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									                                                     Vol. XXII, Issue 2 • Huc wiconi na wira 25, 2008

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                                              Greengrass’ Big Night
                                              Representative Douglas Greengrass presented
                                              long-lost Bronze Star
                                              John Kozlowicz                 mine field during
                                              Staff Writer                   the hours of
                                                Most surprise birthday       darkness with a
                                              parties are happy events       rescue party to
                                              whose details are forgotten    remove five
                                              a few days later. For Area I   personnel who had
Share the Knowlege! HCN                       representative and retired     been wounded by
donates text books to                         Marine, Doug Greengrass,       exploding mines.
youngsters                                    the events at his surprise     Sgt. Greengrass’
Page 3                                        birthday party will likely     initiative and
                                              provide lifetime memories.     courageous actions
                                              One of the surprises for       resulted in the
                                              Greengrass was a long-lost     removal of all
                                              Bronze Star that he earned     wounded personnel
                                              during his service in          from a highly
                                              Vietnam. Loaned out            dangerous area
                                              during a Ho-Chunk Nation       with no further
                                              ceremony and never             casualties.”
                                              returned, Greengrass was             The
                                              presented a replacement        replacement medal
Battle Point Drum                             Star from Wisconsin            was supplied          President Wilfrid Cleveland (left) and Doug’s sister Brenda Brown look

Page 4                                        Assembly member, Terry                                     Doug receives              from Wisconsin State Assemblyman,
                                                                             through the efforts on as Musser. Photohis medal of Jessica Mincoff-Jackson County
                                                                                                   Terry                 courtesy
                                              Musser, a fellow Vietnam       of Jackson County Chronicle
                                              veteran.                       Veteran Services
                                                    On hand for the          Officer Margaret “Muggs”        the Ho-Chunk Nation               treatment as me.”
                                              celebration, President         Garvin, who by purchasing       honors its warriors and a               The Iron Mound
                                              Cleveland read the             the medal herself, avoided      ceremony had to be held.          Singers joined family,
                                              Presidential citation that     the usual 10-12 month wait            Fighting through            friends and government
                                              earned Greengrass the          needed to get a                 tears, Doug summed up his officials at the party, where
                                              Bronze Star. “Sergeant         replacement. President          feelings. “It’s quite an          they performed a special
                                              (Sgt.) Greengrass              Cleveland explained that        honor, quite an honor.            song written to honor
                                              heroically distinguished       although “Doug is a quiet       Words can’t express what I Greengrass’
Moving Forward with the                       himself by voluntarily         individual who doesn’t say feel,” he said. “All the               accomplishment.
                                              entering an anti-personnel     too much about himself,”        veterans deserve the same
Page 5

                                              BIA’s New Gaming Policy
                                              John Kozlowicz                 not directly benefit from      that more information was       his proposed amendments
                                              Staff Writer                   jobs created at off-           needed, the BIA took no         to the IGRA. Of course,
                                                On January 3, the            reservations sites and might   action on the Anishinabe’s      those amendments never
                                              Department of the Interior     have to leave their homes      proposal to build a casino      came to pass; but the
Ho-Chunk Youth                                rejected a number of off-      on the reservations in order   in Beloit, WI. The Ho-          Nation’s letter was received
Ambassador                                    reservation casino             to gain employment.            Chunk Nation has opposed        as an application by the
                                              applications submitted by            While some of the        the Beloit site, about 90       BIA.
Back Page                                     Native Nations across the      rejected proposals sought      miles from Ho-Chunk                    In light of a letter sent
                                              United States. Officials       casinos within 100 miles of    Casino, arguing that the        by George Skibine (Acting
                                              notified 11 Native             the reservation, the new       area is part of the Nation’s    Principal Deputy
                          U.S. POSTAGE PAID

                                              governments that the           policy states that the         aboriginal territory.           Associated Secretary-
                                              proposals are not              Bureau of Indian Affairs             The ruling could          Indian Affairs) on January
                          PERMIT # 132

                                              considered in the best         (BIA) can reject off-          affect the Nation’s desire to   4, 2008, where it was

                          SPARTA, WI

                                              interests of the Nations       reservation based on the       place land into trust and       indicated that the BIA
                                              affected.                      concerns of state and local    open a casino in Lynwood,       would take no further
                                                    In reference to the      governments regarding          IL, about 300 miles from        action on the Nation’s
                                              Indian Gaming Regulatory       jurisdiction. At the same      its executive office in         application due to
                                              Act (IGRA) of 1988,            time, the BIA announced it     Black River Falls.              incomplete information, the

                                              Associate Secretary of the     will pay closer attention to   Responding to a request         Nation has the option to
                                              Interior Carl Artman stated    the concerns raised by state   from the Hocak Worak,           still pursue its application
                                              that, “Although IGRA was       and local governments          attorney Michael Murphy         by submitting all necessary
                                              intended to promote            when reviewing fee-into-       issued the following.           information needed by the
                                              economic development on        trust applications.                  “The Nation did           BIA. If the Nation decided
                                              reservations, it was not             For the Ho-Chunk         submit a letter of              to push ahead, it would
                                              intended to encourage the      Nation and other native        application to the BIA in       need to supply all
                                              establishment of Indian        nations in the Wisconsin,      March 2006 to have land in      information required to
 P.O. BOX 667

                                              gaming facilities far from     the announcement brought       Lynwood, IL placed into         satisfy the standards in
                                              existing reservations.”        mixed results. Among the       trust for gaming purposes       applicable federal law
                                              Interior officials relied      applications rejected was      under the IGRA. The             (IGRA) and regulations
                                              primarily on the distance      an effort by the Lac du        Nation submitted the            (Part 151). As well as the
                                              between the proposed           Flambeau to open a casino      application in order to meet    new interpretive Guidance
                                              casino site and the            in Shullsburg, WI, 300         a deadline set by Sen. John     issued by BIA Director,
      HOCAK WORAK NEWSPAPER                   reservation during their       miles from its reservation     McCain by which all             Carl Artman.” And now
 TEL: (715) 284-2388 FAX: (715) 284-7852
        Please notify the Newspaper of        assessments. Officials         and less than 85 miles from    applications had to be          we wait.
     any address changes or corrections       believe that Indians would     Ho-Chunk Casino. Citing        submitted, or be subject to
PAGE 2                                                                                   OPINION                                                 Huc wiconi na wira 25, 2008

The Bucket List
Marcus F. Lewis                          and cream.                                 Freeman has been recog-                  and Beverly Todd (Lean On
Editor                                      Despite the differences in           nized the world over as the                 Me) as Mrs. Chambers.
   Academy Award® winners                occupation (Cole is a billion- master of Hollywood narra-                           Todd’s performance is very           From the Editor:
Jack Nicholson and Morgan                aire business man and Cham- tion and funny enough, that’s                           real and engrossing because
Freeman returned to the big              bers is a mechanic), the two            exactly the way The Bucket                  each and every scene, she
screen on January 11 with                men develop a unique and                List starts out; with Freeman               immediately commands the          were almost cartoon like and
their new flick, The Bucket              poignant friendship over the            narrating. His on-screen                    audience’s attention in an un-    seemed to detract from the
List. These venerable actors             course of their journey.                work was excellent because                  obtrusive manner. She com-        otherwise quality story-
portray two elderly men that                The film, directed by Rob            he was able to explore a wide               bines grief with humor, age       telling.
have been diagnosed with                 Reiner, is a triumph. Reiner            range of emotions in ways he                with sensuality, and caring          Marc Shaiman was hired to
cancer and have been given               skillfully handles a very seri- hasn’t for several years.                           with concern as she portrays      compose the music and his
six months to a year to live.            ous subject                                                                         a woman about to lose her         saxophone heavy ambience,
With this information in                 (terminal can-                                                                      husband to both cancer and        while nice, seems out of
mind, Carter Chambers                    cer) with grace                                                                     to “one last adventure” with      place in the film. The music
(Freeman) begins to compile              and humor and                                                                       a man her and her husband         was especially disappointing
a list of things he wants to             pushes two of                                                                       barely knows.                     considering his strong efforts
accomplish before his time               Hollywood’s                                                                            The only issues with The       in other genres of this type
ends; his very own “bucket               most distin-                                                                        Bucket List are the fact that     like Patch Adams (1998).
list.”                                   guished actors                                                                      its editing, Computer Gener-         Despite those few con-
   His hospital mogul room-              to produce                                                                          ated Imagery (CGI) and            cerns, The Bucket List is def-
mate, billionaire Edward                 their best work                                                                     music were all under par.         initely one of the best movies
Cole (Nicholson), modifies               in years.                                                                           There are several scenes in       this year, even though we’re
Chambers’ list to add more               Nicholson re-                                                                       the film that are inconsistent    still in January. The acting,
excitement and the two near-             turns to the        (l-r): Veteran actors Morgan Freeman and Jack                   due to the poor editing qual-     directing and writing is all
strangers head off together              screen with         Nicholson tackle terminal cancer with humor                     ity. For example, there is a      superb, but most of all, this
on the “journey of a lifetime”           more energy         and grace in the Bucket List                                    scene early on where Cham-        movie is actually about
or at least, the last journey of         and determina- Photo is the property of Warner Bros. Pictures                       bers is wearing glasses, then     something. Meeting our own
their lifetimes. The two men             tion than I’ve                                                                      not wearing glasses, before       end is something on the
travel the globe in Cole’s pri-          seen him have in nearly a               Even his Academy Award®                     finally wearing them again.       minds of many people and it
vate jet and along the way               decade. It seems forever ago winning performance in Mil-                            This was not due to Freeman       was very refreshing to see a
they skydive, dine at fine               since his brilliant work in As lion Dollar Baby (2004) was                          removing them as he spoke;        movie that celebrates life and
restaurants, drive fast and ex-          Good As It Gets, but his por- ultimately one-dimensional,                           rather, it was a faux pas by      embraces it, even as its end
pensive cars, swap stories at            trayal of Edward Cole in this but his work here is truly the                        the script supervisor on the      approaches. The Bucket List
the Taj Mahal and visit the              film is, truly, as good as it           most multi-faceted perform-                 set. Additionally, there was a    is truly uplifting, humorous
pyramids. Though both men                gets. He is both entertaining ance of his career, which is                          surprisingly large amount of      and will put a smile on your
needed a chance to “get                  with his one-liner philoso-             saying quite a bit.                         CGI in the film and it wasn’t     face and a tear in your eye.
away from it all,” as the film           phies on life and very mov-                The film also benefits from              very good at all. The scenes
progresses, it becomes clear             ing as he delivers a heartfelt          a strong supporting cast led                at the Taj Mahal, the pyra-
that their reasons for doing             monologue at the end of the             by Sean Hayes (Will &                       mids and of Nicholson’s face
so are as different as coffee            film.                                   Grace) as Cole’s assistant                  during the skydiving scene

