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									Vol. 21 Issue 79                                                                                                                       www. eaa902. org      September 2008

                                                                                                                                                   Boeing 40C
                                                                                                                                This is as it should be - passengers in closed
                                                                                                                                cabin, pilot in open cockpit so he will stay
                                                                                                                                awake. The airplane is in Spokane, WA, and is
                                                                                                                                the oldest flying Boeing in the World.
                                                                                                                                After 8 years and 8,000 hours of toil the Boeing
                                                                                                                                40C rolled out last winter as a finished airplane.
                                                                                                                                They had to wait a few weeks for the snow to
                                                                                                                                melt to fly this baby. They received their Stan-
                                                                                                                                dard Airworthiness Certificate from the FAA
                                                                                                                                and completed the engine pre-oil and fuel flow
                                                                                                                                tests for the first of the taxi tests.
                                                                                                                                The airplane weighs 4080 lbs empty, has a gross
                                                                                                                                weight of 6075 lbs. It is 34 ft long and 13 feet tall
                                                                                                                                with a wing span of 44 1/2 feet.
                                                                                                                                Wing loading is 10 lbs per sq ft and power load-
                                                                                                                                ing is 10 Pounds per HP.
                                                                                                                                It should cruise at 115 mph using 28 GPH, and
                                                                                                                                32 GPH at 120 mph.
                                                                                                                                It carries 120 gallons of fuel in three tanks.

 What’ Inside:                                                  Wingin’ It ............................................... 4
                                                                Eagles Nest ............................................ 5
  Show Me the Money ............................ 2              Saddling up the Ponies ........................ 6
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  Board Meeting Highlights ................... 3                For Sale .................................................. 7
  Meeting minutes ................................... 3
  Low & Slow ........................................... 4
                    EAA Chapter 902
                                                            EAA Chapter 902                  Financial Statement
                Web Site:
                       President                            Chapter Balance as of 06/30/08 ......................... 2,789.95
                                                            General Fund Balance as of 06/30/08 ............... 1,035.50
Henry Pflegl        (503) 680-5295
                     Vice President                                PGE / water------------        89.05
Bob Armstrong (503) 263-8853               Website–2 months-----          49.90
                                                                   Newsletter-------------          0.00
                        Secretary                              Income
Keith Pugh        (503) 774-2380          Coffee---------------------    20.60
                                                            General Fund Balance as of 08/31/08 .................. 917.59
 Steve Miller    (503) 663-5333
                                                            Scholarship Fund: Balance as of 05/31/08........... 315.59
                   Board of Directors                                Expenses--------------------------------------- 0.00
                                                                     Balance as of 08/31/08---------———             315.59
 Greg Mayotte (503) 730-1021                                                                                                 Next Meeting
Gerald Hawks        (503) 263-8853
                                                            Facilities Fund: Balance as of 06/30/08 ........... 1,438.86
Eric Heublein (503) 829-7102                                                                           WEDNESDAY, September 10th
Ed Micallef          (503) 657-2811            Expenses:----------- monthly rent-------          0.00     EAA Chapter 902, meets on the 2nd Wednesday of
Dick Scott       (503) 630-4739                                                                       each month at 7:00 PM. Henry Pflegl is Chapter
                                                                     Income: ----------- Raffle------------------    94.00      President and you can reach him at (503) 680-5295.
                   Newsletter Editor
Kent Byerley      (503) 651-3649
                                                             Facilities Fund Balance as of 08/31/08------ 1,532.86
                      Webmonster                                                                                                Directions to Mulino airport:
                                                             Chapter 902 Balance as of 08/31/08 -------           2,765.60
Dave Schwartz (503) 692-8517                                                                              From I-205 take exit onto Hwy 213 southbound.
                                                                                                                                Continue on Hwy 213 to the town of Mulino. The
                Young Eagles Coordinator                                                                                        EAA Chapter Clubhouse is about 1/4 miles past the
 Gary Dunfee (503) 631-7262                                                                            restaurant, on you right. 13801 S. Darnell Rd.

