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									English                                 日本語                 Neo Patwa   Origin         Alternatives
0 (zero), none, empty                   ゼロ空      R   A   N sunya        Sanskrit       Or nulo from Lingua Franca. Or sifa from Ar
1 (One)                                 一        R   A   N wan          English
10 (ten)                                十        R   A   N deka         Metric         Or kumi from Swahili. Or pulu from Indones
100 (hundred)                           百        R   A   N heka         Metric
1000 (thousand)                         千        R   A   N kilo         Metric
2 (Two)                                 ニ        R   A   N do           Hindi          Or tu from English. Or kali from Javanese.
3 (three)                               三        R   A   N san          Mandarin
4 (four)                                四        R   A   N si           Japanese       Or cal from Hindi.
5 (five)                                吾        R   A   N nam          Vietnamese
6 (six)                                 六        R   A   N lu           Mandarin
7 (seven)                               七        R   A   N sem          Russian
8 (eight)                               八        R   A   N pal          Korean
9 (nine)                                九        R   A   N nin          German         Or tisa from Swahili.
above, up, on top, rise                 上        R   A   P nuwa         Thai           Or wiye from Korean. Or atas from Indonesi
accompany, with, friend, together, mutual, mix   R   A   P tomo         Japanese
across, cross, ford, ferry              超える      R   A   V datu         Telegu
after, later, behind, rear              後        R   A   P nyuma        Swahili        Merged from Indonesian. Or posli from Rus
                                                                                       Or nanti with still.
again, more                             また       R   X   P                             Or lagi from
against, across, opposite, oppose       反        R   A   P anti         English        Or fan from Mandarin.
all, every, each, both, full            すべて      R   A   P saba         Hindi.         Or toto from Latin. Or kila from Swahili. Or e
already, anymore, anterior tense, have done      R   A   P suda         Indonesian     Or ya from Spanish. Or haja from Mandarin
also, too, neither, and                 も        R   A   P mo                          Or dan from Indonesian.
anger                                   怒り       R   A   M nesu         Javanese
animal, beast, meat, flesh              動物       R   A   N nyama        Swahili        Or animal from Spanish. Or haiwan (properl
answer                                  返事       R   A   V ansa         Hausa
apologize, sorry, forgive               謝罪       R   A   V skusa        Italian        Or skusa from Italian. Or ampon from Baba
appreciate, thank you                   感謝       R   A   V asante       Swahili        Or danki from Afrikans. Or nandi from Malay
argue, dispute, quarrel                 喧嘩       R   A   V swana        Lingala        Or fitina from Swahili.
arrive, until                           着く       R   A   P fika         Swahili        Or fika from Swahili. Or asta or yega from S
art, craft, skill                       技        R   A   N kala         Hindi          Or kahani from
article, story, myth, legend            記事       R   A   N makala       Arabic         Hindi.
ask, question                           訊く       R   A   V duman        Seychellois    Or swali from Swahili/Arabic. Or wenti from
association, party, club, team          クラブ      R   A   N cama         Swahili        Or fundi from Swahili.
aunt                                    叔母       R   A   N bibi                            hawala Ndyuka. Or dadi from Hindi.
                                                                        Indonesian. Or tia from from
authority, system, power                権力       R   A   N babilon      Jamaican       Hindi.
baby                                    赤ちゃん     R   A   N bebi         English
bad                                     悪い       R   A   M baya         Swahili        Or mal from Spanish.
bag, pocket                             袋        R   A   N canta        Bulgarian      Or taska from Hungarian. Or toli from Benga
ball, sphere                            丸        R   A   N/Mgoli        Hindi          Or bola from tgl, ind, por.
basket, cage                            籠        R   A   N gamia                       Or sistela from Catalan. Or kafas from Arab
                                                                        Bengali - Portuguese
bean, nut                               豆        R   A   N kacam                       O kalena from
                                                                        Singlish - Malay r pwa from French.
because, reason, cause, aim             から       R   A   P ibo          Russian        Indonesian.
bed                                     寝台       R   A   N katil        Thai, Tamil    Or kama from Spanish.
begin                                   開始       R   A   V kaici        Mandarin       Kaixi. Or mulai from Indonesian.
below, down, under                      下        R   A   P bawa         Indonesian     Or cini from Swahili. Or nice from Hindi.
belt, zone                              帯        R   A   N sinto        Porguguese Or dai from Mandarin.
bend, curve                             曲がる      R   A   V muta         Tamil          Or gwai from Mandarin.
big, large, great                       大きい      R   A   M maha                        Or pana from Swahili. Or maha from Sansk
                                                                        Sanskrit (Maharaja)
bird                                    鳥        R   A   N cidya        Hindi          Or njao from Mandarin. Or parande from Pe
birth, be born                          生まれる     R   A   V nasen        Latin
black, dark                             黒い       R   A   M siya         Persian.       Or kali from Hindi. Or kalo from Bangla. Or
blanket, quilt, cover                   毛布       R   A   N kamal        Hindi          Or kamal?
blood                                      血     RA    N   damu         Swahili/Arabic Or damu from Swahili. Or hun from Hindi.
blue                                       青い    RA    N   nila         Hindi          Or blau from German. Or abi from Persian.
blunt, dull, mild                                RA    M   tumpul       Indonesian
board, shelf                               板, 棚  RA    N   tafele       Latvian
boat, ship                                 船     RA    N   kapal        Malay-Tamil Or bato from French. Or barko from Spanish
body, reflexive                            体     RA    N   badan        Persian        Or badan from Persian, Malay. Or xenti from
book                                       本     RA    N   kitabu       Arabic         Or kitabo from Swahili. Or pustaka from Ind
bottle, jar                                ビン    RA    N   botol                       Or karafe
                                                                        Bengali - Portuguese. from Persian. Or cupa from Swah
box, chest, suitcase, coffin               箱     RA    N   comba        Swahili        Or bako from Japanese. Or saman from Hin
boy, son                                   男の子, 息子A
                                           枝,    C     N   maga-pikin   Compound       Or mwana from Swahili. Or filo from Portugu
                                                                                          cuba from
branch, fork, division                     フォーク R A    N   gabel        German         Arabic.
break, destroy                             壊す    RA    V   peca                        Or
                                                                        Singlish - Malay. Pakala from Toki Pijin. Or slom from Rus
bridge, ladder, stairway                   橋     RA    N   palam        Tamil          Or baxi from Japanese. Or palam from Tam
brother                                    兄弟    RA    N   didi         Mandarin       Or kaka from Swahili.
                                                                                          namtan from
brown                                      茶色    RA    N   bun-tinta                   Thai.
                                                                        Compound (mud-color)
bug, insect                                虫     RA    N   dudu         Swahili/Zulu Or dudu from Zulu. Or dalna from Hindi. Orm
busy                                       忙しい   RA    M   mangi        Mandarin       Or okupa from Papiamentu.
but                                        けど    RA    P   lekin        Arabic         Or tapi from Singlish. Or kexi from Mandarin
buy                                        買う    RA    V   kini         Bengali.       Or saja from Hausa. Or pem from Bislama.
cart, vehicle                              車     RA    N   yana         Sanskrit
chair, seat, stool                         椅子    RA    N   kawi         Thai           Or stul from Russian. Or silja from tagalog.
change, exchange, adjust                   交換    RA    V   kambi        Spanish        Or henka from Japanese.
cheap, inexpensive                         安い    RA    M   costa                       Shosta. Or sasta from Hindi.
                                                                        Bengali - Persian
child, small, descendant, piece            子供    RA    N   pikin        Sranan
chin, jaw                                  顎     RA    N   cane         Persian        Or cene from Turkish. Or xaya from Xona.
circle, round, cycle, around               丸     RA    N   mandala      Sanskrit
class, rank, row, step                     級     RA    N   ceo          Swahili        Or paya from Hindi.
clean, tidy, pretty                        綺麗    RA    M   swai         Thai           Or limpya from Lingua Franca. Or safi from
close, turn off                                  RA    V   fasen        English        Or tutu from Kupang Malay. Or gwan from M
cloth, sail, clothes                             RA    N   kaliko       Bislama
cloud, unclear                             雲     RA    N   nube         Italian.       Or kumo from Japanese. Or badal from Hin
coat                                       コート   RA    N   mantel       Indonesian     Or palo from Russian.
cold                                       寒い    RA    M   tanda        Hindi
color, paint                               色, 絵の具R A   N   tinta        Spanish        Or swi from Thai. Or rangi from Swahili.
come, become                               来る    RA    V   lai          Mandarin       Or tahal from Arabic. Or hona from Hindi. O
confusion, confuse, chaos                  混乱    CA    N   babel        Hebrew         Or cafwa from Swahili.
continue                                   続く    T A   V   kipan        Bislama-English
cook, prepare                                    RA    V   koken        Dutch          Or kupika from Swahili. Or f(v)andu from Te
country, land, place                       国     RA    N   stan         Hindi
cousin                                     いとこ   RA    N   pinsan       Tagalog
crazy, folly, insanity                     気違い R A     M   foli         French
cream                                            RA    N   kehem        Persian        Or krem. Or laban from Arabic.
cry, weep                                  泣く    RA    V   ulda         Korean         Or tanis from Tetun.
cup, glass                                       RA    N   kopa         Spanish        Or pjala from Hindi.
cut, divide, discount                      切る    RA    V   kata         Arabic, SwahiliOr koti from Sranan.
dance                                      踊る    RA    V   baila        Spanish        Could be dans from English or French.
day, sky                                   日     RA    N   din          Hindi          Or dia from Spanish
decide, choose                             決める   RA    V   kime         Japanese
deep, interesting, serious                 深い    RA    M   dalam        Indonesian
depart, from                               出る    RA    P   cule         Mandarin.
die, death                                 死     RA    V   mati         Singlish - Malay
difficult, problem, complicated, tight, rough    RA    M   muskil       Arabic         Or susa from Indonesian. Or asua from Tok
dirty, messy, cluttered                    汚い    RA    M   deti         English        Or ganda from Hindi.
discuss, debate, regarding               議論, に関して V
                                               RA      nipa         Yoruba         Or nipa from Yoruba. Or kalam from Arabic.
do, make, causative                      する    RNV     hase         Spanish        Or Or fanja from Swahili. Or karna from Hin
door, gate                               門     RA N    pintu        Indonesian     Or kapu from Hungarian.
doubt, suspect                           疑う    RA V    dubyo        Italian        Or dute from French.
dream                                    夢     RA N    Sonya        Spanish
drop, fall                               落ちる, 落とす V
                                               RA      oci          Japanese       Or kaska from Lingua Franca. Or Lue from
dry                                      乾いた   RA M    seka         Spanish        Or suka from Hindi
                                                                                      gwi from
ear, hear                                耳     RA N    tenga        Tagalog        Korean. Or uho
earth, soil, land                        土     RA N    bumi         Malay-SanskritOr kadar from Arabic.
eat, food, consume                       食べる, 食べ物 V
                                               RA      makan        Indonesian     Or cifan from Mandarin. Or kana from Hindi
effect, influence, affect                効果    RA N    lefe         French
endure                                   我慢    RA V    tahan        Singlish
enough, sufficient                       足りる   RA M    basta        Spanish
enter, join                              入る    RA V    enta         English
escape, avoid                            逃げる   RA V    nige         Japanese
even                                     さえ    RA V    ance         Italian
evening, afternoon                       晩     RA N    ban          Korean         Or malam from Indonesian. Or xam from Hi
example, show                            例     RA V    misale       Amharic        Or pasa from
exceed, more than, excessive, past       去る    RA V    lalu         Indonesian     Creoles.
expensive                                高い    RA M    gali         Swahili        Or mahal from Indonesian. Or gali from Swa
expert, specialist, master                     RA N    maista       German
eye, look                                目     RA N    oyo          Spanish.       Or mata from Indonesian. Or anka from Hin
face, surface, front, before, former     顔     RA N    muka         Hindi, Malay. Or facja from Lingua Franca.
far, distance                            遠い    RA M    dale         Russian        Or leho from Spanish. Or mosika from Linga
fast, early, suddenly                    速い    RA M    wiki         Hawaiian       Or epesi from Swahili. Or laju from Indonesi
father                                   父     RA N    papa         Various.
fear, afraid, danger                     怖い    RA M    felelem      Hungarian      Or timo from Latin. Or fiya.
feel, sense, think                       感じる   RA V    pensa        Spanish        Or syenta from Spanish. Or filim from Tok P
female, woman                            女     RA N    meli         Tok Pisin.     Or oman from Torres Strait Creole. Or wali f
few, little                              少ない   RA M    tuti         Wolof          Or tuti from Wolof. Or meno from Spanish. O
                                                                                      kampo from
field, outside, countryside, farm        原     RA N    landa        Basque         Spanish. Or
find, discover                           見つかる R A V    naiti        Russian
finger, indicate                         指     RA N    finga                       Or
                                                                    Bislama - English angul from Bengali. Or til from Kurdish. O
fire, hot, warm                          火     RA N    fwego        Spanish.       Or api from Malay. Or faja from English.
fish                                     魚     RA N    pwason       French         Or pece from Italian.
flower, return on investment, interest   花     RA N    fula         Tagalog        Or ababa from Amharic. Or flawa from Engl
fly, jump                                飛ぶ    RA V    tobi         Japanese       Or taxi from Hausa.
                                                                                      xagwa from
fool, foolish, stupid                    バカ    RA M    babo         Korean         Chinese. Or
forbid, taboo, holy, sacred                    RA V    tabu         Tongan
forget                                   忘れる   RA V    lupa         Indonesian
free, freedom                            自由    RA M    malaya       Tagalog        Or wolni from Polish. Or kalayan from Taga
fruit, outcome, berry                    果物    RA N    tunda        Swahili        Or pal? Or bunga from Tagalog. Or pala fro
full, fill, satisfy                            RA V    ponu         Kupang Malay Or piena from Italian.
gain, profit, benefit                    利益    RA N    faida        Swahili        Or ganye from French.
garden, park                             庭     RA N    bustani      Swahili.          omumi from
                                                                                   Or bustani from Swahili. Or niwa from Japan
general, ordinary, usually, public       一般, 普通R A M   byasa        Indonesian     Persian.
girl, daughter                           女の子, 娘C A N   meli-pikin   Compound       Or swali from Nagamese. Or leani from Hun
give, for, to                            与える   RA V    dena         Hindi.         Or hadaja from Swahili. Or kasi from Kupan
go, move, future/irrealis marker         行く    RA V    ale                         Or
                                                                    Bislama-French ale from Bislama - French. Or pai from T
god                                            RA N    dewa         Hindi
gold, metal                              金     RA N    sona         Hindi.         Or kala from Persian. Or kane from Japane
good, agree, accept                      良い    RA M    aca          Hindi
                                                                    Swahili,       Or hau from Mandarin. Or pone from Spanis
good, assets, property, belong to        資産    RA N    mali         Persian
grandchild, descendant               孫     R     A   N   cucu        Mandarin
grandfather, old man                 祖父    R     A   N   opa         German
grandmother, old woman               祖母    R     A   N   oma         Dutch
grass, hair                          草     R     A   N   gasa        Hindi
green                                緑     R     A   N   yesil       Turkish
grey                                 灰色    R     A   N   kulau       Javanese        Klau.
                                                                                     Or kresendo
grow, expand, increase, push         成長    R     A   V   puse        French          from Italian.
hand, arm                            手     R     A   N   coli        Mandarin.       Xoli. Or mano from Spanish. Or luka from C
happy, pleasure                      喜び    R     X   M                               Merged with like. Or hapi from English. Or s
hard, solid                          固い    R     A   M   gati        Telugu          Or makasi from Lingala. Or kotin from Bang
hat                                  帽子    R     A   N   Topi        From Persian, Hindi, Bengali, Indonesian. Or kapelo from L
hate, dislike                        嫌い    R     A   V   haten       Dutch
have, hold, with, own, exist         持つ    R     A   V   tene        Spanish.        Or jo from Mandarin. Or punja from Indones
he, she, it, that                          R     A   N   ta          Mandarin        Or je from Swahili.
head, leader                         頭     R     A   V   kapo        Italian         Or kepala from Indonesian.
heal, repair, take care of           直す    R     A   V   swanye      French
health, healthy, vigorous            元気    R     A   M   genki       Japanese
heart, core, center                  心臓    R     A   N   moyo        Swahili            sangin from
                                                                                     Or ximcaq from Chinese.
heavy, weight, burden, serious       重い    R     A   M   hefi        English         Persian.
help, service                        助ける   R     A   V   pomogi      Russian.        Or toloq from Malaysian.
here                                 ここ    C     A   N   ce-lado     Compound (this-side)
high, tall                           高い    R     A   M   alti        European-Latin
hit, beat, kick, attack, collide     打つ    R     A   V   takan       Singlish        Or gonga from Swahili. Of fota from Kupang
hole, pit, valley                    穴     R     A   N   fosa        Lingua Franca Or ana from Japanese.
holiday, vacation                    休み    R     A   N   cuti                        Or axa from
                                                                     Hindi and Bengali.pista from Tagalog.
hope, wait                           希望    R     A   N   espeha      Spanish         Hindi/Bengali.
house, building, family              家
                                     どうやっ R      A   N   kasa        Spanish         Or hale from hawaiian. Or kwan from Manda
how                                  て     C     A   P   ke-moda     Compound
hug, envelop, include                含む    R     A   V   palo        Kupang Malay Or xamil from Hindi. Or bao from Mandarin.
I, me                                私     R     A   N   mi          English
if, suppose                          もし    R     A   P   ako                         Or jaoxi from Mandarin. Or sapos from TP.
                                                                     Bulgarian, Bosnian
injury, wound, damage                けが    R     A   N   danyo       Spanish         Or sua from Tok Pisin.
interesting                          面白い R       A   M   lucu        Indonesian      Or lucu from Indonesian.
invite, call summon                  招待    R     A   V   bulana      Hindi           Or alika from Swahili. Or pange from Kupan
island, isolated                     島     R     A   N   lanka                       As in
                                                                     Sanskrit (Sri Lanka) Sri Lanka. Or pulau from Malaysian. O
journey, trip, travel                旅     R     A   N   safahi      Swahili
know, can, ability, habitually do    知る    R     A   V   sabe        Spanish         Or bole from Indonesian.
law, rule, regulation                法律, 規則R     A   N   kanun       Turkish, etc.
leaf, page, card                     葉っぱ   R     A   N   lapa        Latvian         Or ilai from Tamil. Or folja from Latin.
left                                 左     R     A   N   cimal       Arabic.         Shimal.Or ljef from Russian. Or mwasi from
leg, foot, walk                      足     R     A   N   noga        Russian.        Or kaki from Malay. Or pedi from Latin. Or k
let, allow                           させる   R     A   V   lese        French
light, not heavy                     軽い        R A M halka           Hindi
lightning,, electricity              雷         R A N faifa           Thai           Or ekulea from French. Or molnya from
like, fancy, love, happy             好む        R A V suka            Singlish
line, row, series, list              線         R A N linya           Spanish        Or safu from Swahili.
lip, edge, border                    唇         R A N labi            Tagalog
long, length                         長い        R A M lamba           Hindi          Or lama from Indonesian. Or tawil from
lose                                 失う        R A V tefa            Amharic        Or kala from Indonesian.
male, man                            男         R A N maga            Telugu         Or pan from Polish.
marker:emphatic particle             か         R A P la              Singlish       Or jo from Japanese.
                                               R A V po
marker:indirect object, possessive, target, locative, instrumental   Jamaican       Or lon from Tok Pisin.
marker:possession, modification      の         R A V na              Tetum          Or di from Mandarin. Or pe from Manad
marker:question particle, or         か       RAP     ma           Mandarin      Or mai from Thai.
marry                                結婚      RAV     kawim        Indonesian
meaning, significance                意味      RAN     mana         Swahili
measure, evaluate, test              計る      RAV     peso         Spanish
medicine, drug                       薬       RAN     dawa         Swahili/Hindi
meet, welcome, meeting               会う      RAV     onana        Swahili
melt, liquify, solve                 解ける R A V       fundi        Lingua Franca
member, participate                  メンバー R A V      memba        English.      Or sadasi from Hindi.
minute                               分       RAN     pikin-wela                 Or fen from
                                                                  Compound (small-time) Mandarin. Or dakika from S
moon, month                          月       RAN     luna         Spanish.      Or bulan from Indonesian.
morning                              朝       RAN     acim         Korean        Or pagi from Indonesian. Or asa from Ja
most                                 最も      CAP     nume-wan     Compound (number-one)
mother                               母       RAN     mama         English, etc.
mountain, bump, pile                 山       RAN     monte        Spanish.      Or jama from Japanese. Or mauna from
mouth, entrance                      口       RAN     boka         Spanish       Or dahan from Persian. Or kuci from Ja
much, many, very, more               多い      RAM     muito        Portuguese Or casi from Swahili. Or staka from Bisl
must                                         RNV     mesti        Indonesian
nail, claw, hook                     爪       RAN     panya        Hindi         Or kuca from Swahili. Or pence from Tu
nail, spike, stab, pierce            釘, 刺す R A N     spika        Swahili       Or tapu from Thai.
near, close, approach, soon          近い      RAM     cika         Japanese      Or kiai from Thai. Or nikote from Benga
neck                                 首       RAN     kwelo        Spanish       Or kubi from Japanese.
need, want                           必要      RAV     yau          Mandarin      Or yao from Mandarin.
net, web, network                    網       RAN     file         French        Or file from French.
new, young, recently, fresh          新しい R A M       neo          Latin.        Or nubo from French.
news, report, info, history                  RAN     habahi       Arabic        Habari.
night                                夜       RAN     noce         Spanish       Or kalan from Tetum.
no (negation)                        ない      RAP     no           English.      Or mai from Singlish.
nose, smell                          鼻       RAN     bini         Persian       Or burum from Turkish. Or hana from Ja
now, present                         今       RAN     ce-wela      Compound (this-time)
number, count                        数字      RAN     nume         Kutuba
                                     従う 従って
obey, follow, next, in accordance with, thus R A V   sundin       Tagalog
occasionally, sometimes              時々      CAM     wela-wela    Compound (time-time)
of course, naturally                 勿論      RAP     tentu        Indonesian
often, frequent                      頻繁      CAP     muito-wela                 Or mafutafrom Russian. Could be afen fr
                                                                                Or casto from
                                                                  Compound (much-time)
oil, grease, flattery                油       RAN     olyo         Portuguese Swahili, etc.
old                                  古い      RAM     macu                       From Machu
                                                                  Quechua (Machu Picchu) Picchu. Or lama from Indo
only, alone                          ただ      RAM     tasol        Tok Pisin     Or solo from Spanish.
open, turn on                        開く      RAV     open         English       Or kulna from Hindi.
other, different, special            他, 違う R A P     bye          Mandarin      Or alada from Bengali and Arabic. Or ac
pain, suffer, disease                痛み 苦しみA N
                                           , V       saki         Indonesian Or samsara from Malay.
pants, trousers                      ズボン R A N       pantalon     French, Hindi.Or papye from
paper, document                      紙       RAN     papel        Spanish       French.
path, trail, orbit, road             道       RAN     senda        Portuguese Or mici from Japanese.
peace, hello, safe, level, flat      平和      RAN     canti        Hindi         Shanti. Or amani from Swahili. Or xanti
perfect, complete, exactly, surely   完璧      RAM     pafe         French
perhaps, may, maybe                  おそらく R A V      asi          Czech         Or Asi from Czech. Or kanske from Swe
person                               人       RAN     yan          Cantonese Or fito from Japanese. Or woli from Sar
picture                              絵       RAN     pica         Swahili       Or ilasto from Japanese. Or pica from S
pin, needle, sting                   針       RAN     spilo        Italian       Or hari from Japanese.
pink                                 桃色      CAM     momo-tinta   Compound (peach-color)
plan, idea                           考え      RAV     daswan       Mandarin.
plate, dish, saucer                  皿       RAN     sani         Lingala       Or plata. Or pyata.
please, request                      頼む      RAP     mintan       Indonesian
poor, pitiful                          貧乏     RAM    miskin                     Or miskin from Indonesian and Lingua F
powder, flour                          紛      RAN    kona         Japanese      Or kona from Japanese.
prefer                                        CAV    muito-suka   Compound (more-like)
present, gift                          贈り物 R A N     kado         French
price, value                           価値     RAN    kaci                       Or taman
                                                                  Korean and Japanese. from Arabic.
pull, stretch, subtract, attract       引く     RAV    lagu         Telugu
purple                                 紫      RAN    lila         Tagalog       Or lila from Tagalog.
put, place                             置く     RAV    pone         Spanish
puzzle, riddle, mystery                謎      RAN    pahel        Hindi
rain                                   雨      RAN    ama          Guarani       Or ame from Japanese. Or baran from P
read                                   読む     RAV    soma         Swahiili.     Or baca from Indonesian.
receive, be (passive), happen to       ーられる受ける
                                            , RA V   subi         French, subir.Or kena from Malay. Or someti from Sp
red                                    赤      RAM    pula         Tagalog       Or aka from Japanese. Or lal from Hind
remember, memory                       記憶     RAV    memo         English
remove, except, cancel, discard        脱ぐ     RAV    ondoa        Swahili       Or debito from
rent, borrow, debt                     借りる R A V     sewa         Indonesian Italian.
replace, substitute, instead of        代わりに R A V    daiti        Mandarin
                                       同様、似る A V
resemble, like, as if, probably, type, kind   R      macam        Singlish      Or kama from Swahili. Or olsem from B
rich                                   金持ち R A M     kaya         Singlish - Malay
right, direction                       右      RAN    kulya        Swahili.      Or kanan from Indonesian/tagalog. Or d
river                                  川      RAN    nadi                       Or gawa from Japanese. Or lume from A
                                                                  Hindi and Bengali.
room, apartment                        部屋     RAN    cemba        English       Or sala from Spanish.
rope, bind                             縄      RAV    kamba        Swahili
run, flow, happen, current             走る     RAV    kule                      Or kule
                                                                  Saramaccan-French from Saramaccan. Or capwa fro
sad, sorrow, grief                     悲しい R A M     duka                      Or kanaxi
                                                                  Indonesian - Sanskrit. from Japanese. Or sedi from
salt, salty                            塩      RAN    sale         Italian
same, equal                            同じ     RAP    sama         Indonesian Or sama from Indonesian. Or mwan from
say, speak                             言う     RAV    sema         Swahili      Or fada from Hausa.
sea, ocean, lake                       海      RAN    moana                     Or
                                                                  Hawaiian/Maori darya from Persian. Or lautan from In
search, look for                       探す     RAV    gugul                     Or
                                                                  English (google) buska from Spanish. Or luka from Lin
see, look                              見る     RAV    gani         Hausa        Merged with eye. Or gani from Hausa. O
seed, origin                           種      RAN    semya        Russian      Or dane from Persian. Or tane from Jap
sell                                   売る     RAV    bendi        Italian      Or caya from
shadow, cause                          影      RAN    kage         Japanese     Hindi and Urdu.
shallow                                浅い     RAM    calo         English      Shallow.
shame, shy                             恥      RAN    malu         Singlish     Or honta from
                                                                               Or kataci from Lingua Franca.
shape, form, appearance                形      RAN    umbo         Swahili      Japanese.
sharp, sour, bitter                    鋭い     RAM    kali         Swahili
shirt                                  シャツ R A N     kamisa       Spanish, Tagalog.
shoe                                   靴      RAN    sandal       English      Or sapato from Spanish.
short,low                              短い     RAM    fupi         Swahili.     Or fuxane from Zulu. Or kuta from Pers
shoulder, carry, transport             肩      RAV    lipeka       Lingala      Or spala from Italian. Or kanda from Hin
side, place                            場所, 側 R A N   lado         Spanish      Or sampiq from
                                                                               Or simbol from Indonesian. Or starana
sign, mark, spot, letter               マーク R A N     alama        Hausa, Swahili
silver, money                          銀      RAN    feda         Swahili      Or alhente from Spanish. Candi? Or fed
sing, song                             歌      RAV    kanta        Spanish      Or menjani from Indonesian.
sister                                 姉妹     RAN    meme         Mandarin
sit, at, located                       座るいる R A V    anda         Korean
skin, bark, leather, surface, film, membrane R A N   pyel         Spanish.     Or pifu from Mandarin. Or buba from Sr
skirt                                  スカート R A N    skati        Swahili
sleep, rest, lie, horizontal           寝る     RAV    lala         Zulu         Or kulala from Swahili. Or sona from Hin
slow, late                             ゆっくり R A M    lento                     Or polepole from Swahili. Or wan from M
                                                                  Lingua Franca fasana from
smell, odor                            匂い     RAV    lada         Swahili      Telugu.
smile, laugh                           笑う   RA           V hihi                        Or
                                                                          Onomatopoetic lolo from English. Or misu from Kore
some, a number of                      いくつかの A
                                            R            P konti          Tagalo
sound, noise, voice, shout             音    RA           N seda           Persian
stand, vertical, position              立つ   RA           V tate           Japanese
star, heavenly body                    星    RA           N stela          Latin        Or stela from Latin.
steal, rob, cheat, deceive             盗む   RA           V alibaba                     Or kamoi from Thai.
                                                                          Middle Eastern slang/Singlish
steam, gas                             汽    RA           N moci           Swahili      Or anga from Swedish. Or buhar from A
stick, adhere, glue                    ノリ   RA           V kole           French       Or gira from Arabic.
still, yet, again                      まだ   RA           M mada           Japanese
                                          中         RA
stomach, belly, inside, lining, within, among, between   P ciki           Hausa           Or dalam from Indonesian. Or kati from Ling
stone, rock                               石         RA   N batu           Indonesian Or cito from Mandarin.Or batu from Indo
stop, cease                               終える R A        V stali                      Or pidgin
                                                                          Russian-Chineseyame from Japanese. Or fini from Fr
storm, fury                               嵐         RA   N tufan          Arabic      Or big-wind
straight, proper                          真っすぐ R A       M sida           Urdu        Or pokole from Hawaiian. Or kelin from
strange                                   奇妙        RA   M gwai           Mandarin.   Or mistika from Spanish.
strong, loud, power                       強い        RA   M silni          Russian     Or makasi from Lingala. Or makas from
study, area of study, area of specialty   学ぶ        RA   V logi           Greek       Could be tanul from Hungarian. Or fund
sun, light, glory                      日         RA      N sole           French
surprise, surprised                    びっくり      RA      M etone          French      Or jufai from Arabic.
sweet, candy, easy, soft, fine         甘い        RA      M dolce          Italian     Or mita from Hindi.
swim, float                            泳ぐ   RA           V nata           Lingua Franca
swing, sway, oscillate                      R A V yoyo                    English
table, desk                            テーブル R A N mesa                    Spanish.        Or stol from Russian. Or tabel from Eng
taste, flavor, aroma                   アジ        RA      N   lasa         Tagalog         Or gusto from Spanish. What about the
teacher                                先生        RA      N   lama         Mongolian       Or Guru from Sanskrit. Or laoxi from Ma
they                                   彼ら        CA      N   ta-saba      Compound
thick, fat, dense                      厚い        RA      M   tebal        Indonesian.     Or kalin from Turkish.
thin, narrow                           細い        RA      M   patala       Hindi           Or uski from Russian.
thing (affair), business, fact         事         RA      N   delo         Russian         Or hal from Indonesian. Or lia from Tetu
thing (item, one), counter particle    物         RA      M   pela         Tok Pisin
this                                   この        RA      P   ce           Mandarin
throat                                 喉         RA      N   holom        Mandarin        Or kele from German. Or gola from Ban
throw                                  投げる       RA      V   tupa         Swahili
time, occasion, chance                 回         RA      N   pai          Min Chinese     Or kali from Singlish. Or kai from Japan
time, weather, season, hour            時         RA      N   wela         Thai            Or masa from Indonesian. Or mausam
tire, tired                            疲れ        RA      M   cape         Indonesian      Or coka from Swahili. Or lei from Manda
tongue, language                       舌         RA      N   lida         Indonesian.     Or lisan from Amharic/Arabic.
tool, instrument, machine              具         RA      N   ada          Arabic          Or kifa from
                                                                                          Or gigi from Swahili. Or maxin from Eng
tooth, bite                            歯         RA      N   danta        Hindi           Malay.
touch, feel                            触る        RA      V   tuce         French          Or toka from Spanish. Or sonto from Ku
town, city                             町, 市      RA      N   myasto       Polish
                                                                          Compound        Or cita from
                                                                                          Or byashara Lingua Franca. Or madina
trade, commerce                        貿易        RA      N   bendi-delo   (sell-affair)   from Swahili.
treasure, precious                     宝         RA      N   kacana       Hindi
tree, wood, plant                      木、木材      RA      N   kayu         Indonesian      Or bom from German. Or maram from T
troublesome, excuse me                 面倒        RA      M   mafan        Mandarin
true, truth, certainly                 事実        RA      M   satya        Hindi           Or kweli from Swahili.
try, effort                            動力        RA      V   nuli         Mandarin
turn, rotate, spin                     回る        RA      V   heli         English         Or "heli" from "helicopter" Or "fila" from
uncle                                  叔父        RA      N   cucu         Mandarin        Or dada from Hindi.
understand, grasp, seize               わかる       RA      V   kapice       Italian
use, wear, with, ride                  使う        RA      V   pakai        Singlish.       Or joq from Mandarin. Or dengan.
vegetable                              野菜        RA      N   legim        Bislama
wall, obstacle, hinder                 壁         RA      V   kabe         Japanese        Or kabe from Japanese. Or stena from
water, juice, liquid                水
                                    法,スタ R A       N   lagwa                    Or
                                                                    Lingua Franca lakwa from Lingua Franca. Or pani fr
way, method, style, custom          イル       RA    N   moda         Italian     Or banfa from Mandarin.
we                                  私たち C A        N   mi-saba      Compound
weak                                弱い       RA    M   lema         Indonesian Or flako from Lingua Franca.
week                                週        RA    N   sem-din                  Or nadal from Estonian.
                                                                    Compound (seven-day)
wet                                 濡れた R A        M   gila         Hindi.      Or basa from Tagalog - Indonesian.
what                                何        RA    P   ke           Spanish
when                                いつ       CA    P   ke-wela      Compound (what-time)
where                               どこ       CA    P   ke-lado      Compound (what-side)
while                               ながら R A        P   sama-wela                Or sambil
                                                                    Compound (same-time) from Indonesian. Or poca from
white, bright, clear                白い       RA    N   safi         Swahili     Or safeda from Hindi. Or maputi from T
who                                 誰        CA    P   ke-yan       Compound
                                                                    Compound (what-person)
why                                 何故       CA    N   ke-po        (what-
wide, general                       広い       RA    M   pana         Swahili       Or kwan from
                                                                                  Or nasim from Mandarin.
wind, air, breath, life, spirit     風, 空気 R A      N   hawa         Hindi         Arabic.
wise, wisdom, teaching, philosophy, religion R A   M   sofi         Greek
