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Safety Management System of Main Supplier


Safety Management System of Main Supplier document sample

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									                       GLOBAL QUALITY

A Corporate Overview
Table of Contents

  •    Introduction………………………………………                  3
  •    Company Overview……………………………….                3
  •    GPC Global Supplier Quality Mission…………...   4
  •    Supplier Quality Management System…………...    4
        – Supplier Standard Requirements……………       5
        – Supplier Audits………………………………               6
        – Supplier Changes / Modifications…………..    6
  •    Supplier Metrics…………………………………..              8
        – Financial Analysis…………………………..            8
        – Service Level Agreements……………………          9
        – Supplier Performance ………………………            10
        – Supplier Selection & Evaluation …………..    11
        – Key Performance Indicators………………...       11
  •    Supplier Continuous Improvement……………....     12
        – Problem Solving……………………………..              12
        – Non-Conformance…………………………...              12
        – GPC Complaints to Suppliers……………….        13
        – Continuous Improvement……………………            14

                                                     Issued August 31, 2006
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                                                                A Quality Focused Culture
This manual describes, in a condensed format, how
Graham Packaging Company (GPC) assures quality                  Turbo Charged Growth
services and materials from its suppliers. The manual           Technology as a strategic advantage
covers most of the main topics found in the                     Capital Competitiveness
company’s quality supplier management system:
        Company overview and a summary of the           Health, Safety and Environment
        systems in place to assure supplier quality.    GPC has a long-standing commitment to safety,
        Overview of the supplier quality management     health and the environment. The company is
        system.                                         committed to:
                                                                Be compliant with the Environmental
The manual has two purposes:                                    Policies of our Customers.
       If briefly outlines the company’s supplier               Identify and respect laws and regulations.
       quality standards for use by GPC employees               Favor the individual responsibility through
       and suppliers.                                           awareness, information and training of all
       It also provides an easy-to-follow overview              GPC employees.
       of GPC’s supplier quality systems for use by             Identify all risks and potential
       suppliers and other interested audiences.                environmental issues associated with our
                                                                activities, by mean of systems that will
                                                                allow us to reduce any potential identified
Company Overview                                                effects.
                                                                Develop metrics and establish objectives
Graham Packaging Company is a global leader in                  and targets, and review them periodically,
the design, sale, and manufacture of value-added,               in order to ensure the continuous adequacy
custom blow-molded plastic containers for branded               of our Environmental Management
foods and beverages, personal care and specialty                System.
products, household products, chemical-based
                                                                Prevent, by appropriate means, any risk of
products, and automotive lubricants. Through
                                                                accidental pollution.
superior design, engineering, and technology, we
provide our customers with innovative customer                  Provide and maintain safe and healthful
packaging that helps them build the value and volume            working conditions, and to follow
of their brands.                                                operating practices that will safeguard
                                                                employees, our products, customers, and
                                                                the general public.
GPC has identified strategic imperatives, which
cascade into goals and objectives for every Business
Process. The strategic imperatives are:                 Our suppliers are expected to have a similar
                                                        commitment to safety, health and the environment.

                                                                                     Issued August 31, 2006
                                                                                                    3 of 14
GPC Global Supplier Quality
Mission                                                 Suppliers are encouraged to go to the Graham
                                                        Packaging Company website and review the
                                                        Supplier Key Elements and Philosophy
This program is designed to improve supplier            information.
performance, reduce issues experienced at the plants,
and reduce unnecessary costs experienced at GPC as
                                                        This document can be found at the website
a result of supplier non-conformance. The
cornerstone of the program relies on plant input and
feedback in relation to supplier complaints and
performance discrepancies.
The strategy of the Supplier Quality Management         Graham Packaging Company will work with
Program is to work closely with Global Sourcing,        suppliers to assist them with the goal of achieving
Global Quality, Operations, and suppliers to            compliance to the specifications. This is required
establish, implement and maintain supplier quality      of all suppliers who provide production goods and
programs and relationships to ensure all materials,     services to any of our locations. These
services meet / exceed internal and external customer   requirements supplement and are an extension to
and manufacturing expectations.                         the purchase order. All new suppliers must
                                                        demonstrate that they are capable of meeting the
                                                        performance specifications required.
                 GLOBAL QUALITY

                                                        Additional Requirements
                                                        The supplier may expect other specific
                      Supplier                          requirements in addition to the requirements of this
                                                        Manual. If applicable, these requirements will be
                                                        communicated to the supplier through Graham
      GLOBAL                        BUSINESS
     SOURCING                         UNITS
                                                        Packaging Company’s Global Sourcing
                                                        Department. In the event that a supplier perceives
                                                        a conflict between the needs of two or more
                                                        Graham Packaging Company facilities, the
                                                        supplier should contact the Graham Packaging
Supplier Quality Management                             Company Global Sourcing Department and request
                                                        a determination of the applicable Graham
System                                                  Packaging Company Standard.

