The Next Millionaires

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					         The Next Millionaires
Presented By:
Mohd. H R Khan
DXN International
Independent Network Marketer

Do you want to be one of them?
Do you want to help others to be millionaires too?
“What a tragedy it would be to live your entire life and not have created
what you truly wanted”

Where will the Next Millionaires come from?
•They will come from being in the distribution business

•These Distributors fulfill the two critical functions of distribution:

Distributor Millionaires
•Tell consumers about
what products are available
the benefits of such products
•They put those products into the consumer‟s hands
This is the time-honored combination of functions that goes back to merchants
through the centuries

Distribution Functions:
•EDUCATION: Teaching consumers about products that will improve their
lives, typically items they didn‟t know existed
•DELIVERY: Physically putting into the consumers‟ hands the product they
just learned about and want

What’s the Main Skill You Need for this Business?

How Do You Use this Skill?
     By Using Word-of-Mouth Communication - the Most Powerful
     Communication Medium in Marketing

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What is Forever Team Marketing?
It is a method of sharing information (communication) between people that
results in moving product from the manufacturer (DXN) to the consumer

So What is Team Marketing?
It is a vehicle (way) to make other people’s lives better with either the
or the

What Business Are We In?
•What we call the “health care” business is not really the health business but
the sickness business.
•The Medical industry today has very little, if anything to do with health.
•Medical Care is concerned with treating the symptoms of illness.
•It has very little to do:
 with preventing illness or
 With making people feel stronger or healthier.

What Business Are We In?
•There is a revolution coming your way.
      So huge...
           so powerful...
                 it will be unavoidable.
•It‟s not based on any political or religious ideals and yet it will be the most
powerful revolution history has ever recorded.

What Business Are We In?
•The participants are 1 billion people.

•What is it and what‟s in it for you?
It’s the Wellness Revolution

•The Next Trillion Dollar Business Trend in the US alone by the year 2010.
What is The Wellness Business?
•It‟s a brand new industry that has nothing to do with sickness but is all
about creating wellness.
•Wellness doesn‟t treat people who are sick or address illness.

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What is The Wellness Business?
•Wellness is for people who are already well and who want to:
Stay well
Slow down the aging process
Keep from becoming customers of the sickness (health care) business

•Here is how wellness is defined :
 Wellness is money you spend to make you feel healthier, even when you’re not
“sick” by any standard medical terms.

Build A Team of Distributors
Build   it   once,
Build   it   big,
Build   it   right,
Build   it   to retire.

One Minute Training
•Use some product
•Tell some stories
•Help some people
•Make some money
•Use a LOT of product
•Tell a LOT of stories
•Help a LOT of people
•Make a LOT of money
Success Factor:
300 Active PPV Credits
(300 PPV Club)
If you and your team make 300 PPV per month you will get 3 long years
points, success, promotion, TSIP and others in one single year. Is it not
amazing and desirable?

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So How Fast Do You Want That?
You can build it in
6 Months
1 Year
2 Years
3 Years
4 Years
5 Years
Or more
It‟s your choice

What Do I Do With My Income?
•Don‟t just spend all of it
•Invest it in:
    i. Yourself
   ii. Your business
  iii. Retirement investment funds
  iv. Stocks of companies that you know about from
       personal experience (not what you read or hear
       about in the financial news section of newspapers,
       radio & TV)
DXN is an amazing vehicle waiting for you, to transport & lead you to
economic freedom – to help you become one of The Next Millionaires
The next step is up to you

Thank You!
Go out today and make someone’s life better!


 What is it that you want in life now?
 Are you looking for quality of life, a better career with equal
  opportunity for growth, unique high quality products to improve
  your health, and that of your loved ones?
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 What ever it is that you want, you can have it, wherever you want
  to be, we will help you get there
 But where is there for you?
 The DXN TEAM quickly grew from one man‟s dream into a dream
  of millions. The caliber of our products and the simplicity of our
  business plan meant that anyone who wanted could improve
  their quality of life.
 Today 16 years later, DXN has over 6 million distributors in 141
  countries around the world with a sales of over $2 billion.
 In DXN, we believe that success is dependent on a company‟s
  ability to put together a remarkable team of trustworthy, loyal
  and talented people.
 From the plantation worker in Alor Setar, Malaysia, to Lim Siow
  Jin, the CEO, it is hands on approach.
 Every member of the TEAM is taught how to work hard, expected
  to be honest, and required to be excellent.
 The result of this hard work, honesty and excellence is a unique
  and passionate synergy.
 For a business to succeed, it should meet the 4 Principles of a
  Successful Business Model,
  1. The First Principle of which is a Huge and Expanding Market.
  2. Being involved with DXN allows you to have a global business
     in the best Markets around the world.
  3. The next Principle of a Successful Business Model is a Unique
     & Consumable Products. Our Products are unique, especially
  4. We control everything from fields, to factory, to research and
     development, to packaging, to shipping, to distribution.
 To ensure quality we have totally, vertically integrated our entire
  process – One World One Market
 This allows us to guarantee the quality of DXN products to our
  millions of customers and distributors who depend on them for a
  healthier life and a more rewarding livelihood.
 Our DXN Products are the finest available out of Ganoderma, etc.
 The properties of Ganoderma which is beneficial in maintaining a
  healthy body had been known for thousands of year already.
 We have more than 100 Products that meets the needs of the
  emerging business boom - the Wellness Business.

