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Salary Certificate in Dollar - DOC - DOC


Salary Certificate in Dollar document sample

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          LOS ANGELES COMMUNITY COLLEGES                                                                          SALARY
                 PERSONNEL GUIDE                                                                        Degree Differential
                                                                                                     Certificate Differential
ISSUE DATE:        SERVICE:                                 CHANGES:
  1-12-2005        Academic (Certificated), Faculty             -   Addition of Fields covered by Certificate or Membership.
                                                                -   Clarify Appeals Committee function.
                   (See PG: B339 for decoding)
  PG B308
 (10-01-97)        ISSUED BY: Human Resources

Salary Differential for Advanced Degree or Professional
Academic (Certificated) Employees paid on the preparation salary schedule are eligible for salary differentials for specific
graduate degrees or certificates as negotiated by the Los Angeles College Faculty Guild and the District. Degree and
certificate differential dollar amounts are stated in Appendix A of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. When a faculty
member applies for a degree or certificate differential and it is awarded, the salary differential will be applied at the
beginning of the first pay period following the application filing and document verification.

1. Eligibility for a Degree Differential.
   Employees are eligible for a degree differentials if they:
   a. Hold an earned doctorate degree granted by an accredited college or university, or
   b. Hold an earned doctorate degree granted by an international institution that has been evaluated and found
       equivalent to a doctorate granted by an accredited institution within the U.S. (Check www.laccd.edu for a list of
       approved foreign transcript evaluation services).
   c. Upon recommendation of the Appeals Committee (see below), the Chancellor may approve international degrees
       that are denied.

2. Eligibility for a Certificate Differential.
   Employees are eligible for a certificate differential if they meet the criteria stated in a., b., and c.:
   a. Hold a current (not expired) certificate issued by the designated authorizing entity in one of the recognized fields
       listed below, and
   b. Hold a baccalaureate or higher degree from an accredited institution plus 70 semester units of upper division or
       graduate work above minimum preparation as defined in Board Rule 10535.14, and
   c. Hold the proper minimum qualifications or teaching credentials in and be assigned in a field covered by
       professional certificate or membership or be available for such an assignment.
   d. An employee who holds eminence in his/her professional field but does not meet unit requirements may request
       an exemption based upon eminence and outstanding accomplishment. The Appeals Committee (see below) will
       evaluate these requests

3. Procedure for Requesting Certificate and Degree Differentials.
   Forms are available from the Human Resources Division and are also posted on the district web site at
   www.laccd.edu. The eligible employee will complete Form C247 for a certificate differential and/or Form C153 for a
   degree differential. The employee will submit official evidence that the degree or certificate has been conferred or
   awarded before a salary differential can be granted.

4. Appeals Committee
   To consider special requests regarding the equivalency of foreign degrees or eminence in a professional field, the
   Chancellor (or designee) shall appoint a committee of three. The committee shall be convened as needed. The
   members of the committee shall be nominated as follows:
   a. One faculty member designated by the President of the District Academic Senate
   b. One faculty member designated by the President of the Faculty Guild
   c. One administrator designated by the Chancellor
5. Certificate Differential Fields.

    The following certificates are recognized for salary differentials when issued by the appropriate authorizing entity.

          CERTIFICATE OR                             FIELD                            AUTHORIZING ENTITY
    Air and Power-plant
    Certificate                       Aircraft Maintenance                  Federal Aviation Administration
    Architect                         -Architecture, Architectural
                                      Drafting                              Board of Architectural Examiners
    Landscape Architect               -Ornamental Horticulture,
                                      Architectural Drafting

    Certified Public Accountant       Business (Accounting)                 California Board of Accountancy
     -General                                                               Contractors State License Board
     -Air Conditioning and
                                      All-Engineering                       Board of Registration For Civil and
    -Civil                            All-Mathematics                       Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors
    -Electrical                       -Chemistry, Chem. Tech.
    -Land Surveyor                    -Electrical & Electronics
    -Metallurgical                    -Mechanical Drafting
    -Petroleum                        -Metallurgy                                                       Mathematics, Electronics

    Registered Geologist              Geology                               Board of Geologists and Geophysicists
                                      Handicapped, Physical Education,
    Physical Therapist                Occupational                                                            Therapy Assisting
                                                                            Physical Therapy Board of California

    Dental Hygienist                  Dental Hygiene                        Board of Dental Hygiene

    Registered Dietician              Dietetics, Nutrition                  American Dietetic Association

    Registered Nurse                  Nurse, Nursing                        Board of Registered Nursing
    -Certified                        Psychology, Counselor                 Board of Medical Quality Assurance
    Marriage and Family               -Counselor
    Therapist                                                               Board of Behavioral Science Examiners
    Registered Social Worker          -Sociology

    State Bar of California           Law                                   State Bar of California

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