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									           The City of Davis

  Records Management System,
  Computer Aided Dispatch and
         Mobile System

       Issue Date: August 10, 2005

                    Issued by
            Davis Police Department
                2600 Fifth Street
             Davis, California 95616

Proposals Due: September 9, 2005 - 5:00PM
DAVIS POLICE DEPARTMENT                                                                          REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL

                                                       Table of Contents

PROJECT DEFINITION ..................................................................................................................... 3
GENERAL BACKGROUND .............................................................................................................. 3
MINIMUM FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS ...................................................................................... 4
1. Vendors Instructions.................................................................................................................. 5
2 Agreement................................................................................................................................ 11
3. Company History .................................................................................................................... 12
4. Current Computer System...................................................................................................... 13
5. Interfaces GIS and Data Conversion .................................................................................... 15
6. Training Guidelines ................................................................................................................. 15
7. Maintenance/Support Information ....................................................................................... 17
8. Post Warranty Software Maintenance................................................................................... 18
9. Desireable Features ................................................................................................................ 19
          General System Requirements ...................................................................................... 19
          CAD System Functions .................................................................................................... 20
          Police Records Management Functions....................................................................... 23
          Other Required Functions ............................................................................................... 27
          Mobile Computer Software ............................................................................................ 27
          Mapping ........................................................................................................................... 28
          State/NCIC Interface ...................................................................................................... 28
          Paging ................................................................................. Error! Bookmark not defined.
          Fire..................................................................................................................................... 29
Appendix A: Current City of Davis Technical Environment .................................................... 30

DAVIS POLICE DEPARTMENT                                     REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL

Project Definition
The Davis Police Department is requesting proposals from qualified Vendors for the
furnishing of a fully automated, seamlessly integrated CAD/RMS/Mobile/Fire public safety
computer system.

General Background
The Davis Police Department is a 24 hours, 7 days a week operation that provides police
and fire dispatch services to the City of Davis. The Police Department serves a resident
population of 64,000. Davis is a very diverse community containing a large residential
population with a large university (University of Davis - UCD) bordering the city. The
population of UCD is 30,000+ students. The Davis Police Department is authorized 100 full
time personnel, which consists of 60 sworn and 40 civilians. For the year 2004, the Police
Department Dispatch Center processed 62,878 police events and 7,874 police reports.
The Police Department Dispatch Center processed 4,848 fire events.

The Davis Police Department is part of a joint consortium with other Yolo County agencies
including Yolo County Communications (YCCESA), West Sacramento, Woodland and
Winters. The Police Department’s current RMS system installation was completed in 2002. The
Police Department’s Visionair system includes RMS and Mobile components. The PRC CAD
system installation was completed in 2000 and is our current CAD system. Our intention is to
back out of our technical relationship with the Consortium and purchase our own
CAD/RMS/Mobile system. Currently we have one police building for CAD/RMS/Mobile
installation with our own dispatch center on site where we dispatch for both Davis Police and
Davis Fire Department. The Patrol Division currently has 14 marked patrol vehicles with MDC’s

Our Dispatch Center has four dispatch/call taking workstations (with anticipated growth
to five in the next few years). The daily staffing levels in the dispatch center is 2-3
dispatchers per shift with one supervisor. The Dispatch Center is the backup and alternate
answering point for 9-1-1 calls in Yolo County (UCD Police and YCCESA).

The Davis Fire Department has 3 fire stations, 53.5 personnel, 18 vehicles. The department
has 4 CAD terminals and 3 rip and run CAD printers. Fire currently uses the SunPro (now
FireRMS5.0 from Bio-key International) Fire reporting system for their RMS needs. The
department has Auto and Mutual Aid agreements with YCCESA fire agencies.

The Police Department is working with the City’s IS Division to help implement and support
this system.

DAVIS POLICE DEPARTMENT                                          REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL

Minimum Functional Requirements
The following are the minimum requirements the Davis Police Department expects the
chosen software system to meet:

•   Computer Aided Dispatch with the ability to dispatch for both police and fire units.
•   Integrated Records Management System (police only)
•   Mobile Data System (car-to-car; car-to-CLETS, fire apparatus–to-CAD/fireRMS etc.)
•   Integrated Field Reporting (police)
•   Ensure that CAD, RMS, Mobile and all other subsystems are designed to operate as a
    single seamless integrated system that reduces redundant data entry and improves
    information flow
•   Accommodate integration, coordination and regulatory requirements with other
    regional, state and federal agencies
•   Address the need for open systems architectures to maximize flexibility, interoperability
    and portability of systems
•   Ensure the mobile portion of the system is able to communicate over RF, Wi-Fi, GPRS,
    or other communications networks
•   Mapping in Dispatch and mobile AVL
•   Have the capability to interface with our current Phase II compliant POSITRON 911
    telephone system and CLETS
•   Vendors shall either propose an automated a data transfer process with Fire
    Department’s RMS system SunPro (now FireRMS5.0 from BIO-key International) or
    propose a Fire RMS system which is integrated with the CAD system
•   Have a rip-n-run print feature (fire) at all fire stations
•   The system must be ODBC compliant
•   System must be compliant with Justice XML standard