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 Our range of Products Covers the Gadnoderma based food
  supplemnts, Nutrition, Personal Care, Skin Care, Weight
  Management, beauty products, and Perfumes
 THE DXN Business Opportunity Plan PRESENTATION
 Our Best Selling Products are Ganoderma based.
 Our unhealthy eating habits prevent us from getting the required
  amount of vitamins & minerals our body need to sustain optimal
 Food Supplementing then becomes necessary.
 You and your customers are assured of the highest quality,
  everyday household products.
 Skin Care products are made out of Aloe Vera.
 Because of the power of aloe to restore, rejuvenate, tone, and
  heal, down to the 3rd layer of the skin, we have extra ordinary
  products that are not available in the market, as they are only
  exclusive to our distributors.
 We have a unique program for losing and maintaining your ideal
 All the products involved are natural, and they do not have any
  adverse effect in your body.
 Our Unique & Consumable Products, combined with our Robust
  Marketing Plan, that is very flexible – allows you to do a Part-time
  business, for extra income, of full time business for unlimited
 Personal Retailing Alone allows you to Earn 25% Retail Profit
 As you use, or share the products to others, you earn this level of
 Now Ask Yourself…
 Are you satisfied with the integrity and stability of the company?
 Would you or someone you know use the products?
 Are you willing to put in a sufficient amount of effort?

Now Ask Yourself
If the Answer is Yes, „START‟ now

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6 Steps to Succeed in DXN Business
List Your Goals
Get Qualified & Use the Products
Maintain Prospect List

A Topic About SPONSORING -
From: Big Al Tells All

The Typical Business Day of Distributor Joe–Part Timer..
   Today is Friday, a recruiting day Joe is off – no job interference..
   8:30am – Time to make those phone appointments. Joe dials the first
      number. The phone rings 3 times & Joe quickly hangs up – thinking they
      might still be sleeping.
   Joe thinks, it‟s too early to be calling prospect, & so he decided to do
      some GOAL setting.
   9:30am- Joe finishes his revised goal, & had put in volume & bonus
      figures, but Joe has yet to sponsor that First Distributor.
   9:35 am- Joe makes his 2nd phone call- line is busy. He felt relieved  &
      thinks “Maybe they are not interested anyway”.

     9:36- Joe had failed to make an appointment with 2 phone calls, & so he
      decided to check his prospect list to see who else he can call. He then
      decided to classify his list of who is good, medium & lousy prospect. He
      also wrote them in a 3x5 card & sets up a beautiful file system. But it is
      already 11:45am, and he had not secured any appointment yet. He
      consoles himself by saying that he is preparing for the big afternoon.
     11:45am, as a matter of fact he is going out now – but he realized that
      it‟s almost lunch time, so he decided to eat before he leaves home.
     1:00pm, Joe finally leaves home – but where should he go First? No
      Appointments, No Plans.
     Joe took the courage to go to the biggest shopping mall to make some
      cold market prospecting.

     Joe moved around the mall & saw Mr. Shoe Maker who is busy with one
      customer, so he passed him. Mr. Tailor had a customer too, but if Joe
      will be rejected by Mr. Tailor, even that customer will think poorly of Joe.
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       Mrs. Florist does not look approachable, so Joe decided to skip her. Aha,
       but Mr. Watch Repair was alone.
      Joe introduced himself, but Mr. Watch Repair took control of the
       conversation by asking – “How much will it cost me? How long have you
       been doing this? Can you show me your checks? Totally cornered, Joe
       saved face saying, he have to leave for another appointment…

      2:20 p.m., Joe went back to his car totally discouraged. He realized his
       self-confidence was at zero level, but he wanted to make one more effort.
       Joe decided to go to his friend‟s house & make at least one presentation.
      At 2:45, Joe was in front of his friend‟s house. From the street Joe could
       see no one through the front window. Since it seems that his friend is not
       home, he decided to go home to do some self evaluation.
      What do you think Joe will be feeling during his self-evaluation?
      Does this experience of Distributor Joe remind you about You?
      If the Upline of Distributor Joe will not help him, what will he do?
      What kind of help does distributor Joe needs from his upline?
      If the upline is also new, and untrained he cannot help Joe!
      What is the most important job of Joe from the time he became a
      How can you help Distributor Joe, if you are his upline?
      Joe‟s Upline should help him find 5 people who wants to earn at least
       Dhs.3,000 to Dhs.5,000 per month, and retire in 3 to 5 years…
      To achieve this he must promote, invite, & present his business
      A successful businessman must have a proper business plan for the day
       in order to succeed.
      Distributor Joe Failed to Plan for the day!!
      If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!!!

                         A CLUE TO SUCCESS
                         From: Big Al Tells All
Big Al is the sponsor of Distributor Joe. So Big Al followed up on Joe‟s
progress last Friday, only to hear the discouraging report of Distributor Joe.
Big Al said: ”Joe I know you were eager to do very well”.

Big Al continued saying – “I know the feeling that we feel when we recruit. I
think after that experience you may be willing to listen to my advise on how to
cure that problem permanently”.

