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									 Oak Harbor High School

                                Wildcat News
                                                                                                   2010-2011, Issue 4
      February 2011
                                  From the Principal’s Desk
                                  Dwight Lundstrom
                                  Principal, Oak Harbor High School
                                 The high school is continuing to move exclusively towards electronic communication with
                                 families. We do this through our auto dialer that will both call home and send an email
                                 with information and links to our website when there are updates or important calendar
                                 events. Additionally, we are making changes and additions to the website daily as well as
                                 adding messages into Family Access, so please make it a point to check the site periodically
                                 so you stay informed. If you are not receiving information from the high school, please
                                 check that your e-mail is entered correctly through Family Access:

                                 •   Go to
                                 •   Scroll down to “Quick Links” and click on “Family Access”
                                 •   Click on Family Access-Oak Harbor which will take you to the login page
                                 •   Type in your username and password
HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!           •   Click on “Account Info” at the top right of your screen
                                 •   Click on “Change my email” at the top right corner of your screen
                                 •   Update your email address and be sure to click “save”

                                 The home email field can only contain one address. If you do not have an email address
                                 please leave it blank rather than filling in “no email” or “none listed” as anything entered
   Inside this issue:            into this field will cause the system to attempt to send resulting in an error message. Also,
                                 please make sure your email is correct and free of typos. We are getting emails bounced
                                 back to us due to errors in entry such as the examples below:

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    This Month in

    Counseling and Career   5 — should be (punctuation error)

    Important Reminders     6    We are trying to get information out to you in a timely manner, but need your help.
                                 Please double check your information so we can help you and your student be well in-
                                 formed of high school events. This will be especially important as we enter spring and begin
                                 registration for next year and senior events ramping up to graduation. Additionally, if you
                                 need access to a computer when visiting campus, we have one you are welcome to use at
                                 the front desk in the high school office. It has been set up exclusively for parents.
                                                                                                         2010-2011, Issue 4

  DECA Takes Over Safeway!
                                    On January 20th from 9 A.M. until 2 P.M., the OHHS DECA chapter was “taking over” the
                                    Safeway grocery store to experience business and raise money for a good cause. The take-
                                    over, where students from the Oak Harbor DECA chapter shadow the different department
                                    managers, is an opportunity for the students to gain real world experience and apply what
                                    they learn in the classroom. During the takeover students rotated amongst fourteen stations
                                    (each department of the store) to learn the jobs, skills required, and how to do each job
                                    within a department. Students were decorating cakes, making floral arrangements, working
                                    with store managers, and learning management skills.

                                      In addition to this real work experience the club started a civic project to raise money for
                                     the Ronald McDonald House. Students manned a collection booth for needed items as well
                                     as accepted cash donations for the charity. DECA, an Association of Marketing Students, is
                                     an international student organization. DECA helps students develop skills and competence in
     marketing careers, build self-esteem, experience leadership and practice community service. DECA promotes education in
     marketing, business, and partnerships at the local, state, and national level.

                  More DECA News—Competitors Qualify for State

       Oak Harbor High School DECA students competed in area competition last week to earn their spot at the State
       competition. Twenty-nine OHHS DECA students earned that right and will travel to Bellevue to compete against
       the best in the State. Competing against nineteen other schools, students had to place in the top eight or top
       twelve in their event to qualify, depending on the number of competitors. The students travel to Bellevue March
       3-5 in hopes of qualifying for National Competition in Orlando, Florida this spring. Way to go, Wildcat DECA!

       Listed here are the students and their events: Fashion Promotion Plan-Ariel Walsh, Bri Peterson; Entrepreneur-
       ship-Sasha Olson; Professional Selling-Millie Goebel; Retail Merchandising-Emily Hunt; Hospitality-Brittney Alamo/
       Kiah Ching, Cady O’Dell/Nick Merrick, Hannah Bressler; Marketing Communication-Natalie Fiallos/Kayleigh
       Harper; Apparel & Accessories-Gigi Slais; Marketing Management-Maddie Mosolino; Travel & Tourism-Marina
       Bankowski/Katie Duhrkopf, Emily Saar/Tori Defuentes; Food Marketing-Abby Leete, Matt Reith; Accounting &
       Financial-Jayme Hunt, Shelby Kirk/Kaylee Moses; Sports and Entertainment-Chance Gill/Jack Richter; Restaurant-
       Lily Mosolino; Restaurant Management-Michelle Maxwell; Business Law & Ethics-
       Jordan Faralan/Brandon Rhine