                  Technical Counselor
Jerry Darrah                               (503) 254-9992
Brian Moentenich
                      (503) 666-7518
                                                                                                                                                  Next Up
Phil Groelz                                (503) 266-5662                                                                       Paul Bazeley, Director of Maintenance for Aerometal
                                                                                                                                International, LLC will let us know what it's like to shep-
Frank Wilcox (503) 774-2160                                                                             herd the restoration and maintenance of vintage metal
Ralph Hudson        (503) 630-3713                                                                       craft (air, sea, and land). The company now has respon-
                                                                                                                                sibility for at least two DC-3's at Aurora State airport.

   2                                                                           EAA Chapter 902                                                                   September 2008
 Mt Hood Chapter 902, Experimental Air-                     Henry thanked Gary and Geri Dunfee for weeding the             Mt Hood Chapter 902, Experimental Air-
                                                            parking lot bank. It was pointed out that Will Lightly
           craft Association                                donated the plants for the bank.
                                                                                                                                     craft Association
           Board Meeting – August 20, 2008                                                                                          General Meeting - August 13, 2008
                                                            Susan Heublein suggested that the chapter might con-
The meeting was called to order by President Henry          sider a food booth at the Clackamas County Fair for           The meeting was called to order by President, Henry
Pflegl. Those attending were Daily Holman, Jerry            next year. The fair runs six days. Discussion was heard,      Pflegl, following the evening barbeque. 40 members
Hawks, Ed Micallef, Greg Mayotte, Bob Armstrong,            six days was thought to be a burden for the chapter to        and guests were present when Henry introduced the
Gary and Geri Dunfee, Steve Miller, Keith Pugh, Eric        have a crew on hand since we would be obligated to be         officers and board members.
and Susan Heublein, Chris Lions, Dick Scott, and Gary       at the booth from the start to the end of each fair day. It
Sparks.                                                     was suggested that we might make arrangements to              Daily Holman covered the fly-out to Pine Hollow with
                                                            share a corner of another booth to promote Young Ea-          information about the airport approach and runway
The critique of the last meeting was heard. Chris was                                                                     condition.
considered an outstanding speaker but the flies in the
room were a problem. It was suggested to get some fly       Dick asked that it be brought up to the chapter to get        Henry announce that the mowing contract was in place
strips.                                                     volunteers to contact several Christmas tree farms to         and that those willing to help mow should contact him
                                                            ask for leftover trees for sale by the chapter, in exchange   and he would get the person and the date posted on the
Gary Sparks said that the September speaker would be
                                                            for letters of in-kind. He suggested that we limit the
Paul Bazeley, Director of Maintenance at Aerometal                                                                        mowing schedule page of the website.
                                                            number of trees to possibly the first 200 so that the
International, LLC at Aurora. Aerometal maintains C-
                                                            chapter wouldn’t have too many to dispose of.                 Gary Dunfee reminded members that we were flying
117A’s, DC-3’s, DC-6’s, Lockheed Constellations, and
Grumman Albatross.                                          Greg Mayotte brought up that there is a manufacturer          Young Eagles at Albany on Aug. 23rd and 24th; and that
                                                            or dealer at the Sandy Airport who is handling RC             we were also flying them at Astoria on September 20th.
Daily Holman said that they would have another fly-
                                                            models, capable of flying indoors. Greg thought he            Dick Scott said that the Builders’ Group would meet at
out to Pine Hollow next year. Information won’t be
                                                            might be an evening speaker.
available until closer to the event.                                                                                      Scott Crockard’s on the 21st to visit his RV project.
                                                            Dick reported on Van’s Aircraft Homecoming at Inde-
Henry asked for a Nickname for his article and decided                                                                    Henry told about meeting with John Wilson from the
                                                            pendence. He thought that due to the lack of promotion,
to open it up to the members at the meeting.                                                                              State Aviation department to do a facility inspection of
                                                            the turn-out was quite low.
Upcoming events will be Young Eagles at Albany and                                                                        the clubhouse. Interest seemed to be in finding out if
                                                            Gary said that he had talked to John Wilson about the
Astoria and the fly-out to Nehalem the weekend after                                                                      asbestos was a problem there.
                                                            dandelions at the airport and suggested that they might
Labor Day.
                                                            spray them. They are about the only thing growing this        Henry also brought up the Nehalem fly-out by saying it
Dick Scott reminded the Builders’ Group would meet at       time of year and the only thing needing mowed. If they        would be on Sept. 6th and 7th. There would not be an
7:00 on the 21st at Scott Crockard’s.                       were sprayed out it could save around five mowings in         organized barbeque this year, so, everyone should bring
                                                            time and gas a year.                                          their own supplies.
Henry brought up that he had received a request from
someone about assistance in becoming a DAR. It de-          The meeting was adjourned.
                                                                                                                          Chris Lyons was the evening speaker. Chris was the
cided that there wasn’t enough activity to require an-
                                                                                        Keith Pugh                        recipient of this year’s Air Academy scholarship. He did
other one in the area, those that are already established
are able to keep up with the number of completions in a                                 Secretary                         an exceedingly well job of covering the program and
timely manner.                                                                                                            activities at the academy.

