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					Kristin Peters
Internet for Education
Professor Debren
April 17, 2005

                            Journal Review – SMART boards

       Over the last few years teachers have been encouraged to incorporate technology

into their classrooms. They have been asked to use calculators, the Internet, computer

software and many other forms. One new technology device is called the SMART board.

This board looks like a white board but has so many more functions. The SMART board

can be connected to your computer and used as an interactive screen. The teacher or

student can write on the SMART board and it will be transferred to the computer. A

teacher can create a power point presentation and then add in extra information by simply

writing on the board while lecturing. These SMART boards can be used for many

applications to make learning fun but they are very expensive.

       This journal article is about a fourth grade class and their use of the SMART

board during instruction. The teacher incorporated the new technology into her lessons

for ten weeks, to determine its usefulness. She kept a log of the classroom activities to

assess the lessons. She also asked for students and parents input about he technology.

After the ten weeks she determined that the SMART board did enhance the lesson and

motivate the students. Both students and parents were also impressed with the SMART

boards. They felt that the boars made the class more interesting and also created more

time for one on one attention from the teacher.

       I have heard about the positive implications of the SMART boards in the past. I

have also heard of the large expense to put them in the classroom. I think these boards
would make the class more interesting and interactive. Instead of using overheads, the

teacher could do everything from the computer and write on the board. I also believe the

students would be more engaged if the lessons were done using these boards. Students

love new technology, which would keep them interested and motivated. They also love

to write on the board, so using this would let them become the instructor in the

classroom. When classrooms are more engaging and interesting, it also diminishes bad

behavior and classroom distractions. I think the SMART board should be put into

classroom and used in instruction. If the board is too expensive, there could be a

SMART board lab that can be used every once and a while. I also feel that technology

can sometimes be used just to satisfy the district rather that to enhance the lesson. This

type of technology is not intrusive and would satisfy the idea to incorporate technology

while enhancing the lesson and the learning.

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