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									                     Land Warfare Conference 2010
               Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane
                             15-19 November 2010

Welcome Address:          Minister for Defence
Opening Address:          LTGEN Ken Gillespie, CA

Keynote Speakers:         Prof Robert Clark,CDS
                          Dr Malcolm O’Neil , US
                          MAJGEN John Caligari
                          Mr Keith Webster, US
                          MAJGEN Steve Day
                          MAJGEN Walter Davis, US Army
                          Dr Grace Bochenek, TARDEC, US
                          Mr Glen Chisolm, Telstra

Invited Speakers:         BRIG Wayne Budd
                          BRIG Mike Phelps
                       Land Warfare Conference 2010

Sunday 14 Nov 2010
12:00-17:00    LWC 2010 Registration

Monday 15 Nov 2010
08:00-16:00    LWC 2010 Registration

08:30-15:30    Workshop 1: Land Environment Working Group (DGLD)

12:30-13:30    Lunch (Sponsored by Elbeit)

               CA Conference (invitees only)

16:00-18:00    Welcome Drinks (Sponsored by RuBee)

Tuesday 16 Nov 2010
0700 -0815     Breakfast (CA Ex Attendees and invited guests: Rydges)
               (sponsored by Force Protection)

0830:1530      Workshop 2: Amphibious Capability for Land Forces
               Workshop 3: Land Vehicle Technologies
               Workshop 4: Blast and Ballistic Protection

               CA Exercise (Invitees only)

1230:1330      Lunch (sponsored by Elbeit)

15:30-17:00    LWC Industry Exhibition Preview (CA delegation only)

1700-1900      Industry Exhibition - open
               Chairman’s Reception (Sponsored by Point Trading)

17 Nov 2010
07:00          Breakfast (invited Guests: Sponsored by L3 Com)

Day 1: Plenary Sessions: Sponsored by Telstra

08:20          Admin
               Dr Despina Filippidis

               Introduction and Welcome
               Dr Vinod Puri

               Chair: Mr Stephen Quinn

08:30          Welcome Address
               Minister for Defence

               Chair: Dr Grace Bochenek/Mr Stephen Quinn
08:50         MAGIC 2010 Awards Ceremony

Session 1:    Chair: Mr Stephen Quinn

09:10         Opening Address
              LTGEN Ken Gillespie

09:40         Keynote Address: 1
              Prof Robert Clark

10:10         Exhibits Open

Session 2:    Chair: BRIG Mark Holmes

11:00         Keynote Address: 2
              Dr Malcolm O’Neil

11:30         Keynote Address: 3
              MAJGEN John Caligari

12:00         Keynote Address 4
              Dr Grace Bochenek

12:30         Lunch (sponsored by Harris)

Session 3:    Chair: BRIG Mal Rerden

14:00         Keynote Address: 4
              MAJGEN Walter Davis

14:30         Keynote Address 5
              Mr Keith Webster

15:00         Keynote Address 5
              MAJGEN Steve Day
              Future warfare: the Joint Response
15:30         Tea/Coffee (sponsored by Rhinemetall and Man Military)

Session 4:    Chair: Justin Kelly

16:00         Invited Speaker 1
              Mr Glen Chisolm

16:30         Invited Speaker: 2
              BRIG Wayne Budd
              Institutionalising counter IED in the Australian Defence Force

17:00         Invited Speaker: 3
              BRIG Mike Phelps

17:30         General Admin & Close

19:00-23:00   Conference Gala Dinner (Sponsored by BAES)
              Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
18 Nov 2010
Session 5A:   Chair: Mr Mike Bonner

08:00         Alessandro Cocchi. Giulio Feliziani and Stefano Puntri
              Blue tooth link in the Soldato Futuro program

08:20         Terence Vandeventer
              Soldier systems versatility for mounted/dismounted operations

08:40         Allan R Keene and William Schorr
              Lightening the Warrior’s load by near term applications of technologies

09: 00        Session Discussion & Break

09:05          Alex Ryan, Richard King, Thomas Bruscino and Dan Cox
              Full spectrum fallacies and hybrid hallucinations: How basic errors in
              thinking middle military concepts

