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ArthritisT 2009

     Fish Oil
Glucosamine and
Chondroitin Salts
  Are they really effective?
  Who should take them?


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2   Arthritis Today Winter 2009
                               Winter 2009

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                                                                                                                   Arthritis Today Winter 2009   3
                       From the desk of the
    Executive Director
                                           Times are tough we’re told
                                       which gives rise to close friends                    supported.
                                       and colleagues being moved to ask                        Perhaps the ongoing interest and support we
                                       caringly, “It must be hard to fundraise              are seeing is because osteoarthritis, RA or gout or
                                       in these times, is it?”                              arthritis represents real pain as opposed to the pain
                                           True, companies are closing and                  that hurts our hip pockets as we watch falling share
                                       bankruptcy is not far away for many
                                       more. And I do worry for our future                      Welcome then, to our latest issue of Arthritis
                                       but our options are few.                             Today
                                           Imagine if I replied to the elderly              oil, glucosamine and chondroitin salts. As well,
                                       lady who asked about joining a pain                  there is an article about gardening for relaxation
                                       management course… “Sorry, we’re                     and exercise. Our advertisers of course, also offer
                         short of funds this week, the course is off!” or to a              products and services to help make life easier for
                         request for information to be posted if I had said…                those who live with a bone and joint condition.
                         “We’re out of stamps right now, sorry!”                                The Winter issue of Arthritis Today brings you
                            As a charity, we exist to provide a service.                    news from both here and abroad, news of coming
                         We offer seminars and self-help courses in pain                    events, news of upcoming seminars and so much
                         management and how to live with a bone and joint                   more.
                         condition. We campaign to state government on
                         our members’ behalf, aiming to lift awareness and
                         gain support. Our hydrotherapy pool continues

                         brochures and booklets in response to requests. We
                         save where we can but still incur real costs.
                            Times are indeed tough and yet we see many
                         giving more as a result, perhaps because they
                                                                                                 Ric Forlano
                         pain. Average gifts seem larger, response to our                        Executive Director

    Latest News                                     Health Director, Dr Peter Flett. Our goal
                                                    was to raise awareness about arthritis,
                                                                                                           country regions and we will struggle to
                                                                                                           establish the Chair in Rheumatology at
       Members from our board along                 osteoporosis and the people who live                   UWA which will we hope, help us advance
    with key staff and volunteers attended a        with it daily.
    breakfast at Parliament House on 18th                                                                  a close and personal connection with one
                                                        Without increased levels of funding,
    June 2009, hosted by the Hon Dr Kim                                                                    or more of our politicians, we could use
                                                    we will continue to be restricted in
    Hames. Amongst the attendees were                                                                      some help to reinforce our message.
                                                    our ability to take our Self Help Pain
    Premier Colin Barnett and Department of
                                                    Management programmes out into the

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4   Arthritis Today Winter 2009
& Chondroitin Salts
     Are they really effective
     and who should take them                                          ?
What are glucosamine and                                has shown that they all contain glucosamine and
chondroitin salts?                                      chondroitin, although the quantities do not always
    Glucosamine and chondroitin are simple
sugar-based compounds, which have been widely           Is there evidence that glucosamine
approved for usage as dietary supplements in            compounds help patients with
the management of arthritis. Glucosamine and            arthritis?
chondroitin, just like glucose are two of the many
                                                            There is evidence that glucosamine and
chemicals used by cartilage cells to form the
                                                        chondroitin relieve symptoms in patients with OA
molecular building blocks of articular cartilage, the
                                                        in the knee joint, but these agents are slow to take
tissue that covers the ends of adjoining bones as
shown in the drawing below.
                                                        and the improvement in symptoms is perhaps only

                                                        In one study where glucosamine sulphate was
                                                        compared with a prescription medicine called
                                                        Ibuprofen, comparable pain relief was observed after
                                                        four weeks of treatment as shown below.

    Osteoarthritis (OA) is the commonest type of
arthritis. In 2007 Access Economics reported that
OA affects an estimated 1.72 million Australians.
OA is characterised by the progressive loss of
articular cartilage, which in turn leads to pain,
stiffness and loss of movement in affected joints.
Many treatments exist, but none have been shown
to slow the progression of the disease over time
with the probable exception of glucosamine and
chondroitin salts.                                      In glucosamine studies
What preparations of glucosamine                            In 2001 and 2002 two studies comparing
and chondroitin are available?                          glucosamine sulphate (GS) manufactured by
                                                        Rottapharm with placebo in OA of the knee joint
   Various preparations of glucosamine and
                                                        were published1,2 These studies provided evidence
chondroitin are available from pharmacies, health
                                                        that glucosamine relieves symptoms in OA of the
food shops and supermarkets. Laboratory analysis
                                                                                                          Arthritis Today Winter 2009   5
knee, and also showed that when taken in the recommended            the investigators in this study found that CS slowed joint
dose GS can slow the breakdown of the articular cartilage in    space narrowing. The extent of the slowing was considered
OA knee joints as illustrated below.                            to be clinically meaningful. The time course of the decline in
                                                                the width of the joint space (taken to indicate the thickness
                                                                of the articular cartilage) is shown below. Recipients of CS
                                                                had less narrowing of the joint space over 2 years than did
                                                                placebo recipients.

    The GUIDE study3 published in 2008, which was
performed with the same product, also showed that GS was
superior to placebo in respect to pain relief and improvement
of function for up to 24 weeks.
    In 2005 the results of the GAIT study4 were reported.
This was an ambitious project sponsored by the US National
Institute of Health. Glucosamine Hydrochloride (GH) was
                                                                    Whether glucosamine or chondroitin have similar effects
compared with a placebo, chondroitin sulphate (CS), the
                                                                in joints other than the knee, such as the hip joint is not yet
combination of GH and CS and also with Celebrex, a well-
                                                                known. In a recent well designed trial in which GS 1500
                                                                mg once daily was compared with placebo in Hip OA, GS
patients with knee OA participated. The result was negative
                                                                was not found to be any better than placebo in reducing
in that neither GH nor CS, nor the combination, were found
                                                                symptoms and disease progression.
to be any better than the placebo. In contrast Celebrex was
shown to be slightly better. A curious feature of the GAIT      Will there still be a need for a joint
study was the unusually high placebo response. Sixty percent    replacement if I take glucosamine or
of placebo recipients achieved the primary outcome measure      chondroitin salts?
(main indicator of response), which was a 20% reduction in
                                                                    At present there is not enough information available to
                                                                answer this question, but if you have mild to moderate OA
that in respect to whether glucosamine or chondroitin really
                                                                in one or both knees and you take 1500 mg of glucosamine
                         works, “the jury is still out”.
                                                                sulphate daily or 500 mg of chondroitin sulphate twice a
                         Chondroitin Sulphate                   day, there is a possibility that the progress of the disease will
                                                                slow and that you may avoid the need for joint replacement
                             Chondroitin sulphate (CS) has
                           been reported to be effective
                            when used continuously or           Is it safe to take glucosamine or chondroitin
                             intermittently for symptom         salts?
                             relief in knee OA and in one
                                                                   Glucosamine and chondroitin have an excellent safety
                             study of hand OA. A recent
                             major study5
                                                                side effects more frequently than those taking a placebo or
                              capacity of CS to relieve
                                                                inactive substance. No serious reactions were encountered in
                              symptoms in moderate knee
                                                                these studies. Glucosamine has the potential to interfere with
                              OA, but only for six to nine
                                                                the actions of blood thinning medicines such as Warfarin.
                                                                You should consult your doctor before taking glucosamine
                                thereafter. Importantly as
                                                                if you take Warfarin or other blood thinning medication.
                                     with Glucosamine,
                                                                Persons with allergies should take special care before using
                                                                glucosamine, as some preparations are derived from marine
                                                                sources and may provoke a reaction in persons allergic to

