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									Sept./Oct., 2010                                                               Volume 38 Issue 5

                                    Ohio Mushroom Society

                  The Mushroom Log
                                       3. There has been a slight            be on your left, and park behind
Fall Foray                             schedule change to Saturday           it in their large parking lot
Correction                                                                   From the North: take I-480
                                       12:00-1:00 pm Lunch (Bring a          west to just before the OH
By Dave Miller                         potluck covered dish to pass          Turnpike. Follow signs to Rte.
                                       around).                              10 (Norwalk, Oberlin) on I-480,
A couple of errors crept into the                                            stay to the left, and take Exit 1,
Fall Foray announcement in the         1:00-2:00 Ian Adams will offer        which will take you SW, and
previous (July/Aug.,2010) Log.         a technical program on                then joins up with US Rte. 20.
                                       Mushroom Photography.                 Continue on this (for ca. 12 mi.)
1. It will be in Lake Metroparks                                             to the OH Rte. 511 (Oberlin)
Penitentiary Glen Nature               2:00 Afternoon Forays depart          exit. Take Rte. 511 into Oberlin
Center, NOT in Chapin Forest.                                                (about 2 mi.). Soon after
Directions to Penitentiary Glen        4. Dave Miller will lead a group      entering town, take an easy left
posted at the bottom of the            on a 2:00 afternoon foray to          onto College St. and proceed
announcement are correct.              nearby Holden Arboretum.              west to the Inn, which is on the
                                                                             corner of College St. and Main
I repeat them here:                                                          St (OH Rte. 58). You will need
                                       Dick Grimm                            to park behind the Inn, the
Directions to Penitentiary                                                   driveway to the Lot is to the
Glen Nature Center:                    Banquet                               right, is just beyond the Ohio
8668 Kirtland-Chardon Rd.                                                    Educational Credit Union/Juice
Kirtland, OH 44094                                                           Bar on your left.
(440/256-1404                          By Dave Miller                                               If you miss the College St.
                                       Come join us on November 13           turnoff, proceed on 511 to the
Take I-90 to Rte. 306 exit. Turn                   th
                                       for the 14 annual Dick Grimm          first flashing yellow light
right (south) for about one mile.      Banquet, this year to be held for     (Oberlin Rd.) and make a left
Turn left onto Rte. 615, then          the first time at the Oberlin Inn     and go one block south to
turn right (east) onto Kirtland-       in the middle of lovely, exciting     College St. and make a right.
Chardon Road and continue for          “downtown” Oberlin.
two miles.                                                                   There is a sign-up form on page
Penitentiary Glen Reservation          Location: From the South,             9 of this Log. Please fill it out
is located on the right (south)        take I-71 north to Ashland exit       and email or snail mail it to me.
side of the road.                      # 186. Go east (right) on US
                                       250 for 3 mi. to St. Rte 89, turn     The dinner will be buffet style,
2. On Saturday, there is NO            left (north) and follow 89 till it    with a choice of three different
1:00-3:30 pm. public intro-            merges with OH Rte.58 ( ca. 10        entrees:
ductory program + hike. The            mi.). This will take you right into   1. Lemon-peppered Whitefish
public program takes place on          Oberlin on Main St. At the 4 .
                                                                        th   2. Apricot Pork Loin
Sunday only.                           traffic light (College St.) make a    3. Penne Pasta with Portabello
                                       right, go past the Inn, which will    Mushrooms in Alfredo Sauce
2 The Mushroom Log
Time: 4:30-5:30 pm: Hors            A. brunnescens                      Pleurotus dryinus
D‟oeuvres and Cash bar.             A. daucipes                         P. ostreatus
5:30-6:30 pm. Our own Walt          A. parcivolvata                     P. pulmonarius
Sturgeon will speak on “Rare        A. rhopalopus                       Pluteus cervinus
and/or Unusual Mushrooms”,          A. sp.                              Psathyrella candeolleana
followed by dinner.                 A. volvata                          P. sp.
                                    Chlorophyllum molybdites            Pseudocoprinus disseminatus
                                    Clitopilus prunulus                 Rhodocybe mundula
                                    Conocybe sp.                        Russula compacta
Species List From                   Coprinus quadrifidus                R. paravirescens
Summer Foray in                     Cortinarius marylandensis           2 Russula sp.
Athens, OH                          Crepidotus crocophyllus             Schizophyllum commune
                                    C. mollis                           Stropharia coronilla
                                    Crinipellis zonata                  Tapinella (Paxillus)
By Martha Bishop and Dave
                                    Entoloma abortivum                  atrotomentosa