Purpose                                                 Governmental, Regulatory and Safety
The purpose of this document is to communicate          Constraints
Graham Packaging Company L.P.’s (“Graham                All materials and products must satisfy all current
Packaging Company”) requirements for supplier           governmental, regulatory and safety constraints.
quality conformance to companies that supply            MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) must be in
products and services to one or more Graham             Graham Packaging Company’s possession before
Packaging Company facilities.                           any material arrives to a site location.

                                                                                     Issued August 31, 2006
                                                                                                    4 of 14
  Supplier Quality Management                               Supplier Quality Management
  Program                                                   System

                                                            Supplier Standard Requirements
                                                            Product Safety
                                                            The supplier is responsible for ensuring that
                                                            material delivered to Graham Packaging
                                                            Company meets all applicable regulatory
                                                            requirements and GPC standards associated with
                                                            product safety. These requirements include but
                                                            are not limited to cleanliness, hygiene, pest
                                                            control, etc.

                                                            Packaging Requirements and Shipping
                                                            Graham Packaging Company requires all
                                                            suppliers to provide material packaging that is
The overall Supplier Quality Management Program is          adequate to protect materials from damage or
                                                            product degradation. Each container shall be
comprised of various components. The main
                                                            clearly marked and identified with the following,
consortium consists of:                                     when applicable:
The Supplier Quality Management System which                    • Graham Packaging Company part number
includes Supplier Standard Requirements, Supplier                    Purchase Order Number
Quality Audit System, and Supplier Changes /
                                                                • Date of manufacture
                                                                • Quantity
The SQM Metrics which utilizes financial analysis,
supplier evaluations, supplier selection, service level         • Lot control number
agreements, and KPI measurements.                               • Bar coding (if required)
The Supplier Continuous Improvement category                Graham Packaging Company reserves the right to
encompasses problem solving, non-conformance,               require specific packaging practices such as
complaints, and continuous improvement activities.          allowable packing materials, bag-in-bag
                                                            packaging and restrictions on packaging size.
                                                            These requirements are communicated through
Each of these items is described in further detail within
                                                            engineering specifications, technical documents,
this document and in various breakout manuals
                                                            and/or Purchase Order requirements.
associated with the overall Supplier Quality
Management Program.

                                                                                      Issued August 31, 2006
                                                                                                     5 of 14
Record Retention Guidelines                          Quality System Audit
Quality records and material supply records          A quality system site audit may be required prior
should be kept and made available to Graham          to issuance of the initial purchasing agreement.
Packaging Company if requested. GPC                  This survey will be conducted by a Graham
suggests that minimum record retention be            Packaging Company representative(s) and will
identical to the guidelines identified in the ISO    verify the existence of a quality system and
9001:2000 Standard. If you would like more           disciplines necessary to meet Graham Packaging
precise retention requirements, contact the          Company’s requirements. Graham Packaging
Graham Packaging Company Manager, Global             Company reserves the right to assess current
Supplier Quality.                                    suppliers, as a result of a supplier’s quality
                                                     performance, when there is a change in the
                                                     supplier’s facility processes, a change in
Supplier Quality Audit System                        ownership, a significant change in the nature of
                                                     the product previously supplied, or as part of
                                                     Graham Packaging Company’s Supplier Quality
Global Sourcing Contact                              Program.
All requests to become a new supplier for
Graham Packaging Company must go through
the Global Sourcing Department. The pertinent        Supplier Changes /Modifications
Global Sourcing member will initially assess
any business opportunities that may be of
mutual interest, and will initiate the process for   Material Supplier Change Control Policy and
approval.                                            Procedure
                                                     Suppliers are required to identify any change in:
Supplier Quality System Self-Assessment                 • product formulation,
A potential supplier must complete the Supplier         • basic product components,
Quality System Self-Assessment Questionnaire            • physical properties,
in order to provide Graham Packaging Company            • chemical properties,
with a general understanding of their quality           • product identification,
system. When complete, the assessment must be
forwarded to Graham Packaging Company’s                 • manufacturing process,
Manager, Global Supplier Quality. Existing              • manufacturing location,
suppliers may be asked to complete a quality            • supply,
self-assessment as part of Graham Packaging             • status,
Company’s Supplier Quality Program.                     • product withdrawals,
                                                        • company ownership, etc.