                                        8     Mohammed H. R. Khan 0508577317
When   Joe heard what Big Al said, his spirits went up, as he hurried to Big Al‟s
place to learn the secret solution to his recruiting problem. When Joe arrived,
Big Al said: “One lesson is worth 10,000 words”.

Most  distributors get good advice, but never realize the value or put it to use. I
am not going to tell you the magic solution to your recruiting problem. You‟ll
learn it for yourself. What I‟d like you to do now is make a few phone calls & set
some recruiting appointments for Tuesday night.

Don‟t worry about who you set the appointments with, since I‟ll go with you
and I will do all the talking. You‟ll just have to come along & watch, okay? Just
say to your friends: “Are you interested in some extra money? I want you to
meet my upline, Big Al. Let‟s get together at the Product Center Tuesday night
for 20 minutes. You‟ll like meeting this guy.”

Joe  felt this is easy, after all, he didn‟t have to do anything but set an
appointment. Big Al will do the presentation, while Joe set back and observe
how Big Al presents, & handles all the objections, & how Big Al sign them up
as Joe‟s Distributors.
In 20 minutes Joe had set up 4 appointments for Tuesday night.

And  handling questions on the phone was easy because Joe‟s attitude was
super-positive. When they asked, “What is it all about? Joe would reply, “I just
want you to meet Big Al, he‟s got a lot of ideas on making money”.
Big Al turned to Joe & said, “Go home & relax. We‟ll meet at the product
center on Tuesday night at 6:30, for my presentation.

Rule No. 1; Never ever start talking to your friends, family, & neighbors about
your business until you are trained to talk to Prospects first.

TIP No. 1 – On “What To Say”…
You Use the Language Formula…
It   contains three key elements:
         1. A dramatic benefit
         2. An element of curiosity
         3. A word picture that describes the "moment" of the benefit.

Step  One: Capture your Prospect‟s Attention using the Power Of The
“Curiosity Approach”..
John- do you know that many people now-a-days are earning an extra
Dhs.1,000 to Dhs.3,000 working from home during their spare time?

Capture your Prospect‟s Attention using the “Curiosity Approach”
Their reply could be a question like… What is it?

                                          9     Mohammed H. R. Khan 0508577317
Your Answer – Well it‟s a home based distribution business. Do you know
someone who might be interested?

"What I do people eliminate aches and Pains by recommending all
natural nutritional supplements.“ Do you know someone who might be interested
in doing what I am doing”?

"What I do people reduce stress, have more energy and improve their
health by taking all natural nutritional supplements. Do you know anyone who
might be interested in doing what I am doing?"

"What I do people go in business for themselves and work out of their
homes. Do you know anyone who might be interested in this project? "

"What I do people how to fire their bosses and start their own home-
based business. Do you know anyone who might be interested in working with
me in this project?"

"What I do people create multiple streams of income by leveraging their
talents, abilities and their time. Do you know anyone who might be interested in
working in this project?"

“ What I do people how to become financially Independent by
partnering with me in the Health And Beauty industry. Do you know anyone
who might be interested in a partnership like this?"

If they will express interest in what you have said, they will ask for more
information, or simply say YES I am interested, or YES I know someone who
might be interested ….

(Your  next objective is to fix the time so that your upline can do the
Presentation, so you say)…
Are you free on Tue. or Wed. at___to see the presentation? Which time is
convenient for you, 7 or 8pm.?

You have to memorize all of those scripts, and practice it over and over again,
until they are part of your vocabulary.
Then you can talk to your Warm Market Prospects…
A              Topic             About          SPONSORING                       -
“2 Against 1”

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The Unfair Advantage
From: Big Al Tells All

Tuesday    night went so smoothly that Joe was very happy. One wasn‟t
interested, the Other had to think it over, & 2 prospects became distributors.
Imagine two new first level distributors in one evening! And it was easy. Joe
just introduced Big Al to his prospects and Big Al calmly showed the
When Big Al finished, the prospect either joined or not. It‟s just the normal
presentation, no high pressure, just a simple explanation, that Joe could also
do. But what was amazing is how the prospects reacted.
They treated him with respect. There were no objections, & the prospects were
on their best behavior. That made Big Al‟s job easy.
When Big Al and Joe arrived at Joe‟s house later that evening, Joe asked Big
Al to come in & explain the wonderful happenings of that evening. Big Al
smiled and told Joe to begin taking notes. Big Al said,
 “The secret of recruiting this evening was simple. There were two of us and
only one of them. They were at an unfair advantage. All we had to do was
convince one person to our thinking.
The Unfair Advantage
And our thinking must have some merit, because there are two of us already
that shared it.
The Unfair Advantage
It is a lot easier for the prospect to join our enthusiasm than it is for him to
convince 2 of us that we‟re wrong. Besides, he wants to think like we do. He
wants extra money, too.”
 “This may seem simple but all professional recruiters work in pairs. Knowing
this is vital to your success, let‟s take a closer look why professionals work in
1. When you visit a friend he may sidetrack you with stories, sports talk,
chatter, joke with you, tease you, and give you all kinds of grief just for the fun
of it.
But things are different when you are with a stranger. He is polite since he
doesn‟t know me. He feels I‟m an expert because I‟m a stranger.
Things are different when you are with a stranger.
He might see me as your boss, so he is on his best behavior not to embarrass
He may feel he can intimidate you, but with a stranger along, he will be
cooperative and business-like.
2. If you visit your prospect alone, he will see only you, not the company you
If he feels you are in some way incapable personally, he will reject the
opportunity based on you, not the company.