 Island Student of the Month
Oak Harbor High School is proud to announce the 9th grade Island Student of the
Month. This month’s award goes to Stefanie Miller. Stefanie is a hard working student
who is always looking to improve her work and deepen her understanding of class
concepts. Her teachers appreciate her willingness to participate in class and see her
positive attitude as an asset to their classrooms. Shilo Arrendale, Stefanie’s English
teacher, says, “Stefanie is an enthusiastic student who always participates in class
discussions with great energy and insight.” The respect Stefanie shows her peers also
makes her a valuable part of the OHHS community. Stefanie will receive a certificate of
recognition in class as well as a complimentary drink at the student store.
Congratulations, Stefanie!                                                                                               Page 2
                                                                                                    2010-2011, Issue 4

          NJROTC Competes in First Drill Meet of the Season
Wildcat company competed in the first drill meet of the season on January 15th and made an impact on all the other units in
the Olympic Division of the Northwest Drill and Rifle Conference. Wildcat company competes against other JROTC units
representing Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps at ten schools located along the I-5 corridor. Team and individual
awards are:
        Team Awards
        Unarmed Drill Team                 First
        Armed Drill Team                   First
        Rifle Team #1                      First
        Physical Strength Teams            First & Fourth
        Color Guard Teams                  Fourth (both)

        Individual Awards
        Dan Nesser – Unarmed Drill Team Commander            Second
        Brandy Allain – Armed Drill Team Commander           First
        Harvey Wiggins – Armed drill down                    Fourth (of 36 cadets)
        Chel Moore – Rifle Team #1                           First (of 64 shooters)
        Jarik Bainco – Rifle Team #2                         Third (of 64 shooters)
        Tricia Desquitado – Physical Strength Team #2        First (Ironwoman)
        Sarah Morical – Physical Strength Team #1            Second (Ironwoman)
        Chisum Sifford / Josh Koorn – IAED- Duals            First
        Chisum Sifford – IAED- Individual                    Second
        Reuben Bartlett – Physical Strength Team #2          Third

 CTE Students of the Semester
Each semester the teachers in OHHS’ Career & Tech classes choose an outstanding student to represent their program as the
Student of the Semester. Listed below are the students selected to represent the CTE programs for first semester. These
students and their parents were honored at the January 10th OHSD School Board meeting.

STUDENT                          PROGRAM
Christopher Atwood              Building Construction
Matt Barrailler                 Metals Fabrication
Rolando Ferris                  Video Production-Broadcast Communications
Martin Garcia                   Advanced Automotive Technology
Ryan Gerth                      Pre-Engineering & 3D Modeling
Millie Goebel                   Retail Management/DECA
Michael Jenkins                 Robotics
Nick Merrick                    Culinary Arts
Samantha Miller                 Accounting
Daniel Nesser                   Naval Science 4
Matthew Reith                   Sports Medicine & Internship
Shannon Wold                    Human Body & Medical Career Internship                                                Page 3
Samantha Zimmerman              Annual Production
Outdoor Rec Students “Climb the Walls”                                                                   2010-2011, Issue 4

                                                            The OHHS Outdoor Recreation class taught by Scott Collins was
                                                            awarded an Oak Harbor Educational Foundation $2,000 grant. With
                                                            the grant, the Outdoor Recreation class purchased equipment for
                                                            rock climbing and were taught how to belay and climb using the rock
                                                            wall located in the OHHS weight room. For the culminating project,
                                                            Mr. Collins took the class on a field trip to Vertical World in Everett.
                                                            Twenty-two students participated and were provided with two hours
                                                            of climb time. The purpose of the unit was to introduce students to a
                                                            variety of lifetime fitness activities and encourage students to seek
                                                            other venues to be active in besides team sports.

 Work Based Learning News

We welcome Mrs. Trisha Clayville to the Work Based Learning staff. Mrs. Clayville, or Coach as we call her, joined us in
December. Since we have had Coach Washington, and now Coach Clayville, two students have become team managers. We
also had two students send applications to the DO-IT Program at the University of Washington. The DO-IT Program uses
technology to help students with disabilities break barriers into various businesses. Our students will be notified in late March/
mid-April if they will be accepted to the summer cohort of 2011. Also, Equestrian Crossings, a non-profit that helps students
with special needs, is working with students on various skills. One of our students who will be volunteering has spent many
summers attending county fairs through 4-H. In addition, we welcome the opportunity to serve the school District Office and
Midway (shredding/recycling), and resuming operations with Mrs. Reuble and Wildcat Catering by helping to deliver food to
two elementary schools. Finally, at 6 pm on February 15, at Coupeville High School, the annual Parent Information Night will
be held in the high school commons. This meeting is for all parents who have students with all types of disabilities. For more
information, you can contact Vicki Hopp, Special Services at the District Office, Mr. Washington (NWMS), Mrs. Washington
(OHMS), Mr. Bakke (OHHS), as well as your child’s case manager. We also want to thank all partners in the greater Oak
Harbor business community for their continued support.