DAVIS POLICE DEPARTMENT                                    REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL


      1.1 Project Schedule

   START DATE                              ACTIVITY

   August 10, 2005                         RFP Issued
   August 23, 2005 9:00 AM                 Vendor Conference at the Davis PD

   September 9, 2005 5:00 PM               Deadline to Submit Proposals

   September 10 – October 5, 2005          Rank proposals. Schedule oral
   October 6 - October 14, 2005
                                           Select Vendor
   Contract + 45 days (est.)
                                           Execute Contract

   Contract + 12 months                    Final Acceptance

      1.2 BID PROCESS

      The Davis Police Department will conduct the selection and contract award
      process in the following manner:

         1.2.1 This document will be distributed to all bidders who request it and will be
         available via the City’s website at .

         1.2.2 A pre-proposal conference will be held August 23, 2005 at 9:00 AM at
         2600 5th Street, Davis, CA. The pre-proposal conference is being held to answer
         the vendors questions and to provide any additional information regarding RFP
         requirements. Attendance by vendors who intend to respond is
         recommended. The questions not answered during the conference will be
         emailed to all vendors within a week of the vendors conference. The
         conference will include a walk through of the Police Department facilities if
         vendors are interested. All vendors are encouraged to attend the pre-proposal
         meeting and to register their intent to participate via email to Lt. Dorothy
         Pearson at at least 3 days before the conference.

         1.2.3 Where confidential or proprietary information is required or should
         prospective developers deem it necessary to submit such matter, each page
         should be marked in bold type with words “PROPRIETARY DATA.”

DAVIS POLICE DEPARTMENT                                      REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL

        1.2.4 Any information, which was released by the Davis Police Department
        either verbally or in writing prior to the issuance of this request for proposal, will
        be disregarded and is not part of this RFP.

        1.2.5 All design drawings, plans and proposals submitted in response to the RFP
        shall be retained by the City and will not be returned.

        1.2.6 Responses that do not provide the required information will receive no
        further consideration.

        1.2.7 The Davis Police Department reserves the right to reject any or all
        proposals or parts thereof and to waive minor irregularities in responses. The
        Davis Police Department reserves the right to accept the proposal based on
        criteria other than price. Special attention will be directed to the qualifications
        of the respondents when awarding this proposal, including software
        architecture, software features, and past successful installations.

        1.2.8 Proposals may be ranked without interviews; hence, vendors are
        encouraged to submit their initial proposals as comprehensively as possible.

        1.2.9 Each proposal will be reviewed and evaluated by a committee
        designated by the Chief of Police. The committee will initially evaluate the
        responses based on completeness and adequacy of documentation. If
        deemed necessary, the City will ask one or more selected bidders questions
        about their proposals, either in writing or by oral presentation. Demonstrations
        of the system at a City of Davis location may be requested.

        1.2.10 A selected bidder will be chosen for contract negotiations.

        1.2.11 Hardware components, if necessary, shall be purchased by the Davis
        Police Department as specified by Vendor. All proposals must include the
        recommended hardware to meet the needs of this RFP. If you require specific
        hardware with your solution, please separate pricing for hardware and


        1.3.1 The proposals should be in an 8 1\2” x 11” format and typewritten.
        Proposals will be evaluated in accordance with their adherence to project
        objectives as well as accuracy and completeness in responding to the
        requirements of this invitation to submit proposals.


        1.3. 2 Vendors shall submit ten (10) complete physical copies and two (2)
        electronic copy (in WORD), of the proposal. One original shall be signed and
        dated. Proposals shall be prepared and submitted in accordance with the
        RFP's instructions and specifications no later than September 9, 2005 at 5:00 PM,
        Pacific Standard Time. Postmarks will not be accepted.

        1.3.3 All ten physical copies and the electronic copy shall be submitted to:

           City of Davis Police Department, 2600 5th Street, Davis, CA 95616, Attention
           Lieutenant Dorothy Pearson

        1.3.4 It will be the sole responsibility of the vendors to have their proposals
        delivered to the Police Department before the closing hour and date. Late
        proposals will not be considered and will be returned unopened to the sender.

        1.3.5 All proposals must be valid for a period of 180 days after the RFP due
        date. Proposals must address all RFP requirements. This RFP is for a complete
        turnkey system including software, installation, training, plus software
        maintenance, support and updates for the first year, and hardware or
        recommendations of hardware.

        1.3.6 Computer equipment required for the system is to be specified in detail
        by the bidder. Hardware components, if necessary, may be purchased by the
        Davis Police Department. If you supply hardware with your solution, separately
        price the hardware and software. If you do not supply a hardware solution,
        make a recommendation for a hardware solution including Brand, size, model,
        and price. Vendors are requested to price hardware as close to GSA or CMAS
        (State and Federal price lists) as possible.