                                        11     Mohammed H. R. Khan 0508577317
However, if your Upline is with you whom the prospect doesn‟t know
personally, he must make a decision on the facts at hand, not on you & your
present position.
3. When Upline/Downline work as a team, their self-confidence is at a high
They keep each other motivated. It‟s not like taking on the world alone.
If you are by yourself, you are probably afraid of rejection, afraid to make
appointments, and more likely to avoid contact with prospects. That‟s why you
spent Friday doing paperwork.

3. When Upline/Downline work as a team, their self-confidence is at a high
If you had a companion, each of you      would have worked hard not to let the
other one down.
If each were to make four appointments, you‟d be sure to keep up your end
of the load. Neither person wants to be the first one to quit.
4. When two distributors make a presentation, one talk, the other keeps quiet
and observes.
The observer does not have to worry about making sure the presentation has
all the information in order, etc., so he is free to closely observe the prospect
and listen for clues to his motivation.
4. When two distributors make a presentation, one talk, the other keeps quiet
and observes.
When it comes time to close the prospect, the observer may be able to help
with some vital information that otherwise may have been overlooked.
5. Two distributors working together accomplish more than each working
I‟m sure you now see why you are much more efficient working as a team.
Professionals look for efficiency.
6. If you do not work as a team and have your new distributors recruit alone,
you are then assuming the following:
•Your new distributors have instant & total knowledge of your business.
•Your new distributors are blessed with unlimited self-confidence & can handle
rejection alone.
•Your  new distributors became instantly competent in presenting the
opportunity by virtue of filling out their distributor applications.
To assume the above would be totally crazy. Therefore, the only alternative is
to work as a team.
When two work together, there is an opportunity to evaluate each
They can review the good points and the not-so-good aspects of a particular
presentation will make their next one even better.
Having two separate viewpoints, the presenter and the observer, is invaluable.
 “As you can see, Joe, there is a lot of logic that dictates that recruiting
should be done in pairs. For the next two weeks, you and I will work together

                                       12     Mohammed H. R. Khan 0508577317
every Tuesday night and Saturday. We‟ll need 4 appointments on Tuesdays
and 6 appointments on Saturday. That‟s 10 a week. I‟ll make 5 appointments
and you make 5. Fair enough?
Joe enthusiastically agreed. This was going to be easy. All his fears about
recruiting were now gone and Joe could see a bright future with lots of


From: Big Al Tells All

After 2 weeks, Joe had sponsored 15 Distributors in his group. The schedule
gets routine.
On Saturday evenings he invites people for Tuesday & Thursday‟s Business
Big Al does the presentation, & let the prospect decide if they wanted to join.
No magic, no hype, no high pressure, just show the opportunity.
15 Distributors with 2cc. each will make Joe a Supervisor.
Big Al invited Joe for a coffee, and told him that he should start helping all
his active downlines to achieve supervisor position by doing the same thing,
Promoting, Inviting, and Presenting the OPP. Big Al will supervise and support.
Distributor Joe said, but we‟re a TEAM. But Big Al laughed and said, I don‟t
want you to work alone, you have to TEAM up with your people now. You‟ve
seen the presentation many times, & you can say it better than me.
Big Al said, you & I can surely sponsor 1,000 if we continue, but that‟s not
how TEAM marketing works. You have to work smart, not hard.
You have to train your distributors just like I trained you…
Wouldn‟t you have 5 or 10 of your New Distributors go out recruiting, instead
of you doing it all?
Besides, if you work as a TEAM, your group will stay Motivated.
Forget about Ads for now, deal with their warm markets first.
Joe, you have 15 New Distributors now, some motivated, some not. Ask them,
and help them to set appointments, just like I asked you to do. You‟ll probably
have 5 to 8 distributors who are serious & would like to work with you.
Working with those 5 to 8 distributors will keep you busy for a long time.
You will then have a large organization.
Instead of each distributor working alone, by using Teamwork Joe could have
hundreds of distributors in 3 to 4 months.
Big Al spent 3 weeks training Joe, so it would only take Joe 3 months to
become Manager, while at the same time training his 5 to 8 downlines. Joe
could train 2 of his distributors on Mon. & Tue. and spend another 2 days Wed.
& Thurs. training his other 3 distributors.

                                      13     Mohammed H. R. Khan 0508577317
However, Big Al insisted that he and Joe meet weekly to keep Joe on course
and to improve Joe‟s recruiting and presenting skills.
Joe thanks Big Al without realizing that Big Al had just another strong line of
distributors under Joe.

