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            Proco Machinery's Pakman Packaging System
          Delivers Labor-Saving Robotics and Easy Portability

           Compact, Space-Saving Design Provides Flexibility for Container Makers

       MISSISSAUGA, ON, October 6, 2010 - The new Pakman Packaging System from Proco

Machinery Inc., a leading supplier of automation systems for the plastics container industry, sets a new

industry standard by delivering improved performance and greater flexibility for bottle manufacturers.

The new system offers distinct benefits over competitive manual case packagers and is unique because

of its compact space-saving design and portability, enabling manufacturers to maximize their


       “The robotic capability provides a major step change over manual systems and the portability

brings significant flexibility over most robotic set-ups which are fixed in one location,” said Siva

Krish, sales manager for Proco Machinery.

       The Pakman Packaging System is outfitted with heavy-duty castor wheels which allow the unit

to be easily moved from one line to another. The heart of the system is a fully-articulated six-axis robot

mounted on a structural sub-frame complete with in-feed product conveyor, box-in-feed and exit roller

conveyor, and safety guards. The integral in-feed conveyor is ready to install into any pre-existing

production line or can receive containers directly from the blow molding machine with a minimum

amount of integration.

       The Proco Pakman work cell is specifically designed to pack blow molded containers into


           310 Annagem Boulevard, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5T 2V5 Tel: (905) 670-9380   FAX: (905) 670-9382

boxes in layers. The system packs containers in all necks up or all necks down pack patterns.

       The system is also fitted with quick-change easy-to-install end-of-arm tooling and the control

system can store job recipes for easy call-up. An optional polybag suction feature removes excess air

from the box’s plastic liner to facilitate cleaner and easier bottle placement.

       The Pakman Packaging System offers significant labor savings and a highly favorable

investment return with a payback of about 12 months. Proco Machinery has already completed a

number of successful installations at custom blow molding facilities in the U.S.

About Proco Machinery Inc.
Proco Machinery Inc., based in Mississauga, ON, has been serving the plastic container industry for
over 25 years, providing labor-saving automated machinery and equipment throughout the U.S. and
Canada. The company manufactures a complete line of Robopik Take-out systems, Automatic
Deflashers, Ultra Test Leak Testers, Flame Treaters, Dome Spin Trimmers, Robotic Packaging systems
(case packers), and as well as the Multipak Packaging System (for palletizing). For more information,
call (905) 670-9380 or visit


Press Contact:
Joseph Grande

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           310 Annagem Boulevard, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5T 2V5 Tel: (905) 670-9380   FAX: (905) 670-9382


    310 Annagem Boulevard, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5T 2V5 Tel: (905) 670-9380   FAX: (905) 670-9382

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