        1.3.7 The complete name, title and telephone number of the contact person
        authorized to negotiate and bind the firm contractually must be provided.

        1.3.8 Implementation Plan and Implementation Steps (including projected
        timelines) must be provided. Describe the in detail scope of work proposed.

        1.3.9 All requested items should be addressed in the response to the RFP, any
        options should be included and CLEARLY identified as options. Otherwise,
        Vendor will be required to provide the item as listed.

        1.3.10 Vendors may attach documents substantiating their proposal claims,
        such as an example system design, example training plans, etc. These
        attachment documents must be specifically referred to within the proposal

DAVIS POLICE DEPARTMENT                                   REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL

        as appropriate. If reference is made to the attachment documents, the
        same number of copies of that attachment must be submitted as the
        number of proposal copies to allow each evaluator access to the
        referenced material.

        1.3.11 The numbering system of your responses must coincide with the order
        and numbering system of this RFP so the evaluation committee can compare
        individual sections against other vendors.

        1.3.12 Pages are to be numbered, at either the top or bottom of each page,
        consecutively within each major proposal section. All pages are to include
        line numbers for ease of reference. Additional "header" or "footer"
        information (such as company or section title) may be included.

        1.3.13 Proposals are to be bound in accordance with the Vendor's standard
        practice. Each copy, complete with appendices, is to be separately bound.
         If the proposal is thick, then divide each proposal set into volumes.

        1.3.14 All prices and costs in the proposal shall be valid for not less than 180
        days from the date of proposal submission. All proposals shall be submitted with
        a “firm fixed price” for the System. Negotiated prices shall be firm and not
        subject to increase during the term of the contract between the City and the
        Contractor unless negotiated by change order.

        1.3.15 Contractors shall not be allowed to take advantage of any errors or
        omissions in this RFP. Where errors or omissions appear, the Contractor must
        promptly notify the City of the error or omission. Inconsistencies in the
        specifications must be corrected before proposals are submitted.

        1.3.16 The City reserves the right to obtain clarification of any proposal or to
        obtain any additional information necessary to properly evaluate a particular
        proposal. Failure of a Contractor to respond to such a request for additional
        information or clarification may result in rejection of the proposal.

        1.3.17 The City shall accept only the latest models of equipment and the latest
        version of software and operating system in new condition. Used or re-
        manufactured equipment will not be accepted.

        1.3.18 Non-selection of any proposal will mean that another acceptable
        proposal was deemed to be more advantageous to the City or that no
        proposal was accepted. Contractors whose proposals are not accepted will
        be so notified. Notification of non-selected Contractors will be devoid of any
        criticism of the proposal and of any implication that the proposal or proposed


        equipment was deficient. Phone calls requesting information as to why one
        vendor was selected over another will not be accepted.

DAVIS POLICE DEPARTMENT                                      REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL

       Pricing information shall be placed in a separate envelope within your main
       proposal envelope and marked PRICING with the Vendor's name on the outside of
       the separate envelope. Indicate whether the item is a standard part of
       RMS/CAD/Mobile or an optional feature.
       The pricing for the proposed public safety products shall be listed in an itemized
       fashion. (See the list below for the component parts) License pricing shall be
       listed by type, i.e. site or seat. Add additional components as needed to meet
       the minimum requirements of this RFP.

  ITEM                                               PRICE            Standard/Optional
Computer-Aided Dispatch Software (Police and
Police Records Management Software
Option 1 for Fire Records Management Software
(Including modules: Incident reporting, NFIRS
edit check and export capability, Personnel
Scheduling, Personnel Management, Roster
Activity Log/Day Book, Training, Supply and
Inventory, Equipment Maintenance, Fire
Option 2 for Fire Records Management Software
- SunPro (now FireRMS5.0 from Bio-key
International) Interface
Automated Data Transfer Process from CAD to
Mobile Computer Software (Police and Fire)
Automated Mobile Reporting
Interface with Fire Motorola toning function (fire
station and mobile toning (Gold Elite radio
E911 Interface and Software
Digital Imaging Software. (Current Mugshot
system is Dataworks)
CLETS Interface and Software (Direct Access
Or CLETS Interface & Software(Via DOJ toYolo
County Access)
CAD and Records Mapping Software
Mobile Mapping Software
DAVIS POLICE DEPARTMENT                                      REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL

Mobile AVL
Property Bar Coding Software
Bar Coding Equipment
Paging Software (Fire)
Auto-Cite Interface
Data Transfer CrimeView (from The Omega
Data Transfer from FireRMS5.0 or comparable
Records Management System to FireView (from
The Omega Group)
DataWorks Interface and Software
Data Conversion - (MNI)
GIS Data Conversion
Remote Access Software for Vendor
Database Software
Licensing Software by type, seat or site (specify)
Additional Items or Costs Required by Vendor’s
Solution (if any, itemize and describe in detail)
System Installation
Project Management
First Year Software Maintenance, Support, and
Include the cost of purchasing maintenance in
advance (type, duration, and discount (if any)
Equipment - Include all required servers, all CAD
workstations, mobile data terminals, and system
admin workstations. (itemize and describe in


       2.1 Sample Contract
       Vendors must supply a sample of their standard contract as an attachment to
       their proposal. The contract with the selected vendor will be a negotiated
       contract and will include requirements such as insurance, indemnification
       provisions to protect the City, possibly liquidated damages for failure to deliver
DAVIS POLICE DEPARTMENT                                    REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL

     the complete system on the date agreed to by the parties, etc.

