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Royalty Agreement for Writers


Royalty Agreement for Writers document sample

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									      AGREEMENT OVER WRITING A                           the screenplay. He is only entitled to the
        SCREENPLAY FOR A FILM                            one time project fees of $ total amount.
By this memorandum of understanding,
signed this signature date; both the parties          7. (screenplay
described herein under as, represented by                writer) will maintain full confidentiality and
your          name          of         your              secrecy about this project even if the
address__________________________                        contract gets terminated.

_________________________________,                    8. The screenplay will be approximately 100
phone number __________________, also                    pages in length.
described      as      the     ‘client’;   and, represented by              9. agrees that
Nick Blake, address, 95 Hawthrone St.,                   he will not take the help of any plagiarism,
Brooklyn, New York, Zip 11225, USA. Phone:               meaning he will avoid using borrowed
001 617 6505413 and Pinaki Ghosh, address                material in this screenplay exactly as they
Flat 1C, Jeebanneer Apartments, 9/1                      are found elsewhere.
Motijheel Avenue, Kolkata 700074, phone
number 0091 9830089375, also described as             10. Your name will own all copyrights for this
‘screenplay writer’, do hereby agree to all the           screenplay.
terms described and given below:
                                                      11. Your name will have full freedom to deal
1. Your      name      is     commissioning               with any filmmaker, producer or agent. to begin the         will have no
   project of writing the screenplay of a                 say on these matters.
   (approx) ____ hours long feature film.
                                                      12. Your       name         can     request
2. The tentative working title of the film shall to make a
   be ‘Title of the film’. This title is subject to       reasonable number of changes and edits
   change.                                                during the period of production of this
                                                          screenplay and within 7 days of
3. The deadline for completion of this                    completion of the screenplay.
   screenplay is 60 days after the signing of
   this agreement.                                    13. There are no refunds of payments made.

4. Your       name    agrees    to   pay              14. Any disputes arising between the parties            a                  will be settled in courts in New York (for
   consolidated sum of USD $total amount                  USA) and Kolkata (for India).
   for the project that will include the
   following:                                         Both the parties do hereby agree to the terms
                                                      laid and set above.
        a. Writing the screenplay on the
           guidelines/synopsis laid down by
           Your name.

        b. Getting it edited by a pro-editor
           before submission.
5. The fees of the screenplay writer will be          Your name (client)
   paid as follows:
      a. 1/3 fees ($____) advance to get
          the project started.
      b. 1/3 fees ($____) after 33% work
          submission (30 – 40 pages).                 Signature
      c. The remaining 1/3 fees ($____)      (screenplay
          will be paid on 66% work                    writer)
          submission (60 – 80 pages).
6. is subject to             Date: _______________
   NO royalty or commission on the sale of

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