word, name, writing                 単語       RA    N   kalim        Arabic
work, job, occupation               仕事       RA    V   kuli         CE Pidgin
world, earth, generation            世界, 宇宙 A R     N   dunya        Arabic        Or dunjia from Arabic. Or mundo from L
worry, concern                      心配       RA    V   susi         French        Or susi from French. Or damuwa from H
write, scratch                      書く       RA    V   kaki         Japanese      Or kyan from Thai. Or tulis from Indones
wrong, error                        間違った R A       M   sala                       Or
                                                                    Singlish - Malay kosa from Swahili.
year                                年        RA    N   anyo         Spanish       Or njen from Mandarin. Or tahun from In
yellow                              黄色       RA    N   yelo         English       Or si from
yes, marker of suggestion           はい       RA    P   ya           German        Spanish.
you (plural)                        あなたたち A  C     N   yu-saba      Compound (you-all)
you (singular)                      あなた R A        N   yu           English
accident, catastrophe, disaster    事故    C    F    N   maha-susa                   Or "bad-star". Or unfal from German.
                                                                    Compound (big-difficult)
adult                              大人    C    F    N   maha-yan     Compound
always, forever                    いつも   C    F    P   saba-wela                   Or abidi
                                                                    Compound (all-time) from Swahili. But is this necessary?
ancient, a long time ago           古代    R    F    M   antiko       Lingua Franca Or antiko from Lingua Franca.Or kale from S
ant                                アリ    C    F    N   ali-dudu     Japanese       Or mayi from Mandarin.
apple                              リンゴ   S    F    N   pingwo       Mandarin       Or pingo from Mandarin, etc. Or pom from F
arrange, organize, order           整理    R    F    V   andika       Swahili        Or abu from
ash                                灰     R    F    N   fwego-kona                  Baba
                                                                    Compound (fire-ash) Malay.
asparagus                          アスパラ  S    F    N   aspara       Japanese-English
balance, scale, harmony                  R    F    N   tula         Hindi
banana                             バナナ   S    F    N   banana       English
bank                               銀行    R    F    N   banko        English.       Or "money house."
beach, seashore, border            海岸    R    F    N   sahil        Arabic.        Or pantai from Indonesian. Or pwani from S
bear                               熊     S    F    N   balu         Hindi          Or kamu from Telegu. Or kuma from Japan
beard, moustache                   ひげ    R    F    N   sakal        Turkish        Or "mouth-hair".
believe, trust, faith              信じる   R    F    V   Yakin        Indonesian     Or amini from Swahili.
blow, puff                         吹く    R    F    V   fuki         Japanese
bone                               骨     R    F    N   oso          Portuguese. Or hadi from Bengali/Hindi.
                                                                                      kase from
bowl, basin, tub                         R    F    N   bakuli       Swahili-Arabic Turkish
bread                              パン    R    F    N   pane         Italian
brocolli                           ブロッコリ S    F    N   bokoli
brush                              スラッシュ R    F    N   skopi        Italian       Or tuli from Bengali. Or braxi from Bislama
burn, roast, excited               燃やす R      F    M   flambe       French.       Or coma from Swahili.
butter                             バッター S     F    N   manteka      Lingala       Or manteka from Lingala.
car                                自動車 R      F    N   auto         English       Or koce from Tagalog.
carpet, rug                              R    F    N   popol        Quiche        Or ditan from Mandarin.
cat                          猫      RF    N   myau         Hakka.         Or felix from Latin. Or paka from Swahili.
cautious, careful                   RF    M   kiasi        Singlish
chicken                      鶏      RF    N   ayam         Malay          Or pule from French. Or kuku from Swahili.
clock                        時計     RF    N   Taco         German
coffee, coffee shop          コーヒー R F     N   kafe         Italian
coin                         小銭     RF    N sika           Hindi
comfort                             RF    N   sabai       Thai
computer                     っコンピュータRF    N   kompyuta    English
connect, link, joint                CF    V   lyan        Mandarin       Or linki from Finnish. Or kilu from Telugu.
copy, duplicate, imitate            RF    V   kopi        English        Or imita from Lingua Franca.
cough                        咳      RF    V   keso        Mandarin
cow, bovine                  牛      S F   N   nyunyu      Mandarin       Or njunju from Mandarin. Or bakar from Ara
crack, fissure, gap                 RF    N   fenda       Portuguese
crime, sin                          CF    N   baya-delo   Compound       Or kutam from Malayalam. Or dambi from S
cushion, pillow              枕      RF    N   kusen       Dutch          Baba Malay
custom, tradition, habit            RF    N   pasin       Tok Pisin      Or common-act
customer, guest              客      RF    N   kliente     Spanish        Or kyaku from Japanese.
doctor                              RF    N                              Or compound
                                              swanye-yan Compound (heal-person)
dog                          犬      RF    N   baubau      OnomatopoeticOr ulu from Bambara. Or aso from Tagalog.
duck                         アヒル    RF    N   bata        Hindi, Arabic. Or salili from Swahili.
elbow                        肘      RF    N   siku        Indonesian     Or siku from Indonesian. Or siko from Tami
employee, worker             従業員 R F      N   kuli-yan    Compound (work-person)
family                       家族     RF    N   famili      English
fight, struggle              戦う     RF    V   luca        Spanish
film, cinema                 映画     RF    N   Sine        French
floor                        床      RF    N   lantai      Indonesian. Or etax from French and Russian. Or ditan
fold, layer, stratum         たたむ    RF    V   pyega       Italian
folder, record, file                RF    N   dosye       French         Or boma from
Frame. structure, skeleton   枞      RF    N   ranka       Indonesian     Swahili.
Friday                              CF    N   Sona-din    Compound (gold-day)
gall, courage, brave         胆のう    RF    N   dan         Mandarin
gather, collect, lump        集める    RF    V   kumpul      Kupang Malay
glass (material)             ガラス    RF    N   boli        Mandarin       Or poli from Chinese.
gun                          銃      RF    N   pistol      English
half, halve                  半分     RF    M   demi        French         Or ban from Mandarin.
hang, depend on                     RF    V   koke        Haitian FC
horn, corner, angle          角      RF    N   pembe       Swahili
hospital, clinic             病院     RF    N   lopital     French creolesOr klinika. Or hopital. Or "sick house". Or lo
hotel                        ホテル    S F   N   hotel       English        Or hotal from Hindi.
hungry                              RF    M                              Or could be "stomach empty".
                                              Sunya-tumbo Compound (empty-stomach)
incidentally, by the way     ちなみに R F     P   cinami      Japanese
investigate, research        調べる    RF    V   cungwa      Swahili
iron, steel                  鉄      RF    N   cuma        Swahili        Or cuma from Swahili
jewelry, ornament                   RF    N   hoya        Spanish
key                          鍵      RF    N   cabi                       - kunci from
                                                          Hindi and UrduOrPortuguese Indonesian.
kiss                         キス     RF    V   cumi        Romany
kitchen                      台所     RF    N   kusina      Lingua Franca Or kicin from English.
knee                         膝      RF    N   gutana      Hindi
knife, sword, dagger         刀, ナイフ R F   N   caku        Hindi          Or naif from English. Or kuto from French.
lazy                         怠け者 R F      M   leni        Russian        Or malas from Indonesian.
lettuce                      レタス    S F   N   latuga      Italian
lie, untruth                 嘘      RF    V menti          Lingua Franca
lion                         ライオン R F     N simba          Swahili
liter                                      R F N lita          French       Or ati/hati from
liver                              肝臓      R F N fwa           French       Baba Malay.
lunch                              昼ご飯  CF     N   medi-tali   Compound
market                             市場     FR   N   pyata       Romanian     Or basar from Persian.
match, game                        試合     FR   N   maci        English      Or kel from Hindi.
meal                               ご飯     FR   N   tali        Hindi        Or tifin from Macaista
merchant                           商人     FC   N   bendi-yan   Compound
meter                              メータ  RF     N   meta      Latin
milk                               牛乳   RF     N   late      Spanish and Italian.
mirror, reflect                    鏡, 反射RF     N   aena                    Or mira from English. Or salamin from T
                                                             Bengali - Persian.
Monday                             月曜日  CF     N   luna-din  Compound
monkey                             猿    SF     N   nyani     Swahili       Or bulan from Indonesian. Or congo from
mouse, rat                         ネズミ  RF     N   mica      Russian       Or mux from
                                                                           Or lodo from Persian. Or panja from Sw
Mud                                泥    RF     N   bun       Vietnamese Spanish.
mushroom                           きのこ  RF     N   fungo     Italian       Or mogu from Chinese.
music                              音楽   RF     N   myusika   Italian
naked                              裸    RF     M   luo       Mandarin
noon, midday                       昼    RF     N   medi-din                Or hapon from Tagalog.
                                                             Compound (middle-day)
office, bureau, agency             事務所  RF     N   afisi     Indonesian
onion                              たまねぎ RF     N   basala    Arabic        Or xebolo. Or onion.
order (as in restaurant)           注文   RF     V   manda     Spanish       Or pesan from Indonesian. Or mantale f
organ (internal)                   臓    RF     N   andam     Persian
origin, original, source, nature   元    RF     M   asili     Swahili       Or asili from Swahili. Or naxin from Rus
pan                                パン   RF     N   penam     Telugu
parents                                 CF     N   mama-papa Compound
party, celebrate, lively           パーティ R F    V   fyesta    Spanish
pen                                ペン   RF     N   stilo     French        Or pen from English. Or kalama.
pencil                             鉛筆   RF     N   pensil    English
photograph                         写真   RF     N   foto      English
pig                                豚    RF     N   babi      Indonesian Or gurube from Swahili. Or kuci from Qu
pinch, squeeze                          RF     V   binya       Swahili
plaza, square                      広場   RF     N pyasa         Italian
point, tip, dot                    点    RF     N dyen          Mandarin      Or punto from Spanish. Or bindu from H
poison, toxin                      毒    RF     N sumu          Swahili       Or liga from Swahili.
police                             警察   RF     N polisi        English, etc.
pot                                鍋    RF     N panela        Portuguese
potato                             芋    S F    N patata        Spanish-Nahuatl
pray, worship                      祈る   RF     V dasal         Tagalog       Or omba from Swahili. Or libai from Man
print, engrave, stamp, seal        印刷   RF     V capi                        Or capa from
                                                               Hindi and Urdu. pulso from Swahili.
pulse, beat, rhythm                     RF     N bombom        Arabic        Spanish.
punish                             罰    RF     V cufa          Mandarin
ratio, rate                        率    RF     N mwendo        Swahili
relaxed                                 RF     M santai        Indonesian
rice                               米    RF     N cawal         Hindi         Or padi from Malay.
ring, band                         指輪   RF     N anilo         Spanish       Or fane from Irish.
salad                              サラダ R F     N salada        Spanish.
salmon                             鮭    SF     N somon         Turkish
sand                               砂    RF     N halena        Etruscan      Or suna from Japanese.
saturday                                CF     N bumi-din      Compound
school                             学校   RF     N skola         Latin         Or xule from German
scream, cry                        叫ぶ   RF     V kyalta        Hungarian
second (unit)                      秒    RF     N sekon         Indonesian Or sekunti from Finnish.
shake, tremble, shiver             振るう R F     V beben         German
shell, armor, crust              貝      T F N kina         Tok Pisin    Or konca from Spanish.
snake                            蛇     RF     N nyoka      Swahili.
sneeze                           くしゃみ  RF     N acum       French       Or can from Thai. Or cafya from Swahili
soap                             石けん   RF     N sabun      Arabic
sock                             靴下    RF     N Skapeta    Polish
soring, frustrating                    RF     M sian       Singlish
soup                             汁     RF     N sopa       Spanish      Or supu from various languages.
spice, taste                     スパイス R F     N masala     Hindi        Or lespis from French.
spider                           クモ    RF     N bwibwi     Swahili      Or kumo from Japanese.
spoon, ladle                     スプン R F      N spun       English      Or kucara from Spanish.
spouse                           配偶者 R F      N asawa      Tagalog      Or pati from Hindi. Or swami from Indon
station                          駅     RF     N stasion    Indonesian Or stexan from Hindi.
stick, rod, staff                棒     RF     N makel      Hebrew
string, cord, thread, relation   糸     RF     N hilo       Spanish      Or fisela from Lingua Franca.
subway                           地下鉄 R F      N metro      French
suck, absorb, soak               吸う    RF     V susu       Tetun        Or cupa from Spanish.
sugar                            砂糖    RF     N sukali     Tagalog      Or sukar from Arabic. Or gula from Mala
Sunday                                 CF     N sol-din    Compound
support, pillar                  柱     RF     V pila       English      Or peloh from
sweat                            汗     RF     N han        Mandarin     Baba Malay.
sweep, broom                           RF     V sao        Mandarin     Or myota from Polish. Or sapu from Ind
tail, end                        しっぽ R F      N weipa      Mandarin
tea                              茶     RF     N cai        Hindi
telephone                        電話, 声 R F    N foni       English
thirsty                                CF     M seka-holom (dry-throat)
Thursday                         木曜日 C F      N kayu-din   Compound
toilet                           トイレ   CF     N lakwa-cembaCompound Or kabine from Bislama.
tomorrow                         明日    CF     N pili-din   Compound (next-day)
towel                                  RF     N twala      Malay-Portuguese
train                            電車    CF     N foce       Mandarin.    Or melati from Malay.
Tuesday                          火曜日 C F      N fwego-din Compound (fire-day)
turtle                           亀     S F    N kame       Japanese     Or celone from Greek.
TV                               テレビ S F      N teli       English
various                          色々    CF     M bye-bye    Compound (different-different)
wage, salary                     賃金    RF     N kuli-feda  Compound (work-money)
wake, awake                      起きる R F      V kwanka     Swahili
walk, step                       歩く    RF     V kamina     Spanish      Or kamina from Spanish.
wave                             波     RF     N nami                    Known
                                                           Japanese (Tsunami) through tsunami. Or onda.
Wednesday                        水曜日 C F      N lakwa-din Compound
west                             西     RF     N bati       Turkish      Or "sunset" Or oeste from Spanish. Or k
window                           窓     RF     N bentana    Spanish      Or Fentana from Spanish.
yawn                             あくび   RF     V mwayo      Swahili
yesterday                        昨日    CF     N lalu-din   Compound (pass-day)
1/10 (one-tenth)                 十分の一   RN    N   Desi      Metric
1/100 (one-hundreth)             百分の一   RN    N   Senti     Metric
1/1000 (one-thousandth)          千分の一   RN    N   Mili      Metric
1000000 (million)                百万     RN    N   Milyon    English
acacia                           アカシア   S N   N   Akasya
account, deposit                 口座     NN    N   Depo      English
accurate, precise                正確     MN    M   Teliti    Indonesian
act, behavior, activity          行動     V N   V   Fasin     Bislama      Or fasin from Bislama
add                              足す     RN    V   Tamba     Indonesian
address                          住所     NN    N   Unwan     Arabic
admire, praise                       憧れる    RNV         Sifu          Swahili
advise, recommend                    進める    V NV        Konseyo       Spanish
agate                                メノウ      NN                      Compound
agreement, treaty, contract          契約     CNN         Si-si-papel   (yes-yes-
airplane                             飛行機    CNN         tobi-macin    Compound (fly-machine)
alcohol                              酒      RNN         kohol         Arabic       Or compound, "fire water".
alkaline, base                       アルカリ   RNM         alkali        English
almond                               アモンド
                                     アルファ   S NN        badan         Persian.     Seems to be the same as body. Or amanda
alphabet                             ベット    RNN         alfabe        French
although, doesn't matter, ignore     なのに    RNV         maski         Tok Pisin
aluminum                             アルミ    S NN        halumi
amber                                琥珀     RNN         amba          English
amethyst                                      NN
ammonia                                         NN                    Compound
ancestor                             先祖     C   N   N   oma-opa       (grandmother
anchor                               錨      R   N   N   anka          English      Or yakor from Russian. Or nanga from Swa
angel                                天使     R   N   N   angelo        Greek
ankle                                足首     C   N   N   noga-kwelo    Compound (leg neck)
announce, issue                      発表         N   V
antimony                                        N
anus                                 肛門     N
                                            C       N   tun-fosa      Compound
apricot                              杏      S
                                            N       N   apiko
apron                                エプロン   R
                                            N       N   delantal      Spanish      Or duga from
arch, bow                            弓      R
                                            N       N   lage
                                                        Kasa-fanya-   Swedish
                                                                      Compound     Russian.
architect                            建築家    C
                                            N       N   maista        (house-make-
argon                                アルゴン   C
                                            N       N   leni-fyela    (lazy-stuff)
army, military                       軍      R
                                            N       N   Impi          Zulu
arrogant                             傲慢     R
                                            N       M   sombon        Singlish
arrow                                矢      R
                                            N       N   flece         Portuguese   Or pana from Indonesian.
artificial                           人工     N
                                            C       M   yan-fanya     Compound (person-make)
aspect, view                         側面     N
                                            R       N   aspe          French
atom                                 原子     N
                                            R       N   atom          English
attic                                屋根部屋   N
                                            C       N   cati-cemba    Compound (roof-room)
attitude, stance                     姿勢     N
                                            R       N   cixa          Hebrew
attribute, feature, quality, -ness   属性     N
                                            R       N   sifa          Arabic       Or nesi from English.
automatic                            自動     N
                                            C       M   tasol-ale     Compound (alone-go)
autumn                               秋      N
                                            R       N   osyen         Russian.     Or aki from Japanese. Or karif from Arabic
axe                                  斧      N
                                            R       N   hace          English      Or xoka from Swahili.
axis, hinge                                 N       N
back (anatomical)                         RN        N   kosta         Portuguese    Or kosta from Portuguese
bacon                                ベイコン R N       N   bekun         English       Or slanina from Czech.
bacteria, germ                       細菌     N       N
bake                                      CN        V   seka-koken                 Or peci
                                                                      Compound (dry-cook) from Czech
balance, harmony                     バランス R N       N   hamoni        English
balloon                              風船   RN        N   paloncino     Italian      Or "fusen" from Japanese.
bamboo                               竹    S N       N   bambu         Malay
bandage                                   RN        N   pati          Hindi
bar                                  バー   RN        N   kantina       Spanish
barley                                    RN        N   sebada        Spanish
barrel, cask                              RN        N   bote          Italian
base, foundation                     基盤   RN        N   stampa                     Or kici from Japanese.
baseball                             野球   CN        N
basketball                                CN        N
bat (animal0          コウモリ   C   N   N   tobi-mica     Compound (fly-mouse)
bath, bathe           浴      R   N   V   mandi         Indonesian. Or banjo from Spanish.
battery               電子     R   N   N   pilya         Portuguese.
bay                   湾      R   N   N   golfo         Italian       Or abela from
bee                   ハチ     R   N   N   haci          Japanese      various
beech                        R   N   N   fagyo         Italian
beer                  ビール    R   N   N   biya          Vietnamese
beetle                甲虫     C   N   N   kina-dudu     Compound (shell-bug)
bell                  鈴      R   N   N   kampana       Lingua Franca
bench                        C   N   N   lamba-kawi    Compound (long-chair)
birch                            N
bitter                苦い     R   N   M   bita          English       Or kafa from Tongan.
bladder               膀胱     R   N   N   besiga        Lingua Franca
blind                        R   N   M   gudi          Telugu        Or compound.
blister                      R   N   N   cala          Hindi         Or bolha from Portuguese.
blouse                       C   N   N   meli-kamisa   Indonesian
boil (cook)           煮る     C   N   V   lakwa-koken   Compound (water-cook)
boil, pimple                 R   N   N   bisol         Baba Malay
bomb                  爆弾     R   N   N   bomba         Spanish       Or explode-thing
boot                  長靴     C   N   N                 Compound
bottom                底      R   N   N   tala          Hindi.        Or fundo from Spanish.
bracelet                     R   N   N   mwala         Tok Pisin     Or mwala from Tok Pisin. Or hand-ring.
brain                 脳      R   N   N   nuwe          Korean        Or serbelo from Italian.
brake                        C   N   V   sase-stapi    Compound (make-stop)
brass                        C   N   N   yelo-cepu     Compound (yellow-copper)
breast                胸      R   N   N   pestan        Persian
breathe               息する    R   N   V   sansa         Hindi
bribe                 賄賂         N   N
brick, tile           レンガ  R     N   N   tobe          Coptic (think adobe)
bronze                     C     N   N   nila-cepu     Compound (blue-copper)
broth                 出汁   R     N   N   bulyon        Indonesian-French
                                                                      Or pena from
bubble, foam, froth        R     N   N   Pau           Mandarin       Russian. Or
bucket                桶    R     N   N   Baldi         Hindi?
bulb                  球    R     N   N   Bulbo         Spanish
bullet                     R     N   N   Pulya         Russian        Or "gun-ball"
burst, explode             R     N   V   Meletu        Indonesian
Bury, plant (seeds)        R     N   V   Hakoi         Tetum
Business                   C     N   N   Kuli-delo     Compound (work-thing)
Business leader            R     N   N   Taikun        Japanese
Butterfly             蝶    S     N   N   Coco          Japanese       Or piswa from Thai.
Buttocks, bottom      尻    R     N   N   Tun           Mandarin
Button                ボタン  R     N   N   Baten                        Or tancu from Korean
                                                       Tok Pisin - English.
cabbage               キャベツ S     N   N   Kapusta       Russian        Or kalam from Persian. Or kapusta from Ru
cabinet                    R     N   N   Kabati        Swahili
cactus                サボテン       N   N
cake                  ケーキ  R     N   N   Gato          French      Or keki from Japanese.
calcium               カルシウムC     N   N   Oso-fyela     Compound (bone-stuff)
calendar              カレンダーR     N   N   Kalenda       English
calf (body part)           C     N   N   Noga-tumbo    (leg-belly)
camel                 らくだ  S     N   N   Gamalo        Arabic
Camera                カメラ  C     N   N   Foto-maxin    Compound (photo-machine)
                                                                   Or lilin from
Candle                ロウソク R     N   N   cama          Arabic      Baba Malay.
Candy                 お菓子 R      N   N   Kantu         Tamil
                                                                      Or kana from
Cane                          RN    N Hotan           Malay           Lingua Franca.
Canvass                         N   N
Capital (city)          都     RN    N Asima           Arabic
Capsule, tablet                 N                                     Or goli from Hindi.
Carbon                  炭素    CN    N   Kolta-fyela   Compound
Carpenter                     CN    N   Kayu-maista   (wood-
carrot                  にんじん S N    N   Pastanaga     Catalan         Or karoti from Swahili.
Case                    件     RN    N   Kaso          Spanish
Cassava                       S N   N   Mandio        Guarani
Castle                  城     RN    N   cato          French          Merged with
Catch, seize, arrest    取る,捕まる N
                              R     V   Fangen        German          kapice
Caterpillar                   S N   N
Cauliflower                   S N   N   Gobi          Hindi           Or cabbage-flower.
Cave                    洞窟    RN    N   Guha          Telugu          Or jaskinia from Polish.
Cedar                   杉       N   N
Celery                        S N   N   Selori    Japanese-English padi from
Cell                    細胞    RN    N   Sel       English       Yoruba.
Centipede                     S N   N   Heka-noga Compound (hundred-leg)
Ceremony, rite                  N   N             Compound
Certificate, bond               N     Ensua-papel (guarantee-
Chain, link             飾り    RN    N Kayena      Lingua Franca
Chalk                   チョーク R N    N Caki        Swahili       Or ingwa from Rwanda.
Channel, ditch, canal         RN    N Nula        Macaista
Check (money)           小切手 R N     M Ceke
Check, monitor          監視      N   V
Cheek                   頬     RN    N Kunci       Hausa.        Or mjenca from Mandarin
Cheese                  チーズ   S N   N Panil       Hindi         Or panil from Hindi.
Chef                          CN    N Koken-maistaCompound
Chemical                科学    T N   N Kimya       Indonesian
Cherry                  さくらんぼう N
                              S     N Sakura      Japanese
Chess                   チェス   S N   N
Chest (body)            胸     RN    N Peco        Spanish       Or sina from Hindi. Cati from Hindi?
Chestnut                      S N   N Kastali     Lingua Franca Or kunya from
chew                    噛む    RN    V Mastika     Spanish       Baba Malay.
Chimney, smokestack             N   N
Chisel, punch                   N   N             Compound
Chlorine                      CN    N Yesil-fyela (green-stuff)
Chocolate               チョコ   S N   N cokola      Nahuatl
Choke, suffocate                N
Chopstick               箸       N   N
chrysanthemum           菊       N   N
Cigarette, tobacco      タバコ   S N   N   Tabako        Spanish
Circus                  サーカス    N   N
Citizen                 市民      N   N
Clam                          S N   N   Kabya         Tagalog
Clay                    粘土    RN    N   Nyendo        Mandarin
Climate                       RN    N   Klima         Spanish
Climb, rise, lift       登る    RN    V   Eskale        French
Closet                        RN    N   Kasana        Lingua Franca
Clown                         S N   N   Payaso        Spanish
Coal                    石炭    RN    N   Kolta         German
Cobra                           N   N
Coconut                 ココナツ    N   N
Collar                    カーラー R N   N Koleto          Italian
Collide, bump into        ぶつかる   N
Column                         RN    N   Kolona        Lingua Franca
Comb                      くし   RN    N   Kuxi          Japanese
                                                       Compound      Or cana from Swahili. Or pejne from Spanis
Comet                          CN    N   Weipa-stela   (tail-star)
Committee                 委員会 R N    N   Komiti        English
Company                   会社   RN    N   Kampuni       Swahili
Cone                           CN    N   Kono          Greek
Consonant                 子音   RN    N   Konsonanti    Swahili
Continent                 大陸   CN    N   Maha-stan     Compound (great-land)
Control, manage                  N   V
Convenient                便利     N   M
Copper                    銅    RN    N   Cepu          Tamil         Or "red metal" Or nuhas from Arabic.
Coral                          RN    N   Sango         Japanese
coriander                 香菜   S N   N   Daniya        Hindi
cork                           S N   N   Filin         Arabic
corn                           S N   N   Maise         Spanish
cotton                    綿    S N   N   Kutun         Arabic        Or wata from Japanese.
crab                      蟹    S N   N   Ganan         Burmese
crawl, creep                     N   V                               Or tamba from Swahili.
credit, lend                   RN    N   Hitel         Hungarian
cricket                        S N   N
crocodile                 ワニ   RN    N   Mamba         Swahili.        Or bwaja from Indonesian.
Crown, cap                     RN    N   Taxa                          Or kali from
                                                       Swahili - Persian gwan from Mandarin.
Cruel, fierce, violent         RN    M   Dalimu        Swahili         Swahili. Or
Crush                          RN    V   ponda         Swahili
Crystal                        RN    N   tinte         Vietnamese
cube, die, dice                  N   N   dado          Spanish
Cucumber                       S N   N   Pepino        Portuguese      Or timun from Indonesian.
Culture                   文化     N   N
Curtain                        RN    N   Katin         English
Customs                   通関   RN    N   Dwana         Spanish
Cypress                          N   N
Date (fruit)                   S N   N   Kurma         Malay-Persian Or datele.
Dawn                           CN    N   Sol-eskale    (sun-rise)
Daytime                   昼間   CN    N   Sol-wela      Compound (sun-time)
Deaf                             N   M
Deer                      鹿    S N   N Alen            Russian        Or hirana from Hindi.
Degree, measure, extent   程度   RN    N Paya            Hindi          Or du from Mandarin. Or dami from Tagalog
deliberate, on purpose    意図的 R N    M aposto          Lingua Franca
Delicious                 おいしい R N   M Testi           Belizean       Or "taste good"
Demon, devil, ogre        鬼    RN    N Daimon
                                       Danta-          Greek
Dentist                        CN      medika          (tooth-doctor)
Desert                    砂漠   RN    N Sahara          Arabic         Or pustinya from Russian. Or xamo from Ma
Detail, delicate               RN    N Detel           English
dew                              N
diamond                   ダイヤ    N   N
Diaper                         S N   N Napi         Hindi, English
Diarrhea                       CN    N
Dictionary                辞典   CN    N Kalim-kitabo Compound       Or kamusi from Swahili.
Dig                            RN    V Pada         Korean
Digest                           N   V
Direction, aim, toward    方面   RN    N                             Or fan from Mandarin. Or starana from Rus
Disappear, vanish           消える    RNV                               Or kona from Hindi.
Disgust                            R N N Akel          Swedish
Dissolve, analyze           分析       NV
District, county, quarter          R N N Mintaca       Arabic
doll, puppet                人形     R N N Pupe          French
dollar                             S N N Dola          English
dolphin                     イルカ    S N N Delfin        Many
dome                               R N N Kupola        Hungarian
donkey                      ロバ     S N N Punda         Swahili       Or asno from Portuguese.
dragon                      龍      S N N Naga          Hindi         Or naga from Hindi.
drain                                NV
draw, describe              描く     R N V Egaki         Japanese
dress                       ドレス      NN
drill                                N N/V
drop (liquid), grain        粒      R N N Kapla         Russian
drum                        太鼓     R N N Boben         Slovene     Or tambol. Or baraban from Russian.
dusk                               C N N Sol-oci       Compound (sun-sink)
dust                        チリ     R N N Tuli          Indonesian  Or tuli from Indonesian. Or skoni from Gree
dynasty                     朝      R N N Dinasti       French
eagle                       鷲      S N N Akila         Latin       Or huma from Hindi.
east                        東      R N N Leste         Portuguese  Or "sunrise." Or gabas from Hausa.
ebony                                N
eclipse (solar)             日食     C N N Cifan-sol     Compound
eel                         うなぎ    S N N Maleo         Tok Pisin
egg                         卵      R N N wefo          Spanish       Or dan from Mandarin. Or anda from Hindi.
eggplant                    なす     R N N Bengan        Hindi
elephant                    象      S N N Tembo         Swahili
embassy                     大使館
                            エメラル   R N N Embasi        English
emerald                     ド        NN
enamel                               NN
encyclopedia                       C N N Sofi-kitabo   Compound (wisdom-book)
Enemy, opponent             敵      C N N Anti-yan      Compound (against-person)
Engine, motor                      R N N Ensin         Tok Pisin
Engineer, technician                 NN
Envelope                    封筒     R N N Lifafa        Hindi
Envious, jealous                     NM
Epidemic                           C N N Pana-malato   English
Epilepsy                             NN
ethics, morals              倫理       NN
Evaluate, test              調査     R N N Testa         English
Evaporate                            NV
eyebrow                            CN                  Compound
eyeglasses                  メガネ    R N N Luneta        Lingua Franca
eyelash                            C N N oyo-gasa      Compound       Or kope from Swahili.
factory, plant                     C N N fanya-kasa    Compound (manufacture-place)
fairy, elf, goblin          妖精     R N N Feya          Russian, Ukrainian
fame, famous                有名     R N M Fama          Portuguese
fan                                C N N hawa-ada      Compound (wind-machine)
feather                     羽      R N N Pluma         Spanish
feces, excrement                   R N N Fese          English, Latin Or tahi from Indonesian.
felt (fabric)                      S N N Filta         Swedish
Fence                              C N N Kayu-fal      Compound
Fern                               R N N Felce         Italian
Ferry boat                        R N N Dulun        Mandarin
Fetus, embryo                     R N N Mimba        Swahili
Fever                        熱    R N N Homa         Swahili
Fiber                        繊維     NN
Fig                          イチジク S N N Tini         Swahili       Or tenim from Hebrew.
Fin                          ひれ   RNN
Fine, levy, tax, tariff      罰金   R N N Saman        Singlish      Or imposto from Spanish.
Firefly, glowworm            蛍      NN
Fist                              R N N Tatom        Thai          Or punyo from Spanish.
Flag                         機    R N N Bana         English (banner)
Flame                             C N N Fwego-lida Compound (fire-tongue)
Flash, sudden light                 N
Flax                              R N N Lin-planta   Swedish/Compound
Flea                         もみ   S N N Pulce        Italian
Flexible, elastic, plastic        R N N Plastika     Spanish
Float                        浮かぶ R N V Eleya         Swahili
Flood                             C N N maha-lakwa Compound (big-water)
Flour                        小麦粉 C N N Gandum-kona   Compound (wheat-powder)
Fluorine                            N
Focus, attention                  R N V Fokasi       English
Forehead                     おでこ  R N N Goxi         Hausa
Foreign                      外国   C N M Bye-stan     (other-
Forest                       森    R N N Hutan        Indonesian    Or saca from Quechua. Or boske from Span
fox                               S N N kicune       Japanese
Frog                         カエル  R N N Cinwa        Mandarin.     Or beka from Hungarian.
fry                          焼く   C N V Panela-kokenCompound (pan-cook) from Swedish
                                                                   Or steka
fry (deep)                   揚げる  C N V Olyo-koken Compound (oil-cook)
function, role               機能   R N V Fungi        Latin
funeral, mourn                      N
garlic                       ニンニク R N N Bawam                      Or maneul from Korean.
                                                     Tagalog - Indonesian.
gasoline                     ガソリン R N N Bensin       Arabic
gentle                              NM
ghost                               NN
gills                             C N N Pwasan-pafu Compound (fish-lung)
ginger                            S N N Luya         Tagalog       Or xoga.
giraffe                      キリン  S N N Twiga        Swahili
gland                        腺    R N N Guda         Arabic
glove, mitten                     C N N Xoli-skapeta Compound (hand-sock)
goat                         ヤギ   S N N Yagi         Japanese      Or kapli from Spanish. Or meme from Tok P
Goose, swan                  ガチョウ R N N Hansa        Sanskrit      From Lufthansa.
Govern, rule, dominate            R N V Tawala       Swahili
Government                   政府   R N N Gafamen      English.      Or xasan from Hindi.
Gram                              R N N Gulam        Japanese
Grammar                      文法   C N N wen-kanun Compound (writing-rule)
Granite                             NN
Grape                        葡萄   S N N Budo         Japanese
Grasshopper                       C N N Gasa-dudu Compound (grass-insect)
Grave, tomb                  墓    RN    nesan        Baba Malay
Greedy                            R N M Coyo         Swahili
Grill                             C N V Fwego-kokenCompound (fire-cook)
groan                               N
Guess, estimate                     N
hair                         髪の毛 R N N gaci          Hausa         Gashi. Or tofa from Mandarin. Or pelo from
Hammer                     ハンマー R N N Matelo       Italian
Harbor                     港    R N N Hafen        German         Or minato from Japanese.
Harp, lute                 琴      NN
Hawk                       鷹      N                Compound
Helium                     ヘリウム C N N Sol-fyela    (sun-stuff)
Hell                       地獄     NN
Helmet                            N
Hemp                       麻    S N N Tama         Mandarin       Or konopla from Russian. Or canapa from I
Herb, medicinal plant           R N N Mulika       Telugu         Or erba from Italian.
heron                             N
Hide                       隠れる  R N V Kaxe         French         Or fica from Swahili
High School                高校   C N N Akademi      English.       Could be lise from French.
Hippopotamus               かば   S N N Gubu         Fulani.
Hire, employ               雇う     NV
History                    歴史     NN
Honey                      蜂蜜   R N N Myel         French.        Could also be asali from Swahili. Or madu f
Horse                      馬    R N N Hisan        Arabic.        Or uma from Japanese. Or kabajo.
Housefly                   蝿    R N N Moska        Lingua Franca
Humor, funny, joke              R N N Kili         Hindi
Hydrogen                   水素   C N N Lakwa-fyela (water-stuff)
Hyena                           S N N Fisi         Swahili
Ice cream                  アイスクリーム N Celato
                                RN                 Italian
Immigration                出入国 R N N Imigrasi      Indonesian
Individual                      C N N Pela-yan     Compound (piece-person)
In-law                     義理の R N M Gili          Japanese
Instrument (musical)       楽器   CNN
Insure, insurance          保険   R N V Ensua        English
Interest (on loans)        利子     NN
International              国際   R N M Intanase     English
intestine                  腸    CN    Belly-string                Or belly-cotton
Invade, violate                   NV
Invent                     発明   R N V Imbenta      Spanish
itch                              N
Jade                              NN
Jelly                           R N N Yeli         English
Jellyfish                  クラゲ  S N N Medusa       Spanish.
Jewel, gemstone            宝石   C N N Kacana-cito Compound (treasure-stone)
Judge                             NV
Judgement, verdict         判決     N
Keep, maintain             保つ     N V Linda        Swahili
Ketchup                         R N N Kecapi       English
Kettle                          R N N Ketel        English
Kick                       蹴る   R N V Caba         O
Kidney                     腎臓   R N N Kilya        Arabic         Or xen from Mandarin. Or rene from Italian.
King                       王    R N N maga-xa      Compound (male-monarch)
Kneel                             NV               Compound (knee-sit)
Knot                       むすび  R N N Nodo         Italian        Or labo from
Laboratory                 ラボ                                     English.