                                                                may upset glucose control in diabetics. Diabetics should
                                                                consult their doctor before taking glucosamine.
                                                                What form and what dose of glucosamine
should be taken?                                          the long-term and most importantly, whether they
                                                          do truly slow disease progress and can forestall the
    Many non-prescription medicines in pharmacies
                                                          need for joint replacement surgery.
and elsewhere contain glucosamine in different
forms (GS or GH) and in different dosages. The            References
large studies published in medical journals indicate      1.    Reginster JY, Deroisy R, Rovarti LC et al Long-term effects of
that a dose of 1500 mgs of glucosamine sulphate has             glucosamine sulfate on osteoarthritis progression: a randomised,
                                                                placebo-controlled clinical trial. Lancet 2001; 357: 251-256.
favourable effects on symptoms in OA of the knee,
at least for up to 6 months and that at this dose it      2.    Pavelka K, Gatterova J, Olejavaro M et al. Glucosamine sulfate use
                                                                and delay of progression of knee osteoarthritis. Archives of Internal
slows joint damage for up to 3 years. Reviews of all            Medicine 2002; 162:2113-2123.
of the published studies and the Cochrane Review in       3.    Herrero-Beaumont G, Ivorra JA, Del Carmen Trabado M et
particular draw attention to the superior performance           al Glucosamine sulfate in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis
                                                                symptoms: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study
of glucosamine sulphate made by Rottapharm. Until               using acetaminophen as a side comparator. Arthritis Rheum 2007;
more information is available, a dose of 1500 mgs of            56:555-67
glucosamine sulphate per day preferably taken all at      4.    Clegg DO, Reda DJ, Harris CL et al Glucosamine, chondroitin
once in the morning is recommended.                             sulfate, and the two in combination for painful knee osteoarthritis.
                                                                NEJM 2006; 354: 795-808.
What should I do if I wish to take                        5.    Kahan A, Uebelhart D, De Vathaire F, Delmas PD, Reginster
                                                                JY. Long-term effects of chondroitins 4 and 6 sulfate on knee
glucosamine or chondroitin salts?                               osteoarthritis: the study on osteoarthritis progression prevention,
                                                                a two-year, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.
    Consult your doctor and ask for advice about                Arthritis Rheum 2009; 60:524-23
whether these agents are appropriate for you. Be          Acknowledgements
sure to indicate if you have any of the medical
                                                          Patrick Carroll and Peter Northcott – Graphics
conditions referred to above. Inform your doctor
if you are already taking these compounds.
If you proceed with treatment, try to obtain a            by ArthroCare Pty Ltd
pharmaceutical grade preparation, such as DONA
glucosamine. To date glucosamine and chondroitin
salts have only been shown to work in OA. Further
research is required to determine how these agents
work, whether they keep on relieving symptoms in

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                                                                                                                                Arthritis Today Winter 2009                        7
                                  Fish Oil
     &Arthritis       Dr Antonia Cole MBChB, FRACP, Rheumatologist

          There has been increasing interest in                                    vitamins A and D. If cod liver oil was taken at a
        the use of fish oil in the treatment of a
                                                                                   recommended daily dose of vitamin A would be
        variety of conditions including coronary                                   exceeded.
        heart disease, cardiovascular risk factors,                                How does fish oil work?
        inflammatory bowel disease, renal disease
        and inflammatory arthritis. Omega-3 fatty
        acids found in fish oil have been shown to                                  These are the omega-3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic
                                                                                   acid (EPA) and decosahexaenoic acid (DHA).
        reduce symptoms in established rheumatoid
        arthritis and reduce disease activity.
                                                                                   (NSAIDs) (Ibuprofen, Indomethacin etc) used
                                                                                   in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, act by
                                                                                   inhibiting enzymes that help produce these pro-
                         Dietary sources of omega-3 fatty acids
                            Essential fatty acids cannot be synthesised            on these pathways to reduce the production of
                         endogenously by the body and dietary intake is
                         required. Long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids          side effects often encountered with the use of non-
                         (PUFA) can be divided into omega-3 and omega-6
                         types depending on their chemistry. The balance of           Fish oil also seems to promote production

                         low in omega-3 fatty acids but very high in omega-6
                                                                                   Clinical effects in arthritis

                         fatty acid content.
                             Omega-3 fatty acids are found abundantly in           in people with established rheumatoid arthritis.
                                                                                   Improvement in levels of joint pain and tenderness,
                                                                                   reduction in number of swollen joints and
                         to a lesser degree in canola oil although these plant-    improvement in the duration of morning stiffness
                         derived omega-3 fatty acids do differ slightly in
                                                                                      Fish oil has also been found to have a “NSAID-
                         oil supplements can increase the level of omega-3         sparing effect”. That is, the requirement for NSAIDs
                         fatty acids in the tissues. This is further enhanced if
                         avoidance of omega-6 fatty acids in the diet occurs       supplementation.
                         at the same time. Omega-6 fatty acids are found in
                                                                                   rheumatoid arthritis has been shown to improve
                         oils.                                                     cardiovascular risk factors.

8   Arthritis Today Winter 2009
   Research is currently underway in Australia t

Doses of fish oil

and 5g per day of omega-3 fatty acids. This is mo

instead, a dose of 9-14 standard capsules (typically
                                                          Other effects of fish oil
containing 30% long chain omega-3 fatty acids) is
                                                          cardiovascular risk factors. It has been shown to
                                                          lower triglyceride levels, raise HDL cholesterol
is generally delayed by 2 to 3 months after               and lower blood pressure. Fish oil consumption has
                                                          also been associated with reduction in death from
                                                          coronary heart disease or sudden cardiac death.
Taking fish oil
oil unpleasant. If taking it in liquid form the best          Fish oil is effective in the treatment of symptoms
method for ingestion is to pour the oil onto a small      of rheumatoid arthritis and offers many other
                                                          positive health advantages. It lacks any serious side
swallow it down in one swallow avoiding contact           effects and may help to minimise the need for long
of the liquid with the lips. This is immediately          term NSAIDs. Studies are underway to look at its
followed by a small drink of fruit juice.                 potential use in osteoarthritis.
    Fish oil should be taken prior to meals and           References
                                                          1.   Cleland LG, James MJ, Proudman SM. Fish Oil: what the prescriber
                                                               needs to know. Arthr Res & Ther 2006;8:202
of the taste. Fish oil should be kept refrigerated once
                                                          2.   Cleland LG, Caughey EC, James MJ, Proudman SM. Reduction of
                                                               rheumatoid arthritis. J Rheumatol 2006;33:1973-9
Safety                                                    3.   Proudman SM, Cleland LG, James MJ. Dietary Omega-3 fats for the

   Fish oil consumption has not been associated                Dis N Am 2008;34:469-479
with any serious acute treatment-related effects.         4.
                                                               treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Drugs 2003;63:845-853
                                                          5.   Surette M. The science behind dietary omega-3 fatty acids. CMAJ
methylmercury or chlorinated biphenyls and the            6.   Calder PC, Zurier RB. Polyunsaturated fatty acids and rheumatoid
United States Food and Drug Administration has                 arthritis. Crr Nutr Metab Care 2001;4:115-121
                                                          7.   Goldberg RJ, Katz J. A meta-analysis of the analgesic effects of
assessed a dose of 3g/day of the omega-3 fatty acids
(EPA plus DHA) to be safe for general consumption.             joint pain. Pain 2007;129:210-233
Higher doses have been approved for the treatment
of some conditions.

Health                              e effect of rheumatoid arthritis
matters                           on personal income in Australia
from the

                                                                                                                             Arthritis Today Winter 2009   9
      Arthritis Foundation of WA
     Annual General Meeting
                         President’s Report
                                                                                    The Foundation is the peak body for arthritis and
                                                                                osteoporosis in Western Australia and is committed
                                   Dr Jack Edelman, MBBS FRACP                  to promoting awareness, early diagnoses and early
                                   President                                    intervention to improve and preserve the quality of
                                   Arthritis Foundation of Western              life for those with arthritis and osteoporosis.
                                   Australia                                        A wide range of high-level health service
                                                                                programs with excellent health outcomes are offered
                                                                                throughout WA. These include the Rural Clinic
                                                                                Program as well as a diverse range of innovative
                             I am pleased to report that the Foundation has                              f
                                                                                and evidence-based self-management programs,
                          had a successful year with a record income of $2.7    telephone advisory service, one-on-one consultation,
                          million and a membership of over 10,000.              seminars and workshops, exercise and hydrotherapy
                             Unfortunately, due to the current Global
                          Financial crisis, we were required to write down      general information and support services. The
                                                                                Foundation also provides funding for research.
                          $205,000. However the Foundation is well placed
                          to continue to provide high quality programs in the
                                                                                Highlights of services offered
                                                                                throughout 2008 are:
                                                                                Arthritis Week
          I take this opportunity to again
          remind every one of the impact of
          chronic musculoskeletal conditions.                                   Australian Pain Conference in Perth in April last
                                                                                year. This provided an ideal opportunity to remind
                   Arthritis is a major cause of disability and the
                                                                                the people of WA that arthritis is not a trivial
                   most prevalent of the Australia’s National Health
                                                                                matter. Ms Suzie May, a former Board Member
                                                                                of the Foundation, commenced the day with an
                   Arthritis costs the community $24 billion per                overview of the impact of rheumatoid arthritis on
                   year.                                                        her life when she was diagnosed as she embarked
                                                                                on her legal career at just 28 years of age. There
                   It is estimated that 3.85 million Australians –
                                                                                was considerable amount of coverage in the print
                   almost one in five have arthritis.
                                                                                and electronic media with a substantial increase in
                   60% of people who have arthritis are of working              enquiries to the Foundation and the visits to our
                   age.                                                         website increased by over 40% on the previous
                   Every 8 minutes someone is admitted to an
                   Australian hospital with an osteoporotic fracture.           Healthy Bones Week
                   1 in 2 women and 1 in 3 men over the age of 60                   This is an initiative with Osteoporosis Australia
                   will have an osteoporotic fracture in Australia.             and Dairy Australia aimed at primary school aged
                                                                                children. The theme for 2008 was Lifting the Lid on

