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					Correction News
                                                                                                                             August 2006

	 orth	 Carolina	 Department	 of 	 Correction	 	 /	 	 /	 	 (919)	 716-3700

                                                                              DOC officials, volunteers
                                                                              ensure ACA event success
                                                                              CHARLOTTE | The American Correctional Associa-
                                                                              tion’s 136th Congress of Correction rolled into Char-
                                                                              lotte Aug. 12-17, with many NC Department of Cor-
                                                                              rection officials on hand to ensure its success.
                                                                                   ACA President Gwen Chunn, a retiree from the
                                                                              former NC Division of Youth Services, welcomed all
                                                                              participants to the congress, which had the theme
                                                                              “Reach Out: Overcoming Barriers to Successful Crim-
                                                                              inal Justice Programs.” She said the congress was
                                                                              designed to tackle a large variety of professional top-
                                                                              ics through a selection of enlightening and educa-
                                                                              tional workshops and sessions.
                                                                                   The congress was attended by some 3,000 offi-
                                                                              cials in various correctional capacities from through-
Correctional Officer Donnie Ratliff was one of the volunteers at the ACA      out the United States. To ensure the event’s success,
Congress in Charlotte. Here, he’s helping people find their way to the tour                            an NC Host Committee was
                bus to Lanesboro Correctional Institution.                    Photo album on page 7.                     See ACA, page 6

       Davidson officer tries twice to save girls from fire
       THOMASVILLE | Police may see                    the smoke and dashed over to the            be resusci-
       an Aug. 22 fire that killed two                 house. Mock was told that two               tated. Neigh-
       young children as “a tragic acci-               kids were in the house, he said,            bors described
       dent.” Correctional Officer James               “and that’s when I decided to go in         the girls’ fam-
       Mock also sees an enemy he could                and find them.”                             ily as “real good
       not beat.                                           Mock, using Navy firefighter            people.”
            A grease fire led to the deaths            training, went in twice. He could                The mood
       of the two girls, ages 3 years and              hear the children, but the smoke                               A sad James         speaks
                                                                                                   of the neighbor- with a reporterMock the fire.
       7 months, whose home is near                    and heat prevented him from                 hood was som-
       Mock’s. The girls were momen-                   being able to locate them. By the           ber in the aftermath of the fire.
       tarily alone while their father had             time he was ready to go in a third               “My heart goes out to the
       sought help with the grease fire.               time, firemen had arrived and               mother and the father of those
            Meanwhile, Mock, who works                 stopped Mock.                               kids,” Mock said. “I just wish I
       at Davidson Correctional Cen-                       Firemen were able to find               could have gotten them out.”
       ter, was in his backyard playing                the children, but they could not                 Mock suffered burns on his
       with his grandson, when he saw                                                              hands during the rescue attempts.

                                                       DOC kicks off Combined Campaign drive
                                                       Since 1984, the State Employ-               • Organizations that provide
                                                       ees Combined Campaign [SECC]                  essential services to those with
                                                       has existed to provide employees              special needs.
                                                       a meaningful opportunity to sup-            • Critical research in the ongoing
                                                       port charitable causes that they              quest to eliminate disease and
                                                       consider important and valuable.              chronic illness.
                                                           As the SECC begins its 21st             • Protect rivers and wetlands.
                                                       year as the official workplace              • Provide shelter for abandoned
                                                       giving campaign for employees                 animals.
                                                       throughout state government and             • Fund educational scholarships
                                                       the university system, employees              and assure access to the per-
                                                       have even greater opportunity to              forming and dramatic arts.
                                                       strengthen North Carolina com-                  “Your participation in the
                                                       munities with our gifts.                    State Employees Combined Cam-
                                                           Employee contributions to               paign is ample proof of the com-
        Members of the DOC steering committee          their favorite charities through            passion and generosity that char-
        kickoff the next Combined Campaign for         the SECC are significant. The dol-          acterizes state employees and
                      Wake County.                     lars are vital to:                                               See SECC, page 5
Page	2                                                   Correction News                                                         August	2006