Out With the Old, In With the New
Wisconsin Rapids School Board Votes to retire Red Raider Nickname
John Kozlowicz                            authorized The Raising                     Student Council President               community to participate in       remained silent for the most
Staff Writer                              Student Voice Participation                Tricia Goska, also a member             three public forums               part, she believes the change
  Responding to an issue that             Steering Committee the                     of the Committee, explained             scheduled at different times      is needed.
has already started a                     authority to create a new                  that the goal “is to create a           of the day in December and           In 2005, State
controversy in the                        mascot based on the                        right mascot for the school             January. The Committee            Superintendent of Public
community, the Wisconsin                  “Raider” nickname.                         and give it a complete                  announced that all feedback       Instruction Elizabeth
Rapids School Board voted                   Lincoln High School                      makeover from the current               was important and would be        Burmaster urged that all
4-3 in favor of dropping the              abolished its Native mascot                nickname.”                              submitted to the School           schools retire Indian
word “Red” from Lincoln                   and logo in the early 1990’s                 After a November                      Board prior to the January 14     nicknames and mascots.
High School’s “Red Raider”                and the students’ desire to                presentation to the School              meeting. Attendance at all        Wisconsin Rapids will
nickname on January 14. At                establish a new mascot                     Board, Committee members                the forums was low, yet           become the 17th school to
the same time, the Board                  started in December 2006.                  invited members of the                  bloggers posting                  change its nickname since
                                                                                                                              anonymously on the local         the mid-90’s and the second
                                                                                                                              paper’s website continue to      one in Ho-Chunk country.
       The Hocak Worak is a periodical published twice monthly by the Ho-Chunk Nation. Editorials and articles appearing
   in the Hocak Worak are the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinion or attitude of the
                                                                                                                              criticize the students           Last year the Tomah School
   Hocak Worak staff or the Ho-Chunk Nation.                                                                                  seeking change. Following        District retired its “Indian”
       The Hocak Worak encourages the submission of letters to the Editor. All letters must include the signature, address    the School Board vote,           name and mascot and
   and telephone number of the author. Letters are subject to editing for grammar, length, malicious and libelous content.    others are now using the         replaced it with the
       The Hocak Worak reserves the right to reject any advertising, material, or letters submitted for publication. The      site to threaten and criticize   “Timberwolves.”
   submission of articles, poetry, artwork and photos is encouraged. The Editor makes the sole decision of what is
   published in the Hocak Worak. The Hocak Worak will not assume any responsibility for unsolicited material.                 School Board members                The Committee has not yet
       Submissions deadlines for the Hocak Worak are by 4:30PM on the First and Third Wednesdays of the month. We             who supported the change.        announced the steps that will
   cannot guarantee the publication of submissions meeting these deadlines if the space is not available. No part of this        The School Board’s            be taken to change the
   publication may be produced without express written consent from the Editor.                                               student representative,          nickname and adopt a new
   EDITOR ................................Marcus F. Lewis               HOCAK WORAK NEWSLETTER                                Brittany Glaza, supports the     mascot. Committee
   STAFF WRITER....................John Kozlowicz                                                                             change but is aware that         members had earlier
                                                                                        P.O. Box 667                          many detractors fear             announced that they hoped to
   STAFF WRITER ................Ryan Ostopowicz                                Black River Falls, WI 54615                    changing the nickname will       have the change in place by
   Administrative Assistant ....Anna Reichenbach                                • PHONE: (715) 284-2388                       destroy the school’s             the beginning of the 2008-09
   The Hocak Worak                                                               • NATIONAL TOLL FREE:                        tradition. Glaza noted that      school year.
   is a member of:                                                                    (800) 472-3089                          although the Native
                                                                                  • FAX: (715) 284-7852                       community in the area has
                                                                                         • E-MAIL:
   The Native American                                                                           ATTENTION: The Next Deadline of the Hocak
   Journalist Association                                                               • ONLINE:
                                                                                                                               Worak will be Feb. 8 at 4:00 p.m. That Issue will
                                                                                                                                             be out on Feb. 15.
Huc wiconi na wira 25, 2008                                               NEWS                                                                           PAGE 3

Ho-Chunk Nation Delivers Books
to Dells School District
Ryan Ostopowicz                   the district.                    Menominee, Stockbridge-
Staff Writer                         Loew felt motivated to        Munsee Band, Mohican
  On January 9, the Ho-           create a text after examining    Nation, Ojibwe, Oneida and
Chunk Nation (HCN)                her children’s schoolbooks,      Brotherton Indians. In her
donated and delivered             where Loew discovered            efforts to reconstruct Native
textbooks to Springhill, Nina     unsettling misrepresentations    American history, Loew
Creek and Lake Delton             of Native American culture.      examined pictographs, songs,
elementary schools in the         “My kids came back with a        dances and regalia. For
Wisconsin Dells School            lot of crappy stuff,” Loew       correct creation stories, she
District. Dozens of eager         said. A member of the Bad        listened to elders tell the
students crammed onto             River Band of the Lake           tales of their respective
wooden bleachers at the           Superior Ojibwe, Loew            Native Nations. She
Lake Delton gymnasium to          recalled in verbatim of actual   explained that cultures
greet author Dr. Patty Loew.      past text statements. “Indians   passed down traditions and
During her three school stop,     live in tepees that look like    history through oral
Loew personally handed out        upside-down ice cream            communication and that it
copies of Native People of        cones” and “Indians do rain-     would be appropriate to use
Wisconsin to the fourth           dances to make rain.” Loew       oral history to help create the   Author Dr. Patty Loew with the students of Lake Delton Elementary
grade students. Published by      attributes these inaccurate      textbook. Loew said, “All         School and their new text books
the Wisconsin Historical          generalizations to authors of    this effort was done to create
Society, Native People of         previous textbooks not using     the first textbook in
Wisconsin is derived from         primary sources or               Wisconsin that truly presents
Loew’s earlier award              collaborating with the Native    the perspective of the
winning work, Indian              American Nations across the      Wisconsin Native
Nations of Wisconsin:             state.                           Americans.” Loew
History of Endurance and             These inaccurate claims       commented, “The history can
Renewal. Over the course of       inspired Loew to compose a       be unflattering. It’s not
the day, the HCN                  textbook that accurately         white-washed (and) there’s
representatives Anne              portrayed the history of         some pain, but it’s honest.”
Thundercloud and Forrest          Wisconsin Native                 But Loew does not focus
Funmaker helped hand out          Americans, focusing              solely on the past like other
150 textbooks to students in      primarily on the Ho-Chunk,       textbooks. She says her text
                                                                   also aims to let children
                                                                   know how Native American
                                                                   nations live in Wisconsin
                                                                   today. “There are Native
                                                                   American kids around that
                                                                   are doing the stuff you do,”
                                                                   she said when addressing the
                                                                   Lake Delton students.             Dr. Loew, Anne Thundercloud and Forrest Funmaker listen as
                                                                      Superintendent Charles         Ho-Chunk youth share their messages of thanks for their new
                                                                   Whitsell expressed his            text books
                                                                   appreciation of Loew and the
                                                                   HCN for their continuing
                                                                   effort to educate the             explained that due to the         “Even if we didn’t have Ho-
                                                                   Wisconsin Dells area. As a        large amount Ho-Chunks            Chunk students here, it
                                                                   history-buff himself,             present in the community, it      would still be important. We
                                                                   Whitsell felt that the students   is especially vital to learn      need to learn more about
                                                                   will greatly benefit from the     about Native American             different people in the
The students and Dr. Loew share an embrace after her               new textbooks. Whitsell           culture, but he also noted,       world.”

Hocak Sponsorships
 Ryan Ostopowicz                  sponsorship is significant       the Badgers from local            contributed to Hurricane           the American Diabetes
 Staff Writer                     because of its constant          residents due to the HCN’s        Katrina relief. Everyday           Association, American
    In the Kohl Center,           visibility and galvanizing       gaming operations.                requests are made to the           Cancer Society, the Muscular
 thunderous dunks, crisp          effect on Wisconsin citizens.    Opponents feel that               HCN for charitable                 Dystrophy Association,
 passes, feverish dribbles and      But sponsoring the Badger      collegiate athletics should       donations, but unfortunately,      United Way, Special
 cohesive teamwork are            sports teams is more             have no association with          not every request can be           Olympics and the American
 commonplace during UW            important than money or          gambling                          granted. To make the               Indian College Fund.
 Badgers basketball. In the       exposure. The Madison area       operations.                       decision of which requests           Murphy explained that it is
 background of this action,       has great historical and         In response,                      are to be funded, the              important to balance the
 viewers at home have seen        emotional importance to the      Greendeer                         Community Relations                large scale donations with
 the Ho-Chunk Nation’s            Nation. Greendeer noted that     explained                         Committee meets monthly to         the local charitable acts.
 (HNC) banner sprawled            there is connection between      that the                          discuss the allocation of the      These acts of charity and
 across the scorer’s table. For   the Ho-Chunk and Madison         sponsorship                       $150,000 donation budget.          sponsorships are vehicles
 more than a year, the UW-        area that dates back to a time   is by the                           This committee has made          that help accomplish one of
 Madison Athletic                 before Badger teams or           Nation, not                       an emphasis on donating to         the Nation’s central goals,
 Department and the Nation        Wisconsin government.            its                               communities with strong Ho-        strengthening existing
 have teamed together in          When speaking about this         enterprises. “We want people
                                                                                  to know we’re
                                                                                                     Chunk ties. For example, the       relationships and fostering
 support of student athletes      connection he said, “We have     HCN            about more than    HCN recently donated               new ones.
 and the Badger sponsorship       a bond to land around            Public         gambling,” said    textbooks to elementary
 is one of the HCN’s many         Madison. We have to believe      Relations      Public Relations   schools in Wisconsin Dells.
 efforts to relay the message     in what we’re sponsoring.        Specialist Specialist             The HCN also has made
                                                                                  CaraLee Murphy
 that it supports Wisconsin       Just throwing money around       CaraLee                           contributions to larger
 communities.                     does nothing.” Greendeer         Murphy                            corporations, for instance,
    As the former Executive       stated that the gaming           expressed, “We want people
 Administrative Officer, Jon      compact controversy has hurt     to know we’re not just about
 Greendeer previously
 oversaw the Public Relations
 Office during his tenure. He
                                  the image of the HCN in
                                  many eyes of Wisconsin
                                                                   gambling, that we have more
                                                                   going on as a Nation. We’re         Oops!
                                  residents. He feels that the     trying to reach out.”
 explained that sponsorships      sponsorship could be a              But Greendeer made sure          Last issue, Francis Decorahʼs birthday
 are a key to building good       bridge to a growing divide       to clarify that sponsorships        was overlooked. We apologize for the
 relationships with               between the Nation and the       take a second seat to
 communities throughout the       outside community.               charitable donations. Over          mistake and we wish him a very happy
 state of Wisconsin. In              But there is opposition of    recent years, the Nation has        birthday.
 particular, the Badger           the Nation’s sponsorship of      aided local businesses and
PAGE 4                                                                  NEWS                                            Huc wiconi na wira 25, 2008