10   Arthritis Today Winter 2009
Arthritis Today Magazine

Education Services
                                                         This year’s AGM took place on 8th April 2009. Guest speaker Dr. Peter Flett,
   We continue to provide a comprehensive                Director General Department of Health, spoke on WA Health future reform.
and integrated program to consumers and health
                                                       collating statistical data and co-ordinating these
                                                       clinics for over 30 years and remains a core service
       Health Professional Programs delivered
                                                       in facilitating improved function and mobility of the
       throughout the year included:
                                                       arthritis consumer.
       GP and Health Professional workshop in
       Esperance.                                      Family Fun Day and Camp Freedom
       Allied Health workshop in Northam.
                                                           The Family Fun Day was held in April at
       AS Physiotherapist workshop at the Wyllie
                                                       Adventure World. This is an opportunity for
       Arthritis Centre.
                                                       children and their families to enjoy a fun day of
       A Health Professional Breakfast held as part
                                                       activities along with an education workshop and
       of World Osteoporosis Day.
                                                       presentations from health professionals, including
       A Health Professional two day Clinical
                                                       Dr Kevin Murray.
       Update in Musculoskeletal conditions held
                                                           Camp Freedom was held at Bickley Sports
       at the Wyllie Arthritis Centre.
                                                       and Recreation Centre during the October school
                                                       holidays and was attended by children not only from
    Consumer Education programs included:
                                                       Western Australia but also from South Australia
    Seminars held throughout the State in both
                                                       and the Northern Territory. Once again the camp
metropolitan and regional areas. These are vey
                                                       was generously sponsored by Lotterywest and
popular with the public and were well attended. A
                                                       the Department of Health and Aging. The camp
total of eight seminars were held throughout 2008
                                                       included 8 children who attended for the very
and included Esperance and Albany.
    Community Workshops conducted by our
                                                       visit to the Fremantle Prison. The camp would
education staff are much sought after by community
                                                       not be possible without the many volunteers who
groups and 15 workshops were conducted during the
                                                       participated as group leaders. Our thanks go to
                                                       Ben Horgan and Debbie Tunbridge for their part in
    In February the Foundation hosted a Leader’s
                                                       organising the camp.
Training Workshop in Tai Chi for Arthritis
conducted by Dr Paul Lam.                              National Juvenile and Adolescent
    Self-management courses conducted by the
       f                                               Program
Foundation continue to attract many participants.
                                                           We are now in our third year of the Juvenile
Courses are only limited due to the number of
                                                       and Adolescent Program funded by the Department
leaders available. The Foundation has been a
                                                       of Health and Aging. The funds were provided
licensed provider of the Stanford models of self-
                                                       to develop guidelines for conducting camps for
management in arthritis and chronic diseases since
                                                       children with arthritis, enhancing the current
the early 90’s. The Foundation has also trained
                                                       camps and attracting new participants along with
leaders from the Health Department of WA and
                                                       developing a Young Adults Program. WA has
                                                       been co-ordinating this national program. The
Rural Clinic Program                                   West Australian Camps were used as the basis for
                                                       developing the national guidelines.
    Over 140 Rheumatology Day Clinics were held
                                                           A Young Adult Weekend Workshop designed to
throughout regional WA which included clinics at 16
                                                       assist young people with arthritis was held early in
different locations and approximately 2,600 patients
                                                       2008. The aim of these workshops is to facilitate
were seen. The Foundation has been collecting and

                                                                                                           Arthritis Today Winter 2009   11
      Income 2008                                                      Expenditure 2008
                                                 Charitable Support                              $107,079         Community Support
                                      $9,255                                        $135,179                      Groups
                $123,426                                                                                          Education
                                                 Fee for Service                                      $396,256
                                                 Grants                                                           Administration
          $134,826                               Interest                                                         Health Services
                               $1,956,774                                                              $169,239
                                                 Dividends                              $455,649                  Fundraising and PR

                                                 Other                                                            Research

      Chair in Rheumatology

      establish a Chair in Rheumatology. To date we have
      garnered the support of the University of WA, the Health
      Department of WA and the support of various professional             The Foundation’s website continues to grow in popularity
      groups. The current plan is for a position in the School         and now includes a “Forum / Bulletin Board”. Visits and hits
      of Medicine and Pharmacology at Sir Charles Gairdner             to the website have more than doubled on the previous year.
      Hospital. Negotiations are continuing and it is envisaged        The site provides the convenience of being able to view fact
                                                                       sheets, brochures, back issues of Arthritis Today and many
      By establishing a professorial position this will enhance        useful links along with the ability to keep up-to-date with the
      the amount of research undertaken, teaching of both              latest local, national and international news on bone and joint
      undergraduates and postgraduates along with increasing the       disease.
                                                                       Musculoskeletal Health Network
      Train the Trainer
                                                                          This network was established in 2006 and the Arthritis
          A grant was obtained by Arthritis Australia on our behalf    Foundation is represented on this committee by Mr Ric
      from the Department of Health and Aging for $56,000 to           Forlano. As mentioned last year the principle goal is to
      develop and conduct a “Train the Trainer” workshop for           advise on the development of patient-centred, sustainable
      Health Professionals on the Rheumatoid Arthritis and the         and effective clinical services across all continuums of care,
      Osteoarthritis of the Knee self-management programs which
      were developed by the Arthritis Foundation of WA. The
      course attracted participants from various states and regions.   Key priority areas are:
      Ms Jean McQuade was also invited to present the program
      to representative from Commonwealth and State Health
      Departments in Canberra. I am also pleased to advise that
                                                                               Joint Replacement
      the Australian Rheumatology Association has now given its
      endorsement of the RA program.
                                                                           These priorities align with the National Service
      Volunteers                                                       Improvement Framework for Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid
                                                                       Arthritis and Osteoporosis and the National Chronic Disease
          Our volunteers play a pivotal role in the delivery of many
      of the services offered. As part of World Arthritis Day our
      Patron His Excellency the Governor, Dr Ken Michael and his       Fundraising
      wife Mrs Julie Michael, invited some of our longest-serving
                                                                           Income increased substantially in 2008 as a direct
      volunteers to join them for afternoon tea at Government
                                                                       result of a successful bequest strategy. The hard work in
      House in Perth. Five volunteers were honoured by the
                                                                       this area over the last few years resulted in the Foundation
      Governor for their service to the Foundation for dedicating
                                                                       receiving over $1 million in bequest income last year. The
      15 or more years of service to the Foundation. They were
                                                                       bequest strategy will continue and it is the intention of the
      Aiden Cruise, Marie Radunovich, Eugene Glennon, May
                                                                       Foundation to invest the corpus to provide income that will
      Leveridge and Eileen Rowley.
                                                                       fund the Chair in Rheumatology.
      Health Care Information on Musculoskeletal
      Disease                                                          Other activities included:
         Staff and volunteers participated in a nationally
      accredited training course to deliver health care information
      on musculoskeletal condition to the public. The course                  Annual Ball
      provided participants with the necessary skills to provide          Sadly we record the passing of Arthur Smith in July 2008.
      basic health care information to assist with the management      He was instrumental in helping to establish the Foundation.

12   Arthritis Today Winter 2009
                                                            HOTTEEZE WARMING HEAT
                                                            Get out and about with self heating, self comforting HOTTEEZE!
                                                                                                                 lar 10 pads                                                              es t
                                                                                                                                                                                               hin & co
                                                                                                            gu                 on                                                     o                 mf
                                                                                                          Re                                                                       sh                     o



                                                                  r pad









                                                                  to                   &                                                     eF


                                                                     clo            ss                                                         or
                                                                                                                                                    Feet 5 pairs o
                                                                        thes odourle                                                                                                                   pe
                                                                                                                                                                                                            r pad

                                                                                                                             MING HE
                                                                                                                           AR        A


                                                               Hotteeze Regular                                                                                  Hotteeze Feet


                                                                  Heat Pads                                                                                        Heat Pads
                                                                ONLY RRP$24.95                                                                                   ONLY RRP$14.95

the Foundation would not be able to

                                                                            10 pads                                                                                            5 pairs
deliver the many programs and services                                                                                    HE
                                                                                                                            AT WAR
that it does.
    To the staff, thank you for your efforts
and hard work throughout 2008 as we
look forward to the remainder of 2009 and
                                                            All Day, Everyday HOTTEEZE!
beyond.                                                     Available from chemists, health food stores, physio, chiro & osteo clinics and natural therapists
    A detailed, audited report is available
by contacting Jenny Tan at Arthritis WA                     Wholesale Enquiries                                                                       Bulk Discounts Online!
                                                            Pharmacy, Health Stores, Natural Therapists: Perth Health 08 9240 2088
(08) 9388 4409.                                             Sports & Therapy Clinics: Sportstek 1300 785 786                                

