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									                                     Carrier Partner Information
Company Name: American Safety Insurance Services, Inc.

Target Markets Representative:            Jason Sears

Phone:         (856) 482-8788 x 3212

Company Overview:

American Safety Insurance is a multi-line insurance group operating in the Specialty and
Alternative Risk insurance market. Utilizing extensive expertise in identifying insurable
opportunities not addressed in the standard market, ASI focuses on developing customized
insurance, reinsurance and alternative funding programs to fit the particular needs of unique
industries and risks.

With the flexibility to select its role as program developer, primary underwriter, re-insurer or
program manager, ASI can effectively partner with its agents, brokers and insurers to offer
specialty products for difficult risks in underserved markets.

Typically, ASI targets niche insurance markets that are underserved because they:

(i) are small in number of insured’s or in the amount of coverage needed
(ii) need unique or unusual coverage’s, or
(iii) have not yet been identified by competitors

For these markets, ASI is able to offer a broad array of innovative insurance products and

Program Parameters:

           Homogeneous class of business
           Documented ability to generate $5m to $20m in annual direct written premium within
two years
           General Liability and/or Professional Liability focused
           Strongly prefer the use of non-admitted paper
           Program/Product should target an underserved market
           Experienced & knowledgeable Program Manager who can satisfactorily demonstrate
their ability to perform the necessary underwriting, marketing, service and support functions

          Program Manager that is willing and able to take a portion of the risk
Please describe your company’s 2008 program strategy:

American Safety Insurance will be partnering with our agents, brokers and program managers to
target a mix of program opportunities in underserved markets. We strongly prefer to write on a
non-admitted basis, however, in certain circumstances we do have the ability to write on an
admitted basis. The desired program will be in force with ASI for a minimum of four years and
will profitably survive through both hard and soft markets.

Please describe your company’s program appetites (please include LOB’s and States):

American Safety Insurance targets programs which focus primarily on General Liability and
Professional Liability and Non CAT Property. We have nearly nationwide capability on both an
admitted and non-admitted basis.

Programs your company will not consider:

         Worker’s Compensation
         Auto Liability
         Personal Lines
         Ocean Marine
         USL&H
         CAT driven Property

Minimum Annual Written Premium Considered:

Documented ability to generate $5m to $20m in annual direct written premium within two years

Technology Expectations of Program Managers (rating, issuing, report capabilities etc.):

 Program Manager must have proven capability to administer policy issuance function with
adequate systems to capture required data and submit such data via ASI standard interface

Risk Sharing:

Program Manager should be willing and able to take a portion of the risk via a rent-a-captive /
captive or sliding scale arrangement.


Claims can be outsourced to an approved third party administrator or handled internally.

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