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					              Customer Case Study: SST
Implementing Event based business process model using
   B2B, RosettaNet and Oracle Shop Floor Manager
Presented by:
    Rajeev Handa
    Jyothi Pingali

October 2007
 1.    Presenters Brief
 2.    SST Introduction
 3.    Current business processes and challenges
 4.    USJade: High Level Solution Overview
 5.    Architecture and Technical Environment
 6.    Vendor Certification and Data collection
 7.    Key Benefits
 8.    Challenges and lessons learned
 9.    Credits
 10.   Customer Testimonial

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Presenters Brief
   Jyothi Pingali, Manager ERP Systems, Silicon Storage Technology, Inc.
    Jyothi Pingali has worked over 12 years experience in the IT industry focusing on analysis, design and
    development of database applications using Oracle as the platform. Past 6 years, Jyothi Pingali at SST
    has been involved in crucial projects like, Multi-org implementation, company mergers and 11i
    upgrade. Jyothi Pingali was key player and Project Manager at SST to implement the B2B solution
    with Lot Processing and centralized error correction.”
        Email:
        Phone: 408-390-8243

   Rajeev Handa, President and Co-Founder of USJade Corp
    Rajeev Handa has been consulting and providing services in Oracle focus domain for last 10 years with
    expertise in the areas of Distribution, Manufacturing and Planning for various verticals like Fabless,
    High-tech, Insurance, Transportation, Life Sciences and others. Rajeev Handa and his team have
    designed the fast track Accelerate solution for Fabless in collaboration with Oracle. Rajeev Handa was
    part of the team that successfully designed and delivered B2B solution using RosettaNet and Oracle
    Shop Floor Manager for Marvell Semiconductors, Inc. Rajeev Handa has also co-presented a white
    paper on Marvell solution at OAUG in the year 2003 explaining the manufacturing system model for
    Outsourced Manufacturing using B2B and RosettaNet. Rajeev Handa was the chief architect of B2B
    solution deployed at Silicon Storage Technology, Inc. The solution was designed using event driven
    business process model, B2B with the latest SOA concepts and Oracle Shop Floor Manager.
        Email:
        Phone: 408-436-8303 Ext 12

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SST Introduction
 SST is Fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California
 Silicon Storage Technology, Inc. was founded August 1, 1989
 ~700 Employees worldwide and Offices located worldwide
 Manufacturing outsourced to 40+ vendors

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Current business processes and challenges

   Transactions                                                      WFG
   sent through              Error
      email                  Management
                                             Error                   Sort
   Copy on the G-            Error                                                          IC
    Drive + Run              Management
 formatting macros                                                             Error
                                           Processing                          Management
                     Input transaction
                     Access databases      databases
                                                               SWR       ARP

                         AVC                                                     Oracle
                                               IV                Flat
                                                                                Interface    Oracle
                                             Expense                              table

                      Ship Alert            Ship Alert           EMTT             IC

  Too Many intermediate systems to manage
  Very complex and distributed error management
  Near impossible lot tracking towards actual vendor events
  Complex and inconsistent reporting

                                                                                                      Page 5
Current business processes and challenges

     Poor and manual data collection through email
     Poor data processing
     Distributed error management
     So many systems => not scalable and robust
     Not web based
     Added delay in transaction processing
     Very limited BOMS and Routing structures
     No Split and Merge function supported

                                                      Page 6
USJade Corp – A Quick Introduction

                                Established in Year 2000

                          Oracle Certified Accelerate Systems
                                 Integrator for Fabless

                             “Right Shore” delivery model

                             200+ Consultants Worldwide

                          Over 100 Man-Years of experience in
                                   Fabless Industry

                              Global Presence and Reach

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High Level Solution Overview

System will receive and accept
Rosettanet 7B1 and 3B2
7B1 and 3B2 xml over FTP
Canonical .csv over FTP

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High Level Solution Overview contd..

