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									Senior Member Program

   IEEE Region 4 Meeting
     Jan 31 – Feb 1, 2004

   Presenter: Bob Adams
    R4 Membership Chair
            What is it?
• Senior Member Event
• Host events to support eligible
  members in upgrading to Senior
  Member status
• At event, Section Senior Members help
  with online application submission and
  serve as the necessary Senior Member
     What does it look like?
• Evening Event - 6:30 to 9 PM
• Located at a college or business
• Members come and go during evening
• With no wait, member spends 30 to 45
  minutes completing the application
• Can have light refreshments (optional)
Requirements for Senior Member
 • Practice in profession for at least 10 years
   – Academic time resulting in degrees count toward
     professional practice
 • Five years of significant performance
   – Does NOT require special awards, patents, or
     other extremely sophisticated technical
 • References - three required OR
   – Nomination from Section and
   – Two written references from other Senior
• Procedures listed in three separate
  blocks of activities
  – Prior to Event
  – At the Event
  – Post Event
• Detailed procedure list and supporting
  material is available
               Prior To Event
• Identify an event source person (i.e.MDC)
• Identify a Location
  – Need an area for staging/waiting
  – Required to have bank of computers with internet
    access and floppy drives (12 min, depending on size
    of section)
• Contact eligible members
  – News Letter Announcement (two months prior)
  – Send Email to all eligible members, request RSVP
  – Send follow-up Email to all RSVPs listing what to
• Contact SM/Officers and invite to participate
              Day of Event
• Have at least two SMs present for each 10
  expected members
• SMs coach EVERY candidate in filling out an
  application - Significant Performance
• No references or reference writer names are
  given at event - Leave application blank
• Event tracking spreadsheet is filled out
  – Contains contact info and IEEE member #
  – Electronic copy of resume and SM application are
    gathered BEFORE applicant leaves
               Post Event
• Applicants assigned to SM reference writers
• Distribute resume and application to
  reference writer - encourage writers to
  contact applicants for any clarification
• Reference writers Email applications to IEEE
  HQ, CC event source person for tracking
• Regular call (weekly) to IEEE HQ to check
  status of applicants
• Follow-up with reference writers - reassign as
      Reference Generation
• Time to write reference - 20 to 45 minutes
• Can be any format, Email, Document,
  – needs to contain all the information required
• Writer does not need to know the applicant
  personally outside of IEEE
• Focus writing effort on significant
  performance section of application
• Provide recommendation for upgrade
Advertising new SMs in Section
• After A&A panel meeting, advertise new
  Senior Members in
  – Section Newsletter and/or
  – Section Website
• Make a big deal out of Senior Member
  status locally
• To get further information, contact

              RD (Bob) Adams
Membership Development



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