                                                                                  Issued August 31, 2006
                                                                                                 6 of 14
The supplier is obligated to provide written         Sourcing Department and the Manager, Global
notification of a proposed change to the Graham      Supplier Quality. This includes items specified by
Packaging Company Global Sourcing Department         a Graham Packaging Company customer as well
and the Manager of Global Supplier Quality as        as materials procured directly by Graham
soon as the potential change or modification is      Packaging Company. Once the submittal is
identified by the supplier. This is to allow         reviewed and deemed reasonable, it is to be
adequate time for Graham Packaging Company to        qualified at the facility before it can go into full
perform the necessary internal reviews, customer     production. The facility is required to perform the
testing, and written approval for the change.        full qualification and verify the new supply is
 Engineering Change Request
If the supplier has a concern or suggestion that      Deviations
can be resolved only with Engineering assistance,    There shall be no deviations to Graham Packaging
a complete description, accompanied by               Company Engineering drawings, specifications or
supporting documentation, should be submitted to     other Graham Packaging Company requirements
the Graham Packaging Company’s Manager,              without written approval and/or deviation from
Global Supplier Quality. Graham Packaging            Graham Packaging Company.
Company strongly encourages suppliers to submit
suggestions that will improve product quality or
                                                     Quality Deviations
reliability, reduce costs, and/or be mutually
beneficial. The Graham Packaging Company             The supplier is responsible for knowing the
Manager, Global Supplier Quality will                quality level of material before it is shipped.
communicate the results of the Engineering           GPC will not accept material if the quality of the
review to the supplier.                              material is not within specification without prior
                                                     written authorization.
Supplier Initiated Cost Reduction Proposals
                                                     If the supplier finds nonconforming material, the
The supplier should submit all cost reduction
                                                     supplier may request consideration of product
proposals to the Graham Packaging Company
                                                     acceptance. A written request must be submitted
Global Sourcing Department. Results of cost          through Graham Packaging Company’s Global
reduction activities will be handled through         Supplier Quality Manager along with the
commercial negotiations with the Global Sourcing     following information:

                                                         • Part number or product name (with SAP
New Supply to Facility
                                                            reference if applicable)
If a supply is new to a facility but not necessary
                                                         • Quantity of parts affected
new to Graham Packaging Company, it must still
be treated as a supplier change or modification to       • Specification(s) involved
the facility. As with all proposed changes, the          • Statistical analysis of the nonconforming
proposed change must be submitted to the Global            characteristic(s), if applicable

                                                                                  Issued August 31, 2006
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    •   A statement of the requested deviation
                                                    Supplier Metrics
    •   Issuance of a Nonconformance Report
        (NCR) along with root cause
        determination and actions plans for         Financial Analysis
        preventing a future occurrence.
    •   Plant or location(s) for which the
        material has been produced                  The number of suppliers currently engaged by
                                                    Graham Packaging Company is extensive; as a
Approval, if granted, will be made in writing to    result, it is imperative that GPC focuses primarily on
the supplier. If the nonconforming material is      the suppliers that have a large financial impact on
approved, the NCR report must accompany any         the overall business. In order to assist in
shipped nonconforming material. The supplier        determining which suppliers or more importantly
should not rely on GPC accepting                    which materials or services supplied have the largest
nonconforming material and should adjust their      opportunity for cost savings or the most impact on
production accordingly to ensure the supply to      overall financial performance, a brief survey has
GPC is maintained and there are no service          been developed.
                                                    This survey will assist in determining if the supplier/
Quality Verification                                material/ service should become a focus for:
As stated previously, The supplier is responsible           •Negotiations (price, service, quality, lead-
for knowing the quality level of material before              time, etc)
it is shipped. Non conforming material is the               •Request for competitive bids
responsibility of the supplier. If non                      •Corrective Action (non-conformance
conforming material is received by Graham
Packaging Company, it is the suppliers
responsibility to provide replacement material              •New Technology
promptly and provide an RMA for the                         •Service Level Agreement
nonconforming material.                                     •Quality Audit
                                                            •Cost Saving Projects
                                                            •Elimination, etc.