Drums that Beat through
Ryan Ostopowicz
Staff Writer
                                 places for beginners. We’re a
                                 good place to learn. Our
                                                                  Battle Point. As a youth,
                                                                  Blackdeer regularly walked
  Gather ‘round and feel the     drum is open to everyone,        through the site; he
pulsating rhythms of the         youth, veterans and              expressed, “Battle Point is a
Battle Point drum group.         beginners,” explains group       powerful place with lots of
Comprised solely of Ho-          member Maynard Rave, Jr.         Ho-Chunk history.” The
Chunk government                   Fellow member Lance            group decided on this name
employees in Black River         Blackdeer claims that drum       they claim embraces
Falls, WI, the members of        circles have always had an       connectedness Collins adds,
the drum group began             organic appeal. He says,         “Battle Point is something
singing together during the      “The drum is the heartbeat of    that includes all clans, all
month of July 2006. Since its    the earth itself. They           families, all different ways of   (l-r) Lael Hall, Moses Cleveland, Maynard Rave, Jr., Bow Lucero,
inception, Battle Point          (drummers) can’t but feel        life.”                            Lance Blackdeer, Jeriah Rave, Sr., William Collins.
members have been                something like that. There is       Battle Point especially
practicing feverishly and        no denying the connection        wishes to connect with the        themselves in a positive           Greendeer, Jon Greendeer,
been performing weekly at        between the heart and the        Ho-Chunk youth. Battle            direction through drum             George Garvin, Andy
events ranging from birthday     drum.” Lead singer, William      Point feels that music is a       groups, as he has done.            Thundercloud, Brady Two
parties to Wisconsin Badger      Collins added, “It’s the         vehicle that can help             Blackdeer attributes music to      Bears, Hiwasipi, Tara
games.                           feelings that make the           rejuvenate Ho-Chunk               centering himself, “Playing        Swallow, Darcy Funmaker,
  But the Battle Point           experiences memorable.”          Language and culture. Using       has given me an identity, that     Gordon Thunder, the Office
members made sure to note          Their name itself, Battle      song and drums, these             I’m part of something, not         of the President and the
that they are not the best Ho-   Point, expresses the             performers hope to help           only as part of a drum group,      entire Ho-Chunk Language
Chunk drum group around.         connection the between the       popularize the Ho-Chunk           but as a Native. It makes me       and Culture Division for
In fact, that is part of their   members and the Ho-Chunk         culture to the younger            feel like I’m accomplishing        their stories, histories,
appeal, “We’re not better        history and culture. In Black    generation and revitalize         something in my life.”             translations, and
than anyone else. Other          River Falls, there lies a        interest in the dying               The Battle Point members         encouragement.
drum groups are more             historical landmark for the      Language. Also, Blackdeer         would like to thank David
skilled, so they’re not really   Ho-Chunk Nation called           believes others can steer

Recovering Lost Honor
Ryan Ostopowicz                     As a former sergeant in the   of Ho-Chunk culture and           information. Kling asks for        Through his investigations,
Staff Writer                     United States (US) Army,         history. He wishes to honor       the help of the family             Kling also has reason to
  Wayne Kling, chairman of       Kling has a great                the past Ho-Chunk soldiers        members to identify their          believe that there is a
the Monroe County Civil          appreciation of those who        by locating their unmarked        ancestors, “We need their          forgotten Ho-Chunk
War Book Committee, digs         have performed military          graves and placing                help to find these men. Any        cemetery in Tomah called
into the past to unearth the     service and their history. He    headstones that acknowledge       information would be a great       “Littlegeorge,” where he
buried honor of 129 Ho-          states, “(History) is            their service in the US Army.     help.”                             expects to find more Ho-
Chunk ancestors that served      important, because you need        However, finding the Ho-          Despite these difficulties,      Chunk ancestors and
in the Union army during the     to know where you’ve been        Chunk soldiers’ graves            the committee has found            soldiers. After investigating
American Civil War. The          to know where you’re going.      proves to be quite difficult.     considerable success. With         for almost three years, Kling
majority of the Ho-Chunk         Every family has a story to      With information about the        the help of his neighbor, Ho-      remains inspired to finish the
soldiers served in Company       tell.” He feels paying tribute   men often sparse, Kling           Chunk member Tom                   project. “I’d like to know
F, 3rd Wisconsin Volunteer       is a necessity for those that    searches for obituaries in        Hopinkah, and others               that I’m contributing
Infantry and Company A,          have fought for the country      newspaper archives to             interested in the project,         something to our nation. It’s
34th regiment, Nebraska          and that giving these honors     approximate times of death        Kling has been able to place       satisfying to know I have
Volunteers, Omaha Scouts.        especially important,            and locations of burial sites.    seven headstones for Native        given something of myself,”
Along with the other 12          considering that Native          Because the government            Americans at various               he said. Those who would
members of the committee,        Americans served despite not     spelled the names                 cemeteries in Wisconsin and        like to contribute information
Kling hopes to publish his       being recognized as US           phonetically, finding the         twenty-seven at the Tribal         about Native American Civil
findings of all veterans         citizens until 1924. As a        identities of the soldiers        Agency Cemetery located in         War soldiers can reach Kling
involved in the Civil War,       security officer at the          becomes more difficult.           Winnebago City, Nebraska.          at
Spanish-American War, War        Whitetail Crossing Casino in     Currently, there are 11
of 1812 and American Indian      Tomah, WI, Kling says he         Wisconsin Ho-Chunk names
wars.                            gained a great appreciation      that have no accompanying

       Hocak Language
               Tomah Cinema
              February 16, 2008
         All speakers invited!
       We need speakers to help teach
       young speakers and beginners
                 All areas are invited and welcome to attend!
                 Sponsored by the Hocak Language Division
                   Popcorn and Soda Pop will be Provided
Huc wiconi na wira 25, 2008                                        LANGUAGE                                                                         PAGE 5