                                C N N Cungwa-kasaCompound (research-house)
Lace                            R N N Pyola        Spanish
Lake                       湖    R N N Haike        Amharic        Or haike from Amharic. Or hosu from Korea
Lamp, lantern                   R N N Fanusi       Swahili/Arabic Could be lampa from Lingua Franca.
Language, talk, converse        R N V Toki         English        Also lida (tongue)
Laurel                            NN
Lavendar                  ー          N   N
Lead (metal)              鉛      R   N   N   Plomo         Spanish
Lean, partial, slant      偏る     R   N   V   ciye          Mandarin
Lecture, sermon           講演     R   N   V   Madara        Swahili
legislator                議員     C   N   N   kanun-fanya   (make-law)
Lemon                     レモン    S   N   N   Limon         Persian
Lens                      レンズ    R   N   N   Lensa         Indonesian   Or lentil from French.
Letter, message           手紙     R   N   N   Citi          Hindi
Lewd, obscene                        N   M
Library                   図書館    C N N Kitabo-kasa Compound (book-building)
License                          R N N Lisensi     English - Swahili.
lily                      百合     S N N lili        English
limp                               NV
Live (somewhere), dwell   住む     R N V Dwel        English      "Alaja" from Hima-alaja. Or wonen from
lizard                    トカゲ    R N N Kadai       Indonesian Or palai from Tok Pisin
lock, bolt                       R N N Luceto      Italian      Or tala from Bangla.
lotus                     蓮          NN
louse                                N
lungs                     肺      R N N Pafu                Swahili      Or pulmo from European.
lymph                     リンパ        NN
magic, illusion                      N
magnesium                            N
magnet                               NN
makeup, cosmetic                 R   NN      Makiya        French
malaria                              NN
map                       地図     R   NN      Ditu      Mandarin    Or mapa from Portuguese.
mass (weight)                    C   NN      Satya-hefiCompound (true-heavy)
match (fire)                     C   NN      Fwego-    Compound (fire-stick)
math                      算数     C   NN      Nume-logi Compound
measles                   麻疹         NN
media                              N
melon, gourd              メロン    R N N Melone              Lingua Franca
menu, set of choices             R N N Minu                Hindi
metaphor, analogy                  NN
millet                           S N N milya               Arabic
mine, quarry                       NN
Mineral, ore                     RNN                       Compound (mine-rock)
Mist, fog, steam          霞      R N N kasumi              Japanese
Mistletoe                            NN
Modifier, adjective       形容詞    CNN         sifa-kalim Compound (attribute-word)
Mole                      ほくろ    RNN         Benka      Bulgarian
Monarch                   王      RNN         ca         Persian    Or lana from Hindi.
Mosquito                  蚊      RNN         Mogi       Korean.
Moss, lichen              こけ     RNN         Molsa      Catalan
Moth                      蛾      RNN         Falena     Spanish
Motorcycle                バイク    RNN         Moto       French
Mould, mildew             カビ     RNN         Mufa       Italian
Mule                      ラバ     SNN         Punda-hisanCompound (donkey-horse)
Muscle                    筋肉     RNN         masel      Tagalog    Or muskel from Danish.Or cilo from Ma
Museum                           RNN         Myuse      French
Mustard                   辛し     S NN        Mustal                Or mustasa from Tagalog.
Myrtle                               NN
Nature                    自然         NN
Navel, bellybutton             臍      NN
Navy                           海軍   C N N Moana-militaCompound (sea-army)
Necklace                       ネックレスR N N Kolano      Italian    Or neck-ring.
Neglect                               NV
nephew, niece                             N
nettle                                    NN
Neutral                        中立     NM       Tate-medi    Compound (stand-middle)
Newspaper                      新聞     NN
                                      R        Gaseta       Russian.
Nitrogen                       窒素     NN
                                      C                     (choke-stuff)
North                          北      NN
                                      R        camal                    Or
                                                          Arabic, Persian kita from Japanese.
Nostril                        鼻の穴    NN
                                      C        bini-loban Compound (nose-hole)
Noun                           名詞   CNN                   Compound
                                               pela-kalim Compound (thing-word)
Nourish, raise                 育つ     NV       Sase-puse (make-grow) Or "make grow"
Numbness, paralysis            麻痺     NN
Nurse                          看護士    NN
Oak                            柏    CNN        Tami-kayu    Finnish.
oat                                 RNN        Abena        Spanish
Oath, swear                    誓い   RNV        Apixa        Swahili
octopus                        タコ   S NN       nawita       Bislama         Or tako from Japanese. Or "eight feet"
officer, official, executive   幹部   RNN        Ofisa        English         Though this
okra                           オクラ R N N       Bindi        Hindi           vegetable really
olive                          オリーブ R N N      Acetuna      Italian         Or olibo. Or zaitun from Hindi.
onion                                 NN
operate, steer, move           操作     NV
Opium                                 N
Orange                         オレンジ S N N      Naranga      Sanskrit
Ornament, decoration           飾り   R NN       Onamen       English
Ostrich                             S NN       Ogongo       Yoruba
oven, kiln                     炉    R NN       Ofen         German
owl                            フクロウ S N N      Sowa         Polish
                                                            Compound        Or "ghost bird" from Malay.
oxygen                         酸素   C NN       Sansa-pela   (breathe-
oyster                         かき   SNN        Muli         Mandarin.    Or oista from English.
Package, parcel                包み   RNN        Pakexi       Tagalog - English
Paddle, oar                           NN
Palace                         宮殿   RNN        Istana     Indonesian Or istana from Indonesian. Or pale from
Palate                              CNN        Boka-cati Compound (mouth-roof)
Palm tree                           S NN       Palma-kayu Spanish
Palm, sole                     手のひら R N N      Palma        Spanish
Pancreas                       膵臓     NN
Parallel                       平行   CNM        Tomo-kule    Compound (together-run)
Parrot                         インコ  S NN       Odide        Yoruba
parsley                             SNN        Paseli       Korean-English
Part, section, chapter         部分   RNN        Gida         Hausa        Or sehemu from Swahili
partner, companion                    NN
passion, delight                      NN                 Compound
passport                              C N N safali-papel (travel-paper)
Past, the past                 過去     C N N Lalu-wela Compound (pass-time)
Patient (hospital)             患者     C N N Malato-yan Compound (illness-person)
pattern, model                            NN
Peach                          桃      S N N Momo            Japanese
Peacock                               S N N Pafon           Spanish
Peanut                                S N N Kakawate        Nahuatl     Or ground-nut.
Pearl                          真珠     R N N Lulu            Amharic, Swahili
pearl                           梨     S   NN   Para      Romanian Or nunu from
Penis                           男こん   C   NN   Maga-andamCompound (male-organ)
Pepper                          胡椒    R   NN   Pipali    Sanskrit   Or felfel from Persian. Or pipali from Sa
Pepper, green                   ピマン   S   NN   Pima
perform, performance, program             NV
Petal                           びら    X   NN   Petalo       Spanish        Or "flower-leaf"
Pharmacy                        薬局    R   NN   Apotika
                                               Flambe-      Indonesian
Phosphorus                            C   NN   fyela        (burn-stuff)
Piano                           ピアノ   S   NN   Piano        Italian
Pigeon, dove                    鳩     R   NN   Hamama       Arabic         Or cungu from
Pile, heap                            R   NN   Halom        Hungarian      Swahili. Or kipa
Pine                            松     S   NN   Pinya
                                               Nume-san     Italian
Pineal gland                          C N N oyo
Pineapple                       パイン  SNN       Anana      Tetun
Pipe                            パイプ  RNN       Pipa       Hungarian
Pirate                          海賊   CNN       Moana-culi Compound (sea-thief)
Pizza                                SNN       Piza       Italian
Place, position                 所    RNN       Swo        Mandarin.   Or plasa from Latin. Or mahala from Sw
plain                           平野   CNN                  Compound (flat-place)
Plan, design                         RNN       Plana      Spanish
Plateau                         高原   CNN       Alti-kampo Compound (high-field)
Play                            遊ぶ   RNV       Spilen     German      Or lila from Sanskrit.
Plough                               RNN       Plu        Czech       Or eke from Hungarian.
plug, seal                             N
plum                                   NN                  Compound
Plumber                              C NN      Pipa-maista (pipe-
Polite                          丁寧   RNM       Sapan        Indonesian
politics                        政治     N
Pond                            池    CNN       Mini-lago    Compound (small-lake)
pool, puddle                    水たまり   N
porcelain                       陶器     NN
Port                            港    CNN       Hafen-kasabaCompound
                                                           Compound (harbor-town)
Potassium                       カリウム C N N     Sabun-fyela (soap-stuff)
Pour                            注ぐ   RNV       Mwaga       Swahili      Or hamil from
Pregnant                        妊娠   RNM       do-badam Compound (two-body)
Prepare                         用意   RNV       Xumpe       Mandarin
President, premier                   CNN       Stan-kepala Compound (country-head)
Prince, princess                姫    CNN       ca-pikin    Compound
Prison                          刑務所 C N N      Cufa-kasa Compound (punish-place)
private                         私      N
Prize, award, medal                  RNN       Medale       Italian
Protect, guard, defend          守る   R NV      Kawal        Indonesian
proud, arrogant                      R NM      lawa         Baba Malay
Prove, evidence, faith               RNV       Itibati      Swahili        HMM
Province, state                 州, 省 R NN      Stato        Italian
public                          公      N
pulley                                 NN
Pump                                 R NV      Pompa        Italian
Pumpkin                         カボチャ R N N     Kadu         Hindi
Puppet                               CNN       Xoli-pupe    Compound (hand-doll)
pus                                    NN
Quail                                RNN       Ancun        Mandarin       Or pugo from Tagalog.
quartz                                 NN
Queen                   女王    CNN      Meli-xa      Compound
rabbit                  ウサギ   SNN      Koneyo       Spanish
rabies                  狂犬病   CNN                   Compound (crazy-dog-disease)
radio                   ラジオ   SNN      radio        English
radish                        SNN      Lagano
                                       Cuma-        Tagalog
railroad                      CNN      senda       (iron-road)
rainbow                 虹     CNN      Tyen-bage Compound (sky-arch)
rare, unusual           珍しい   RNM      Selten    German
rash, eruption          湿疹     NN
ray, beam                    RNN       Kenge       Swahili
record, history         記録     N
reef                    礁      N
regret, repent          後悔     N       kesal       Baba Malay
relative                親戚   CNN       Wan-damu Compound (one blood)
religion                宗教   C NN      Dewa-delo Compound (god-affair)
remain, left            残る     NV
represent, agent        代表     NV                  Compound
reptile                 は虫類 C N N      Kadai-lei   (lizard-type)
reserve                 予約   RNV       Yudim       Mandarin
respect                 尊敬   R NV      Staha       Swahili
responsible, duty       責任     N
rest                    休み
                        レストラ R N V     Xuxi       Mandarin   Or cuti from Indonesian.
restaurant              ン    RNN       Cifan-toko Compound (eat-shop)
reveal                       CNV       Fanya-wadi Compound (make-clear)
ribs, flank, side       肋骨     N
right, privilege        権利   RNN       Haka        Hindi and Urdu
ripe, mature            熟した R N M      Lepi        Sranan
robe, gown                     NN
rocket, missile         ミサイル C N N                 Compound
                                       Fwego-flece Compound (fire-arrow)
rodent                       CNN       Mixa-lei    (mouse-type)
roof, top, lid, cover   屋根   R NN      Cati        Turkish         Or teco from Spanish.
rose                    薔薇   SNN       gulabi      Telugu
rot, decay, rust        腐る     N
rub                     擦る   RNV       kose        Tetun
rubber                  ゴム   RNN       geta        Indonesian
ruby                    ルビー       NN
rudder, helm, steer               N N/V
ruler (tool)            定規    C N N linya-ada      Compound (line-tool)
rumor                   噂     C N N hawa-toki      Compound (wind-talk)
rust                    錆び    R N N kutu           Swahili     Or sapita from Bislama.
rye                             N
saliva, spit            つば    R N N gole           Swahili
sap                           C N N Kayu-damu      (tree-blood)
sauce                   ソース   R N N sose
sausage                      S N N sosisu          Turkish
save, rescue            助ける  RNV
saw                     ノコギリ R N N sega            Italian
scale of fish, armor         RNN
scallop                 ホタテ S N N
scar                              N
scatter, sprinkle               NV
science                 科学    RNN
scissors                ハサミ   R N N Mikasi                      Or
                                                   Arabic, Swahili makasi from Arabic. Or kateli from T
scold, chide, criticize         RNN     maki      Baba Malay
scorpion                  さそり   SNN     Bicu      Hindi
seagull                   カモメ   SNN     kamome    Japanese
seal                      アザラシ R N N    foka      Spanish
seaweed                   海草    CNN     moana-gasaCompound (sea-grass)
secret                    秘密    RNN     baomi     Mandarin
selfish                   我がまま C N M    mi-tasol    (me-only)
send, mail                送る    RNV     posti       Finnish
serious, diligent         真面目 C N M     Tene-nuli   (have-effort)
sesame                    ゴマ    SNN     sesami      English
sew                       縫う    RNV     sutwa       Sanscrit
sex                       セックス    N
shark                     サメ    RNN     Icaka       Zulu
sheep                     羊     RNN     mentone                 Or
                                                    Lingua Franca matan from Hindi.
shock, blow               衝撃      NN
shovel, spade                     NN                Compound (dig-tool)
shower                          RNN     Duca        Italian      Or xawa from English.
shrimp                    蝦     RNN     Ebi         Japanese
silk                      絹     S NN    silka       Tamil
sink, drown               沈む    RNV     cen         Mandarin
sky, heaven               空, 天国 R N N   tyen                     Or sama
                                                    Mandarin (Tienanmen) from Arabic. Or skai from Engl
slave                     奴隷    RNN     Nole        Mandarin
slip, slide               滑る    R NV    Felen       German       Or pita from Swahili.
smart                     頭いい R N M     Inteli      English      Or mayele from Lingala.
smoke                     煙     RNN     Fume        Italian
snail                     カタツムリS N N    woniu       Mandarin     Or susu from Tagalog.
snore                              N
snow                      雪    R   N N Hima                      From "Himalaya". Or juki from Japanese
                                                    Sanskrit (Himalayas)
society                   社会   C   N N yan-dunya    (people-
sodium                    ナトリウムC   N N Sale-fyela   (salt-stuff)
soldier                   兵士   R NN     Impi-yan               Or solda from
                                                    Compound (army-person) French.
south                     南    RNN      Kusini      Swahili    Or minami from Japanese.
space, interval           スペース R N N    Spatyu      Romanian Or fada from Arabic.
spade, hoe                       NN
spark                     火花   RNN      Cece        Swahili
sparrow                   スズメ S N N
spear, lance              槍      N
spicy                     辛い   RNM      Pikante     Spanish         Or tika from Hindi.
spinach                   ほうれん草 N N
                               F        Bayam       Indonesian      Or espinaka from Swahili. Or spinaco fro
spine, backbone, ridge    背骨   RNN      Spina       Latin
spleen                    秘蔵   S NN     Spilin      English
sponge, absorb            スポンジ R N N    Sponya      Spanish
spool, reel                      NN
sports, athletics         スポーツ R N N    Espote      Spanish
spring (season)           春    RNN      fula-wela               Or wesna
                                                    Compound (flower-time)from Russian. Or lente from D
spy                       スパイ R N V     Espi        Spanish
square (shape)            四角   C NN     si-pembe    Compound (four-corner)
squid                     いか   S NN     Sepya                   Or kalamari from Italian
squirrel                  リス     NN
stage                     舞台   R NN     Sane       Persian/Turkish
starfish                       C NN     moana-stelaCompound (sea-star)
steam (cook)                   C NV     Moxi-koken Compound (steam-cook)
stew                           RNN      Satu       Thai
sting                            刺す     R   N V Pike          French
storage, provision                      R   N N Kande         Swahili
strawberry                       イチゴ    NN
                                        C                                Or compound.
stripe                           縞      N N Palasa
                                        R                     Russian
stubborn                         頑固     N N Gati-kepala
                                        C                     Compound
                                                              Compound (stone-head)
sulfur                                  N N wefo-pela
                                        C                     (egg-stuff)
summary, outline                 概要   RNN                                    Or leto from
summer                           夏    R N N fwego-wela        Compound (hot-time)
summit                           頂上   R N N sima              Lingua Franca
sunflower                        ヒマワリ C N N sol-fula          (sun-flower)
swallow (bird)                   雀    R N N lasta-cidya       Russian+compound
swamp                            沼    R N N numa              Japanese
sweater                          セーター R N N fulana            Swahili
swell, tumor                     腫れ     N N,V
sycamore                                    NN
syntax                           語順     CNN      kalim-andikaCompoun (word-order)
syrup                                     N
system                           システム   RNN      Sistem       English
take, ingest, drink              取る     RNV      toma         Spanish    Or cukwa from Swahili. Or toma from Sp
tape (adhesive)                  テープ    RNN      Selo         English
taxi                             タクシー   RNN      takisi       English
teach                            教える    RNV      Sase-tanul   Compound (make-learn)
tear (liquid)                    涙      RNN
temple, shrine, church, mosque   教会     CNN      Dasal-kasa Compound (worship-place)
tent                             テント    RNN      hema       Swahili
terrace, balcony                          N
terrible                         恐ろしい   RNM      Lihai      Mandarin
theme                            テーマ    RNN      tema       Spanish
think                            思う     RNV      Pensa      Spanish    Or pensa from Spanish. Or dum from R
thumb                            親指       NN     Maha-finga Compound (big-finger)
thunder                          雷      RN       Twono      Italian
ticket                           切符     RNN      Tike       French     Or piao from Mandarin.
tickle                                    NV
tide                             潮        NN
tie, necktie                     ネクタイ     NN
tiger                            虎      RNN      Huli         Kannada
tin                              鈴      RNN      Stanyu       Romanian
toe                              足指     C NN     Noga-finga   Compound (foot-finger)
tomato                           トマト    S NN     Tomato       Nahuatl
tone, note, pitch                       RNN      Tono         Spanish
topaz                                       NN
torture                                     NV
tower                            塔      R N N Tawa            Japanese       Or stupa from Sanskrit. Or minara from
trace, footstep                  跡      NV
tray                             お盆   RNN        Palem        Telugu
triangle                         三角   CNN        San-sumi     Compound
tribe, nation                    部族   RNN        Taifa        Swahili
trifle                                RNN        Bagatela     Lingua Franca
truck, bus                       トラック S N N      Kamyon       Bislama - French
trunk, stem                      幹    RNN        Deblo        Slovene
tuberculosis, consumption        結核   S NN       Tibi         Hindi
tumeric                          ウコン S N N       Haldi        Hindi
tunnel                           トーネル R N N      Tonelo       Spanish
turqoise                            N                Compound
tweezers, pincers               CNN     Binya-ada    (pinch-tool)
twist, screw                    RNV     barama       Arabic
ugly                      醜い    RNM     feyo         Portuguese Or cubuko from
ulcer, sore                     RNN     pyaga        Italian    Swahili.
umbrella                  傘     RNN     usan         Korean     Or palasol
underwear                 下着   MN N     kalson       French
uniform (clothes)         制服   RNN      yunipom      Korean     Or madim from Hebrew.
unify                     統一   CNV      sase-wan     Compound (make-one)
unit                      単位   RNN      danwe        Mandarin   Or wada from Arabic.
universe, outer space     宇宙   RNN      kosmo        Greek
university                大学   CNN      Maha-skola              Or maha-skola.
                                                     Compound (big-school)
urine                     尿    RNN      Pisi         English    Or yoni from
vagina                         CNN      Meli-andam   Compound (female-organ)
vague                     曖昧   RNM      Aime         Mandarin
valley                    谷    RNN      Wali         English    Or dolina from Russian. Or lemba from
valve                     バルブ    N
veil, drape                      NN
vein                      脈    RNN      Mai         Mandarin
verb                      動詞   CNN      fasin-kalim Compound (act-word)
vice, deputy              副    RNN      Wakil       Indonesian
victim                    被害者 C N N     Saki-yan     (suffer-
village                   村    RNN      Desa        Indonesian.
vine, ivy                      RNN      Bolostyan Hungarian Or hera from Portuguese.
vinegar                   酢    RNN      Cuka        Indonesian Or bisa from
visa                      ビザ   RNN                  Compound (enter country paper)
                                        enta-stan papel         English.
visit                     訪問   RNN      Bisita      Spanish
vitamin                   ビタミン R N N    Bitamin     English
volcano                   火山   CNN                  C
                                        Fwego-monte ompound (fire-mountain)
vomit, spit               吐く     NV
vowel                     母音   RNN      Fokali       Swahili
vulgar, rough, uneven     下品   RNN
vulture                           N
wander, drift                   R N V Yuwayuwa       Swahili
war                       戦争    CNN     Luca-delo    Compound (fight-affair)
warehouse, storage        倉       NN
wash                      洗う    RNV     Wasi         Saramaccan Or make clean. Or sukola from Lingala.
wasp                      ハチ    CNN     Yelo-haci    Compound (yellow-bee)
waste                     無駄    RNN     muda         Japanese
watch, observe, monitor   観察    RNV     figyel       Hungarian Or figjel from Hungarian. Or kanuka from
wax                       ロウ    RNN     lilin        Tetun      Or mum from Persian. Or malan from In
weapon, arm               武器    RNN     Sile         Kurdish    Or wapen from Dutch.
weasel                    イタチ   S NN    mostela      Occitan
weave, compile            織る    RNV
wedge                           RNN
well, waterhole           井戸    RNN     kisima       Swahili
whale                     クジラ   RNN     balina       Turkish
wheat                     麦     RNN     gandum       Malay-Persian
whisper                   囁く        N
whistle, flute            笛     R N V sifle          French
wild, undomesticated            R N N diki           Russian
willow tree               柳     SNN
wine                      ワイン   R N N bino           Spanish
                                                                                  Or compound
wing                                       翼      RNN     ala        Portuguese (bird-arm)
winter                                     冬      RNN     cita       Arabic.    Or mwadoq from Vietnamese. Or sima f
wire                                       ワイヤ    RNN     waya       English
                                                                     Chinook    Or filo from Lingua Franca.
wolf                                       オオカミ   RNN     lelu       pidgin
womb, placenta                             子宮     RNN     utero      Spanish
wool                                       ウール    RNN     lana                   O
                                                                     Lingua Franca r lana from LF. Or "sheep hair"
worker, artisan                            職人      N      kuli-yan
worm                                       ミミズ    RNN     kida       Hindi
wrinkle, crease                            しわ     RNN
wrist                                      手首     CNN     coli-kwelo Compound
writing, culture                           文      RNN     wen        Mandarin
yeast, ferment                                    RNN     hyomo      Korean     Or hiomo from Korean. Or kamira from
zinc                                       亜鉛     SNN     sinki      Finnish
zoo                                        動物園    CNN                Compound (animal-garden)
abdomen, belly, stomach                    おなか
                                           受け入れ   X
                                                  R   N                           Merged with stomach. Or tumbo from Swah
agree, accept, fit, match                  る      R
                                                  X   V                           Merged with good. Or oke from English. Or
almost, almost all                         殆ど     X
                                                  R   P                           Merged with cika. Or kwasi from Latin. Or a
approximately                              およそ    X
                                                  C   P                           Merged with macam. Or muito-tuti. Or kama
around, surround, circumference            囲む     X   V                           Merged with
back, self, reflexive, return                    RX   V                           Together with
beauty, beautiful                          美しい   RX   M                           Merged with clean. Or swai from Thai. Or be
before, forward, front, former, previous   前     RX   P                           Or bifo from English. Or depan from Indone
berry                                            RX   N                           Merged with fruit. Or yagoda from Russian.
bite                                       噛む    RX   V                           Merged with tooth. Or kami from Japanese.
blade                                      刃     RX   N                           Merged with leaf.
bush, shrub                                      RX   N                           Merged with
cancel, annul, wipe                              RX   V                           Merged with
carry, transport                           運ぶ    RX   V                           shoulder. Or nosi
Certain, certainly                               RX   P                           Merged with satya. Or pasti from Indonesian
condition, state, position                 状態    RX   N                           Merged with stand. Or hali from Swahili.
Corner, angle                              角     RX   N                           Merged with
Correct, right, certainly                  正しい   RX   M                           Merged with satya. Or dwi from Mandarin. O
danger, warn of danger                     危険    RX   M                           Merged with
Discard                                    捨てる   RX   V                           Merged with ondoa. Or bwam from Indones
disease, sick                              病気    RX   M                           Merged with
easy, smooth, loose                        簡単    RX   N                           Merged with
era                                        時代    RX   N                           Normally, wela is OK. Or yuga from Hindi. O
except                                     を除く   RX   P                           Merged with ondoa. Or ila from Swahili. Or s
fertile, bountiful, abundant                     RX   M                           Merged with rich.
finish, complete                           終える   RX   V                           Merged with suda. Or fini from French. Or h
flat, level, tranquil                      平     RX   M                           Merged with
friend                                     友達    RX   N                           Merged with together. Or ami from French.
generation                                 世代     X   N                           Merged with
hear, listen                               聞く    RX   V                           Merged with ear. Or lisen from English. Or e
Hook                                             RX   N                           Merged with
Hot, warm                                  暑い    RX   M                           Merged with fire. Or kalda from Italian. Or k
Hour                                       時間    RX   N                           Merged with time. Or ganta from Hindi.
ice, freeze, solidify                      氷     RX   V                           cold. Or hyelo
Important, serious, major                        RX   M                           Merged with heavy. Or mohem from Persian
Information, notice, advertising           情報    RX   N                           habari. Or info
                                                                                  Merged with
job, occupation                            仕事    RX   N                           work. Or peca
juice, liquid                              ジュース, 液体
                                                 RX   N                           Merged with water. Or malul from Arabic. O
kind, type, group, belong                  種類    RX   N                           Merged with resemble. Or lei from Mandarin
lack, defect                                     RX   N                           injury. Or falta
laugh                                      笑う    RX   V                           Merged with smile. Or ketawa from Malaysia
                                                                   Merged with
lie down, horizontal                寝る    RXV                      sleep. Or locilip.
                                                                   Merged with
limit, boundary                     限界    RXN                      Merged from
                                                                   Or limitowith line.
list, series                        リスト   RXN                      Or lista from
                                                                   Merged with
live, life                          生きる   R X V maica    Swahili   Merged maica
                                                                   wind. Orwith
loose                                     RXM                      fasil. Or slabi
low                                 低い    RXM                      Merged with short. Or niska from Russia
marker:irrealis mode                      RXV                      Merged with go. Or sa from Negerhollan
marker:nonpunctual aspect, copula         RXP                      Taken out. Or sta from Portuguese creo
meat, flesh                         肉     RXN                      Merged with
                                                                   Merged with nyama. Or myaso from Ru
membrane, film, crust               膜    RX    N                   skin. Or utando
metal                               金属   RX    N                   Merged with gold.
middle, center, core                中    RX    N                   Merged with heart. Or medi from Latin. O
mix, combine, blend                 混ざる R X    V                   Merged with
                                                                   Merged with tomo. Or mixen from Germ
more                                もっと  RX    P                   muito. Or moa
                                                                   Merged with
name                                名前   RX    N                   word. Or nyem
next                                次    RX    M                   Merged with obey. Or pili from Swahili. O
occur, happen, take place           起る   RX    V                   Not needed,
                                                                   Merged with tene. Or hapen from Englis
organization, structure             組織     X                       frame.
outside                             外    RX    P                   Merged with field. Or waito from Mandar
piece, portion                      片    RX    N                   Merged with
                                                                   Merged with pikin. Or fungu from Swahi
plant                               植物   RX    N                   tree. Or planta
problem                             問題   RX    N                   Merged with
                                                                   Merged with difficult. Or wenti from Man
quiet, silent, still                静か   RX    M                   canti. Or kyeto
safe                                安全   RX    M                   Merged with xanti. Or ancwan from Man
small                               小さい R X    M                   Merged with pikin. Or mini from Latin. O
smooth, slippery                    やわらかい X
                                         R     M                   Merged with fasil. Or nemo from Hawaii
soft, fine                          柔らかい R X   M                   Merged with sweet. Or mole from Portug
stairway, stairs                    階段   RX    N Skala   Italian   Merged with bridge. Or skala from Italia
stomach                             胃    RX    N                   Merged with belly. Or mide from Turkish
store                               店    RX    N                   Merged with kasa. Or toko from Indones
sudden, suddenly                    突然   RX    P                   Merged with fast. Os santu from Tok Pis
thing (substance, element)          物    RX    N                   Merged with pela. Or fyela from Latvian.
tight, strict                       きつい R X    M                   Merged with
                                                                   Merged with difficult. Or katina from Guj
trick, cheat, deceive               騙す   RX    V                   steal. Or kitimbi
wheel                               倫    RX    N                   Merged with circle. Or koliso from Russi
                                                                   Merged with
pocket, sheath                      ポケット R     N Poce    Unknown   "bag"
                  Chinese Swahili Malay        French      Arabic Korean Hindi      Spanish Russian
Or nulo from Lingua Franca. Or sifa from Arabic. Or fueko from ‫ ِفْش‬영 Or शून्यfrom Bengali
                           -fupu      nol      zero                  ‫ص‬
                                                                Spanish.    kali    cero      нуль
                  一        moja       satu     un                ٌ ِ ‫ َا‬하나 एक
                                                                 ‫و حذ‬               uno       один
                  十        kumi       sepuluh dix              ‫ عششح‬열       दस      dies      десять
                  百        mia        ratus    cent                 ‫ يئخ‬백   सौ      cien      сто
                  千        elfu       ribu     mille               ‫ أنف‬천    हज़ार   mil       тысяча
                  ニ        mbili      dua      deux              ٌ‫ اثُب‬둘    दो      dos       два
                  三        tatu       tiga     trois             ‫ ثالثخ‬셋    तीन     tres      три
                  四        nne        empat    quatre          ‫ أسثعخ‬네      चार     quatro    четыре
                  吾        tano       lima     cinq            ‫ خًسخ‬다섯 ऩाॉच         cinqo     пять
                  六        sita       enam     six                 ‫ س ّخ‬여섯 छह
                                                                     ‫ز‬              seis      шесть
                  七        saba       tujuh    sept             ‫ سجعخ‬일곱 सात         siete     семь
                  八        nane       delapan huit             ‫ ثًبَيخ‬여덟 आठ         ocho      восемь
                  九        kenda,tisasembilan neuf              ‫ رسعخ‬아홉 नौ          nueve     девять
                  上        juu ya              sur                ‫ فىق‬위에            sobre     над
                           pamoja bersama ensemble                   ‫ يع‬같이          con       c
                  后面       nyuma belakan derrière                            े
                                                                ‫ وساء‬뒤에 क ऩीछे      detrás    за
                  又        tena
                  反        Juu ya              opposé              ‫ ظذ‬반대의           opuesto противоположный
                  都, 每 -ote           segala tous                    ‫ كم‬모든 सब       todos     весь
Or ya from Spanish. Or haja from Mandarin. Or suda from Kupang Malay.Or suda from Indonesian. Or wen from Hawaiian Creole. Or fini from Tok Pis
                  也        na         dan      et                        와  और      y         и
                  怒, 生气 hasira        marah    colère                    성          ira       гнев
                  动物       nyama hewan animal                  ٌ‫ حيىا‬동물 है वान      animal    животное
                           -a         jawaban response                      जवाब    respuesta ответ
                  抱歉       huzuni maafterimaka excusez-moi               사과         discúlpameпростите
                  谢谢       Asante sih          merci             ‫ش‬
                                                                ‫ شك ًا‬고맙습니다 धन्यवाद gracias   спасибо
                  吵架                           querelle       ‫ رخبصى‬싸오다             pelea     ссориться
                  到        fika                arriver               ‫حز‬
                                                                  ًّ َ 까지           llegar    до
                  技        akili      seni     art                   ٍ‫ ف‬미술          arte      искусство
                           makala cerita       histoire          ‫ لصخ‬이야기 कहानी      cuento    рассказ
                  问        swali               question         ‫ سؤال‬질문             pregunta вопрос
                  群        chama
                           Shangaz             groupe        ‫يجًىعخ‬                 grupo     группа
                  姑        i                   tante              ‫ عًخ‬고모            tía       тётка
                  力量       Mtoto               puissance            ‫ لىح‬권력자         poder     авторитет
                  婴儿       mchang
                  坏        baya       buruk    mauvais          ‫ سيء‬나쁜              malo      плохой
                  包, 袋 mfuko          tas      poche            ‫ حميجخ‬자루            bolsa     сумка
                  球        tufe       bola     balle               ‫ كشح‬공            bola      шар
                  籠        kapu                panier              ‫ سهخ‬바구니          cesta
Or kama from Spanish.      kitanda
                  开始       anzu       mulai    commencer            ‫يجذأ‬            comenzar начать
                  下        Chini
Or dai from Mandarin.      mshipi              ceinture         ‫حضاو‬                cinturón пояс
Or gwai from Mandarin.
                  大        -kubwa besar        grand                  ‫كج‬
                                                                  ‫ َ ِيش‬큰   बडा     grande    большой
                  鸟        ndege
                  黒        -eusi      hitam
                  血        samawat darah       sang            ‫ ديبء‬피       ख़ून      sangre       кровь
                  青        i        biru       bleu           ‫ اصسق‬파랑       नीऱा      azul         синий
                  船          mashua perahu     bateau      ‫لبسة‬             कश्ती     barca        лодка
                  书本        kitabu    buku     livre        ‫ كزبة‬책          ककताब     libro        книга
Or karafe from Persian. Or cupa from Swahili
Or bako from Japanese. Or kasha from Hindi.
                  儿子        ume
                  枝         tawi      cabang branche                                  rama         ветвь
Or Pakala from Toki Pijin. Or slom from Russian.
                  哥哥, 弟弟    ndugu
                  咖啡色 ngi             serangg marron
                                      koklat                                          marrón       коричневый
                  臭虫        mdudu a
                            -enye              insecte     ‫حششح‬             कीड़ा     insecto      жук
                  忙         bidii     sibuk
                                      namun, occupé       ‫ يشغىل‬바쁜          udyami    ocupado      деятельный
                  可是        lakini    tapi     mais          ٍ‫ الك‬그러나                 pero         но
                  买         nunua     membeli acheter        ‫ اشزش‬사다                  comprar      покупать
                  车         gari      mobil    voiture     ‫سي سح‬
                                                           ٌ َ ‫ َ ّب‬차       गाड़ी     coche        машина
                  椅子        kiti      kursi    chaise     ‫كشسي‬               ु
                                                                            करसी      asiento      стул
Or henka from Japanese. geuza         ubah     changer              바꾸다               cambiar      изменяться
                  便宜的 rahisi          murah    bon marché ‫سخيص‬                        barato       дешёвый
                  子         mwana anak
                            kidevu,            enfant          ‫اثُخ‬         बेटा      hijo, hija   ребёнок
                            tawa      dagu
                                      lingkara menton
Or cene from Turkish. Or xaya from Xona.                         ‫رل‬
                                                               ٍَ َ 턱       ठु ड्डी   mentón       подбородок
                  圓形        duara     n        cercle       ‫ دائشح‬원         चक्र      círculo      окружность
Or paya from Hindi.         ceo
                  干净        safi
Or tutu from Kupang Malay.fungwa from Mandarin.
                             Or gwan

