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                                      CAREER PLANNING & JOB SEARCH SUPPORT 
                                      CAREER ACTION                       COUNSELING AND                      INTERNSHIP
                                      CENTER (CAC)                        RESOURCE CENTER                     Internships provide an opportu-
                                      The Career Action Center offers     The center offers career explo-     nity to obtain hands-on experi-
                                      assistance developing vital job     ration resources as well as short   ence and to grow new business
                                      search skills. You will use our     -term counseling for personal,      contacts. It helps bridge class-
                                      phones, fax machine, and com-       career-oriented or academic         room learning with work ex-
                                      puter lab for job search, career    concerns and an extensive re-       perience to gain practical skills
                                      exploration, résumé critiques,      ferral service to community         and knowledge in your field of
                                      and interview practice.             resources.                          interest.
Congrats to you                       Mountlake Terrace Rm. 130           Mountlake Terrace, Rm. 145          Contact: Mary Heffernan-
                                                                                                              Trester , Director of Internships
                                      (425)640-1256                       (425)640-1358
We know that going to school,                                                                                 (425)640-1066
whether you recently graduated        E-RECRUITING              
from high school or are returning                Online job search tool.
after years in the workforce or

raising a family, isn’t easy.

We’d like to help. Check out these

resources for information on career
                                      EDMONDS COMMUNITY                   that could prevent the comple-      two years (six quarters or four
planning, money for school,                                               tion of a quarter (not available    semesters) of undergraduate
                                      COLLEGE FOUNDATION
                                      The foundation offers many          summer quarter). You may            tuition at a Washington State
tutoring, and textbook options.
                                      scholarships for full-time and      receive only ONE Complete the       institution of higher education,
                                      part-time students in all fields    Dream Scholarship during your       an accredited Washington State
                                      of study. The primary consid-       time at Edmonds Community           independent college or univer-
                                      eration for these scholarships is   College.                            sity, or a licensed private voca-
                                      financial need. Scholarship                                             tional school.
                                      applications are available dur-
                                                                          scholarships/                       WAVE Contact: Tasha King
                                      ing winter quarter for the fol-     discretionary_scholarships.php
                                      lowing school year.                                                     Snohomish Hall Rm. 302

Career Planning & Job Search P.1      Snohomish Hall, Rm. 311

                                                                          WAVE SCHOLARSHIP          

Scholarships P.1                                                          The Washington Award for  
                                                                          Vocational Excellence (WAVE)             WAVEWebpagenew.asp
                                                                          program was created in 1984 by
Other Funding Sources P.2                                                 the Washington State Legisla-
                                      QUARTERLY EMER-                     ture to recognize and reward
Support Services P.3                  GENCY/COMPLETE THE                  students who excel in career
                                      DREAM SCHOLARSHIP:                  and technical education.
                                      This scholarship provides a one-
Textbook Resources P.4                                                    Recipients of this annual tuition
                                      time award to help offset an
                                                                          award receive grants to fund
                                      unexpected financial setback
                                                                                                                      Page 2