One Story Is Worth 10,000 Facts
From: Big Al Tells All

Big  Al was sharpening Joe‟s presentation skills. Big Al taught Joe to tell
stories during presentations.
Your prospects & distributors will remember the story long after the fact had
been forgotten.
People‟s Income:
Company President: $1M/Yr.
Laborer: $10,000.00/Yr.
Did this mean the Pres. Worked 100 times harder. I doubt if the Pres. of a
company could work a 400hrs. a week. They work smart – not hard. They
found ways to be efficient, productive.
People‟s Income:
Who should be paid more? A man who sells $100 worth of products, or the
man who sells $1,000 worth of products. Of course you would pay the second
man more.
If you wish to earn more, you must produce more. Work smarter…
Here‟s your chance – Who makes more money? The person who owns the
company or the employee who works for him? The owner of course. Mr.
Prospect, you now have the opportunity to own your own business & decide
how much money you can earn.
Do you want to remain an employee and let your boss decide your earnings,
or do you wish to start your own business by becoming a distributor now?
One Story Is Worth 10,000 Facts

Let‟slook at how many years of our lives we spend in school…
  Grade School - 8yrs.
  High School     - 4yrs.
  College          - 4yrs.
  Usually College Costs $4,000 per year…

Why do we go to college? To become successful. But in college we take
English, Accounting, Business, Engineering, etc., all courses designed to make
us good employees for someone else.

                                      14     Mohammed H. R. Khan 0508577317
We don‟t take a single course in our true “Major”, Success. We spend 16 yrs.
Of our lives & $16,000 (4yrs. College) & take not a single course in how to
become Success.
Don‟t you think it would be worthwhile to spend Dhs.150 a month to attend a
course & learn how to become Success?

A young housewife wants to help her husband by getting a job to help bills.
There are many sacrifices she must make:
1. She will be away from the house 8-10 hours a day.
 2. Their children will no longer have the advantage of a full time mother at
3. She will miss the wonderful experience of helping their children develop.
 4. There will be less quality time with her husband & children as evenings are
spent to catch up.
But in return for these sacrifices she finds a wonderful job paying
But how much is the income in relation to the expenses to perform that Job?
Salary of the Secretary = Dhs. 2,500.00
  Less - 700.00 Baby Sitter
  Less - 300.00 Daily Fares
  Less - 50.00 P.B. Needs
  Less - 100.00 Dresses
  Less - 500.00 Meals/Gifts
Salary Left= Dhs.850.00
Dhs. 850.00, that‟s less about Dhs.32.00 per day only.
Is it worth 22 days a month away from the children, & 208 hours of work, not
to mention travel time!
Would it be better for the housewife to stay at home?
If you are a Professional Pearl Hunter sitting in the harbor by the sea, & every
hour I give you a bucket of 100 oysters. Out of the 100, there are 5 that have
pearls, the 95 are empty.
As a Professional Pearl Hunter, you started opening the Oyster Shells.
In your first attempt, the first oyster you open did not have pearl.
You will throw away that empty oyster & keep on opening the rest of the 100
oysters until you have found the 5 pearls.
However, Amateur Pearl Hunter are like New Distributors.
Most distributors treat their friends & the so called “good prospects” like
empty oyster.
The Amateur‟s first attempt, he opens the oysters that did not have pearl. He
will carefully put it back together, hold it between his hands to keep it warm,
and then sit there for days hoping it will grow pearl. Is this what you should do?
Of course not – it‟s the wrong thing to do.
But instead of going to a good prospect, they keep hoping, asking, inviting, &
pleading with the wrong people week after week.
They will invite the same prospect many times to an opportunity meeting!

They never catch the hint. They work too long with “empty oysters”.
                                      15     Mohammed H. R. Khan 0508577317
The secret to recruiting is sorting people, not convincing people.
You will get tired, & discouraged working with empty oysters.
Your  job as a professional recruiter is only to sort through the prospects until
you find one who wants to be a distributor.
It is 10x easier to locate a prospect who wants to work, than to convince an
unwilling, disinterested Prospect to work.

Once there were two eggs discussing what they wanted to be when they hatch.
Egg no. 1 said: “I want to be an oyster when I hatch.
An oyster just lays in the water. It has no decision to make. The currents of
the ocean move it about, so it doesn‟t have to plan.
 The ocean water that passes by is its food.
Whatever the oceans provide is what the oyster may receive, no more no less.
That‟s the life for me. It maybe limited, but there are no decision, no
responsibilities, just a plain existence controlled by the ocean”.
The second egg said, “That‟s not the life for me, I wish to be an eagle. An eagle
is free to go where he wants & do as he pleases.
Sure he is responsible for hunting his own food & making survival decisions,
but he is free to fly as high as the mountains.
The Eagle is in control, not controlled by others.
The Eagle wish no limits placed on them. They do not wish to be slave of the
For this, they are willing to pay the effort required to live the life on an Eagle.
Which would you rather be an Eagle, or an Oyster?

Presented By: E. Salvador
From: Big Al Tells All


The Dairy Farmer‟s Dilemma:
      There was once a farmer who is confronted by a lowered production in
his dairy farm. What he used to get from a couple of Milking Cows had reduced
drastically, and so he thought of feeding more nutritious feed for his cow to
increase milk production. By anticipating more milk, he also decided to milk
his 2 cows in the morning, and in the evening, trying to squeeze more milk
from two cows.