                            wingu     awan
Or kumo from Japanese. Or badal from Hindi. nuage          ‫سحبثخ‬      구름              nube         облако
Or palo from Russian.
                   冷        baridi
                   色        rangi     warna    couleur       ٌ‫نى‬      색깔    रॊ ग      color        цвет
                   来        ja        datang venir            ‫جبء‬     오다    आना       venir        приходить
Or cafwa from Swahili.
Or kupika from Swahili. Or f(v)andu from Telegu.
                   国        nchi      negara pays              ٌ ََ
                                                               ‫ث هذ‬   나라    दे श      país       страна
                   堂兄                                     ‫عى‬
                            binamu sepupu cousin, cousine ٍ‫إث‬         사촌                         к
                                                                                      primo, primaузен, кузина
                            wazimu gila        fou, folle ٌ‫يجُى‬             ऩागऱ      loco, loca сумасшедший
                   奶油       mtindi    cream    crème       ‫لشطخ‬       크리임             nata       сливки
Or tanis from Tetun.        lia
Or pjala from Hindi.        kikombe
Or koti from Sranan.        kata
                   跳舞       mbingu,
                   天        siku
                   決定       chagua pilih
                            -a                 choisir      ‫اخزبس‬     고르다 चुनना       decidir      выбирать
                   深, 有趣 kwenda dalam          profond     ‫عًيك‬       깊다              profundo     глубокий
                   出        ondoka
                   死        fariki    mati     mort         ‫يىد‬       죽음    मृत्यु    muerte       смерть
                   难        -gumu
                   脏        -chafu
                           juu from
Or nipa from Yoruba. Or kalam ya Arabic.
                  做        fanya
                  门        keragua keragua
                           mlango pintu          porte         ‫ثة‬
                                                               ٌ ‫ َب‬문     दरवाज़ा   puerta     дверь
                  怀疑       n        n            doute         ‫ك‬
                                                               ّ ‫ ش‬의혹               duda       сомнение
                  梦                 mimpi        rêve          ‫ حهى‬꿈      सऩना      sueño      сон
                  下        anguka
Or suka from Hindi         -kavu
                  耳朵       sikio
Or kadar from Arabic.               bumi         terre       ‫ اسض‬지        ऩृथ्वी    tierra     земля
                  吃        -la
                  进        kweli
                  晚        alasiri
                           mfano    contoh                                          ejemplar   пример