                                    E. murraii                          Tetrapyrgos nigripes
                                    E. sp.                              Xerula furfuracea
                                    E. strictius                        X. megalospora
Boletellus merulioides
                                    Gerronema stromboides               X. sp.
Boletus bicolor
                                    Gymnopus dichrous
B. fraternus
                                    G. dryophila                        Corals, Club Fungi
B. innixus
                                    G. luxurans                         Artomyces pyxidata (was
B. longicurvipes
                                    G. subsulphureus                    Clavicorona)
B. nobilis
                                    Hohenbuehelia sp.                   Clavaria aurantiocinnabarinus
B. sensibilis
                                    Hygrocybe caespitosa                C. cinerea
B. near sensibilis
                                    H. conica                           Lentaria sp. (Note prominent
3 Boletus sp.
                                    H. miniata                          mycelium)
B. subvelutipes
                                    Inocybe sp.                         Ramaria formosa (mycorrhizal
Chalciporus piperatoides
                                    Lactarius corrugis = corrugated     with hardwoods. Note pinkish
Leccinum albellum
                                    cap                                 branches that contrast with
Phylloporous rhodoxanthus
                                    L. fumosus=mycorhizzal with         yello tips)
Suillus americanus
                                    oaks, a brown cap, its latex
Tylopilus alboater
                                    stains and dries a salmon color     Slime molds
T. ferrugineus
                                    L. gerardii=wide spaced gills,      Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa
T. plumbeoviolaceus
                                    brown velvety cap when young        Fuligo septica (dog slime)
T. rubrobrunneus
                                    L. glaucescens=peppery mild         Lycogala epidendron
                                    cap with oaks, crowded gills        Tubifera ferruginasa
                                    white milk dries slowly green!
Cantharellus appalachiensis (its
                                    L. hygrophoroides                   Jelly Fungi
greenish coloring makes it
                                    L. indigo, bright blue, with blue   Auricularia auricula
                                    latex                               Dacryopinax elegans
C. cibarius
                                    L. psammicola                       Ductifera patulahuana=white
C. confluens (large caespitose
                                    L. subplinthogalus                  glob-like jelly D. pululahuana
clusters resembling C. lateritus)
                                    L. subvernalis var. cokeri          Syzygospora mycetophila (on
C. lateritus
                                    L. subvellereus                     Gymnopus)
C. minor
                                    L. volemus, popular edible          Tremellodendron pallidum
C. persicinus, has pink
                                    known as the Bradley                Tremella concrescens
coloration, growing under
                                    Lentinus ursinus
                                    Leptonia sp.                        Ascomycetes
                                    Leucoagaricus americana             Camarops petersii= grows on
                                    Marasmius oreades                   wood, with a “volva” or peridium
Amanita ameri rubescens
                                    M. siccus                           surrounding the fruiting body
(may possibly be a distinct
                                    M. sullivantii                      Chlorociboria sp.
species from the European A.
                                    Megacollybia rodmani                Galiella rufa
                                    Panellus stipticus
A. banningiana
                                    Parasola (Coprinus) plicatilis
A. bisporigera
3 The Mushroom Log
Helminthosphaeria clavarianum   By Dick Doyle
on Clavaria cristata or C.
Helvella macropus               Our miniforay at Dawes
Hypomyces americanus            Arboretum was a smashing
H. chrysospermus=Sepidonium     success in spite of the recent
chrysospermus                   dry weather. We had a good
H. hyalinus                     turnout of mushrooms and
H. lactifluorum=the Lobster     mushroom hunters. We went to
Scutellinia scutellata          a wooded area east of the main
Xylaria polymorpha              grounds of the Arb which had a
                                stream and a gorge running
Tooth Fungi                     through it. If you want to see
Hydnellum spongiosipes, on      the area on Google Maps or
oak, mycorhizzal,swollen        Google Earth, go to N 39 deg
spongy stem and farinaceous     58.082 ' W 82 deg 23.606'. Of
odor                            the 20 people who showed up,
Hydnum repandum                 about half were OMS members.
Mycorraphium adusta             We did not lose anyone in the
                                                                 Dick Grimm explaining the
                                woods after hunting for two
Polypores                                                        subtlies of Russulas
Ganoderma tsugae
Laetiporus cinncinatus          OMS members in attendance:
L. sulfureus                    Dick Doyle
Meripilus sumsteinii            Dick Grimm
Perenniporia fraxinophila       Mike Smith
Parasite on living ash          Jack Coll
Phellinua gilvus                Joan Manzo (and family)
P. robiniae= Fomes rimosus      Mary Ann Barnett
Phlebia incarnate               Elizabeth Thomas-Jones
