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Make Money With Twitter (Secret Ways)


									              Give Your Twitter Profiles a “Boost” with

          Dimarcus Jackson's
         “ Twitter Juice ”               The Ultimate Twitter Reference Guide

               Youtube , Facebook , Skype or Follow me on Twitter !!
                             Im not hard to Find ….

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   #KnowledgeIsPower and “Nobody does it Alone”
    Any trademarks, service marks, product names or named features are assumed to be the
    property of their respective owners, and are used only for reference. There is no implied
                          endorsement if I refer to any of these terms.
Please note that much of this publication is based on personal experience and anecdotal evidence. Although
the author and publisher have made every reasonable attempt to achieve complete accuracy of the content
                   in this Guide, they assume no responsibility for errors or omissions.
Before We get STARTED !! 1st … Lets Light a'lil bit of That Fire

 & see if I can #EMPOWER you to really get yourself in the game ….

      If your new to twitter , Or have struggled to get a good grasp on the
     way twitter revolves .This guide will help you increase your twittering
                               efforts 10x's Over !!
      I will show you the different tricks & strategy's I've used to not only
     take my personal twittering efforts to the next level but have allowed
        me to generate a monthly recurring income ..At home which runs
               completely on 100% auto-pilot set it and forget it !
      Not only have I been able to make between $600- $800 a month and
      rising I've also used my twitter profiles to market myself faster than
                           90% of the users out there !
     Gain followers on complete auto-pilot and never have to worry about
           playing the follower me ill follow you back game again!
     Network like crazy and Drive massive amounts of traffic in excess of
     900-1000+ clicks a day on average and steadily climbing, basically to
           anywhere my heart desires all with a few simple tweets..

                YOU READY …....?? OK ... LETS GO !!!!

                                  Table of contents
                     Part 1 – Formulating a Strategy & Page Set-up
                        Part 2 – The art of gaining Followers
                Part 3 – Using Twitter to Drive Traffic and
                                 $$ Make Money $$
              Part 4 – My Personal Advanced techniques and Tips*
                  Part 5 – Bonus * Tweeter Tools and Resources

                                                                                Page 2
There Is So Much More to Twitter Than just Following And Unfollowing

       So Lets talk about What Your trying to accomplish, If any …
 I would Like to Believe that You are reading this for a reason besides the
  Fact that it was FREE* Right..? lol.. I hope so but Im glad Your Here..

 For those Who do see The potential in Twitter and or Just simply wanna
                              know .....

           • How the Heck do I gain thousands of Followers ..??

   • How Can I make Some Extra cash while sitting on my …(U know what)

   • Whats the Best way to Drive Traffic to my Page,Blog,Opt-in or Sales letter ..?

   • I need More Views,Hits,Clicks or listen's To my likes page or music Sites!

    If this sound Familiar…Then you Can definitely benefit from this

                             “ Twitter    Juice “

                                                                            Page 3
                            PART #1

      Formulating a Strategy & Twitter Page Set-up

                 Now For me The key is.....

  The More Pages the Better the Results! So Create
 Multiple Pages ! 1 Page Can only do a Fraction of
what multiple pages at the same level or Better can
                      do. #FACT

Having alternate pages also comes in handy b/c Like
  myself you might have a variety of people who are
following you on your Main page ie. Friends ,Family
    ,co-workers etc. or other people who share your
same interest. People who have been keeping up with
 your profile and are already comfortable with what
 it is you've been tweeting. There might be certain
   things you cant say or certain conversations you
don't feel comfortable holding on your main profile
page! ( Hence ) The reason for a separate page with
              a separate goal or agenda..

   1.Decide what your “ Main” Twitter Page will be ..will it be
   your current or real name ..?? Or will most of your efforts be
   funneled into a Alternate page set-up specifically for marketing
   purposes as an alias.

   2. Know what it is Your Promoting !! If its YOU then the Page
   set-up should Reflect all that is YOU..If its a Product then
   Reflect the product..If its Music then as soon as I land on the
   page There should be no doubt in my mind what your profile is
   all about !
                                                             Page 4
   * Here's an Example of what I mean in terms of Creating a Great Twitter Theme *

      Just an Example ! Every page Should have a Theme

Do You need a custom Background to set your page apart from the rest , Besides having
                just a tiled picture (95% of the Users out there )....??

  I can also Design you one using software I've purchase to create this background ,
     and many others , Like the one on my main Profile page @DimarcusJackson

  Want more info..? shoot Me a email

                                                                               Page 5
  After You've Created a fantastic design & Look For Your main Page and/or as I

       suggested a second or ( Alternate Promo ) page that your comfortable with,

                         Next Its Time to focus On Your BIO*

Your Bio Is One of the 1st things people will see and most of
the time its the First thing people will read when the click on
  your twitter name a lot of times before they even read your
 tweets. The bio is a Quick way for a User to determine right
   off the bat with-in the 1st 10 seconds of landing on your
       profile if they will choose to follow you or Not ..

* Here's a Few tips To attracting more valuable followers *
                     ( The Do's & Dont's )

   •      Be creative! Come up with a slogan or catch phrase.