                                                                              For pain associated with OA of the knee 1

                                                                              One simple injection 2
                                                                              6 months pain relief 1, 2, 3
                                                                              Suitable for all stages of OA 1, 4
    Please review package insert before                                       Mild to moderate patients fare best 4
    prescribing. Package insert available on
    request from Genzyme Australasia.
                                                                              Demonstrated safety profile 1, 2
    Genzyme Australasia Pty Ltd ABN 24 083 420 526,
    Level 1, Building C, 12-24 Talavera Road North Ryde
    NSW 2113 Tel: 02 9978 3900 Fax 02 9889 3900.
    References: 1. Synvisc One Product Insert, Genzyme
    Biosurgery 2. Chevalier X et al. Ann Rheum Dis
    2009;pub online doi:10.1136.ard.2008.094623
    3. Conrozier T et al. Arch Orthop Trauma Surg 2008.
    4. Lussier A et al. J Rheumatol 1996; 23:1579-85.                                                                                 For orders, please phone 1800 355 929
    Code SYN 09-27a

                                                                                                                                                                 Arthritis Today Winter 2009                          13
Volunteers section
                             Still going strong after twenty years
                               Not many people can claim to have volunteered
                           for twenty years at the same organisation, but
                           Eugene Glennon, Arthritis WA’s longest serving
                           volunteer can.
                               For the last twenty years Eugene has travelled
                           from his home in the southern suburbs to volunteer
                           one day per week here at Arthritis WA in Shenton

                           Arthritis Awareness Week in 1988, Eugene enrolled
                           in a self-management course to learn how to handle
                           his arthritis. When the group was asked if anyone
                           was keen on volunteering, Eugene put his hand up
                           and has never looked back. All these years later this
                           decision to volunteer has seen him help countless
                           people and has led to many friendships. On 18th
                           March 2009, Arthritis WA held a luncheon to thank
                           and honour Eugene for all his hard work. All the
                           staff here at Arthritis WA congratulate and thank
                           Eugene for his tireless efforts.                            Arthritis WA President, Dr Jack Edelman and Mr Eugene Glennon.

                              “Volunteers: Everyday                                   Seeking Volunteers:
                              people, extraordinary                                   Volunteer Telephone Advisors
                                                                                      Mailout Assistants
                                  contribution.”                                      Telephone Befrienders
                                    is was the theme of National
                                Volunteers Week, held every year in                Dr Evan Owen Community Service Award
                                May, and is certainly true of all our
                                      Arthritis WA volunteers.                     Congratulations to Mrs. Anne Edelman who was awarded with
                                                                                   this year’s Dr Evan Owen Community Service Award. Anne
                                     A big thank you to them all.                  devotes a great deal of time and effort each year to organise
                                                                                   Arthritis WA’s charity ball. We’d like to acknowledge her
                                                                                   tireless work and thank her for her contribution.

                           Melville/Bassendean Luncheon

                                 On Monday 18th May, 2009, the past members                 The Bassendean Branch has now also closed but
                             from the Melville and Bassendean branches of               the ladies continue to run as a support group.
                             Arthritis WA joined together at the Wyllie Arthritis           The luncheon is the Arthritis WA’s way of saying
                             Centre for a delicious lunch served by the Arthritis       thank you for the members’ contribution over
                             WA staff and supplied by the Wyllie Café.                  several years. Over 30 people enjoyed the special
                                 As the Melville Branch is now closed, this was         presentation by Rev Barry Ryall, who spoke on the
                             a great opportunity for the past members to catch          “Joy of Life”.
                             up with one another. Over many years the Melville              We look forward to seeing them all again in
                             Branch raised a lot of money for the Foundation to         2010.
                             help those living with bone or joint disease.

14     Arthritis Today Winter 2009
                                                             Volunteer Telephone
                                                             Like to chat to peopl
                                                             Want to brighten up
                                                             someone’s day?
                                                              A new telephone befriending s
                    Kerry with children from Camp Freedom.    end of the year and we are currently looking for volunteers
                                                              who might be interested in being involved.
 Interview with                                               If you truly want to make a difference to the lives of those
 Kerry Mace                                                   living out in the community with arthritis, then give Margaret

   In this edition of Arthritis Today we feature a

   Margaret: How long have you been a volunteer
with Arthritis WA for?
   Kerry: For about 13 years now.                            Volunteering
   Margaret: What does your volunteer role entail?           Ever thought about volunteering but not sure what
   Kerry: I mostly facilitate the rheumatoid arthritis       it will involve?
for “Camp Freedom”, our camp for kids with arthritis         Want to help out and give something back to the
held every October. I have also been trained as a            community?
co-leader for the self-management courses and as a
telephone advisor.                                           Got some spare time on your hands?
    Margaret: What made you volunteer with
                                                             Want to meet some new people?
Arthritis WA?
    Kerry: I started out at the Foundation as a                  Whatever the reason for wanting to volunteer, Arthritis WA
member of the Link support group and then went               has a variety of options available to you depending on the time
on to the committee for the group and I suppose you          commitment you can give. We are actively seeking volunteers for
could say ‘the rest is history’. I got so much help          the following positions:
from the other members of the support group I felt
                                                             Telephone Advisors
I had to give some of that back to newly-diagnosed
                                                                 Do you want to make a difference by helping people with
                                                             their arthritis? We’re looking for two volunteers to answer calls
    Margaret: What do you enjoy most about your
                                                             from the general public on matters relating to arthritis. This
volunteer work?
                                                             would suit someone who can spare a morning or afternoon once
    Kerry: Helping fellow sufferers to cope with
                                                             a week or fortnight.
arthritis. I get great satisfaction when I see someone       Ad-Hoc Mailout Assistants
coming to terms and coping better with their arthritis           Our mail out assistants play a key role in helping us promote
after they have attended some of the meetings and            our services to the community. This role is suitable for those who
used some of the tips that are passed on from other          can spare a couple of hours from time to time as needed. Why
members of the groups. Also to see the change in the         not combine this with a trip to the hydrotherapy pool or a coffee
people who attend the self-management courses, with          in the Wyllie café (both free to Arthritis WA volunteers)?
the help they receive.
                                                             Self-Management Course Co-Leaders
    Margaret: What else do you do in your spare
                                                                Arthritis WA runs Challenge Your Arthritis Courses for
                                                             people with arthritis which are conducted by trained peer leaders,
    Kerry: I am a tribal bellydancer, I’m Treasurer
                                                             many of whom have arthritis themselves. Over the years many
for the Free Spirit Dance Community, which I’m a
member of, I practice Taoist Tai Chi, garden and love
                                                             Courses run for 2.5 hours over 6 weeks and leaders are required
to sew the beautiful costumes that I wear.
                                                             to co-lead at least one course a year. Training to become a co-
    Margaret: What would you say to someone who
                                                             leader will be taking place late this year.
was thinking about volunteering at Arthritis WA?
                                                                 All volunteers are covered by insurance and receive training
    Kerry: Don’t hesitate for a moment, the
                                                             (both formal and informal), on-going support and volunteer re-
satisfaction you get is so worth the effort you put in.
                                                             imbursement. If you are interested in any of the positions listed
    Margaret: How long do you see yourself
                                                             or any of our other volunteer positions (community speakers,
volunteering for Arthritis WA?
                                                             support group leaders, events/promotion volunteers or general
    Kerry: I really don’t know, as long as I am

                                                                                                           Arthritis Today Winter 2009   15
                         Gardener                                              By Bob Strahinjevich
                              Gardening is amongst humanity’s oldest              the shelf space allocated to gardening tomes.
                          endeavours, probably beginning not long after           The volume and variety of gardening books is
                          Grok hit Urk over the head with a rock. Certainly       impressive.
                          ornamental gardens, such as those found in ancient
                          Rome and Babylon, have been dated as being at           visualise is just how many people are dealing with
                          least 4000 years old, and gardening for food goes       chronic pain. People can often feel alone in their
                          back into pre-history.                                  struggle but according to websites like www.pain.
                              But this isn’t a story about gardens. This is a     com and, between 8.7% and 11%
                          story about the act of gardening.                       of all people have chronic, ongoing pain, with those
                              Before we became engineers, lawyers, teachers,      who are older and likely to indulge in more physical
                          housewives or a myriad of other things, many of us      pursuits (like gardening) being in the upper bracket.
                          found joy in the simple act of digging in the dirt.         With all the material on gardening, it seems
                          And many of us still do. However, pain, fatigue and     strange that so little is said about how to enjoy
                          uncooperative bodies can mean we are often left         gardening without getting into pain and using
                                                                                  unnecessary effort. One way to begin the
                              The numbers are sobering. According to a 1999       investigation in reversing this trend is to consider
                          survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of            what we mean by ‘work’. What is work? Does work
                          Statistics, the ‘average’ 40-65 year old spends up      necessarily mean ‘pain’, or can it mean something
                          to 15-20 minutes per day on ‘outdoor activities’,       else? Physics tells us that work is the product of
                          including gardening. A similar survey conducted
                          inc                                                     force times displacement. Notice however that
                                                                                  ‘effort’ doesn’t enter into the equation. One can
                            tween the ages of 25 and 45, who thought of
                          betw                                                    do a tremendous amount of ‘work’ without wasted
                          themselves as ‘avid’ gardeners. That equates to         efforts. Consider the graceful ballerina, the powerful
                          roughly 1 in 10 people who consider themselves as       golfer or the smooth, elegant stride of an African
                            en green-thumbs. If those statistics makes your
                          keen g                                                  woman carrying a basket on her head: lots of work
                               glaze over, you can feel something like them
                          eyes gl                                                 being done, but somehow oddly ‘effortless’? How
                          yourse – walk into any bookstore and observe            can this be?