Polyporus elegans               Ron Gadrin                       Dick Grimm giving a table walk
P. mori                         Marita King                      to the assembled „shroomers
P. squamosus                    Poorva Kandalgoankar (and
Stereum complicatum             family)                          Photography by Alan
S. ostrea                                                        McClelland at
Trametes elegans                Mushrooms in attendance:
T. versicolor                   Amanita bisporigera
Trichaptum biforme              Amanita brunnescens var.         His website for these and other
Tyromyces chioensis             pallida (?)                      pictures from Dawes is
                                Amanita rubescens      
Gasteromycetes: Puffballs,      Scleroderma citrinum             sredir?uname=eyelyft&target=A
earthstars,              (aurantium)                      LBUM&id=5492730421241464
Crucibulum laeve                Paxillus atrotomentosus          481&authkey=Gv1sRgCNvN5N
Cyathus striatus                Russula sp. (several)            uyhfGOVA&feat=email
Geaster sp. near fibriatum      Agaricus placomyces (?)
Lycoperdon perlatum             Boletes (several)                Ed. Note: If this sounds like
Scleroderma aureolatum          Cantharellus cibarius            fun, Dick will be hosting another
S. citrinum                     Cantharellus lateritius          Dawes miniforay on Sat. Sept.
                                Meripilus sumstinei              25. (see Calendar for details)
Ustilago maydis (corn smut)     P.S. A soon-to-be-member and     Poland Municipal
                                professional photographer by
                                the name of Alan McClelland
                                                                 Forest Mini-foray
Dawes Miniforay                 took the following pictures:
                                                                 By Pauline & Pete Munk
4 The Mushroom Log
An impromptu mini-foray was        Scleroderma citrinum
suggested and arranged for         Stereum ostrea
Sat. Aug. 14, 2010 by P.A.         Tyromyces chioneus
Danus. The Munks gladly            Xerula furfuracea
helped with registration and       Xylaria polymorpha
further planning. We met in the
village of Poland and were led
by P.A. to the forest. Ian Adams
                                   Chance Creek Mini-
had a head start and greeted us    Foray
at the Zedaker Pavilion with a
                                                                        The Crew: (from left) Kazuto
good selection of specimens. It    By Dave Miller                       and Yui Ishihara, Deb
was a hot and sunny day. Six,
                                                                        Shankland, Pete Munk, Mary
tried and true, members divided
                                   Despite the absence of               Hill, me, Pete Richards, Pauline
into two groups and headed in
                                   significant rain for the previous    Munk, Sharon Greenberg
opposite directions for almost 2
                                   3 weeks, ten optimistic              (Marie was behind the camera)
hours. There were plenty of
                                   mushroomers met at this
mushrooms to be found. Jack-
                                   newest Lorain County
o-Lanterns and Chantrelles
                                   Metropark at 10 am on Sat.
were brought in to show the
                                   August 21. These included
difference for those who may
                                   Board Members Pete and
not have known. The Zedaker
                                   Pauline Munk, Deb Shankland,
Pavilion made a perfect place to
                                   Sharon Greenberg, myself, and
i.d. over 30 specimens. The
                                   OMS members Marie
boletes provided the greatest
                                   Anderson-Miller and Pete
challenge. Although the Poland
                                   Richards, and two potential new
Municipal Forest is basically an
                                   members, Mary Hill from North
urban location it is a wonderful                                        Species ID‟ing in progress
                                   Olmstead, and Kazuto Ishihara
rich mixed hardwood stand. It is
                                   and daughter Yui from North
well used by the residents but                                          Following is the species list:
                                   Royalton. The “facilities”
still offers habitat worthy of
                                   consisted of a Parking Lot and
hunting for mushrooms.
                                   Trash Can. Makes Groves              Agarics
                                   Woods look like the Ritz!            Amanita sp.
Species List
                                                                        Conocybe lacteal (from Oberlin)
Amanita brunnescens
                                   After ca. one and one half hours     Mycena leiana
Boletus auriflammeus
                                   of seemingly futile searching,       Omphalotus olearius (from
B. auriporus
                                   (Yui, who is interested in           Oberlin)
B. pallidus
                                   salamanders, found a nice red-       Pleurotus ostreatus
B. rubellus
                                   back one under a rock adjacent       Psathyrella velutina
Cantharellus lateritus
                                   to the Creek) we returned to the     Xerula furfuracea
Chlorociboria aeruginascens
                                   parking lot. Being aware of          X. radicans
Clavicorona pyxidata
Cortinarius sp.                    Chance Creek‟s sparse
                                   furnishings, I‟d brought a folding   Polypores
Ganoderma applanatum
                                   table on which to set up the         Daedalia quercina
Gymnopus dryophilus
