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What is DOC-Retrieve document management?
DOC-Retrieve is a computerized document organizing system incorporating both electronic and paper files
within an efficient virtual filing cabinet.
DOC-Retrieve offers a variety of filing techniques, ensuring that documents of varying content and style can
always be found efficiently. DOC-Retrieve can be installed as a standalone or as a networked system with up to
250+ users. It integrates with Microsoft® Office applications.

Document Management can be understood by thinking of it as 5 elements:

capture:      getting documents into the system by scanning or routing

index:        file captured documents by chosen criteria to facilitate retrieval later

store:        the system acts as a secure and safe storage cabinet for the documents

retrieve:     search the system for documents already filed

manage: administer the system and the documents within it

                                          (any device TWAIN
                                           & ISISsupported)

                                                                                         FILE TYPES



                                                                                             electronically over a network
                                                              DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT                direct link from office
                                                                     SYSTEM                  applications including e-mail

                   ELECTRONIC FILES
                   AND EMAIL


                                                                                             electronically over a network

                                                     The comprehensive document
                                                     management solution
                                                      Microsoft® Office 2003, XP and Vista®

                                                                   Why DOC-Retrieve?
                                                                      DOC-Retrieve is easy and enjoyable to use but at the
                                                                      same time is powerful, flexible and reliable, offering a
                                                                      comprehensive solution
                                                                      DOC-Retrieve is rich in useful features. Today’s
                                                                      product has substantially grown using the helpful
                                                                      suggestions and feedback of existing customers
                                                                      DOC-Retrieve uses industry standard Microsoft®
                                                                      technology including MS SQL and .net framework

                                                                   Flexible filing
                                                                      The filing structure within DOC-Retrieve will
                                                                      be significantly more effective and versatile
What are the benefits?                                                than existing manual procedures and
ALL documents can be incorporated into one system.                    Different documents require different filing techniques
Scanning technology makes the transfer of paper                       e.g handwritten vs. printed
documents to a computer fast, efficient and easy.                     Manual tagging (made even easier with
The import of existing electronic documents, fax and                  ‘dropdown lists’)
e-mail is effortless. Applications with the facility to print to
file as a recognized file type can be sent directly to DOC-           Automatic / semi automatic / bulk indexing
Retrieve. Frequently used company documents can be                    Total document OCR – a choice to OCR only or part
created from within DOC-Retrieve guaranteeing capture.                of the first page is standard
Powerful and flexible control of user access to documents             Regional OCR
and functions safeguards the files within the system.
                                                                      Selected pages from a document can be
By default, all documents are encrypted.
                                                                      indexed separately
Document Management offers further
                                                                      Advanced OCR Profiling (module)
advantages including:
                                                                      Barcode (module)
   Large cost savings are made quickly as space
   becomes available when old filing cabinets and
   other storage containers are removed. New desks
   and equipment can replace them – suddenly, larger,              Powerful search capabilities
   expensive premises are not the only option!                     Filed documents can be searched for across individual or
   No more expensive time wasted looking for lost or               multiple cabinets in a variety of ways:
   mislaid documents or files                                         INDEX SEARCH
   Powerful and flexible filing - the same document may               By indexed field value(s)
   be filed under several references, which is not possible
                                                                      Less than / more than / between / equals options
   with paper documents or normal computer files unless
   copies are made                                                    OCR SEARCH
   Documents can be distributed or shared instantly                   By OCR capture – word (or part of), words or phrases
   between users and departments; saving valuable staff               Ability to search attachments that have been OCR’d
   time previously spent moving between departments
   seeking information                                                FURTHER SEARCH

   Customer queries can be answered quickly as                        By e-mail header information including from / to /
   information is available from the screen without leaving           subject etc
   the desk                                                           By general information including file name / action /
                                                                      performed by / flags / no of pages / workflow status
                                                                      All of the above methods can be filtered by a ‘system
                                                                      entered’ or ‘last modified’ date range.
Management solution for all companies
Windows Server® 2003, XP sp2, Windows Vista®

                                                                WORKFLOW (DOCUMENT ROUTING)
                                                                Documents can be automatically routed to users
                                                                via a pre-determined workflow. Workflows are
                                                                managed allowing documents to be tracked and
                                                                their status monitored, according to the time allocated.
                                                                This is ideal for invoice approvals, drawings, project
                                                                management etc
                                                                DOC-Retrieve can read Barcodes and
                                                                automatically populate index fields with the
                                                                ADVANCED OCR
                                                                Advanced OCR profiles for individual documents,
    Other important features                                    specifying criteria which improves the OCR
     Users have personal in-trays which can be shared with      recognition and includes an easy to use checking
     selected colleagues. Paper or electronic documents         feature. Handwriting and forms set up licences also
     enter the in-trays via a number of routes - scanning,      available
     importing or being sent direct from third party            WEB
                                                                Allows access from any location with an
     Documents (or selected pages) can be conveniently          internet connection
     sent from DOC-Retrieve via fax, e-mail, print or
     document export                                            CSV / XML IMPORT PLUS IMAGE CREATION
                                                                (CUSTOMISED MODULE)
     Reminders (timed) can be set and linked to documents
     alerting users to look at or action them in the future     Allows data from other applications to be automatically
                                                                imported, filed and indexed in DOC-Retrieve cabinets.
     DOC-Retrieve has a versatile annotations tool which        Customised document images can be created to
     allows users to perform a variety of actions on image      display the data
     documents including creating their own system
     stamps, writing a ‘post it’ type note or electronic
     signature image
     DOC-Retrieve has its own sophisticated scanning
     interface. Documents can be autocorrected, separated
     by OCR or barcode, blank pages removed, profiles set
     for different documents etc
     Export index information to CSV / XML files allowing
     import into other software packages
     DOC-Retrieve has powerful but easy to use
     administrative functions making the system quick to set
     up and versatile in operation
     API tool available for integration with other products