16                   Winter 2009
     Arthritis Today W      2
          k             mak
   To think in this way makes us begin to ponder         Typically, when we perceive resistance and

   y, f
may, for example, be effective to bend over, grab     article by itself), we up our efforts – pushing harder.
    wheelbarrow ha
the wheelbarrow handles and lift them, then use our   Sometimes that works. Other times, it’s a little like
          sh      p
arms to push from point A to B. However, is it the
                                                      which strategy to employ when, can make all the
How much of our force in this manner goes towards     difference between frustration and pain or pleasure
                                                      and success.
towards pushing it forward? What difference would
it make if you straightened your arms, bent your
knees slightly, kept your center low to the ground
and then simply walked forward, allowing your
skeleton do the ‘work’ instead of your upper body?
Perhaps such a thing could help make ‘work’ more

  ‘Learn Effortless Gardening’
  with Bob Strahinjevich
  Six practical lessons featuring kneeling, reaching,
  carrying and more.                                                     Bob Strahinjevich is in his fourth and final
                      st             th
  Starting Friday 21 August – 25 September 2009                          year of Feldenkrais training and his final year
                                                                         of a degree in exercise rehabilitation. He has
  Wyllie Arthritis Centre, Shenton Park                                  also worked as an OTA and PTA. Bob uses
  $30 for 6 lessons                                                      the Feldenkrais Method to help manage his
                                                                         own osteo-arthritis (incurred through sport)
  Bookings essential                                                     as well as to explore and develop his own
  Call 9388 2199 for further details.                                    potential.

  Help us improve the lives of those
  with a bone or joint disease
                      by participating in the 2009 Arthritis Golf Classic

                 AUCTION | WINE WALL RAFFLE

          Guests staying for dinner go into the drawer for
                  a bottle of Grange Hermitage!

  For further information please contact Jenny Tan on (08) 9388 4409 or

                                                                                                        Arthritis Today Winter 2009   17
        Scleroderma WA
        A Division of Arthritis WA
           ‘One journey, many paths’

                                                                                     It has been necessary to make changes for
                            Scleroderma Members:
                                                                                 the functions during 2009 and you should have
                                Scleroderma WA took part in the Arthritis        received a letter advising of this. If you did not
                            Open Day and had a most successful stand with        receive this letter please advise ScWA, PO Box
                            many appreciative visitors. Thank you to the         167, Nedlands, 6909.
                            volunteers who assisted on the day.
                                Some of you attended the Sjogren’s Seminar       launched in Mandurah in April with 25 people
                            held at AFWA and reported on the excellence of       attending and others who were unable to attend
                            the Speakers. We plan to have another Seminar in     the day but who are willing to be part of this. It
                            October and hope to see you all there.               is hoped that further country branches will be
                                (The next meeting will be August 25th and is a   functioning when this Magazine reaches you.
                            visit to the Independent Living Centre, The Niche,
                            Aberdare Rd., Nedlands. We intend to meet at
                            AFWA, 17 Lemnos Street, Shenton Park at 9.30
                            am and car-pool to go to the ILC for a 10 am visit   for warmth.
                            and then return to AFWA to the Wyllie Café for           Committee of ScWA
                            lunch. Please let ScWA know whether you intend
                            to join the visit and return for lunch.)

     RELIEF PATCH                                                                       Exercise
     PAIN PATCH                                                                                     s are required to
     TECHNOLOGY                                                                                     e in a research
     RECENTLY                                                                                       osteoporosis.
     THE USA                                                                                      What’s involved?
     LifeWave has developed the                                                                        uitable volunteers will need to
     ICEWAVE PAIN RELIEF PATCH                                                                         d an exercise class for 1.5 hours,
     The small patch is placed on the area of                                                          a week for 10 weeks, plus a pre
     pain resulting in the Relief of Pain                                                              ost program physical assessment.
     No substances actually enter your
     body.                                                                                        Study is suitable for:
     Listed in Australian Register Therapeutic                                                          ople over 50 years who have been
     Goods as a CLASS 1 MEDICAL DEVICE                                                                  osed with osteoporosis or have
                                                                                                        low trauma fracture.

                                                     To register your         Clara Connor
                                                     interest please contact: Arthritis & Osteoporosis WA
                                                                                         Ph: 08 9388 2199

18     Arthritis Today Winter 2009
                                                                                                                       Services section
Education and Self- Management Programs
   Arthritis & Osteoporosis WA offer a number of         highly experienced peer leaders which is available
education and self-management programs for arthritis     throughout the metropolitan area.
and osteoporosis.
                                                            For osteoporosis:
   For arthritis:
                                                             The ‘Osteoporosis Exercise and Education
                                                         Research Program’ is offered to people with
with osteoarthritis of the knee to manage their pain     osteoporosis and/or low trauma fracture. This
and increase mobility.                                   program is for an hour and a half for 12 weeks and
                                                         includes pre and post assessments.
                                                             With the exception of the osteoporosis exercise
arthritis to learn about their disease, medication and   program, all the programs run for two and half hours
how to manage the conditions.                            every week for 6 weeks and cost $30.00. Partners
                                                         and carers of people with arthritis are encouraged and
    All the above programs are delivered by health
                                                         welcomed to attend our programs for an additional
professionals and are offered alternately during the
                                                         fee of $5.00.
day and in the evening at the Wyllie Arthritis Centre.
They are also offered in some country areas. Arthritis      If you are interested in attending any of these
WA also offers ‘Challenge your Arthritis’, a general     programs please call (08) 9388 2199
self-management arthritis program delivered by


 Hydrotherapy Session Times:
  Open pool session for Arthritis       Warm Water Exercise Classes        Hydrotherapy Classes with
  WA members                            with Exercise Physiologist         Physiotherapist Liane Smith
  Mon to Fri: 12:00 – 1:00 pm           Tues and Fri: 4:00 – 5:00 pm       Wednesday: 5:00 – 6:00 pm
  Cost: $4 per session                  Cost: $6 per session               Cost: $12 – $15 per session
                                                                           (private health cover rebate

  Pool location: Wyllie Arthritis Centre,17 Lemnos Street, Shenton Park.
  For further information call the Arthritis Foundation of WA on 9388 2199.

                                                                                                         Arthritis Today Winter 2009   19
Support Groups
                           The following groups are running                   Suburban and Regional Groups
                           from our office in Shenton Park.                   and Branches:
                           General Arthritis Support Group                    Ankylosing Spondylitis Exercise Group
                           1st Monday of the month 10:30am – 12 noon          Meets every Monday evening for hydrotherapy
                                                                              and gym exercise program at RPH Shenton Park.
                           Rheumatoid Arthritis Day Support Group
                           1st Tuesday of the month, 10:30am – 12 noon        Albany Branch:
                                                                              Resource Centre, Lotteries House,
                           Rheumatoid Arthritis Evening Support Group         211 North Road, Albany WA6330
                           3rd Wednesday of the month, 6:30pm – 8:00pm        (08) 9842 9299

                           Fibromyalgia Support Group                         Bassendean Arthritis Support Group
                           2nd Friday of the month, 11:00am – 12:30pm         Meets every Tuesday for passive exercise
                                                                              For more information call Arthritis Foundation on
                           Joint Replacement Group                            9388 2199
                           4th Friday of the month, 11:00am – 12:30pm
                                                                              Broome Arthritis Support Group
                           All groups meet at the Wyllie Arthritis Centre,    Meetings held 2nd Wednesday of the month at 3pm
                                                                              Circle House (cnr Weld and Fredrick Streets)
                           otherwise.                                         Contact Hazel on 9192 7739 or 0439 821 279