                   Correctional Center
         intendent. Donald Morri-                                                                                                   Turner, superin-                                                                                                  Western
         tendent.                                                                                                                   Region liaison
              The total staff size is                                                                                               nurse, and
         85, and the inmate popu-                                                                                                   Scronce,
         lation is 202 adult males.                                                                                                 nurse.
              Also, five Depart-
         ment of Transportation
         road squads have Lincoln
         CC inmates working in
         Catawba, Lincoln, Gaston,
         Cleveland and Mecklen-
         burg counties.                 Superintendent John Crow, 3rd from left, with
              Since May 2006, Lin-       Assistant Superintendent Donald Morrison;
                                      Elizabeth Hill, administrative services assistant V;
         coln.CC.has.housed 38           and Fran Perkins, accounting technician IV.
         inmates assigned to Cen-
         tral Engineering, helping to
         build a chapel and multipurpose              The prison’s original dor-
         facility at Catawba Correctional       mitory is still in use today. An
         Center..The.inmates are trans-         additional dormitory and a mul-
         ported dialy to and from the           tipurpose building, recreation               Case Managers Scott Carpenter, left rear,
                                                building and a Correction Enter-             and Joda Hamilton, Sherry Howell and
         Catawba work site.                                                                              Tim Scronce.
              Lincoln was one of 61 field       prise shirt plant were completed
         unit prisons renovated or built        in 1987.
                                                                                                      Right, Mitch
         during the late 1930s to house               Staff and officers who were                        Johnson,
         inmates who worked build-              not available for the photos                      District 13 disci-
         ing roads. In 1951, the prison         were:                                              plinary hearing
         became a medium security                     Sergeants Jerald W. Chivalier,              officer, based at
                                                                                                        Lincoln CC.
         highway work unit. Thir-               Richard Hamilton, Johnny M. Mull Jr.
         teen years later, it was made          and Carl M. Wilson.
         into a facility for.minimum                  Food Service Officer Tony Heafner.
         and medium custody.inmates.
         In 1972, Lincoln was con-                    Correctional officers Kevin M.
         verted to a minimum security           Bailey, Richard A. Bailey, Neil L.
                                                                                                                       Left, Correctional
         work release facility, and then        Barnette, Randall Beasley Jr., Edgar
                                                                                                                       Officer Barbara
         changed to its present medium          D. Brock, Johnnie M. Bynum, Mark                                       Houser.
         security status in 1987.               Casey, Marshall B. Clary, Gregory W.
                                                   Cooke, Wayne C. Craft Jr., Michael T.
                                                   Daniels, Brian M. Dishman, Donnie L.
                                                   Downs, Scottie F. Franklin, John N.
                                                   Gaus, Michael B. Goodman, Michael
                                                   J. Greer, Joshua Hamilton, T. Pyth               Right,
                                                   Harkey, John F. Hartman, Michael          Correctional
                                                   D. Hatten, Gary R. Helms, Randy D.
                                                   Hicks, Paul J. King, Bryant A.                 Carroll
                                                   Lankford, L. James Ledford, Harold        (Trust Fund/
                                                   A. Lee, Richard D. Light, Randy L.           canteen).
                                                   Mace, Eddie R. Mellon, Ronnie F.
                                                   Mellon, Kevin H. Monday, Frank A.         Sigmon, Timothy L. Smith, Barry L.
                                                   Neas, Nicholas F. Powell, Scott D.        Stephens, Terrill T. Strickland, D.
                                                   Rabon, Craig R. Rogers, Danny L.          Cole Tugwell, Stephen G. Waits and
           Correctional Officer Jeff Jones.        Schrum, David P. Setzer, David W.         Mendy D. White.
August	2006                                           Correction News                                                                 Page	3

             Right: Back row,
           Correctional officers                                                                                       In the kitchen,
           David Tuno, John                                                                                            Michael Holmes,
         Isaacks and Billy Ellis.                                                                                      food service officer,
         Front row, Sgt. Donald                                                                                        and Ray Davis, food
         Caudle and Correctional                                                                                       service manager.
          Officer Crystal Grigg.

                                                                                           officers Tony
                                                                                      and Richie Moss

                                                                                                                              officers Ricky
                                                                                                                              Lyda and
                                                                                                                              Michael Stiles.

                                                 Correctional officers James Huss
 Scott Mitchell, lead correctional officer;        and Jimmy Ives supervising
  Correctional Officer Larry Mills (road             inmate labor at Catawba
  squad); and Lead Correctional Officers                Correctional Center.
   Floyde Calaway and Jimmy Ikard.