   • Add everything you can that best describes your Page

       • Always Include a Link to another means of contact

   • Don't waste to many characters on useless #hashtags

 • Make sure to Include your likes & Professional interest

  • If you're someone who #Followsback (Say it !) It helps

   • Always utilize all the Bio character space available

Promo Tip – If you have other Pages Include them. This is
the easiest way to self promote & gain a new follower not
                    once but Twice !

        1st Impressions are Lasting and you only get 1 shot So Try to Be original !
                                                                                 Page 6
          OK So Now that we've Got that Taken care of Lets Proceed to....
                                   PART # 2

               The A R T * Of Gaining Followers
  Theres a few ways You can Go about Gaining followers…by
    1. Following 150-200 ppl a day! #Unfollow those who dont
       #Followback within 48hrs ..Use more #hashtags This makes it
       easier to find you by placing your tweet in that tags feed!

    2. Create a Promo page specifically designed to follow/unfollow
       Shoutout & #RT other users then refer these people back to your
       main page listed in your Bio. You can Also do this by creating Tweets
       saying “ hey #RT this & follow my Main Page @TheRealMe”

    3. Refer other users to follow you from outside Twitter sources ie.
       Facebook ,YouTube ,MySpace,Blogs ,Websites,Emails, brochures
       business cards etc..

    4. Use various Free Less Targeted Follower services like Twellow or

    5. Use a service like the one listed below! Which I Highly recommend...
       Simply b/c I use it and it WORKS! Hands down the fastest most
       efficient way to Gaining Tons of Targeted followers..Responsible for
       over 70 % of my following.See for yourself! Click the Picture below*

I know we all Want to Look Like Celebrities or Extra important by not
following back and keep our Followers/Following ratio's looking nice.
But This only henders our ability to Increase our Network b/c tons of
ppl including myself use Various tools that will unfollow users in a
  set # of days who do not #followback .. If the problem is that you
   don'tt want to fill up yourtime linene then add the ppl whom you
really want to keep in contact with to a “List” theres an option for
you to add ever user to a list Most ppdon'tnt even utilize this..Its
           like having Multiple more Organized Time lines!
                                                                            Page 7
 OK This Part Takes a little planning and strategy But Once you know it You'll be glad that you
                                    took a second to Master it !
                                            PART # 3

*Driving Traffic And/or Making Money with Twitter Marketing*

 These Techniques I've developed through my own twitter Marketing efforts to drive
 traffic and generate sales! There might be other ways but I highly doubt they are as
effective and as duplication. I have achieved results in the form of 900 -1000+ clicks
 a day and rising with anywhere from 2-8 sales a day completely on auto-pilot due to
  the fact that I run various Automated twitter tools that allow me to manage several
                                    pages at once .

Unless you are …. Famous , A well-Known Internet Marketer with a massive following ,
  someone who constantly updates and manages a huge blog that's connected to your
  twitter with tons of daily readers, You will be hard Pressed to achieve these kinds of
results that you can duplicate to scale over and over again .. With-out , using automated
                   tools and services..... And that's a #Fact'aMondO !!

   With that said If you are someone like me who Loves Networking ,earning passive
income from home, is in the field of marketing themselves and see the potentialof being
  able to always have a unlimited source of traffic whenever you want to drive to your
     website, YYouTube facebook or fan page, reverbnation , personal blog ,affiliate
 promotions , Local clubs or events you may be hosting then Step #1 is to increase your
  network and theres no better social network to do it on than probably the largest most
       influential one out today! Which is ….You guessed it ! T W I T T E R

In order to build a twitter marketing Empire You will need to be able to utilize twitter to the maximum
                    by Incorporating and utilizing all available resources listed below

       ✔   AUTO DM's     - Responsible for the Majority Of the Traffic

       ✔   AUTO TWEETS – Keeps readers Interested & helps generate #RT's

       ✔   AUTO @MENTION / @REPLYS – Helps promote ,Gain New Targeted

       ✔   AUTO #RT – Helps Establish Rapport & Relationships

       ✔   AUTO #SHOUTOUTS – Big Up's Another User ! People Love this ..

       ✔   AUTO FOLLOW & UNFOLLOW – Twitter Marketing MUST* & Controls your
           Ratio .. All the while introducing your page to New Tweeters

                                                                                             Page 8
  You can Simply Become an “ Affiliate ” and market other people's product to earn
commission's. You can Sign up for FREE at anyone of these sites Amazon , Clickbank ,
OfferVault , MaxBounty and start looking for products you would like to promote...But
 earning affiliate commissions or online $ales commissions in general requires either a
   strategy planned out Or the ability to drive tons of traffic. It works best if you …...

   1.       Have Branded and Established yourself or your company
        as an Authority figure in your Niche & People trust your
        judgment when it comes to referring them to a product or

     2.       You have a system in place that ..Is proven to work
          with little to minimum efforts. That Works primarily on
                               Auto- Pilot.

   3.       You Are Knowledgeable and seen as being successful in
        a Particular Field of interest and your able to teach or
                             train others ..

        4.      You have Various Websites Ranking High in Google
           search for various Keywords that get a fair amount of
                             Monthly visitors.