Gary Sparks said that he has talked to the banquet facil-                                                                 Kent Byerley confessed that he had misplaced the min-
ity and they have made arrangement for the Christmas                                                                      utes of the last general and board meetings and said
meeting with the OPA for December 5th. Mr. Vanval-                                                                        that if anyone wanted a copy to let him know and he
kenburg will be the speaker. The menu offering has                                                                        would forward it to them.
changed some; more will come out on it later.
                                                                                                                          Continued page 7

   3                                                                         EAA Chapter 902                                                              September 2008
                                                                                bers Ed and Mary Stepec also joined the      the short flight past Mt. Hood and experience this beau-
                                                                                fun, and it was nice to see them             tiful location. Perhaps you'll be the next aviator to own a
                                                                                again. The association is actively (via      picturesque, pleasing piece of the pilot's paradise at Pine
                                                                                the fly-in, for example) encouraging         Hollow! See you at the meeting on the 10th.
                                                                                pilots to buy lots as they come available
                                                                                from non-aviation oriented owners. For
                                                with Gary      Sparks           an working or retired pilot who seeks
                                                                                some solitude and lots of good flying
                                                                                weather, Pine Hollow is ideal, and sev-
                                         Everyone knows        eral active and retired airline pilots have made it their
                                         it gets hot in Cen-   home.
                                         tral Oregon in
August. Still, if an organization wants to have a fly-in,
clear skies and warm weather are a definite advan-
                                                               Daily said food would be provided by the association,
                                                               but we were not expecting an amazing quantity of excel-        Low & Slow
                                                               lent dining. Martha and I ate breakfast before leaving on
tage. August 16th and 17th were just about perfect on
                                                               the 45 minute flight from Troutdale, but after our 0845
the clear sky side for the excellent event put on by Pine
                                                               arrival, Willow had breakfast available, then the folks
Hollow, LLC, the airport property owners association at
                                                               with the hangar next to Daily's had grilled hot dogs with
32OR, Pine Hollow Airport. As for the weather side,
                                                               all the fixin's and drinks for lunch, then at about 1630 it
nature provided exceptionally "warm" conditions. Most
                                                               was "Happy Hour" at the gorgeous lakeside residence of
folks do just fine if temps are 90° or less, and some don't
                                                               Al and Anne Edmondson, he a retired Navy aviator and
really find 95° all that uncomfortable, but I can verify                                                                                                       by Henry Pflegl
                                                               one time head of maintenance for the Blue Angels, and
104° cuts down on the activity level of almost every-
                                                               she a gracious 747 Captain for Northwest Airlines, and
one! Yet on Saturday, Greg Mayotte, Henry Pflegle, Ed                                                                        September is here already, the summer just flew by. I
                                                               proud Super Cub pilot. Happy Hour segued to a barbe-