     Chaplain William
      “Bud” Painter.           Officer Richard
                                 equipment.                                               William “Les” Spruill, lead officer; Cor-
                                                    Correctional Officers Linda           rectional Officer Bobbie Williams (road
                                                  Ledford and Juan D. Williams.            squad); and Alton Arthur, lead officer.

                          New superintendent named at Odom facility
                      JACKSON – Neal             director at the former Caledo-             He and his wife have a child,
                      Vaughan, a 26-             nia-Odom complex. Vaughan              and he enjoys weight lifting and
                      year corrections           then was assistant superinten-         yard work.
                      veteran, has been          dent at Halifax Correctional               Vaughan succeeds Law-
                      named the new              Center until it closed in 1996, at     rence Solomon, who was named
                      superintendent of          which time Vaughan was named           superintendent at Caledonia
                      Odom Correctional          program director at Nash Cor-          Correctional Institution.
                      Institution.               rectional Institution.
                         Beginning his               Vaughan has an associate
        Neal Vaughan career at Odom CI           degree from Chowan College and                Administration
                      as a correctional          a bachelor of science degree in                    Michael Easley
        officer in 1980, Vaughan rose in         physical education and political
                                                                                                      Theodis Beck
        the program ranks to program             science from Atlantic Christian                  Secretary of Correction
        director in 1986-90, and in              College (now named Barton Col-                        Keith Acree
        1990-94 he was named program             lege) in Wilson.                                Director of Public Affairs
Page	4                                                    Correction News                                        August	2006

         Mike Evers gets appointment                                Prisons division names
         as special assistant to secretary                          auxiliary services chief
         RALEIGH | Mike Evers, who has
         served as curriculum manager at                            RALEIGH | Mary Lu Rogers is the
         the DOC Office of Staff Development                        new Division of Prisons chief of aux-
         and Training since 1992, has been                          iliary services, effective June 1. She
         appointed senior special assistant to                      succeeds Danny Thompson, who
         the secretary.                                             retired.
             In his new position, Evers’                                 Previously, Rogers was man-
         responsibilities will include grants                       ager of classification and techni-
                                                   Mike Evers                                                  Mary Lu
         management, the Continuity Of                              cal support. That section – along          Rogers
         Operations (COOP) phase of the                             with diagnostics, population man-
         emergency management program, and the Prison               agement, and inmate disciplinary – are Rogers’
         Rape Elimination Act (PREA).                               responsibility in her new position.
             “I am appreciative to co-workers and fellow                 Rogers began her corrections career in 1977
         employees for the experiences I have had so far            as a probation/parole officer in Hoke County.
         with the Department of Correction, and I look for-         In 1981, she transferred to the now closed Polk
         ward to new adventures and broadening my hori-             Youth Center in Raleigh as case analyst in the
         zons in working with old and new friends at DOC,”          diagnostic center. From there, Rogers was named
         Evers said.                                                a diagnostic specialist in 1986 in Prisons Adminis-
             He succeeds Sherry Pilkington, who retired.            tration, inmate population manager in 1987, man-
             Evers, originally from Marshall, Texas,                ager of population and contract housing in 1994
         moved to North Carolina after serving with the             and classification and technical support manager
         U.S. Army as executive officer for the Senior              in 1998.
         Army Advisory Group stationed in Raleigh. He                    The Lucama native has a bachelors degree in
         earned his doctorate in higher education adminis-          corrections from East Carolina University, where
         tration from NC State, his master’s in curriculum          she and her husband, Frank, enjoy attending
         and instruction at Chapman University, Orange,             Pirate football games. They have a teenage daugh-
         Calif., and he received his bachelor’s in education        ter and reside in Raleigh. Rogers enjoys reading
         from Southern Arkansas University. He and his              novels, especially mysteries, in her spare time.
         wife, Yoshiko, reside in Mebane. They have four
         grown children, two dogs and a cat.
             When he’s not working, Evers enjoys yard               Dallas McMillan named manager
         work, spending time with his pets, attending NC            of seven-county DCC District
         State Wolfpack athletics and Hurricanes hockey
         games.                                                     MURPHY | Dallas McMillan has
                                                                    been named manager of Judicial Dis-
                                                                    trict 30 in the Division of Commu-
         Jean Walker appointed                                      nity Corrections. The district covers
                                                                    Clay, Cherokee, Graham, Haywood,
         DCC District 5 manager                                     Jackson, Macon and Swain counties.
                                                                         An 18-year community correc-
         WILMINGTON | Jean Walker has                               tions veteran, McMillan began his           Dallas
         been named to succeed Terry Gootee                         career as a probation/parole officer      McMillan
         as the manager of Judicial District                        I in 1988 in Mecklenburg County,
         5 in the Division of Community Cor-                        where he advanced to electronic house arrest offi-
         rections (DCC). The district covers                        cer and intensive case officer. In 1995, he was
         New Hanover and Pender counties.                           named an intensive case officer in Gaston County,
              With the DCC for 17 years,                            and he had been a chief probation/parole officer in
                                                 Jean Walker
         Walker began her career in 1989                            Cleveland County, in District 27B, since 2001.
         in Pender County as a level I proba-                            McMillan is a correctional instructor, a mem-
         tion and parole officer and advanced through the           ber of the division’s emergency management
         ranks. She had been chief probation and parole             team, and 2006 chair of the 4th Division of the NC
         officer since 2003. Walker chairs the 5th District         Probation and Parole Association. He is active in
         Strategic Team.                                            the American Cancer Society/Relay for Life, and
              Prior to corrections, Walker was a social             enjoys outdoors activities, especially kayaking/
         worker and community college instructor and                canoeing, hiking, hunting and fishing.
         worked in accounting. She has a bachelors degree                McMillan and his wife, Jennifer, have a 5-
         in business administration from UNC-Wilmington             month old son, Connor.
         and a masters in adult education and economics                  He succeeds Debra Debruhl, who was recently
         from NC State University.                                  promoted to assistant chief for the 4th Judicial
              Walker and her husband have a grown son
         and daughter and reside in Burgaw. She enjoys
                                                                         “I am thrilled with this new opportunity,”
         family time and fresh water fishing and volun-
                                                                    McMillan said. “I look forward to working with the
         teers as a Master Gardener with the Cooperative
         Extension Service.                                         officers and personnel in District 30, creating new
                                                                    and maintaining current positive relationships
                                                                    with my staff and the correctional, law enforce-
             See Correction News in full color by going online to   ment and human service professionals of Western
                                                                    North Carolina.”
August	2006                                                Correction News                                                              Page	5