09:25         Paul D Johnston
              In (cyber) space no one can hear you scream ‘Alien’ 1979, A Ridley Scott

09:45         Session discussion

09:50         Tea/Coffee

Session 6A    Chair: Mr Mike Delrose

10:20         Magic 1 (RASR)

10:40         Magic 2 (Uni Penn)

11:00         Magic 3 (Uni Michigan)

11:20         Magic 4 (Capadoccia)

11:40         Magic 5 (Magician)

12:00         Session discussion

12:05         Lunch and Poster Papers (sponsored by Harris)

Session 7A:   Chair: Dr Nick Beagley

13:50         J Baumbach
              Psychophysics of human vision: The key to improved camouflage pattern

14:10         Stephen Walker
              IR Warner – A hostile fire indication system for the land environment

14:30         Robert Quinn
              Increasing lethality and survivability options for base security counter
              terrorism and urban warfare through remotely manned air and ground

14:50         Brett Dunning
              Analysing infantry capability: A tool for commanders, capability developers
              and procurement managers

15:10         Session discussions and break

15:15         Tea/Coffee (sponsored by Rhinemetall and Man Military)

15:40         Susan A Treloar
              Key findings from the Australian Defence Force Bougainville and East Timor
              deployment health studies

16:00         Mark Venner, Jerry Sollick, ans Mathew Cliff
              Mission modular integrated survivability: A ‘plug and play’ approach for
              Land 400

16: 20        Dean Critchley and David Ludovici
              Engineering and science enhancing survivability

16:40         Session discussion and break

16:45         Rami Sokolower
              Iron fist full spectrum active protection system

17:05         J Drain, R Orr, Dan Billing and Stephen Rudzki
              Human dimensions of heavy load carriage

17:20         Aaron J Silk, Jace R Drain, Gregory E Peoples, and Dan Billing
              Physical mobility implications of torso body armour systems with different
              level of protection

17:35         Session discussion

17:40         Admin and close

18:00-20:00   Cocktail Function
              Adelaide Convention Centre (sponsored by Thales)

19 Nov 2010
Session 8A:   Chair: Dr Jon Vaughan

08:00         Canicious Abeynayake, Minh Dao Johnson Tran and Mark Ferguson
              Investigation on improved target detection capabilities using advanced metal
              detector arrays

08:20         Geoff Nicols
              Biometrics in challenging environments: An overview of research at the

08:40         Paul Vingoe
              The evolution of the generic vehicles architecture: the next iteration
09:00          Session discussion and break

09:05          Saeid Nahavandi
               Emerging technology for remote IED render safe using the OABOT robot

09:25          Anton Kuruc
               Counterinsurgency: Domestic politics by other means

09:45          Charles Knight
               Preparing the mind for complex asymmetric conflict ?

10:05          Frank Schweitzer
               Advanced gap crossing technology to support an adaptive land force

10:25          Session discussion & Break

10:30          Tea/Coffee (sponsored by Rhinemetall and Man Military)

Session 9A:    Chair: Dr Lin Zhang

11:00          Paul Brittan and Richard Webb
               What is the scariest commodity in modern electronic warfare

11:20          Tomothy Kokinda
               The challenges of supporting coalition warfighters on today’s asymmetrical

11:40          Per M Gustavsson and Mathias Astrand
               Reinforced training investments by information centric integration

12:00          Arthour Filippidis, Y ding, C Baillie, C Sioutis, M Web, A Coyle, W
               Scott and P Campbell
               Network Centric Warfare: Tactical information exchange simulation

12:20          Session discussion

12:25          Lunch (sponsored by Harris)

Session 10A:   Chair: Mr Mike Bonner

13:25          Carlo Fiamingo and Nathalie Vink
               Oldiers Appreciation of zInnovative products            Improving S

13:45          Balemir Uragun, A Yenilmez Gurkok, S Korlaa, and I N Tansel
               Energy harvesting for structural health monitoring

14:05          MAJ David Ormrod
               Simulation, constructivism and the adaptation cycle within the adaptive
               campaigning: Future land operating concept

14:25          Despina Tramoundanis, Wayne Power, and Kevin Robinson
               Adapting to acclerated acquisition: WASF in Land 19 phase.