                                   specimens and we did some            Ganoderma applanatum
Ishnoderma resinosum
                                   quick ID‟ing of the (mostly)         G. lucidum
Laccaria ochropurpurea
                                   polypores. Did I mention that it     Oxyporus populinus
Marasmius siccus
                                   was DRY! Afterward, we Board         Phellinus gilvus
Megacollybia platyphylla
                                   members caravanned to Lorain         Polporus elegans
Mycena leaiana
                                   to have a nice lakeside lunch at     P. squamosus
M. subcaerulea
                                   Rose‟s Café and then parted          Stereum complicatum
Phylloporus rhodoxanthus
                                   ways as the rain began to fall in    S. ostrea
Pleurotus ostreatus
                                   earnest.                             Trametes elegans
P. porrigens
                                                                        T. versicolor
P. sp.
                                                                        Trichaptum biforme
Polyporus badius
                                                                        Tyromyces chioensis
Russula sp.
5 The Mushroom Log
Etc.                                                                     Xylaria polymorpha
Boletus sp.                        Boletes
Daldinia concentrica               Boletus innixus
Fuligo septima                     B. sp.
                                                                         Mushroom Hunter
Lycoperdon pyriforme               Phylloporus rhodoxanthes              “Massacre” Claims
Schizophyllum commune                                                    18 Lives in Italy
Scutellinia scutellata
Strobilomyces sp.
                                                                         MILAN (Reuters) – At least 18
                                                                         mushroom-lovers have been
                                                                         killed in accidents while hunting
Mini-Foray Groves                                                        for their favorite fungi in the
Woods                                                                    mountains and forests of
                                                                         northern Italy.
By Dave Miller                     Walt Sturgeon doing his table         Mountain rescuers say eager
                                   walk                                  mushroom seekers are
About 15 people showed up at                                             abandoning safety procedures
10 am.,on August 28, for                                                 as they don camouflage and
another fairly dry foray (even                                           hunt in darkness to protect
the creeks had run dry!). OMS                                            coveted troves, la Repubblica
members included Ian Adams,                                              newspaper reported on Sunday.
Matt Brill, Finley Lahmers, Joni
Lewanski, Dave Miller, Pete
                                                                         "There is too much
Munk, Deb Shankland, Walt
                                                                         carelessness. Too many people
Sturgeon, and Chuck Vorcak.
                                                                         don't give a darn about the right
Non-members included Matt          The “table”, in actuality a pile of   rules and unfortunately this is
Stankis and Rob Sylack. In         rocks surrounding a fire pit. We      the result," Gino Comelli, head
addition a sizable contingent      did have a table, but this shot is    of the Alpine rescue service in
from the Cleveland Museum of       much more interesting!                northwest Italy's Valle di Fassa,
Natural History (which owns the
                                                                         told the newspaper.
property) were on hand to scour    Photos courtesy of Joni
the woods and help come up         Lewanski.
with an impressive collection                                            Seventeen people have died in
                                                                         nine days -- six in 48 hours
                                                                         alone -- mostly from sliding off
Agarics                            Bjerkandera adusta
                                                                         steep, damp slopes in the
Armillariells tabescens            Daedaliopsis confragosa
                                                                         northern mountains, la
Crepidotus applanatus              Ganoderma applanatum
                                                                         Repubblica said in a story
C. crocophyllus                    G. tsugae
                                                                         headlined "the massacre of the
Entoloma stricitius                Phellinus gilvus
                                                                         mushroom hunters."
Gymnopus dichrous                  Polporus elegans
Gymnoporus (Collybia)              P. radicatus
dryophilus                         P. squamosus                          Another person has been
Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca =        Stereum complicatum                   missing for more than a week, it
False Chanterelle                  S. ostrea                             said.
Hygrocybe borealis                 Trametes versicolor
Marasmius rotula                   Trichaptum biforme                    Ansa news agency said a man
M. strictipes                      Tyromyces chioensis                   who had been hunting
Mycena haematopus                                                        mushrooms was found dead on
