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   To better manage customer related activities, Interprise Suite takes a customer-centric approach by giving
   access, within a customer file, to features and information that are otherwise located in other areas and
   modules of the application. This not only simplifies using Interprise Suite but also allows you to have a better
   understanding of your customers and their needs by bringing all customer related data together in one place.

   Because the Interprise Suite customer module is fully integrated with the whole application, your
   organization will have a level of sophistication and simplicity that is not possible with various disparate
   systems. Whether emailing, faxing or simply scheduling a customer callback all customer related activities
   are accessible within the customer forms, providing a complete, company wide view of customer history.

                                            • The power and flexibility you need to manage your customers
                                            • Fully integrated credit management
                                            • Advanced Sales Quote / Order Processing
                                            • Manage sales representatives
                                            • Easily apply customer payments
                                            • Return Merchandise Authorization
                                            • Customer class templates
                                                and other setup tools

                  YOUR CUSTOMERS

   Interprise Suite's customer screens serve as a central place for all
   customer-related data. Customer information that is usually separated
   among different modules (accounts receivable / sales order / etc) or
   completely different applications (eCommerce / email clients / fax
   applications / CRM systems / etc) are all brought together in one logical
   location. Separated into Customer Billing and Customer Shipping
   screens, you can keep track of customer information both on a per
   location, as well as a, per billing basis. This helps to better understand
   customers, identify emerging trends and forge long term business

   Designed for the fast paced environment of the real world, new
   customers are added to the system via an intuitive New Customer
Wizard that uses predefined customer class templates to significantly reduce the time it takes to add new
customers to the system. The New Customer Wizard will also check existing customers and prospects,
eliminating duplicate data.

The customer screens also include dozens of advanced options to give your business the flexibility it needs.
Customer based pricing, item descriptions, currencies, printed forms and more are just a few of the customer
specific options that are available.
• Supports unlimited number of customers, customer shipping locations and customer contacts
• Support for international customers, address, phone numbers and tax rules
• Quickly and easily add custom fields to the customer screens
• Displays the most recent transactions for the customer with hyperlinks to directly open the transactions
• Access all contact management and CRM features directly inside customer screen including notes,
   activities, email, history and more
• Document management features allow you to attach documents directly to a customer or contact record
• Analysis tools helps to identify customer trends and suggest additional products and services
• Support for customer specific currency
• Support for customer specific pricing / discounts and "negotiated prices"
• Support for customer specific inventory item descriptions and item numbers
• Support for customer specific commissions
• Support for customer specific printed forms (orders, quotes, invoices, etc.)


For companies that extend credit to their customers the sales cycle
is not complete until payment is received. With the average
company paying beyond the terms date, effective credit control has
never been more important. To better manage credit and
collections, Interprise Suite takes a comprehensive approach to
credit management. The result is better cash flow and reduced bad
debt expense.
• See account details and transactions while chasing debts
• View history of previous attempts to collect current outstanding
• Mark transactions for payment and record excuses and
   comments while on the telephone
• Automatically record the amount of money promised
• Note queries against invoices, record details and print detailed
   memos of the problem
• Automatically create diary entries to ensure the debt collection is
   followed through
• Within seconds of speaking have a fax or email on your customer's desk giving details of the
   conversation and promised payments
• Chase history and monthly statistics will show debtor trends
• Spot customers turning bad and prevent uncollectible debts
• See how much one bad debt costs
• Instant reports of payments promised before a certain date - summary or detail
• Find out how much time each customer takes on credit control: Are they worth having?


The Interprise Suite sales order processing functions (Quote / Orders /
Invoices) are perhaps the most comprehensive ever created. Powerful, yet
easy to use, the sales order process screens are 100% optimized for fast
order entry allowing your staff to keep up with a fast paced ordering
environment. The intuitive multi-tab design logically groups all related
information and extensive hyper-linking allows you to drill down to the
details of every data file giving your order entry staff the information they
need to respond to customer related inquiries and make quick, informed