                           If you would like to attend any of the above       Wheatbelt Fibromyalgia Support Group
                           group meetings, or would like more information,    Meets casually in Toodyay, Northam and York
                           please call Margaret Smith on 9388 2199 or email   Contact Belle on 9622 5203 or

                                                                              South West Fibromyalgia and Lupus Support
                                                                              Telephone information and support for sufferers

                                                                              Contact: Pauline on 9734 2317 or

20   Arthritis Today Winter 2009
Bluesky Healthcare and Arthritis
WA Loyalty Programme.
    Bluesky Healthcare together with Arthritis WA          The loyalty program is designed to:
have arranged a great new loyalty programme aimed
                                                                Provide a discount to Arthritis WA members,
at helping people with arthritis as well as Arthritis
                                                                relatives or friends on any purchase of an
                                                                adjustable bed, lift chair, scooter, power
    Bluesky Healthcare is a mobility specialist that
                                                                chair or stairlift.
manufactures, sells and services an extensive range
                                                                Bluesky will then donate that same dollar
of quality motorised products for people who need
                                                                amount back to Arthritis WA to provide
increased comfort and mobility. Bluesky offers a
choice of products, service and price that allows
their clients to improve their quality of life.            For more information, check out
Who are Bluesky Healthcare?                                Bluesky Healthcare’s advertisement
        West Australian owned and operated                 on the back page. If you have any
        Manufacturer of adjustable beds and lift &         questions regarding the loyalty
        recline chairs                                     programme please feel free to contact
        Exclusive agent of Heartway scooters and           Arthritis WA on 9388 2199.
        Exclusive agent of Stannah stairlifts
        Distributor for K-Care and River Abilities
        domicillary equipment

Health                           Rheumatoid arthritis and depression
from the

    Stay On Your
    Feet® Week
        Stay On Your Feet® week is a statewide
    initiative which aims to promote healthy active
    ageing in WA and raise awareness within the
    community that falls are preventable and not a
    consequence of ageing.
        Arthritis WA will be holding an event as part of
    this week through funding from ICCWA.                        WORKSHOP
    What: A seminar involving a falls prevention talk            ‘On your feet: Improving your balance and walking’
    from a physiotherapist and talks and demonstrations
                                                                 Learn how to walk tall and improve your balance
    from tai chi and Feldenkrais Method instructors,
                                                                 whilst participating in an ‘Awareness Through
    followed by a healthy morning tea.
                                                                 Movement’ in the Feldenkrais Method held during
    When: Monday 14th September, 9.45am.
                                                                 Stay on Your Feet® week.
    Where: Wyllie Arthritis Centre, 17 Lemnos Street,
                                                                 Friday 18th September 2 – 4pm (afternoon tea included)
    Shenton Park.
                                                                 Wyllie Arthritis Centre, Shenton Park
    There will be giveaways and attendance is free
    however please register your interest with                   Bookings are essential. Call 9388 2199 for further
    Arthritis WA on 9388 2199.                                   details.

                                                                                                         Arthritis Today Winter 2009   21
                                                                                     Adventure World hosted our annual JIA Family
                                                                                 Fun Day this year on 7th March. Children with
                                                                                 juvenile arthritis, along with family and friends,
                                                                                 enjoyed the rides and sunshine on the beautiful

          JIA Family Fun Day
                                                                                 day. Arthritis Australia CEO, Ainslie Cahill, also
                                                                                 attended and spoke to parents about the progress
                                                                                 being made in Canberra to lift awareness about
                                                                                 children with arthritis.

         Paediatric and Adolescent Rheumatology
         Update Day for Health Professionals
                                                                                 well as interested medical professionals. Topics
                             Co-sponsored by the Arthritis WA and
                                                                                 will include state of the art lectures, small group
                             Princess Margaret Hospital for Children,
                                                                                 case-solving sessions, and interactive hands-on skill
                             Rheumatology Department.
                                                                                 sessions with live volunteer patients.
                                                                                 We look forward to you joining us.
                           Date: 23rd September 2009
                           Time: 9.00 am - 4.30 pm                               For enquiries please contact:
                           Location: Wyllie Arthritis Centre, 17 Lemnos St,
                                                                                 Dr Kevin Murray, Rheumatologist PMH
                           Shenton Park, WA 6008.
                           This is a meeting to bring together all health
                                                                                 Jean McQuade, Arthritis Foundation of WA
                           professionals looking after paediatric rheumatology
                           and musculoskeletal patients, but in particular:
                           clinical nurses, physiotherapists, occupational       Ph: (08) 9388 2199
                           therapists, podiatrists, clinical psychologists, as   Fax: (08) 9388 4488

                                                                                       Camp Freedom is a jam-packed, 5 day activity camp run

      Ca Fr
                                                                                       by Arthritis WA especially for kids with juvenile arthritis
                                                                                       and other musculoskeletal conditions.
                                                                                       Kids aged between 7-17 both from WA and interstate are
                                                                                       welcome to attend camp.

                  Monday 28th September – Friday 2nd October 2009
                  Point Walter Sport and Recreation Centre, Bicton WA.
                                                                         20            A team of dedicated team leaders and staff including
                                                                                       health professionals remain on site for the duration of
                                                                                       the camp. Activities in 2009 include abseiling, canoeing,
                                                                                       fancy dress disco, flying fox, educational workshops,
                  For a registration form or for more info call                        team building, pizza night, belly dancing, laser gun
                  (08) 9388 2199 or visit                       games and much more!

22   Arthritis Today Winter 2009
                                                                                                                      Latest Events
   Arthritis WA Open Day
   Being diagnosed with a bone or joint disease can   for the last 12 months.”
be daunting, especially if you feel like you don’t        “I enjoyed today. I was given a very full
have enough knowledge about your condition or         explanation about hydrotherapy and shown the pool.
support from those who understand. Arthritis WA
held an Open Day on 1st April 2009 to encourage       attending some exercise sessions.”
people to come and learn about what we do and also        “I’m still trying to get used to what I have. It was
                                                      informative and good to know you’re not alone.”
    The day featured guest speakers covering the          Congratulations to K. Constantine, winner of the
topics of physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, tai chi for    hamper door prize.
arthritis, Feldenkrais, estate planning, mobility         Thank you to: Beyond Maturity Blues, Bluesky
allowance and many more. Companies and                Healthcare, Bob Strahinjevich (Feldenkrais),
organizations with products and services to support   Centrelink, Comfort & Fit, Daily Living Products,
those with bone or joint disease set up displays.     Fishbone Wines, Gadean Footwear, Hotteeze, Liane
We received great feedback from all who attended,     Smith (Physiotherapist), MyGuardian, Natalie
saying it was enjoyable and very useful.              Bennet-Bremner (Physiotherapist), Scleroderma
    “We thoroughly enjoyed our visit. We did not      WA, Stay on Your Feet, Jan Smith (Tai Chi for
know anything about RA. I have only just been         Arthritis), Trainor Legal and Trench Health and
diagnosed two weeks ago, although I have been ill     Fitness.

                                                                                                         Arthritis Today Winter 2009   23
                                                                                                  Remember to put this
                                                                                                  date in your diary now!
          The 31stt Annual Art Exhibition and     Judith Hugo, Art Curator, Central
                                                                                                  32nd Annual Art Show
      Sale held on 1stt – 3rd May was a huge      TAFE Collection and Mark Stewart,
      success and raised close to $15,000 for     Art Curator, Art and Poster Collection,         Friday April 30th
      Arthritis WA.                               Murdoch University who were most                (Exclusive Preview & Cocktail Party)
          This year we displayed in excess        impressed with the quality of the               Saturday 2nd May and
      of 300 pieces of art from over 100          artwork.                                        Sunday 3rd May 2010
      local artists. The cocktail party and           The delightful silent auction item
      exclusive preview held on the Friday        “Venice Morning Walk”, painted and           our very patient picture hanger, and
      night attracted over 200 people. Wines      donated by Jenny Gorman, sold for            Brendon Molony who is always there
      donated by Fishbone and food supplied       $1,400. All proceeds of the sale went        for us.
      by the Wyllie Café were enjoyed by all.     straight to Arthritis WA to help us              Once again we will displaying
          This year’s winner of the $2,500        help the many people living in the           artworks from various artists during
      Dr Evan Owen Memorial Art Prize             community with a bone or joint disease.      the year. All pieces on display will be
      was Linda O’Brien, with her painting        Our variety silent auction items also        for sale with 30% going to Arthritis
      “Stillness of Evening” which sold on        helped raise funds, so thank you to those    WA. Displays will be refreshed
      the night.                                  people who contacted us and kindly           approximately every six weeks. You
          The $250 My Guardian –                  donated paintings.                           can view the artwork between 9am
      Looking after you and your valuables            A very big thank you must go to          – 5pm, Monday – Friday. Should
      “People’s Choice Award” went to             the volunteers and staff who put the art     you require further information
      Susanna Hawkes for her painting             show together. In particular to Jenny        please contact Jenny Tan 9388 4409
      “Mama” which also sold on the               Gorman, Ellie Steinhardt and Sara            j y @                    g u
                                                                                      Monday –
      weekend.                                    Ladyman for their continuous hard work       Friday or Jude Bell 9388 4403 judeb@  @
          We would like to thank the judges,      during the year, also to Max Vallis,                       g u
                                                                                      Tuesday – Thursday.