Mycena leaiana                     Etc.                                  Sunday in the Alpine region of
M. ratilantiformis                 Cantharellus lateritus                Valtellina.
Panellus stipticus                 Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa var.
Pleurotus pulmonarius              coralloida                            A combination of August
Pluteus cervinus                   Sparassus spathulata                  thunderstorms and hot weather
Russula spp. (2)                   Lycoperdon pyriforme                  has led to a bumper mushroom
Xerula furfuracea                  Scleroderma citrinum                  crop that has drawn the first
X. radicans                        Schizophyllum commune
6 The Mushroom Log
hunters of what is expected to       that T. equestre is generally not   studies have suggested that
be a boom season.                    recommended for eating due to       they are not the same" He also
                                     the cases of Rhabdomyolysis in      wonders if repeated meals are
(Reporting by Ian Simpson;           France. I immediately picked up     the problem.
Editing by Angus MacSwan)            every book I had at my
                                     disposal, searching frantically
                                     for something I must have           lookalikes/Recent_mushroom_p
Ed. Note: Fortunately for us,
                                     missed on the edibility of this     oisonings.html. I am guessing
our terrain is not mountainous
and mycophiles and                   mushroom. Each book I               the species that grows in
mycophagists in Ohio are far         checked, including Raymond          Canada is the same as that
                                     McNeil's 2006 publication Le        which grows in the US. On Nov.
less competitive!
                                     Grand Livre des Champignons         1, 2006, Health Canada did
                                     du Quebec et de l’est du            post an advisory stating that
Mushroom Reports:                    Canada, made no mention of T        excessive consumption of this
Tricholoma equestre &                equestre (or its former name T.     mushroom may cause harm.
Rhabdomyolysis                       flavovirens) being toxic or even
                                     suspect.                            asc/media/advisoriesavis/2001-
by Jonathon Mingori
                                     A simple Google search,
                                     however, proved to be quite         This summary is what I could
I know that the readers of           different. On September 13,         find of current information. If
Mainely Mushrooms are widely         2001, The New England               anyone has additional
varied from medical                  Journal of Medicine published a     information on this, I would love
professionals, poison control        report titled Wild Mushroom         to hear from you. You may
consultants, professional chefs,     Intoxication as a Cause of
commercial pickers, liberal and                                          email me at:
                                     Rhabdomyolysis. To read the
conservative consumers,              full report, see
knowledgeable amateurs, and
those new to mycology and            nt/full/345/11/798. This report
identifying mushrooms. In the        states that 12 cases (1992-         From July-Sept. 2010 issue of
last newsletter I wrote that         2001) of delayed                    Mainely Mushrooms, the
Tricholoma equestre was a            Rhabdomyolysis with 3 deaths        Newsletter of the ME
mushroom I looked forward to         occurred in France after eating     Mycological Association.
finding again and that it was a      large quantities of T. equestre.
delicious edible. In light of that   All 12 patients had consumed at     Ed. Note: Google told me
statement, I felt it wise to share   least three consecutive meals       rhabdomyolysis is skeletal
what I have learned about this       of the mushroom. T. equestre        muscles breakdown, releasing
mushroom since making that           was positively identified as the    myoglobin (the oxygen carrying
claim.                               mushroom in question and was        pigment in muscle) together
                                     clearly implicated as the cause     with enzymes and electrolytes
I found this mushroom for the        of poisoning. No other causes       from inside muscle cells. This
first time last October in           such as bacterial, viral, fungal    condition can lead to kidney
Quebec. The leader of the foray      or toxic exposure were found.       failure, since myoglobin is toxic
identified it and while my           NAMA does have this listed on       to kidneys. There have been
French is far from fluent I          their mushroom poisoning            other reports of this condition
clearly understood, "Cest un         syndromes page, but also says       being caused by a small
bon comestible!" She made no         that there are no reports of this   molecule isolated by Japanese
comment on it being toxic in         being toxic in the U.S.             scientists from Russula
any way. Upon arriving home I        Apparently there are some           subnigricans. Be careful out
did my homework, checking the        people who question if it is even   there!
identification, species name,        dangerous. http://www.namyco.
look-alikes and edibility.           org/toxicology/poison_syndrom
Imagine my surprise when,            es.html Gary Lincoff (2005)         Toxic mushrooms
soon after the last news letter      questions if the US species is      blamed for hundreds
had been printed, I received an      the same as that found in
email from Michaeline saying         France. He claims "Some DNA
                                                                         of deaths in China
7 The Mushroom Log
