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									                                American Academy of Neurology
                                     2010 Annual Meeting
                                       April 10–17, 2010

                           POLICIES AND CONTRACT

Welcome to the American Academy of Neurology’s (AAN’s) International Group Housing and Meeting
Registration for the 2010 Annual Meeting. The AAN is pleased to be using Convention Management
Resources (CMR) once again as its official housing and meeting registration service provider.

AAN/CMR Global Group Services
In partnership with CMR, the AAN will again be offering a competitive and group-friendly service
package to meet the needs of international groups attending the 2010 Annual Meeting. The hotel rates
for international groups listed on the enclosed hotel information sheet are inclusive of all hotel taxes
and fees including daily breakfast coupons, hotel luggage handling, hospitality desk service, and shuttle
service to and from the convention center. International groups will benefit from AAN’s attractive hotel
room rates packaged with these convenient group services at one all-inclusive, competitive rate. Please
read the following group housing deposit and prepayment instructions carefully, and note the deadline
dates associated with this service.

Group Housing is defined as 10 or more hotel sleeping rooms requested through completion of the
Group Room Request section (see below) and secured with corresponding deposit payments.

Group Meeting Registration is defined as 10 or more paid registrations using the same credit card or
check for individuals who DO NOT register and pick up badges and tickets individually.

IMPORTANT: An administrative fee of $1000 will be charged if you require Group Meeting Registration
only and do not secure housing with AAN Housing.

If your group desires to secure Group Housing and Meeting Registration or Group Housing only, an
authorized group representative should review and complete this document for submission to AAN
Housing and Meeting Registration. A signature on this document will serve as a binding and contractual
agreement between the AAN and the Group represented by the signatory.


1. Six (6) different hotel choices must be listed for your request to be processed.
2. Room blocks will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis and, depending on the number of
   rooms requested. Groups may be assigned to more than one hotel.
3. Fifteen (15) days after your hotel assignment is confirmed by AAN/CMR Global Group Services, an
   initial deposit will be charged in the amount of $600 per guestroom and $900 per suite. This deposit
   is fully refundable until November 20, 2009.
4. After November 20, 2009, deposits are nonrefundable for each guestroom and suite.
5. Between November 20, 2009 and February 5, 2010, a maximum reduction of 20% of the total
   room block is allowed. This applies to the number of room nights being held by the group. If the
   number of rooms is reduced the deposit for those reduced rooms will be forfeited.
6. Full prepayment for your group is due no later than February 5, 2010.
7. A complete rooming list is due no later than March 1, 2010. If the rooming list is not received by this
   date, all rooms and suites being held for your group will be canceled and all deposits will be
   nonrefundable regardless if your rooms are resold.
8. Unless other financial arrangements are made (wire transfers or checks) and agreed upon in
   writing, your signature on this document authorizes the full prepayment from the credit card listed
   on this form for the total estimated charges due after the deposit is deducted. Credit cards will be
   charged on February 5, 2010. All credit card charges will be posted from CMR Global Group
   Services. Your group will be responsible and charged for any unpaid balance due to the hotel(s) at
   check out, including damages substantiated by hotel and/or unpaid incidentals.


Registration Fees

                                 Member Type                              Before February 26th   After February 26th
                                                            GENERAL REGISTRATION
   Members Non-Neurologist                                                        90                    120
   (Junior, Business Administrator, Non-Neurologist Clinical, Research Scientist)
   Members Neurologist                                                                    240           355
   (Active, Fellow, Associate)
   Members Neurologist                                                                     0             0
   (Senior, Honorary)
   Student                                                                                 0             0
   Nonmember                                                                              545           775

1. The AAN requires an individual address for EACH MEMBER of a group. Each registration form
   must include:
    § Attendee’s full name and degree.
    § Attendee’s complete address (including street address, city, country, and postal code),
        telephone and fax numbers, and email address.
    § Tour leaders may provide this information as outlined above in an Excel spreadsheet (a copy
        of this format will be sent to you upon receipt of this contract).

    IMPORTANT: The address, phone and fax numbers, and email address of the tour group leader or
    the company organizing the group will not be accepted. Any individual for whom AAN does not
    receive completed information as outlined above cannot be registered until such information is

2. There is no administrative fee when housing has been secured with AAN/CMR Global Group
   Services along with Group Meeting Registration. A fee of $1,000 (payable by credit card or
   check only) will be charged if your group requires only Group Meeting Registration and does
   not secure housing with AAN/CMR Global Group Housing.
3. Full Meeting Registration payment must be received by February 26, 2010. After this date on-site
   rates will apply.
4. Full payment must be received before any meeting materials will be distributed.
5. Per the American Medical Association (AMA) Gifts to Physicians from Industry Opinion 8.061, the
   AAN is unable to accept payment from any pharmaceutical company for meeting registration fees
   for any physician not employed by that pharmaceutical company.
Group Meeting Registration Changes and/or Cancelations:

1. AAN Meeting Registration will review education program lists and contact the group representative
   regarding any discrepancies. All course changes and course cancelations must be submitted in
   writing by March 5, 2010, and will incur a $20 administrative fee for each course change or course
   cancelation. After March 5, 2010, all group registrant course changes and course cancelations will
   occur on-site and will incur a $30 administrative fee for each course change or course cancelation.
2. AAN Meeting Registration must receive all group meeting registration cancelations by March 5,
   2010, in order to receive a refund (less a $50 administrative fee). After March 5, 2010, if a group
   registrant is unable to attend, his/her registration will be treated as a cancelation. Name
   substitutions will NOT be allowed – no exceptions.
3. No deposit/payment monies will be moved between AAN/CMR Global Group Services and Meeting
   Registration. Monies must be submitted separately for Housing and for Meeting Registration. Any
   necessary refunds will be handled separately as well.
4. Send all changes or cancelations in writing to AAN Housing and Meeting Registration via fax at
   (415) 979-2260 or email
5. In the event of cancelation, the group representative must cancel all Meeting Registration, Housing,
   and Travel reservations separately. The AAN will not cross-check lists.
6. The AAN is not responsible for airfare, hotel, or any other costs incurred by participants in the event
   of program or registration cancelation.