         SECC, from page 1
         retirees, and I am genuinely
         proud of our tradition of giving,”
         Secretary Theodis Beck wrote
         in a letter to employees.
              Beck urges employees to
         consider a pledge to one of the
         more than 800 non-profit orga-
         nizations have met the cam-
         paign’s stringent requirements
         for admission.
              “They, like you, are fully
         committed to serving others,
         and our combined efforts reflect
         our mutual interest in making                                       Softball tournament champions
         North Carolina the best that it                    Event raises funds for Special Olympics of North Carolina
         can be,” the secretary said.
                                                          The Davidson County Community Corrections staff won a double elimination
              Department executives for                     softball tournament held Aug. 20. The tournament was sponsored by the
         the SECC are: Gwen Norville                       Lexington Police Department to raise money for Special Olympics of North
         and Gay McMichaels, Division                       Carolina. Also fielding teams for the tournament were the Lexington and
         of Prisons; Allison Jourdan,                        Thomasville police and fire departments, the Davidson County Sheriff’s
                                                             Department, Davidson County EMS and South Lexington Volunteer Fire
         Division of Community Correc-                        Department. From left are Zack Price and Gary Beck, both intensive
         tions; Janice King, Administra-                   surveillance officers (ISO); Brad Biesecker, intensive case officer (ICO);
         tion; and Wendy Carter, Correc-                    Shannon Koontz, probation/parole officer II; Donald Hamilton, former
         tion Enterprises.                               ICO; John Anderson, ICO; Anna Kiser, probation/parole officer (PPO); Bart
                                                        Leonard, ISO; Greg Briggs, chief probation/parole officer; and Marlin Holmes,
                 Fun fund-raising                                                 husband of PPO Kisha Holmes.
              Pie face: Correction Enter-
         prises (CE) will host employee
         appreciation luncheons, where
         CE employees can buy water bal-                     DOC has key roles in new sex offender law
         loons and Cool Whip pies to toss            RALEIGH | Department of Cor-               designated to operate the track-
         at Director Karen Brown and                 rection officials were on hand             ing system.
         members of her staff. Proceeds              when Gov. Mike Easley recently                  Additionally, the law directs
         will be go to the SECC.                     signed into law an act that                DOC to study and report on
              Recipes: Eastern Correc-               strengthens public safety agen-            ways to reduce repeat offenses
         tional Institution is developing a          cies’ abilities to protect people          through mental health treat-
         cookbook that will be sold to sup-          from sex offenders.                        ment plans for sex offenders.
         port the Combined Campaign.                      The new law allows law                A preliminary report must be
         More than 140 recipes are in                enforcement to better track                made to the General Assem-
         the cookbook, and more are                  child predators and expands sex            bly by January 15, 2007, and a
         being added.                                offender registration and veri-            final report by October 1, 2007.
              The price will be $5 each.             fication. Among its provisions                  Chief Deputy Secretary
              It is expected to be avail-            is a requirement that the worst            Dan Stieneke represented the
         able by Nov. 1, and orders are              offenders be fitted with life-             department at the bill signing.
         being taken now. Contact Teresa             time location tracking devices to          DCC Director Robert Lee Guy
         Hill at 252-747-8101 extension              monitor their whereabouts.                 assisted legislators draft the leg-
         2132; or Janice Stallings at                     The Division of Community             islation, and also attended the
         252-747-8101, extension 2133.               Corrections (DCC) is the agency            signing.

