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					                            The Goddard Dance Club News
                                                  October 2005 News

      Holiday and New Year’s Eve Dances                                                Special Events
     The Goddard Dance Club will be hosting our annual,              Pot Luck dances will be held on the first and third
catered Holiday Dinner Dance on Saturday, December 3rd,          Saturdays of each month from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
from 7:00 – 10:30 p.m. We will NOT hold a 3rd Saturday           (except for October, December, and January – see dates
pot luck in December because, once again we will be              below). Here is a list of upcoming dances:
hosting a New Year’s Eve Pot Luck Dinner Dance from 8:30             Oct. 1, Oct. 15, Oct 29, Nov 5, Nov 19,
p.m. – 12:30 a.m. on Saturday, December 31st. Both                   Dec 3, Dec. 31, Jan. 1, Jan. 21
holiday events are Black Tie Optional. Since attendance at
both the Holiday Dinner Dance and the New Year's Eve Pot             Saturday, October 29
Luck Dinner Dance will be limited to 90 people, be sure to           Halloween Dance at the Rash’s
make your reservations early.                                        Cost: Regular Pot Luck Prices (see list below)
     IMPORTANT INFORMATION:               Please note that
because the Holiday Dance is catered, all payments MUST              Saturday, December 3rd
be received no later than November 19th in order to be               Holiday Dinner Dance (catered and features live music)
eligible to attend the dance. Checks should be made                  Time: 7:00-10:30 p.m.
payable to the Goddard Dance Club. You may pay for the
                                                                     Music by Tony Luciano and Fritz
Holiday Dinner Dance at any of the GDC classes or pot luck
                                                                     Cost for GDC Members: $35.00 per person (must be
dinner dances or mail your check to:
                                                                     paid no later than Saturday, November 19th)
         Goddard Dance Club,                                         Cost for non-Members: $40.00 per person (must
         Attn: Ed Gaddy, Treasurer
                                                                     be paid no later than Saturday, November 19th)
         3007 Courtside Road
         Bowie, MD 20721                                             Saturday, December 31st
     Attendees will pay for the New Year's Eve Pot Luck              New Year's Eve Pot Luck Dinner Dance
Dinner Dance at the door as usual. The Goddard Dance                 Time: 8:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.
Club subsidizes both of these events in order to keep costs          Chip Atwood Music provided by Mark Hanak
down and make the holiday dances available to as many                Cost: Regular Pot Luck Prices:
members as possible.                                                 Cost for GDC Members: $10 per person with a dish,
     For New Year’s Eve, we’d like to encourage everyone             $20 per person without a dish
to bring a dish so that there is enough food for the evening.        Cost for non-Members: $15 per person with a dish,
Please DO NOT bring soft drinks and other beverages; the             $25 per person without a dish
dance club provides beverages and non-alcoholic
Champagne for the dance. And remember, each dish                      Feel free to invite guests. Everyone is welcome.
(whether appetizer, main course, vegetable course or             However, please make sure that everyone you invite is
dessert) should feed at least 10-12 people.                      included on the guest list. To pass Goddard security,
     Set-up for the Holiday Dinner Dance will begin at 10:30     members and guests must be U. S. citizens and have a
a.m. and is expected to take no more than two hours. Set-        picture ID. Contact Billie Byard (w) 301-429-2581, (h) 410-
up for New Year’s Eve will begin at 5:45 p.m. We will need       757-9433, or Martha O’Bryan
a large set-up crew for both of these events since we will be    (h) 301-293-2933, (w) 301-286-1412, martha.obryan@gsfc.
doing more decorating than usual. Please let me know if or after November 7, 2005 you can contact
you can help with either set-up or clean-up. Remember, this      Kate Perrie (h) 410-757-1185, .
is a volunteer club and we need everyone’s help to make          The guest list will be submitted to Goddard Security on the
these dances happen.                                             Tuesday before the event. Unfortunately, we will not be
     Note: All members and guests attending functions at         able to add any names to the list once the list is submitted
Goddard NASA Space Center must be U.S. citizens and              to the Security office, so please be sure to call or email and
must have a picture ID (valid drivers license preferred).        get your name on the list by the Tuesday prior to the event.