The Interprise Suite sales order screen features a number of keyboard
shortcuts that can speed data entry and reduce order entry time.
• Customer default information such as terms, pricing, taxes and more are
   automatically entered into the sales order.
• The credit management control ensures that orders are not shipped to
   customers that are on hold or have exceeded their credit limits
• Inventory items can be searched by any number of fields (including
   custom fields)
• The system automatically displays the stock availability for all
• Advanced item types such as size/color matrixes and inventory kits are
   easily handled within the application as are non-stock items.
• View substitute, accessory, up-sell items, cross-sell (customers who
   bought item also bought that)
• Printed sales order forms can easily be customized via Interprise
• Reports and you can assign custom reports per customer.
• Payments can be entered directly into the sales order screens
• Payments can be split an unlimited number of times across different
   payment methods for additional flexibility.
• Sales order forms can be emailed or faxed, new sales opportunities can
   be created and tasks can be generated and assigned without leaving the sales order screen.
The Interprise Suite Invoicing process is equally impressive allowing you to combine multiple orders into one
invoice and invoice per warehouse for multi-warehouse orders. For companies that use sales quotes, the
Interprise Suite sales quote screen is fully integrated with Interprise CRM for a complete solution. Sales
quotes can be linked to CRM opportunities dynamically updating the sales pipeline and allowing
management to get better sales projections and revenue forecasts. Quotes can be created for prospects
ensuring that your customer file contains customers only but, on the other hand, Interprise Suite will
automatically convert the prospect to a customer when a sales quote is converted to a sales order.
• Tabbed screen format brings everything together
• Display item availability during order entry
• Supports multiple warehouses and multiple units of measure
• Support for non-stock items
• Support for foreign currencies
• Quotes work with CRM opportunities to forecast sales projections
• Allows for split commissions
• Apply payments directly in the order
• Drop-ship items
• Assign different sales reps per order
• Allows back-order
• Customer Credit Hold/Credit Limit Management
• Make substitute orders in case item is unavailable
• Track profit can be on a "per line item" basis
• Attach documents and sales literature to quotes/orders/invoices
• Automatically calculate shipping charges
• Automatically calculate sales tax
• Track non-taxable sales
• Support for recurring orders
• Generate order picking tickets and order packing list
• Import or convert sales quote to a sales order and sales order to a
sales invoice in just one click
• Write letters on a quote, order or invoice and send via e-mail or fax

For many businesses, inside and outside sales representatives are a key
part of their organization. Like everything else, Interprise Suite takes a
comprehensive approach to helping you manage your sales reps. In
Interprise Suite an unlimited number of sales rep groups can be set up
and then an unlimited number of sales reps within that group can be set
up. Sales rep groups can be set up to be paid based on a percentage of
the total sale or on a percentage of profit for each invoice. Additionally,
commissions can be setup to be paid when the order is shipped to the
customer or when the invoice is paid in full. In the invoice screen,
commission amounts can be split among multiple sales rep groups and can also be manually overwritten.

In addition to a number of advanced setup options for each sales rep group, the sales representative screen
brings all sales rep specific information in one place. From here you can not only view all CRM related
activities for a specific sales rep (activities, to-do's, phone calls, notes, faxes, emails, etc.) but also all of the
sales rep group's customer related history as well. This bird's eye view of your sales representatives gives
you a complete, up to the second picture of how effectively your sales team is doing which allows you to
better manage your team to increase sales and profitability.

• Supports unlimited number of Sales Representative Groups and Sales Representatives
• Supports a wide range of commission options including...
   o Sales Representative Based Commissions
   o Special Commissions Per Item
   o Special Commissions Per Customer
   o Special Commissions Per Customer Ship To
   o Split Commissions
   o ...and more
• Wizard-based Sales Representative Setup
• Integrated CRM functions
• Track sales opportunities
• History of sales transactions for each Sales Representative's customers

                                EASILY APPLY CUSTOMER PAYMENTS

The customer payment functions are designed to allow quick and
easy recording of customer payments. Customer payments can be
recorded in the sales order and invoice screens as well as the
customer payment screens. Open credits and balances can easily
be applied and payments can be split among multiple payment

• Quickly and easily apply payments
• Support for undeposited payments
• Support for partial and split payments
• Payments can be automatically applied
• Apply credit memos and open payments on the fly
• Print and issue receipts
• Issue return receipts for NSF cases
                             RETURN MERCHANDISE AUTHORIZATION

Product returns are an inevitable issue for today's customer focused
business. To help efficiently mange and process customer returns,
Interprise Suite includes return merchandise authorization (RMA)
capabilities directly within the customer module. To most efficiently
process returns, Interprise Suite provides the option of processing
returns based on previous orders or items typed in on the fly.

For receiving returned goods, the Customer Module can quickly
convert RMAs to credit memos on the fly. Retuned items can be put
back in stock or disposed of directly from the returned goods
• Select previous order RMA option ensured customers do not
   return items they never ordered
• Returned items can be returned to inventory or disposed
• Receive RMAs in just one step
• Options to issue credit, apply credit and return check when posting returns


To speed up data entry and reduce data related errors, Interprise
Suite uses a class template approach allowing you to setup multiple
country specific templates each with default data that can be
applied during customer, prospect, and sales rep creation. For
example, when setting up a new customer, just select the
appropriate class template (such as wholesale or retail) and
Interprise Suite will automatically populate the selected fields. For
U.S. based customers that collect sales tax in different states,
default customer class templates can be setup at the postal code
level ensuring accurate tax calculations.