     Arthritis WA Corporate Breakfast Series
                                                  crisis. Entertaining and enlightening, the
     presenter on the ABC news was the guest      morning was enjoyed by all. Thank you
     speaker at Arthritis WA’s latest corporate   to RSM Bird Cameron for sponsoring
     breakfast on 21stt May. Held at the          the event and Carol Wallbank. Proceeds
     Parmelia Hilton, the 140 guests enjoyed      from the event support Arthritis WA to
     a gourmet healthy breakfast whilst           continue its work.

                                                    Springs and Quairading which were all         about getting a speaker from Arthritis
     Regional Events                                very well received.
                                                        Our next regional events are planned
                                                                                                  WA in your area, please contact Margaret
                                                                                                  Smith on 1800 011 041.
         One of the main goals of Arthritis
                                                    for Badgingarra (July), Merredin
     WA is to help all West Australians
                                                    (September), Margaret River (October)
     suffering from bone and joint disease.                                                            If you’d like to be notified of
                                                    and Katanning (November). To be
     Many of you live in regional areas and
     can’t access all of our services so, where                                                        other Arthritis WA events like
     possible, we endeavour to bring the                                                               these, call 9388 4409 or email
                                                    number below.
     information to you. Arthritis WA recently                                               
                                                       If you live somewhere else in
     held regional events in Busselton, Three

24   Arthritis Today Winter 2009
 is a proud
 sponsor of
Arthritis WA

               Arthritis Today Winter 2009   25
                                                                                     Perth racehorse trainer, Robyn Lockwood, who
                                           A Horse for                           kindly donated the 10% share and one year of training
                                                                                 fees, has said that after a few short preparations the
                                              a Cause                            horse was sent out to spell for six weeks.
                                                                                     The soon to be named gelding will be back in
                                                                                 work next week and will hopefully make it to the
                               The Medal of Honor / Ranch Affair Bay gelding
                                                                                 racetrack within the next few months.
                                                                                     We will keep you informed of its progress.

                          Charities Bingo

                          Raffle Winners
                          We’d like to congratulate the winners of our Beat      #1589 1stt prize - $10,000 – P. Rooney
                          the Credit Crunch                                                 d
                                                                                 #22961 2nd prize - $2,000 – J. Quirk
                                                                                 #50557 3rd prize - $1,000 – R. Dombrose
                          just $1 a ticket, they’re a fun and easy way to help   Don’t forget to enter our Share the Wealth
                          Arthritis WA fundraise with the added bonus of         your chance to win one of three prizes of $4000!
                          possibly winning big!

     Do you belong to a community group who is
     looking for a speaker for its next meeting?

          Arthritis WA can provide speakers to come and talk
                                                                                 Our Community Speakers are volunteers
       to your community group or health professional body on
       arthritis and osteoporosis.                                               who have been trained to provide this
                                                                                 important community service. Many
       Topics covered by our speakers include:                                   of them have arthritis or osteoporosis
                                                                                 themselves. If you would like someone to
             An overview of arthritis – the main types of arthritis              come out and talk to your group, or you
             Self-management techniques to help people with                      are interested in becoming a Community
             arthritis cope better with day to day activities                    Speaker, call Margaret on 9388 2199 for
             Services and information available from Arthritis WA
                                                                                 Health professionals are also available to
             Talks usually last between 30 minutes to 1 hour.
                                                                                 talk to health professional bodies on a
             Times and topics can be tailored for your group.
                                                                                 range of topics.

26   Arthritis Today Winter 2009
 Grace Lillian Minchin                                   Remembering
     We were saddened by the passing of Grace
 Minchin in February.                                    Dr Colin Bayliss
     Grace was a tireless worker for the Arthritis           Recently we
 WA. She and her husband Kingsley were                   received a request
 foundation members of the Melville Branch,              from Queensland for
 established in 1975, and helped to raise many           a copy of the book
 thousands of dollars to help those who suffer with      No Flying Without
 a bone or joint disease.                                Wings, written by
     Grace had a true community spirit and was also      Dr Colin Bayliss in
 a volunteer for the Red Cross for 40 years as well      1994. Dr Bayliss
 as being a Friend of Government House. She was          was a well known
 a keen member of the Melville Bowling Club and          Rheumatologist in
                                                         Perth and a founding
 that she provided. Grace regularly attended the         member of the
 Melville Rotary Markets when her son Doug was           Arthritis WA.
 on duty and always had hot scones and coffee for            In 1941, at the
 all. On the days that Grace was away, Doug had to       age of 19, Dr Bayliss
                                                         enlisted in the RAAF.
 the coffee and scones!                                  Gaining his pilot
     Grace’s smiling face and cheerful disposition       wings at Geraldton, under the Empire Air Training
 will be missed by all who were lucky enough to          Scheme, he was subsequently posted to the United
 meet her. We extend our sympathy to her family          Kingdom. After surviving the destruction of his
 and friends.                                            Lancaster bomber over north eastern France,
                                                         he found refuge with a French family until an
                                                         underground network organised an escape route
                                                         for him. On the way he was arrested by the
                                                         Gestapo and spent two years in prison camps in
 e Arthritis                                             East Germany. In 1945 he began an 800km trek
                                                         across Czechoslovakia and Bavaria to meet up with

Way Walk                                                 advancing Allied forces. Dr Bayliss returned to
                                                         Australia after two and a quarter years as a guest of
                                                         his German hosts. His RAAF pay had accumulated
                                                         to the point that he was able to leave his bank job
                                  As you read this
                                                         and take on the six years of a medical course.
                              article, sixty-nine year
                                                             The book records remarkable events and the
                              old Mike Pauly is
                                                         emotions and attitude of an inexperienced youth
                              walking somewhere
                                                         catapulted into situations for which his middle class
                              across the Nullarbor.
                                                         background had not prepared him.
                              Mike, who has
                                                             The request for a copy of No Flying Without
                              osteoarthritis of the
                                                         Wings came from the daughter of a man also
                              knees, set off from his
                                                         named Collin Bayliss, who was also a pilot during
                              home in East Fremantle
                              on 16th May 2009
                                                         Australian friend suggested that the Collin Bayliss
                              on a lone journey to
                              Melbourne in a bid
                                                            No Flying Without Wings has been out of print
                              to raise funds and
awareness for arthritis.
                                                         through one of our staff members. The Queensland
    Mike is pushing all his food, water, clothes and
                                                         Bayliss family were most grateful that we were
tent in a customised baby buggy. He will be camping
out for 80% of the trip and will experience the
                                                         extremely pleased with the outcome.
extremes of the Nullarbor winter.
    In order to make his walk worthwhile Mike
decided to raise funds via sponsorship or donations
to Arthritis WA. He aims to help make people aware

                                                                    ank you
that by regular walking or exercise you can lose

effects of osteoarthritis dramatically.
If you would like to donate money to Arthritis            Arthritis WA would like to thank Rosehill
WA to show support to Mike Pauly, contact                 Over 55’s Golf Club for again kindly
Arthritis WA or donate online.                            raising money to support us in 2009.

                                                                                                         Arthritis Today Winter 2009   27
     WARM your tummy
         What better way to warm up this winter than with a hot,
     nourishing soup? This recipe ticks all the right boxes: nutritious,
     tasty, easy to make, and economical. All you need to buy fresh
     each time is the English spinach – everything else can become a
     cupboard staple.