                                            2006 Club Officer Elections
     Nominations for 2006 Goddard Dance Club (GDC)                    GDC members eligible to vote in the club officers
officers are now being accepted. If you, or anyone you           election will receive a voting ballot in the mail. All votes will
know, would like to be a candidate for any of the club officer   be tallied by Goddard Dance Club Nominating Committee
positions (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer),     Chairman, Paul McCeney. GDC members eligible to vote
please contact the GDC Nominating Committee Chairman,            in the club officers election are those persons defined in the
Paul McCeney, 301-286-6499, by October 31, 2005. GDC             Bylaws of the Goddard Employees Welfare Association
Officers must be club members who are either active or           (GEWA), Article III, Section 3. To view the GDC Bylaws visit
retired civil servants or on-site contractors at GSFC who are    the website listed below.
on the GSFC-LISTS directory.
                 Goddard Dance Club News – October 2005 –                     1
                 Events Around Town                                        Club Officers & Officials for 2005
●   Goddard Dance Club, Goddard Space Flight Center, Building      President            John Barker         (h) 301-431-2626
    8 Auditorium, dances for 2005 are listed on page one of this                                            (w) 301-614-6610
    newsletter. Contact Martha O'Bryan 301-286-1412 or 301-                                       
    574-3349, or contact John Barker 301-614-6610 or 301-431-                                  
    2626, or visit our club web sites (Goddard internal web site
    and Goddard Dance Club instructors public access web site      Vice President       Martha O'Bryan     (h) 301-293-2933 or http://                                           (w) 301-286-1412 respectively).                                                    
●   Davidsonville Dance Club, Davidsonville, Maryland. Ballroom                          
    dancing on 2nd & 4th Saturdays, Contact Dana O'Hara 410-       Treasurer            Ed Gaddy           (h) 301-390-5115
    741-1356,                                                           (w) 301-286-1338
●   Wheaton Ballroom Dance Club, Saturday night dances with                                 
    live bands, 8:30 to 12:30 PM. Contact Ralph Krause 301-530-                                  
    4790.                                                          Secretary           Sam Floyd       (w) 301-286-1683,
●   Hollywood Ballroom, Silver Spring Maryland. Ballroom                                               (h) 410-381-4799,
    dancing on Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday. Call                                
    301-622-5494 or             Recording Secretary      Ron Ghosh
●   The Promenade Baltimore's Premier Dancesport Facility,
    2605 Lord Baltimore Drive, Suites L-P, Baltimore Maryland,     Membership Database Administrator (h) 301-725-6185
    410-277-0234,                    David Morris                      (w) 301-688- 7003
●   Special Dance Weekends are offered several times per year.                             
    For more information and for brochures, contact Shirley        Newsletter Editor             Martha O'Bryan (as above)
                                                                   Web Site Administrator        Martha O'Bryan (as above)
            Visit the Goddard Dance Club web sites at              Special Events Committee Chair,    Kate Perrie                                              (h) 410-757-1185
                                                                   Special Events Committee Co-Chair
                                                                   Billie Byard          (w) 301-429-2581, (h) 410-757-9433
          Goddard Closing Status Codes                            or
    To find out the Goddard Space Flight Center's current          Parliamentarian      Paul McCeney      (w) 301-286-6499
status, call 301-286-NEWS (301-286-6397). Unless                                        
otherwise noted, the Center stands at Code Green                   GDC Board Meetings are scheduled quarterly, at 5:45 p.m, in Building
status (Center is open - normal operation). Except for             20, Room C139, followed by dinner at a local restaurant at about 8
occasional holidays, the only time Dance Club events will          PM. The next Board Meeting is scheduled for November 8, 2005.
be canceled is if the Center is in CODE RED status.                Members are encouraged to attend or contact your Class Rep if you
                                                                   would like to attend or if you have suggestions for improving the
                                                                   activities offered by the Dance Club.
              Temporary Badge Policy
                                                                   People are needed for:
   To obtain a six-month temporary badge (for unescorted           Membership
access) you must be a member of the Goddard Dance Club             Newsletter
   1) registered for and have attended two current,                                 Goddard Dance Club Policies
consecutive 2-month class series, or                                    Membership is open to current, former and retired
                                                                   NASA/Goddard civil servants and contractors, their guests; and former
   2) a retired GSFC civil servant.                                members of the Club. Guests must be U.S. citizens. Membership is
   3) the significant other or family member of a GSFC             required to register for dance classes. Dues are $10/year ($5 after
                                                                        This is a volunteer Club. Members are asked to arrive early to
   If you would like a temporary badge and you meet the            remove chairs and tables from the floor, and/or stay afterwards to put
above criteria, please contact Martha O'Bryan (w) 301-286-         chairs and tables back in place for official work at NASA. If you are
1412, (h) 301-293-2933, (e)           physically unable to do this, please speak to the Class Rep or a Club
                                                                   Oficer about volunteering to help in some other way.
                                                                        The Club reserves the right to cancel any class with fewer than
                                                                   14 students. In the event of inclement weather, call 301-286-NEWS to
If you wish to be removed from this mailing list please email a    determine if the Center has been closed.
Club officer or respond to:
    Goddard Dance Club
    PO Box 173
    Glenn Dale, MD 20769

                 Goddard Dance Club News – October 2005 –                             2
                              Goddard Dance Club Classes with Chip Atwood
                                  All Classes in Building 8 Auditorium