Planning Ma Hocak Hoit’ e ra,
John Kozlowicz                     Long and Donald                 Traditional Court, which will   website, a site
Staff Writer                       Blackhawk. “All were very       encourage people (Ho-Chunk      that previously
  Following President              active in teaching and          and non-Ho-Chunk alike) to      was open only
Wilfrid Cleveland                  promoting the Language,”        learn and speak the             to tribal
proclaiming 2008 as Ma             Thundercloud said. Their        Language in the workplace,      members.
Hocak Hoit’e ra (The Year of       deaths “was a real blow” that   in Ho-Chunk communities         “The
the Ho-Chunk Language),            also served as a reminder       and in the home.                information
Public Relations Officer                                           Thundercloud believes that      will be open to
Anne Thundercloud                                                  “only by working together       everyone,”
explained some of the details                                      can we keep the Language        Thundercloud
of the proclamation. “It’s                                         alive” and explained some of    said. “We
more than just words, it’s a                                       the ways Ma Hocak Hoit’e ra     don’t care who
working document,” she                                             will give the Language more     wants to learn.
said. She listed some of the                                       of a presence in Ho-Chunk       We’re willing
steps the Nation has taken                                         country.                        to teach it to
will take to introduce and                                           Phrases of the week will be   anyone.”
teach the Language in an                                           posted throughout the           Interested persons may           presented using the Hocak
effort to preserve it for future                                   Nation’s workplaces,            contact the Language             Language to everyone in the
generations.                                                       community buildings and on      Division or fill out the         Executive Building and be
  President Cleveland                                              the Language Division           request form found on the        recorded on the Language
stressed that he would make                                        website (       website. Language classes        Division’s website. Plans
learning and speaking the                                          Thundercloud is hopeful that    will be taught on a regular      include presenting a similar
Language a priority of his                                         eventually phrases of the day   schedule throughout Ho-          address at other Ho-Chunk
administration and                 HCN Public Relations Officer    can be introduced that will     Chunk communities.               Nation facilities. Plans are
Thundercloud believes that         Anne Thundercloud               expose more words to the        Thundercloud explained that      being developed to enhance
programs are in place or are                                       Nation’s members and            the classes will be planned to   the distant learning classes
being developed that will                                          employees.                      help speakers at all levels of   giving more people the
create new opportunities for       that as the elders pass on,       The Language Division         learning and that all are        opportunity to be exposed to
those wishing to learn.            they take their knowledge       will be assigning user names    welcome. “Attendance is          the Language.
  She said that Ma Hocak           with them. “We needed to        and passwords to anyone         highly encouraged by the
Hoit’e ra was inspired by the      respond,” Thundercloud said.    interested in learning the      President,” she said.
recent deaths of Ho-Chunk            The response is a 12-         Language on Hocak Wazijaci        Beginning January 21, a
elders Bill O’Brien, Doug          month plan, supported by the    Language Program’s              weekly address will be
PAGE 6                                                 LEGISLTIVE MINUTES                                                            Huc wiconi na wira 25, 2008
       HO-CHUNK NATION             Decorah, Littlejohn, K. Lone-          ing recesses at 12:02 p.m.           refer the District 3/Wittenberg       to nominate Libby Fairchild as
         LEGISLATURE               Tree-Whiterabbit)-0 Motion Car-        Call Back to Order:                  Meeting motion to have Laurel         the Enrollment Committee Rep-
      REGULAR MEETING-             ried.                                  President Cleveland called the       Meek attend the next Wittenberg       resentative.
      EXECUTIVE OFFICE                                                    meeting back to order at 1:49        Meeting to discuss the Head
     BLACK RIVER FALLS,            Authorization to Open Re-              p.m.                                 Start Parking Lot issue to the Of-    Rep. Goze read for the record
           WISCONSIN               stricted Accounts at Jackson           Roll Call:                           fice of the President. Second by      the District 5/Chicago Meeting
      DECEMBER 18, 2007            County Bank for HCC Swim-              President Wilfrid Cleveland-P        Rep. E. Garvin. 10-0-0 Motion         motion to nominate Chris White
CALL TO ORDER: President           ming Pool and Wittenberg An-           Vice President Dan Brown-P           Carried. Rep. Pettibone was           Wing as the Enrollment Commit-
Wilfrid Cleveland called the       cillary Site Casino Projects           Rep. Elliott Garvin-2:01             out of the room.                      tee as the Representative.
meeting to order at 10:06 a.m.     Resolution:                            Rep. Douglas Greengrass-P            District 3:         MOTION by         MOTION by Rep. K. LoneTree-
ROLL CALL:                         MOTION by Rep. Goze to adopt           Rep. Clarence Pettibone-P            Rep. Walker to refer the District     Whiterabbit to table the Duane
President Wilfrid Cleveland-P      resolution 12-18-07 B Authori-         Rep. Roberta Decorah-P               3/Wittenberg Meeting motion to        Prescott request for a response
Vice President Daniel Brown -P     zation to Open Restricted Ac-          Rep. Lawrence Walker Jr.-P           change the casino name from           from Elliot Blackdeer from the
Rep. Elliott Garvin-P              counts at Jackson County               Rep. Alvin Cloud-P                   Great Northern Lodge to Ho-           Department of Health & Social
Rep. Douglas Greengrass-P          Bank for Ho-Chunk Casino               Rep. Ona Garvin-P                    Chunk North Casino to the Of-         Services. Second by Rep.
Rep. Clarence Pettibone-P          Swimming Pool and Witten-              Rep. Michael Goze-P                  fice of the President. Second by      Walker. 11-0-0 Motion Carried.
Rep. Roberta Decorah-P             berg Ancillary Site Casino             Rep. Greg Littlejohn-P               Rep. E. Garvin. 10-0-0 Motion         Presiding Officer of Finance
Rep. Lawrence Walker Jr.-P         Projects. Second by Rep. Dec-          Rep. Kathy LoneTree-Whiterab-        Carried. Rep. Pettibone was           Committee as Nationʼs Con-
Rep. Alvin Cloud-P                 orah. 8-1(Rep. K. LoneTree-            bit-P                                out of the room.                      tact with Wells Fargo Resolu-
Rep. Ona Garvin-P                  Whiterabbit)-2(Rep. O. Garvin,         Determination of Quorum:             MOTION by Rep. Walker to              tion:
Rep. Michael Goze-P                Littlejohn) Motion Carried.            Quorum was established at this       refer the District 3/Wittenberg       MOTION by Rep. K. LoneTree-
Rep. Greg Littlejohn-P             MOTION by Rep. Goze to table           time.                                Meeting motion for the new eld-       Whiterabbit to adopt resolution
Rep. Kathy LoneTree-Whiterab-      the Wells Fargo Loan Concern           District Concerns:                   ers to receive a grant in the         12-18-07 F Presiding Officer of
bit-P                              for the presentation of a resolu-      District 1:         MOTION by        amount of $8,000.00 for furni-        Finance Committee as the Na-
DETERMINATION OF QUO-              tion. Second by Rep. Cloud. 11-        Rep. Greengrass to accept the        ture to the Office of the Presi-      tionʼs Contact with Wells
RUM:                               0-0 Motion Carried.                    resignation of Gale White from       dent. Second by Rep. E.               Fargo. Second by Rep. Goze.
Quorum was established at this                                            the Election Board per the Dis-      Garvin. 9-0-1(Rep. O. Garvin)         10-0-1(Rep. Pettibone) Motion
time.                              NEW BUSINESS:                          trict 1 Meeting minutes. Second      Motion Carried. Rep. Petti-           Carried.
OPENING PRAYER:                    Approval of the Fiscal Year            by Rep. Pettibone. 10-0-0 Mo-        bone was out of the room.
President Wilfrid Cleveland of-    2008 Indian Housing Plan and           tion Carried.                        MOTION by Rep. Walker to              Executive Session:
fered the opening prayer.          Authorization to Submit to             District 2:         MOTION by        refer the District 3/Green Bay        MOTION by Rep. K. LoneTree-
                                   HUD Resolution:                        Rep. Decorah to refer the Dis-       Meeting motion that enrolled Ho-      Whiterabbit to go into executive
APPROVAL OF AGENDA:                MOTION by Rep. O. Garvin to            trict 2/La Crosse Meeting motion     Chunk Nation tribal members           session. Second by Rep. E.
MOTION by Rep. K. LoneTree-        adopt resolution 12-18-07 C            to request legal council for the     age 19-59 receive Christmas           Garvin. 11-0-0 Motion Carried.
Whiterabbit to approve the         Approval of the Fiscal Year            Election Board to the Office of      monies in the amount of $75.00        The meeting goes into execu-
agenda with the addition of item   2008 Indian Housing Plan and           the President. Second by Rep.        to the Office of the President.       tive session at 2:14 p.m.
5. Amendment to the Legislative    Authorization to Submit to             Pettibone. 10-0-0 Motion Car-        Second by Rep. E. Garvin. 10-         Rep. Decorah is excused at
Organization Act Comment Pe-       HUD. Second by Rep. Cloud. 9-          ried.                                0-1(Rep. Pettibone) Motion            2:25 p.m.
riod under Unfinished Business.    1(Rep. Decorah)-0 Motion Car-          MOTION by Rep. Decorah to            Carried.
Second by Rep. E. Garvin. Mo-      ried. Rep. Pettibone was out           refer the District 2/La Crosse       District 4:         Rep. O.           Open Session:
tion Carried.                      of the room.                           Meeting motion to have a Con-        Garvin read for the record the        MOTION by Rep. Pettibone to
                                                                          stitutional Attorney work with all   District 4/Wisconsin Dells Meet-      return to open session. Second
APPROVAL OF MEETING MIN-           UNFINISHED BUSINESS:                   tribal committees to the Office of   ing motion to not accept Stewart      by Rep. K. LoneTree-Whiterab-
UTES:                               401-K Concern:                        the President. Second by Rep.        Millerʼs confirmation as Execu-       bit. 10-0-0 Motion Carried. The
Legislative Meeting~Decem-         MOTION by Rep. Goze to in-             Greengrass. 10-0-0 Motion            tive Director to the Department       meeting returns to open ses-
ber 4, 2007:                       crease the employer contribution       Carried.                             of Business.                          sion at 4:12 p.m.
MOTION by Rep. K. LoneTree-        to the 401-K Plan from 1% to           MOTION by Rep. Decorah to            MOTION by Rep. O. Garvin to
Whiterabbit to approve the Leg-    2% of annual salary. This              approve the request from Elder       refer the District 4/Wisconsin        Executive Session Ratifica-
islative Meeting minutes of        change is to take effect as of         Robert LaMere in the amount of       Dells Meeting motion that the         tion:
December 4, 2007 as pre-           July 1, 2008. Second by Rep.           $3,105.67 to purchase a pellet       Executive Branch bring what           MOTION by Rep. K. LoneTree-
sented. Second by Rep. O.          K. LoneTree-Whiterabbit. 11-0-0        stove to heat his home. The          progress they are making re-          Whiterabbit to ratify all action
Garvin. 10-0-1(Rep. Littlejohn)    Motion Carried.                        funds are to be allocated from       garding projects and business         taken in executive session.
Motion Carried.                    Insurance Plan Document:               the Elder Assistance line item in    development to the next area          Second by Rep. Walker. 10-0-0
Legislative Meeting~Decem-         MOTION by Rep. O. Garvin to            the General Fund. Second by          meeting to the Office of the          Motion Carried.
ber 5, 2007:                       table the Insurance Plan Docu-         Rep. Greengrass. 10-0-0 Mo-          President. Second by V.P.             District 5:          MOTION by
MOTION by Rep. Goze to ap-         ment for further review. Second        tion Carried.                        Brown. 11-0-0 Motion Carried.         Rep. K. LoneTree-Whiterabbit
prove the Legislative Meeting      by Rep. Cloud. 11-0-0 Motion           MOTION by Rep. Decorah to            MOTION by Rep. O. Garvin to           to deny the District 5/Violet Gar-
minutes of December 5, 2007        Carried.                               refer the District 2/Tomah Meet-     refer the District 4/Wisconsin        diner request for assistance for
with corrections. Second by        401-K Plan Concern:                    ing motion to contact the Office     Rapids Meeting motion to sup-         tuition for military school for her
Rep. O. Garvin. 9-0-2(Rep. Lit-    MOTION by Rep. O. Garvin to            of the President about utilizing     port the homeless grant for vet-      son and refer to the Trial Court
tlejohn, K. LoneTree-Whiterab-     not approve any additional             local vendors to service and re-     erans to the Office of the            for possible assistance from the
bit) Motion Carried.               changes to the 401-K Plan Doc-         pair Whitetail Crossing for effi-    President. Second by Rep.             Minors Trust Account. Second
Special Legislative Meet-          ument at this time. Second by          cient service to the Office of the   Cloud. 11-0-0 Motion Carried.         by Rep. Littlejohn. 10-0-0 Mo-
ing~December 7, 2007:              Rep. Littlejohn. 10-1(Rep. Petti-      President. Second by Rep.            Rep. O. Garvin read for the           tion Carried.
MOTION by Rep. Cloud to ap-        bone)-0 Motion Carried.                Walker. 10-0-0 Motion Carried.       record the District 4/Wisconsin
prove the Special Legislative      Amendments to the Legisla-             Rep. Elliott Garvin arrived at       Rapids Meeting motion to not          General Fund Budget Modifi-
Meeting minutes of December 7,     tive Organization Act:                 2:01 p.m.                            confirm Stewart Miller as the Ex-     cation Resolution:
2007 as presented. Second by       MOTION by Rep. E. Garvin to            MOTION by Rep. Pettibone to          ecutive Director of the Depart-       MOTION by Rep. Greengrass
Rep. K. LoneTree-Whiterabbit.      approve sending the Amend-             approve the District 2/Elite Elder   ment of Business.                     to adopt resolution 12-18-07 H
10-0-1(Rep. Littlejohn) Motion     ments to the Legislative Organi-       Germaine Green request in the        MOTION by Rep. O. Garvin to           General Fund Budget Modifi-
Carried.                           zation Act out for a forty-five (45)   amount of $9,640.00 to have her      appoint Barb Smith as the Dele-       cation 1900-12-07 I02 in the
                                   day public comment and review          home made handicap accessi-          gate and Judy Buffalo as the Al-      amount of $1,541,000.00. Sec-
 SUBCOMMITTEE REPORTS:             period. Second by Rep. K.              ble and to repair the mold prob-     ternate to the Election Board per     ond by Rep. Goze. 9-1(Rep. K.
Administration Committee           LoneTree-Whiterabbit. 11-0-0           lem. The contractor is to be         the District 4/Wisconsin Rapids       LoneTree-Whiterabbit)-0 Motion
Meeting~December 6, 2007:          Motion Carried.                        Keith Construction and the funds     Meeting minutes. Second by            Carried.
MOTION by Rep. K. LoneTree-                                               are to be allocated from the         Rep. Cloud. 11-0-0 Motion Car-
Whiterabbit to approve the Ad-     NEW BUSINESS:                          Elder Assistance line item in the    ried.                                 Adjournment:
ministration Committee Meeting     Indian Health Services Fiscal          General Fund. Second by Rep.         MOTION by V.P. Brown to refer         MOTION by Rep. Greengrass
minutes of December 6, 2007 as     Year 2008 Contract Resolu-             K. LoneTree-Whiterabbit. 10-0-       the District 4/Madison Meeting        to adjourn the meeting until
presented. Second by Rep.          tion:                                  1(Rep. E. Garvin) Motion Car-        motion that the Ho-Chunk Na-          Tuesday, January 8, 2008 at
Greengrass. 9-0-2(Rep. O.          MOTION by Rep. K. LoneTree-            ried.                                tion through the Charitable Con-      10:00 a.m. The meeting is to be
Garvin, Littlejohn) Motion Car-    Whiterabbit to adopt resolution        District 3:         MOTION by        tributions Committee provide          held at the Milwaukee Branch
ried.                              12-18-07 D Indian Health Serv-         Rep. Walker to refer the District    $500.00 for the AILA gift presen-     Office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Development Committee              ices Fiscal Year 2008 Con-             3/Wittenberg Meeting motion to       tation to Kareem Abdul-Jabar on       Second by Rep. E. Garvin. 7-
Meeting~December 6, 2007:          tract. Second by Rep.                  have another person from hous-       January 12, 2008 at their meet-       3(Rep. O. Garvin, Goze, Petti-
MOTION by Rep. Cloud to ap-        Greengrass. 11-0-0 Motion              ing to assist Marty Littlewolf in    ing in Philadelphia to the Office     bone)-0 Motion Carried.
prove the Development Commit-      Carried.                               Wittenberg added to the next fis-    of the President. Second by
tee Meeting minutes of             Employee Appreciation Bonus            cal budget for Property Manage-      Rep. O. Garvin. 11-0-0 Motion         The meeting adjourns at 4:30
December 6, 2007 as pre-           Resolution:                            ment to the Office of the            Carried.                              p.m.
sented. Second by Rep. Goze.       MOTION by Rep. Goze to adopt           President. Second by Rep. E.         District 4:          MOTION by
11-0-0 Motion Carried.             resolution 12-18-07 E Em-              Garvin. 11-0-0 Motion Carried.       V.P. Brown to refer the District      Respectfully Submitted,
                                   ployee Appreciation Bonus.             MOTION by Rep. Walker to             4/Milwaukee Meeting motion to         Elliott Garvin,
UNFINISHED BUSINESS:               Second by Rep. Greengrass. 8-          refer the District 3/Wittenberg      have the Ho-Chunk Nation make         Tribal Secretary
Amendments to Amended &            2(Rep. Littlejohn, K. LoneTree-        Meeting motion to have Naomi         loans to its members using their
Restated Gaming Ordinance          Whiterabbit)-1(Rep. Pettibone)         Will travel to Wittenberg in Janu-   per cap as collateral at a lower
Resolution:                        Motion Carried.                        ary and present information con-     interest rate to the Office of the
MOTION by Rep. O. Garvin to        Recess for Lunch:                      cerning the 477 Program to the       President. Second by Rep.
adopt resolution 12-18-07 A        MOTION by Rep. Pettibone to            Office of the President. Second      Cloud. 11-0-0 Motion Carried.
Amendment to Amended and           recess the meeting for lunch.          by Rep. E. Garvin. 11-0-0 Mo-        District 5:         Rep. Littlejohn
Restated Gaming Ordinance.         Second by Rep. Littlejohn. 11-         tion Carried.                        read for the record the District
Second by Rep. Goze. 8-3(Rep.      0-0 Motion Carried. The meet-          MOTION by Rep. Walker to             5/MPLS-St. Paul Meeting motion
Huc wiconi na wira 25, 2008                                                 LEGAL                                                                               PAGE 7
                                   SUMMONS                                                                                  SUMMONS
                                (First Publication)                                                                      (First Publication)