                   贵           ghali
                   技师          -zoevu
                   眼睛          jicho     mata    oeil         ٍ‫ عي‬눈       आॉख       ojo        глаз
                   脸           uso
                   远           sana      jauh    lointain      ‫ ثعيذ‬먼               lejano     дальний
                   哭           mfango            rapide                             rápido     быстрый
                   父亲          baba
Or timo from Latin. Or fiya.   hofu
                   觉           mwanam    perempu
                   女性          ke        an      féminin       ‫ث‬
                                                              ًَ َْ‫ أ‬여성             femenino женский
                   少           -chache
                               ona       temu    trouver      ‫ز‬
                                                            ‫إكْ َشف‬                 encontrar найти
                  指头           kidole
                  火            moto      api     feu           ‫َس‬
                                                               ٌ ‫ َب‬불 आग            fuego      огонь
                  鱼            samaki    ikan    poisson      ‫ سًك‬물고기 मछऱी          pez        рыба
                  花            ua
Or taxi from Hausa.            Mpumba

                    忘       sahau
Or wolni from Polish. Or kalayan from Tagalog.
Or pal? Or bunga from Tagalog. Or pala from Marathi.
Or piena from Italian.      jaza
Or ganye from French.       faida
                            niwa from Japanese. Or gaden from English. Or fajun from Mandarin? Or kintal from Kupang Malay. Or taman from Indone
Or bustani from Swahili. Or -a vitu
Or swali from Nagamese. Or leani from Hungarian. Or dinti from Swahili. Or fila from Portuguese.Or swali from Nagamese.
                    给       toa
                    去       enda     pergi     aller          ‫ رهت‬가다                   ir        ходить

