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									 Finding & Using Tools to
Evaluate Student Products
        Karen Jogan
       Michele Mislevy
         Albright College
         RECAP 2005
• Formative and summative
• Direct and indirect measures of
  student learning
Tools for Assessments Online
 •   Ready to use rubrics
 •   Templates for rubrics
 •   Ready to use checklists
 •   Templates for checklists
 •   Templates for online quizzes
• Do you need a rubric?
• What is a rubric?
• How is a rubric used?
• What are criteria that may be used
  within a rubric?
• What are components of a rubric?
• Where can I see examples of rubrics?
Rubric for                Exemplary              Competent           Needs Work
Presentation on              5                      4-3                 2-1
15 Points

Presentation Skills   Presenter spoke        The presenter was    The presenter
                      clearly, slowly, and   understood but       mumbled and at
                      loudly enough to       spoke too fast or    times was
                      be heard.              too slow.            unintelligible
Organization          The thesis is          The thesis           There is no thesis.
                      clearly stated at      emerges but is not
                      the beginning and      stated directly.
                      carried through the
Content               Facts and              Facts and            Facts and
                      examples are           examples were        examples were
                      detailed, accurate     usually accurate     inaccurate and
                      and appropriate.       and appropriate.     inappropriate.
        To Create a Rubric
•   Identify the product
•   Identify the criteria for performance
•   Define dimensions of performance
•   Borrow or adapt a ready-made rubric
•   Assign point values
      Rubric Generators
• Let’s look at rubrics created online
• Let’s create a rubric at rubistar
          It’s Your Turn
• Let’s practice
  • Create a rubric for your class at
  How Good is Your Rubric
• Assess your work
         Rubric Generator
• Review a rubric created with
  Project Landmark template
• Template for creating a rubric
  •      http://www.landmark-
           It’s Your Turn
• Let’s Practice
• Create a rubric for your class at Project
  • http://www.landmark-
          PBL Checklists
• Lists criteria in advance that student
  should address in finished product
• Lack of a checkmark is negative
    QuizBuilder for Online
• Multiple choice or short answer
• Students can access online or in labs
• May be timed
• Can attach media to questions
• Instructor may create quiz bank for
  multiple courses
• Useful for formative assessment, reviews
• Review a quiz
      Online       Resources
          Print Resources
• Stevens, Dannelle, and Antonia, Levi
  (2005). Introduction to Rubrics. Sterling,
  VA: Stylus

• Middle States Commission on Higher
  Education (2003). Student Learning
  Assessment. Philadelphia, PA: MSACHE

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