               IN THE HO-CHUNK NATION TRIAL COURT                                                      IN THE HO-CHUNK NATION TRIAL COURT

State of Wisconsin and Brandon Wallner, Petitioners, v. Adrianne G.                     Meriter Home Health, Petitioners, v. Angeline Decorah, Respondent.
Lewis, Respondent.
                                                                                                                         Case : CG 07-101
                                 Case : CS 07-60
                                                                                        TO THE ABOVE-NAMED RESPONDENT: Angeline Decorah
                                                                                                  You are hereby informed that you have been named a respondent in the
         You are hereby informed that you have been named a respondent in the           above-entitled civil lawsuit. This legal notice of the Petition to Register & Enforce
above-entitled civil lawsuit. This legal notice of the Petition to Register & Enforce   a Foreign Judgment or Order is now served upon you by publication. Your writ-
a Foreign Judgment or Order is now served upon you by publication. Your writ-           ten Answer to the Petition must be filed with the Court on or before the twentieth
ten Answer to the Petition must be filed with the Court on or before the twentieth      day from the date of the published issuance of this Summons in . See Ho-Chunk
day from the date of the second published issuance of this Summons. You may re-         Nation Rules of Civil Procedure, Rules 5(C)(1)(f), 6(A). You may request a hear-
quest a hearing within your written response. See RECOGNITION OF FOREIGN CHILD          ing within your written response. Id., Rule 73(A). Also, you must send or pres-
SUPPORT ORDERS ORDINANCE, 4 HCC § 2.5. Also, you must send or present a                 ent a copy of your Answer to the opposing party listed above or to their attorney
copy of your Answer to the opposing party listed above or to their attorney of          of record. Failure to file a timely Answer in the time allowed can affect your
record. Failure to file a timely Answer in the time allowed can affect your right       right to object to the enforcement of the foreign judgment or order. Id., Rule 54.
to object to the enforcement of the foreign judgment or order. Id., § 2.6c.
                                                                                        The Trial Court is physically located at Wa Ehi Hocira, W9598 Highway 54 East,
The Trial Court is physically located at Wa Ehi Hocira, W9598 Highway 54                Black River Falls, (Jackson County) Wisconsin. The Trial Court’s mailing ad-
East, Black River Falls, (Jackson County) Wisconsin. The Trial Court’s mailing          dress is P. O. Box 70, Black River Falls, WI 54615. The telephone number is
address is P. O. Box 70, Black River Falls, WI 54615. The telephone number is           (715) 284-2722, or toll free 800-434-4070, and the facsimile number is (715) 284-
(715) 284-2722, or toll free 800-434-4070, and the facsimile number is (715)            3136.

                                   SUMMONS                                                                           SUMMONS
                                (First Publication)                                                               (First Publication)
                                                                                                       IN THE HO-CHUNK NATION TRIAL COURT
                                                                                        In Re Support Of:
Amanda L Wilson, Petitioners, v. Kenneth L. Wilson, Respondent.                         Everett Lee Menore
                                                                                        State of Wisconsin
                                 Case : CS 07-87                                        James Menore, Petitioners, v. Michelle L. Mendoza, Respondent.