Micallef, Vince Nartaker, Jeff and Tina Smathers, Larry
                                                               cue with steaks, chicken, and terrific salads all to live     made some of the fly outs that I wanted to, I hope you
Holman and Joan Marshall, and Martha and I all de-
                                                               music provided by some of the residents on guitars with       all did also. There's always the ones that you say you
scended (literally, it seems) on Daily Holman and Wil-
                                                               a pretty darn good harmonica player to boot! As the           are going to make but it's not in the cards, just so many
low at their invitation to chapter members to visit during
                                                               heat stared to wane, naturally some flying took place,        flying days to get it all done. We have the Nehalem Bay
the fly-in. About 30 airplanes landed, and most stayed
                                                               but though some had braved the heat to kayak on the
the night camped by residents' hangars, where water,                                                                         fly out on the 6th and 7th of September and the same
                                                               lake, most had spent the day lounging in the shade un-
portable toilets and some shade waited.                                                                                      weekend is the Hood River Fly-In, decisions!
                                                               der Daily's hangar door and were just relieved to be a bit
Pine Hollow reservoir, built in 1967, includes property        cooler. Of course, the eating wasn't done yet, as the         decisions!. If you haven't heard the news I put my Cub
with a residential airpark where 40 lots have access to        lunch providers later put out deserts for the last calories   on it's back in Pine Hollow Reservoir. I wasn't hurt (just
the 2600' X 100' runway sitting at 1,820' MSL in a scenic      of the day. Martha and I retired to our tent hoping we        my pride) or was the cub, I will have it back in the air in
location about 20 NM east of Mt. Hood, with homes,             would get off the ground the next day with our in-            no time. At the next meeting we will have a contest for a
pines, and the lake on the south side, and a paved road        creased gross weight. The evening cooled off nicely for a     new nick name for me, so put on your water proof
and pasture land to the north of the east/west grass stabi-    wonderful night's sleep.                                      thinking caps. I will have a special prize for the best
lized crushed rock strip. Though the center of the run-                                                                      one. If you missed the last meeting we had a great BBQ
                                                               Sunday dawned cloudy and comfortable, and you can
way can be a bit rough, the wide and easily used south
                                                               read Henry's article about the morning's events. The          potluck dinner, again a big thank you to Keith Pugh for
side makes for a nice landing surface, and all in the
                                                               scheduled spot landing and flour bombing events were          his awesome BBQ. Pictures and stories from the Pine
know touched down there. Daily's hangar and lots at
                                                               delayed until next year, and about 1000 as the day            Hollow fly out at the meeting. See you all there.
the east end of the runway accommodated all our air-
                                                               started to heat up under clearing skies, we launched for
craft, camping gear, and had plenty more room. If he
                                                               home, hoping to come back again under cooler condi-
ever builds a house next to the hangar, we're all out of
                                                               tions. We had lots of fun with all the 902 folks and met
luck. Though many of the lots have hangars on them
                                                               numerous congenial, welcoming people living at or visit-
now, only about 1/3 of the total are airplane owners and
                                                               ing Pine Hollow. Next year, weather permitting, and
pilots. New lot owners and previous 902 chapter mem-
                                                               with an invitation to return, I hope more of us will make