   DOC-Retrieve scanning interface                       Viewing                                               User messaging
   Simple scan:                                          multiple and shared in-trays                          internal messaging system for
   file name / type                                      view documents as list files /                        DOC-Retrieve users
   single page / multi page                              thumbnails / tiles / image / split image /            send messages with search
   show / hide interface                                 single page thumbs / full screen                      links / attachments
   Advanced scan:                                        document locking, check in and                        generates automatic workflow
   scanning profiles                                     check out                                             reminders (optional module)
   TWAIN and ISIS                                        list view one click column sort plus
   document grouping options                             three way filter                                      Communicate
   recognised by blank page insert,                      thumbnails locally cached for                         send documents to individuals or
   OCR text or barcodes                                  quick access                                          groups of users
   auto correct / counter / auto date, time,             work with selected documents                          output as print, fax and e-mail
   sequence numbers.(file name)                          icons in all views when a document                    document ‘save as’ out of DOC-
   feeder options specify number of pages                has additional info.                                  Retrieve output as searchable CD
   and pages per document                                inbuilt viewer displays over 200 file                 (optional module)
   OCR profiles                                          formats as thumbnails or images:                      output as CSV file
   scan more (auto append)                               (list available)
   Indexing                                              File import / export                                  margin adjustment and page numbers
   single or multi-document index /                      file import and export from DOC-
   re-index / auto OCR fields or                         Retrieve drag and drop from
                                                                                                               user maintenance - logins, passwords,
   whole document                                        Windows® Explorer to Doc-Retrieve
                                                                                                               pathways, lock out users, view users
   index field setup: default value                      DOC-Retrieve toolbar in system
                                                                                                               logged on
   / mandatory / unique /                                tray and menu in Outlook® for
                                                                                                               send messages to users / all users
   incremental number                                    instant access to in-trays / index /
                                                                                                               group maintenance – permissions
   field types : all / numeric / currency /              search new document creation (for
                                                                                                               set up
   date / time / true or false / list / barcode          any installed application) generated
                                                                                                               cabinet maintenance
   hold existing value while indexing                    and captured by DOC-Retrieve
                                                                                                               automatic system back up
   follow fields: automatic selection of
                                                         Annotations tools / notes create /                    select database range / additional
   document areas
                                                         edit annotations such as stamps /                     system options
   intelligent automatic indexing of profile
                                                         text / highlight / image import /                     report designer
   associated documents including
   correction and validation tool.                       drawing / signature temporary /
                                                                                                               Document import and export
   (optional module)                                     permanent annotations create
                                                                                                               export / import files / cabinets between
   barcode recognition (optional module)                 barcodes (optional module)
                                                                                                               DOC-Retrieve databases
   relational fields                                     associated public / private notes with
                                                                                                               output as searchable CD (optional
   cross cabinet field update from                       author, date / time stamp
   master list                                           Document attachments
   multi select values from list                                                                               Integration / customisation
                                                         any file type
                                                                                                               API tool available
   Searching                                             remove, view, save as main document,
   index values (or any part of)                         edit (with application), OCR                          Licensing
   search across in trays, selected                      view email attachments imported                       concurrent or fixed (client based)
   or all cabinets                                       from Outlook®
   date range (entered / modified)
                                                         OCR - document                                        Microsoft® SQL
   search indexed documents by                           OCR total content / top or bottom                     multiple databases
   OCR ‘d content                                        region / first page only to Database                  create new databases from within
   file name or any part of                              regional OCR                                          DOC-Retrieve
   WORD search locate OCR text
                                                         OCR attachments                                       files are encrypted
   in document                                           create editable files from image files
   filter cabinet content                                (OCR to file)                                         PC specification (minimum)
   Image manipulation                                    OCR profiling (optional module)                       OS: Windows® XP, Vista®
                                                         OCR profiling setup / correction tools                processor: Pentium 4
   rotate clockwise / anticlockwise
                                                         (optional module)                                     HDD: 1GB free space
   fit to height / width / full size /
                                                         set field level capture criteria                      screen resolution: 1024 x 768 32 bit
   whole screen
                                                         (optional module)                                     512MB RAM
   despeckle / deskew / auto correct
   invert / zoom / dilate / erode / flip /                                                                     Optional modules:
                                                         Document history
   mirror / remove lines                                                                                       barcode
                                                         physical changes recorded
   edit multi-page documents by                                                                                advanced OCR (inc. xml)
                                                         as revisions
   grouping selected pages as                                                                                  handwriting
                                                         full audit trail (action / user / date)
   separate documents / removing                                                                               forms
                                                         index / re-index, notes, attachments
   pages /changing the page order                                                                              web interface
                                                         status recorded
   Append                                                email, print, fax from history                        searchable CDs
   image type document to an                             deleted documents log, recycle bin /                  workflow
   existing document                                     permanent delete                                      CSV / XML import plus image creation
                                                                                                               (customized module)
   insert start, end or selected point

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