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					Program Reference Guide

“USDA is an equal opportunity provider, employer and lender”. To File a complaint of discrimination, write USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights
          1400 Independence Avenue, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20250-9410, or call (800) 795-3272 (voice), or (202) 720-6382 (TDD).
  Rural Housing          
   Program                  Objective                        Applicant                                Uses                     Population              Loan/Grant                   Terms/Conditions
Single Family Home      Safe, well-built, affordable   Families and individuals           Buy, build, improve, repair or      Rural areas with        Direct loan              Up to 100% of market value or cost,
Ownership Direct        homes for rural Americans.     apply to Rural Development.        rehabilitate rural homes as the     populations of 20,000                            whichever is less. Loan amortized for
Loans                                                                                     applicant’s permanent residence.    or less.                                         33/38 years. Applicant may be eligible for
                                                                                                                                                                               payment assistance (subsidy) on the loan.

Single Family Home      To help very-low income        Families and individuals           Loan and grant purposes             Rural areas with        Direct loan and grant    Loan terms to 20 years at 1%. Assistance
Ownership Direct        applicants remove health       who currently own their home       include: repair/replace roofs,      populations of 20,000                            to individual may not exceed $20,000.
Repair Loans and        and safety hazards or          apply to Rural Development.        winterizing, purchase or repair     or less.                                         Grants only available to very-low income
Grants                  repair their homes.                                               of heating system, structural                                                        applicants 62 years or older who cannot
                                                                                          repair, water/sewage connect                                                         afford to pay 1% loan.
                                                                                          fees, and similar uses.

Single Family Home      Assist eligible applicants     Families and individuals           Loans may be made to purchase       Rural areas with        Loan guarantee           30 year, fixed rate. Interest rate negotiated
Ownership Guaranteed    in buying their homes by       apply to lender.                   new or existing homes.              populations of 20,000                            between lender and borrower . Loans to
Loans                   guaranteeing private                                                                                  or less.                                         100 % of market value plus 2% guarantee fee.
                        lenders’ loans.

Mutual Self-Help        Individual homes built by      Families and individuals           Loan applications are processed     Rural areas with        Direct loan              The individual families receive a direct loan
Home Ownership          a group of applicants, with    apply to Rural Development.        on an individual basis for each     populations of                                   from Rural Development.
Loans                   construction guidance of a                                        participating family.               20,000 or less.                                  h
                        non-profit organization.                                                                                                                               s

Mutual Self-Help        Assist lower income            Nonprofits, Public Bodies,         Technical assistance to qualify     Rural areas with        Grant                    Grant Agreement.                                T
Housing Grants          families in building their     and Native American Tribes.        and supervise small groups of       populations of 20,000                            The non-profit housing organization gets a
                        own homes.                                                        families to build each other’s      or less.                                         grant to hire a supervisor and pay other
                                                                                          homes.                                                                               administrative expenses.
Rental Housing for      Safe, well-built affordable    Individuals, limit profit and      New construction or substantial     Rural areas with        Direct loan or           Up to 100% of total development cost (non-
Families and Elderly    rental housing for very low    non-profit organizations. For      rehabilitation of rental housing.   populations of 20,000   loan guarantee.          profits) ; 97% (for profit) 30 year term with
Direct Loans and Loan   and low income individuals     guarantees, apply to                                                   or less.                                         up to 50 year amoritization. 95% of total
Guarantees              and families.                  intermediary lender; for direct,                                                                                        development costs (for profit organizations)
                                                       apply to Rural Development.                                                                                             with Low-Income Housing Tax Credits.

Housing Preservation    Repair and rehabilitate        Public bodies and non-profit       Operate a program which             Rural areas with        Grant                    Grant Agreement.
Grants                  housing owned or               organizations apply to Rural       finances repair and                 populations of 20,000
                        occupied by very low and       Development.                       rehabilitation activities for       or less.
                        low income rural families.                                        single family and small rental
Community Facilities    Provide essential              Public bodies and non-profit       To build facilities and purchase    Rural areas with        Direct loan or           Up to 100% of market value
Programs                community facilities for       organizations, and Indian          equipment for fire and rescue,      populations of 20,000   loan guarantee           Up to 40 years or life of security
                        rural communities.             tribes. Apply to Rural             telecommunications, schools,        or less.                Grant.                   Maximum grant 75% of project cost.
                                                       Development.                       libraries, hospitals, etc.