14:45          Peter Jahnke and Peter Maskell
               Using simulation to support development, test and demonstration of a
               recognised land picture proof of concept architecture
15:05         Michael Morua
              Lessons learned from international land force transformation programmes:
              An update and analysis

15:25         Session discussion

15:30         Closing remarks and Raffle

                               Parallel Session B
18 Nov 2010
Session 5B:   Chair: Dr Steve Cimpoeru

08:00         Steen Tanderup and Michael Falkenberg-Knudsen
              Using passive armour solutions to increase protection against multiple
              threats including mines and IED/EFP

08:20         Massilon Miranda
              Non lethal technologies in peacekeeping operations and asymmetrical

08:40         Michael Sporer, Juergen Urban, and Andreas Ganghofer
              High Power Electro Magnetic (HPEM) counter IED and force protection

09:00         Session discussion and break

09:05         Craig Weich
              RuBee wireless technology

09:25         Alex Yong
              Challenges in armouring solutions for vehicles

09:45         Session discussions

09:50         Tea/Coffee (sponsored by Rhinemetall and Man Military)

Session 6B:   Chair: Bob Parker

10:20         Hans-Jorg List
              Vehicle survivability technologies to support adaptive land forces

10:40         Thomas Schroeder
              AIFV PUMA innovative close combat vehicle for complex operating

11:00         Lischka Stefan
              BOXER offering modularity, protection and mobility: A new triangle for

11:20         Wesley Touzel
              Personal and Vehicle ballistic protection

11:40         James Caudle
              The impact of recent combat operations on the European armoured fighting
              vehicle (AFV)
12:00         Session discussions

12:05         Lunch and Poster Papers Session (sponsored by Harris)

Session 8B:   Chair: Dr Mark Unewisse

13:50         Donal J Collins
              Integrated base defence system of systems (IBDSoS)

14:10         William T Harbison
              L-3 linkabit’s network centric waveform (NCW): Now and for the future

14:30         Peter Woodhead
              Field trials of moumted battle command Ka-band sitcom ‘on the move’

14:50         Brenton Cooper, Mark Salmon, David Blockow, Chris Newell, David
              Ramm, MAJ Alex Cheeseman
              BITES: Sensor networking and data fusion in the Australian Army

15:10         Session discussion

15:15         Tea/Coffee (sponsored by Rhinemetall and Man Military)

15:40         David Duprez and Robert Pretty
              Enhancement through a systems approach combat optics

16:00         Randall Murphy and Darrell L Ross
              Virtual training systems and survival humanistic factors

16:20         Christopher G Martin
              Progress in tactical wideband waveform development

16:40         Session discussion and break

16:45         Jay Balakirsky
              Vehicle voice communications: Supporting today’s modular C4ISR

17:05         Paul Schoen and Gary Marks
              SOSCOE: Network success on the battlefield

17:25         Session discussion

17:30         Admin and close

17:00-19:00   Cocktail Function
              Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (Sponsored by Thales)

19 Nov 2010
Session 8B:   Chair: Mr Dean Bowley

08:00         MAJ Richard Coomber
              The benefits of adopting an incremental approach in developing head
              protection system

08:20         Phil Miller and Ed Thornton
              Camm – Land: Area air defence that exploits existing radar and C2

08:40         Ming Cheng, Jean-Philippe Dionne and Aris Makris
              Analysis of threat levels for crewmen sitting on blast mitigation seats

09:00         Session discussion and break

09:05         Michael Masur
              IRIS-T SLM GBAMD System

09:25         Ian Crosser
              Next generation multi-mission radar: Digital phased array solution

09:45         LTCOL Ken Jennings
              Distributed common ground system-Army: Mobile basic/C4ISR and NCW
              innovations for the warfighter

10:05         Glen Sinclair-Gibson
              How CGear’s military products supports expeditionary forces mobility and
              counter mobility in austere operational environments
10:25         Session discussions and break