     2.2 Payment Terms

     Payment to the Vendor will be made at the conclusion of the following milestones:

            1)     Contract Signing                          5% of contract value
            2)     Hardware Installation Completed           5% of contract value
            3)     All Software and Interfaces installed
                   and demonstrated to be complete
                   and fully operational                     30% of contract value
            4)     Training Completed                        30% of contract value
            5)     Final System Acceptance                   30% of contract value


     3.1 History, Products and Staffing
     Vendor will provide years in business and overview of products including how many
     times their company has sold or purchased another company to interface their
     products. Vendor will also provide how many full-time employees the company
     currently has including years with the company, and years of CAD/RMS software
     support and or development. Also indicate whether or not your company sub-
     contracts with other companies. Include the responsibilities of the sub-contractors.

     3.2 Unique Features
     Identify any unique or distinctive features of your system, which you want the
     evaluation committee to give particular attention.

     3.3 References
     This section shall include quotes and reference and contact information from
     current customers. A brief synopsis should be included on at least five
     customers currently using the proposed software.

     Within the previous two years, the vendor must have successfully implemented
     two or more presently operational public safety systems comprising applications
     similar to those required in this RFP. Include a description of the projects,
     software installed, and the contact name, title, and City’s address. Include the
     telephone number of the project director and current System Manager. A more
     exhaustive list is encouraged, even if accomplished more than two years ago.

     3.4 Vendor’s Qualifications and Development Capabilities
     The Davis Police & Fire Department reserve the right to inspect Vendor’s physical

DAVIS POLICE DEPARTMENT                                     REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL

     plant prior to award. The Davis Police & Fire Department further reserve the right
     to inspect other agencies currently using Vendor’s products.

     3.5 Vendor’s Disclosure Form and Certification
     Please state whether any of the following events have occurred in the last five
     years with respect to said Vendor (as its current entity or as a predecessor entity). If
     any answer yes, explain fully the following:

        •   Whether the Vendor was subject of any order, judgment or decree
        •   Whether said Vendor’s business was the subject of any civil or criminal
            proceeding in which there was a final adjudication adverse to Vendor
        •   Whether a petition under bankruptcy, insolvency, or receivership was filed
            by or against Vendor within the last 5 years
        •   Whether the Vendor has:
               o Supported a program which services were terminated
               o Supported a program which services were temporarily discontinued
                   which directly arose from activities conducted by the Vendor
               o Supported a program that required substantial fine refunds that
                   directly arose from program related activities

     Failure to provide required disclosure, submit officially signed documents or response
     to all information requested/required by the City will result in the bid declared as non-

     3.6 Outstanding Request for Change from Current Customers
     Identify, as of August 2005, how many outstanding Request for Changes/Identified
     Problems the vendor is currently working on for customers.


     4.1 Expectations for Environment
     The City’s IS Division will work with the Davis Police Department to provide support,
     services, and facilities in support of the system implementation. However, as specified
     in the RFP, the Vendor must describe specific needs (such as power and air
     conditioning for equipment) for installing equipment or other turnkey system
     implementation requirements. Note-The Davis Police Department currently has a
     conditioned, cooled computer room housing much of the current automation

     4.2 The City of Davis Technical Environment as of 07/01/05
     See Appendix A

     4.3 Configuration/Server Information

          4.3.1 Redundancy
          The main computer systems should consist of a fault tolerant redundant
          system which will seamlessly and automatically switch over to the
          redundant system (mirrored drives are not an acceptable option for
          redundancy). Fault Tolerant for CAD and the message switch, if available,
          should be proposed as an option. The system may operate in an
          active/standby mode or on a load-sharing basis. However, should one
          server fail; the other shall be able to handle the entire system load. The
          vendor should include in their proposal the necessary hardware and
          software needed to achieve this level of redundancy. As part of the final
          acceptance of this system, the vendor must demonstrate the systems
          ability to fail over to the redundant system.

               The City of Davis currently uses a Tivoli based tape backup system for
               all of its data on a nightly basis. The vendor shall explain the backup
               and archival features built into their proposed system and explain
               how it will work in the current City environment. The vendor will
               demonstrate the backup and restore feature as part of the final
               acceptance of this system.