The Dairy Farmer‟s Dilemma:
      At the end of the month the farmer tried to calculate his profits based on
his milk production against his cost of maintenance due to more expensive
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feeds, and the result was a loss in income. The cost of maintenance was high
that did not allow him to make a profit. Confronted with the cold fact of his
business, the farmer is so desperate for a solution…What could be the best

The FLP Distributor‟s Dilemma:
       In parallel, the dairy farmer‟s experience is similar to an old timer FLP
distributor who is reviewing his organization through his month end recap
based on the performance of a few distributors who are still active in his
organization. After a thorough evaluation of what could be the cause of his
problem, he consulted the Core group and they all agreed to the brainstorm on
the following issues…

The Issues Were;
How do I increase my sales in my group?
How do I earn more money, or increase my bonus checks?
The Course Of Action – Option No. 1
Conduct training for the present distributors in your TEAM on How To
Increase Sales Volume!
In fact this is the very purpose of our Product Trainings.
The Course Of Action – Option No. 1
It was not only Product Training that was conducted, A Topic on Retailing
was also included in the Training Package.
THE RESULT: Sales did not increase during the current month – and the
upline bonus did not also increase.
The Course Of Action – Option No. 1
When it was found out that the Retailing Training did not produce sales
volume increase, they brain stormed again, and concluded that they should
conduct The LEADERSHIP Training!

The Course Of Action – Option No. 1
Then they found out that The LEADERSHIP Training did not produce sales
volume increase.
 It was concluded that the Distributors lack Motivation, and so they should
conduct Training on Motivation!

Then we found out that The Training On Motivation did not produce the
anticipated sales volume increase.

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What is the real solution to the problem of “How To Get More Sales?”

It‟s not the Products & Sales Trainings that will bring Sales Volume!
It‟s not the Leadership Trainings that will bring Sales Volume!
It‟s not the Motivation Trainings that will bring Sales Volume!
Moreover, training over trained, and tired Old Timer Distributor is expensive.
We call them high-maintenance – downlines, and they will make us very tired
and frustrated because they are not willing to go out and do the job.
The major problem of MLM leaders is that they believe that by squeezing
harder, you can get more milk.
The Solution is „2-On-1‟ Calls, „2-On-1‟ Person To Person Invitation, & „2-On-
1‟ Presentation, Conducted by the Upline.
Become a TAG Partner with your new recruit.
Do the first few calls, first few invitations, first few presentations and train
them to do the same.
The only true route to building bigger volume is to get more distributors, not
by squeezing your present distributors harder.
Another important factor of getting new recruits is that new recruits have
Great Enthusiasm.

What Do Vitamins & Minerals Do For You & Me?

The NEW START To Good Health

Everyone will die, but how you look and feel for the last 20-50 years depends
on your lifestyle and the intake of Vitamins and Minerals throughout your
entire life

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What Do Vitamins & Minerals Do For You & Me?
1.    BUILD UP YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM: Illness and disease are not „caught‟.
      One doesn‟t catch cancer, heart disease or a cold. You create these
      ailments with deficiencies based on what you eat or don‟t eat.
2.    INCREASE YOUR ENERGY LEVEL: Vitamins & Minerals are involved in
      the release of energy from digested foods. Strong, lasting energy levels
      are good indicators of healthy Vitamin & Mineral Intake!
What Do Vitamins & Minerals Do For You & Me?
      The Clearness of your skin, tone, & elasticity, the strength of your Hair,
the Thickness, Color, & Strength of your fingernails, all depend on Vitamins &
      Some people look 50 years old at 30. Some look 30 at 50.
What Do Vitamins & Minerals Do For You & Me?
      Brain function, ability to concentrate, & memory capacity require proper
vitamin and mineral levels.

Where Do Vitamins And Minerals Come From?
VITAMINS - are natural substances found in living things such as plants.
Vitamins must be obtained in the body from foods or supplements as they
cannot usually be produced by the body.
Where Do Vitamins And Minerals Come From?
MINERALS – are found in plants. Plant get their minerals from the soil – soil
gets minerals from water washing over rocks.
For Vitamins to do their job, they require Minerals.
Minerals must also be obtained from food or supplements.

Where Do Vitamins And Minerals Come From?
ANTIOXIDANTS – are specific Vitamins or Minerals that protect body cells
from the damaging effects of Free Radicals.
Free Radicals come from smoking, sunlight, stress, pollution, & exercise.
Free Radicals cause Pre-mature aging, sickness & disease.
Where Do Vitamins And Minerals Come From?
SUPPLEMENTS – are vitamins and minerals that have been extracted from a
plant or created in a laboratory and put into a form that can be ingested and
used by the body.