                                                                                                                         Page 4
                                                                                                               2010-2011, Issue 4

                             This Month in Counseling and Career
•   End of the Semester—The new semester begins February 4th. Please check Family Access for an update on your
    student’s progress towards credits/graduation. Students only receive credit for a semester where they earned a “D” or
    higher. Students who do not receive credit for a semester class will likely need to make it up. Call the Counseling Center
    (279-5717) for an appointment with your child’s counselor to speak about credit retrieval.

•   FAFSA (The Free Application for Student Aid) became available on January 1st and financial aid deadlines are quickly ap-
    proaching. Demand for financial aid is greater than ever with students applying to schools in record numbers. These funds
    are first come, first served so students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Go to to apply now!

•   Scholarships—Check the OHHS website under the Career Center tab for an updated list of scholarships (see left hand
    side menu list—click on scholarships). The scholarship list includes basic criteria, due date and a link to the application.
    Most local scholarships are due March 11th, 2011. If transcripts or letters of recommendation are required, make sure to request
    them well in advance of the due date.

•   Skagit Valley College—Students interested in attending Skagit Valley College in the Fall (or considering it for a back-up
    plan), should submit their application and FAFSA form as soon as possible. SVC received over 6,000 requests for financial
    aid last year and are expecting that number to grow for next year. SVC’s priority deadline for financial aid is mid-February.

•   Four-year College Admission—Some 4-year colleges are still accepting applications. Please consult the school’s website as
    dates may have changed. (Scholarship deadlines for each school may be earlier than admission deadlines.)

•   Summer Academy Seminars
    The United States Naval Academy Summer Seminar is a six-day experience which teaches you about life at the
    Naval Academy where academics, athletics, and professional training play equally important roles. Application
    to attend one of the three sessions is competitive, and available slots fill quickly. Interested Juniors should sign-up
    online beginning February 1st at
    The Air Force Academy Summer Seminar program offers three one-week sessions to experience the academic
     environment, physical requirements, team building, and leadership skills necessary to become an Air Force
     Academy cadet. Selection for the program is highly competitive. Interested Juniors should apply online before the
`    February 28th deadline at

                 Running Start — Public information Meeting
              Students and families interested in learning more about the Running Start Program should attend
              this important meeting. The Running Start Program—its purpose, how it works and who is
              eligible will be discussed. A panel of current Running Start students will present and be available
              for questions. The meeting will be held Monday, February 7, 2011, 6:30 pm on the Whidbey
              Island Campus of Skagit Valley College, Hayes Hall Room 137. Contact Nancy McHale of SVC at                Page 5
              675-6656, ext. 5319 for more information.
                                     UPCOMING PARENT MEETINGS

                       As hard as it is to believe, we at Oak Harbor High School are already looking ahead to the
 Oak Harbor High
                       2011-2012 school year. Registration for next year’s classes is a two-part process. In
                       February your student will begin the process by pre-registering for classes he/she is
                       interested in taking. Current OHHS students will receive their pre-registration materials in
                       advisory class on February 15th. This spring, your student will complete the registration
   #1 Wildcat Way      process by making his/her final class selections. It is our hope that students will leave
Oak Harbor, WA 98277   school in June with as firm a schedule as possible for next year. The pre-registration
                       process is a very important part of choosing classes. Classes available for final registration
                       will be limited to those selected during the pre-registration process. Below are important
 Phone: 360-279-5800
                       parent meeting dates regarding pre-registration and planning for your student’s future. See
  Fax: 360-279-5794
                       the OHHS website at for more information.

                       •    February 8th at 6:30 pm — 8th Grade Parent Night
    WILDCATS           •    February 15th at 6:30 pm — Advanced Placement Night
                                                             (Mandatory Meeting for AP students)
                       •    February 22nd at 6:30 pm — 9th-11th Grade Parent Information Night
                                                             (Registration and Post-Secondary Planning)
We’re on the web!

                                Important Reminders

                        •    Cupid’s Song tickets now available
                        The Harbor Singers of OHHS, the premier vocal ensemble
                        under the direction of Darren McCoy, will be hosting its
                        annual Cupid’s Song performance, starting at 6 pm on February 4th and
                        5th. This event features soloists and small group ensembles entertaining
                        you and your valentine. Refreshments and cheesecake will be served at in-
                        termission by Harbor Singers members. For tickets and information, write
                        to Tickets are on sale now for $12.
                        If the show sells out in advance, tickets will not be available at the door.

                        •   Community Bulletin Board
                        Make sure you check out the Community Bulletin Board at http://
               This resource
                        allows parents and students to access information from non-profit organiza-
                        tions regarding a variety of community activities.

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