Farm Labor Housing      Safe, well-built affordable    Individuals, public and private    New construction or substantial     None                    Direct loan and grant.   Up to 102% of total development cost.
                        rental housing for farm        non-profit organizations apply     rehabilitation of rental housing.                                                    Up to 33 years to repay @ 1% interest.
                        workers.                       to Rural Development.
  Rural Business        
 Program                    Objective                       Applicant                                 Uses                     Population               Loan/Grant                Terms/Conditions
Business and Industry   Create jobs and stimulate     Business applies through           Most legal business purposes         All areas except cities   Loan guarantee        Lender and borrower negotiate terms
Guarantee Loans         rural economies by            Federal or State Chartered         except production agriculture        of more than 50,000                             Interest rate tied to published rate that may
                        providing financial           banks, credit unions, savings &    Acquisition, start-up and            and their contiguous                            change no more often than quarterly.
                        backing for rural             loan associations.                 expansion of businesses that         and adjacent urbanized
                        businesses.                                                      create rural employment.             area.
Rural Business          Finance and facilitate the    Public bodies; private             Buy and develop land, construct      All areas except cities   Grant                 When grant funds are used for revolving
Enterprise Grants       development of small and      nonprofit corporations and         buildings, plants, equipment,        of more than 50,000                             loan fund (RLF) the intermediary makes
                        emerging private business     federally recognized Native        access streets and roads, parking    and their contiguous                            loans to businesses from its RLF on terms
                        enterprises.                  American tribal groups apply       areas, utility and service           and adjacent urban or                           consistent with security offered.
                                                      to Rural Development.              extensions, rural distance           urbanizing areas.
                                                                                         learning networks, and establish
                                                                                         a revolving loan.
Intermediary            Finance business facilities   Public bodies, nonprofit           Community development                Rural areas and           Direct loan           The intermediary makes loans to
Relending Program       and community                 corporations, Native American      projects, establishment or           incorporated places                             businesses from its revolving loan fund on
Loans-                  development projects in       tribes, and cooperatives apply     expansion of businesses,             with populations of                             terms consistent with security offered.
                        rural areas.                  to Rural Development.              creation or saving rural jobs.       less than 25,000.                               Intermediary pays 1% for 30 years.
Rural Economic          Finance economic              RUS financed electric and          Business startup or expansion        Rural areas and places    Direct loan and       The intermediary, electric or telephone
Development Loans       development and job           telephone utilities apply to       projects that create rural jobs.     with populations of       revolving loan fund   utilities, make loans to profit or non-profit
and Grants              creation in rural areas.      Rural Development.                                                      50,000 or less.           grant.                business and public bodies for rural
                                                                                                                                                                              economic development and/or job creation
                                                                                                                                                                              projects. Loans are 0% for 10 years.
Rural Cooperative       Establish and operate         Nonprofit corporations and         Establish operating centers for      All areas.                Grant                 Applicants must meet specific selection
Development Grants      centers for cooperative       institutions of higher education   development of rural                                                                 criteria including a minimum 25 percent
                        development to improve        apply directly to Rural            cooperatives.                                                                        fund match. Grants are awarded on a
                        the economic condition of     Development National Office.                                                                                            competitive basis. Some funds reserved
                        rural areas through the                                                                                                                               for applicants that focus on assistance to
                        development of new                                                                                                                                    small, minority producers through their
                        cooperatives and                                                                                                                                      cooperative businesses (governing board
                        improving operations of                                                                                                                               or membership at least 75 percent
                        existing cooperatives.                                                                                                                                minority).
Rural Business          Finance technical             Public bodies, non-profit          Technical assistance, leadership     All area except cities    Grant                 Must be completed within two years after
Opportunity Grant       assistance for business       Corporations, Indian tribes on     training, establish business         over 50,000                                     project has begun.
                        development planning          federal or state reservations      support centers, economic            population and the
                        in rural areas.               and cooperatives with              development plans.                   contiguous urbanized
                                                      members that are primarily                                              areas as defined by the
                                                      rural residents                                                         U.S.Census.
Value-Added             To assist independent         Independent producers, farmer      Funds can be used for planning       All areas                 Grant                 Applicants must meet specific selection
Agricultural Product    agricultural producers        and rancher cooperatives,          purposes such as conducting                                                          criteria. Grants are awarded on a
Market Development      enter into value-added        agricultural producer groups,      feasibility studies or feasibility                                                   competitive basis. Funds cannot be used
Grant Program           activities.                   and majority-controlled            business plans or it can be used                                                     to build facilities or purchase equipment.
                                                      producer-based business            as working capital to help start                                                     There is a dollar for dollar matching
                                                      ventures can apply to Rural        the operations of a venture.                                                         requirement.
                                                      Development State Office.
Renewable Energy        Assist agricultural           Agricultural producers and         Purchase renewable energy            All areas except cities   Grant                 Applicants must meet specific selection
Systems & Energy        Producers and rural small     Rural small businesses             Systems and make energy              Of more than 50,000                             Criteria. Grants are awarded on a
Efficiency              Businesses reduce energy                                         Efficiency improvements              And their contiguous                            Competitive basis.
Improvements Grant      Costs and consumption                                                                                 And adjacent
                                                                                                                              Urbanized area.
Rural Utilities