How Do Vitamins & Minerals Get Into The

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Vitamins & Minerals get into your body when you eat plants such as Fruits,
Vegetables, Grains, Nuts, & Spices, or when you take a Vitamin/Mineral
You can also get some Vitamins & Minerals into your body by eating Meat as
most animals eat plant food.
Where Do Vitamins And Minerals Go In The Body?
Vitamins & Minerals go from your stomach to your intestines. They then GO
through a very complex allocation system whereby the body distributes certain
Vitamins & Minerals to parts of the Body based on its own priority system.
Where Do Vitamins And Minerals Go In The Body?
If a nutrient is needed in a certain organ that the body deems more important,
it will take the nutrients from a less important organ and allocate it to a more
important organ. Sort of robbing Peter to pay Paul.
That is why it is critical to maintain proper Vitamins & Mineral Levels.
Where Do Vitamins And Minerals Go In The Body?
Vitamins & Minerals in your body should not be viewed as independent
substances, but rather as a cooperative network of nutrients working together.
If one nutrient is missing, it throws the entire network of nutrients out of
Where Do Vitamins And Minerals Go In The Body?
A deficiency of a Vitamin, or Mineral will cause a body part to malfunction
and eventually break down – and, like dominos, other parts will follow
How Do Vitamins & Minerals Leave The Body?
VITAMINS & MINERALS are used by the body. As the body & organs perform
their function, they often use themselves up in the process, which is the case
with most of the critical disease fighting -antioxidants.
How Do Vitamins & Minerals Leave The Body?
VITAMINS & MINERALS –The use of Diuretics, such as drugs, alcohol, coffee,
tea, sodas – washes Vitamins & Minerals out of the body creating deficiencies –
this can create major health problem.
How Do Vitamins & Minerals Leave The Body?
VITAMINS & MINERALS – even thinking uses Vitamins & Minerals. Exercise
& Stress use a lot of Vitamins & Minerals.
Tobacco & Alcohol can also inhibit the absorption of Vitamins & Minerals or
accelerate loss of them.
WHY Should You Take Vitamin & Mineral Supplements?
Vitamins & Minerals are vital nutrients for bodily functions and prevention of
Insufficient Vitamin intake is apparently the cause of chronic diseases.
WHY Should You Take Vitamin & Mineral Supplements?
Most people do not consume an optimal amount of Vitamins by normal diet
In the U.S. 96% of the population dies of a disease, due to poor diet. How
about the underdeveloped countries?

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It appears prudent that all adults should take Vitamins & Minerals
Why Should You Take Vitamin & Mineral Supplements?

Vitamins & Minerals Supplementation is necessary for the following reasons;
1.    Crop Nutrient Losses – decades of agriculture have overworked and
depleted soils of Minerals.
2.    Poor Digestion – Eating too much or too quickly & stress can cause
indigestion. Indigestion reduces absorption of Vitamins & Minerals.
3.    Over- cooking – can easily destroy valuable food nutrients.
Why Should You Take Vitamin & Mineral Supplements?
4.    Microwave Cooking – studies shows that this method of cooking alters
the nutritional structure of food.
5.    Food Storage – length of storage & freezing depletes the nutritional value
of most foods.
6.    Food Selection – Eating a too limited range of different food groups will
result in nutrient deficiencies.
Why Should You Take Vitamin & Mineral Supplements?
7.    Food omission – allergies to foods, crash dieting, and poorly designed
vegetarian diets omit significant dietary sources of nutrients.
8.    Environmental Factors – herbicides and pesticides are used in crops,
leaving them with low nutritional value.
9.    Antibiotics – they interfere with the intake of essential nutrients.

Why Should You Take Vitamin & Mineral Supplements?
10. Poor lifestyle habits – Smoking, alcohol, & caffeine can inhibit the
absorption of Vitamins
       & Minerals or accelerate the loss of nutrients.
11. Stress – be it physical or emotional, can increase            the body‟s
requirement of Vitamins & Minerals.
12. Out of balance – the level of each Vitamin & Mineral in the body has an
effect on the others,
       So if one is missing all are adversely affected.
Why Should You Take Vitamin & Mineral Supplements?
13. Nutrient Variance – there are substantial differences between one fruit or
vegetable & another. One tomato can have 10 times more nutritional value
than another – which tomato did you eat?

Carrots  farmed 30 years ago has 30% more beta carotene compared to
carrots now found in vegetable shops.

What Each Vitamin Does In Your Body
Vitamin „A‟- “Infection Fighter, Skin Protector”.
Prevents skin disorders such as acne, wrinkles, and age spots.
Protects against Colds, Flu, and Infections to Kidney, Bladder, & Lungs.
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Maintains & Repairs the mucous membranes (all tissue that interact with air,
such as lungs, throat, eyes).

What Each Vitamin Does In Your Body?
Vitamin „B‟ Complex – “The Energy Team”. Enhances memory, concentration,
judgement, learning capacity, & prevents mental deterioration. Helps maintain
health of the nerves, & prevents stress. Plays important role in healthy sex
hormones & fertility. Necessary for healthy sleep patterns. Convert
carbohydrates, fats, & proteins into energy.
What Each Vitamin Does In Your Body