                                                                          New food services director named
    Project helps school open                                             RALEIGH | Jackie Parker is the
                                                                          Division of Prisons’ new director of
                                                                          food services. She succeeds Nancy
                                                                          Porter, who retired.
                                                                               Parker has worked for the Divi-
                                                                          sion of Prisons for 14 years, serving
                                                                          as the dietician in the west, east and
                                                      A vacant, old       central regions.
                                                      cotton mill
                                                      building in              She is a registered and licensed
                                                      Roxboro was re-     dietician, with a bachelor’s degree
                                                      cently renovated    in dietetics from NC A&T State Uni-
                                                      into a new com-     versity and a master’s degree in       Jackie Parker
                                                      munity school,
                                                      thanks in part      food and nutrition from NC Central
                                                      to a Community      University.
                                                      Work Program             Parker resides in Wake Forest with her hus-
 project headed up by Officer Corey Clay, above left, and Durham          band, son and daughter.
 Correctional Center Assistant Superintendent William Tillman, right.
 Principal Sam Kennington, center, said “there was no way” the school
 would have been ready to open as scheduled on Aug. 25 without the
 inmate labor.
Page	6                                               Correction News                                                  August	2006

         ACA,      from page 1                             * Hepatitis C – A
                                                           Greater Corrections
         formed, led by a five-per-                        Risk than HIV – Mod-
         son executive team that                           erator: Dr. Paula
         included Secretary Theodis                        Smith, DOP chief of
         Beck; Fay Lassiter, Divi-                         health services.
         sion of Prisons assistant                         * Prison Research:
         chief of program services;                        Wisdom from the
         and Barbara Pierce, Scotland          Trenches – Speakers: Warden
         Correctional Institution Admin-       Annie Harvey, NC Correctional        * Using Defensive Techniques
         istrative Services Manager.           Institution for Women; and Dr.       for Employee Protection – Mod-
              Pierce, who chaired the con-     Stephan                              erator and speaker: Ricky Byrd
         gress’ Program Planning Com-          Kiefer,                              (retired), Office of Staff Devel-
         mittee, said the congress’ theme      assistant                            opment and Training, in-ser-
         was “particularly relevant in         manager,                             vice training manager; Robby
         today’s environment of inade-         Research                             Millard, OSDT training instruc-
         quate funding, limited space and      and Plan-                            tor (also Evaluator); and Gwen
         depleted resources. Correctional      ning.                                Norville, DOP executive officer.
         professionals must constantly         * Hiring                             * A Systems Approach to
         find new or alternative avenues       and Selecting the Most Appro-        Offender Re-entry – Modera-
         to provide outstanding service        priate Qualified Applicant –         tor: Stephanie Rose, chief pro-
         to all our customers. As a result     Speakers: Mary Beth Carroll,         bation/parole officer, Golds-
         of our commitment, tenacity,          DOP regional operations man-         boro. Speakers: Carlton Joyner,
         professionalism and vision for        ager; and Sgt. Sylvia R. West,       DOP case management director;
         efficient and effective correc-       Warren Correctional Institution.     Mary T. Mueller, DOP diagnos-
         tional operations, the citizens       Evaluator: James Moore, train-       tic services program manager;
         we serve will reap the tremen-        ing instructor II, Office of Staff   Laura Yates, DOP social work
         dous benefits.”                       Development and Training.            program director. Evaluator:
              Correction officials from        * Are You at Risk for Tubercu-       Richard E. Fields, chief proba-
         other states lauded the event as      losis? – Moderator and speaker:      tion/parole officer, Charlotte.
         very successful, saying it was                         Dr. Smith. Also     * Helping Inmates Obtain Fed-
         well-organized and operated and                        speaking: Faye      eral Disability Benefits – Evalua-
         beneficial to those attending.                         Duffin, nurse       tor: George Currie, DOP Central
         Officials from Florida, the site of                    supervisor III,     Region director.
         ACA’s next winter conference,                          DOP Health Ser-     * Promising Practices: Re-
         said the NC Host Committee had                         vices Infection     entry and Risk Reduction Suc-
         given them a good blue print                           Control.            cess in Kansas – Evaluator: Fay
         for planning the event in their                        * Comprehen-        Lassiter.
         state.                                                 sive Strategies          Tours of
              The congress depended            for Treatment and Community          various nearby
         heavily on volunteers to staff        Supervision of Sex Offenders         correctional
         various activities, including reg-    – Moderator: Cynthia Mitchell,       facilities and
         istration booths, facility tours      assistant judicial district man-     programs were
         and security. Approximatetly          ager, Charlotte. Speakers: Bob       also offered.
         180 NC DOC employees served           Carbo, director-                     From DOC
         on that volunteer force. Addi-        SOAR, Harnett                        were Lanes-
         tionally, employees staffed sign-     Correctional                         boro Correc-
         in stations for volunteers and        Institution;                         tional Institu-
         DOC employee attendees and            Maggie Nor-                          tion, Gaston Correctional Center
         participants.                         ris, chief pro-                      and the Structured Day Program
              Several of the workshops         bation/parole                        in Charlotte.
         were led or staffed by DOC            officer for spe-
         officials:                            cial operations,                            Others serving
         * Prison Industries and Depart-       DCC. Evaluator: Mildred Spear-        on the NC Host Committee
         ment of Labor Partnering to           man, policy analyst.                      Other DOC employees assist-
         Provide Inmate Apprentice-            * A Correctional Response to         ing the NC Host Committee were
         ship Certifications – Speakers:       Gang Activity: A Systemic
                                                                                    David Osborne, DOP assistant
         Randy Green, Correction Enter-        Approach – Moderator: Kevin
         prises project manager; and Phil                                           director; Keith Acree, director
                                               Wallace, DCC chief of field
         Rowe, Correction Enterprises                                               of public affairs; George Dudley,
                                               services. Speakers: Johnny
         printing plant manager, Nash                                               public affairs officer; and Cindy
                                                                Hawkins, DOP
         Correctional Institution.                              security special-   Davis, administrative officer,
         * Using Correction Data to                             ist; and Felicia    Federal Grants.
         Our Advantage – Modera-                                McLean, DCC
         tor and speaker: Robert Brin-                          field services
         son, chief information officer.                        manager. Eval-                 Deadline
         Other speakers: Cindy Cousins,                         uator: Shanti-          Items for the September edition of
         application development man-                           cia Hawkins,         Correction News should be submitted
         ager, and Carol Morin, project                         DOP training         by September 29. Send items to George
         manager, both in Information          specialist II, Polk Correctional         Dudley at
         Resources.                            Institution.
August	2006                                           Correction News                                                                Page	7

                                                     Scenes from the
         American Correctional Association 136th Congress

                         Attendees sign in upon arrival at the Charlotte Convention Center for the ACA Congress.