   4                                                                            EAA Chapter 902                                                               September 2008
             In the
                                                              to find something very special for him to do while he                            Fuel update
                                                              was here on vacation in the Portland area, where he had
                                                                                                                                                 from Dick Scott
                                                              extended family. I was told that this was just what they
                                                              had been hoping for. I found it kind of embarrassing as
                                                              he kept thanking me for making the day so special for         According to Larry Knox, who runs the FBO at Lebanon,
                                                              this young man. Later that evening while looking at the       the Lebanon airport will be closed for 2 months this fall
                                                                                                                            for renovation. There will be openings in the evenings
                                                              days registration forms I came across this young man’s
                                                                                                                            and on Sundays for a little while. Then again in the
                                                              registration form, then I understood what made this ride
                                                                                                                            spring there will be another 2 month shutdown.
                           with Gary Dunfee                   so special. Besides hooking him on flying, his mailing
                                                              address is an APO box at the US embassy, Bogota, Co-          The 2 shutdowns came about because the Dep't. of Avia-
                                                              lumbia. This YE is in constant danger of being kidnap-        tion didn't get their act together to do the work this sum-
This has been an unusual year for YE flights. May had         ping by the drug cartels, he doesn’t get to leave the em-     mer, which they could have done in 2 months, a one time
problems with rain, June at Troutdale had only 5 YE’s         bassy in Columbia because of the danger.                      closure. Second guessing, it appears that the 4 months
show up to be flown. At the OPA pancake breakfast I                                                                         will be needed instead of 2 months because weather
                                                              We have only 1 YE event left for this year, that will be at   won't allow the work to proceed uninterrupted in fall
flew as many as I could, Merrill Ahrens and Gary Sparks
                                                              Astoria on Sept 20 this has been a fun event in the past.     and spring.
helped by flying 5 on Saturday. Geri created lists of those
                                                              It’s a lot of fun to fly a kid who has never flown in a
that we couldn’t fly at the breakfast, Scott Crockard and I                                                                 Larry says he was given a 24 hour notice about
                                                              small aircraft, or out of Astoria, and has a parent who
have followed up with many of those. Some of the YE’s                                                                       this. Really business friendly, those geniuses in Salem.
                                                              fly’s a Coast Guard aircraft. They can’t fly their family
that were flown at the breakfast and afterwards have
                                                              members in the government airplanes, so for many of           So, no ethanol free car gas in Lebanon until they are back
been some of the best flights I’ve ever had. Flown were 2
                                                              them this is their first time flying. Come join us at As-     in business.
kids that live along hwy 213 at the airports mid-field, If
                                                              toria, we’ll need help with ground crew!
you look across the runway there’s a large new house                                                                        On the flip side, Larry says the only thing holding up his
bordering on the runway there are 4 new YE’s in that          Congratulations! to Scott Crockard who has passed the         ethanol and lead free gas facility at Mulino is tank con-
house that use to just watch the airplanes coming and         big 100 milestone.                                            struction and he hopes to be in business there in 6
                                                                                                                            weeks. The state aviation folks--who can trust them after
going from the fence. When you depart on runway 32
                                                              The Numbers for the year            Chapter total 301         the Lebanon nonsense?--say the Port has the paperwork
down near the base of the hill are 4 more new YE’s, and
                                                                                                                            and viewed it favorably, but if I were Larry, I wouldn't
as you turn from base to final for runway 32 theirs a         Steve Miller               21                                 spend a dime until I had everything in writing.
large house down in the trees along the Molalla river
                                                              Scott Crockard             21                                 And again, the State Marine Board, which is more grass
there are 2 more new YE’s there. I also flew Larry the
                                                              Rob Butt                   4                                  roots aviation friendly than the Dep't. of Aviation, lists
mechanics 2 kids (the new FBO’s mechanic).
                                                                                                                            sources of ethanol free gas at their website: http://
The last YE I flew on Sunday turned out to very special.      Mike Harfst                2                        
An uncle to this boy handed me an article from an old         Merrill Ahrens             4
issue of an AOPA magazine that I had left in the FBO
                                                              Kent Byerley               11
building and told me that was what flying was like in his
country, it was the article on flying in Columbia, South      Keith Pugh                 44
America. There was a large extended family there when I       Gary Sparks                25
finished with this young man’s flight. As I was trying to
put everything away for the day his father kept thanking      Gary Dunfee                67
me for taking his son for a ride. He explained that “the      Eric Heublein              12
boy hadn’t been able to go out” for several years. He
                                                              Ed Hemmingson              24
explained that they were hoping that they would be able
                                                              Dick Kizer                 61

