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Certified staff members should submit all Professional Standard Commission
applications for certification transactions through the Human Resources Department, and
here’s why. When you send your application and required documentation to Human
Resources for submission to the PSC, we will assist you by:

   1.     Checking that you have completed your PSC application correctly.
   2.     Checking that you have submitted the correct documentation (and advise you
          regarding fees if applicable) required by the PSC for your particular
   3.     Sending your application packet to the PSC along with the Employer’s
          Assurance information. The Employer’s Assurance Form is a critical
          document required by the PSC to verify that you are currently employed with
          a Georgia school system. For some transactions, the Employer’s Assurance
          form will exempt you from having to pay a processing fee.

   When Human Resources submits your application packet to the PSC for any given
   transaction, we receive an electronic copy of the certificate and/or correspondence
   sent to you by the PSC. In most cases, when the PSC sends correspondence to you
   about your pending transaction, it is to request missing documentation or to notify
   you that you need to meet some requirement before they can continue processing
   your transaction. The PSC will also send you an email via MyPSC when your
   certificate is ready. When Human Resources has access to that correspondence, we
   will, follow up with you to help you move along with responding to the PSC
   promptly and correctly.

   To apply for a certificate upgrade, you must submit these items to Human Resources:

   1. A completed PSC application (available from
   2. An official transcript from the college or university where you earned your
      Master’s, Specialist, or Doctorate degree. The degree must be posted on the
      official transcript as well as the date of conferment.

   Human Resources will submit your completed application packet to the PSC and will
   process your pay increase for your certificate upgrade AFTER we receive a copy of
   your PSC issued upgraded certificate. The PSC no longer mails certificates or
   correspondence and you must be registered on MyPSC to retrieve your certificate.
   You may register at MyPSC through
   Please read carefully the following information about how Human Resources
   processes salary increases for certificate upgrades:
        If the effective date of the upgraded certificate level is during the 190-day contract year,
    the salary change will apply to that same contract year.

        Example: A certificate upgrade is received in May before the contract year ends. The
        salary change could be seen on the May, June, July, or August check depending on when
        HR receives a copy of the upgraded certificate and when the change is processed through
        payroll. (Paychecks for June, July, and August are for the previous contract year, NOT
        for the upcoming contract year.) The upgraded salary will affect only the remainder of
        the contracted working days left in that year’s contract. This year’s 190-day contract
        begins August 2, 2010 and ends on June 2, 2011.

        If the effective date of the upgraded certificate level is after the last day of the previous
        contract year, but before the first day of the new contract year, (i.e., during the summer)
        the salary change will apply to the new contract year. Example: Certificate upgrade is
        received in July. The salary change will be seen on a check for the new contract year
        depending on when HR receives a copy of the upgraded certificate and when the change
        is processed through payroll. (The September check is the first check of the new contract
        year EXCEPT for new teachers who are identified to receive the August check as the first
        check of the new contract year.)


You should know in advance the PSC requirements to add the particular field you want (see next
section on using the PSC website). The documentation required to apply to add a clear renewable
field varies depending on the field. Here are some examples:

1. Adding a Clear Renewable Teaching Field – The PSC passed a rule in March, 2003 to allow
educators who hold clear renewable certification in a teaching field to qualify to add a teaching
field by passing the appropriate GACE assessment(s). For example, if you are a high school
teacher with a clear renewable certificate in Science and want to add the clear renewable
Mathematics field to your certificate, you would be eligible to do so once you have passed the
GACE assessment for secondary Mathematics. To apply for the add-on, you would be required
to submit this document to Human Resources: a completed PSC application for certification.
Your GACE scores are automatically reported to the PSC and you may want to check to see that
these scores are posted on your certification prior to sending this application.

2. Adding a Clear Renewable Endorsement - Typically, the PSC requires educators to complete
an approved program in order to eligible to add an endorsement. For example, to add the ESOL
endorsement as a clear renewable field, an educator must complete an ESOL endorsement
program offered by a PSC approved program provider. The documentation required to apply to
add a clear renewable endorsement is: (1) a completed PSC application for certification, (2) an
official transcript from the program provider, such as MetroRESA. The program provider would
also be responsible for submitting the PSC Approved Program Recommendation form either
directly to the PSC or to Human Resources, depending on the provider and the provider’s
procedures. Typically this should go through our office.

A school system may request a non-renewable endorsement field for an educator. By holding the
non-renewable certification, the educator is in-field to teach the subject while completing the
requirements for the clear renewable endorsement. This process requires the three page
application, the program provider statement indicating that the applicant is enrolled in a program
and the fee payment through MyPSC.

As you can see, there are many variables when it comes to a certificate application. That’s why it
is so important for you to refer to the PSC website for information and involve Human Resources
in your certification transactions.


Human Resources encourages you to take the time to become familiar with the PSC website. The
main reason is because you are responsible for your certification. Human Resources offers
assistance with certification transactions, but you are ultimately responsible for holding a valid
Georgia teaching certificate, just like you are responsible for holding a valid driver’s license. The
PSC website contains a wealth of information on certification, educator preparation, ethics,
GACE testing, and so much more. The PSC now requires that every certified educator register
with MyPSC located at in order to receive correspondence and to view and print
certificates. You may email the PSC with specific questions at While email is
the preferred contact method, you may contact the PSC certification section by mail at:

                                       Certification Section
                                       Two Peachtree Street
                                             Suite 6000
                                         Atlanta, GA 30303

 For general information, you may call (404) 232-2500; outside the Metro
 Atlanta area (Georgia only), you may call (800) 869-7775. For information
 on the status of an application, you may call (404) 232-2510.

 For assistance through Human Resources please contact Diane Matthews

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