                                                  Above, Gloria Upperman,
                                                  right, helps register an
                                                  attendee. Left, retiree Joe
                                                  Lofton, left, helps a volun-
                                                  teer to sign in, and, above
                                                  left, joins Boyd Bennett,        Former US Sen. Bob Dole, center, was keynote speaker.
                                                  left, on another day to help      Here, DOC volunteers surround him for security as he
                                                  cover the volunteer sign-in                leaves his speaking engagement.

                                                      Right, from left,
                                                       visitors the NC
                                                     Host Committee
                                                          booth in the
                                                       vendor hall are
                                                          chief proba-
                                                  tion/parole officers
                                                     Susan Walker,
                                                       Division 1; and
                                                     Randy Hussey
                                                         and Rodney
                                                    Trogdon, both in
                                                            Division 3.

          Above, left,
       Laura Yates,
     social work pro-
          gram direc-
    tor, moderates a
   panel on offender
      re-entry. Right,                                                                                                             DOP’s
     Gwen Norville                                                                                                                 Mary
         explains the                                                             Left, Monica                                     Beth
     implementation                                                               Keller, pro-                                     Carroll
       process for an                                                             gram director,                                   speaks
    employee defen-                                                               explains gang                                    during a
         sive training                                                            management at                                    workshop
            program.                                                              Foothills CI.                                    on mak-
                                                                                                                                   ing good
Page	8                                                                   Correction News                                                                               August	2006