Vitamin „B‟ Complex – “The Energy Team”.
 Enhances stamina. Helps in fighting infections. Alleviates eye fatigue, helps
ward off cataracts. Lowers cholesterol and improves circulation. B6 is the most
essential among the B Complex Vitamin.
What Each Vitamin Does In Your Body
Vitamin „C‟ – “The Nutrient that Does It All”.
1.    This antioxidant protects against the harmful effects of pollution, helps
prevent cancer, protects against infection, and enhances immunity.
2.    May reduce levels of bad cholesterol while increasing levels of good
3.    Helps maintain growth of teeth, bones, gums, ligaments, and blood
What Each Vitamin Does In Your Body
Vitamin „C‟ – “The Nutrient that Does It All”.
4.    Aids in the production of anti-stress hormones.
5.    In every healing process, Vitamin C is needed.
What Each Vitamin Does In Your Body
Vitamin „D‟ – “Bone Benefactor”. Supports bones and tooth formation, muscle
function, and thyroid gland function. Especially important for the growth and
development of bones and teeth in children. Involved in regulation of Heartbeat.
Important in the prevention and treatment of breast and colon cancer,
osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and hypocalcaemia. Enhances immunity.
Necessary for the absorption and use of Calcium and Phosphorus.
Some cholesterol - lowering drugs, antacids, and steroid hormones interfere
with Vitamin D absorption, creating the need to Supplement!
What Each Vitamin Does In Your Body
Vitamin „E‟ – “The Chief Executive Antioxidant”.        An antioxidant that is
important in the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Retards
aging. Improves circulation. Necessary for tissue repair. Aids in prevention of
PMS. Reduces blood pressure. Aids in preventing cataracts. Promotes healthy
skin and hair. Protects against 80 diseases. Long term use has been proven to
reduce prostate cancer risk in smokers. Aids in tissue healing. Essential for
normal cell structure involved in the formation of red blood cells. Protect lungs
against injury from air pollution and helps preserve tissues.
What Each Mineral Does In Your Body
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Molybdenum – “Detoxifier, Purifier”. Converts the air we breathe into
something usable by the body. Supports bone growth and strengthening of the
The most important nutritional weapon to combat sulphite allergies and
chemical sensitivities.
What Each Mineral Does In Your Body
Phosphorus – Is needed for blood clotting, tooth formation, cell growth and
repair, contraction of heart muscle, normal heart rhythm, and kidney function.
Assist the body in utilization of vitamins and the conversion of food to energy.
What Each Mineral Does In Your Body
Chromium – “Blood Sugar Balancer”. Helps to maintain proper blood sugar
levels and healthy functioning of the circulatory system.
What Each Mineral Does In Your Body
Copper – “Rheumatoid Arthritis Reliever”. Needed for bone formation, hair
and skin color, healing process, red blood cell production, mental and
emotional processes. Deficiency can result in: Anaemia, inflammation and
What Each Mineral Does In Your Body
Iron – “Double-Edged Sword           Deficiency can result in: anaemia, fatigue,
irritability, headache, shortness of breath, intolerance of cold, increased
vulnerability to infection. Oversupply can cause hardening of the arteries, heart
disease and cancer.
Supports growth and development in youth. Is needed to produce
haemoglobin. Supports a healthy immune system.
What Each Mineral Does In Your Body
Magnesium – “The Heart‟s Most Important Mineral”. Highly involved in energy
production. Can help prevent depression, dizziness, muscle weakness and
twitching, and PMS. Aids in maintaining the body‟s proper pH balance and
normal body temperature. Protects the arterial linings from stress caused by
sudden blood pressure changes. Helps reduce and dissolve kidney stones. Has
a dramatic effect in reducing birth defects, involved in blood sugar metabolism,
and energy maintenance. Plays a role in metabolism of calcium, potassium,
and Vitamin C
What Each Mineral Does In Your Body
Manganese – “The Cell Protector”. Needed for protein, fat, and blood sugar
levels metabolism, healthy nerves, and healthy immune system. Is used in
energy production. Required for normal bone growth, and reproduction. Used
in the formation of cartilage, and lubricating fluid of the joints. Works well with
the B Vitamins to give an overall feeling of well being. Aids in the formation of
mother‟s milk.
What Each Mineral Does In Your Body
Potassium – “Our Most Valuable Electrolyte”. Needed for healthy functioning
of nervous system (communication between the brain, spinal cord, and nerves
with the rest of the body). Supports the normal function of the heart, muscles,
kidneys, and blood. Important for regular heart rhythm. Helps prevent strokes.

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Aids in proper muscle contraction. Works with sodium to control the body‟s
water balance. Important for stable blood pressure.
What Each Mineral Does In Your Body
Selenium – “Anti-Cancer – Antioxidant”. Vital anti-oxidant, especially when
combined with Vitamin E. protects the immune system by preventing the
formation of Free Radicals. Regulate the effects of thyroid hormone on fat
metabolism. Principal function is to inhibit the oxidation of fats. Supports
healthy functioning of cell membranes and pancreatic function. Has shown
promise in the treatment of arthritis, cardiovascular disease, male infertility,
cataracts, AIDS, and high blood pressure.
What Each Mineral Does In Your Body
Zinc – “Immune Booster, Wound Healer”. Important in prostate gland function
and the growth of the reproductive organs. Helps prevent acne and regulates
the activity of oil glands. Required for protein synthesis and collagen formation.
Promotes a healthy immune system and the healing of wound. Helps the acuity
of taste and smell. Protects the liver from chemical damage. Vitamin E requires
proper levels of Zinc in the blood. Support the immune system, involved in
carbohydrate and protein digestion.
What FLP Products Should You Be Taking Everyday for your Vitamin & Mineral

WARNING On Food Supplementing!
Be Sure You Are Taking The Right One!

Not   all Food Supplements are beneficial. They must be absorbed
by your body. As you can see from the X-ray (above), these
supplements, from a Brand XX company, will do no good. They are
still not dissolved in the Colon.
Supplements should include many different types of Vitamins &
Minerals, combined in the right proportions.

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