By TINI TRAN Associated              assigned some of the country's        "We repeatedly found it at all
Press, updated                       toughest health mysteries.            these sites,” Fontaine said.
7/13/20102:22:10 PM ET
                                     The medical teams                     A public information campaign
BEIJING - Every summer               encountered obstacles. Many           to warn against eating the
during the height of the rainy       villagers didn't speak standard       mushrooms has dramatically
season, villagers of all ages in a   Chinese, instead                      reduced the number of deaths.
corner of southwestern China         communicating in their own            Only a handful have been
would suddenly die of cardiac        dialect. Villages were scattered      reported in the last couple of
arrest,                              in often remote areas. Rapid          years, and none so far this
                                     burials made it difficult to          year.
No one knew what caused              conduct autopsies. Torrential
Yunnan Sudden Death                  rain and mudslides hampered           However, the mystery has not
Syndrome, blamed for an              travel.                               yet been definitively solved.
estimated 400 deaths in the
past three decades.                  But that first year, investigators    Testing found the mushroom
                                     were able to narrow down the          contained some toxins, though
Now, after a five-year               list of possibilities: most victims   not enough to be deadIy.
investigation, an elite              had drunk surface water, they         Chinese scientists need to
investigative unit from China's      had emotional stress and they         isolate the toxin and test
Center for Disease Control and       ate mushrooms.                        whether it triggers cardiac
Prevention believes it has                                                 arrests.
pinpointed the cause: an             The investigators zeroed in on
innocuous-looking small              mushrooms because the deaths          Researchers have
mushroom known as Little             were closely aligned with the         hypothesized that there is a
White. (Ed. Note: a species of       harvesting season. More than          second agent. Many of the
Trogia)                              90 percent of the deaths              victims showed high levels of
                                     occurred in July or August. By        barium, a heavy metal in the
The search for the culprit began     the end of 2005, investigators        soil that seeps into mushrooms.
in 2005 and took investigators       began issuing warnings to
to remote villages spread over       some villages to avoid eating
                                                                           "There is a lot of work left to
the rural highlands of Yunnan        unfamiliar mushrooms.
                                                                           do," Fontaine said. "We really
province, said Robert Fontaine,                                            need additional lab
an epidemiologist with the U.S.      That was a difficult order to         investigations. '
Centers for Disease Control          follow. Yunnan province is
and Prevention.                      legendary for its wide variety of
                                                                           Problems with poisonous
                                     wild mushrooms, many of which
                                                                           mushrooms are common
There was "this very obvious         are exported at high prices.
                                                                           throughout Asia, said Diderik
clustering of deaths in villages     (Marie and I toured Yunnan
                                                                           De Vleeschauwer, a
in very short periods of time in     province in 1996 and
                                                                           spokesman for the U.N. Food
the summer," said Fontaine,          mycologists at Kunming Univ.
                                                                           and Agriculture Organization
who helped in the investigation.     were quite proud of their edible
                                                                           regional office in Thailand.
"It appears that there was           fungi, especially Thelophora
something a little different going   yunnanensis.) Entire families go
                                     out to hunt for them during the       "Normally we expect people to
on."                                                                       have knowledge of what they
                                     summer months.
                                                                           can and can't eat. One would
Local health officials had noted                                           think there is indigenous
the deaths for years. In 2004,       By 2008, investigators had
                                                                           knowledge available about what
they appealed to Beijing for         discovered a relatively unknown
                                                                           they can forage," he said. "But
assistance. The government           mushroom in a number of               these are accidents that can
gave the task to the China Field     homes where people had died.          happen."
Epidemiology Training                The mushroom is not usually
Program, a unit of medical           sold in the markets, because it's
                                     too small.                            Reprinted with permission of
investigators at China's CDC
                                                                           the Associated Press, 2010.
8 The Mushroom Log