                   金           dhahabu
                   好           zuri    baik      bon            ‫جي‬
                                                               ‫ َ ّذ‬좋은    अच्छा     bueno      хороший
                       祖父       babu
                       草        majani
                                kijani    hijau
                                -a kijivu abu-abu
                       胳膊, 手 mkono
                       高兴       -a furaha                                        ख़ुश    feliz       счастливый
    Or makasi from Lingala. Or kotin from Bangla.
an, Hindi, Bengali, Indonesian. Or kapelo from Lingua Franca.
                       恨        chukia             haïr                                  odiar       ненавидеть
                       有        -wana
                       那        yeye      itu      il, elle, ca       ‫ن‬
                                                                    َ‫ رِٰك‬그              ese         этот
                       头        kichwa
                       修        ponya

                      心        moyo      jantung cœur               ‫ لهت‬심장 कदऱ           corazon     сердце ru
                      重        zito              lourd              ‫ ثميم‬무거운             pesado      тяжёлый
    Or toloq from Malaysian. saidia
                      这儿       huku
                      高        -a juu    tinggi  haut             ‫ طىيم‬높다                alto        высокий
    Or gonga from Swahili. Of fota from Kupang Malay.
    Or ana from Japanese.      tundu
    Or pista from Tagalog.     ruhusa