10:10         Tea/Coffee

Session 9B    Chair: Dr Mat Cliff

11:00         Ton Elliott and Debra McCollam
              Infrared illuminating surface flares

11:20         Frank Cipola
              Wideband communications on the move via Ka band satellites

11:40         Richard Hoare
              Fielding uncooled Ti-driver’s vision enhancers (DVE)

12:00         Timothy L Williams, William J Sweet, and Dennis Yee
              Operational survivability simulations and training in urban environments

12:20         Questions and general discussions

12:25         Lunch (sponsored by Harris)

Session 10B   Chair: Justin Kelly

13:25         Ben Greene
              Remote Weapon Systems: The next generation

13:45         David M Pashen
              The transition of stacked round weapons from the drawing board to the

14:05         Klaus Loske
               Smart 155 sensor fuzed munitions for artillery status update and further

14:25          Ben Hudson
               Armoured vehicle technologies to support adaptive land forces)

14:45          Session Discussion (move to Session 10A for Closing remarks and

                                 Parallel Session C
18 Nov 2010

Session 5 C:   Chair: Dr Ian Gardner

08:00          Simon Oldfield
               S&T in support of CBRN Defence

08:20          Dave Lavers
               The CBRN Environment in a Nutshell

08:40          C. Pitsaris and Paul Lancaster
               The development of an influence diagram depicting the CBRN Defence

09:00          Session discussion and break

09:05          MAJ Shaun Higbid, Chris Pitsaris, Alex Hill and Ian Mitchell
               Use of CBRND Operational Analysis in defining capability

09: 25         Bob Mathews
               CBW Counter proliferation: mitigating the threat

09:45          Session discussion

09:50          Tea/Coffee (sponsored by Rheimetall and Man Military)

Session 6C:    Chair: Dave Lavers

10:20          Russell Connell
               Simulation of bio-weapon effects on Military and Civilian Targets using
               Agents Based Models

10:40          Ralph Leslie
               CBR detection: Past. Present and future

11:00          Chris Woodruff and Peter Dawson
               Bio Corporate Enabling Research Program

11:20          Session Discussion and break

12:05          Lunch (sponsored by Harris)

Session 7C:    Chair: Dr Simon Oldfield

13:50          Dr Ian Gardner
              The new operational environment- The Toxic Hazards

14:10         David Nielsen
              New materials for Individual Protective Equipment
14:30         Karl Pavey
              Discussions surrounding the development of appropriate CBR sensor
              networks for protection of the ADF

14:50         Mr Colin Trinder
              CBRN Environmental Management – the Australian experience

15:10         Session discussion

15:15         Tea/Coffee (sponsored by Rheinmetall and Man Military)

Session 8C:   Chair: Dr Chris Woodruff

15:40         Esin Saribatir
              Controlled Panic: addressing psychosocial aspects of CBRN Incidents

16:00         Stefano Moretti
              CBRN decontamination of small and large sensitive equipment:

16:20         COL Craig Schramm
              CBRN Health Support and Medical Countermeasures

16:40         Session discussion and close

18:00-20:00   Cocktail function
              Adelaide Convention Centre (sponsored by Thales)
                                 Parallel Session D
18 Nov 2010

Session 5 D:   Chair: Dr Mike Brennan

08:30          Mike Brennan

08:40          BRIG Simone Wilkie
               Army individual and collective training

09:00          Keynote Address
               Mr Dennis Thompson
               Simulation and Training for the USMC MAGTAF

09:30          AIRCDRE David Steele
               Training and simulation: A joint perspective

09: 50         Tea/coffee (sponsored by Rheinmetall and Man Military)

10:20          BRIG Mick Moon
               Simulation expectations of our future leaders

10:40          Dirk Wecker
               Building a simulation and test environment: The Bundeswehr Experience

11:00          George Galanis
               Training transfer: Measuring the simulation contribution

1120           BRIG Peter Gates
               Simulation & Training - Enterprise Challenges

11:40          Grant Tudor
               Session discussion

12:20          Lunch and Poster Session (sponsored by Harris)

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