• Create an unlimited number of Class Templates for
   Customers,prospects and sales reps
• Faster, more accurate data entry
• Defaults can be setup per country or postal code
                                            KEY FEATURES

Customer Records
   •   360-Degree View of Customer
   •   Unlimited contacts split by type
   •   Customer Contact centred view
   •   Notes history
   •   Emails history
   •   Activity history
   •   Case history
   •   Opportunity history
   •   Document history
   •   Campaign Waves the customer has been part of.
   •   Custom Pricing, Multi Level Breaks & Promotional Pricing
   •   Trading comparisons
   •   Transaction history with attachment drill down (like signed delivery notes for invoices)
   •   Transaction dispute feature
   •   Outstanding Quotes
   •   Outstanding Orders / RMAs
   •   Recent Sales - Cross Sell Up Sell opportunities (like Amazon) (which show what the user has
       bought from us and alerts us to the fact that people that buy these items also buy other items and we
       should ask the customer if they buy them and if they do why not from us).
   •   Buying Patterns (compares what they used to buy from you with what they do now and alerts you to
       changes so you can ask the customer are they still buying it and if so why are they buying it
       somewhere else now).

Credit Control
   •   Credit Control management with send copy invoice feature, enter notes and payment promised
   •   Overall Credit Control Management with Debt Analysis
   •   Predicted Cash Flow (based on average number of days it takes individual customers to pay applied
       to their outstanding debts).
   •   Statement & Debtor Letter Production with Lowest cost routing of documents

Agent / Sales Rep Management
   •   Sales Rep/Agent Management
   •   Sales Rep/Agent Commission Calculation Routine
   •   Sales Rep/Agent Linked Customers/Transactions/Orders
   •   Option for Custom Form Templates for Each Customer

Sales Order Processing
   •   Customer Sales Order Processing
   •   Different terms for each order option even if for the same customer
   •   Pick Multiple Items in an Order at once
   •   Sell Stock and Non Stock items
   •   Special selling interface for Matrix Items
   •   Special selling interface for Kit Items
   •   Order Entry Cross sell Up Sell (prompts the user entering the order and allows them to easily add
       qty to the order on the fly)
   •   Order Entry Accessories and Substitute (prompts the user entering the order and allows them to
       easily add qty to the order on the fly)
   •   Due Dates on every item line
   •   Profit Calculation by item line and overall order
   •   Drop ship option by item line (defaults from item set-up)
   •   Allow back order option per order (defaults from customer set-up)
   •   Allow multiple payments to be made against an order
   •   Online Credit card authorisation (if subscribe to web service)
   •   Audit Trial to see who has done what per order
   •   Stock Qty Information with drill down on order entry. E.g. if there is a qty on purchase order by
       drilling down on the qty the user can see which orders, due dates and qty are coming in.

Customer Pricing
   •   Pricing Methods are numerous and simple to implement like Retail or Wholesale as defaults
       combined with Mark-up % on Last Cost or a Pricing Cost, Product Group Discount Bands, Last Price
       they Paid, or Special Price Lists with Qty Breaks and Promotional pricing and Specific Customer
       Pricing on specific items.
   •   Copy & Import Price List Options
   •   Multi Currency Price Lists
   •   European SSD Analysis / Intrastate
   •   Status Driven Order Processing so you decide if you want separate credit approval, pick notes and
   •   Consolidation of Orders to one invoice for the same customer with relevant information on item lines
       like source document, customer order numbers etc.
   •   Printing in Batches or individually
   •   Options to Print My Unprinted or All Unprinted or Reprint
   •   Auto Allocation Routine so you can pick by warehouse by Delivery Route, Customer Rank, Sales
       Order number, Item Due Dates, Item and then allocate stock to orders

   •   Return Management RMA

Recurring Sales Orders and Contract Orders
   •   Recurring Sales Orders when customers have repeats at regular intervals
   •    Ship To View of Customer
   •    Relations to other Entities
   •    Service Contracts with SLAs
   •    Active / Not Active Flag so it will or will not appear in the search lists
   •    Business Intelligence for example delivery performance to our customers

                                       CONTACT DETAILS: ServiceIT
                             Tel: 0861 737 848(servit) or +27 82 786 4028

                                               Fax: 086 659 4091



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