                      DEFERRED PAYMENT                     IBEST                               may be eligible for a federal
                      PLAN                                 You can get a head start on col-    grants that provides up to
                      Many students are eligible to        lege and gain skills for a higher   $5,000 for tuition and books.
                      pay tuition in three install-        paying job while you improve        Students who study Project
                      ments.                               your English and math. In I-        Management as it applies to
                                                           BEST (it stands for Integrated      manufacturing may also be eli-
                     Basic Skills and Training), you     gible for this grant.
                      _payment_plan.php                    can enroll in career-training
                                                                                               Phone: (425) 640-1039.
                                                           classes while completing your
Jeannette Roden,                                           high school diploma and/or
Edmonds Commu-        EQUITY & DIVERSITY                   GED, and we’ll help you get         news.php?newsID=922
nity College WAVE     (SEE LISTING UNDER Support
scholarship winner.
                                                           your questions answered and
Program of study:
                      Services)                            get money for college.
Computer Informa-
tion Systems                                               Mukilteo Hall, Room 404             WORKFIRST
                      FINANCIAL AID                                                            A limited amount of WorkFirst
                                                           (425) 640-1628
                      Is college too expensive? We                                             Financial Aid to cover tuition,
                      believe that every person should          books and fees is available to
REDUCED                                                         default.php
                      have the opportunity to achieve                                          parents who are income-
                      educational goals regardless of                                          eligible. Intensive training pro-
                      financial circumstances. Finan-                                          grams to meet regional employ-
Veterans, senior                                           OPPORTUNITY GRANT
citizens,             cial aid can help offset college                                         ment needs are also provided.
                                                           This grant provides academic
Washington State      costs, so apply right away.
                                                           and financial support if you are    North Campus—Maltby Bldg.,
employees and
others may be         Lynnwood Hall, 1st floor
                                                           enrolled in GED, Adult Basic             7020 196th St. SW,
eligible for                                               Education, Adult High School             Lynnwood
reduced tuition.      (425)640-1457                        Completion or English as a Sec-
Contact the
                                                                                               Phone: (425)640-1686
                      ond Language classes and desire
                      default.php                          training for employment in
services office for
                                                           three high wage, high demand        programs/
more information!
                                                           industries — health care, com-
Lynnwood Hall                                              puter electronics and construc-
(425) 640-1458        FSET (Food Stamp Em-                 tion. Students must meet in-
http://               ployment and Training)                                                   WORKER RETRAINING
                                                           come eligibility requirements to
                      If you qualify as a low-income                                           This program funds job-related
                                                           be accepted into the program.
tuition/                                                                                       training and provides job devel-
                      parent, you can receive assis-
                      tance in reaching career goals       Sarah Lewis                         opment services if you meet
                      through short–term vocational                                            ONE of the following criteria:
                                                           Mountlake Terrace Hall
                      training programs. You can                                               You are: 1) laid off or face
                                                           (425)640-1921                       imminent layoff, 2) receiving
                      earn a Certificate of Completion
                      while learning technical skills,                unemployment benefits, 3)
                      career management skills and         opportunity/                        without unemployment benefits
                      job search techniques. Costs are                                         that were exhausted within the
                      covered for tuition, books, and                                          past 2 years; 4) a displaced
                      class fees. Classes offered at the                                       homemaker; or 5) formerly self
                                                           TRIAD II GRANT/                     -employed, now unemployed.
                      college’s Business and Training
                      Center are also covered. Stu-        ADVANCED
                                                                                               Gina Certain, Case Manager.
Edmonds Commu-        dents must be receiving TANF         MANUFACTURING
nity College be-                                           Are you interested in compos-       Career Action Center
                      (Temporary Assistance for
lieves that every
                      Needy Families) or be an in-         ites and Materials Science Tech-
person should have                                                                             Mountlake Terrace, Rm. #130
the opportunity to    come-eligible, working parent.       nology, a field of engineering
                                                           used to develop stronger and        Phone (425)640-1433
achieve educational
goals regardless of   North Campus—Maltby Bldg.,           lighter high-tech composite         e-mail: workerretrain-
financial circum-          7020 196th St., SW,
                                                           materials for use in jets, boats
stances.                   Lynnwood
                                                           and medical devices? If so, you
                                                                                                                             Page 3

ADULT BASIC                         LEARNING                           SERVICES FOR
EDUCATION (ABE)                     SUPPORT CENTER                     STUDENTS WITH
PLAN PROGRAM                        If you need help with your         DISABILITIES
Have you been out of school for     classes or assignments, stop by    Our program helps students
a while? Would you like to          the Learning Support Center.       with all types of disabilities such
brush up your skills and develop    We offer tutoring in writing,      as: deaf, mobility, language,
                                    math and many subjects - from                                            Denise Serfas, Edmonds
a “next steps” plan to work to-                                        learning disability, blind/visual,
                                                                                                             Community College Foun-
wards career and educational        accounting to zoology. Most        chronic health, neurological,         dation scholarship winner.
goals? ABE PLAN (Plan, Learn,       tutoring is scheduled by subject   psychological, or emotional. We       Program of study:
Achieve, Network) is a ten-         area.                              also help students work with          Case Management, Family
                                                                                                             Support, Associate of Arts
week class for students who                                            outside agencies and other pro-
                                    Mukilteo Hall, Rm. 113
have a strong interest in explor-                                      grams to ensure they succeed in
ing career/educational goals.       (425)640-1750                      college.
Mukilteo Hall, Room 403                                                Mountlake Terrace Hall, Rm. 159