          4.3.2 External Communications Equipment
          The Davis Police Department will provide and install external
          communications lines and telephone equipment as required to support the
          proposed system as specified in the Vendor's proposal such as the modem
          for the regional or state Message Switch. As part of this RFP response, the
          Vendor shall furnish specifications for any necessary modems or other
          communications devices necessary to allow the system to communicate
          with outside sources or integral parts of the system.

          4.3.3 Wiring
          The Davis Police Department shall supply any additional wiring above
          current network, if necessary

     4.4 Operating System and Related Software
     The City’s current Operating Systems are:
            File & Print Sharing: Novell 6.X
            Server: Microsoft Server 2003
            Desktops: Microsoft Windows XP with SP2
DAVIS POLICE DEPARTMENT                                     REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL

             Database: Microsoft SQL server

      As part of this RFP, vendors should describe how this environment would fit into
      their proposed system highlighting any concerns or additions that may be
      necessary to make their system work as designed.


      5.1 Interfaces - Explain how you implement your interfaces with other software. Are
      you able to develop required interfaces before hardware installation? Currently
      direct software integration could include Positron and CLETS where the data should
      flow automatically from one system to another and indirectly to FireRMS5.0 (from
      BIO-key International) and Crimeview where data files are extracted from the
      system to be used by another.

      5.2 Geographic Data — The Davis Police Department will provide an
      ESRI/ArcView geofile to the selected Contractor who will be responsible for
      reviewing that file and notifying the City of any deficiencies or problems with
      that file. The City will update the file accordingly and the Contractor will be
      responsible for the successful conversion of that file for use with the new system.

      The Davis Police Department will also specify an individual who will be
      responsible for resolving any data ambiguities, area boundaries, and
      assignment rules, etc. The City currently maintains dozens of data layers
      including a street centerline file (all in ESRI formats) which is available for
      downloading and inspection from the City’s webpage at . As part of the response to this RFP, each
      vendor is required to outline the processes and costs involved in converting this
      current data into a useable format for populating and maintaining this
      proposed system.

      5.3 Data Conversion – MNI, arrests, warrants and major system files


      6.1 Training Methodology
      The Vendor shall describe their training methodology and include a projected
      training plan for the City. Training must be conducted on-site and must be flexible
      enough to accommodate personnel assigned to shift work, and may require some
      scheduling of training classes at night and on Saturdays. The Vendor will be
      required to guarantee the quality and quantity of training. Failure to provide
DAVIS POLICE DEPARTMENT                                     REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL

     adequate training will result in retraining at no additional cost to the City.

DAVIS POLICE DEPARTMENT                                    REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL

     6.2 Personnel to be Trained
          6.2 1 The Davis Police Department anticipates the following personnel will be
             45 Patrol Personnel – Train the trainers program
             10 Investigative Personnel
             10 Records Personnel
             13 Communications Personnel
             2 System Administrators
             2 Evidence/Property Personnel
             10 Administrative Staff

         6.2.2 The Davis Fire Department anticipates the following personnel will be
            46 Line Personnel (Captains and Firefighters) – Train the trainers program
            3 System Administrators
            4 Chiefs
            1 Administrative Staff Member

         6.2.3 The City’s IS Division anticipates the following personnel will be trained on
         the technical aspects of the system:
            2 IS Technicians
            2 IS Analysts/Developers
            1 GIS Specialist


     7.1 System Acceptance Plan
     The Vendor should provide a System Acceptance Plan (SAP) for the project and
     segregate it into tasks/phases that will allow efficient project progress while also
     providing a means for monitoring the project. The acceptance plan shall
     include, at a minimum, the ability for the City to operate the proposed system in
     a live environment for a period of not less than 90 days to ensure all
     reproducible defects have been repaired and the UCR functions properly and
     without error or defect for a period of not less than 120 days (three UCR reports).

     7.2 First Year Warranty
     The proposed system (all hardware and software) shall include a minimum one-
     year warranty at no additional cost.

     7.3 Maintenance Agreement
     The bidder shall describe in detail (or include a sample maintenance support
     contract) the software support to be provided. Vendor shall bid an optional 24/7
DAVIS POLICE DEPARTMENT                                    REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL

      support for CAD. The Vendor shall provide an 800 number for support.

      7.4 Support via Remote Access
       As part of software support, the bidder's support personnel shall have the
      capability to connect to the proposed system to investigate problems. If special
      software or hardware is required on the CAD/RMS system to support this capability
      it shall be included in the system price as a separate line item and explained here.

      7.5 Software Updates
      The bidder shall describe its software update or upgrade policy. Specifically:

      -      How frequently and under what circumstances is updated software
      -      How will the City be notified of available updates?
      -      What is involved in implementing an update?
      -      Will the City incur any costs from the Vendor to implement updates?
      -      Does the Vendor ever charge for updates or new versions of products
             licensed to the City? If so, under what circumstances?
      -      How frequently does the Vendor release new or enhanced versions of the
             software? About how many enhancements would be expected with these
             new versions?
      -      With new versions, what is the Vendor’s approach to migration from earlier
      -      How many versions will the vendor support? (ex: current minus one)
      -      How much, if any downtime is expected during updates?
      -      What will upgrades do to the customers’ customization (if allowed)?
      -      How are upgrades to the operating system handled? Who is responsible for
             installing the upgrades?