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                                                                           Peck NY State Mushroom
Date tbd. Mini-foray at Camp            detailed notice on Page 7 of the   Watson Homestead, Painted
Frederick in Columbiana                 May/June Log.         Call Dick    Post, NY. For details, see their
County. Sharon Greenberg.               Grimm (740) 694-0782, and if       web site at
                                        he‟s available and there are
Date tbd. Hopewell Culture              mushrooms in the woods, he         /CUPpages/Peck.html/
National Historical Park at             will go.
Chilicothe. Shirley McClelland                                             Oct. 8-10 NAMA Endorsed
(740) 536-7448.                                                            Weekend Foray at Camp
                                        Oct. 8-10. Fall Foray.             Sequanota, near Jennerstown
                                        Habitat and Seasonality, the       PA , in conjunction with
Sept. 18 (Sat.) Mini-foray at           Where, When, and Why of            Washington DC Mushroom
Knox Lake, near Fredericton.            Mushroom Fruiting.                 Club.. See the PA website at
Dick Grimm (740) 694-0782.              Penitentiary Glen Nature 
                                                                           for details and registration
                                        Center. See pages 1 and 2 of
Sat. Sept. 25. Mini-foray at                                               forms.
                                        the July/Aug. 2010 Log for
Dawes Arboretum. Meet on the            details. Also p.1 of this Log.
deck outside the Visitor Center                                            National & More
at 9:00 am. Depart at 9:30 am.          Sat. Nov. 13. Annual Dick
RSVP in advance to Dick Doyle           Grimm Banquet. New location                         rd
(740) 587-0019.                                                            Sept. 23-26. 33 Annual
                                        this year at the Oberlin Inn in    NEMF Sam Ristich Foray.
                                        Oberlin, OH. See details on        Kerhonkson, NY. See their
                                        Page 1 of this Log.                website for details:
An open invitation to anyone
who wants to mushroom hunt in           Ohio & Regional
Fredericktown area.      See
9 The Mushroom Log