                                                                                  Issued August 31, 2006
                                                                                                 8 of 14
The survey can be completed by any GPC
                                                       Three types of trust are present in the supplier /
employee who recognizes an opportunity for
                                                       customer relationship. These separate trusts build
improvement. The competed survey is to be              upon each other:
turned into the Manager of Global Supplier
Quality via email for review.

If appropriate, an action plan will be developed
and executed to take the necessary steps in
obtaining the proposed improved component(s) of
the supplier / GPC relationship.                                       Contractual Trust

Service Level Agreements (SLA)                                        Competence Trust

                                                                         Goodwill Trust
Service Level Agreements (SLA)
A Service Level Agreement is a two way
agreement, between a service provider and its
customer, used to define roles and responsibilities.
Its purpose is to quantify acceptable levels of        Contractual trust is the practice of keeping to
service to the customer and to define the              formal legal agreements. This relationship in
capabilities of the supplier. This non-contractual     itself does not create an atmosphere of motivation
agreement documents intent and capabilities with       to make improvements to the Supply Chain.
the idea of encouraging improvement in
performance. It should be utilized to:                 Competence trust is the confidence that a
     • develop partnerships,                           customer or supplier is able to do what is
     • define roles and responsibilities,              promised. This is an earned trust that helps to
                                                       solidify the customer/supplier relationship.
     • create constructive dialogues,
     • provide focus.
                                                       Goodwill trust is the sense that the other party will
                                                       behave appropriately without the need for specific
A primary reason to develop an SLA is to build         contractual promises. This is an imperative in any
trust between the customer and the provider. This      customer/supplier relationships.
is accomplished by:
     • honestly discussing the needs and
        capabilities of each party
     • establishing clear objectives for each party
        at each element of the Supply Chain
     • ensuring participants are capable of
        performing and providing an incentive for

                                                                                     Issued August 31, 2006
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    Stakeholders                                                                                                   Supplier Performance
    The primary stakeholders in the development and
    execution of Service Level Agreements are                                                                      Graham Packaging Company maintains records in
                                                                                                                   order to evaluate suppliers when considering
            •Global Sourcing
                                                                                                                   continuation, expansion or termination of business.
            •Operations                                                                                            Examples of such records are:
            •Global Quality                                                                                                 • PPM of nonconforming material
            •Suppliers                                                                                                      • Nonconforming Material Reports
         PROCESS FLOW / STAKEHOLDERS                                                                                        • Number of complaints from facilities
                                                                                                                            • Nature of complaints
                                                                                                                            • Severity of complaint
                                                                                                                            • Response to requests
                                                                                 Identify Main
                       Identify Top 3-5
                       Key Suppliers in
                                                            Select Key
                                                            Criteria for
                                                                                  Concerns /
                                                                                   Issues for
                                                                                                                            • 100% on-time delivery with required
                         each Family                       Performance,
   List Key                                                  Product,
                                                                                Supplier Family
                                                                                 and Individual
Supplier Family                                             Customer                Supplier
                                                                                                                            • Cost reduction proposals
                   Select Key                                            Determine
  Global           Criteria for                           Units
                                                                         individual                                         • Competitiveness and ability to meet
                  Performance,                                         supplier impact
 Sourcing           Product,                                           on service and
                                                                       GPC customers
                                                                                                                               marketplace pricing
                                                                                                                            • Proven track record of engineering
                                            Suppliers                                                                          support/technology
                                                                                                                            • Supplier responsiveness to quality
                                            Quality                                                                The evaluation process utilizes an in-depth
                            Establish SLA                  Audits /                                                investigation to compare and determine which
                             Agreements                  Performance
                                                          Monitoring                                               supplier is best suited to meet the needs of Graham
                                           Execute &                                                               Packaging.
                                          Maintenance /                                  Global Sourcing

