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					                                                         What do I need to create a website?

                      Checklist of things to take to my web page designer

                         What is the name of your business?

                         What is the domain name you want to use? (If not available, we will look for alternatives.)

                         Do you have an existing logo?

                         YES: include electronic copy or a large printed copy in this envelope.

                         NO: What are your favorite colors?
                         If you do not have a logo and existing materials, what “feel” do you want to
                         convey to your customers? (Circle one)

                         Whimsical              Professional           Flashy/Glossy           Warm/Organic
(336) 693-2170

                         Vintage/Retro          Humorous/Cartoonish

                         Do you have existing stationery and advertising materials?
                         YES: please include a sample (electronic version is preferred, but hard copy is accepted).


                         What is the text of the web page?

                         (Please include diskette, CD, e-mail attachment at , hard copy or handwritten
Magee Design


                         I don’t have any text. I will require professional copywriting services.
                                                             What do I need to create a website?

                      Are there any particular websites that you like?

                      Please list your main competitors. What do you like and dislike about your competitors websites?


                      Will your new website feature any video, music, or animated content?

                            Yes, and I will provide the content

                            Yes, but I will need help creating the content (video, music or podcast)

(336) 693-2170

                      Online store requirements:

                            Option 1: (suitable if you already have a physical store and accept credit

                            If you want your customers to purchase and pay for your items online, you need a merchant account at your bank.
                            If you have an existing brick-and-mortar store, you probably already have such an account.

                            You must then subscribe to a verification service, and a SSL Certificate which allows you to transmit the

                            necessary information to the service for processing. The service will then send back either an approval code or a
                            notice of denial. These services usually have an initial fee as well as a transaction fee.
Magee Design

                            The fees are in addition to the fees charges by your bank for your merchant services account. Depending upon the
                            bank with which you have established your merchant services account, fees can range from 2-5% of the
                            transaction amount. Most banks have a $5 or $10 monthly minimum fee. In addition to your bank's fee, you will
                            pay a fee to the credit card verification service for the benefit of processing you transactions in real-time.
                                                              What do I need to create a website?

                             Option 2
                             If you have only a few items, you may avoid this process by signing up with PayPal. The service is similar to the
                             above process, but simplified.

                             You need a bank checking account (personal or business, it does not matter which) and an account with PayPal. I
                             can help you with setting up this

                             PayPal charges a low monthly fee and a percentage of sales, but does not require merchant’s account and
                             verification service, as all the credit card processing takes place at PayPal’s website.

                      In what form is your inventory database? ( Circle one)

                      Don’t have any          Word           Excel            Access          SQL             Paper Printout

                      Do you have photos (preferably high-quality) of your goods?

                                              Yes            No               Yes, included within my database

                             YES :
                             Gather pictures of all your goods and on the back of the photo (or on an enclosed list if you have the
                             photos in electronic form) please state item number (if used), item name and item price. Please enclose
                             description of each item.


                                       You will need to take the photos and deliver to me

                                       You will hire a photographer to take the photos and deliver to me (see “yes” answer for format)
(336) 693-2170

                                       I will hire photographer for you and include the charges in the website design proposal

                      Thank you for taking the time to fill out the worksheet . You can
                      email this document to me at , or give to

                      me with hard copies when we meet next time.
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