       Middle Eastern lentil & spinach soup
       Olive oil
       1 large onion, chopped
       2 litres of water
       4 tbsp Massel vegetable stock powder
       325g (1 ½ cups) red lentils
       1 bunch of English spinach, washed and shredded (ends               WARM your home
       removed)                                                            To avoid heat loss in your home, repair any holes or gaps in
       1 tbs garam masala
       3 tsp cumin seeds (or ground cumin)
                                                                           Keep curtains drawn and doors and windows closed to
       1.     In a soup pot, saute the onion in olive oil until soft.      reduce heat loss.
       2.     Mix together the Massel stock powder with the water and
              add this to the onion. Turn up the heat and bring to the
              boil.                                                        Throw an extra blanket on the bed or invest in a heavier
       3.     Wash the lentils in a sieve under running water, and then
              add to the soup. Stir, then simmer on a medium heat until    Don’t forget fabric snakes to keep the draughts out under
              the lentils are tender (10 – 15 minutes).                    doors!
       4.     In a mortar and pestle, grind the cumin seeds and put
       5.     Add the spinach to the soup and cook for a couple of
              minutes.                                                     WARM yourself
       6.     Sprinkle in the ground cumin, garam masala and salt and      Sleep with your windows closed – Cold air on the head at
              pepper to taste.                                             night has been shown to increase blood pressure.
                                                                           Hot water bottles or wheat packs will make cold evenings
            Tip – Easiest way to wash spinach.                             a lot more comfortable. The Therapeutic Wheatbag Co.
                                                                           produces specially designed wheatbags that wrap around
            Fill a large mixing bowl with cold water and submerge
                                                                           your shoulders or lower back. If you suffer pain in either of
            the spinach in it. Agitate the water with your hands. The
                                                                           these areas, using these particular wheatbags will not only
            grit will sink down to the bottom. Take out the spinach,
                                                                           keep you warm but will help ease your aches. See their
            tip out the water and repeat. This is also a great way to
                                                                           advertisement on page 7.
            wash Asian green vegetables.
                                                                           Keep moving – Any activity, even vacuuming, will get
                                                                           your circulation going and make you feel warmer.
                                                                           Wear a scarf and hat to keep your head warm and your
     Do you have a favourite recipe or idea for Spring or Summer           chest, throat and ears protected. Protect your kidneys by
     that you’d like to share with Arthritis Today readers? We’d
                                                 y                         wearing thermal underwear or by layering your clothing.
                                                                           Hotteeze heat pads will keep you warm at home or when
     love to hear from you! Please send them in to:
                                                                           you’re out and about. Available at Arthritis WA or at
     Jenny Tan, Arthritis Today, 17 Lemnos St, Shenton Park,                                      u
                                                                   See their advertisement on page 13.
                 j y@                  g
     WA 6008 or

28    Arthritis Today Winter 2009
Health                           PBS listing for osteoporosis drug Forteo
from the

  “If I were a
  rich man…”
    Ah, the wonder of coming into wealth. The travel we           house, and for that matter, what you will do with your share
would do, the houses we would build, the pleasure we would        investment portfolio, your heirlooms, furniture, artworks,
have in sharing with family and friends.                          jewellery, cars and other assets you have accumulated over
    “If I were a rich man…” might be the words of a song          your life time.
but they also encapsulate an inner dream that most of us have         The question “what will I do with what I can’t take
dreamt at some time or other. And while it might never really     with me?” is answered by writing a Will which is your
happen, the odds of your having wealth enough to make a           instructions as to what you want done with all that you own.
difference to the lives of others is actually quite high.         You also name someone to carry out your instructions called
    Age has its own penalties but lacking wealth is not           an Executor.
always part of the ageing process. It is not uncommon for             When you do write a Will you are making a list of all you
some of us to discover that we are worth more dead than           own and will have to give away. Usually, you leave most of
alive!                                                            what you own to your surviving partner, then to any children,
                                                                  grandchildren and maybe brothers, sisters and assorted
imaginations and while this recession is causing a retreat,       family and friends in various orders and with varying
prices of most real estate continues to remain at levels          degrees of generosity.
                                                                      But if you have no family or your family is already
In Swanbourne for example, what was a $400,000 house in           very well off, think about giving part of your wealth to help
1995 is now worth $1,400,000 or so. Other suburbs have
                                                                  us expand our educational programs and ease the burden of
    Suddenly, the words of the song “If I were a rich man…”       pain and disablement.
seem not so silly.                                                    You can do this by writing a Will that leaves a bequest
    Of course, if you continue to live in your house, its value   to the Arthritis Foundation of WA. “Now that you’re a rich
really doesn’t matter but if you decide to downsize to a          man…”, write a Will to help change our world. If you would
retirement village or small town house or move in with your       like further information about how to write a Will, please call
family, then the value means quite a lot. More importantly,       Ric Forlano or Lee Saunders on 9388 2199 and ask for our
is to decide what you will do with the value evident in your      FREE Wills Information Kit.

                                                                                                          Arthritis Today Winter 2009   29
     Capsaicin for Osteoarthritis – a
     different approach for pain relief                                                    CAPSAICIN 0.025% W/W

         Capsaicin is a natural substance found in
     chili peppers and is also the active ingredient
     of Zostrix, topical analgesic cream. It is the
                                                                                Zostrix may help block pain

     additional pain relief to many people who suffer                           so that you can enjoy life more.
     from arthritic pain.
         Zostrix (capsaicin) is believed to act on                                                  Zostrix®, purified capsaicin, may help block
     a substance in the body which is involved in                                                   pain for the temporary relief of arthritis.
     the transmission of pain impulses from nerve                                                       Zostrix® is a topical analgesic cream made
     endings. It is believed that regular application                                                   from purified capsaicin, a natural extract
                                                                                                        from chilli peppers.
     of Zostrix may reduce the amount of this
     substance, therefore reduces the pain.                                                             Zostrix® 0.025% cream is available from
                                                                                                        all leading pharmacies.

     has been shown in many clinical trials. Zostrix                                                    Pick up a tube of Zostrix® and an Information
     (capsaicin) has been used by many Australians.                                                     Leaflet at your pharmacy today.
        Zostrix is available in two presentations,
     Zostrix 0.025% and Zostrix-HP 0.075%. Each
     presentation has different indications; make sure

     which one is best for you.
         It is important that Zostrix is applied 3 to
     4 times a day, everyday for at least 4 weeks so
                                                                                                    Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your pharmacist
     pain relief can be achieved.                                Topical Analgesic Cream            or healthcare professional. Zostrix® is a registered trademark of

         Zostrix is available at all major retail          Temporary relief of arthritis pain
                                                                                                    Link Medical Products Pty Ltd ABN: 73010971516, Unit 18/6A
                                                                                                    Prosperity Parade Warriewood NSW 2102. CHC 40447-09/08
     pharmacies and the Arthritis WA store. For
     further information, visit

                        ADVISORY LINE
         Have you got a question about arthritis?
         If so, why not call one of our friendly
     trained telephone advisors, many of whom
     have arthritis themselves.                          Medical grade footwear Comfort fashion shoes
         They will answer your questions and send
     out any relevant information to you, free of
         Whatever your question related to arthritis,
     don’t hesitate to call – they are there to help.
         Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm
          If your call is not answered immediately,
     please leave your name, contact number and a
     short message and an advisor will return your

                    9388 2199
           Toll Free: 1800 011 041
               for country callers

30      Arthritis Today Winter 2009
  July to October 2009                                                    Donation
July, August, September,
                                      KIMBERLEY: Broome,
                                      Derby & Kununurra
October                               October
Clinic held every month               Clinic held twice a year.
CARNARVON                             MANJIMUP &
August                                BRIDGETOWN
Clinic held twice a year              July
ESPERANCE                             Clinic held approx. every 4
October                               months
Clinic held 3 times a year            NARROGIN
GERALDTON                             August
July, August, September,              Clinic held every 3 months
October                               NORTHAM
Clinic held every month               July, October
KALGOORLIE                            Clinic held approx. every 2
July, August, September               months
Clinic held every 1-2                 PORT HEDLAND
months                                October
KARRATHA                              Clinic held every 6 months
Clinic held every 6 months
Note: For appointment bookings patients need a Doctor’s
referral. Please contact Arthritis WA on 1800 011 041 for
further information regarding each clinic area.

                                                                          To help offset some of the costs the Arthritis Foundation incurs
                                                                          and to receive a years subscription to Arthritis Today, here is my
   100% Silk filled Quilts                                                 contribution of:
                                                                             $20      $30   $40     $50 or $                Cash       Cheque
                                                                          OR, please charge my gift to my credit card:
                                                                             Visa      Mastercard      Amex

                                                                          Exp. Date:        /

                                                                          Name on card:

 Natural fibres -100% pure silk filling. No chemicals used in production.   Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss:
             Natural drapeability - Delight in the tactile,
                seductive drape of silk around your body.                 Address:
         Naturally hypoallergenic - Ideal for allergy sufferers -
                      silk is resistant to dust mite.
      Naturally thermostatic - Silk breathes - warm in winter and
                             cool in summer.                              Phone:
           Naturally light weight - Warmth without weight.
                                                                          PLEASE SEND TO: PO Box 34, Wembley, WA 6913
  Phone 03 9381 4487 for stockists

                                                                                                               Arthritis Today Winter 2009   31
     Enjoy discounts and
     Enjoy discounts and
     support Arthritis WA
     support Arthritis WA

     The Arthritis WA - Bluesky Healthcare Loyalty Program:
     5% discount on all purchases for simply mentioning Arthritis WA, plus
     an additional 5% donated to Arthritis WA.

     for you and your family.

     Ph: 9242 7333


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