                                                                 Movin’ on up
                                                                 Promotions in August 2006
         Stephen Anderson,            food service officer,       Territa S. Ingram,        probation/parole officer I   Luther C. Sumner,          surveillance officer,
           Brown Creek CI                                           trainee, District 26                                   District 18
         Russell C. Atkins,        chief probation/parole         Gordon G. Ipock,         HVAC supervisor I,            Linwood E. Sutton,          assistant superintendent,
           officer, District 10                                     Marion CI                                              Duplin CC
         Michael L. Baerlin,         food service officer         Gail M. Jackson,        administrative services        Tyrome D. Turman,            food service officer,
           trainee, Scotland CI                                     assistant V, Gaston CC                                 Nash CI
         Merita A. Bailey,        probation/parole officer II,    Mark A. Kovell, food service officer, Craggy CC        Marilyn P. Turner,         intensive case officer,
           District 10                                            Ellis H. Langdon, captain, Harnett CI                    District 6A
         Edward F. Basden, lieutenant, Pender CI                  Misty S. Laws, office assistant IV, DACDP              Lucas D. Vrbsky,           substance abuse
         George G. Best, sergeant, Polk CI                          Western Region                                         counselor II-certified, DACDP-Piedmont
         Angela W. Blackmon, personnel                            Alvin L. Laws II, programs supervisor,                 Larry G. Walker, surveillance officer,
           technician I, NC CIW                                     Eastern CI                                             District 18
         Sharon B. Blount,         programs supervisor,           James t. Lewis, sergeant, Pamlico CI                   Tarquintus G. Walser, assistant
           Tyrrell Work Farm                                      Sabrina H. Liverman, food service officer,               superintendent-custody/operations II, Polk CI
         Candra L. Breece-Mullins,            programs              Tyrrell Work Farm                                    Virginia D. Wiggins, food service officer,
           supervsior, Albemarle CI                               Nichole E. Lloyd, health assistant, Central              Fountain CCW
         James R. Brock, Correction Enterprises                     Prison                                               Shenita s. Wilder, medical record manager I,
           supervisor II, New Hanover Laundry                     Timothy D. Maulin, lieutenant, Craven CI                 Central Prison
         David L. Brown, maintenance mechanic V,                  Timothy D. Maynor, sergeant, Alexander CI              Ellen H. Wiley, nurse supervisor II, Mountain
           Enterprise Administration                              Lee F. McCoy, programs supervisor,                       View CI
         Geraldine W. Brown, office assistant IV,                   Lanesboro CI                                         Wendy G. Williams, community service
           District 10                                            Barbara Y. Meeks, administrative secretary II,           district coordinator, District 29
         Anna M. Cable, programs, supervisor,                       Greene CI
           Marion CI                                              Bernesteen Mills, personnel technician I,
         Tatisha S. Campbell, food service officer,                 Personnel
           Scotland CI                                            Hughes W. Oxendine, lieutenant,                                    Retirements
         Monique M. Carter, accounting clerk IV,                    Lumberton CI
           Central Warehouse                                      Yolando C. Oxendine, programs supervisor,              Calvin C. Cooper,         correctional officer,
         Melvin C. Chapman, lieutenant                              NC CIW                                                 Odom CI, 28.1 years.
         Cadle W. Cooper Jr., chief probation/parole              Rose-Marie Partenheimer, personnel                     Virginia A. Farmer,         processing assistant III,
           officer, District 15A                                    technician I, Alexander CI                             Neuse CI, 6.25 years.
         Kennth R. Cross, captain, Scotland CI                    Jennifer R. Pettiford, administrative                  James R. Langley,        assistant superintendent-
         Timerly C. Dalton, social worker II, Avery/                technician, Polk CI                                   custody/operations I, New Hanover CC, 28 years.
           Mitchell CI                                            Stacy L. Phipps, sergeant, Tillery CCI                 William R. Lassiter, lead officer, Pender CI,