                                          Nonconformance                                 Business Units
                                             Action                                      Global Supplier Quality
                                                                                                                   In some cases, the process takes a team approach to
                                                                                         Supplier                  solicit supplier information and make comparisons
                                                                                                                   to determine the appropriate course of action.
    Global Quality assists in coordinating the
    stakeholders and gathering data to assist in the                                                               Evaluations will be completed for various reasons
    creation and implementation of the SLA. Once the                                                               such as:
    draft of the SLA is completed negotiations begin                                                                        • New GPC Supplier
    with the supplier to finalize the document.                                                                             • Large Capital Expenditures
                                                                                                                            • New Business Ventures
    Overall supplier performance will be reviewed as                                                                        • Strategic Business Expenditures
    indicated in the SLA or as necessary based on
                                                                                                                            • Request for bids

                                                                                                                                                Issued August 31, 2006
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Supplier Selection & Evaluation                        Several attributes are utilized to assess the supplier.
                                                       This allows Graham Packaging to determine which
                                                       supplier will provide us the best overall
New Business Ventures, Capital Spending,               performance.
Large Dollar Expenditures, Strategic Business
Expenditures, Key Material or Service Items
The process is initiated to select a strategic         KPI Metrics
supplier. The objective of this sourcing strategy is
to obtain competitive costs with best-in-class         Graham Packaging Company tracks supplier
quality and lead times. The supplier should be a       performance using Key Performance Indicators.
leader in their field who will pursue continuous       These indicators include but are not limited to:
improvement in cost, quality, and lead times. The              • Number of complaints per supplier
prospective candidates must possess the eligibility            • Number of complaints by GPC facility
to manufacture the desired supply. Prospective
                                                               • Number of complaints by type
candidates will be provided with two
questionnaires. One is to assess the quality                   • Number of complaints by supplier by
systems and the second is to do an overall                        GPC facility
assessment of the ability to meet GPC                          • Number of complaints compared to last
requirements. A selection committee will                          year, last month, etc
evaluate the responses and conclude if your
                                                               • Number of complaints compared to
company is a candidate for further review. The
next phase of the process will be to visit your                   other suppliers
location for a more detailed review.                           • Severity of complaint
                                                               • Resolution of complaints
New Supplier Selection                                                 •Timeliness
Graham Packaging Company utilizes a formal                             •Ease
approach to qualifying new suppliers. This                             •Responsiveness
process eliminates bias from the decision and
helps to identify the correct supplier for the GPC
                                                       Written corrective actions may be required if the
                                                       supplier’s performance does not meet the yearly
                                                       minimum goals established for both Quality and
The process begins with establishing the need for      Delivery performance.
the material or service and identifying the
attributes and specifications necessary for the
                                                       Suppliers who would like details on their individual
supplier. A bid process ensues along with a
                                                       KPI metrics as measured by GPC can contact the
supplier evaluation.
                                                       Manager, Global Supplier Quality.

Existing Supplier Selection
                                                       It is expected that suppliers are aware of their
In order to evaluate / rank suppliers, it is           performance and have action plans in place to
important for Graham Packaging to review all           reduce the number of overall Graham Packaging
components of supplier performance and price.          Company complaints by a minimum of 50%

                                                                                       Issued August 31, 2006
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Supplier Continuous                                             •   Contain the Problem
Improvement                                                     •   Diagram (Diagnose Root Cause using
                                                                    tools such as the 5 whys & cause/effect,
Problem Solving                                                     establish the action plan)
                                                                •   Solve the Problem
Understanding the root cause of issues is key to                •   Validate (implement corrective actions
eliminating problems and preventing repeat                          and ensure they work)
occurrences. Graham Packaging Company                           •   Prevent (ensure corrective action is
expects its suppliers to provide in-depth root
                                                                    permanent and successful)
cause analysis for any issues of non-conformance
(i.e. quality, service, delivery, etc). From the root           •   Wrap up the team
cause analysis, detailed corrective action plans
with assigned responsibilities and completion
dates are to be established. These plans should be      Supplier Quality Non-conformance
intended to eliminate the possibility of
                                                        Quality Hold for Inspection
                                                        A Nonconforming Report or Quality Hold for
In cases where non-conformance occurs, follow
                                                        Inspection notification may be issued to the supplier
up and feed back is essential. Obviously
                                                        when a Graham Packaging Company facility detects
expedited replacement material is necessary,
                                                        nonconforming material.
complaint resolution is also necessary. This
follow up communication helps to build the
relationship between GPC and the supplier by            A written corrective action response directed to the
building confidence and trust.                          Quality Department of the facility is required from
                                                        the supplier detailing the root cause of the
                                                        discrepancy with both short-term and long-term
Several tools are available for troubleshooting,
                                                        corrective actions with effective execution dates. An
problem solving, and root cause analysis /
                                                        initial response, including containment action, must
corrective action implementation. One in-depth
                                                        be provided within 48 hours (two working days) from
tool that GPC utilizes and finds beneficial is the
                                                        the date it is received.
8D process.