Group Meeting Registration Materials:

1. Upon group meeting registration confirmation, the group representative is required to advise each
   participant within the group, in writing, that the group representative will be picking up their meeting
   registration materials. This letter will be provided to the group representative by AAN Meeting
   Registration and will specify the location, date, and time of the distribution of these materials. A
   copy of the letter sent to group members must be received by AAN Housing and Meeting
   Registration by March 20, 2010.

    IMPORTANT: If you fail to send this letter to the group members or fail to provide a copy of the
    letter to the AAN, the group appointment will be canceled and attendees will need to pick up their
    meeting registration materials individually.

2. If delegates from your group appear on-site requesting to pick up their meeting registration
   materials, AAN staff will show them a copy of your letter informing them of the date and time of the
   materials distribution and a copy of the receipt signed by the group representative at the time the
   materials were picked up from AAN staff. The AAN will not reprint badges.
3. Upon receiving the group’s meeting registration materials, you must sign confirming receipt of the
   materials. You are responsible for the transportation and distribution of the materials. AAN will not
   have staff available to assist in transporting materials.

                 IMPORTANT—Distribute materials promptly to avoid frustration!

By signing this on behalf of the Group, I am confirming that I have read and agree to abide by the terms as stated
above, and that I am authorized to house and/or register this group:

Print Name                                                       Title

Signature                                                        Date

                                  American Academy of Neurology
                            62nd Annual Meeting, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
                                         April 10–17, 2010
                                     (10 ROOMS OR MORE)

                          Deposit Cancelation Deadline: November 20, 2009
                            Full Prepayment Deadline: February 5, 2010
                               Rooming List Deadline: March 1, 2010


Group Housing and Meeting Registration confirmation should be sent to:

Group Representative:

Name of Organization (if applicable):

Address:                                                    City/State:

Zip:             Country:                          Phone:                    Fax:

City/Country Code for Phone/Fax:                     Email:

Name of Client or Sponsor:

(This information is required for your request to be processed)

Indicate six different hotel choices; no form with be processed unless all six different hotels are listed:

1st Choice                         2nd Choice                       3rd Choice

4th Choice                         5th Choice                        6th Choice

Indicate the number of rooms required by type for each night:
 ROOM TYPE      THR      FRI     SAT      SUN     MON       TUE     WED     THR      FRI     SAT      SUN
                4/08     4/09    4/10     4/11    4/12      4/13    4/14    4/15     04/16   04/17    04/18
 Guest Room


Suite Requests: Suites are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Hospitality Suites are available
to companies only provided the purpose of the suite is within AAN Industry Policies and Guidelines. A $500
nonrefundable administrative fee is assessed for each hospitality suite.

*Specify the reason for the suite request (e.g., hospitality function, upgraded sleeping accommodations)


Fifteen (15) days after your hotel assignment is confirmed by AAN/CMR Global Group Services an initial deposit
will be charged in the amount of $600 per guestroom and $900 per suite. This deposit is fully refundable until
November 20, 2009.

Credit Card payment for room deposits:
Card Type:   o Visa      o MasterCard              o American Express
Credit card number: ________________________________________ Expiration date: ______________

Name as it appears on card: _____________________________________________________________

Cardholder Signature: ________________________________________ Date:

Bank Wire or Check payment for room deposits:
o Bank Wire Transfer*                                o Check* (must be from a US bank in US dollars)
(will include applicable fees)                           (Make checks payable to CMR Global Group Services Inc.)

*International wire transfers require a $50 administrative fee. This fee must cover any third-party fees, and any
money remaining will be added towards the room deposit.

Wire Transfers should be remitted to:                   Payment by Check:

CMR Global Group Services                               Checks to be made payable to:
Bank of America International NY, NY                    CMR Global Group Services
Swift Address: BOFAUS3N                                 1111 Kane Concourse, Suite 219
Bank of America Bay Harbor Islands, FL                  Bay Harbor Islands, FL 33154
Account Number: 898016350118
Routing (ABA): 063100277

Full prepayment is due no later than February 5, 2010. This final payment is nonrefundable. If final payment is
not received by this date, all rooms and suites being held for your group will be canceled and all deposits will be
nonrefundable regardless if your rooms are resold.

A complete rooming list will be due on March 1, 2010. Failure to submit a list by that date will result in the
release of all rooms and suites and your full prepayment will be nonrefundable.
     o   I have booked my hotel accommodations through AAN/CMR Global Group Services and
                     would like Group Registration Services. I understand that in doing so, the group fee is waived.

      o     I will only require Group Meeting Registration. I hereby authorize AAN Meeting Registration
            to charge a $1000 Meeting Registration Administrative Fee to the credit card listed above.
            A statement of account will be sent to me, along with Meeting Registration instructions and

      o     I do NOT require AAN Group Meeting Registration. This request is ONLY for AAN Housing. I
            understand and agree that by checking this box, each individual will be responsible for
            his/her own AAN Meeting Registration and pick-up of meeting materials on an individual basis.

* Mail form to:                                               7 Fax form to: (305) 865-4382
AAN/CMR Global Group Services                                 Questions? Email CMR Global Group Services at
1111 Kane Concourse, Suite 219                         
Bay Harbor Islands, FL 33154


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