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A Message from our President
2009 Ohio AEYC Elections
Don't Forget to VOTE
Free Transition Resources Available through TYC
Ohio AEYC's Virtual Watch Party
This Month's Agency Focus (#Agency_focus)
Ohio Department of Job and Family Services - Updates
A Growing Professional Community!
Terri Lynne Lokoff Child Care Foundation Child Care Teacher Awards
Why Multitasking Isn’t Efficient

A Message from our President - Lea Ann Hall
Greetings All –

The Ohio AEYC Executive Committee and Governing Board have been working together using the
principles of Knowledge, Trust, and Nimbleness. Operating in this way means the following:

Knowledge: All decisions must be made using knowledge rather than opinion. It is everyone’s
responsibility to ask questions to gain clarification and knowledge especially when you hear
someone state something that may seem counter to your experience. When we are making
statements to influence decision making, we must be sure that we are making knowledge-based
statements rather than just our personal opinions.

Trust: We must operate in a state of trust with one another. It is important to see that, for the most
part, people’s intentions are for the good, even when it may not seem that way to you. We must take
time to get to know one another and build relationships so that we can be open and honest in our
conversations and our work.

Nimbleness: As we gain more knowledge, we need to be able to respond based on that new
information and make whatever changes are needed. Full Story>>

2009 Ohio AEYC Elections

The following candidates have been nominated for office for Ohio AEYC's Executive Committee.
Please review each candidate by clicking here
( When you are ready to cast your ballot
electronically, click here (

Deadline to vote is November 14, 2008.

Don't forget to VOTE!
Don't forget to exercise your RIGHT to VOTE on Tuesday, November 4th. Click here
( to see what is on
the ballot.

Going to the NAEYC Annual Conference and worried that you won't have time to vote? Many
counties are providing early voting.

Click here ( for more information.

Free Transition Resources Available through TYC
Click here ( to access 6 free printable PDF's that
provide tips and strategies by Teaching Young Children on ideas that can help smooth the transition
to a new program year for children, families, and teachers.

Ohio AEYC's Virtual Watch Party -
Governor's Conversation on Education - Results
Governor Ted Strickland recently hosted 11 “Conversations on Education
mode=2)” throughout every region of Ohio. The conversations focused on the mission and six
principles for education reform the Governor laid out in his State of the State address, as well as
vetting specific policy ideas for making sure that Ohio’s schools are among the best in the world and
meet the needs of every child. At each regional forum, Governor Strickland gave invited local
citizens the opportunity to discuss proposed ideas on creating a system of education that is
innovative, personalized and linked to economic prosperity in Ohio.

Full Story >> (

This month's agency focus
The Ohio Professional Development Network Registry is for early childhood and after-school
professionals. The Registry provides a centralized, coordinated system for Ohio's early childhood and
after-school professionals to track and be recognized for their experience, education, credentials
and training.

Click here ( to access the registry.

In the know...
Ohio Department of Job and Family Services
Bureau of Child Care and Development Updates

New Manual
The Bureau of Child Care and Development is currently redesigning their Manual to better assist all
users in locating rules and forms.

The current Child Care Manual will be split into 5 manuals:
Child Care Type A Homes
Child Care Type B Homes
Child Care Centers
Child Care Day Camps

Child Care General Information (Chapter 15, 16, and Step Up rules will reside here)

This will allow providers to print the "entire e-Manual" and only get their rules and MTLs. ODJFS
anticipates that the new Manuals will launch in December or January.

Kathy Hills, M.Ed.
Bureau of Child Care and Development
Policy & Technical Assistance
Ohio Department of Job and Family Services
(ph) 614.752.0436 (fax) 614.728.6803 (

Standards of Care & Teaching for Ohio Infants & Toddlers Introduced
The Standards of Care & Teaching for Ohio's Infants & Toddlers are designed to assist early childhood
professionals -- particularly those who are primarily responsible for supporting the development and
learning of infants and toddlers -- the Standards set clear goals essential for childcare programs.

The Standards of Care & Teaching for Ohio's Infants & Toddlers focuses on six standards and goals
which include:
family centered practice
professional practice & competencies
small groups
individualized care
environmental supports
community connections
Click here to download the standards (

A Growing Professional Community

Ohio AEYC welcomes new members and current members who joined or renewed
memberships in July, August, and September
We applaud you on your decision to join and influence the future of early care and education!

To renew your membership or update your contact/profile information click here

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Wright, Christine Wylie, Holly Yancey, Mary Yantzer, Ester Yeh, Latonya Young, Alison Ziegelhofer,
Abigail Zimmerman

Terri Lynne Lokoff Child Care Foundation National Child Care Teacher Awards Call For Submissions
The Terri Lynne Lokoff Child Care Foundation announces the call for submissions for its 2009 Terri Lynne
Lokoff/Children's TYLENOL National Child Care Teacher Awards.
Open to all child care teachers in the United States.
Winning teachers will receive money to fund in-class projects to enhance early learning.
Application Deadline December 5, 2008

Full Story>> (

Why Multitasking Isn’t Efficient
Multitasking is a myth: Your brain is actually rapidly switching focus from one task to another.

WebMD the Magazine - Feature Reviewed by Patricia A. Farrell, PhD Kris Oser, 37, of Hastings-on-
Hudson, N.Y., is an email fiend. A single mother and director of communications for a market
research company, she has to be immediately accessible to executives and the news media. That
means Oser is often on the phone and messaging several people at the same time -- and that can
lead to trouble. In one recent gaffe, she mistakenly emailed a reporter at The Wall Street Journal
instead of her best friend, asking her to pick up Oser’s daughter from school. Full Story>>
You are cordially invited to attend the
Ohio AEYC Reception at the 2008 NAEYC Annual Conference

Friday, November 7, 2008
6:30 PM-7:30 PM

Hyatt Regency Dallas
300 Reunion Boulevard
Dallas, TX 75207

Monday, November 4, 008

Register Here (

2009 Ohio Early Care &
Education Conference May 28-30, 2009
Greater Columbus Convention Center
Columbus, Ohio
Sneak preview
Check out the national speakers we have in store for you for 2009
Ellen Galinsky
Mind in the Making: The Science of Early Learning

NAEYC Staff including Jerlean Daniel
The launch of the newly revised DAP

Lisa Murphy The Ooey Gooey Lady

Edward Ziglar
The father of Head Start
Stay tuned and check back next month for more conference details.

2009 Ohio Early Care & Education Conference
May 28-30, 2009
Greater Columbus Convention Center
Columbus, Ohio
Housing now open
Make your hotel reservations now

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