                                                        Immediate response and replacement material may be
The 8D process utilizes eight steps to complete
                                                        necessary if the nonconformance jeopardizes GPC
the problem solving process. These steps begin
                                                        production or GPC customers.
after you prepare for solving the problem and
         • Assemble Team                                Final resolution, which includes closure of the
                                                        complaint, should be made within thirty (30) days
         • Describe Problem
                                                        after the supplier receives the complaint from GPC.

                                                                                      Issued August 31, 2006
                                                                                                    12 of 14
A written request for additional time should be       In addition, for complaints that are:
directed to the Quality Department of the                 • severe,
appropriate Graham Packaging Company
                                                          • consistently repeated,
facility. The written request must include the
action plan and time line for implementation. In          • directly impacting GPC customers,
certain circumstances, a formal Corrective                • lacking supplier response,
Action Report may be required ( i.e. 8D                   • lacking supplier resolution,
problem resolution).                                      • lacking supplier urgency,
                                                          • lacking supplier follow through,
Product Recall / Recovery                                 • causing facility downtime, etc
In the event there is an incident that requires a     The GPC facilities should contact the Manager,
customer or consumer recall or recovery, GPC          Global Supplier Quality for support and assistance
demands an expedited time line for an                 in achieving resolution.
immediate response from suppliers. GPC
expects full support and cooperation from the
supplier in a product recall/recovery situation.      Suppliers that are not able to perform as required
Immediate action is essential and required to         by GPC will be placed on non-conformance
ensure customer and consumer satisfaction and         corrective action programs and closely monitored
safety.                                               for improvement. GPC will assist these vendors
                                                      in detailing what service attributes are in need of
                                                      improvement. The supplier will be expected to
GPC Complaints to Suppliers                           respond with an action plan based on root cause
                                                      analysis with timelines for completion and who
                                                      has been assigned the responsibility to execute.
Graham Packaging Facilities Responsibility            Suppliers will be expected to provide regular
                                                      updates (to be determined when the non-
It is the responsibility of the GPC facility
                                                      conformance corrective action program is
location that has the issue to enter the complaint
                                                      implemented) with progress metrics.
in the GPC notification system. The GPC
facility is to notify the supplier of the complaint
and discuss replacement materials if necessary.        SAP Z2 Complaint Log
The facility should come to resolution with the       The data that is entered into the SAP system by
supplier for the majority of complaints. For          each individual facility for supplier complaints is
GPC complaints that involve dollar claims,            evaluated and analyzed each month. This data is
facilities should notify and involve the Global       utilized to determine which suppliers require
Quality Department’s Manager, Global                  significant focus. The facilities can access this
Supplier Quality prior to submittal of the            KPI evaluation on the Intragraham (Departments
monetary claim to the supplier.                           Quality Supplier Quality Management
                                                         Supplier Metrics) at any time.

                                                                                    Issued August 31, 2006
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Continuous Improvement

Quality Performance / Process Improvements           Supplier Team Meetings
                                                     In order to continue to drive improvements,
In some instances Graham Packaging Company may
                                                     Graham Packaging will develop functional
ask for process performance data. This may entail
                                                     teams with individual suppliers to identify
but is not limited to the following:
                                                     areas of opportunity to make improvements
         •All Key Characteristics, ppk>=1.66         and reduce costs. These teams will be
         •Gage R & R Studies >90                     compromised of various members of Graham
         •Process FMEA                               Packaging Company and key contacts from the
         •MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)          suppliers.
         •Authorized Engineering Change
                                                     The team will strengthen the relationship
                                                     between the supplier and GPC by focusing on
         •Checking aids                              continuous improvement activities, trust, cost
         •Design Engineering Approval                saving initiatives, and performance.
         •Appearance Approval Report
         •Design Records (math data, part drawing,
         •Design FMEA

GPC will work with the supplier in circumstances
where this data is necessary but not readily

                                                                                Issued August 31, 2006
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