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    23 July 2011

                QUT website
                Current staff

   Enrolment


       o     Receiving and responding to your offer

             You've got an offer. What's next?

       o     Deferring your QTAC offer

             Want to take a year off? Here's how.

       o     Didn't get the QTAC offer you wanted?

             Your alternative options.


       o     Enrolling for the first time

             Our step-by-step guide.

       o     Changing your enrolment

             Changing units, majors, course or campus.
        o     Key dates

              Important dates and deadlines.

        o     How to use eStudent

              Guide to help you sign up for classes and get started.


    See what's coming up at our orientation events.


    Phone: 07 3138 2000
    Mon - Fri, 8.30am - 5pm

   Studying

        o     Courses

        o     Units

        o     Student life

              Your guide to being a student.
        o    Assessment

             Exams, results, and your rights.

        o    Student exchange

             Go global. Study one or two semesters overseas.

        o    Student zones

             Faculty-specific information for students.

   Learning support

        o    Study skills

             Writing, referencing, and exam preparation.

        o    Workshops and training

             Workshops, consultations and programs.

        o    Language support

             Learning online and language exchange.

        o    Student support

             Find all the support we offer in one place.


   Graduations

   Eligibility, ceremony and qualification information, and graduation for international students.

   Contact

   Email:
    Phone: 07 3138 2000
    Mon - Fri, 8.30am - 5pm

   International

        o     Getting started

              The first steps to studying with us.

        o     Airport reception

              We can meet you at the airport to welcome you to Brisbane.

        o     Accommodation and homestay

              Living arrangements and costs

        o     Language and learning support

              Assessment and studying help.

        o     Visas and immigration

              How to transfer, apply, and general immigration help.

        o     Health and wellbeing

              Health cover, hospitals and counselling services.

        o     Bringing your family to Australia

              Your options and how we can help.

        o     Employment
              Working in Australia.

        o     Financial help

              Banks and transferring money overseas.


   Explore the university

   Take our Virtual Tour to find out what's around your campus.

   Contact

   Email:
    Phone: 07 3138 2000
    Mon - Fri, 8.30am - 5pm

   Fees and finances

        o     Study costs

              Fees, and additional costs.

        o     Payments and refunds

              Paying fees and applying for refunds.

        o     Scholarships and prizes

              Get supported in your studies.

   Financial help and support

        o     Higher Education Loan Program (HELP)

              The government's loan scheme.
        o     Financial support

              Our student welfare and support.

        o     Managing your money

              Hints and tips for managing your cash.


   Contact

   Email:
    Phone: 07 3138 2000
    Mon - Fri, 8.30am - 5pm

   Services and facilities

        o     Administration and getting started

        o     Finances and scholarships

        o     Employment

        o     Culture and community

        o     Health and wellbeing
        o     Contact centres and helpdesks

        o     Technology

        o     Learning and study skills

        o     Research support

        o     Accommodation and living
    Explore your uni

    Take our Virtual Tour to find out what's around your campus.

   Research

        o    Scholarships and grants

             Funding opportunities for research.

        o    Policies and procedures

             Your responsibilities and obligations.

        o    Ethics

             Implications and clearance process.

        o    Publishing your research

             Scholarly publishing advice.

   Your degree

        o    Getting started

             Your guide to starting research with us.

        o    Milestones
                 Requirements and guiding milestones.

            o    Preparing and lodging your thesis

                 Guidelines, editing, lodging and submitting.


       Research skills and training

       Available programs and opportunities.

       Forms

            o    Admission forms

            o    Enrolment forms

            o    Exams forms

            o    Fees forms

            o    Graduation forms

            o    Personal details forms

            o    Working with children forms

            o    Not sure what form to use? Get your answer from AskQUT.

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Why you should do a research degree

If your undergraduate degree has given you a passion for learning and a desire to pursue a career in

research, you should consider doing a research degree.

Your degree

Getting started, managing your candidature, your degree milestones, and preparing and lodging your thesis

for examination.

Scholarships and grants

Find a scholarship to cover tuition or living expenses.

Research skills and training

We provide free training and resources for postgraduate research students, including skills development,

workshops, online training and mentoring.

Policies and procedures

Policies and procedures for research conduct and practice, supervision, ethics, copyright, and health and


Make sure you're aware of your ethical responsibilities and how to apply for ethical clearance.

Publishing your research

Advice and information on getting your research published.


Forms for managing your candidature, milestones, and lodging and submitting your thesis.

Research Degrees Committee

This group considers applications and resubmissions for Stage 2 proposals, grants and scholarship

extensions, candidature.


     Research Students Centre

     RSC manages and supports research students.

      Phone: 3138 4475
      Int. phone: +61 7 3138 4475
      Fax: 3138 1304
      Email:
  Level 4, 88 Musk Avenue, Kelvin Grove QLD



  Postal address:

  Research students centre

  GPO Box 2434

  Brisbane QLD 4001


  Service catalogue

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Acknowledgement to the Traditional Owners

QUT acknowledges the traditional owners of the lands where QUT now stands.

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