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					                                       Transfer Tips

      Use the right transfer form. Make the extra phone call to find out if the securities are
       DTC eligible or if the agents or brokers require their own form to be used, etc.
      Verify that all the information on the form is accurate and properly signature guaranteed.
      The surety amount of the medallion guarantee must be adequate to cover the value of the
       security being transferred. (i.e. the surety amount of the medallion must be equal to or
       greater than the market value of the security being transferred unless the unlimited "X"
       prefix stamp is used.)
      Confirm mailing address if mailing forms directly to the transfer agent.
      Mail transfer forms via overnight delivery to ensure prompt receipt and allow the
       package to be tracked. Do NOT overnight forms to a P.O. box.
      If transfer forms are sent directly to the agent or broker, please send Gift Processing a
       copy of the forms or at least notify us so we know to follow-up on the transfer and have
       the relevant information in case problems arise.
      Call Gift Processing if you have any questions.
      Be particularly careful with stock transfers at the end of the year. Donors who want to
       make sure the stock transfers this year should send in the transfer forms BEFORE the end
       of November. Brokers frequently get backed up due to the volume of end of the year
       transfers. Remember that transfer forms sent in after December 15th are not likely to
       transfer this year.

Remember that securities may be gifted in physical "certificate" form, electronically via DTC or
in account form as DRIPs (Dividend Reinvestment Plans) or Mutual Fund accounts.

Physical certificates should be checked for the presence of any restrictive legends. Where Rule
144/145 restrictive legends are present we must comply with guidelines governing Rule 144/145
to obtain proper documentation from said corporation for the transfer registration and possible
subsequent sale of securities. These documents may include, but are not limited to:

          Filing Form 144 with the SEC
          Opinion of Counsel
          Buyers/Sellers Representation Letter
          Rule 144/145 Letters
          Stock/bond powers

Our custodian, The Northern Trust Company, then sends the certificate to the transfer agent
along with all supporting documentation to re-register the shares via DTC to Northern on behalf
of The LCMS Foundation. This process normally takes five to ten business days but may take
several weeks or months depending upon the complexity of the issue. Sometimes there are many
phases in a reorganization process depending upon mergers, acquisitions, split-offs and various
other issues that have occurred since the certificate was issued. Due to these various stages and
phases within the reorganization process the Transfer Agent may reject a request and ask for
additional information and this is what takes a lot of extra time.

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