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									                                          TECHNICAL INFORMATION SHEET                                                                              1423

     UltraPly™ QuickSeam™
 Reinforced Perimeter Fastening
           (RPF) Strip
Firestone Item Number:                                          W56TPO30T1
UltraPly QuickSeam Reinforced Perimeter Fastening
Strip is a 6” (152.4 mm) wide UltraPly TPO membrane
with 3”                                                                                        PHYSICAL PROPERTIES:
(76.2 mm) wide tape factory laminated along one edge.                                          Tape:
It is used for non-penetrating flashings as specified in                                       Property         Minimum Performance
Firestone Specifications and Details.                                                          Base:      Rubber Polymers
METHOD OF APPLICATION:                                                                         Color:     White
1. Unroll the UltraPly QuickSeam Reinforced Perimeter                                          Solvents: None
     Fastening Strip (UPQSRPF Strip) with the release                                          Percent Solids: 100%
     paper up and the tape portion farthest away from                                          Specific Gravity:        98 ± 0.02 (H20 = 1)
     the wall or penetration.                                                                  Cure State: Cured
2. Anchor UPQSRPF Strip using Heavy Duty or Heavy                                              Thickness: 0.030" ± 0.007" (0.77 mm ± 0.18 mm)
     Duty Plus Seam Plates and fasteners 12” (305 mm)                                          Width:     3.00" - 0", + 0.125" (76.2 mm), - (0 mm),
     o.c. maximum per current base tie-in details.                                                          + (3.2 mm)
3. Position UltraPly TPO membrane over UPQSRPF                                                 UltraPly TPO Membrane:
     Strip with release paper in place and allow                                               Property Minimum Performance
     membrane to relax.                                                                        Base:       TPO
4. Fold back UltraPly TPO membrane to expose the                                               Color:      White
     tape.                                                                                     Solvents: None
5. Prime the UltraPly TPO to be spliced to the tape                                            Thickness: 0.050” (1.26 mm) ± 20%
     using UltraPly QuickPrime and QuickScrubber™ or                                           Width:      6.00" - 0", + 0.125" (152.4 mm) - (0 mm),
     QuickScrubber Plus pad and handle per current                                                        + (3.2 mm)
     procedures.                                                                               NOTE: Refer to Technical Information Sheet for UltraPly
6. Use touch-push test to determine when the UltraPly                                          TPO for additional information.
     QuickPrime is ready to be mated to the tape.                                              PACKAGING:
7. Remove the release paper.                                                                   100’ (30.5 m) rolls, 2 rolls per carton; 21 cartons per
8. Roll the primed UltraPly TPO membrane into the                                              pallet
                                                                                               NOTE: QuickScrubber and/or QuickScrubber Plus pads
9. The portion of the UPQSRPF without tape may be
                                                                                               and Handles are included in each carton. Quantities
     bonded to the membrane using UltraPly Bonding
                                                                                               vary depending on the QuickSeam product.
     Adhesive or Water-Based Bonding Adhesive.
                                                                                               SHELF LIFE:
10. Roll the UltraPly TPO membrane over the UPQSRPF
                                                                                                   Shelf life of one year can be expected if stored in
     Strip with a 1-1/2” (50.8 mm) wide silicone hand
                                                                                                    original container at temperatures between 60 °F
     roller to ensure proper adhesion.
                                                                                                    (15.6 °C) and 80 °F (26.7 °C).
11. Refer to installation instructions for specifics.
                                                                                                   Shelf life will be shortened if exposed to elevated
12. Contact your Firestone Technical Coordinator                                                    temperatures.
       at 1-800-428-4511 for specific application                                              STORAGE:
       information                                                                                 Store in original unopened cartons indoors at
PRECAUTIONS:                                                                                        temperatures between 60 °F (15.6 °C) and 80 °F
  Do not use UltraPly QuickSeam Reinforced                                                         (26.7 °C).
   Perimeter Strip with UltraPly TPO XR membranes.                                                 Do not store on the roof in direct sunlight or at
  The use of metal or polymer batten bar is not                                                    temperatures above 100 °F (37.78 °C).
   acceptable.                                                                                     When exposed to lower temperatures, restore to 60
                                                                                                    °F (15.6 °C) and 80 °F (26.7 °C) prior to use.
This sheet is meant to highlight Firestone’s products and specifications and is subject to     LEED INFORMATION:
change without notice. Firestone takes responsibility for furnishing quality materials,
which meet Firestone’s published product specifications. Neither Firestone nor its             Post Consumer Recycled Content: 0%
representatives practice architecture. Firestone offers no opinion on and expressly
disclaims any responsibility for the soundness of any structure. Firestone accepts no
                                                                                               Post Industrial Recycled Content:      0%
liability for structural failure or resultant damages. Consult a competent structural          Manufacturing Locations:               Michigan Center, MI.
engineer prior to installation if the structural soundness or structural ability to properly
support a planned installation is in question. No Firestone representative is authorized to             Firestone Building Products Company
vary this disclaimer.                                                                                      250 W. 96th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46260
                                                                                                       Sales: (800) 428-4442  Technical (800) 428-4511
                                                                                                                    www.firestonebpco.com       S723-RFS-202

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