                                       Beginner’s Ballroom Dance Class
                   2-Month Wednesday series, September 7 to October 26, 2005 Featuring Foxtrot & Tango
                 2-Month Wednesday series, November 2 to December 28, 2005 Featuring Swing & Cha-Cha
                    2-Month Wednesday series, January 4 to February 22, 2006 Featuring Waltz & Rumba
                  6:00 – 7:30 Wednesday, Building 8 Auditorium; $40 per person for the 2-Month series
                       Rep.: Nancy Laubenthal (w) 301-286- 5778,
                                            Basic Ballroom Dance Class
                2-Month Wednesday series, September 7 to October 26, 2005 Featuring Foxtrot and Samba
                               Next Series: Wednesday, November 2 to December 28, 2005
    Other dances will include Waltz, Hustle, Mambo, Merengue, Foxtrot, Cha Cha, etc. as requested by participants
                    Rep.: Sam Floyd (w) 301-286-1683, (h) 410-381-4799,
    Asst. Rep.: Billie Byard, (w) 301-429-2581, (h) 410-757-9433, or
                                      7:30 – 9:30 Wednesday, Building 8 Auditorium
                                          $60 per person for the 2-Month series

Intermediate-I Ballroom Class                                     Intermediate-II Ballroom Class
2-Month Monday series Sept 5 to Oct 31, 2005                    2-Month Monday series Sept 5 to Oct 31, 2005
Next Series: Nov. 7 to Dec. 26, 2005                            Next Series: Nov. 7 to Dec. 26, 2005
7:30 – 8:30 Monday, Building 8 Auditorium                       8:30 – 9:30 Monday, Building 8 Auditorium
$40 per person for series (Intermediate I only)                 $40 per person for series (Intermediate II only)
                $60 per person for both Intermediate-I and Intermediate-II classes for the 2-Month series

Rep.: Ed Gaddy (w) 301-286-1338, (h) 301-390-5115,;

     Monday         October       November       December        January        February         March         April

       7:30           Salsa         Rumba         Cha Cha        Merengue      West Coast       Mambo         Swing

       8:30         Peabody         Salsa          Rumba         Cha Cha        Viennese      West Coast      Mambo
                                                                                  Waltz        Swing

                      Sunday Night Ballroom Practice and Dance Variations Class
                        Dancers all levels are welcome to either the class and/or practice session
                       Sunday class includes material at both the beginning and intermediate levels
                   2-Month Sunday series, Sept. 4 to Oct. 30, 2005; Next Series: Nov. 6 to Dec. 18, 2005
                                                     Classes Schedule:
                               10/2/2005 Viennese Waltz          10/30/2005 Review Viennese Waltz
                               10/9/2005 Review Triple Swing     11/6/2005 West Coast Swing
                               10/16/2005 Waltz                  11/13/2005 West Coast Swing
                               10/23/2005 Waltz                  11/20/2005 Review Waltz
                        Dance Variations Class 6:00-7:00 PM and Dance Practice 7:00 –9:00 PM
       Rep.: John Barker, (h) 301-431-2626, (w) 301-614-6610,,
                           Asst. Rep.: Kathy Bennett, (h) 410-923-6778,
                                        $60 per 2-Month Class and/or Practice
            $10 Single Night Class and/or Practice (50% discount for members taking another class series)

          For more information, visit
                 Goddard Dance Club News – October 2005 –            3
                                        or visit
                                          2005 Membership
                                                Goddard Dance Club (GDC)
                         Building 8 Auditorium, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD 20771

Name (print)
City                                                                       State           Zip
Home Phone                                             Work Phone
Cell Phone _______________________________
Home Email ______________________________ Work Email ________________________________
Goddard Mail Code                  On-Site at Goddard (Yes or No)

       Check if you would like a hardcopy of Newsletter in addition to an email copy
       Check if this form is for correction of information in Membership Database

Type of Membership (Check only one)

       A   NASA or Goddard Civil Servant
       AF Family Member of NASA or Goddard Civil Servant
       B   Retired NASA or Goddard Civil Servant
       BF Family Member of Retired NASA or Goddard Civil Servant
       C   On-Site Contractor (Minimum of 20 hrs/wk on a GSFC Contract and on “LISTS”)
       CFFamily Member of Current On-Site Contractor
       D   Off-Site Contractor (Minimum of 20 hrs/wk on a GSFC Contract and on “LISTS”)
       DFFamily Member of Current Off-Site Contractor
       E   Guest of _____________________________________________________ (name of member)
       F   Guest Member Renewal: Last year of Membership was ________________

Goddard Dance Club Membership is required to take classes: $10 per calendar year, $5 after 31 August

       Paid by check to the “Goddard Dance Club”
       Paid by cash
       My partner’s payment includes my membership fee. Partner’s name:

I agree to be responsible for my own well being and waive all rights and claims for damages that I may have against the
Goddard Dance Club or instructors. I understand this is a volunteer organization and my use of government facilities is
conditional upon my either helping setup and/or cleanup of the auditorium, or helping in other ways with the functioning of
the Club. I recognize that this is a limited access government facility and agree to only park and go to appropriate places
for the GDC dances.

Signature                                                                           Date

If paying by mail, send this form and check to:       Goddard Dance Club
                                                      P.O. Box 173
                                                      Glenn Dale, MD 20769

                  Goddard Dance Club News – October 2005 –              4

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