The Vendor shall provide a quotation for maintenance of the applications software for
the five years following expiration of the software warranty. Describe the particulars
concerning this warranty including, if applicable, remote problem diagnosis and
correction as well as on-site problem correction and response time.

This section shall include Sample License or Maintenance Contracts.

DAVIS POLICE DEPARTMENT                                         REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL


This section delineates the system features we find highly desirable. The list does not
include standard features found in most CAD/RMS/Mobile solutions.

Bidders shall list all exceptions to the functions specified in this section. Failure to do so
may be cause for disqualification.

Place the appropriate reference letter in the RESPONSE column of the table.

B -    Feature is met by Vendor’s base product

E -    Enhancement required - Base product has this feature or function, but some
       enhancements will be required to meet the specific requirement. Explain any
       enhancements required in this Section of your proposal and note the reference
       number in the Reference column in the table. Cost, if any, must be itemized in the
       Pricing Section 1.4 also indicate that it is an enhancement.

A -    Additional enhancement - The Vendor’s base product does not contain this
       function or feature but it will be added to meet the feature. Cost, if any, must be
       itemized in the Pricing Section 1.4 also indicate that it is an additional

N/A - Not available. No immediate plan for future development

Use the Reference column for any other comments or explanations for requirements that
merit them. The comments and explanations should be included in your response.

9.1 General System
                      FEATURES                              RESPONSE         REFERENCE
 The system runs on a Windows 2003 Server/XP
 Professional platform
 System should be interfaced with DOJ UCR E-
 CARS (mandated electronic reporting)
 System has resource warnings (ex: disk, CPU) to
 assist the system administrator in taking action to
 prevent the system from going down.
 9.1.1 User Features

DAVIS POLICE DEPARTMENT                                     REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL

The system automatically validates entered data
with automatic presentation of valid values when
an invalid value is entered.
9.1.2 Commands, Menus, Function Keys, and the Mouse
Menu selections extend to one or more sub-
menus, where appropriate.
Menu selection is available for all functions that
are performed by occasional, casual users of the
Function keys are used to implement commonly
used dispatch functions.
9.1.3 Single Point Data Entry
Data entered into the system either directly or
indirectly is propagated to all relevant screens.
Data entered into the system either directly or
indirectly is available to all relevant system
Once entered, there is no requirement for re-entry
of data to satisfy the needs of a different sub-
All modules of the system are completely
9.1.4 Call Taker/Dispatcher Functionality
The dispatcher receives an audible or visual
indication that a new incident has arrived for
The system is be flexible enough to allow any
position to be used for any system function,
dispatching, call taking, records.

9.2 CAD System Functions

Key to the computer-aided dispatch portion of the system is incident handling. Since this
a particularly critical function, it is important that its implementation be as complete and
easy to use as possible.

        FEATURES                                       RESPONSE       REFERENCE
9.2.1 Incident Entry


The incident type validates when entered.
The officer initiated activity should support other
officer initiated incidents and should not be
limited to traffic stops.
Upon entry of a vehicle license plate, the CAD
system immediately displays a history of recent
contacts with the vehicle.
Upon entry of a vehicle license plate, the CAD
system should look up the person associated with
the vehicle and display pertinent information
about the person including but not limited to
recent contact history, officer safety notations,
and arrest, warrants, and suspect information.
After initial entry of information, the system can
verify the incident location against a
geographical database (geofile).
The geographical database should be capable
of verifying locations entered as street addresses,
street names, hundred blocks, place names, and
intersections without relying on exact matching of
entered location. (Ability to over-ride the Geo-file)
Partial street place names and soundex-type
matching should be supported.
Multiple matches of the entered location should
result in a matches list from which the user can
select the correct location.
The geofile should return the nearest cross street
and the standard spelling of the location to
facilitate historical retrieval.
The system should automatically search its
database for previous incident history and should
retrieve and display summaries of the recent
incidents at the location.
The system should automatically search its
databases for reporting party information and
should retrieve and display summaries of the
recent contacts with the reporting party.