(425)640-1593                                                          (425)640-1320                                         
                                    OFFICE OF
                                    STUDENT LIFE
ADVISING OFFICE                     If you are more involved both in
                                    and out of the classroom, you      TRiO
The Advising Office provides
                                    are more likely to reach your      This federally funded program
computerized career and educa-
                                    academic and personal goals. At    provides low-income, first gen-
tional programs. You can also
                                    Edmonds Community College,         eration college students and
meet with an advisor to discuss
                                    there are a variety of ways for    students of disabilities with              Research has
program options.
                                                                       valuable support and services              shown that
                                    you to get involved. Check us
                                                                       that increase student success              involved
Lynwood Hall, 1st floor             out!
                                                                       and persistence towards gradua-            students have a
(425)640-1458                                                                                                     better chance of
                                    Triton Union Bldg. (TUB) Rm. 108   tion. We have a great place to
                                                                                                                  reaching their                                                      learn in our study center and
                                    (425)640-1581                                                                 academic and
                                                                       offer services such as advising
                                                                                                                  personal goals.
                                 and tutoring.
                                                                       Mountlake Terrace Hall, Rm. 120
Here you will find advocates for    SERVICE LEARNING         
all students, regardless of eth-    Here you can gain real world
nic backgrounds, cultures, gen-     experience and enhance your in-
ders and sexual orientations.       class academics by participating
The center involves the college     in community service projects
community in diversity aware-       with opportunities to earn
ness and gender issues and of-      AmeriCorps scholarships while
fers a place to study and make      earning college credit.
new friends. Learn about pro-
                                    (425) 640-1125
grams such as Peer Mentors,
ESL Conversation Groups,
scholarships, emergency finan-
cial assistance, homeless stu-
dent services and much more!

Triton Union Bldg. (TUB) Rm. 132


                                                    On-campus childcare for children 3 months to 5 years old is available
                                                    through the college’s Center for Families. The center provides high
                                                    quality childcare that allows our students to complete their education
                                                    and creates partnerships that strengthen parents' roles in their chil-
                                                    dren's education and development. Funding for childcare is available
                                                    for eligible parents through some of the programs listed on page 2.

                                                    (425) 640-1662
            The Center for Fami-
            lies offers a range of
            services supporting
            families at Edmonds
            Community College.

                                     TEXTBOOK RESOURCES
                                     Are you able to pay for tuition    Diversity Center in the Triton   USED TEXTBOOKS RE-
                                     but just need help with text-      Union Bldg. (TUB) Rm. 132 or     CYCLING
                                     books? Here are some valu-         call (425)640-1538.              Donate your used textbooks,
                                     able resources:                                                     CD’s and DVD’s to Ameri-
CONTINUE YOUR                                                           FSET
                                                                                                         corps/EcoEncore. A con-
STUDIES!                             TRiO OFFICE                        Part of FSET benefit is to pay
                                                                                                         tainer bin for donations is
                                     Textbooks are available for        for books. Please see page 2.
                                                                                                         located at the 1st floor of MLT
                                     TRiO STUDENTS to use in
EDUCATIONAL                                                                                              near the entrance to Print and
                                     our office.                        OPPORTUNITY GRANT
OPPORTUNITY GRANT                                                                                        Mail Center. For more info,
                                                                         This grant will pay up to
Interested in continuing your                                                                            go to http://
                                     LIBRARY                            $1,000 a year for textbooks if
studies after you get your                                                                     
                                     The Library has some text-         you meet the eligibility re-
Associate Degree? These              books that students can use.       quirements. Please see OP-
$2,500 grants for financially                                                                            USED TEXTBOOK RE-
                                     Check the website: http://         PORTUNITY GRANT, page 2.
needy, placebound Washing-                                                                               SOURCES (ONLINE
ton residents serve as an in-                                           TEXTBOOK EXCHANGE                ORDERING SITES)
                                     Research Resources/Library
centive to complete a bache-                                                                             College Bookstore: http://
                                     Catalog/Course Reserve for         BOARD
lor's degree at an eligible four                                                                   
                                     textbook availability. You can     Used textbooks for sale are
-year college. Applicants must       use the book while in the li-                              http://
                                                                        posted on this board located
have earned an associate of          brary. For more info, visit the    in Mountlake Terrace Hall, 1st
arts or sciences degree or           Library at 3rd and 4th floors of   floor Lobby.            http://
achieved junior class stand-         Lynnwood Hall or call (425)                                   
ing.                                 640-1472 or 1529.                  AMERICORPS
                                                                                                         Discount Books sites: http://
                                                                        Buy books here for $1 or less.
Higher Education Coordinating                                                                      
                                     EQUITY & DIVERSITY                 These are donated books that
Board                                                                                                        books.html
                                     CENTER                             go to Eco-Encore, a non-profit
Phone: (360)753-7861                                                    organization. The books that
                                     Textbooks and reference ma-              terials can be checked out for     Eco-Encore doesn’t need go
paying/waaidprgm/eog.asp             the duration of a quarter.         on sale to the public.
                                     Calculators and Brown Bag
                                                                        Americorps contact: Kathe
                                     Lecture DVD’s are also avail-
                                     able for loan. For more infor-
                                     mation, visit the Equity &         Lynnwood Hall, Rm. 230 (425)

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