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					January 5, 2009
Our Vision:
Making the                                           Control

                                                 Level 4: Automate
                                                     Informed               Planning

                                            Level 3: Analyze and Manage

                      Visualization of                                        Real Time Profile
                    physical and logical
                                                 Processing and
                                                  Visualization               Trending and Metrics
                       configuration                                              Information

                                            Level 2: Visualize and Report

                                                                                           Power +
              Servers, Storage, &
               Network Devices                  Data Collection                        Environmental +

                                        Level 1: Track, Discover, and Measure
GDCI Pyramid:
Chart                                                                      Energy
                                              IT Energy Calc              Efficiency
                                              Optimization +

                                           Data Center Efficiency
                                  Intelligence + Automation           CFD                   Informed
                                  Outlet Auto-Discovery             Analysis
                                  Derated Power Calc
                                  Predictive Asset Placement

                                  Analysis, Modeling and Best Practices
                   Correlation Engine   Service Management                     Visualization
                   CPU + Outlet         Change Management,                     Floor Map,                Visualization
                   Utilization,         Provisioning, SLAs                     Rack Layout,
                   Server + Network     Capacity Planning                      Front/Rear Rack
                                                                                                        and Reporting
                   Ports                Asset and Contract Accounting          Elevations

                              Dynamic Data Collection: SNMP Auto-Discovery

         Network          Servers + Applications          Power Management              Environment +
    Switches, Routers,        Rackable, Blade,          UPS, PDU/RPP, Busways,          Space                        Data
     Ethernet/IP, SAN    Mainframe, VM, Appliances,            Outlets,                 CRACs, Probes,             Collection
    Structured Cabling            Storage                     Rack PDUs                 Cabinets/Racks
                                                                                        Floor Grid, Tiles

                         Static Collection: SNMP Auto-Discovery, Spreadsheet Import
                           The Solution
Activity Domain Solution

                                             Automated | Intelligent | Powerful
                                 Data Center Infrastructure Management Database (DCIM)

                             Environmental             Networking                Servers
                                                               IP           Stand
                            Space Heat Power   Cabling VLANs Subnets Apps   alone Blade Virtual

                             Asset Tracking | Assignments | Connections | Change Management
            The Result – Single Version of the Truth

            A single centralized real-time view of the data center; easily visualize floor
            plans, cabinets, ports and connections.

            Track, trace, and search assets, cabling, IP subnets, VLANs, virtual machines,
            smart power strips, breaker panels, UPS units, and much more.

            Automated and intelligent process-driven change management; reduce costs;
            comply with audits
dcTrack™ Features – 1 of 3

 Visualization
   – Real-time integration with AutoCAD®
   – Any changes made to floor plan background or addition of new
     cabinets are immediately visible in dcTrack™ with a simple click
   – Color-coded floor plan summaries for heat, weight, power,
     network ports, and rack units
   – Zoom in on cabinet to view its elevation
   – Zoom in on device to view its ports
   – Drag and drop port labels
dcTrack™ Features – 2 of 3

 Network and IP Management
   – Tool to automate IP addressing scheme
   – Track IP subnets by logical name, VLAN, color codes, or physical
   – Manage logical connections between servers and switches
 Data Cabling
   – Support for virtually any topology
   – Track physical connections between devices with multiple hops
   – Reserve cables for pre-defined functions
dcTrack™ Features – 3 of 3

 Power and Environmental Management
  – Real-time monitoring of power loads of SNMP-capable power
    strips PDUs, UPS units, temperature and humidity sensors
  – Sum up power loads per phase to balance load across all 3
  – Sum up power at power strip, outlet, panel, PDU and UPS levels
    to balance loads across power feeds
  – Alerts to prevent circuit overload
dcTrack™ 2.1 New Features

    –   Continuous Tracking, Logging + Reporting of SNMP-enabled Power + Environmental Devices
    –   Auto Discovery of Servers and their key Attributes via SNMP
    –   Auto Discovery of Applications
    –   Full SNMP MIB Browser for End-user Custom Configuration
 Power
    –   Tracking of UPS as Items including grouping of units and redundancy levels
    –   Tracking of Electrical Busway Breakers and Outlets
 Cooling and Heat
    –   Management of CRAC Units and their Zones of Influence
    –   Management and Tracking of Raised Floor Perforated Tiles
 Expanded Item Tracking
    –   Full Audit Trail for all Fields Outside the Change Control
    –   Unlimited User Fields in Page 2
    –   Tracking of Maintenance Contract Information
How it Works

    Brief dcTrack ™ Concept and Terminology
Cabinet   Device     Net    Comm       Power Power Strip    UPS
                    Equip   Outlet /   Outlet

     All Assets in a Data Center that are Managed by
           dcTrack ™ are Referred to as Items
Cabinet   Device    Net    Comm       Power    Power Strips    UPS
                   Equip   Outlet /   Outlet

 You Can Define as Many Communications and Power
             Ports per Item as Required
          Assign Items
Server    Server    Network
Cabinet   Cabinet   Cabinet   PDU/RPP
 Front     Rear      Front
Server     Server    Network
Cabinet    Cabinet   Cabinet   PDU/RPP
 Front      Rear      Front
                             Change Management

Request Issued
                                         Work Order
                              Request     Issued      Work Order    Request
Request Updated               Approved                Completed    Completed


 Addition, Removal, Relocation of Items as well as Connections
 and Disconnections of Communications and Power Resources
           are Tracked by the Change Control Process
CMC creates a virtual floor map
allowing you to visualize the
physical room. In this example,
color indicators show racks that
may be too hot or overpopulated.
We populate the virtual racks,
allowing you to visualize cabinet and
/ or row elevations, front and rear.
CMC can ring out each circuit, power or
IT, allowing you to visualize IT assets
and trace connectivity. We can mimic
servers, blade or virtual, and attach
connectivity and software platforms.
We plot the power and cabling paths to help
you model server additions and moves before
they physically occur. Check for available
space, power, cooling and connectivity, before
the work is mechanically performed. In
addition, read real time data.
Data Center Infrastructure Virtualization
  CMC documents Data Centers from AutoCAD®
   creation to Blade and Virtual Server Modeling. We
   create an interactive, predictable and organized
   system with the ability to model and control Adds,
   Moves and Changes

  Data center managers incorporate the system into
   any data center change, so information is always up
   to date and accurate

  Access information on site or remotely

  Real-time monitoring available
     CMC Technologies
For more information or a demonstration,
           please contact us:

       CMC Technologies, Inc
      8080 Beckett Center Drive
              Suite 203
      West Chester, Ohio 45069

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