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									Pay slip
Date of payment: …… /……/……

Pay period: …… /……/…… to ….… /……/……

Employee’s name: <insert text>
Employer’s name: <insert text>

Employer’s ABN (if any): <insert text>

Name of Award/Agreement*: <insert text>
Classification/Job title under the Award/Agreement*: <insert text>

Ordinary hourly rate: $000.00 and/or annual rate (salary): $000,000.00

Employer superannuation contribution
Name of Fund/Scheme (or name and number): <insert text>
Contribution: $000,000.00

 Wages – worked at ordinary hourly rate                                             hrs      @ $00.00 (rate)            $000.00

                  #      Type (e.g. Saturday/evening rate):
 Penalty rate 1          <insert text>                                               hrs*     @ $00.00 (rate)*          $000.00

                         Type (e.g. public holiday rate):
 Penalty rate 2          <insert text>                                               hrs*     @ $00.00 (rate)*          $000.00

 Overtime                                                                            hrs*     @ $00.00 (rate)*          $000.00

 Shift loading                                                                       hrs*     @ $00.00 (rate)*          $000.00

 Other loading           <insert text>
                                                                                     hrs*     @ $00.00 (rate)*          $000.00

 Incentive-based         Type:
                         <insert text>                                                                                  $000.00
 Bonus                   <insert text>                                                                                  $000.00

 Other payments          <insert text>                                                                                  $000.00

 Termination             Details* (including notice, redundancy, accrued leave, etc.):
 entitlements            <insert text>

                                                                                             Gross payment          $00,000.00

 Taxation                                                                                                               $000.00
                          Purpose* (e.g. salary sacrifice):       Account/Fund name (or name and number):
 Other deduction          <insert text>                                                                                 $000.00

                                                                                            Total deductions        $00,000.00

                                                                                                Net payment         $00,000.00

 Employer superannuation contribution
 Account/Fund name (or name and number):                                                                                $000.00

    Note: Pay slips must be issued to employees within one working day of the day they are paid.

# Where the Model Transitional Provisions (in modern awards) apply, a proportion of two different penalty entitlements may
  apply for the same time period. This can occur where the pre-modern award penalty entitlement is different to the modern
  award penalty entitlement but both apply in the same time period. In this situation, an employee is entitled to part of the pre-
  modern award penalty and part of the modern award penalty at the same time. For more information about the Model
  Transitional Provisions and penalty rates, please go to
* The Fair Work Ombudsman acknowledges that the inclusion of information marked with an asterisk (*) is not a requirement
  under the Fair Work Regulations 2009. This template is provided as a best practice model.
Fair Work Ombudsman is committed to providing useful, reliable information to help you understand your rights and
obligations under workplace laws.
It is your responsibility to comply with workplace laws that apply to you.
The information contained in this publication is:
• general in nature and may not deal with all aspects of the law that are relevant to your specific situation; and
• not legal advice.
Therefore, you may wish to seek independent professional advice to ensure all the factors relevant to your circumstances
have been properly considered.

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