   5                                                                           EAA Chapter 902                                                              September 2008
Saddling up the Ponies                                      four letter words, but the bolt would only go into the
                                                            mount by “screwing” it through the engine case boss.
                                                                                                                      Once we had the taper pin inserted through all the com-
                                                                                                                      ponents, Ray Peabody drove up and asked what he
By Mike Rhodes                                              Not an ideal situation, but the threads came through      could do to help. I said, “We’ve tried everything to get
                                                            fine. (When looking at the engine mount boss holes, it
                                                                                                                      these blankety blank bolts to go in and I’m thinking
July 27th marked a major milestone in the construction of   was obvious this was a “normal” evolution).
                                                                                                                      praying would be good”!
my RV-9A…. mounting the engine!
                                                                                                                      The idea of using the taper pin was that if we could
I’m now 2 yrs 3 mo and about 750 MH into the project. It                                                              torque the 3 bolts that are in place, then the engine
took 3 yrs 2 mo 2 wks and 1900 MH to build my Long-                                                                   would pull into place and all the stars would align. So
EZ. I originally hoped to complete the QB RV project in                                                               that’s what we did, the taper pin “easily” slid out and
around 2 yrs….. but then, I hadn’t yet taken the schedule                                                             the final bolt went in with little trouble! Wow! Very
and budget times Pi divided by 2!!                                                                                    cool!     Was it engineering or Devine intervention….
                                                                                                                      Ummm perhaps they are one and the same?!?
Mounting the engine was much “trickier” than I antici-
pated and fortunately Dick Scott was available to lend an
extra set of hands… and someone to share 4 letter words

Because the engine mount holes are compound angles
inward, the only place all 4 bolts align is when they are
all torqued in place. Of course nothing lines up during
the bolt placement. With the engine suspended in front
of the mount, we started with the bottom two bolts.
Once those were in place enough to start the nuts, we       The 4th bolt was “Mission Impossible” personified! As
moved to the top mounts.                                    we wrestled with what to do, I told Dick that I was
We slipped the rubber isolators into the mount donuts,      thinking something was wrong… perhaps this engine
then lifted the engine, which rotates the top “into posi-   and mount were not compatible. I didn’t have a hammer
tion”. “Into position” is actually a VERY loose descrip-    big enough in the drawer to make that last bolt go in!!
tion! Now it was time for a third bolt. Dick & I pushed,
pulled, yanked, twisted and even embellished with a few     It was time for the “engineer’s hat”. What we needed
                                                            was a way to at least get the mount, dampener set and
                                                            engine case boss on the same line. I dug out one of the          Saddled up…. and no where to go…. YET!
                                                            Lowes Aircraft bolts that I used for mating the wing
                                                            spars to the centersection and ground the end to a long
                                                                                                                                 Notes from
                                                                                                                                 the Editor
                                                                                                                                    Only 8 pages this month.
                                                                                                                      Come on people, I know that someone out there is doing
                                                                                                                      something interesting. Please contribute to the newslet-
                                                                                                                      ter, we all would enjoy hearing about what you are do-

   6                                                                        EAA Chapter 902                                                          September 2008
                                                               Continued General Meeting                                King KN53 TSO VOR/LOC re-
                                                                                                                        ceiver with KI208 indicator.
                                                               Larry Stevens represented the Mulino OPA chapter and     Like new condition. Was used
                                                               thanked the group for helping with the pancake break-    briefly as a demo setup for avi-
                                                               fast. He said that they had a very good year, feeding    onics test equipment. Has never
                                                               1,390 customers, 1,450 breakfasts counting volunteers.   been in an aircraft. $800 for
          with Dick Scott
                                                               Henry reminded members of the board meeting on the       both. Dave Schwartz, (509)954-
September Builder’s Group                                      following Wednesday at 7:00 at Elmer’s.                  7533,