TO THE ABOVE-NAMED RESPONDENT: Kenneth L. Wilson                                                                         Case : CS 07-90

         You are hereby informed that you have been named a respondent in the           TO THE ABOVE-NAMED RESPONDENT: Michelle L. Mendoza
above-entitled civil lawsuit. This legal notice of the Petition to Register & Enforce            You are hereby informed that you have been named a respondent in the
a Foreign Judgment or Order is now served upon you by publication. Your writ-           above-entitled civil lawsuit. This legal notice of the Petition to Register & Enforce
ten Answer to the Petition must be filed with the Court on or before the twentieth      a Foreign Judgment or Order is now served upon you by publication. Your writ-
day from the date of the second published issuance of this Summons. You may re-         ten Answer to the Petition must be filed with the Court on or before the twentieth
quest a hearing within your written response. See RECOGNITION OF FOREIGN CHILD          day from the date of the second published issuance of this Summons. You may re-
SUPPORT ORDERS ORDINANCE, 4 HCC § 2.5. Also, you must send or present a                 quest a hearing within your written response. See RECOGNITION OF FOREIGN CHILD
copy of your Answer to the opposing party listed above or to their attorney of          SUPPORT ORDERS ORDINANCE, 4 HCC § 2.5. Also, you must send or present a
record. Failure to file a timely Answer in the time allowed can affect your right       copy of your Answer to the opposing party listed above or to their attorney of
to object to the enforcement of the foreign judgment or order. Id., § 2.6c.             record. Failure to file a timely Answer in the time allowed can affect your right
                                                                                        to object to the enforcement of the foreign judgment or order. Id., § 2.6c.
The Trial Court is physically located at Wa Ehi Hocira, W9598 Highway 54
East, Black River Falls, (Jackson County) Wisconsin. The Trial Court’s mailing          The Trial Court is physically located at Wa Ehi Hocira, W9598 Highway 54
address is P. O. Box 70, Black River Falls, WI 54615. The telephone number is           East, Black River Falls, (Jackson County) Wisconsin. The Trial Court’s mailing
(715) 284-2722, or toll free 800-434-4070, and the facsimile number is (715)            address is P. O. Box 70, Black River Falls, WI 54615. The telephone number is
284-3136.                                                                               (715) 284-2722, or toll free 800-434-4070, and the facsimile number is (715)

                                   SUMMONS                                                                                  SUMMONS
                                (First Publication)                                                                      (First Publication)

               IN THE HO-CHUNK NATION TRIAL COURT                                                      IN THE HO-CHUNK NATION TRIAL COURT

State of Wisconsin and                                                                  Ho-Chunk Nation and Ho-Chunk Nation Dept. of Labor, Plaintiffs, v.
Selina R. Littlewolf, Petitioners, v. Rayce L. Pettibone, Respondent.                   Rayce Pettibone, Defendant.

                                 Case : CS 07-86                                                                          Case : CV07-76

TO THE ABOVE-NAMED RESPONDENT: Rayce L. Pettibone                                       TO THE ABOVE-NAMED DEFENDANT: Rayce Pettibone

         You are hereby informed that you have been named a respondent in the                    You are hereby informed that you have been named a defendant in the
above-entitled civil lawsuit. This legal notice of the Petition to Register & Enforce   above-entitled civil lawsuit. This legal notice of the Complaint is now served
a Foreign Judgment or Order is now served upon you by publication. Your writ-           upon you by publication. Your written Answer to the Complaint must be filed
ten Answer to the Petition must be filed with the Court on or before the twentieth      with the Court on or before the twentieth day from the date of the published is-
day from the date of the second published issuance of this Summons. You may re-         suance of this Summons in . See Ho-Chunk Nation Rules of Civil Procedure, Rules
quest a hearing within your written response. See RECOGNITION OF FOREIGN CHILD          5(C)(1)(f), 6(A). Also, you must send or present a copy of your Answer to the op-
SUPPORT ORDERS ORDINANCE, 4 HCC § 2.5. Also, you must send or present a                 posing party listed above or to their attorney of record. Failure to file a timely An-
copy of your Answer to the opposing party listed above or to their attorney of          swer in the time allowed can result in a default judgment being entered against
record. Failure to file a timely Answer in the time allowed can affect your right       you. Id., Rule 54.
to object to the enforcement of the foreign judgment or order. Id., § 2.6c.
                                                                                        The Trial Court is physically located at Wa Ehi Hocira, W9598 Highway 54
The Trial Court is physically located at Wa Ehi Hocira, W9598 Highway 54                East, Black River Falls, (Jackson County) Wisconsin. The Trial Court’s mailing
East, Black River Falls, (Jackson County) Wisconsin. The Trial Court’s mailing          address is P. O. Box 70, Black River Falls, WI 54615. The telephone number is
address is P. O. Box 70, Black River Falls, WI 54615. The telephone number is           (715) 284-2722, or toll free 800-434-4070, and the facsimile number is (715)
(715) 284-2722, or toll free 800-434-4070, and the facsimile number is (715)            284-3136.
PAGE 8                                                                      EMPLOYMENT                                                         Huc wiconi na wira 25, 2008

TERO Projects Update
Submitted by                                     the current and ongoing
Donald Greengrass Sr.                            projects since July 2007.
and Karen WhiteEagle                               The following are pictures
  Job Skills Bank Applicants                     and pride of the TERO Job
are constantly being referred                    Skills Bank Applicants who
to the General Contractors                       are helping build our Nation.
and the Sub Contractors.                         They are working at the
TERO staff is working                            Tomah Blue Wing Tribal
diligently to put qualified                      Aging Unit and the
HCN members to work and                          Wittenberg Tribal Aging Unit
using Supportive Services to                     Building, another Project is
help them maintain                               the Ho Chunk Casino
employment until their first                     Swimming Pool. TERO
paycheck. TERO has                               referred applicants to various
referred 23 total applicants to                  BIA roads projects as well.

                                                                                   Kent Funmaker - Bluewing TAU         Phil Cholka - Ho-Chunk Hotel Aquatic Center

                                                                                        TERO COMMISSION
                                                                                        REGULAR MEETING
                                                                                                                DEPARTMENT OF LABOR
Kim Whitegull - Bluewing TAU                       Doran Goodbear - Bluewing TAU                                 CONFERENCE ROOM
                                                                                                                  BLACK RIVER FALLS

TERO News                                                                                                         TUESDAY
                                                                                                                February 12, 2008
Submitted by                                       TERO is currently active
Donald Greengrass Sr.                            with monitoring projects,
  TERO Division is moving                        helping Ho-Chunks gain
forward with new staff from                      employment, and setting up
                                                 training for Ho-Chunks to
                                                 find employment. Staff has
                                                                                                                   5:00 P.M.
                                                 been attending Area
                                                 Meetings to inform the                               FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT:
                                                 membership of the program                          TERO DIRECTOR DONALD GREENGRASS
                                                 and benefits of TERO. We
    “To promote and pro-                         plan to attend Milwaukee,                                 1 (800) 294-9343 X 1138
    tect Indian preference
    in employment, train-                        Green Bay and Madison
    ing and contracting. To
      monitor and enforce the
        Tribal Employment
                                                 Area meetings in February.                                               HO-CHUNK NATION
         Rights Ordinance                          In the near future we are
           on or near
               Ho-Chunk Nation Trust
                                                 going to hold CDL Passenger
                                                 endorsement training, and
                                                                                                               Security Administrator
                                                 planning a short basic                                                    Black River Falls, WI.
one year ago. The new staff                      carpentry class. Ho-Chunks         Qualifications: Ability to work cooperatively in a team environment or independently as needed. Ability to
is Donald Greengrass, TERO                       can call or come into the          maintain confidentiality and professional demeanor under all work circumstances. Must be able to lift up to
Director (Ext. 1138), Karen                      office for more information.       50 pounds. Bachelors Degree in Computer Science that includes substantial course work in system secu-
WhiteEagle, Investigator                         The office number is (715)         rity. Minimum CompTia Security+ Certificaiton, MCP in Windows 2000 or 2003. Highly Recommend CISSP
(Ext.1141) and Ralph Snake,                      284-5877 or (800)294-9343.         Certification, MCSA in Windows 2000 or 2003.
                                                                                    Five years job experience consistent with the above Duties & Responsibilities. Advanced Knowledge of Mi-
Case Manager (Ext.1136).                           TERO will be submitting          crosoft Systems, Security Devices, Security Policies and Networking. Advanced knowledge of trouble-
We are supervised by the                         more articles on projects, and     shooting, diagnosis and correction of security breaches. Experience with network bridging, routing, cabling,
Executive Director, Crystal                      employment information in          installation of network software, interfacing multiple topologies and environments.
Young, who is the former                         future Worak publications.         Experience with setup, configuration, security, and trouble shooting in a TCP/IP environment, system de-
TERO Director.                                                                      sign, implementation and support. Background in Tribal or Government programs; gaming operations;
                                                                                    HIPAA requirements. Must comply with tribal drug testing policy. Must apply for and be approved to hold a
                                        Ho-Chunk Nation                             Ho-Chunk Nation Gaming License. Valid driverʼs license, dependable transportation and proper insurance.

                        Teacher Assistant                                                                    We offer 401(K), Health, Dental, Vision, and Life benefits.
                                                                                                             Please submit APPLICATION & RESUME to:
                                       Black River Falls, WI                                                    Ho-Chunk Nation - Department of Personnel
 Qualifications: Must have Early Childhood Training I and II. Child                                              PO Box 667, Black River Falls, WI 54615
 Development Associate Degree preferred, or willing to obtain within                                               (800) 232-0086 FAX: (715) 284-9465
 1 year of employment. Must pass all state licensing requirements.                                          Application Deadline: January 30, 2008 by 4:00PM
 Must have CDA, or able to attain within 6 months. Must have AA                                               See our jobs online at:
 degree in Early Childhood, Child Development, or a related field
 minimally, or able to attain AA degree by 2003. Must have CPR or
 equivalency or working toward achievement. Prior Supervising Edu-
 cation or experience, a plus. Willingness to assume full position-re-                                                        Ho-Chunk Nation
 lated responsibilities. Confidentiality to all aspects of the Headstart
 Program. Demonstrated ability to work cooperatively with others.                                             Clinic Registered Nurse
 Empathetic with culture, attitudes and activities of the Indian Com-                                  Ho-Chunk Health Care Clinic, Black River Falls, WI.
 munity. Means of transportation, if own car must have a valid driv-                Qualifications: Graduation from an accredited school of nursing. Possess a current State of Wisconsin RN
 ers license and liability insurance. Preference given to low income,               license in good standing or be eligible for licensure. Possess or obtain and maintain current CPR and
 local resident and/or Headstart parent with knowledge of the com-                  ACLS certification. Possess the knowledge to triage walk-in patients. Be able to recognize signs and
 munity.                                                                            symptoms of an urgent or emergent nature. Possess emotional stability to deal with emergencies and
                                                                                    stresses. Possess basic computer skills. Promote a healthy, non-abusive lifestyle. Possess a valid driver's
     We offer 401(K), Health, Dental, Vision, and Life benefits
                                                                                    license, dependable transportation, and vehicle insurance. No nights or weekends.
           Please submit Application and Resume to:                                                          We offer 401(K), Health, Dental, Vision, and Life benefits.
                       Ho-Chunk Nation                                                                      Please submit APPLICATION & RESUME to:
                    Department of Personnel                                                                    Ho-Chunk Nation - Department of Personnel
           P.O. Box 667 Black River Falls, WI. 54615                                                           P.O. Box 667, Black River Falls, WI. 54615
         PHONE: (800) 232-0086 FAX: (715) 284-9465                                                                (800) 232-0086 FAX: (715) 284-9465
      Application Deadline: January 30, 2008 by 4:00PM                                                   APPLICATION DEADLINE: January 30, 2008 by 4:00 PM
        See our jobs online at:                                                       See our jobs online at:
Huc wiconi na wira 25, 2008                             ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                               PAGE 9