        5.     You have the ability to drive massive amounts of
        Targeted people to an offer with a high conversion ratio!
        (If have the ability to drive massive amounts of targeted
              traffic Online you will Make Money ..PERIOD)

   You can achieve #'s 1,2,3 and 5 through your various Twitter Marketing
  campaigns But if your just getting started What I suggest you focus on is
 #5 !! Get that Targeted Traffic .. Traffic alone can generate the results your
trying to achieve with any campaign you choose to put your time and efforts
         in ! Everyone online Can benefit from hits,clicks and views .

                                                                                   Page 9
                        So The Question is ….....
         Figure out what it is you want to accomplish !
                    More Clicks and Traffic ??
                  More Likes or subscribers..?
                Simply Increase your network....?
             Grow a Huge E-Mail List Lightning Fast!
            Brand yourself and Maximize Exposure.....
 Or Simply make some extra Income as an affiliate Marketer …...

     Once you figure That out Like I have the next step is understanding how you can
  accomplish this task without spending tons of hours Online toying away frivolously at
your campaigns ….So what I suggest is AUTOMATION ..This process can be done 100%
   on full auto-pilot if set up correctly and this is The same process ive used to Not only
accomplish all the above but, Generate what most people would consider a fair amount of
    decent Income through simple twittering as well as having my own personal traffic
 generating machine that currently gets me over 1000+ clicks a day ,all without lifting a
                                            finger …

          How You ask …? By Using a Combination of the Tools below..

 What One doesn't Do …. The other DOES !! This is where I leave Most people who Do
know that these types of tools exist in the DUST…B/c They only use 1 of the two But when
                 “Combined” Theres Nothing that you cant automate …
                              Try TweetAdder for Free
     You can Also Download a FREE Follow/Unfollow Tool from TweetAttacks2 !!
                                                                         Page 10
                                      PART # 4

                   My Personal Techniques & Tips
      * This Is what I did And You can set-up and Follow the same system *
1. Setup a Free Wordpress Blog !! Get Your Following More involved
in What it is you do. Its great because you can get multiple uses out
of starting a blog ! Tweets DONT last FOREVER remember that ! Have
somewhere to send your Following other than To another Social
networking Site .. (Just a suggestion) here's an example. View My

2. There'snothing Online more compelling than VIDEO !! Start
Youtubing and get people more connected with you and what it is your
doing .. Or if your going the “Make Money” Route Simply Do a few
Product reviews! These are great and it helps position you as a More
knowledgeable Authority ..( There'ss soo many people who have emailed
me and whomI'vee networked with or Learned from & glad to have met
THANKS to YouTube …. So get started !

3. Getmore people to engage with your Twitter pages .. If you run
auto-tweets Then Ask QUESTIONS .. Or Write a few Open-ended
Statements that would almost seem to demand a response from anyone
who reads it ! Lol ..

Tip     : I have seen pages that Do nothing but auto-tweet Something
like this … “@Name , Hey Do you need graphic,Website design or Logos …? I do it all
..If you need some help let me know ! “ Something along those lines and when I
would check that users @name in the search box I would see ppl
responding every other 5 mins or so ..This is going on all day long
due to Auto-Tweeting ..Not just random people who respond but,People
who are interested and are whiling to utilize the service!(Money in
the BANK $!$! ) Get creative if theres something you do that your
good at .. let people know ! Put it out there you'll be surprised at
the feedback you'll get and how fast your network Explodes …

4.Start the process Of Capturing your Followings Email ! The best way
to build a strong relationship & Fuel a Growing business Is through
Email Marketing! What I use is Aweber its Simple & user friendly .

These Simple But Effective Strategy's will take you from Just being a Tweeter To a
Network Marketer … Huge Difference and you'll Really start to see some new opportunities
open up for you as did I .. So Take Note & Take Action !!
                                                                               Page 11
  Part 5 – Bonus * Tweeter Tools and Resources

                                Just a few Useful And cool Sites

      SocialOomph – A Great and very Popular Free Twitter Management tool

                  SponsoredTweets – Make Money Tweeting for sponsors
  Tip - Dont   over do it .Start small .25 .50 & slowly increase as you get more offers & clicks
 – Free service for URL shortening and link Tracking (The Best!)

HootSuite – Free Social profile managing and integrated Analytics Tool (Web based)

TweetDeck – A Popular Desktop Tool used to manage Several twitter Profiles at Once

  TweetBook - (just made that name up) Integrate your Twitter with Facebook app

          TwitPic – Post Your pictures on twitter that can be seen via Tweet

   TwitAhead -Free Tweet Scheduler Just scroll to the bottom “TwitAhead” Now

                TweeterKarma – Find out who's following/unfollowing you

 LazYShoutouts – Shoutout ppl by “List” Great Way to gain Followers & show Luv

    Thanks for Reading !! Annnnnd I wish you the best of Luck in Your
   Twittering Endeavors as well as your Personal growth & success !!
                             Remember …....

                    #KnowledgeIsPower and “Nobody does it Alone”
  Follow me @DimarcusJackson - Internet Marketing 101 “The Basics”

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