                      家         nyumba rumah     maison             ٌ ْ‫ َي‬집
                                                                    ‫ثذ‬           घर      casa        дом
                      怎么        jinsi gani
                      拥                          étreindre                               abrazar     обнимать
                      我         mimi       saya  je                   َ
                                                                     ‫ أ َب‬나      मं      yo          я
                      要是        Ki, kama
    Or sua from Tok Pisin.      madhara
                      有趣        kupenda          intéressant                             interesante интересно
    Or alika from Swahili. Or pange from Kupang Malay.
                      岛                    pulau isle              ‫جض ش‬
                                                                  ‫ َ ِي َح‬섬      द्वीऩ   isla        остров
                      会, 能 jua
                                kanun            loi              ٌ‫لبَى‬    법
                      叶         jani
                                -          daun  feuille          ٌ ََ َ
                                                                  ‫وس ل خ‬   잎   ऩत्ता     hoja        лист
                      左边        akushot kiri     gauche           ‫يسبس‬     왼쪽의           izquierdo   левый
                      腿, 叫 mgu             kaki  pied, jambe      ٌ ْ‫ِج‬
                                                                  ‫س م‬      발
                      轻         -epesi
    Or ekulea from French. Or molnya from Russian.
                       想       penda      suka      aimer           ‫ حت‬좋아하다              gustar      нравиться
    Or safu from Swahili.
                       嘴唇      mdomo              lèvre              ‫شف‬
                                                                   ‫ ِ ّخ‬입술       हंठ     labio       губа
                     长                    panjang long            ‫ طىيم‬길다        ऱम्बा   largo       длинный
    Or kala from Indonesian. potewa
                     男       dume
    Or jo from Japanese.
    Or lon from Tok Pisin.
                吗        au
                意思       maana      berarti   sens           ًُ‫ يع‬뜻                significado значение
                药                             médicament       ‫ دوا‬약

Or sadasi from Hindi.  sehemu
                分      dakika
                月      mwezi   bulan   lune          ‫ لًش‬달       चाॉद      luna
                早      Asubuh
                母      mama
                                                     ٌَ 산
                                                     ‫جم‬          ऩहाड़     montaña гора
Or jama from Japanese. Or mauna from Hawaiian. Or gabalَ‫ج‬from Arabic. Or xan from Chinese. Or kilima from Swahili. Or kolima from Sp
                       kilima  gunung montagne
                口, 嘴 Kinywa mulut      bouche          ‫ فى‬입      मुॊह      boca      рот
                很, 多 sana-ingi amat
                       hakua           très           ‫جذ‬
                                                     ‫ ِ ًا‬아주               muy       очень
Or tapu from Thai.
                近      karibu       dekat     près           ‫ لشيت‬가깝다              cerca     близкий
Or kubi from Japanese. shingo
                要      taka         mau       vouloir          ‫ ساد‬빌다              querer    хотеть
                网                             filet                그물              red       сеть
Or nubo from French.     -pya       baru      nouveau         ‫ جذيذ‬새로운 नया         nuevo     новый
                夜        usiku      malam     nuit             ‫ نيم‬밤
                不        si         tidak     non               ‫ ال‬아니오             no        нет
                鼻子       Pua
                今        sasa
                数        hesabu     nomor     nombre           ‫ سلى‬수               número    число
                常常       kwa
                油        -a
                旧        kwanza
Or solo from Spanish.    -tupu
Or kulna from Hindi.     fungua
                别        Ingine
                         maumiv lain          autre          ٍ‫ اخشي‬다른              otro      другой
                疼        u

Or mici from Japanese. njia
Shanti. Or amani from Swahili. Or hai from Hindi.
                       salama xanti       salut               ‫ج‬
                                                             ‫يشح ًب‬       नमस्ते   hola      привет
Or Asi from Czech. Or kanske from Swedish
                 人       mtu     orang  personne              ‫ش‬
                                                            ‫ َخص‬사람                 personaje человек
                         Or pica
Or ilasto from Japanese. picha from Swahili.
Or hari from Japanese.
                皿        sahani
                请        tafadhali minta                    ‫ك‬
                                              s'il vous plaît ‫ يٍ فعه‬제발   안녕하세요 por favor    пoжaлуйстa
Or miskin from Indonesian and Lingua Franca.
Or kona from Japanese. penda
Or taman from Arabic.    bei
                         rangi ta
                 紫       zambizu ungu
                 放       tia
                 雨        Mvua     hujan
                                   membac pluie           ‫ يطش‬비     बाररश  lluvia    дождь
                 看        soma     a        lire            ‫ لشأ‬읽다         leer      читать
Or   kena from Malay. Or someti from Spanish.
                  赤       -ekundu merah
                          kumbuk            rouge        ‫ أحًش‬빨강 ऱाऱ       rojo      красный
                  代替      hali              au lieu de     ‫ال‬
                                                       ٍ‫ ثذ ً ي‬대신에         en vez de вместо
                  相似      kama              ressembler     ‫ شجه‬비슷하다        asemejarseпоходить на
                  右边      upande
Or                         Or
     gawa from Japanese. mto lume from Albanian. Or mainam from Thai.
Or   sala from Spanish. chumba
Or   kule from Saramaccan. Or capwa from Swahili. Or suli from Tetun.
                  难过      huzuni
                  盐       -moja,   garam    sel            ‫ ِهْح‬소금 नमक
                                                              ‫ي‬            sal       соль
Or                                                              동일한 것                똑같다
     sama from Indonesian. Or mwan from Thai. Or mismo from Spanish. Or sawa from Swahili.
                          sawa     sama
                                   berbicar même                           mismo
                  说       sema     a        parler       ‫ رحذس‬말하다          hablar    говорить
                  海       bahari   laut     mer           ٌ ْ‫ َح‬바다 समन्दर
                                                           ‫ث ش‬             mar       море
                  找       ona,
                  看       tazama melihat voire            ‫ سآي‬보다           ver       видеть
                 卖       Uza       jual   vendre        ‫ ثبع‬팔다              vender   продавать

Or honta from Lingua Franca.