A Message
from                                                                Ho-Chunk Elder
Compliance                                                          Winter Conference
Submitted by                      Nation and an employer are
Joe Buse                          dependent on the physical,        Ho-Chunk Convention Center
Compliance Director               mental, and emotional health
   As indicated in the title      of its employees.”                Lower Dells Area
above, this is the first in a       Each year Compliance
multi-part series concerning      compiles all the data related
the Nation’s Drug, Alcohol,
                                  to drug and alcohol testing
                                           and prepares an
                                           annual report. In the
                                                                                HEALTH DAY
Policy. In the
                                           report, we attempt to
                                           analyze trends to help
                                                                                       Monday, February 4th
future, we will
                                           us establish goals for
                                           the upcoming year.              “Go Red For Women Day”
Random                                     At the national level,
testing,                                   and depending on the      Wear red to help raise awareness of cardiovascular disease
Reasonable                                 study, use of illegal         7:30 – 9:00    Registration and Continental Breakfast
Suspicion                                  drugs on the job
testing, Alcohol testing,         ranges from 8 % to 23%.                       9:00    Welcome
Prescription drugs, Initial       Listed below are a few                                Prayer and Opening Remarks
testing, and test results. Our    statistics to show how the
goal is to increase awareness     Nation compares:
                                                                        9:30 – 10:30    Falls Prevention
of the program and how the        • Drug policy violations 5-                                 Brenda Hanson & Nicole Swartzer
program is administered.            year average is 4.6%.              10:30 – 10:45    Break
For those who do not know,        • Percentage of drug policy
the policy can be found in          violations decreased from          10:45 – 11:30    Line Dance
the Employee Relations              5.2% in 2006 to 5% in                                     Kathy Clemons & Chris Fredericks
Act, Ho-Chunk Code Title            2007.
6, Section 5, Chapter VI,         • Total number of drug and            11:30 – 1:00    Lunch
which is available for              alcohol tests conducted in           1:00 – 2:00    Lifeline, 211 and Telecare
viewing on the Nation’s             2007 was 2,930.                      2:00 – 2:15    Break
website.                          • 48% of all 2007 positive
   The first sentence of the        tests were Pre-employment            2:15 – 2:45    Chair exercise
policy sums up the purpose          or initial tests.                                         Kathy Clemons & Chris Fredericks
very well; “The Nation has a      • 26% of all 2007 positive
vital interest in maintaining a     tests were Random tests.            2:45 – 3: 00    Break
safe, healthy, and efficient        Although the policy only             3:00 – 4:00    Foot Care Teaching
working environment for its       directly affects employees,
employees, contract service                                                                   Pat Lange, RN MSN,CRCH
                                  the misuse or abuse of drugs
providers, elected and            and/or alcohol does not just                                UW Health EauClaire Family Clinic
appointed officials, and each     affect you, it affects                 4:30 – 5:30    Traditional Meal at the House of Wellness
of these parties has the right    everyone around you. So,
to expect that such working       the key to effective                                  Entertainment by Pat Boyles, Stand-up
conditions are maintained.”       enforcement and the Nation’s                          Comedian
It also states that the “Nation   ability to truly achieve a drug
recognizes that its own well-     and alcohol free workplace is                         Shuttle Service provided
being and future success as a     you!                               Exhibit booths • Massages available throughout the day.
                          Notice Of
     Ho-Chunk Election Board                                                                     Bingo Session
        Delegate Position                                                               Monday Evening at the Ho-Chunk Bingo Hall
                                                                                             Fundraiser for a Student Foreign
                For District I                                                               Exchange Ambassador Program.
         Black River Falls, Wisconsin                                                         There will be an admission fee.
                                                                                                 Bingo starts at 6:00 p.m.
      If you are interested in being nominated for the
        position please attend the monthly meeting.

                  Wednesday, February 13, 2008
                                                                                        TAU DAY
                            7:00 PM
                                                                                  TUESDAY February 5, 2008
                       Executive Building                                7:30 – 9:00    Registration and Continental Breakfast
                                                                        9:00 – 10:30    Monty Fox, “Voices from the Past”
                      W9814 Airport Road
                                                                       10:30– 10:45     Break
                   Black River Falls, WI 54615                         10:45 – 11:45    Ken Smith, Financial Advisor
                         (715) 284-9343                                 11:45 – 1:00    Lunch
                         (800) 294-9343                                  1:00 – 2:00    John Ivan Palmer, Hypnotist
                                                                         2:00 – 3:00    Anna Rae Funmaker,
  If you have questions regarding duties and compensa-                                      Presentation on the Removals
  tion please contact the Election Board Office.                               3:15      Closing Remarks
                   Election Board                                                         Massages available
                  4 East Main Street
                     P.O. Box 756                                                                     Photos taken
             Black River Falls, WI. 54615
                                                                                                      Mon. & Tues.
                    (715) 284-8900
                    (800) 890-0583                                                                    to take home.
                 (715) 284-8600 FAX
PAGE 10                                                             ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                                Huc wiconi na wira 25, 2008

                                                   March Madness
                                             Basketball Tournament
                                                         March 6-9, 2008                                                              Come Celebrate
                                                      Native Wisconsin’s Premier                                                    Under Our New Roof!
                                                       Basketball Shootout!
                                                                                                                        District I Community Center
                                Men’s entry fee $375 before February 15 & $400 after
                                Women’s entry fee $250 before February 15 & $300 after                                   Friday, February 15, 2008
                                Men’s Basketball: Limit 24 teams.                                                          Dinner: 6:00-7:00 pm
                                All players must be 18 or older and bring Tribal I.D.
                                Women’s limit 8 teams same as above                                                     DJ & Dance: 7:00-11:00 pm
                                All players must be 18 or older and bring Tribal I.D.                                              All participants receive prizes!
                                    No personal checks will be accepted.                                                           Enjoy a night without the kids!
                 Vendor’s fees: $125 - 3 days only Friday, Saturday and Sunday                                                        (Adults Only: 18 years or older)
   Admission: Seniors free • Adults $10 for 4 days or $5 per day • Children under 5: free                               Contests: Soulja Boy, Electric Slide, Karaoke,
                     Children age 6 – 12: $5 for 4 days or $2 per day
  Further information please call (888) 552-7889. Ask for Scott Gilbeck or Cameron Greendeer at extension 5506
                                                                                                                         Freestyle and dances from all generations
                                                                                                                   Prizes include: cash, hotel stays, bingo packets, & jackets
                                                                                                                                         “Let’s get physical…”
          Keeping Hope Alive                                                                                     Sponsored by: District One Community Center, Office of The President, Family Fitness,
                                                                                                                 Lifestyle Balance, Special Diabetes Program for Indians, Cardiovascular Disease Risk Reduc-
                                                                                                                 tion, Ho-Chunk Hotel & Casino, Ho-Chunk Bingo, Majestic Pines Hotel & Casino, Majestic
                                                                                                                 Pines Bingo, Dejope Bingo, Greenhouse Barbershop, HCN Administration Department, Mike

          Wellness Conference                                                                                    Green, Whitetail Crossing C-stores, and Rainbow Casino.

      WEDNESDAY, MARCH 19 and
 THURSDAY, MARCH 20, 2008 Until 11:30a.m.
 MARCH 19 & 20 - Registration: 7:30-9:00a.m.
                     Laugh Your Way to Best Health
                     Ask the Provider Panel
                     Many Diabetes Prevention and Management sessions
         Ho-Chunk Casino/Convention Center
   Reservations accepted through March 5th – LIMITED ROOMS AVAILABLE/
               Group name: HCN Health Diabetes Conference
                                   For more information please contact
              Linda Lowery, DM/CVD Risk Reduction Coordinator (715) 284-9851 ext. 5343
              Funded by the Special Diabetes Program for Indians—Non-Competitive Grant;
           Lifestyle Balance Program Special Diabetes Program for Indians --Competitive Grant;
                                         Health Education Program

                                                                                                                            HO-CHUNK NATION
                                                                                                                           REFORM COMMITTEE
                                                                                                                        In order to give all Ho-Chunk Nation members the opportu-
                                                                                                                        nity have a voice in reforming the Nation’s Constitution,
                                                                                                                        task force committees will be formed at the January and
                                                                                                                        February Area Meetings and a delegate and an alternate will
                                                                                                                        be elected to represent the Ho-Chunk communities of:
                                                                                                                             Black River Falls            Minneapolis/St. Paul
                                                                                                                             Chicago                      Tomah
                                                                                                                             Green Bay                    Wisconsin Dells
                                                                                                                             La Crosse                    Wisconsin Rapids
                                                                                                                             Madison                      Wittenberg
                                                                                                                        A meeting of the delegates from each area will be scheduled
                                                                                                                        for late March or early April of 2008.
                                                                                                                        Ho-Chunk tribal members who are not able to participate in
                                                                                                                        Area Meetings are encouraged to participate in the process,
                                                                                                                        by sending their recommendations for changes to the Con-
                                                                                                                        stitution to:
                                                                                                                                 Ho-Chunk Nation
                                                                                                                                 Legislative Policy Analyst
                                                                                                                                 P.O. Box 667, Black River Falls, WI 54615
                                                                                                                        An Advisory Board will be formed to assist in the process.
                                                                                                                        This board will consist of: elders; veterans; current and for-
                                                                                                                        mer elected and appointed tribal officials; framers of the
                                                                                                                        current and past Constitutions; and tribal members who
                                                                                                                        have special expertise. Tribal members who are willing to
                                                                                                                        serve on the advisory board should submit a letter of inter-
                                                                                                                        est and/or resume to the aforementioned address for ap-
                                                                                                                        pointment to the Advisory Board.
Huc wiconi na wira 25, 2008                                       HOCAK WORAK                                                                       PAGE 11