The system should automatically search its
databases for premise information unique to the
location and should, when available, display a
button or icon the user can select to display the
information. This record may contain hazardous
material information, fire fighting information, the
names of emergency contacts (for businesses),
special handling information for residents who
may be handicapped or elderly or Officer Safety
The system should search its databases for vehicle
history and should retrieve and display (for traffic
stops) summaries of the recent contacts with a
vehicle whenever one is entered as part of an
The dispatcher should be able to display the
retrieved information via a short key sequence, a
function key, or mouse.
Receipt of the E9-1-1 information should cause the
CAD system to automatically insert the
information into the incident form at the
answering call taker position.
E9-1-1 Phase II caller location is automatically
displayed on the dispatcher’s map.
9.2.2 Incident Handling
The incident display should include all times for the
incident: call received (pickup of 911), entered,
dispatched, en route, on scene, closed and
reports should be generated for statistical
The incident display should include all times for
each unit assigned to the incident: dispatched,
en route, on scene, clear, dispatched-to-on
scene, on scene-to-clear, dispatched-to-clear.
There should be a way to enter and schedule
incidents to appear at a later date and time,
either once or periodically.
9.2.3 Unit Recommendation and Dispatch
The system should be able to recommend units to
respond to both police and fire incidents.

DAVIS POLICE DEPARTMENT                                     REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL

9.2.4 Unit Handling Functions
The system should have a command to return a
unit to a clear status but not close the incident the
unit which the unit is assigned.
The system should have a command to reassign a
unit from one incident to another.
The system should have a command to dispatch
a unit to an incident while simultaneously clearing
a unit it is replacing.
The system should have an easily entered “pursuit
mode” to facilitate entry of continuous narration
of vehicle and foot pursuits. In pursuit mode,
each time the dispatcher presses ENTER the
current entry should be recorded with a time
stamp and a new entry line presented.
The dispatcher should be able to hold one or
more pending incidents for a particular unit with
an indication in the incident status display.
9.2.5 Rotation Towing
The system should be capable of recommending
a vehicle tow company upon request.
The tow company recommended should be the
next company on a rotating list.
The frequency of rotation should be configurable,
i.e., each call, daily, weekly, etc.
The selected tow company should be recorded in
the incident record.

9.3 Police Records Management Functions

       FEATURES                                         RESPONSE    REFERENCE

9.3.1 System Administrative Functions
System has a print, edit and view audit trail. Audit
trail reports can be printed.
Interface with CrimeView and Crossroads
9.3.2 Master Name File


The Master Name system has separate merge
feature for mis-match names.
The Master Name merge feature should evaluate
additional personnel information such as DOB or
social security number to assist with name
All data entry fields in Master Name are
The Master Name should have vehicles and
associates attached to the record.
9.3.3 Mobile Officer Reports
The system should support direct entry of officer
reports from information collected in the field by
System should be capable of allowing drivers
licenses information to be collect from a
magnetic stripe on back of Drivers Licenses.
A command should be provided to permit easy
generation of an officer report number.
Pertinent incident information should be
transferred to the officer report record from a
CAD incident record when it is created.
Officer reports should contain a cover sheet -
who, what, where, when (a synopsis of the report)
Information from officer reports should not
automatically propagated to the Master Name
file or the system has the ability of creating a
merge name feature if the name is added
Integral spell checking for narratives and
supplements should be provided.
The system should allow the user to “cut and
paste” text from a word processing program to a
The officer reports should contain officer/reviewer
signoff and report routing.
The approval process should allow supervisors and
records clerks to attach lists of problems with
reports to the report for the officer to correct.


The officer should be able to individually check off
problems as corrected and the supervisor should
be able to individually check off corrected items
as verified.
Once approved, a case must be “locked,” i.e.,
not subject to change (except for supplementary
narratives) except by personnel with sufficient
security level.
9.3.4 Case Investigation Management
The system should provide a case investigation log
by detective, officer, or all cases under
investigation with features similar to the officer log
The system should provide appropriate status and
progress reports.
9.3.5 Citations
Have the ability to search on any field of the
9.3.6 Vehicles
The vehicles database should be built by entries
generated by incidents, officer reports, and
Vehicle lookup should be possible by entering any
field of the mask.
A vehicle display should include information
about the vehicle (make, model, color, etc.) plus
a history of encounters with the vehicle.
9.3.7 Property
The system should include a property log that
should record each property transaction ,
including property checked in and out of the
property room. (include a description of the
method used)
Property Audit trail
System should automatically transfer information
from the crime report to the Property system to
reduce redundant data entry.
9.3.8 Bar Coding


Bar Coding software should be completely
integrated into the records management system.
If proprietary bar coding equipment is required,
then include its price on the pricing page.
Uses a wireless terminal with wand
Allows assigning property to property room “bins”
with the wand with the assignment automatically
transmitted and entered into the property
Supports checking property in and out
Supports creating a list of common reasons for
checking out property that can be entered from
the bar coding terminal
Prints bar code labels singly or in bulk for a case
Supports printing on commonly available labels
Can print blank labels (with respect to property
Allows inventory reconciliation
9.3.9 Field Interviews
The system should include the ability to enter field
contact information into the database as a “Field
Interview” with the person information
automatically recorded in the Master Name file.
9.3.10 Traffic Collision Reports
Meet the fields of the CHP555 form
Ability to print the CHP555 form
9.3.11 Other Records Management Files
Proposed software includes databases for the
Name Alert File/Flag

DAVIS POLICE DEPARTMENT                                     REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL

9.4 Other Required Functions

                   REQUIREMENT                            RESPONSE    REFERENCE
9.4.1 Instant Access to Detail Records
The system should support display of detail records
(related to the current display). For example,
when a master name record is displayed, the
person’s history will include references to
incidents, officer reports, FIs, citations, etc. The
user should be able to quickly and easily display
the detail record for any of these associated
9.4.2 Search Capabilities
The system should provide database search
capabilities that will allow the user to freely specify
search criteria and search any database in the
A list of matching entries should be created that
should be able to be reviewed on screen or

9.5 Mobile Computer Software (Police and Fire)

                   REQUIREMENT                            RESPONSE    REFERENCE
Should support touch screen computers, i.e.
oversized buttons for frequently used transactions
Information is automatically updated with new
information entered by dispatcher
Access to state and national vehicle and person
information databases.
One-button unit status reporting updates.

Reporting updates from field personnel
automatically notify the dispatchers of a status
Officer field access to CAD and records, vehicle,
persons and property information.
Current active incident summary
Current unit status summary

Obtaining officer report numbers
Field entry of officer reports with transmission of
the reports back to the central computer.
Mobile Computer Software that allows the ability
to self-assign, has status messaging, and access to
premise information, address information, hazmat
information and pre-fire plans.

9.6 Mapping

                    FEATURES                           RESPONSE    REFERENCE
Map system is compatible with ESRI ArcView map
Map is completely integrated into CAD
Map is also integrated into records management
E911 calls are immediately located without
dispatcher interaction
The map displays the locations of active incidents

A general-purpose pin mapping facility is
included. Describe functionality provided.

9.7 State/NCIC Interface

                       FEATURES                        RESPONSE    REFERENCE
Should provide a link to CLETS via the county’s
message switch
Contractor will comply with all state and federal
mandates and reporting requirements no later
than the due date required by the state or federal
agency (at no additional cost to the City).
Supports menu based entry of common CLETS
queries from all authorized users
Entry mask for ID theft modifies entries and clears.
If not currently in place, indicate expected
implantation date.
Allows command line entry of person and vehicle
DAVIS POLICE DEPARTMENT                                    REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL

From the person display allows running that person
with a dedicated button.
From the vehicle display allows running that
vehicle with a dedicated button.
A state queries log is available that list state
A separate log of all criminal history queries is
available that meets all state requirements.
The incident history that is part of the display of an
individual incident should include all the queries
that have been run for that incident and the
requesting officer.
The printout includes the text of the associated
query and the ID of the unit that ran it.
UCR reports produce the “anti-reproductive crime
reporting”. If not currently in place, indicate
expected implementation date.

9.8 Fire Miscellaneous

                        FEATURES                         RESPONSE    REFERENCE
System has EMD protocols or has an interface to
an EMD approved vendor
“Rip and run” CAD calls to printers at Fire Stations.
(Are there specific printer hardware requirements)
The incident display should include all times for
each fire patient contact, ambulance contact
time, defibrillation time, transport time, arrival at
hospital time and reports should be generated for
statistical purposes.
Interface with YCCESA CAD system


Appendix A

              Current City of Davis Technical Environment
                Category                        Description as of 7/2005
            Servers              IBM AS400, DELL Servers, RAID 5 Arrays
            Workstations         Intel (Pentium 4) or greater)
             Network             10BaseT, ATM, FDDI, Cisco Routers, Switches and
                                 Access Points
           Operating System
            Server               Novell 5.5 and 6.1 (file and print sharing) Microsoft
                                 2000 &2003 server (application servers)
            Workstation          Windows XP
           Server Applications
             Development         Microsoft SQL , Access, DB2, IIS, Coldfusion
            End-user             Novell Groupwise, Microsoft
            Applications         Office, HTE
            Protocol             Ethernet, TCP/IP,
            NOS                  Novell for file and print sharing
           GIS                   Arc IMS, Arc GIS, MapObjects
           PD Systems
            RMS                  VisionAIR’s VisionRMS
            CAD                  PRC
            Other software       DataWorks (Mugshots), CrimeView, Crossroads
           Fire Systems
            RMS                  FireRMS5.0 from BIO-key International (with
                                 automated data transfer from PRC CAD to Fire
                                 Incident Module) and Additional systems being used
                                 are and,
            CAD                  PRC
            Other Software       FireView (with data transfer from FireRMS5.0),
                                 Quicktel Paging System and Dialogic
                                 Communications Corporation Automated
                                 Telephone Notification System
            Mobile               VisionAIR’s VisionMOBILE utilizing Netmotion for
                                 connectivity (may be discontinued after leaving
                                 current CAD environment)

            GPRS                Sierra Wireless EDGE 775 modems with Cingular
            Wi-Fi               Cisco Aironet 1200 Access points & Cisco 3200 series
                                Mobile Access Router in the vehicles

            Master Voice        Mercom Audiolog client

           **Current RMS, CAD and Mobile are part of a consortium


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