         Tonya J. Dawson, case manager, Craven CI                 Carolyn Pierce Reyes, lead nurse, Bertie CI             16.25 years.
         Steve R. Delisle, plumber II, Eastern Region             Marshall R. Pike, manager-classification/
           Maintenance Yard                                         technical support, Prisons Administration
         Kristy N. Dobbins, probation/parole officer              Sandra H. Pitman, nurse supervisor II,
           trainee, District 22                                     Avery/Mitchell CI                                                      Death
         Stephanie E. Dummett, probation/parole                   Katy E. Poole, superintendent, Robeson CC
           officer II, District 19C                               Judy A. Rebold, administrative assistant I,
                                                                                                                         Billy Ray Royal,      correctional officer, Johnston
         Juanita Ellis, surveillance officer, District 26           Enterprise Administration                            CI, 27 years.
         Kathy W. Fox, accounting clerk IV, Foothills CI          Shirley A. Rentas, food service officer,
         Myron E. Godley, food service officer trainee,             Craggy CC
           Bertie CI
         Nicole L. Grissom, personnel technicial III,
                                                                  John W. Robbow, substance abuse program
                                                                    supervisor, DACDP-Tyrrell                                        High 5s
           Personnel                                              Luann B. Roberts, administrative officer I,
                                                                                                                         Officers recently graduating
         Glenda C. Hamilton, accounting technician III,             Prisons Administration
                                                                                                                         with honors from Basic
           Piedmont Region Maintenance Yard                       Garrett R. Robinson, training specialist II,
                                                                                                                         Correctional Officer training
         James D. Harris, lieutenant, Fountain CCW                  Foothills CI
                                                                                                                         were: Erin Hickey, Neuse CI;
         Lavonne D. Harvey, probation/parole                      Twan R. Rodney, probation/parole officer II,
                                                                                                                         Kenneth Knecht, Piedmont
           officer I, District 10                                   District 26
                                                                                                                         Correctional Institution; and
         Beckylee S. Hatchett, sergeant, Polk CI                  Noel D. Rose, chief probation/parole officer,
                                                                                                                         Laura McClure, Western Youth
         Landon W. Hicks, sergeant, Alexander CI                    District 8B
         Linda V. Hilliard, case analyst, Neuse CI                Yolanda A. Sinclair, administrative services
         Georgia A. Hill-Martin, programs                           manager, NC CIW
           supervisor, Southern CI                                Brenda F. Smith, business officer II, Prisons
         James M. Hocutt, long distance truck driver,               Administration                                         Correction News
           Central Warehouse                                      Amy L. Smothers, secretary II, Neuse CI                  is an employee newsletter published
         Daryl T. Holland, accounting technician I,               Allen D. Spence, maintenance mechanic V,                 by the North Carolina Department
           Polk CI                                                  Caledonia Cannery                                      of Correction’s Public Affairs Office.
                                                                                                                           If you have questions, comments or
         William M Horne, Correction Enterprises                  Herbert Stevens Jr., surveillance officer,
                                                                                                                           story ideas, please contact George
           supervisor IV, Metal Products Plant-Brown Creek          District 18                                            Dudley at, or
         Cherry P. Huskins, programs supervisor,                  Kenneth M. Stoner, lieutenant, Piedmont CI               919.716.3713.
           Mountain View CI

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