 Event supported in the Business process model
     Split (Inventory and WIP)
     Merge (Inventory and WIP)
     Transfer (Engineering and RMA)
     Change Quantity

                                                 Page 9
Architecture and Technical Environment
 Reporting Formats
           XML ROsettaNet 7B1, 3B2 and csv canonical format

           TIBCO Runtime Agent                           5.4.0
           TIBCO BusinessConnect                         5.1.0
           TIBCO BusinessConnect                         5.1.0
           RosettaNet/EDI Protocol
           TIBCO Administrator Enterprise Edition        5.3.0
           TIBCOBusiness Works                           5.3.2
           TIBCO EMS                                     4.3.0

 Java Environment
           JDK 1.5                           Tomcat 5.5.20
           Log4j 1.2.11                      MyFaces 1.2
           JUnit 3.8                         Java Persistence API
           Eclipse 3.2                       BIRT
           Exadel Studio Pro 3.6

                                                                    Page 10
Vendor Certification and Data collection
 USJade developed a vendor certification package to effectively gauge and
 help vendors understand the B2B system and formats of reporting.
 Following information was provided in the package:

   Vendor Guide
          B2B Overview
          Teams and Roles
          Project Plan
          Communication Plan
          File Formats and sample data
          Certification Metrics
   SST Vendor Set-up Procedure
   System/Process Questionnaire
   Flows and Routings
   Common Mistakes

                                                                   Page 11
B2B Web Application Screens

User Error Management and Corrections
Edit Manual Transactions

                                        Page 12
B2B Web Application Screens
 Excellent Reporting and auditing capabilities

                                                 Page 13
B2B Web Application Screens
 Graphical Analytical Reports with various options

                                                     Page 14
B2B Web Application Screens
 Vendor Management and Admin Capabilities

                                            Page 15
Key Benefits
Greater visibility into the supply chain
Lot traceability by manufacturing stage (wafer, sorted wafer, etc.)
Lot movement between Vendors
Quick reporting of Manufacturing Transactions
Faster processing of Manufacturing Transactions
Realistic vendor WIP
Standardize reporting format
Scalable solution
Centralized Error Management
Improved Vendor reporting accuracy
B2B foundation for automating additional processes

                                                                 Page 16
Challenges and Lessons Learnt
  Identify all the key stakeholders and keep them in all the key decision making through out
  Smaller milestones in the project would help better management
  Detailed planning needed improvement, with work break down structures
  Too aggressive timelines still was able to meet the schedule
  Good vendor feedback, in terms of the whole B2B implementation process
  Team took risk based on the parallel run test results, as parallel run transactions success
 volume low
  Take extra time performing detailed scope analysis and process definition in a
 coordinated manner
  Identify super user from each department and allocate time towards the project
  SDLC usage to be explored for multiple technology project
  Establish authority for functional decision making
  Data conversion was very comprehensive and challenging as it involved changes for
 Vendor, system WIP and on-hand balances.

                                                                                        Page 17
SST Team:
    Jyothi Pingali (Project manager)
    Irene Hoang (IT & Operations coordinator)
    Jeff Lin ( Sr. Director, Back End Operations)
    Ying-Gu (Vendor coordinator)
    David Wang ( Dynamic / static data conversion specialist)
    Lishan Li ( Java solution specialist) and other Operations, IT & Executive team.
USJade Team:
    Rajeev Handa (Solutions Architect)
    Raja Sekhar (Project Manager)
    Manoj Rathi (Functional Consultation)
    Jerry Edwards (Functional Consultant)
    Rahul Patil (Tibco Architect)
    Mallikarjuna Kambala (Oracle Architect)
    Satish Polasi (Java Solution Architect)
    Manoj Machiwal - DBA
    Offshore Team (Anita Thomas, Anil Hebber, Vivek Ahelleya, Vijay Kolekar, Sandip
   Patil, and Adesh Patel, Praveen Venga)

                                                                                    Page 18
Customer Testimonial
“We are very pleased to partner with USJade and implemented our B2B/OSFM solutions
on Oracle 11i. With USJade's experiences in the Fabless Semiconductor Industry, it
provided us a unique solution that integrated our systems, streamlined our business
processes and improved our visibilities into the inventories. The project was completed
on-time and within budget. I commend USJade on their knowledge, professionalism,
dedication and hard work.” - VP IT, Silicon Storage Technology

“ USJade is very knowledgeable and experienced in Fabless semiconductor
manufacturing. They helped us design the overall B2B architecture, define Flows and
Routings, and setup B2B data validation system, which are critical to the successful B2B
          - Senior Director, Backend Operations, Silicon Storage Technology

“ We chose USJade as the implementation partners for B2B project for their
semiconductor industry experience and their best price. USJade lived up to our
expectations in providing high quality and scalable solution. We developed a B2B system
which has minute level visibility to our inventory, WIP and perfect cost model with
USJade’s best practice recommendations and expertise”
          - ERP Manager, Silicon Storage Technology

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