       Program                      Objective                        Applicant                             Uses                     Population              Loan/Grant                       Terms/Conditions
Water and Waste Disposal     Providing infrastructure for    Public entities, tribes and non- Build, repair, improve public     Rural areas, cities, and   Direct loan and grant. Interest rates are set quarterly based on an index of
Loans and Grants and         rural areas.                    profit corporations apply to     water systems, and waste          towns with up to 10,000    Loan Guarantee.        current market yields for municipal obligations.
Guarantees                                                   Rural Development.               collection and treatment          population.                                       Repayment period is a maximum of 40 years.
                                                                                              systems, and other related                                                          Grant funds may be available. For guarantees
                                                                                              costs.                                                                              eligible lenders obtain up to a 90% guarantee for
                                                                                                                                                                                  loans made and serviced by them.
Predevelopment Planning      Assist in paying costs          Public entities, tribes and non-  Pay a portion of eligible        Rural areas, cities, and   Grant                   Applications must meet specific selection criteria.
Grant                        associated with developing a profit corporations apply to         predevelopment costs             towns with up to 10,000                            Grants are awarded on a competitive basis and are
                             complete application for a      Rural Development.                assoicated with filing an        population.                                        limited to 75% of eligible costs or $15,000,
                             proposed infrastructure project                                   application, i.e. preliminary                                                       whichever is less.
                             in a rural area.                                                  engineering and/or
Emergency Water                                                                                    i          l     i
                             Correct a significant decline in Public entities, tribes and non- Construct, repair, modify,       Rural areas, cities, and   Grant                   Applicants must meet specific selection criteria.
Community Assistance         quanity or quality of water in profit corporations apply to       expand, improve water system     towns with up to 10,000                            Grants are awarded on a competitive basis at a
Grants                       rural areas.                     Rural Development.               to correct significant decline   population.                                        National Level.
                                                                                               and other related costs.
Solid Waste Management       Provide technical assistance Non-profit organizations and          Provide technical assistance    Rural areas, cities, and   Grant                   Projects funded based on selection at National
Grants                       and/or training to help      public bodies. Apply to Rural         and training to reduce          towns with up to 10,000                            Level - applications are accepted from October 1st
                             communities reduce the solid Development.                          pollution of water resources    population.                                        to December 31st of each year.
                             waste stream.                                                      and improve management of
                                                                                                solid waste facilities,
                                                                                                reduction of solid waste in
Electric and                 Provide financial aid through   Non-profit and cooperative
                                                                                      Generation, bulk transmission             Rural areas.               Direct loan or loan     Interest rates are established in accordance with
Telecommunication            direct and guaranteed loans.    associations, public bodies,
                                                                                      facilities and distribution of                                       guarantee.              7CFR 17145.
                                                             and other utilities. Contact
                                                                                      electric power. Enhance 911
                                                             USDA RUS Administrator,  emergency service, digital
                                                             STOP 1510, 1400          switching equipment, fiber
                                                             Independence Ave. SW,    optic cable along with
                                                             Washington, DC 20250-1510.
                                                                                      traditional main system,
                                                                                      telecommuniction service.
Rural Broadband Loan and The deployment of broadband Legally organized entities       The construction, acquisition,            Eligible rural communities Direct loans and loan   Loans are made at the Treasury rate of interest at
Loan Guarantee            service to eligible rural    providing or proposing to      and improvement of                        with a population of 20,000 guarantee.             the time of the advance for a period equal to
                          communities.                 provide broadband service in broadband transmission                      inhabitants or less. The                           expected composite economic life of the assets
                                                       eligible rural communities.    facilities and equipment; land            community cannot be                                financed. Loans are guaranteed at the interest rate
                                                       Cannot serve more than 2% of and buildings used in                       located in a standard                              set by the private lender for no more than 80% of
                                                       the telephone subscriber lines providing braodband service;              metropolitan statistical                           the principal amount.
                                                       installed in the U.S.          and the refinancing of                    area.
                                                                                      Telecommunications Program
Distance Learning and     Development and deployment An incorporated entity,          Equipment for classrooms:                 Rural areas.               Direct loan and/or      Matching funds are required.
Telemedicine              of advanced telecommuniation including a municipal          cameras, video monitors,                                             grant
                          services throughout rural    corporation or a for-profit or computers, and LAN; and for
                          America.                     not for profit basis, which    physician consultation,
                                                       operates Rural schools,        radiology, x-ray scanners, and
                                                       libraries, health care clinics digital microscopes.
                                                       and other organizations that
                                                       operate educational or health
                                                       care facilities.
Native American Water and Providing infrastructure for Federally recognized Native Build, repair, improve water                 Cities and Towns with up   Grant                   Applicants must meet specific selection criteria
Waste Grant Program       rural areas                  American Tribes or Public      and/or waste systems and                  to 10,000 population and                           pertaining to per capita income and unemployment
                                                       Bodies and Non-Profit          other related costs.                      all rural areas.                                   rates. Grants are awarded on a competitive basis
                                                       organizations where 50% of                                                                                                  at a National level and are limited to $1,000,000
                                                       the service area are tribal                                                                                                 maximum grant. Priority goes to projects
                                                       members.                                                                                                                    involving loan funds.

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