Injury Prevention
Health Department Works to Keep Ho-Chunks and Others Safe on the Road
Marcus F. Lewis                 doors” for improving safety      information about vehicle        Voss feel their work is going      financial support to the
Editor                          for the Nation. Underage         injury prevention, Thunder       in the right direction. “It’s so   “Click It or Ticket”
   Drunken driving              drinking, car seat use and       and Voss have seen positive      important that people buckle       initiatives the state of
prevention is an important      wearing seatbelts are all        results.                         up, it can make a big              Wisconsin utilizes. “Every
goal to the Ho-Chunk Nation     areas that the CDC is                                             difference,” said Voss.            little bit helps,” said Voss,
(HCN) and a recent grant-       focusing its attention toward.                                      Voss and Thunder have            “Especially when both law
sponsored billboard contest     In fact, over the past couple                                     also done work with law            enforcement and (the general
is just one of the many ways    of years, the injury                                              enforcement agencies and           public) are on the same
the Department of Health has    prevention efforts of the                                         provided training for them         page.” The injury prevention
planned to raise awareness.     HCN have stepped up greatly                                       regarding car seat use.            program has also given
The Centers for Disease         including personnel                                               “There are a lot of things         support to its youth by
Control (CDC) has an injury     conducting observations of                                        people don’t know about car        sponsoring a billboard
prevention branch and for the   car seat and seatbelt use.                                        seats,” said Thunder. Some         contest and providing tickets
first time, they have offered     Voss and Niki Thunder                                           common misconceptions              for over 90 Ho-Chunk young
grants specifically targeting   stake out various stop signs                                      about car seats involve how        people to attend “Nightmare”
Native Americans. In all,       throughout Ho-Chunk                “We have seen a bit of         large a child should be before     during the Halloween season.
four Native Nations received    country and monitor who is       improvement from one year        he or she can ride without         The program has also
grant funding, but the HCN      and is not wearing seatbelts     to the next,” said Thunder.      one and how to properly            sponsored motivational
was the only Wisconsin          and using car seats. “We’re      “It’s pretty encouraging,”       fasten one into a vehicle.         speakers for young people,
group to receive money.         not trying to bust anyone,”      added Voss. Though they          “The Ho-Chunk Nation has           most recently Lani Blackdeer
   Ho-Chunk Nation              said Thunder. “We want to        sometimes get asked if they      been very proactive in (car        at the Winter Youth Summit
Sanitarian Rob Voss believes    make sure people are safe.”      are having car trouble from      seat) education,” said             in December.
the CDC’s new grant focus       Since they began gathering       passersby during their           Thunder.
“really opens up a lot of       data and spreading               stakeouts, both Thunder and        The Nation has even given

Tradition Meets Modern Art
John Kozlowicz                  anything unless they’re          unique and individual work       youth, Kunu
Staff Writer                    taught.”                         that typically takes 40-60       believes that the
  Fulfilling his dream of         Kunu displayed his latest      hours to create. After           skills mastered
working to keep the             piece at the Executive           cleaning and stretching the      by his ancestors
traditions of his ancestors     Complex in Black River           hide, Kunu explained that the    can be
alive, Native artist Kunu       Falls, one of 10 major art       essential elements needed to     incorporated
Buffalo Helgesen’s work         projects he has completed.       create his art are the brain,    into modern
includes brain tanning          Noting that the images           wood burned to create the        education. For
(rubbing the animal’s brain     “invite something deeper         smoke and a medium on            example, he
into the scrapped skin) and     than what the eye can see,”      which he will use to create      said finding the
smoking hides before            he said that as he works on a    the artwork and color. The       materials
creating his vision upon the    piece, the final image is “a     finished product is water        needed to make
hide.                           vision within me.” Much of       resistant and will last for      a bow require
  Now living in Dells Dam,      his work is started without a    generations, he said. Each       knowledge of
WI, Kunu is one of the few      vision of the final product.     piece is created without a       geography,
remaining Ho-Chunks               A self-described “catalyst     specific buyer in mind, but      geology, math
capable of brain tanning and    for preservation,” Kunu said     Kunu said that all the pieces    and physics;         Kunu Buffalo Helgesen displays one of his
smoking hides, a skill he       that his latest work is a        he has created were sold         skills that          creations at the Executive Building in Black
                                                                                                                       River Falls.
learned when serving as an      culmination of everything he     shortly after being displayed.   ancestors
apprentice with Levi and        has learned. Blending              An accomplished maker of       acquired outside                      Kunu is currently finishing
Verna Blackdeer from 1990-      traditional knowledge, “I try    archer’s bows, Kunu has          the classroom. He                   a piece of art that will be
93. “They taught me             to think like my grandfather     frequently spoken at schools     concluded, “Having kids             permanently displayed in the
traditional knowledge,” he      (Thomas Mike),” with             and museums sharing his          learn is important so that          Black River Falls Executive
said. “I am grateful for the    modern technique, he stated      knowledge. Particularly          they can tie tradition with         Office atrium.
lessons. Nobody can do          that each piece created is a     interested in working with       modern education.”
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A Picture Worth a Thousand Words
Young Ho-Chunk’s Artwork Sends the Right Message
Marcus F. Lewis                  “Don’t drink and drive or
Editor                           you’ll end up like these
  The Health Department          guys.”
received grant money to put        The contest was open to
toward motor vehicle injury      any Ho-Chunk young person
prevention and was uncertain     and the 12 submissions came
what images to put on a          from Wisconsin Rapids,
billboard. They decided to       Black River Falls and
create a contest for Ho-         Wisconsin Dells. “We
Chunk youth and allow them       wanted a peer perspective on
the chance to create the         bad decision making and
picture and ten year-old         what effect it can have,” said
Zamantha Funmaker’s              Ho-Chunk Nation Sanitarian
artwork was chosen as the        Rob Voss. “We were really
finest of the bunch. Her         impressed with Zamantha’s
artwork (a car full of people    work. It was the best by far.”
drinking while driving) will     In addition to well-deserved
appear for one year on a         bragging rights, young
billboard between the Ho-        Zamantha received a
Chunk Executive Complex          substantial gift card to Wal-
and Black River Falls, WI        Mart.
spreading the message:                                                (l-r) Wisconsin Dells Youth Center Director Ben
                                                                      Olson with Zamantha at a ceremony in her honor    10 year-old Zamantha Funmaker poses with her
                                                                      held January 10 at the House of Wellness.         artwork.

Ho-Chunk International Ambassador
Olivia Steindorf Chosen for People to People Program
John Kozlowicz                   sometimes staying                                                              and landmarks to be       Olivia and her family are
Staff Writer                     with host families and                                                         visited. Part of          planning to hold fundraisers
  Olivia Steindorf, a            throughout the trip                                                            Eisenhower’s vision       and John noted that she is
seventh-grade student at         and they are                                                                   included “the direct      already saving her
Alma Center Lincoln High         encouraged to share                                                            interaction between       Christmas, birthday and
School is preparing to go to     their cultures and                                                             students of different     allowance monies, cutting
Europe.                          ideas. Although the                                                            nations, which will       back on the things a 12-year-
  Following interviews with      exact date of her trip                                                         connect the world in      old typically buys. Beth
teachers at the school, Olivia   hasn’t yet been                                                                a network of              added that “she knows she is
was selected to participate in   confirmed, Olivia is                                                           friendship” and           going to have work for this.”
the People to People Student     already preparing for                                                          Olivia is looking           Described by her parents
Ambassador Program, and          her journey by raising                                                         forward to making         as very competitive and a
will travel to France, Italy     some of the funds                                                              new friends and           hard worker not looking to
and Greece this summer.          needed for the trip.                                                           sharing her Ho-           take short-cuts, Olivia serves
The program was founded by         Her parents, Beth                                                            Chunk culture.            on the school’s student
President Dwight                 and John Steindorf                                                                The cost of the        council, plays the flute and is
Eisenhower “to create a          stated that although                                                           trip is an estimated      part of the school’s gifted
global community based on        they will miss her,                                                            $6,500 and Olivia         and talented program. Away
trust, respect and an            they are thrilled that                                                         has already applied       from school, she has a wide
understanding of other           Olivia was selected                                                            for funding from the      range of interests, including
cultures.” The students          for the trip. They said                                                        Nation’s PreK-12          tae kwon do, hunting, trap
selected spend nearly three      that Olivia, a “straight                                                       Grant Program that        shooting and is a member of
weeks visiting and               A” student, has                                                                could provide up to       the Warrior Clan.
interacting with students and    already started to                                                             $2,500. To help
families from Europe,            research the countries     Olivia Steindorf                                    with the costs,

                        Jeriah Rave, Sr.
              Executive Secretary to the President

     A member of the Bear Clan, Jeriah’s Ho-
   Chunk name is Cho Eja Mani Ga (Walking in
   the Front).
     As Executive Secretary, Jeriah works closely
   with the President and with all ten departments
   within the Ho-Chunk Nation. Parts of his duties
   include fielding questions for the President,
   delegating duties and advising the presidential
     Currently, Jeriah is working on various issues
   concerning the Ho-Chunk Nation Presidential
   Office and its relation to the state government,
   federal government and the members of the Ho-
   Chunk Nation.                                    Jeriah Rave, Sr.
     For the upcoming year, one of Jeriah’s main
   interests is the mind-frame of the Nation
   members. He states, “The Nation must stay positive, especially
   regarding the Language initiative.”
     A long-time serving marine, Jeriah enjoys spending time with his                    (l-r) Presidential Aides Jerod Stacy and Craig Sechser served as head cooks for
   family and friends. During his time away from the office, he sings with               the recent Packer tailgate party at the Executive Complex on January 18. The
   the Ho-Chunk drum Battle Point.                                                       Packers went on to lose the NFC Championship game to the New York Giants

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