                                                               The evening raffle was held and the meeting was ad-      -----------------------------------
Jeff Smather’s RV-6A!
                                                               journed.                                                 For sale   LC Map Lite 300 Red-14vdc $20 Lists
I thought Jeff had a Kitfox—what’s with the RV-6A?
                                                                                         Keith Pugh
                                                                                                                        for $43
Well, a couple years ago, he and his wife flew the Kitfox
on a camping trip and found themselves in Eureka, Mon-                                   Secretary                      Bob Archer antenna for right RV wing tip $25 lists
tana talking with a gentleman who happened to have an                                                                   for $82.50
RV-6 project he was thinking about parting with. Tina
liked the idea of something a little, or maybe a lot, faster                                                            Gary Dunfee 503-631-7262
than the Kitfox, so a deal was struck there & then. Jeff,                                                               -----------------------------------
be sure to treat that wife well!                               Back to page 3
                                                                                                                        For Sale: Wing and tail kit for a Glastar. All metal
Jeff has been working mostly on the fuselage from the
                                                                                                                        working tools needed. $2500.00 takes it all.
firewall back to the turtledeck. But he is also working on
the wings and the fuel tanks have him pondering, as the                                                                 Matt McVay 541-331-6117
fuel tanks are one of those areas on an RV one ap-
proaches with some trepidation. Not having much sheet                                                                   Klamath Falls
metal experience, he’s looking forward to all the tips he
                                                               I have an engine stand that I will give to some-
can get.                                                       one for a donation to the Air Academy fund. It
                                                               is an automotive type, but has adjustable arms           Wanted: World-War-I era engines/airframes or
When: Thursday, September 23, 7 pm.
                                                               for the mount, so could be used for an aircraft          replicas. Hispano-Suiza, Mercedes,Hall-Scott, Lib-
Where: His house is at 320 Heintz, in Molalla                  engine.                                                  erty, OX-5, Siemens-Halske, Oberursel, Clerget,
From the clubhouse go south on Hwy 213 to Molalla              Jim Frisbie, 503.266.9100.                               LeRhone, Gnome, other rotaries, etc. If you know
Ave, which is half a mile beyond the Liberal Store and is                                                               of anything for sale or trade I'd appreciate any in-
the first left after you cross the tracks. Left on Molalla
Ave, follow it 4.1 miles until you see Erickson Tire,
which is at the corner of Heintz. Left on Heintz to 320.
                                                                                For Sale                      
                                                                                                                        Russ Lassetter EAA# 0448996
                                                               FOR SALE, 1946 Aeronca Champ, new motor --     
                                                               200 hours SMOH. Always hangared fresh annual.
                                                               $25,000.00 OBO. 503-642-2018 or cur-                     Cleveland, Georgia 706-348-751
                                                      for more info and pix.

   7                                                                            EAA Chapter 902                                                       September 2008
                                                                                           Phone (503) 651-3649
                                                                                                                  Canby, OR 97013
                                                                                                                                    11310 S. Macksburg Rd.
                                                                                                                                                             EAA Chapter 902
                                                                                                                                                                               Kent Byerley, Newsletter Editor

                                                                                                     First Class Mail
Ready to load passengers

Next General Meeting
Chapter 902
    Wednesday September 10th, 2008 @ 7:00 PM
    Clubhouse at Mulino Airport
    Map on pg. 2

Next Board of Directors Meeting
    The board will meet next on Wednesday, September. 17th,

                      EAA Chapter 902                         Volume 21 / Number 9 / September 2008

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