Or sapato from Spanish.
                短       fupi
                                         lieu          ٌ‫يكب‬      जगह
Or sampiq from Indonesian. Or starana from Russian. Or upande from Swahili. lugar
                        mahali                                                       место

                 銀    fedha
                 唱    wimbo
                 姐姐, 妹妹
                 坐    Kaa                 à, en         ‫~ عُذ‬에서             en       в
                 皮    ngozi

Or kulala from Swahili. Or sona from Hindi. Or xuwi from Mandarin.
                          Or wan
Or polepole from Swahili.polepole from Mandarin. Or Twai from Samoan.
                 音                 bunyi     son       ‫صىد‬             ध्वनी   sonido      звук
                 星      nyota      bintang   étoile      ‫ َجًخ‬별                estrella    звезда
                 汽       moshi
Or gira from Arabic.     hata
                 还是      sasa                encore              여전히           aún         ещё
                 里面      ndani
                 石       jiwe      batu      pierre    ‫صخشح‬      돌             piedra      порода
                 停       koma                cesser      ‫رىلف‬    구치다           dejar de    переставать
                 风暴      tufani    badai     tempête   ‫اعصبس‬     tempête       tempestad   буря
                 直的      sawa                droit      ‫يسزميى‬   똑바른           derecho     прямой
Or mistika from Spanish. geni      aneh      étrange    ‫غشيت‬     이상한           extraño     странный
                 强       hodari
                 学       kusoma
                 日       jua       matahari soleil     : ‫ شًس‬해         सूरज    sol         Солнце
Or jufai from Arabic.    fadhaa
                 甜       -tamu
                         kuogele   berenan
                 游泳      a         g       nager         ‫ سجح‬수영하다              nadar       плавать

                桌子      meza
Or gusto from Spanish. What about the verb?
                        ladha            professeu
Or Guru from Sanskrit. Or laoxi from Mandarin.
                        mwalimu          r               ‫ يعهى‬선생                         учитель
                                                                               maestro, maestra
                浓       -nene
                淡       a
                事       jambo  benda         chose       ‫ شيء‬물건        वस्तू   cosa        вещь
                東西      kitu   benda         chose       ‫ شيء‬물건        वस्तू   cosa        вещь
                这       huyu                 ce            ‫ز‬
                                                          ‫ هٰ َا‬이              este        это
                喉咙      koo

                次       mara
                时间      wakati     waktu     temps       ٍ‫صي‬                   tiempo      время
Or coka from Swahili. Or lei from Mandarin.
               舌         ulimi    bahasa langue           ‫نغخ‬
                                                          ٌ َ ُ 언어     भाषा    lengua     язык
                机       Chombo          outil              ‫ آنخ‬기계              herramientoинструмент
                牙齿      jino
Or toka from Spanish. Orgusa from Kupang Malay.
                城       mji      bandar ville            ‫ يذيُخ‬읍       नगर     ciudad      город
                       maram from Tamil. Or namu from Korean. Or kaju from Indonesian.Or muti from Kikongo.
Or bom from German. Ormbi
                        -a udhia
                真的      kweli      benar     vrai      ‫ صحيح‬참되다                verdad      верный
                試       jaribu     upaya     essayer    ‫ حبول‬해보다 कोशशश         intentar    пытаться
                转动      amu,                 tourner      ‫ نف‬돌다                girar       вращатьс
                伯       mjomba     memaha
                明白      fahamu     mi     comprendre      َِ َ
                                                          ‫ف هى‬         समझना   entender    понимать
                用、      tumia
                菜       mboga
                壁                            mur         ‫ حبئط‬벽                pared       стена
                 水      maji     air     eau                   ‫ يبء‬물       ऩानी    aqua       вода
Or banfa from Mandarin. jingi
                 我们     sisi
                 弱      dhaifu
                 週      juma
Or basa from Tagalog - Indonesian.
                 那      gani
                        wakati   apa     quoi                  ‫ يبرا‬무엇     क्या    qué        что
                 什么时候   gani     kapan   quand                 ً‫ يز‬언제      जब      cuando     когда
                 那里     mahali
Or sambil from Indonesian. Or poca from Russian.
                 白      safi     putih   blanc               ‫ أثيط‬희다               blanco     белый
                 谁      yupi     siapa   qui                    ‫ي‬
                                                              ٍَْ 누구               quién      кто
                 为什么 kwa nini
                 宽      -pana
                 风      hewa     angin   vent                  ‫ح‬
                                                               ٌ ‫ سي‬바람     हवा     viento     вете
                  名         neno     nama    nom               ‫ا‬
                                                           ‫ ِسْى‬이름         नाम     nombre     имя
                            kazi     kerja   travail     ‫ عًم‬일             काम     trabajo    работа
Or dunjia from Arabic. Ordunia from Latin. Or terra from Greek.
Or susi from French. Or damuwa from Hausa.
                   写        andika menulis écrire            ‫كز‬
                                                         َ‫ َ َت‬쓰다          शऱखना   escribir   писать
Or kosa from Swahili.       kosa
                   年        Mwaka tahun
                            -                an            ‫ عبو‬해           साऱ     año        год
                            kimanjan kuning
                   呢        ndiyo    ya      oui             ‫ع‬
                                                           ‫ َ َى‬예          हाॉ     sí         да
                   你们       ninyi
                   你        wewe             vous         َ‫أَذ‬             आऩ      usted      вы
Or "bad-star". Or unfal from German.
                   大人       -zima
Or antiko from Lingua Franca.Or kale from Swahili.
Or pingo from Mandarin, etc. Or pom from French.


Or pantai from Indonesian. Or pwani from Swahili. Or plaja from Spanish.
Or kamu from Telegu. Or kuma from Japanese.

Or amini from Swahili.

Or hadi from Bengali/Hindi.

Or tuli from Bengali. Or braxi from Bislama
Or coma from Swahili.
Or manteka from Lingala.
Or ditan from Mandarin.
Or felix from Latin. Or paka paka Swahili.

Or pule from French. Or kuku from Swahili. Or pojo from Spanish. Or cikin.


Or linki from Finnish. Or kilu from Telugu.
Or imita from Lingua Franca.
Or njunju from Mandarin. Or bakar from Arabic.

Or kutam from Malayalam. Or dambi from Swahili.


Or ulu from Bambara. Or aso from Tagalog. Or imbwa from Shona. Or kane from Lingua Franca. Or kutya from Hungarian.
Or salili from Swahili.
Or siku from Indonesian. Or siko from Tamil.

Or etax from French and Russian. Or ditan from Mandarin.

Or poli from Chinese.


Or klinika. Or hopital. Or "sick house". Or lopital.
Or hotal from Hindi.

Or cuma from Swahili

Or kunci from Indonesian.

Or kicin from English.

Or naif from English. Or kuto from French.
Or malas from Indonesian.
Or basar from Persian.
Or kel from Hindi.
Or tifin from Macaista ynga

Or mira from English. Or salamin from Tagalog. Or xixa from Hindi.

Or mux from Persian. Or panja from Swahili. Or tutu from Kongo.

Or mogu from Chinese.

Or hapon from Tagalog.

Or xebolo. Or onion.
Or pesan from Indonesian. Or mantale from Chinese Pidgin English.
Or asili from Swahili. Or naxin from Russian. Or kolen from Russian.

Or pen from English. Or kalama.

Or gurube from Swahili. Or kuci from Quechua.Or fahi from Tetum.

Or punto from Spanish. Or bindu from Hindi.

Or omba from Swahili. Or libai from Mandarin.
Or capa from Swahili.


Or fane from Irish.


Or xule from German

  Or konca from Spanish.
  Or can from Thai. Or cafya from Swahili.

  Or supu from various languages.
  Or lespis from French.
  Or kumo from Japanese.
  Or kucara from Spanish.
  Or pati from Hindi. Or swami from Indonesian. Or meme from Swahili.
  Or stexan from Hindi.

  Or fisela from Lingua Franca.

  Or cupa from Spanish.
  Or sukar from Arabic. Or gula from Malay. Or cini from Hindi.

  Or myota from Polish. Or sapu from Indonesian.



  Or kabine from Bislama.

  Or melati from Malay.




  Or Fentana from Spanish.


  Or fasin from Bislama
Or compound, "fire water".

Seems to be the same as body. Or amanda from Lingua Franca. Or mandula from Hungarian.

Or yakor from Russian. Or nanga from Swahili.


                  矢          mshale

Or nesi from English.        Sifa

Or xoka from Swahili.

Or kosta from Portuguese
Or slanina from Czech.

Or peci from Czech

Or "fusen" from Japanese.

Or kici from Japanese.
Or banjo from Spanish.


Or kafa from Tongan.

Or bolha from Portuguese.

Or fundo from Spanish.
Or mwala from Tok Pisin. Or hand-ring.


Or piswa from Thai.
Or tancu from Korean
Or kalam from Persian. Or kapusta from Russian. Or kol from German.

Or keki from Japanese.

Or goli from Hindi.

Or karoti from Swahili.

Or cabbage-flower.
Or jaskinia from Polish.

Or ingwa from Rwanda.

Or mjenca from Mandarin
Or panil from Hindi.

Or sina from Hindi. Cati from Hindi?


Or cana from Swahili. Or pejne from Spanish.

Or "red metal" Or nuhas from Arabic.

Or wata from Japanese.

Or tamba from Swahili.

Or bwaja from Indonesian.
Or gwan from Mandarin.

Or timun from Indonesian.

Or hirana from Hindi.
Or du from Mandarin. Or dami from Tagalog. Or suma from Russian. Or kwantita from LF.

Or pustinya from Russian. Or xamo from Mandarin.

Or kamusi from Swahili.

Or fan from Mandarin. Or starana from Russian. Or dixa from Hindi.
Or kona from Hindi.

Or asno from Portuguese.

Or tambol. Or baraban from Russian.

Or tuli from Indonesian. Or skoni from Greek.

Or huma from Hindi.

Or dan from Mandarin. Or anda from Hindi.


Or kope from Swahili.

Or tahi from Indonesian.
Or tenim from Hebrew.

Or imposto from Spanish.

Or punyo from Spanish.

Or saca from Quechua. Or boske from Spanish. Or hutan from Indonesian.

Or beka from Hungarian.
Or steka from Swedish

Or maneul from Korean.

Or kapli from Spanish. Or meme from Tok Pisin.

Or xasan from Hindi.

                  头发       nywele
Or minato from Japanese.

Or konopla from Russian. Or canapa from Italian.
Or erba from Italian.

Or fica from Swahili
Could be lise from French.

Could also be asali from Swahili. Or madu from Hindi. Or mele from Lingua Franca.
Or uma from Japanese. Or kabajo.



Or xen from Mandarin. Or rene from Italian.

Or haike from Amharic. Or hosu from Korean. Or lawa from Tagalog.
Could be lampa from Lingua Franca.
Or lentil from French.

Or palai from Tok Pisin
Or tala from Bangla.

Or pulmo from European.

Or mapa from Portuguese.


Or muskel from Danish.Or cilo from Mandarin.

Or mustasa from Tagalog.

Or tako from Japanese. Or "eight feet"



Or "ghost bird" from Malay.

Or oista from English.

Or istana from Indonesian. Or pale from French. Or mahal from Taj Mahal.

Or sehemu from Swahili
Or felfel from Persian. Or pipali from Sanskrit.Or pepi from Czech.


Or lila from Sanskrit.
Or eke from Hungarian.


Or pugo from Tagalog.




 Or teco from Spanish.

 Or sapita from Bislama.

 Or makasi from Arabic. Or kateli from Tetum. Or keci from Bangla.


Or xawa from English.


Or pita from Swahili.
Or mayele from Lingala.

Or susu from Tagalog.


Or solda from French.
Or fada from Arabic.

Or tika from Hindi.
Or espinaka from Swahili. Or spinaco from Italian. Or pacala from Malayalam.

Or wesna from Russian. Or lente from Dutch. Or baxanto from Bengali.

Or kalamari from Italian




Or piao from Mandarin.

Or stupa from Sanskrit. Or minara from Arabic.


Or madim from Hebrew.

Or wada from Arabic.


Or dolina from Russian. Or lemba from Indonesian.

Or hera from Portuguese.


Or figjel from Hungarian. Or kanuka from Malayalam. Or racaba from Arabic.
Or mum from Persian. Or malan from Indonesian.
Or wapen from Dutch.


Or filo from Lingua Franca.


Or hiomo from Korean. Or kamira from Arabic.

                  肚子       tumbo
Merged with good. Or oke from English. Or halal from Arabic. Or aca from Swahili.
Merged with cika. Or kwasi from Latin. Or almos from English.
Merged with macam. Or muito-tuti. Or kama from Swahili.

                   前面      Kabla
Merged with fruit. Or yagoda from Russian. Or baca from Italian.
Merged with tooth. Or kami from Japanese. Or tata from Tetun.

                  搬         chukua
Merged with satya. Or pasti from Indonesian. Or sua from Bislama.
Merged with stand. Or hali from Swahili.

Merged with satya. Or dwi from Mandarin. Or betul from Malay.
Merged with ondoa. Or bwam from Indonesian. Or itapon from Tagalog
                   病        ugonjwa
                   容易       rahisi
Normally, wela is OK. Or yuga from Hindi. Or epoka from Spanish.
Merged with ondoa. Or ila from Swahili. Or stana from Arabic. Or cule from Mandarin.

                  完        maliza
                  朋友       Rafiki

                  听        sikia

Merged with time. Or ganta from Hindi.
Merged with heavy. Or mohem from Persian. Or mana from Swahili.

Merged with water. Or malul from Arabic. Or katas from Tagalog
Merged with resemble. Or lei from Mandarin. Or klasta from English.Or kelasi from Lingala. Or namna from Swahili/Persian. Or gumpu from Telugu.
Merged with smile. Or ketawa from Malaysian. Or ceka from Swahili. Or smei from Russian.Or tumawa from Tagalog.

                         -a from
Merged with short. Or niskachini Russian. Or renda from Indonesian.
Merged with go. Or sa from Negerholland. Or akan from Indonesian.Or ko from Hindi and Russian. Or tiba from Indonesian. Or ila from A
                在, 是
                肉        nyama

Merged with tomo. Or mixen from German. Or canga from Swahili.

                名字        jina
Merged with obey. Or pili pili Swahili. Or tali from Arabic.
Not needed, tene. Or hapen from English. Or kuba from Rwanda.

Merged with field. Or waito from Mandarin
Merged with pikin. Or fungu from Swahili. Or dwan from Mandarin.
Merged with difficult. Or wenti from Mandarin. Or susi from French. Or duman from Sychellois.
Merged with xanti. Or ancwan from Mandarin. Or awan from Indnesian.
Merged with fasil. Or nemo from Hawaiian. Or lisjo from Lingua Franca.
Merged with sweet. Or mole from Portuguese. Naram from Hindi.
Merged with bridge. Or skala from Italian. Or loti from Mandarin
Merged with kasa. Or toko from Indonesian. Or tjenda from Spanish. Or toko from Indonesian. Or dukan from Hindi.
Merged with fast. Os santu from Tok Pisin. Or sasa from Hindi. Or santu from Tok Pisin.
Merged with pela. Or fyela from Latvian. Or kosa from Spanish. Or lyau from Mandarin.
Merged with difficult. Or katina from Gujarati. Or difisil from Spanish.

Merged with circle. Or koliso from Russian. Or wili from English.
Or kintal from Kupang Malay. Or taman from Indonesian.
kutya from Hungarian.
Russian. Or tiba from Indonesian. Or ila from Arabic.

 an. Or dukan from Hindi.

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