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					General Information                                Frequently Asked                                Are there support
   DIRECTIONS ACT provides free and                   Questions                                         groups?
 confidential drug and alcohol counselling           Who can access counselling?                  DIRECTIONS ACT has three support
services for individuals, their families and                                                   groups which are available to the individual
   friends, in a safe and non-judgmental         We will see anyone affected by drug and
                                               alcohol issues, whether they are individuals,     and their families. For more information
                environment.                                                                                 ring 6122 8000
                                                        friends or family members.

             Hours are                                                                         AA – for people with alcohol issues
                                                   How much does counselling cost?
    9am to 5pm Monday to Friday                                                                – run each Thursday (1 to 2pm)
          Civic and Woden                          DIRECTIONS ACT is fully funded by
                                                    ACT Health to provide this service,        NA – for people having issues with illicit
                                                         so counselling is free.               drugs – run each Monday (12:30 to 1:30pm)
       Appointments 6122 8000                                                                  COMPASS – an information and support
     There are both male and female                      Will anyone find out                  group for families of people with drug and
         counsellors available.                    what is discussed in counselling?           alcohol issues. Conducted every second
                                                                                               Tuesday from (6 to 8pm)
        No referrals are required.             The counselling is confidential and files are
                                               kept in a secure area at DIRECTIONS ACT.
                                                 We do not give your information or file
                                                     to any organisation or individual
                                                     without your written permission.             Crisis Counselling
                                                                                                Crisis Counselling is available as a drop in
            Advocacy                            All data given to government for reporting       service throughout all programs run by
        DIRECTIONS ACT helps                      purposes is non-identifiable statistical      DIRECTIONS ACT during program hours.
      people to find assistance with:          information only. However, occasionally files    The Counselling service offers information,
                                                may be subpoenaed for court and we are a       support and referrals either as a face-to-face
                                                      mandated health organisation.                  or via the telephone on any issue.
•   Centrelink
•   Legal issues                                         Is it possible to make                 Crisis Counselling is free and provided by
•   ACT Housing                                       a person stop using drugs?                 DIRECTIONS ACT to assist clients and
                                               Unfortunately, no matter how much you care         their families through immediate and
•   Care and Protection                                                                         urgent issues that can arise as a result of
                                                about someone, you cannot stop them from
•   Drug and alcohol services                    using drugs. However we can assist you to     using alcohol and drugs, and their lifestyle.
•   Medical and dental services                support your loved one through their journey,    These issues may include housing, legal,
                                                and provide you with options and strategies     relationships and Centrelink payments.
•   Refuges and crisis accommodation                to support you, your family and the
•   Detoxification and rehab services             individual through these difficult times.
                                                  DIRECTIONS ACT offers a wide range of
  Family Counselling                               programs for people who use drugs and
Family counselling is offered to families and     their families, and the wider community:
 friends of people who are affected by drugs
               and/or alcohol.                    • Life Skills
                                                  • Outreach Programs
   Families may be affected by a range of         • Treatment Support Services
 challenging behaviours which can result in
                                                  • ACT Needle & Syringe Program
emotional, social and financial issues for the
       individual and their loved ones.           • Community Education Program

 Counselling is offered on a one to one basis,
                                                  • Family & Individual Counselling                     Alcohol and Drug
                                                  • Primary Health Care & Intervention Team
or with the whole family group, depending on
  the family situation and their needs. The       • Arcadia House Detox & Withdrawal Centre     Counselling Services
 counsellor will focus on assisting the family
 to develop strategies for self care and coping
             with their situation.

   COMPASS is a support group run by
    DIRECTIONS ACT and provides a
   confidential and safe place to discuss
      concerns with others in similar

        Koori Support
  DIRECTIONS ACT provides culturally
aware counselling to Koori people with drug
 and alcohol issues and their families and                        Counselling Services
  friends through the counselling service.
                                                                          1 Bradley Street
                                                                        WODEN ACT 2606
 This counselling, like all of the counselling                             Ph: 6122 8000
        services, provides confidential,
 non-judgmental support, court support and                                 Fax: 6122 8001
help in finding options such as detoxification,         Email:
                                                                                               Confidential, free and respectful counselling
   rehabilitation and appropriate services.                 Website:

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