assessment template (DOC file, 1643 KB)
     Hazard checklist (PDF file, 43.81 KB)
    Note that there are many repositories of relevant Risk Assessments and Standard Operating Procedures on

    the University intranets and wiki sites:

      IHBI SOP
      School of Physical Sciences SOP
      School of Life Sciences Risk Assessments

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