                                   Membership Application for the
                                     Ohio Mushroom Society



CITY                                                  STATE           ZIP

TELEPHONE                                             FAX


Enclosed please find check or money order (check one):

         ____ $15.00 annual family membership (newsletter via email and website only)
         ____ $20.00 annual family membership (newsletter via paper, email, and website)
         ____ $150.00 life membership (newsletter via paper, email, and website)

My interests are:

Mushroom Eating/Cookery                     Photography               Nature Study

Mushroom ID                        Cultivation                        Other (specify)

Would you like to be an OMS volunteer? In what way?

How did you hear about our group?_________________________________________________


May OMS provide your name to other mushroom related businesses? Yes _____________ No

Return form and check or money order to: Ohio Mushroom Society,c/o Jerry Pepera, 8915 Knotty Pine Ln.,Chardon, OH
                                           14 Annual Dick Grimm Banquet
                                              Sat. November 13, 2010
                                                  The Oberlin Inn



CITY______________________________ STATE____________ ZIP_______________________


EMAIL ADDRESS______________________

Number of reservations: ______________ Preferred entrèe_____________________________________
Return form by mail or email by Nov. 5 to OMS c/o Dave Miller, 352 W. College St., Oberlin, OH 44074 or Payment can be made at the Oberlin Inn using cash or credit card.
10 The Mushroom Log

2010 Ohio Mushroom Society Volunteers
Chairman                Newsletter Editor            Program Planners          Hospitality Co-chair

Walt Sturgeon           Dave Miller                  Walt Sturgeon             Sharon Greenberg
(330) 426-9833          (440) 774-8143               (330) 426-9833            (330) 457-2345      d.greenberg@worldnet.att.
Treasurer/Membership/   All-round Special Person     Pete & Pauline Munk
Circulation                                          (440) 236-9222            New Board Members:
                        Dick Grimm         
Jerry Pepera            (740) 694-0782                                         Shirley McClelland
(440) 279-0611        Lake MetroParks Liaison   (740) 536-7448                                                       
                        Cleveland Metroparks         Pat Morse                 m
Jack-of-All-Trades      Liason                       (440) 256-2106
                                                     pmorse@lakemetroparks.c   Andrea Moore
Dick Doyle              Debra Shankland              om                        (740) 969-8049
(740) 587-0019          (440) 526-1012                                     dks@clevelandmetroparks.                               m
Corresponding Sec’y

Joe Christian
(419) 757-4493
11 The Mushroom Log

         Ohio Mushroom Society
           The Mushroom Log

           Circulation and Membership
                  Jerry Pepera,
              8915 Knotty Pine Lane
               Chardon, OH 44024

                   Dave Miller
                352 W. College St.
                Oberlin, OH 44074


The Mushroom Log, the official newsletter of the
Ohio Mushroom Society, is published bi-monthly
throughout the year.

Contributions of articles and ideas for columns are
always welcome. Articles may be edited for length
and content.

Non-copyrighted articles may be reprinted without
permission in other mushroom club publications,
provided that The Mushroom Log is credited. We
                                                             DATED MATERIAL
appreciate receiving a copy of the publication.       Address service requested. Return postage

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